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MooDoomorning all07:01
BigRedSGoood Morning!08:11
MooDooMyrtti: and a good morning to you :)08:59
Myrttiatleast it's not Tuesday08:59
diploMorning all09:04
DGJonesMyrtti, Are you ok for a pm09:05
GentileBenAs Myrtti's official PM gatekeeper, I'm going to allow this.09:06
MyrttiDGJones: if you don't expect coherent answers09:07
MyrttiGentileBen: meh09:07
MyrttiI feel like Tardar Sauce the cat09:07
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DGJonesHmmh, /msg doesn't work in xchat09:08
TheOpenSourcerermorning all.09:11
MooDoomorning TheOpenSourcerer :)09:14
diploSo, keep getting reminded 13.10 is out and do i want to upgrade.. running 13.04 atm.. worth the update or buggy ?09:15
Myrttimy motto has been that upgrading non-LTS's is always a good idea09:16
Myrttiupgrading LTS's is a good idea when a new LTS is around09:17
DGJonesdiplo, PLus 13.04 wil be EOL in January09:17
directhex13.10 is fine now09:17
directhexit was not fine when chromium would refuse to load Reddit Enhancement Suite09:18
TheOpenSourcererHave been using it since release - it's OK. It was a bit rough around the edges but is no worse than 13.04.09:18
diploMyrtti: I was the same earlier on, but had so many issues since 11.* with early upgrades I've left it a lot later now, I had to upgrade from 12.04 because I needed some specific package for some dev09:18
diploOK great, I'm sold.09:19
MyrttiI'm debating myself should I be a guinea pig for LTS to LTS upgrade path09:19
Myrttithere's so many things in 12.04 bugging me out right now that I pine for an upgrade09:20
DGJones13.04->13.10 was the smoothest upgrade I've ever had, absolutely zero errors/issues during upgrade, normally there's an odd, niggling error, but there was nothing this time09:20
SuperMattDGJones: that's because almost nothing changed ;)09:20
Myrttimay I complain about something though, this is only related to Ubuntu and 12.0409:20
SuperMattthough if you're running 12.04 on a server, don't upgrade to 14.04 until you've tested your apache confs09:20
SuperMattthe upgrade from 2.2 to 2.4 caused a few issues for me09:20
diplonah, I only just upgraded from natty to 12.04 on my server :)09:21
ali1234probably the biggest change in 13.04->13.10 is the indicator api changed quite a lot09:21
MyrttiI didn't know it was possible for IT support to order a laptop these days that doesn't come with inbuilt bluetooth. Well, I knew it was possible but I didn't know it was possible they were assuming that me not mentioning it means that I don't want it by default09:21
SuperMattthere weren't a lot of user facing changes, I'll admit to that09:21
MyrttiSuperMatt: no, just a laptop09:22
Myrttino apaches or such running here09:22
Myrttibut it's a factory install of Ubuntu tweaked by IT support09:22
Myrttiso I'm feeling hesitant over nuking the partitions and doing a fresh install09:23
DGJonesI spent quite a bit of time in the last week looking at laptops for my father-in-law and don't think any of them didn't come with bluetooth09:23
MyrttiDGJones: Dell and clueless IT support...09:24
DGJonesMyrtti, Right, probably find it was more expensive as well as it was non-standard in not including BT09:25
MyrttiI do confess that I feel kinda guilty for not telling them exactly what I wanted09:25
MyrttiI just told them I want HD screen, webcam, fast enough CPU that I don't start crying when doing LaTeX and enough RAM that that won't be the bottleneck09:25
Myrtti"and please the smallest possible model you can order"09:26
DGJonesEven so, they must have trawled the Dell website to find one without BT09:26
SuperMattany reason why you don't want blutooth?09:27
SuperMattI'm sure you can just switch it off in the bios/OS so it doesn't bother you09:27
DGJonesNext time just tell them you IBM's Deep Blue in a laptop case with a 2560*1200 HD screen09:28
DGJonesPowered by Unicorns09:29
MyrttiDGJones: by default the configuration list adds bluetooth it seems, but they must've taken it off and saved 4€09:29
Myrtti(so now I have requested for a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle that costs 15€)09:30
diploJust get one of the tiny bluetooth usb things Myrtti £2-309:30
ali1234£1 at poundland09:30
ali1234and they work fine09:30
MyrttiI'm not going to spend a penny of my own money, I've just put it on the Health and Safety purchase list09:30
diploEven better, mines plugged into mine, forget about it as it's so small :)09:30
Myrttifrom a reputable seller that does invoices09:31
JamesTaitMorning all! :-D09:35
jussiIm still liking the Sony Vaio Pro 1109:48
jussiMind, I had a play with a thinkpad carbon and dear $diety, if they came in an 11 inch...09:48
DGJonesHmmh, wierd problem ssh'd into a box at home, when I start byobu, its scrolling down the screen as though a carriage return is being pressed on the keyboard, but it doesn't happen outside of byobu10:01
diploDGJones: I've had that10:03
DGJonesAny idea how to fix it10:03
diploTmux issue, change to screen and it's fine.10:03
DGJonesI've rebooted the machine10:03
diploThat was with putty10:04
DGJonesVery odd, screen doesn't do it, I'll give it another reboot & just see if that fixes it10:04
DGJonesYes, same here10:04
diploI'll find a post10:04
ali1234tsux :P10:04
popeycan someone open System Log on ubuntu 13.10 and tell me if they see date stamps?10:05
popeyin the syslog -> today area10:05
ali1234how do you open it?10:05
SuperMattI just had it crash10:05
SuperMattand again10:06
popeywell, I use Dash -> sys... press enter10:06
diploDid you run this DGJones byobu-select-backend10:06
SuperMatt(gnome-system-log:28466): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_css_rgba_value_get_rgba: assertion 'rgba->class == &GTK_CSS_VALUE_RGBA' failed10:06
SuperMatt[1]    28466 segmentation fault (core dumped)  gnome-system-lo10:06
DGJonesdiplo, No, Just straight "byobu"10:06
popey /usr/bin/gnome-system-log10:06
ali1234not installed10:07
diploTo change from tmoux to screen DGJones10:07
popeygnome-system-log is the package10:07
DGJonesYeah, I'll give that a go10:07
SuperMattkeeps segfaulting on me10:07
popeythat's a separate bug then10:07
SuperMattyup \o/10:07
ali1234ok it works for me. what am i looking for?10:07
popeythe dates in the syslog bit10:07
popeythe dates are white on white for me10:08
popeyso only show when I mouse select them10:08
ali1234they are grey on white for me10:08
popeytheme issue?10:08
ali1234i don't have anything that says "today"10:08
popeyno triangle next to syslog?10:08
ali1234no. actually it does say "today" though10:08
popeybug 104560210:09
SuperMattwhen I set my theme to ambiance, my segfault goes away10:09
lubotu3bug 1045602 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "date and time in gnome-system-log is white text on white background" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104560210:09
popeyseems already filed10:09
SuperMattand my dates are white on white too10:09
popeyright, so theme issue10:10
popeythe bug confirms it, thanks10:10
SuperMattexcellent bug hunting everyone. we make a great team10:10
ali1234i can't reproduce it by changing to ambiance/radiance10:11
ali1234might need to restart it though10:11
ali1234yes, there we go10:11
SuperMattcan't beliebe it segfaults for me just because I'm using a different theme10:11
SuperMattnumix, for what it's worth10:11
ali1234report that, they'll want to fix it10:12
ali1234i'll confirm it10:12
popeyprobably needs filing upstream in gnome10:13
ali1234numix isn't gnome10:13
popeynot what i meant10:13
popeyits not a bug in gnome-system-log?10:14
ali1234well, i meant report it to the numix devs10:14
ali1234gnome-system-log look slike yet more abandonware10:14
popey3.9.3 in development..10:17
ali1234bug 1231439 already reported10:17
lubotu3bug 1231439 in gnome-system-log (Ubuntu) "gnome-system-log crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123143910:17
ali1234apparently all the shimmer themes except for the one i use cause it10:18
popeyis there a terminal or tail type command that highlights new lines ?10:18
ali1234i don't understand. how do you highlight a none printing character?10:18
popeyno, i mean new appended lines10:18
popeylike, make the most recent lines added in the last 10 seconds bold10:18
popeythen unbold after 10s10:18
popeyso if i glance at the terminal running it I can see the new lines added recently10:19
popeyooh, multitail is nice10:20
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:22
MooDoomorning brobostigon10:23
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:23
DJonesDoes anybody know whether anything replaced the noip2 client10:23
diploddns DJones ?10:26
MooDooDJones: http://askubuntu.com/questions/184704/the-noip2-no-ip-com-package-was-deleted-from-the-repository-now-what10:27
popeyi do that inside my router10:27
popeylots show up if you apt-cache search dyndns10:27
DJonesCheers, was using dyndns, but for some reason its stopped working10:28
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popeyi use afraid.org now10:31
diploI am with them but can't get my client to update, there is a bug already10:32
* diplo looks10:32
* brobostigon uses them also.10:32
diployeah ddclient is what I used, and it doesn't like updating10:33
DJonesAh well, ddclient with no-ip settings works fine10:36
diployeah. protocol should be set to freedns but it's unknown. Find the bug now10:37
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1092966 in ddclient (Ubuntu) "Freedns support removed from ddclient" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:38
diploSeems I need 3.8.110:39
ali1234popey: this should work: watch --color 'tail -n 100 /var/log/syslog | grep --color=always -E "$(date +"%h %d %H")|$"'10:48
ali1234but it doesn't :(10:48
ali1234instead of showing the colour, it just eats it instead10:48
ali1234tail -n 100 /var/log/syslog | grep --color=always -E "$(date +"%h %d %H")|$" works10:48
ali1234and why is whoopsie spamming syslog every minute?10:50
popeywatch has a colour option, didnt know that10:55
ali1234but it doesn't work10:56
SuperMattI didn't know that either \o/11:01
SuperMattyou guys know about ccze?11:01
SuperMatttail -f /var/log/syslog | ccze11:02
SuperMattnice coloured tail logs11:02
popeyam I right in saying any nvidia card with 3 (or more) ports will be able to drive 3 monitors with the binary driver in twinview mode?11:02
directhexiirc yes11:03
directhexwell, depends11:03
directhexone of them has to be displayport afaik11:03
popeyor hdmi?11:03
popey(my card has 2xDVI 1xmini HDMI)11:03
directhexthe problem is pixel clocks11:03
popeyis there a definitive way to find out, by browsing amazon or whatever?11:04
directhexyou need a pixel clock to synchronize a display and a graphics card, so the card & monitor agree on the data rate11:04
popeySome spec thing to look for11:04
directhexconsumer-level cards tend to only include two pixel clocks11:05
directhexdisplayport avoids the problem because it doesn't need a pixel clock (unless using a DP -> something else adapter)11:06
popeyguy in the comment says he has 2xDVI, 1xHDMI, 1xVGA11:07
directhexpopey, which GPU do you have?11:07
popeyits not for me11:08
popeyoh, mine.. uh11:08
popeyI'm asking for someone on my LUG11:08
directhexlooks like geforce 600 series has 4 pixel clocks11:09
directhex500 and below has 211:09
penguin42directhex: By 'pixel clocks' is that the same thing as CRTCs ?11:29
penguin42because on things that support xrandr you can see in the output of xrandr --verbose   CRTCs lines showing which CRTCs can be used for a particular output11:31
DJonesHmmh, I wonder whether its worth saving for one of these http://bartongeorge.net/2013/11/15/introducing-sputnik-3-and-its-unofficial-big-brother/11:42
StevenRmorning. Got a problem with one user's profile/account that I can't pin down. No videos play. Not youtube/vlc/mythtv - they all just stall until killed. It works with a fresh user, but I can't see anything that would block it. Both users are in the video/audio groups. Any ideas what would break this?11:59
penguin42StevenR: I wonder if it's actually audio related?11:59
penguin42StevenR: Do audio things work?12:00
* StevenR goes to try12:00
penguin42StevenR: Either way, get a pctl info   from the working and none working users12:01
StevenRpenguin42: no pctl command?12:03
penguin42pactl info12:03
StevenRpenguin42: yes, audio related12:06
StevenRpenguin42: pactl info on the broken user is stalling, returning nothing so far12:07
penguin42StevenR: OK, hmm12:07
penguin42StevenR: Is this multiple users logged in at the same time?12:07
penguin42ps -eaf|grep pulse12:08
DJonesdiplo: I found out why byobu was scrolling up when using putty, its because Ubuntu expects UTF8 whereas putty defaults to ISO-8859 and for some reason it was causing confusions/scrolling, changing the translation in putty to UTF8 fixed the issue12:09
StevenRpenguin42: there's a "start-pulseaudio-x11" running as the broken user that appears stalled12:11
popeyStevenR: what are you running there? Ubuntu?12:11
penguin42StevenR: Ooh never seen that12:12
penguin42StevenR: You should just see a /usr/bin/pulseaudio --start --log-target=syslog12:12
popeywhat does "pulseaudio -v --check" say?12:12
popeyalso, grep autospawn /etc/pulse/client.conf12:13
StevenRpopey: ; autospawn = yes12:13
StevenRpopey: pulseaudio -v --check is stalled12:14
* penguin42 would be tempted to nuke ~/.config/pulse kill that hanging process and see what happens on a logout/in12:14
popeyalso ~/.pulse12:14
popeyI would also do the magic fix... "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" :D12:15
penguin42and walk around the machine 3 times clockwise12:15
popeydon't forget to draw a pentagram on the floor12:15
penguin42popey: Must have been the pentagram!12:20
popeythe pentagram worked huh?12:20
StevenR.pulse and .pulse-cookie gone12:20
diploooh good work DJones, I'd never thought of that :/12:21
DJonesdiplo: It was a lucky google search12:22
DJones(Other search engines are available)12:22
StevenRpopey: penguin42: Thanks. all working now. :D12:22
penguin42good good12:22
penguin42StevenR: I guess one of those config/state files got into a mess and for some reason it screwed up the next startup12:23
* StevenR nods12:23
diploI think I went for the first option.12:26
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ali1234popey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6437455/13:28
ali1234this was unnecessarily difficult to achieve due to all the stupid ways python and the shell buffer things13:29
popeydoes it work? ☻13:32
popeyi just get a blank screen13:32
popeyoh, i need to specify a parameter?13:33
ali1234just pipe a command in to it13:34
popeyi just get a blank window13:34
popeyof course13:34
ali1234such as tail somefile13:34
popeyoh thats awesome13:35
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/6437473/ <- this takes a parameter: number of seconds to highlight the new lines13:35
ali1234it buffers up to the last 4MB of log13:36
ali1234usually this means the last 1000 lines, lines can be up to 4096 bytes13:36
popeybrilliant, just what i needed.13:37
ali1234i dunno what will happen if the line gets split13:37
popeynow can you code me up a vga cable?13:37
ali1234oh and it writes out the entire histroy every 0.2 seconds so in theory it can blast 20mb/sec onto your terminal, so watch out for that13:38
ali1234that needs fixing really13:39
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popeymy cpu keeps getting throttled when the temp is over some threshold13:44
popeybut it only does it momentarily, but it does it a lot13:44
MartijnVdSpopey: PC or laptop?13:45
MartijnVdSpopey: new or old?13:45
popeyx220 in docking station13:45
MartijnVdS(dusty or not, but I guess you've checked that)13:45
popeybeen a problem for ages13:45
popeycleaned it out and it made no difference13:45
MartijnVdSLenovo design fial? (docking station blocks ports?)13:46
popeyluckily its easy to clean13:46
popeyno, ports are clear13:46
popeyit does it when not in the dock too, just not as often13:46
MartijnVdSdoes the docking station itself heat up with use?13:46
popeyi am told by someone in the know that its a design fault, it cant dump the heat from the i713:46
popeyhard to tell13:47
MartijnVdSI'm quite happy with my XPS-12 btw13:47
MartijnVdSI had to order a laptop between the previous "Developer edition" going "out of print" and the new one being announced..13:47
popeytempted to sell this and get something else which doesn't work in a dock but has 1080p screen13:47
MartijnVdSso I got the XPS-12 rotating screen one13:47
popeywow, i can trigger cpu over speed by opening gnome terminal13:48
MartijnVdSwow, that's bad13:49
penguin42popey: How long have you had it?13:50
popeyOrder Date: 27 January 201213:52
penguin42popey: I mean if it was a design fault then EU what-ever thingy, but it's very hard to actually prove it13:53
popeywill call lenovo and start the process anyway13:53
popeytop - 13:56:49 up 9 days,  5:36,  5 users,  load average: 0.46, 1.21, 1.1013:56
popeyand its 80 degrees13:56
mungbeanrip-off merchants on amazon really annoy me. how can you search only amazon sales rather than 3rd party?14:02
MartijnVdSmungbean: when searching, it's in the column on the left I think14:03
mungbeanitems that should sell for £2.50 are appaering £85 all spammed by the same seller14:03
MartijnVdSmungbean: you can also report those14:03
mungbeanare there rules about it?14:03
mungbeannothing o nthe left for "viewmaster thomas"14:04
MartijnVdSmungbean: yeah, there are. They can't do things like "£1 item, £100 shipping" for instance14:04
MartijnVdSmungbean: let me check14:04
popeyfilter on the left, last thing14:04
popeysays "seller"14:05
mungbeannot appearing on mine.14:05
mungbeani can only filter delivery option, brand, dept.14:06
popeyits quite far down14:07
popeyafter you have searched14:07
popeymaybe assumes that you already have results in your search from amazon.co.uk14:07
MartijnVdSmungbean: yeah, that probably means there's only one merchant, so you can't filter more14:09
mungbeanthat was a general viewmaster reels search, lots of "merchants"14:09
ali1234aw, i jst tried to scroll your screenshot14:11
MartijnVdSmungbean: http://i.imgur.com/wjANVCD.jpg14:11
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GentileBenmungbean, your nick isn't very exciting.14:41
GentileBenAren't there more dynamic beans you can name yourself after?14:41
mungbeani'm changing at christmas14:43
* TheOpenSourcerer instantly thinks of borlotti14:46
MooDoomungbean: what to?  broad?  backed? jumping? ;)14:54
TheOpenSourcererbutter, green, has (lol)14:57
GentileBen"Butterbean" sounds like a term of endearment amongst vegetarians.14:59
GentileBen"I love you, my little butterbean..."14:59
GentileBenWhat about black beans?15:02
GentileBen"Hey fool stay out of my pod yo!"15:02
GentileBenmungbean's family reunion http://farm1.static.flickr.com/139/377904658_288e03e282.jpg15:03
MooDooGentileBen: I assume you know mungbean ?15:04
GentileBenI do, very well.15:05
TheOpenSourcererThat's an exciting sounding name15:06
mgdmit's a chain of Mexican fast food places, too15:06
mgdmthey do burritos. Which I now want.15:07
TheOpenSourcererOooh er. Never knew that.15:07
mgdmOh, they're only in Scotland so far.15:08
GentileBenAs long as they stay north of the wall.15:08
GentileBenThe Scots are like the White Walkers if they had a higher birth rate.15:09
TheOpenSourcererWe'll build it back up again if they vote to leave. Keep the barbarians out of our green and (sometimes)pleasant land :-)15:09
mgdmI have no idea what you're on about, but I'm going to take it as an insult15:09
* dwatkins_ pops in, sees his home is being talked about in what appears to be a negative fashion, and disappears again15:16
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DJonespopey: Any sign of your N7 update yet?15:17
popeyand the link to the android aosp file was 404 last time i tried15:24
popeyoh there now https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images#nakasikrt16o15:24
DJonesJust been reading a few postings about it, mainly suggesting it would be the US first then the rest of the world in stages after 2 weeks15:25
MartijnVdSthat's the factory images15:25
MartijnVdSyou could use those to upgrade non-destructively if you want15:25
DJones.... COuld do, but much simpler to wait patiently...15:26
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popeyhow can you upgrade non-destructively?15:29
MartijnVdSpopey: you download the image from there ( make sure it's the one for your version of the device, re: wifi/3g/etc.)15:31
MartijnVdSpopey: then.. let me look it up :)15:31
popeystep one done15:31
MartijnVdSpopey: I'm assuming you have adb/the android sdk15:33
daftykinsooh 4.4 for the Nexus 4 posted15:33
popeyi do ☻15:33
DJonesDoesn't that do a full wipe & install so you have to reinstall all your apps & settings, which to me does sound pretty destructive15:34
MartijnVdSpopey: you untar that file15:34
GentileBenAny Scots in here?15:34
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
GentileBenI think they got the message.15:35
DJones!guidelines | GentileBen15:35
lubotu3GentileBen: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:35
gordonjcp!ops | GentileBen15:35
lubotu3GentileBen: Help!  dgjones, Myrtti, Mez, AlanBell, popey, Gary, Seeker`, Daviey, PriceChild or X3N15:35
Myrttiwhat on earth15:36
DJonesGentileBen: This isn't #Defocus, Ubuntu guidelines apply here15:36
MartijnVdSpopey: hmm.. that flash script does a "fastboot erase userdata", which is scary.. it also does "-w" (= wipe data) when writing the update.zip15:38
MartijnVdSpopey: you'll have to remove the -w for sure, and possibly the userdata erase, but I'm not sure about the last one15:38
MartijnVdSpopey: xda-developers probably have a HOWTO somewhere on their N7 forums15:38
popeytbh i dont care too much if i wipe the device15:42
popeyI only have 2 apps on it I actually use15:42
daftykinsthe 4.3 update caused a cache bug to my Nexus 4 that made 'Android OS' take up over 33% battery whilst on, dropping a 3 day runtime to 1.515:44
daftykinsso i kind of like the idea of clean installs even on phones now >_<15:44
daftykinswhen i set up smartphones for clients, i apply all updates then factory reset before first configure15:44
MartijnVdSdaftykins: I had that bug today with "Google Play Services", turning phone off & on fixed it for me15:45
MartijnVdSdaftykins: but that's a Nexus 515:46
popeyboom, done15:50
MartijnVdSpopey: with or without wipe?15:50
popeyjust ran flash-all15:51
popeysending 'system' (611878 KB)...15:51
MartijnVdSok, so you wiped it. Fair enough :)15:51
popeyi only use it as my second screen running irssinotifier and tune in radio15:52
MartijnVdSNot as an Ubuntu test platform?15:52
popeynot that one15:55
popeyi have two15:55
popeyplus we didnt focus much on tablets last cycle, but will this one15:56
popeyso will probably switch it later15:56
popeywow, takes ages15:59
AlanBellpopey: what are the odds of it working on the tesco hudl?16:00
popeyso when i said "done"16:00
popeynone whatsoever16:00
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SuperMattis there a default username and password for machines made in juju?16:02
Laneydon't you do 'juju ssh'?16:03
SuperMattI didn't think of that16:05
SuperMattLaney: that worked, thanks16:05
directhexAzelphur, http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/H81%20Pro%20BTC/index.asp :D16:16
penguin42directhex: I'm missing something - is it's only clame to being a good bitcoin box a sensible number of PCIe slots?16:19
penguin42(and a dehumidifier mode?!)16:20
directhexpenguin42, yes.16:20
directhexpenguin42, they don't even pack in the PCIe ribbons they picture on their site, which are needed to use double-width cards in their abundant PCIe slots16:21
penguin42what are those?16:22
penguin42just PCIe cabling - then where do you mount the cards?16:22
directhexpenguin42, you don't :D16:23
directhexyou just sorta pile them up...16:23
directhexor build a case out of lego16:23
penguin42directhex: Rigggghhht16:29
penguin42directhex: So don't people use PCI-bridge boards to provide themselves more slots then?16:29
daftykinstotally up the avenue of a loan wasting student i'd say16:29
penguin42daftykins: It's what drives the economy16:30
directhexyou can't turn a profit with GPU-based bitcoin anymore16:30
directhexthe whole premise of the board is pants on head16:30
penguin42directhex: and what do the hardware accels plug into?16:31
daftykinsyeah aren't the cool kids using err, what's the term, FPGAs?16:32
penguin42are FPGAs able to break the cost? good FPGAs cost a fortune16:32
daftykinsthat's the one16:32
directhexand they're all USB or ethernet16:33
directhexexcept for a few bits of vaporware16:35
popeysending 'userdata' (137526 KB)...16:42
popeystill going16:42
popey40 mins later16:42
daftykinsproperly looking bleak down on the high-street just by my place now16:43
penguin42that's not bleak!16:43
SuperMatthey, your sky seems to be brighter than mine16:43
SuperMattwhere did you get that from?16:44
SuperMattyou're not in some kind of foreign land, are you?16:44
=== DGJones is now known as DJones
daftykinsi think it's more the poor low light pic taking with the Nexus 416:44
daftykinsyes, this is the high-street of our capital St Peter Port down here on the isle of Guernsey16:44
Laneylooks pleasant to me16:45
penguin42nod, looks very nice16:45
popeyyeah, very xmassy16:45
daftykinswell technically it's Le Pollet, but meh, high-street is over in the distance :D16:45
daftykinsheh yeah they get the fire brigade to put up the lights16:45
popeyway better than my home town looks16:45
daftykinsi just nipped 30 seconds down to there to buy a nice coffee :D16:46
daftykinsmmm mocha16:46
daftykinsthat one from a while back is a bit more like what i'm trying to portray :D16:47
daftykinsor perhaps ominous cloud about Castle Cornet16:47
daftykinslast one, i think i shared my little panoramic stitch a bit ago16:50
SuperMattdaftykins: you're quite far south, aren't you?16:51
daftykinsjust fitted the two new 500GB seagate laptop drives today, currently racing Vista against 7 installing Windows Updates ¬_¬16:51
daftykinsSuperMatt: yip practically France :>16:51
SuperMattdo you mean actually france?16:51
SuperMattor dover?16:51
daftykinswell Guernsey's in the little sort of pocket of the north16:51
SuperMattthat's the island name I couldn't remember16:52
daftykinsnext to Cherbourg and St. Malo16:52
popeyso should I kill this flash-all script?16:52
popeyalan     13908  0.3 12.2 1269596 983704 pts/10 D+   15:50   0:11 fastboot -w update image-nakasi-krt16o.zip16:53
daftykinspopey: still chugging along? i'd just commit to it16:53
daftykinsdepends if you have a google account on it that you enable device backup for16:53
daftykinsi don't so nuking my device would be followed by lots of manual setup16:53
popeyi didnt backup at all16:54
popeyits all in the cloud16:54
daftykinsyeah Google device backup - that's what i mean16:56
SuperMattis there a juju channel?17:03
SuperMattcool, I'll check that out later17:05
SuperMattI'm just trying one more thing17:05
SuperMattmaybe I'll pop in there tomorrow17:06
SuperMattI'm done with thinking about things for today17:06
SuperMattbrain has stopped working17:06
daftykins5pm = brain off o'clock \o/17:06
daftykinsnot for me though17:06
SuperMattso I shall be going to the gym instead17:06
daftykinsbarely got started XD17:06
SuperMattI'm not technically allowed to leave for the gym for another 23 minutes17:07
penguin42start jogging around your desk?17:07
SuperMattbut brain is definitely off17:07
SuperMattpenguin42: the wall might have something to say about that17:07
bashrclocked in?17:07
SuperMattjust core hours17:07
bashrccore brain hours17:08
SuperMattcore brain hours are like 10-10.3017:08
SuperMattwork hours are 9-5.3017:09
SuperMattyou see the problem here?17:09
penguin42SuperMatt: Does it specify timezone?17:10
SuperMattdon't be silly17:10
SuperMattit's my own damn timezone17:10
SuperMattsometimes it worries me that this channel is publicly archived17:11
daftykinsi feel a tad iffy about it17:12
SuperMattonly because of some of the silly things I say17:13
SuperMattugg, my brain really is switched off right now17:13
penguin42SuperMatt: And publicly searchable17:13
SuperMattI'm hoping buying a sad lamp is going to help me17:13
daftykinsi always think whoever came up with the acronym for seasonal affective disorder must've been so chuffed with themselves17:14
SuperMattquite likely17:14
SuperMattI imagine it was a pub moment17:15
penguin42daftykins: It was probably the highlight of their winter17:20
SuperMattthey clearly weren't sad that day17:24
SuperMattonly a minute to go \o/17:29
SuperMattand then I get to hit the gym17:29
SuperMattI must go because I only went once last week17:29
SuperMattvery naught of me17:29
Laneyyou little horror17:32
Azelphurdirecthex: I noticed that, it's amusing because of how late it is :)17:32
=== notchrisccoulson is now known as chrisccoulson
popey2 hours flashing 4.417:44
popeyI am not convinced this is doing anything17:44
popeyyup, frozen17:45
popeypretty boot animation17:46
penguin42but did it freeze with a complete install?17:46
popey\o/ booted17:48
daftykinsthink it crapped out on user data17:48
popey"Setup complete"17:49
popey\o/ irssi notifier setup17:50
popeyfirst notification received, work here is done17:50
daftykinsi shall wait for mine to be prompted for the update :>17:56
daftykinsand my reinstall of this Vista laptop is nearly done17:58
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
diddledanjust reading oliver grawert's comments about mint18:07
daftykinswho's he when he's at home?18:08
bashrcdoes he like it?18:08
diddledanlemme get the link18:08
diddledanhe's an "engineering bod" at canonical... (from omgbuntu)18:09
diddledanand the obligatory other-side http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/11/linux-mint-responds-ubuntu-developers-security-claims18:11
bashrcprobably sour grapes.  Mint has been at the top of the distrowatch chart for the longest time18:13
diddledanthe response really makes me feel better about mint's security stance </sarcasm>18:15
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
daftykinsheh yeah18:16
daftykins"we do it because"18:16
diddledan"we prefer you never have to reboot or suffer a crashed programme than ensure those programmes never get any nasties"18:17
diddledandirect quote from mint's blog: Anybody running Mint can launch Update Manager -> Edit -> Preferences and enable level 4 and 5 updates, thus making their Linux Mint as “Secure” and “Unstable” as Ubuntu.18:18
daftykinsdist-upgrade would do it too?18:19
diddledanthat's unclear18:20
diddledanit seems that gui rules18:20
daftykinsi figured the topic was mostly regarding novice users18:21
diddledangotta love that everyone who responds to this http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2013/11/answering-controversy-stability-vs-security-is-something-you-configure/ seems to be "canonical is evil. canonical must die. wait, people other than canonical develop ubuntu? HAH! canonibuntu must be obliterated from the timeline (soon, please)"18:24
ali1234diddledan: no, the funny part is canonical trying to do damage control in the suspects19:07
ali1234lol where's my head at?19:08
diddledanlol @ suspects19:08
diddledangrr, google can't find my cloudprint printer19:08
diddledanit was working last week19:09
diddledanit's decided to go "offline"19:09
MartijnVdSdiddledan: native or from a machien running chrome?19:09
diddledanMartijnVdS: this particular occasion is via chrome19:09
MartijnVdSdiddledan: is that chrome running? :)19:09
directhexremember my blog post from earlier this week?19:09
* AlanBell nods19:10
AlanBellmips stuff19:10
ali1234oh yeah19:10
diddledanMartijnVdS: the printer is a cloudprint enabled printer so it works directly with google without an intermediary chrome instance19:10
AlanBellit built \o/19:10
MartijnVdSdiddledan: OK.. can you get to its web interface?19:11
directhexAlanBell, in the end, even with the replacement NOP instruction, it would still fail with the same issue - it would get further (most of the way through .net 4.5 rather than early in .net 2.0) but still failing19:11
diddledanrandom: why do debian use their own certification authority for their ssl certs?19:11
directhexAlanBell, and as luck would have it... i was assigned a buildd with an 11 year old broadcom chip, not a chinese mips clone19:12
diddledanMartijnVdS: yeah, I just been trawling through the admin to find a reason for it to not be working19:12
MartijnVdSdiddledan: have you tried turning it off and on again? :P19:12
AlanBelldirecthex: I just ordered the first 7 raspberry pis for the build cluster19:12
diddledanhmm, no, I've not tried that one *smax head*19:12
diddledanok, that seemed to fix it19:13
MartijnVdSI need to find something to put my NAS on19:13
diddledanI think19:13
directhexAlanBell, i should have mono ready for armhf ubuntu by the end of the year ;)19:13
diddledanmaybe not19:13
MartijnVdSit's resonating with the cabinet I put it itn :)19:14
diddledannope, that didn't fix it19:14
daftykinsMartijnVdS: haha it's letting you know it's alive!19:14
MartijnVdSdiddledan: de-register, re-register with google?19:14
MartijnVdSdaftykins: a bit too much though19:14
ali1234how much faster than a raspberry pi is a beaglebone black?19:14
MartijnVdSdaftykins: I mean, it mails me every day when it's done its backup19:14
ali1234and does it run ubuntu armhf?19:14
directhexali1234, lots, and yes19:15
ali1234lots = 10x?19:15
diddledanit says "processing failed with error code -93"19:16
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
AlanBellali1234: 2x19:17
AlanBellfor raw CPU, the pi wins when there is anything graphical, which there isn't in this context19:17
directhexali1234, raspberry pi has the iphone 3g's cpu, minus any IO acceleration. beaglebone black is galaxy S19:19
directhexgive or take19:19
ali1234ah, something i can actually understand19:19
directhexthe pi is fast for any job where you ask yourself "would a Sky Box do this?" because it's a set-top box cpu19:19
directhexhigh-end HD capable video decode GPU, plus enough CPU to draw a programme guide19:20
AlanBellboth have 512MB ram19:20
MartijnVdSdirecthex: hence, XBMC19:20
MartijnVdSdirecthex: but wait, you can overclock it a few MHz19:21
daftykinsdirecthex: IANAL = i am not a lemur?19:44
daftykinsalright two laptops reinstalled after new HDDs put in19:46
daftykins4.5hrs work i guess19:46
daftykinstime to cook!19:47
DJonesdaftykins: I guess that wan't a windows reinstall then20:13
diddledansorry about the join/part flood if you've got them turned on20:20
diddledanI was trying to run my macbook with the lid closed. it didn't work.20:20
DJonesdiddledan: Do you want a delayed kick :)20:21
DJonesLets put it this way, it wasn't exactly noticable20:21
diddledanit depends. is the kick in the googlies or not?20:21
DJonesDoes it matter with steel toe capped boots?20:22
diddledanit was noticeable from my end, does that count? :-p20:22
diddledansteel toe caps are the best kind of kicks20:22
DJonesI think thats forgiveable anyway20:22
MooDooevening all20:24
brobostigonevening MooDoo20:24
diddledanI'll just leave that there21:37
directhex(experimental_mipsel-dchroot)directhex@eder:~$ mono --version | head -121:46
directhexMono JIT compiler version 3.2.3 (Debian 3.2.3+dfsg-3)21:46
diddledandirecthex: nice21:46
diddledanaside: what does the dfsg in some of debian's package versions refer to?21:47
diddledanI thought maybe debian foundation security group, but it's a wild guess21:48
ali1234it stands for debian free software guidelines21:49
directhexit means a source tarball has been rebuilt (i.e. is not identical to the download on the software's site) because their source fails to meet the debian free software guidelines21:49
ali1234presumably it means you had to patch it to make it "free"21:49
directhexe.g. bundling of binaries, or bundling of non-Free things like RFC text21:50
directhexgenerally, see debian/README.source in a source package21:51
diddledanoic, so their firefox package (I forget what they called it. ice weasel?) would be one of those21:51
ali1234i think ice weasel is technically forked upstream21:56
directhexi updated my blog post. http://apebox.org/wordpress/rants/545/22:06
neurois it a blog post about doctor who?22:07
penguin42directhex: HTH can you ship a processo ron which the NOP is broken?!22:10
directhexpenguin42, china.22:10
directhexpenguin42, this is the cpu in the computer RMS was endorsing.22:10
penguin42sigh - that is possibly the first broken nop I've come across22:10
penguin42directhex: But for the mul, is there a reason the kernel doesn't flag/emulate it - does it even generate an exception?22:11
directhexpenguin42, well, SIGILL22:11
neurorms was endorsing a computer?22:12
neurogod help us22:12
directhexpenguin42, the thing is, the mips ISA does not include MUL. it's normal for MIPS not to include it.22:12
directhexMUL is valid mips assembler, but it does not equate to a standardized opcode22:13
directhexit's supposed to be expanded by your assembly compiler22:13
penguin42directhex: But what happens when you execute a non-existent opcode  on your processor? It throws some SIGIL?22:14
penguin42so you could get the kernel to emulate22:15
AlanBellneuro: yeah, he was, tiny crappy laptops, using mips clone processors because it was out of copyright, or nobody was enforcing copyright or something22:16
directhexmostly because the firmware is Free and in git22:16
directhexfat lot of good it does you when you can't even NOP22:16
neurothe Lemote22:16
AlanBellfunny how MIPS went from very desirable silicon graphics workstations to supercheap stuff22:17
ali1234via games consoles22:18
neurobecause SGI found it a) more cost effective to go Intel in terms of power, a la Apple going from PPC to Intel, and b) they went under22:18
directhexit was used in several games consoles22:18
directhexplaystation, nintendo 64, playstation 2, playstation vita22:18
directhexer, PSP not vita22:18
dwatkinsSGI didn't go under, they just got bought out22:18
dwatkinsThey've always had a fairly strong clustering business.22:19
neurohow is going bankrupt not going under?22:20
dwatkinsThey had money in the bank, and still existed as a company, they're still selling servers to this day.22:20
neuroNO WAI!22:20
neuro</sarcasm> :)22:21
dwatkinsI should know, I worked there through several rounds of redundancy.22:21
directhexwe bought SGI kit.22:21
directhexit was awesome22:21
directhexand they had the best tech support bar none as well as the best performance22:21
dwatkinsThey designed some pretty good stuff, sadly not all of it was so good.22:22
dwatkinsThanks, directhex - I was in support :)22:22
neurodwatkins: sorry, disagree with your assessment22:22
neuroMay 2006, SGI files for chapter 1122:22
neuroOctober 2006, SGI comes out of chapter 11 protection22:22
dwatkinsneuro: I'm not a finance person, I just know that the company still exists with many of the same people. Perhaps on paper it stopped trading, but that's not what I saw happen.22:22
neuroDec 2008, SGI is delisted from NASDAQ22:23
neuroApril 2009, files for chapter 11 again22:23
dwatkinsyeah, that was when it got bought up by Rackable, neuro.22:23
directhexSGI did a lot of stupid business. e.g. they were leasing old offices to google for less than they were paying on the mortgage22:23
dwatkinsRackable then changed their name to SGI.22:23
neuroMay 2009, Rackable Systems buys SGI assets and name for $25m22:23
dwatkinsSo in financial terms, the old SGI stopped existing, yeah, but that's just on paper.22:23
neuroJune 2009, the old SGI becomes Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc (GPHI), and becomes a patent troll22:23
directhexdwatkins, i like telling eng lim goh's pringle anecdote22:24
dwatkinsdirecthex: don't think I heard that one, he's a smart cookie, though.22:24
directhexdwatkins, P&G bought an Ice cluster. its purpose: fluid dynamics. to try & reduce the aerodynamic nature of pringles, to speed up the production line without them flying off22:24
dwatkinsWhat saddens me now is working for a much larger company, but not being able to do proper computing like we did at SGI.22:25
neuro"proper"? you mean like proper computational stuff?22:26
dwatkinsNot just that, but that's part of it.22:28
neuroyour employer doesn't really need any HPC then?22:29
neurofor me, $employer-2 did22:30
neurogreat big feck off Platform cluster to do chip simulations22:30
dwatkinsYes and no, we do mostly desktop stuff, but the servers are very windws-centric, so when stuff is put into maintenance for server-side things, there's sometimes downtime.22:30
dwatkinsGranted, that's occasionally unavoidable, but it happens more than it should from my perspective.22:31
dwatkinsIt's largely a matter of how things are designed, redundancy and so on.22:31
neurowe're gonna have a 2 day outage at some point22:31
neurobig mysql migration22:31
dwatkinsThat's utterly unacceptable in the supercomputing world, neuro ;)22:32
neurooh jeez i know :)22:32
neuromixed 5.1/5.5 on centos/win to 5.6 on ubuntu22:32
dwatkinsI assume it's data that can't just be kept running on one system whilst they upgrade a copy, though.22:32
neurotoo many changes22:32
dwatkinsSuch is often the case with customer databases and the like.22:33
neuroalso too many things doing rw to the master and ro to the slaves22:33
dwatkinsI just hope you don't have an IE-only interface to it ;)22:33
neuroooh, good call22:33
neurolet me dig out an old XP laptop22:33
neuronah, we use a whole raft of stuff22:34
dwatkinsThis is similar to what we use: http://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/download/attachments/107611091/5.JPG22:34
neurocli, obviously, plus mysql workbench and sequel pro / sqlyog22:34
neuroholy crap22:34
dwatkinsI have a virtual machine dedicated to using it, so I know it will work no matter what the (Mac) laptop on my desk does.22:34
neurothat makes Remedy look amazing22:35
neuro$employer-2 was planning a big SAP rollout for last year or this year22:35
neuroglad i got out when i did ;)22:35
dwatkinsThe strange thing is, at SGI, we used a Windows 2000 application (called "Clarify"), and hated it a little at the time, but looking back, Clarify was superb, fast, and did the job very well.22:35
neuroah, Windows 200022:36
neurosecond best Windows, ever22:36
dwatkinsWe even had developers able to extend Clarify, and a web-based mail interface to automatically turn an e-mail into a support case with a modified version of squirrelmail.22:36
dwatkinsIt now takes me 3 minutes to do what I could do in about 7 seconds in Clarify.22:36
neurothis Clarify? http://dovetailsoftware.com/clarify/22:37
neurooh, they're a third party22:38
dwatkinsno, this is the best screenshot I can find quickly: http://i.cmpnet.com/callmag2000/content/custsupport110b.gif "Clarify ClearSupport" - it had other functions, too.22:38
dwatkinsBiggest thing that vexes me is that I could have ten cases open in separate windows within Clarify, but the system I use now only lets me have one session open at a time, so one case.22:39
neuroAmdocs Clarify, used to belong to Nortel, right?22:39
dwatkinsNo idea, I imagine it was bought up plenty of times.22:39
neuroi'm actually in the market for a decent helpdesk system22:40
neurowe have a homebrew thing in ASPX which is nasty22:40
dwatkinsPossibly, but the Clarify we used was an application, not browser-based.22:40
dwatkinsThe most important thing is sane date ;)22:40
dwatkinsdata, even22:40
neuroI think that thing I first linked to is a web interface to the Clarify backend22:40
dwatkinsIf your customer information is incomplete or the database can't be extended, if you grow to a certain size and can't extend it, you're hosed.22:41
neurothe main problem we have is that our interface is awful22:41
neuroand the email comms side is non existent22:41
dwatkinsSimple things like how a record is defined, what a site means - having a new entry for each company when they buy new software causes problems further down the line.22:41
neuroi'd love to go for a SaaS solution, but they're all ridiculously expensive22:42
neuroi'm going to end up eating the bullet and going RT or OTRS, i know it22:42
dwatkinsnot come across those22:42
neurozendesk looks incredible, but just not cost-efficient enough for us22:42
dwatkinszendesk is great, although I have my reservations about using an external system for anything like that22:43
neuroi'd have thought most geeks by now would have had to touch either RT or OTRS at some point22:43
neuroI actually managed an install at smoothwall back in the day, was a pain in the bum22:43
dwatkinsI've not been involved with choosing a CRM.22:43
neuroit's not a CRM, it's just a helpdesk22:43
dwatkinsah ok22:43
neuroalthough no doubt people have grafted CRM onto it22:43
neuro /them22:43
dwatkinsI just know that I've used some systems which are great, mostly browser-based, simple, and hide their complexity.22:43
neuroi saw zendesk or some other SaaS helpdesk system has gamification built in22:44
dwatkinsThere's a video from an Australian company going around at the moment entitled "your user is drunk" which sums-up user interface design quite well22:44
neuroso you get badges for closing X amount of tickets, or keeping to your KPIs, etc22:44
Seeker`is youtube down?22:44
dwatkinsahhh the joy of stats22:44
dwatkinsthis works for me, Seeker` http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2CbbBLVaPk22:45
neuroSeeker`: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/youtube.com22:45
Seeker`:O ITS NOT JUST ME22:45
neuroyoutube.com 500'd for me a minute ago, but fine now22:45
Seeker`all this time I tohught I was alone in the world!22:45
neuroi love people who do presos where they don't just read what's on the screen22:46
neurowatching someone fire up powerpoint and read every bullet point is just paaaaaaaaainful22:46
dwatkinsyeah, neuro - that guy seems to really know his stuff22:46
dwatkinsbah, my lovely old iBook no longer does internets, the wifi seems to have stopped working properly22:48
neurohit it22:48
neuroairport cards are pretty cheap on ebay iirc22:49
neuro"Martinis and code"22:49
neurolike it22:49
Seeker`the ballmer peak is real22:51
dwatkinsIt detects the networks which are there, I just can't join my WPA2 network even if I choose "other" and select WPA2 Persona.22:52
neuroG3 or G4?22:53
dwatkinsG3: http://imagine41.com/media/catalog/product/cache/4/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/a/p/apple_ibook_g3_350_blue_005_3.jpg22:54
dwatkinsyeah, it's proper old, runs 10.3.922:54
neuroalthough they're running 1.0422:55
neurooops, 10.422:55
neuroi can't type tonight, hands cold22:55
dwatkinssounds very similar, though, thanks neuro22:56
neurogorgeous aluminium apple products + cold weather + crappy heating = brrrrrrr frostbitten finger tips!22:56
dwatkinsI'll have a fiddle with the settings on the routers, what makes this more complex is that I have two routers with the same SSID.22:56
daftykinsthree of lifes guarantees: death, taxes and needing long fingernails immediately after cutting them22:56
neurobeen there22:56
dwatkinsI cut my nails so they're a couple mm long, just in case I need them.22:57
neuroalthough i rarely let my nails grow longer than a fraction of an inch22:57
daftykins:D normally i leave a single thumb longish, but i just could not separate a binsack just before :>22:57
neuromind you, i have long nails on the finger, i don't have those stubby little nails that some people have22:57
neuroi was never a nailbiter22:57
dwatkinsMy grandad had a split fingernail because he used it to turn screws.22:58
daftykinsyeah i don't get the biting thing22:59
daftykinsalthough i'm a nose picker so what i improve of in some areas i take back just the same...22:59
neuroargh, another filled /boot23:00
neurostupid kernels23:00
daftykinsyeah :( they mount up don't they23:01
neuroluckily i hacked up a script to uninstall all kernels except the one that's running and the most recent one23:01
neuroalthough i realise now i'm not sure how it reacts if the two are one and the same23:01
neuroi keep meaning to throw stuff like that up on github23:01
neuroi have a repo ready: http://github.com/evilneuro/tildebin23:02
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
penguin42AlanBell: There was a paper by one of the SGI architects at some point before the Nintendo 64 predicting the evolution of the games consoles23:08
neurothere we go23:08
daftykinspenguin42: do you remember the details?23:09
penguin42hmm, might be able to find it23:10
penguin42it's about 20 years since I looked at that stuff though23:12
daftykins:D don't worry23:12
* penguin42 did his MSc in VR systems using SGI boxes in about 93-9423:13
dwatkinspenguin42: yeah, that was their hayday23:13
dwatkinsdesktops so heavy you could barely lift them on your own23:14
penguin42dwatkins: Well, in the case of a Crimson more of a case of how many people were needed to push it23:14
neurowe need to stop talking about anything closely related to games consoles23:14
neuromy xbox one arrives on friday23:15
daftykinswe do? how come?23:15
neurohappy dance23:15
daftykinshear about the PS4 sabotage?23:15
dwatkinspenguin42: ah yes, those make great fridges23:15
dwatkinsdaftykins: I wondered if it was just a rumour23:15
neurooh "sketchy, at best", says kotaku23:15
daftykinsdwatkins: the amazon US reviews are showing a lot of DOA consoles23:15
dwatkinsdaftykins: ah I see, when I read about it yesterday there weren't any figures on the number of DOAs23:16
penguin42daftykins: I'm wondering if this is the paper I'm thinking of, but it's pay walled http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=80127223:16
neuroCURSE YOU, ACM! *shakes fist*23:17
=== richard is now known as Guest70803
penguin42but I'm not actually sure if that's the paper I was originally thinking of23:18
penguin42I thought there was something nearer early 90's23:19
penguin42Yeh, that's not the one - but I think the one I'm thinking of was written by James Clark23:22
penguin42most annoying, I can't find the paper - but I can't quite know what I'm searching for23:38
penguin42but I think this would be what was originally called Porject Reality/Ultra 64 and it was a paper a good couple of years maybe a few more before Nintendo 64 actually came out23:49
penguin42hehe that was the day - a bit late in the day23:55
ali1234i remember watching that on tv and thinking it was amazing23:56
* penguin42 remembers we had a SGI Crimson in about 94 that would be a bit before that doing real time 3d on polarised glasses using a pair of projectors - it was pretty damn neat23:57

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