pittiGood morning05:08
jibelGood morning06:52
jibelpitti, Good morning06:56
pittibonjour jibel, ça va ?06:56
jibelpitti, ça va et toi?06:56
pittijibel: ça va bien ! j'ai eu un week-end calm06:56
jibelpitti, me too. Visit to the museum with the kids on Saturday and long walk along the "baie du mont saint michel" yesterday afternoon06:57
jibelpitti, I saw you restarted apport, but it's likely that it will fail again because last upload of dpkg removed /usr/sbin/dpkg-divert06:59
jibelpitti, in 1.17.006:59
pittiI still have it07:00
pittioh, in -proposed?07:00
jibelyes in proposed07:00
pittithat sounds like a critical regression07:00
jibelRemove update-alternatives, dpkg-divert and dpkg-statoverride07:00
jibel    compatibility symlinks under /usr/sbin/.07:00
pittithat's fine, but it should still be under /usr/bin/07:01
jibelyes of course, I haven't verified07:01
jibelbut apport uses the absolute path to /usr/sbin/07:03
jibelpitti, also, the new CI lab has networking issues07:03
pittijibel: thanks for pointoing out07:03
pittijibel: yeah, it's being installing dependencies for an hour; ftpmaster is sloooooooow07:03
pitti(or rather, the connection to it)07:03
jibelpitti, and all the provisioning of VMs fails because of that :/07:04
jibelpitti, I'll ask CI but not sure I'm welcome on this channel anymore :)07:05
jibelpitti, othe failures, in linuxinfo, I proposed a patch to Debian which has been synced back to Ubuntu07:07
jibelpitti, and doxygen fails because gpg sends a warning to stderr07:07
jibelpitti, this is because keys are not installed in the testbed07:07
jibelpitti, I think I'll install debian-keyring by default07:08
jibelthere was the same error with pbuilder IIRC07:08
pittijibel: fixed dpkg-divert path in apport trunk, I'll do an upload ASAP07:08
jibelgood to see autopkgtest is sometimes useful :)07:09
jibelas expected, I hailed them, no response :/07:31
pittijibel: boost the signal and rotate the frequencies!07:39
pittiand divert power from the auxiliary captain's seat heating07:39
DanChapmangood morning all07:43
elfymorning DanChapman07:45
elfyI assume you've not got that mail from me yet then :)07:45
DanChapmanelfy good morning, it would appear not :-(07:46
DanChapmanI'll see if i can get it sorted today07:46
DanChapmanindeed very odd07:46
DanChapmanxnox, hey hope you had a good weekend :-) Where can I create bugs for the autopilot tests, do i just file them against the ubiquity package as lp:ubiquity doesn't track bugs? if so could you add an autopilot tag which i can tag them with09:35
xnoxDanChapman: yes. file bugs only against the ubuntu package, and tag them autopilot (as otherwise they will be hard to find in the bug flood there)09:37
DanChapmanxnox, excellent, thanks.09:38
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slickymastergood morning all11:01
slickymasterballoons: ping11:02
DanChapmanmorning slickymaster o/11:03
slickymasterhi DanChapman, how are you?11:03
DanChapmanslickymaster, i'm great thanks :-) yourself?11:03
slickymastergreat also DanChapman, thanks11:04
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balloonsslickymaster, did you ping sometime this morning?15:21
slickymasterhi balloons, yes15:24
slickymasterballoons: it concerns https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/+bug/1251332,15:24
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1251332 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Use of gksudo in Chapter 7. Printing and Scanning" [Undecided,New]15:25
slickymasterballoons: after some digging around, what I was able to find out is that there's no proposed replacement for either gksu nor for gksudo in Ubuntu. Apparently what is being advised is the use of pkexec, which is not a graphical frontend for sudo but a graphical frontend for PolicyKit.15:25
slickymasterballoons:  so, IMO, that's leave us with two choices, regarding it, either we instruct users to install gksu in their system or we advise them to run sudo -i in a terminal in order to get a root prompt and then launch whatever graphical application needed15:25
slickymasterballoons: after discussing it with knome we felt like I should ask you what you think?15:26
balloonsslickymaster, I discussed this with elfy a bit as well. You are correct in that there is no direct replacement, but the consensus seemed to be use sudo15:28
slickymasterhi elfy15:28
slickymasterballoons, elfy, so the general idea is to use sudo -i to get to a root prompt and there launch whatever graphical application, right?15:29
elfyseems so15:30
elfygoes against the grain for many people - after years of them saying no no no - don't use sudo for gui apps15:30
slickymasterokie dokie, I'll re-write chapter 7 of xubuntu-docs and will propose a merge15:30
slickymasterthanks guys15:30
cgoldbergballoons, hey.. did you see my Ubuntu Touch Core Apps video?  it's pretty neat:  http://coreygoldberg.blogspot.com/2013/11/gource-visualization-of-ubuntu-touch.html15:32
balloonscgoldberg, ohh a fresh one.. nice!15:33
balloonsslickymaster, elfy yep.. heh..15:33
cgoldbergit's all the core apps together.15:33
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balloonscgoldberg, OHH.. I get it now15:33
balloonsall at once15:33
elopiogood morning!15:39
cgoldberghey elopio15:39
elopiohey balloons, the delete list item fix landed yesterday.15:39
elopioballoons: I'll need more info about the tabs not being open by name. Why do they don't have an objectName set?15:39
elopiocgoldberg: hello.15:39
balloonselopio, hello!15:39
balloonselopio, they aren't set with an object name because they are dynamically generated  I believe15:40
balloonsspecifically we're talking about rss reader. a tab is made for each topic? after you make it15:40
elopioballoons: yes, I get that. But I would hope even for dynamically generated tabs to be added with an objectName. Even like objectName='londonTab' would help.15:43
elopioballoons: if it's failing currently in trunk, I can check in the evening.15:43
balloonselopio, let me know when you take a look and I'll have a look again. I didn't want to rush into filing a bug on it till I got your opinion15:43
balloonsperhaps there is something we can do in the qml, etc...15:44
elopioballoons: ok, after lunch I hope to get some time.15:45
elopionow I'm trying to merge all the SDK branches from two weeks ago.15:45
ckingany idea why I'm seeing each article twice on http://qa.ubuntu.com ?16:36
balloonscking, that seems to creep up a lot16:38
* elfy didn't even know that page 16:40
ckingballoons, it's certainly a little weird, bit ironic really16:41
balloonsI believe it's just my feed that does it16:41
elfycking: seems like a good idea to me - I have trouble getting anyone to take any notice of what I say :)16:42
* elfy starts sending mails twice :p16:42
* balloons switched the feed settings again16:43
balloonshow's it look now?16:43
ckingballoons, yay, fixed :-) thanks16:45
balloonselfy, lol @ sending duplicate mails16:55
balloonsI'll judge the response and then possibly send again if it's not good enough, lol16:56
dkesselgood evening17:20
balloonsdkessel, evening to you17:23
dkesseltoday is inofficial lubuntu qa evening ;)17:24
balloonsdkessel, ohh nice..17:25
balloonswhat's on the agenda?17:25
balloonsdkessel, you going to be able to make any vUDS sessions?17:25
dkesselballoons, package testing - the qa tracker tests are sooo empty...17:26
dkesselballoons, no i won't... have to work17:26
elfysame here dkessel17:26
elfythough I was expecting to not be, but got called in17:27
balloonsdkessel, ahh gotcha17:27
balloonsyea, it's so hard to find a time for everyone, because we are all across the world17:27
dkesselelfy, well I did not take a day off, which I would have to...17:27
* balloons waves to doug5 17:28
* dkessel looks up testdrive bugs... searches "UI unresponsive after clicking save button in settings"17:28
doug5balloons, hello! sorry man, still bit busy :(17:28
balloonsdoug5, no worries at all. I think between the two mp's we've done we have a quasi working solution. I have a quick patch to make to file manager, then onto calendar :-)17:29
doug5balloons, ahah I link "quasi" working solution :)17:30
balloonsdoug5, very technical wording :-)17:31
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dkesselanybody using testdrive, feel free to confirm bug 1252402 ;)18:00
ubot5bug 1252402 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "testdrive UI becomes unresponsive after saving settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125240218:00
balloonssenan, hello18:01
senanballoons, is there any way to disable autocomplete in gtkfilechooserentry18:02
balloonsdkessel, I can try on trusty.. oO you are on trusty too :-)18:02
senanballoons, when I type /home, it will complete /home/senan18:02
balloonssenan, ahh ok I understand what you mean18:02
balloonsI know at one point we simply overwrote the text completely and typed in our own full path18:03
senanassertion will fail there..what I type is not equal to what I get18:03
DanChapmansenan just do self.mouse.press_and_release('Delete') at the end of typing18:03
balloons^^ even better than what I was going to propose18:04
senanDanChapman, I thought you are offline18:04
balloonsdkessel, for me I didn't even have to sync. just open settings and hit save. don't even change anything18:04
balloonsit locks up18:04
DanChapmansenan ive just got home :-)18:04
dkesselballoons, yeah i switched shortly after you asked my if i'm on trusty :)18:04
dkesselballoons, "great" :)18:04
balloonsI wonder if it's giving any output on the command line18:06
balloonsI also wonder if it's old config issue18:06
balloonslet me try deleting my config first18:06
balloonsdkessel, config files are in /etc/testdriverc, ~/.testdriverc and ~/.config/testdrive/testdriverc18:07
dkessel...and it gets stuck configuring the virtualbox machine... once again... :/18:07
dkesselballoons, ok i'll try deleting them18:08
senanDanChapman, its self.keyboard.press_and_release right18:08
balloonsDanChapman, ty.. you ready for UDS mate?18:09
balloonsdkessel, I'm doing the same18:09
dkesseli left /etc/testdriverc and deleted the config in ~ ... stays the same18:09
DanChapmanlol yeah it is senan sorry :-)18:09
dkesselterminal output: /usr/bin/testdrive-gtk:190: Warning: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.38.1/./gobject/gsignal.c:2475: signal 'child-added' is invalid for instance '0x180ac30' of type 'GtkMenu'18:10
dkessel  self.appindicator.set_menu(self.app_indicator_menu)18:10
balloonsdkessel, yep, no change18:10
balloonsprobably could add that terminal output to the report.18:11
dkesselballoons, did that18:13
balloonsdkessel, well jackson will be around in a few most likely.. but you are also free to hack on fixing it I'm sure :-p18:15
dkesselnah, i want to get up and running with the lubuntu tests... i have limited time18:16
DanChapmanballoons, I am indeed. I won't be able to go to many sessions tomorrow as its my little ones 2nd birthday, I plan to make to make the community workflow session and a couple of the later ones. But weds and thurs I'm sorting my timetable now :-)18:23
jibelDanChapman, I merged the 2 pending MPs you submitted and fixing pep8 to add autopilot/ to run-pep8 and use the ~same style than the rest of the code.18:27
balloonsdkessel, ahh.. heh, finding a bug before you even start eh?18:28
jibelDanChapman, also, the server that run ubiquity tests is still down, I hope it'll be back soon18:28
dkesselballoons, business as usual...18:28
dkessel"lubuntu nexus7 session"? =)18:29
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DanChapmanjibel, brilliant thanks :-) yes It will be good to get them running again, so will run-pep8 run when using ./debian/rules clean?18:43
* DanChapman goes to check for himself :-)18:43
DanChapmanjibel, not to worry i see it does pyflakes and pep8 :-)18:44
balloonshey Noskcaj :-) dkessel and I were just talking about a new bug in testdrive dkessel discovered18:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1252402 in testdrive (Ubuntu) "testdrive UI becomes unresponsive after saving settings" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:49
balloonsdo you have saucy or you on trusty Noskcaj ?18:49
balloonselopio, so if the swipe to delete is landed, I'm wondering why this still fails: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/use-default-swipe-delete/+merge/19190518:50
NoskcajIt might just be the startup freeze bug, which i'm not sure how to fix. Can you leave testdrive open for 2-3 minutes first?18:51
balloonsNoskcaj, sure.. I'll leave it open for a few mins right now and try18:52
NoskcajYou probably would have noticed the startup issue already though18:52
elopioballoons: I suppose the latest toolkit is not yet on the image or PPA that test uses.18:52
elopioI added a catch explicitly for that case.18:53
balloonselopio, ok fair enough..18:53
dkesselnext bug: 125242118:58
ubot5bug 1252421 in gnumeric (Ubuntu) "application help cannot be opened - yelp is missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125242118:58
balloonsdkessel, http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/gnumeric19:00
dkesselballoons, ... yes?19:00
balloonsdkessel, just thought it would be helpful to see.. indeed yelp doesn't seem to be listed unless it's a depends of depends, etc19:01
dkesselmaybe it once used evince to display the help... just guessing19:01
dkesseli definately like the speed of lubuntu... wow19:02
dkessellol... no i even get an endless apport loop while trying to report a crash bug...19:13
dkesselballoons, is it correct to file a bug for "lightdm" if this here fails?: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/306/builds/55992/testcases/1603/results19:15
dkesselit does not tell me the package...19:16
jibelDanChapman, it will but currently run-pep8 doesn't scan autopilot, I'll add that once it's pep8 compliant :)19:17
thomijibel: autopilot is pep8 compliant...19:18
* balloons holds his breath19:18
balloonsdkessel, yes.. and should it be labeled better?19:18
dkesselballoons, probably :)19:19
jibelthomi, I should have written autopilot/ . I was talking about autopilot tests of ubiquity not autopilot itself :)19:19
thomijibel: oh, ok then - just making usre :)19:20
thomijibel: that confuses me *all the time* :)19:21
balloonsdkessel, I changed to just "lightdm19:22
dkesselbye-bye thunderbird...19:26
* dkessel sighs19:26
dkesselhm, unsure about the package for bug 125243519:28
ubot5bug 1252435 in lightdm (Ubuntu) "lubuntu: "nexus 7" and "lx games" sessions get stuck, no usable UI" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125243519:28
dkesselthree new critical bugs... should i really continue? :D19:29
balloonsbye bye thunderbird?19:29
balloonsdkessel, I know lubuntu has a big cycle ahead of them! they are going to be an lts for the first time, that's the goal19:31
balloonsand the longer term plan is to switch from gtk to qt ;-)19:31
dkesselballoons, yes the first LTS... that's actually why i thought i should start testing today...19:31
dkesselthunderbird just crashed without a notice...19:32
dkesselballoons, I have problems with a testcase: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1619/info19:32
balloonsahh.. sounds like a lot of lubuntu specific stuff.. it works for me.. I use it everyday as my cliebt19:32
balloonsdkessel, sure, what's the issue?19:33
dkesselballoons - there is no search box ;) Click on "Search a package" field. Fill in "gedit" and hit enter19:33
dkesselA list with search results appears19:33
elfydkessel: if there is a bug with a testcase - report it - noting which testcase ID - I check them - even ones that aren't my responsibility19:34
dkesselelfy, ok... against what do i report?19:34
dkesselelfy, nvm ^19:35
balloonshehe.. I tried to be fast19:35
balloonsthanks dkessel !19:35
elfyjust make sure to actually put the testcase ID or I'll mark it wishlist :D19:35
dkesselballoons, or could it be a bug with the software center not having a search option?19:36
dkesselthat feels like a bug actually...19:37
balloonsthat's a lubuntu specific question so I don't know the answer off the top of my head19:37
balloonsis phillw about?19:37
elfyI'd no know either - nor be able to check quickly - I broke vbox :p19:37
dkesselelfy - hmm, I can file my testcase bug as a reminder to check ;)19:38
elfydkessel: file it :)19:38
balloonsdkessel, file it and mark it as affecting testcases and the package19:38
balloonswe can sort of which is which and mark the other invalid ;-)(19:39
dkesselbug 1252438, there you go19:39
ubot5bug 1252438 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "lubuntu software center testcase - no search box" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125243819:39
balloonsdkessel, excellent19:41
dkesselballoons, unsure about the verification step here: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1601/info19:52
balloonswhich verification step?19:52
dkessel"The terminal shows the name "qa-lubuntu"" question: as window title, or as tab title?19:52
dkesselballoons ^19:55
balloonsmm.. indeed, it's ambigious. I'd file something to get that cleaned up19:56
dkesselgnome-terminal renames the whole window...19:57
balloonsdkessel, afaik it should change both, because the window title displays the tab title19:57
balloonsbut I don't use lxterminal19:57
dkesselballoons, we got a bug then :)19:57
balloonsthis might be a dual filing again :-)19:57
dkesselmeh :)19:58
balloonsit's good to point these out for the lubuntu folks.. they know what they mean, but we don't :-)19:58
dkesselok last bug report for today...19:58
dkesselelfy, bug 1252451 with test ID 1601 included ;)20:04
ubot5bug 1252451 in lxterminal (Ubuntu) "lxterminal does not change title of window" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125245120:04
dkesselok thats it for tonight....20:04
elfydkessel: you don't need to ping me with them I'm subscribed to manual testing bugs :)20:05
elfybut thanks anyway :)20:06
dkesselelfy, alright20:06
dkesselgood night :)20:06
balloonshello Letozaf_20:20
Letozaf_balloons, hi20:20
Letozaf_balloons, but is the test_add_remove_feed_and_topic rssreader test failing or is it just because the dashboard is running the old versions ?20:22
Letozaf_balloons, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/20:22
balloonsLetozaf_, still the old version20:23
Letozaf_balloons, oh fine, was worried :P20:23
balloonstomorrow fingers crossed the new stuff will hit the dash :-)20:23
Letozaf_balloons, cool can't wait20:23
balloonsLetozaf_, what's your improved script to test click apps again?20:52
Letozaf_balloons, I copied it here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6439472/20:54
Letozaf_balloons, it's handy for testing on device20:54
balloonsLetozaf_, ty20:56
Letozaf_balloons, yw20:56
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