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Unit193knome: Yes?07:16
bazhang<floatingpoint> wow. so usless. much nerd. many neckbeard.07:49
jussibazhang: but you have a neckbeard, right? dont we all? :P :P08:05
bazhangI dont really understand wht his problem was, resizing an lvm08:06
bazhangnot exactly rocket surgery08:06
jussiyeah, I dont know, I wasn't there, just looked a funny statement :D (but even simple things can be hard if you have no knowledge of them at all)08:07
bazhangah someone suggested gparted08:08
bazhangafaik lvm has some commands to resize properly08:09
bazhangjussi, yeah, that was his somewhat rage/quit08:09
jussibazhang: yeah, frustration can get to people easily when trying to sort out computers08:10
bazhangthats for certain08:10
k1lhi redtape|coffee. you have an issue to resolve?09:37
knomeUnit193, just a troll had 193 at the end of his nick.09:57
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from MangaKaDenza)10:07
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k1lhotelroos: ping11:39
Myrttiah yes, it was *that* guy12:51
MyrttiSmallR2002: do you need help with something?12:51
k1lhe actually got a forwardban to here. but seems like he doesnt want to talk about that.12:51
k1l(speaking of hotelroos)12:52
ubottuIn #ubuntu, guest-NZfFvS said: ubottu! Im name is Patrick!13:22
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knometopyli, well hello! have you thought of fixing your connection?20:04
DJonesknome: I think thats a 'No' then20:12
DJonestopyli: You may want to join #fixyourconnection20:17
LjLDJones: is that your new way of banforwarding people?20:30
DJonesYep, its called catalysing before the real banforward, especially when you don't have o  p s in the channel20:31
* genii smacks topyli20:31
knomeLjL, careful there.20:32
geniitopyli: Affectionately, of course, but in frustration.20:34
LjLi'll ban from other places later if it continues, but for now at least -ot isn't really a problem as there's discussion in there and the joinparts aren't a nuisance20:34

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