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mfischTheMuso`: ping04:01
mfischI have an odd situation with speakup04:02
mfischWe can sync with debian since the binaries are now in the kernel according to TheMuso`04:03
mfischthe only binary built anymore is speakup-doc04:03
mfischso if I sync to debian, then we will have a newer speakup-doc, but still the old binary speakup package I assume?04:03
dholbachgood morning07:28
Noskcajevening dholbach. Would you mind giving me a testimonial for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Noskcaj/MOTU ?07:45
NoskcajI won't actually have the meeting till january when i have school holidays07:46
NoskcajAnd it probably has to be be email because of my timezone07:46
dholbachNoskcaj, sure07:46
dholbachNoskcaj, I'd recommend you use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/DeveloperApplicationTemplate as a template for the application07:47
Noskcajwill do07:48
Noskcajshould i still have a separate page for the MOTU application or just use my main one?07:50
dholbachone should be enough07:51
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Noskcajdholbach, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Noskcaj should be close enough08:24
* Noskcaj wishes alioth was less broken so he could get a list of people who have sponsored stuff for him08:30
* Zhenech hands Noskcaj "who-uploads"08:35
Noskcaji.e. the sponsorship miner08:36
Zhenechit should give you who uplaoded which package, so your sponsors08:43
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AmpelbeinWhere would I investigate why dbus-sharp 0.8.0-1, uploaded to debian 32 days ago, didn't make it automatically into trusty yet?19:45
AmpelbeinThe Ubuntu package does not have local changes as far as I can tell (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dbus-sharp)19:46
NoskcajAmpelbein, I don't know the exact reason, but it's probably because dbus-sharp is FTBFS everywhere19:52
AmpelbeinThe source package isn't even in Ubuntu?19:53
AmpelbeinAnd I don't see it FTBFS in Debian either.19:54
geserI see no reason why it shouldn't got auto-synced19:57
AmpelbeinSo, if I manually used syncpackage it wouldn't cause the world to collapse into a super black hole?20:01
geserno :)20:02
geserusing syncpackage would be what I would try if was on my Ubuntu system right now20:02
NoskcajAmpelbein, It looks like it was never built on debian. I think it has to before we sync it20:04
AmpelbeinWouldn't that mean that we would never get pure arch:all packages since they technically are never built on Debian's build servers?20:04
AmpelbeinIf I understand Debian correctly, arch:all packages are build and uploaded by the developers instead of being built.20:05
geserNoskcaj: the arch:all deb was uploaded with the source (as is required by Debian) so there is no build log for it available in Debian20:05
geserIt would be news to me if the autosync would care about FTBFS in Debian20:06
AmpelbeinAnyway, syncpackage did succeed and the package is now in trusty.20:06
Noskcajok. Ignore everything i said20:06
AmpelbeinThanks to both of you, Noskcaj and geser for checking if I missed something obvious.20:07
AmpelbeinGreat. I upload a fix for a package that failed on amd64. Build succeeds locally in sbuild. On the auto-builders? All arches fail.21:07
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