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karamazovCan anyone point me towards a resource to put a lamp stack on a unbuntu server on ec201:46
jrwrenkaramazov: ubuntu server guide?02:12
karamazovjrwren: I've tried using it but I can't get apache to run...02:12
jrwrenkaramazov: do you get an error? did you open port 80 in ec2 security group?02:13
karamazovNo error - does 80 need to be open for inbound or outbound?02:15
karamazovjrwren: thank you02:19
hazmathallyn_, one oddness with btrfs and lxc (using clone) that i havent figured out.. btrfs-progs won't report the subvolume or snapshot usage, looking over btrfs-progs src, the main delta seems to be quota group related wrt to subvol creation.. just curious if you've run into this before.03:30
hazmati'm trying to use send/receive against the vols, but without btrfs-progs being aware, thats problematic03:31
hazmatstgraber, ^03:39
hallyn_hazmat: nto sure what you mean by 'run into before'.  i've not tried send/receive of vols.  I use 'lxc-clone -B btrfs' a ton every day seems robust so far03:44
hallyn_(only caveat, in precise, is tha ti must use eatmydata to run dpkg and apt-get else it is dog-slow)03:45
hazmathallyn_, sure. but btrfs subvolume list /var/lib/lxc shows nothing.. with lxc-clone -s03:45
hazmathallyn_, i've got /var/lib/lxc setup as a btrfs mount, lxc-clone -s  seems to implicitly pickup btrfs.. as the resulting container takes roughly 7m03:48
hazmatexplictly specifying -B btrfs actually results in rather odd behavior compared to the implicit, either full copy or error (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6435693/)03:50
hazmatlikely cause its not a subvolume03:50
* hazmat tries with explicit btrfs on create03:51
hazmathallyn_, nevermind i think its user error. with dedup on the vol accounting for the minimal usage03:53
hallyn_hazmat: ok - sorry i went quiet, my laptop went berzerk03:55
hallyn_but why was precise-base not btrfs, if /var/lib/lxc is btrfs?03:56
hallyn_that sounds like an lxc-create but03:56
hazmathallyn_, it was btrfs, just not a subvolume from lxc-create without the -B, what's also interesting is the implicit behavior with lxc-clone -s, its not the dedup, it is must be taking some form of snapshot i think as it completes in roughly the same time as a subvolume snapshot (0.09s)03:58
hazmatbut whatever form that is, doesn't get reported by btrfs-progs in saucy (currently building git head of those just to compare)04:05
figuringoutim trying to set up a ubuntu server for about 20 kids -- i want them to be able to ssh in, and make basic HTML pages. i have their usernames created -- how do i enable ssh for each one of them?07:27
chilicuilfiguringout: if they've an account in the system, ssh should work out of the box, make sure to install openssh-server08:13
basil_Hi guys would anyone be able to help me troubleshoot using x11vnc to get access to a GUI on Unbuntu 12.04 from XenServer 6.2?08:49
jamespageyolanda, well everytime you need to display that info you have todo an exec which is quite expensive on Java virtual machines09:04
yolandajamespage, a better alternative should be to parse the /etc/os-release file?09:05
jamespageyolanda, I was trying to think of a way todo it in the init script and pass it in as a system property09:06
jamespagethat way its set dynamically on startup - but is then an in-memory read from that point onwards09:06
yolandaso pass this var in the makefile?09:07
jamespageyolanda, no - I'd look for a named system property in the Java code, and pass that in the tomcat7 init script09:21
jamespageif it does not exist, then revert to current behaviour09:22
yolandawell, we have the os.name but it should populate "Linux", setting that to Ubuntu could affect behaviour, right?09:24
jamespageno - use a new property09:27
jamespageyolanda - its trivial to set them on startup in the init script09:28
jamespageother things might rely on os.name09:28
jamespageand os is really owned by the JVM so you won't be able to change it anyway09:28
yolandaok, reading about that because i didn't know this about java, i see09:28
jamespageyolanda, I'd probably add it to JAVA_OPTS in the catalina_sh function in the init script09:31
yolandajamespage, cool, i'll work on it09:34
jamespageyolanda, great -thanks!09:34
yolandathx for the advice09:34
yolandajamespage, trying same build of couchdb for saucy10:07
yolandajamespage, it's problem with trusty, with saucy builds fine10:09
jamespageutlemming, just looking at the walinuxagent proposals in the sponsoring queue - do they need to go to saucy still? or is trusty sufficient?10:16
jamespageneed todo the SRU dance if saucy is required.10:17
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yolandajamespage, trying the tomcat patch. I pass to it properly: /usr/lib/jvm/default-java/bin/java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/var/lib/tomcat7/conf/logging.properties -Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager -Djava.awt.headless=true -Xmx128m -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -Dos.distribution_name=Ubuntu -Djava.endorsed.dirs=/usr/share/tomcat7/endorsed -classpath /usr/share/tomcat7/bin/bootstrap.jar:/usr/share/tomcat7/bin/tomcat-jul12:27
yolandai.jar -Dcatalina.base=/var/lib/tomcat7 -Dcatalina.home=/usr/share/tomcat7 -Djava.io.tmpdir=/tmp/tomcat7-tomcat7-tmp org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap start12:27
yolandabut then using System.getProperty("os.distribution_name") in code returns null12:27
yolandaam I doing something wrong there?12:27
jamespageyolanda, you can't use os prefix12:27
jamespageits reserved I think12:27
yolandacatalina should be ok?12:27
yolandaor just use something not prefixed?12:27
jamespageI'd do that - not prefixed12:28
yolandaok, let me try this12:28
jamespagethat's java-ish12:28
yolandaannoying thing of tomcat is that it takes ages to rebuild12:29
yolandajamespage, also dealing with couchdb that's written on erlang. Do you know if os::getenv("DISTRIBUTION") should work, if passing that as env var in makefile?12:31
jamespageyolanda, it depends when that call is made12:31
jamespageyolanda, if its runtime then that won't work12:31
jamespageif its build time that should be OK12:31
psivaayolanda: jamespage: is ^ your discussion any chance related to tomcat daemon not running in the trusty server images? and making the smoke failures?12:38
jamespagepsivaa, its not - but that sounds important as well!12:39
psivaajamespage: ok, then i'll report a bug for that12:39
jamespagepsivaa, please do12:42
yolandajamespage, build time12:51
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yolandaso jamespage, something is wrong with our approach for Tomcat:-Ddistribution.name=Ubuntu - but then System.getProperty("distribution.name") returns null14:07
yolandai think that this var needs to be defined in catalina.sh script14:10
hallyn_hazmat: ok, looking at the code, I have a vague recollection this was by design.  If you say 'lxc-create -B best' then it will use btrfs if detected, but if you don't specify -B at all, it uses dir.14:11
hallyn_hazmat: note we *used* to always autodetect.  I'd have to check mail archives to remember why it was changed14:12
hallyn_(Of course -B btrfs works too, but -B best lets you fall back to dir if you're not sure whether you'll be on btrfs)14:12
psivaajamespage: the reason for tomcat server issues in the smoke is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.trusty/revision/2183 according to cjwatson14:30
jamespagepsivaa, hmm - I thought doko was holding off on doing that14:31
psivaajamespage: do you still need a bug? and if yes against what pkg?14:33
jamespagetomat7 please14:33
jamespagewith a c tho14:34
psivaaack :)14:34
psivaajamespage: bug #125229014:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1252290 in tomcat7 "tomcat7 is disabled in the trusty server seeds starting from 20131115.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125229014:41
psivaabug 125229014:41
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* jamespage waves at roaksoax15:08
roaksoaxjamespage: \0/15:09
jamespagethat was energetic15:09
roaksoaxok, so merging kombu and by default is using librabbitmq for amqp instead of python-amqp15:09
roaksoaxso is this something we want to carry/make default15:09
jamespageroaksoax, unless there is a good reason not to we should upstream align15:10
roaksoaxjamespage: yeah, just making sure we are not gonna affect openstack for some reason15:11
roaksoaxjamespage: i do think however, its use with kombu doesn't have ssl support15:11
zuljamespage:  well that sucks15:31
zuljamespage:  spent an hour with a broken nova testsuite on trusty (needed a newer migrate)15:34
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-trusty/+merge/19562015:38
jamespagerbasak, zul, roaksoax, adam_g, smoser, yolanda: my find for the start of this cycle is dh-automake16:28
zuljamespage:  yeah you told me :)16:29
jamespagezul, I like to go on about stuff I like16:29
zuljamespage:  hehe16:29
roaksoaxjamespage: doc pointer? :)16:29
jamespagezul, re the MP above - trying to understand the impact of it16:29
zuljamespage:  dropping of xcp?16:30
jamespageroaksoax, apt-get install dh-autoreconf && man dh_autoreconf16:30
jamespageroaksoax, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/en/man1/dh_autoreconf.1.html16:30
rbasakjamespage: looks handy. Thanks!16:30
* rbasak gave up with dh-make years ago16:31
jamespagerbasak, save the manual 1000's of line of autoreconf patch that is sometimes required (I used this for openvswitch)16:31
roaksoaxjamespage: yeah i meant more in the way of howto's or transition docs :)16:31
rbasakjamespage: I use dh-autoreconf for that16:31
roaksoaxbut yeah I saw dh_autoreconf efore and I think at least one package i touch used it16:31
rbasakjamespage: I'm sure you must have sponsored my use of dh_autoreconf before :)16:31
jamespagerbasak, yeah - sorry - I mean dh_autoreconf - not dh-automake16:32
jamespagerbasak, probably but that is details....16:32
jamespageroaksoax, better guide - http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/en/man7/dh-autoreconf.7.html16:33
roaksoaxjamespage: i've seen it been used before16:33
jamespagejacalvo, hey - zul is working on poking samba @ 4.x into trusty, but its making zentyal uninstallable right now which is blocking migration to the release pocket16:38
jamespagejacalvo, are you guys still actively maintaining package in distro? if so could you take a look and see16:42
jacalvojamespage, mmm, the problem is that the zentyal packages in universe are still using samba 316:43
jacalvoand the newer versions of zentyal that use samba4, are using a custom build of samba4 with bundled libraries...16:44
jacalvoso I'm not sure which is the proper solution here16:44
jamespagejacalvo, so the samba4 package will be disappearing - samba is/has been bumped to 4.0.something already16:45
jamespagejacalvo, we need to unblock the migration - is this something you can work out in the short term? or should we remove zentyal from archive until you come up with a fix16:46
jacalvojamespage, let me discuss this with the zentyal devs, I'll get back to you with news as soon as possible ;)16:46
jamespagejacalvo, thanks - much appreciated!16:47
jacalvojamespage, so, the removal would be only from the trusty archive, right?17:11
jamespagejacalvo, yes - thats correct17:11
jamespageand we can re-introduce later once you have stuff sorted17:11
jacalvoI think it's the safest option, we can guarantee a fix in the short term, because currently we depend not only on a custom samba4 package, we also have patched versions of bind9 and openldap :(17:11
jacalvos/we can/we can't/17:12
jacalvofirst thing to do would be to try to introduce those patches upstream and make it work with the non-bundled version of samba17:13
jamespagejacalvo, agreed - OK - I'll request removal17:13
jacalvothanks!, and sorry for the inconvenience17:13
jacalvojamespage, anyway, maybe removing zentyal-samba is enough17:14
jamespagejacalvo, np - its all just part of the dev cycle :-)17:14
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zerickHi folks, any CPU stressing or benchmarking tool that you could recommend?  :)17:18
jamespagezul, re the xcp removal stuff17:26
jamespageI think running XCP on Ubuntu is not worth holding onto17:26
jamespagebut running against remote XenServer probably is17:26
jamespagebut thats the same model as VMware - for which we need a no-op hypervisor package for if that makes sense?17:27
zuljamespage:  right but it doesnt get tested and we dont really know what state the package is in17:28
jamespagezul, does it rely on the xcp packages?17:28
zuljamespage:  it does17:29
zuljamespage:  im more risk adverse for ltses17:31
DWSRAnyone know of a Growl server that doesn't require x11? I just want a central location to forward/receive all my notifications to/from and the box in question is headless.17:31
jamespagezul, OK - I don't think we need todo anything explicit anyway17:31
yolandajamespage https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/ubuntu/trusty/tomcat7/add_distribution_static/+merge/19564117:36
yolandafinally got it, i needed to take some fresh air and see it from another point of view17:36
yolandaso i was testing the output locally with lynx, then i could not see the version in the footer, but with a normal browser i was able to test it17:37
jamespageyolanda, \o/17:44
sarnoldzerick: compiling the biggest packages you can get your hands on is a decent way to stress a machine. it'll involve disk IO, memory IO, CPU churning.. I've found a lot of machine check exceptions on hardware an hour or two into a large compile -- on hardware I thought was problem-free for a few years.17:53
harshhello all. iwant to learn development of office purpose applications for ubuntu17:58
harshsuch that they shud work in lan17:58
patdk-wkwell, you are suppost to change your thermalpaste and remove the dust every few years :)17:58
harshwhich language shud i choose?17:58
harshfor developing?17:59
sarnoldpatdk-wk: I never noticed any thermal correlation, and I didn't want to get my hands goopy :)18:00
patdk-wkheh, you don't do it enough, if you get it on your hands :)18:00
sarnoldpatdk-wk: indeed. thanks to you and jeffpc, I spent the weekend looking at used thumpers on ebay and trying my best to justify buying myself such a beast... luckily for me, it looks like they require 220 AC input, which is enough hassle to keep me from "testing it out" :)18:02
patdk-wkI just got my home rack fully functional18:03
sarnoldharsh: depending upon what you're trying to accomplish, that might be progamming a web application in ruby on rails or django or tomcat (eww java) -- or it might be programming "native" desktop clients using Qt or GTK with e.g. QML or Python or C++ or C or whatever you like. There's plenty of choices, maybe too many. :)18:04
patdk-wkhave 10gbe and 5x1gbe going to it, and two 240v@30amp power outlets18:04
sarnoldpatdk-wk: ooh, 10gbe *drool*18:05
patdk-wkya, looking at going 40gbe at the datacenter18:05
patdk-wkpricing of 10gbe vs 40gbe really isn't an issue18:05
patdk-wkseems driver support is more an issue18:05
* patdk-wk wants sub .2ms network :)18:06
patdk-wkor was that sub .2us18:06
patdk-wkatleast I believe dropping network latency by tens of times, will make nfs work even better :)18:07
sarnoldpatdk-wk: what kind of system do you use for your nas?18:07
harshsarnold: ok18:07
patdk-wkdual e5649, with 20x1gig disks and 4 ssd cache drives18:08
sarnoldpatdk-wk: I looked int othe backblaze stuff a little bit but was shocked they used 5-port expanders. I'm sure it's a great tradeoff for them, but seems less good for a smaller, hotter system18:08
patdk-wkwell, they have no data turnover18:09
sarnoldmmm, hexacore :)18:09
patdk-wkeverything will go a max of 200MB/sec for them18:09
sarnoldright. most of their systems are going to be idle most of the time, as far as I can guess.18:09
patdk-wkwell, not idle, but processing like 10mbit/sec :)18:09
sarnoldand 8 gigs of ram feels like penny pinching :)18:09
patdk-wkheh, not really18:10
patdk-wkmy enterprise windows backup software, will only use 4gigs of ram18:10
patdk-wkI have installed 32gigs of ram, cause I couldn't actually but the system with less18:10
sarnoldgranted on their scale, pennies need to be pinched. but it doesn't feel like much left over after the buffer cache eats most of it18:10
patdk-wkthe buffer cache is pointless for them18:10
patdk-wkthey won't be rereading data18:11
sarnoldpatdk-wk: well, sure, but that's windows land, where 3.5 gigs is the limit. hehe.18:11
patdk-wknormally for them, data comes in, data gets stored18:11
patdk-wkthe only reading that should be happening is fs metadata18:11
patdk-wkand that should be pretty small18:11
sarnoldagain anothr decision that works out okay for them.. :)18:12
sarnoldpatdk-wk: did you build your machine from parts? or buy a pre-made or mostly-pre-made system from somewhere? :)18:12
patdk-wkcurrently, I'm going premade case + mb18:13
patdk-wkand the rest custom18:13
patdk-wkhaving a hard time to pick what I want for my new esx servers18:13
patdk-wk2u server, or a twin 2u server18:13
patdk-wkthe twins lack ram slots :(18:14
sarnoldbut otherwise that seems impressive density18:14
patdk-wkand power savings18:14
patdk-wkand still gives me 3 slots18:14
patdk-wka 2u per server, while optimal, is more slots/disks/... than needed for esxi18:14
patdk-wkbut great for standalone workhorses18:15
harshpatdk-wk:  sorry to interrup ..hve been following the discussion..2u?18:16
patdk-wk2 units18:16
harshpatdk-wk: ok18:17
harshpatdk-wk: thx for the link..wat is the overall capacity of the NAS u have built18:18
patdk-wkjust 9tb at work, only using 3tb18:18
patdk-wkat home, running 13tb usable18:18
harshpatdk-wk: i have worked for 2 yrs in NAS support18:19
patdk-wkother one is made more for pure speed18:19
patdk-wkit's running 6tb18:19
harshso u make these NAS urself18:19
patdk-wk6tb full of 300g disks in 3way mirrors18:19
harshis EMC market leader in Eu as well18:20
harshor its a different situation18:20
harshand do u do the NAS provisioning also18:21
harshfor ur client18:21
patdk-wkfor my client?18:21
RoyKpatdk-wk: mdraid or zfs?18:21
sarnoldhey RoyK :)18:21
harshi thought u r hosting NAS boxes18:21
patdk-wkroy, all zfs18:21
patdk-wkharsh, yes, for *myself*18:22
harshpatdk-wk:  thats gr818:22
RoyKpatdk-wk: zfs on linux?18:24
patdk-wkdefently not18:24
RoyKfbsd or illumos?18:26
patdk-wkillumos, my own custom builds18:26
harshpatdk-wk: did u modify the OS?18:28
harshfor ur use18:28
patdk-wkthe kernel, yes18:29
harshpatdk-wk: i have to learn it how shud i go about it18:29
harshhow shud i start18:29
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patdk-wklearn what?18:29
harshlearn to modify distros18:29
patdk-wkthat has nothing to remotely do with a distro18:30
patdk-wkand hacking a kernel has nthing to do with a distro18:30
sarnoldharsh: I recommend reading Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment for everyone who wants to learn more about the internals. APUE is a fantastic introduction to the services provided by Unix-like operating systems. It would be difficult to learn kernel internals without knowing the interfaces exposed to userspace programs, and it is wonderful to know what is available easily vs what your programming environment -pretends- 18:33
harshsarnold: thx senior18:34
harshsarnold: also today i dwnlded the pdf for ubuntu server18:40
harshwhile configuring the server18:40
harshdo i have to work on DM-server as well18:40
harshor i can skip it for now18:40
harshI am trying to installl a local server18:41
sarnoldharsh: what's the DM-server? (keeping in mind that I almost never actually see our installer..)18:41
* patdk-wk installs a lot, and dunno what dm-server is18:42
harshpatdk-wk:  sarnold  ok18:45
harshpatdk-wk:  sarnold:  ok18:45
harshok thanks to both18:46
harshof u18:46
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funksterso i have a bash script thats run in xinetd on a port, its a simple echo scripts of heads, if i curl localhost:9999 is returns data, but if i curl it from outside, it just errors with no reply from host or connection reset by peer - here is the bash script, and xinetd script http://pastebin.com/Cyj3mayb - anyone have any insight?19:54
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jParktonI set up an ftp server but when I try to ftp in I get connection refused20:45
jParkton21 is open20:45
jParktonhow do I define users20:45
jkitchenjParkton: depending on which ftpd you installed there are varying approaches, but generally you define users by giving people a unix account.20:47
jkitchenyou mention "21 is open" ... what do you mean by that?20:47
jParktonmy ftp port20:47
jkitchenconnection refused is generally "nothing is listening on this port, try again"20:47
jkitchenyes, I know what port 21 is. what I'm saying is what do you mean by it's "open"20:47
jkitchenif you're getting connection refused, chances are it's not "open"20:48
jkitchenmy definition of "open" is "something is listening on it"20:48
jParktonroot     20444 18235  0 15:51 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto ftp20:52
jParktonit is running but I dont see it in netstat -a20:52
jkitchenthat's not an ftpd20:52
jkitchenthat's grep.20:52
jkitchenwhat ftpd did you install, and how?20:53
jParktonthat is not an ftpd?20:53
jkitchenno, that's grep20:53
jkitchen'ps aux | grep ftp'20:53
jkitchenis presumably what you did20:53
jkitchenwell, grep shows up in the process list20:54
jParktonso that wont tell me if the process is running?20:54
jkitchenit will20:54
jkitchenbut it will also tell you about grep20:54
jParktonso that did not show me the ftp process was running?20:54
Picijkitchen: Did you install an ftp daemon, or are you assuming that Ubuntu came with one?20:54
PicijParkton: ^20:54
jParktonI did apt-get install vsftpd20:55
jkitchenjParkton: no, all that was was grep. there may have been other output, but I'm gonna assume that was the only line20:55
jParktonand then I edited the vsftpd.conf20:55
jkitchenjParkton: service vsftpd status20:55
jkitchenit's not running. try starting it:20:55
jParktonbut I have restarted it twice20:56
jkitchenservice vsftpd start20:56
jkitchenthen check your logs, chances are your config is broken20:56
jkitchen*or* maybe vsftpd has /etc/default/vsftpd and disables startup in there20:56
jkitchen(which is likely)20:56
jkitchenI don't have a scratch box handy or I'd install it to try20:56
jParktonnothing in default20:57
PiciI'd check the logs first.20:58
jParktonnothing in logs20:58
jParktonwell nothing in /var/log/vsftpd.log20:59
blkperlin saucy is gssd a new service that is required for nfs clients?21:57
blkperlor is it only if your using kerby?21:57
blkperlhmm maybe my issue is gssd refuses to start22:00
blkperlbecause its disabled in /etc/default/nfs22:01
blkperlso maybe saucy just wants it on?22:02
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