pleia2meeting in 8 minutes :)02:52
pleia2was hoping philip would be here to chat about scale02:54
* pleia2 tweets at him02:55
grantbowhey phil!02:57
* pleia2 wins at the internet02:57
grantbow+1 pleia202:57
* philipballew waves02:58
philipballewyeah, if you ever want to reach me, tweeting at me goes to my phone, laptop, and email.02:58
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pleia2ok, who all is here for our meeting?03:00
* eps waves03:00
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13November1703:00
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13November17 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:00
raevolaaah am i too late?03:01
raevolare we #ubuntu-meeting?03:01
pleia2we are here, raevol03:01
pleia2#topic vUDS this week03:01
pleia2#link http://uds.ubuntu.com/03:01
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Developer Summit]03:01
pleia2so no more in person UDS :( but virtual UDS is this week03:02
pleia2starts bright and early at 7:05AM our time, that'll be fun :)03:02
philipballewTuesday iirc.03:02
pleia2#link http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/03:02
darthrobotTitle: [UDS November 2013 19 Nov - 21 Nov 2013 | The Summit Scheduler]03:02
pleia2yep, Tues-Thurs03:02
raevolwork hours for me :( urg03:02
pleia2I'll be attending a few in the community track03:02
pleia2raevol: yeah :\03:03
philipballewI need to find a place to attend and what ours I can attend still but should pop in when I see a worthwhile track.03:03
epsSuch as ...? Looks like it's all Touch this, Touch that. :-(03:03
pleia2eps: QA stuff, LoCos, Ubuntu Women03:04
pleia2#link http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/track/community/03:04
darthrobotTitle: [Community Schedule - UDS November 2013 | The Summit Scheduler]03:04
pleia2^^ that's the community track03:04
grantbowwhen registering it still asks about physical vs. remote, lol03:04
epsI see a golden opportunity being missed ... how to close Bug #1 for real.03:04
pleia2classroom sessions, docs roundtable, and limiting surveillence looks interesting03:05
raevoli'd love to go to that QA workflows one, but there's no way03:05
philipballeweps, Good point, can I send you the link for starting a session?03:05
pleia2philipballew: the schedule is set now, the due date for submitting a session was weeks ago03:05
philipballewpleia2, This is correct.03:05
pleia2anyway, all the videos of sessions will be automagically archived on youtube following the sessions, so you can watch later if you want03:06
pleia2which is an improvement to past in-person UDSes at least ;)03:06
pleia2particularly the ones in europe that had sessions at 1AM03:07
grantbow1AM pacific :-)03:07
pleia2eps: I did want to mention, this project exists: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StartUbuntu03:07
darthrobotTitle: [StartUbuntu - Ubuntu Wiki]03:07
pleia2eps: since you were interested in the XP EoL thing, that project seeks to address it03:07
grantbowrolling stones music too?03:08
philipballewmight be a good project to tackle eps :)03:08
pleia2#topic scale12x03:09
pleia2philipballew: I know you said we'd start planning around thanksgiving, but folks are starting to buy tickets, do we have a promo code again?03:09
pleia2promo code for discount, not free booth workers03:09
raevolso a thing i wanted to bring up about SCaLE, the past 2 years we've said it'd be nice to have literatuyre to hand out about common ubuntu questions like "what if i don't like Unity"03:09
raevolcan we make some plans to write/print some of that? i'd love to be involved03:10
pleia2raevol: sure!03:10
philipballewpleia2, We should yes. I was going to send out some emails about this the week after next. I can do that sooner though.03:10
philipballewAnytime after Tuesday.03:10
pleia2philipballew: I think sooner would be better, eps brought this up at the ubuntu hour this week03:10
philipballewpleia2, I will do my best to do that this week03:10
pleia2thanks :)03:11
grantbowI created a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x but it needs a copy and paste from last year.03:11
grantbowto begin03:11
darthrobot[404] Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x - Ubuntu Wiki]03:11
pleia2yeah, can someone take care of that? then we'll add raevol's idea too03:11
pleia2if I can make it to scale, I hope to bring along some xubuntu fliers too03:12
grantbowphil, want me to copy and paste from last year to begin?03:12
pleia2(which means we need to finish writing xubuntu fliers :))03:12
epsIf we have demo systems in the booth, there's no reason they can't have multiple desktop environments installed.03:12
philipballewgrantbow, yes please!03:12
grantbowphil, will do03:12
pleia2thanks grantbow03:13
philipballewI am going to be working on handouts and stuff to give away as well.03:13
raevolanother topic it'd be good to have literature on is the shopping lens, and i think it'd be awesome if we had a lot of concerete technical information about what it does, and what happens when you shut it off, especially as a non-direct reply to fixubuntu03:13
pleia2philipballew: oh good, can you work with raevol on that?03:13
raevolbut we can discuss literature outside this meeting03:13
pleia2raevol: yeah, maybe even something simple like a screenshot of the off switch ;)03:13
raevolpleia2: ;D03:13
grantbowphil, done.03:13
grantbowit needs editing03:14
philipballewpleia2, yeah, It might be me and raevol driving up in the car full of swag possibly.03:14
raevolphilipballew: let's schedule a SD ubuntu hour when your school calms down and we can use that to work on this some?03:14
pleia2philipballew: sweet03:14
pleia2richard is working on getting ubucon together, he said he has all speakers slotted already03:14
raevoli still want to do my OpenMW talk at SCaLE but i need to get my paper proposal in :(03:14
epsYou should focus on emphasizing the positive ... just be prepared to deal with the trolls.03:14
pleia2raevol: yes! Cfp closes in december I think03:15
pleia2eps: +103:15
raevoleps yea we just find that we answer a lot of the same questions every year, so if we just had literature to give them it'd expedite that...03:15
philipballewI am going to Ubuntu user from Tijuana help possibly, so we will have a translator in case someone speaks Spanish is better.03:15
raevolgrantbow: do you know when the CFP closes offhand? i can look it up if not03:15
pleia215th? I can check03:15
philipballewabout a month from now03:15
grantbowpleia2, thanks03:16
pleia215 Dec, 2013: Deadline for abstracts/proposals submissions03:16
philipballewI know my Christmas break will be spent all on SCALE stuff.03:16
raevolyea 15th03:16
pleia2but sooner is always better :) more eyeballs on proposals that come in early03:16
pleia2I sent mine in ages ago03:16
raevolyea i just need time to write it :(03:16
grantbowpleia2: on openstack?03:16
* philipballew will only be speaking ubucon this year so there is that.03:16
pleia2grantbow: well, systems administration I do on the openstack project03:17
* grantbow nods03:17
pleia2so not directly openstack itself03:17
philipballewMy talk on "why switching to arch was the greatest decision of my life" was turned down for Ubucon for some reason.03:17
pleia2ok, sounds like we're in a good space for scale then03:17
raevolphilipballew: xD hahaha03:18
philipballewpleia2, If the booth workers want, we can get some Ubuntu shirts printed for them. or see if we can get some Ubuntu shirts sent out?03:18
pleia2philipballew: hmm, maybe scope out some t-shirt vendors and see if we can get sponsorship for them?03:19
pleia2either sponsored from the vendor, or request community funds from canonical03:19
raevoli'll pay for a shirt if i can keep it03:19
pleia2but we'd need solid prices03:19
philipballewpleia2, Yeah, I am gonna see what I can get for free first03:19
pleia2maybe print them for ubucon speakers too03:19
philipballewthen prices.03:19
philipballewpleia2, Seems like a good option.03:20
epsT-shirts are expensive in short runs.03:20
raevoli wonder if i could get my dad to print some... the design would have to be simple though03:20
pleia2we need an artistic person to make us a good, simple design03:20
philipballewI'm gonna see what I can score for free as well.03:21
pleia2ok, after meeting I'll update the wiki with these ideas03:21
pleia2thanks philipballew03:21
pleia2#topic Any Other Business03:22
pleia2berkeley ubuntu hour coming up on the 21st (last day of vUDS!) http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2528-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/03:22
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour Berkeley | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:22
pleia2if my cold has subsided, I might go out to stay in the UDS spirit ;)03:23
grantbowhurray buug.org03:23
eps(obligatory complaint about mixed content on lists.ubuntu.com)03:23
pleia2mixed content?03:23
epshttp content on a forced https page03:24
pleia2oh, heh03:24
epsIt's a bad thing.03:24
philipballeweps, the world cant be perfect03:24
epsThe world doesn't have to be perfect. Just the front-facing parts.03:25
pleia2that's something to take up with canonical IS, we don't have any control there03:25
pleia2tickets can be submitted to rt@ubuntu.com03:25
pleia2anyone else have any loco stuff before we wrap up?03:26
pleia2go for it03:26
philipballewCA LOCO IS BEST LOCO!03:26
raevoli'm updating the scale page, should i remove the whole "stuff we need" section, or keep it?03:26
pleia2up to philipballew03:27
raevoljust saved the page with the date changes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x#preview03:27
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale12x - Ubuntu Wiki]03:27
pleia2if we accidentally delete anything, it's a wiki, we can bring it back :)03:27
raevolphilipballew: take a look at it for "stuff we need" and "volunteers" section, you can keep me on there03:27
raevolk that's all from me :)03:28
pleia2thanks raevol03:28
grantbow#topic Annual Elections03:28
pleia2oh right, I forgot about elections03:29
grantbowwho wants to volunteer to run an election?03:29
raevolwhat are the elections for?03:29
pleia2CA leadership, we change every year, right now it's me, grantbow and philipballew03:30
grantbowit says annual somewhere03:30
epsI nominate darthrobot, Eureka, and R2Pi203:30
pleia2the first skynet loco03:30
raevoli nominate pleia2, grantbow, and philipballew03:30
pleia2grantbow: sounds like we need to take this to the list (so we can hear crickets there too :P)03:31
grantbowok, sounds good03:31
pleia2then I'll just make someone do it03:31
raevoli don't think i have time to run an election, but what is involved? or i can just look for the info on the list03:31
pleia2do a call for nominations, collect nominations, set up a poll in launchpad, close it announce winners03:32
raevolthat sounds like something that i would not have the time for :(03:32
pleia2we'll find someone :)03:32
pleia2maybe make jyo do it03:32
pleia2or YokoZar, he loves polls03:33
pleia2ok, thanks all :)03:33
pleia2excited for scale already!03:33
raevolme too!03:34
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Nov 18 03:34:06 2013 UTC.03:34
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2013/ubuntu-us-ca.2013-11-18-03.00.moin.txt03:34
raevolwe should have an ubuntu CA loco toast or something03:34
raevolat scale03:34
grantbowthanks pleia203:34
raevolyea thanks pleia203:34
pleia2we did a team dinner at denny's one scale, that was a lot of fun03:34
raevolthat'd be cool too03:34
pleia2should do again :)03:35
raevollast year i was mostly following jorge around03:35
grantbowraevol did you have a question about a reg code for scale?03:36
pleia2ok, back to tackling this cold by giving it as much rest as possible ;)03:36
* pleia2 nap &03:36
grantbowphilipballew where do we get our discounts? :-)03:37
raevolgrantbow: yea, i asked philipballew, but the question is, anyone know if the UBUCO code from last years's wiki page will be good this year> or should we delete that part?03:37
raevolnn pleia203:37
epspleia2: have some hot tea ;-)03:37
grantbowanyone tried it yet?03:37
grantbowwhen does registration open?03:38
epsIt already has03:38
raevolwait, who's the guy who runs SCaLE?03:38
grantbowhmm, opened Sept 22nd03:38
grantbowthere are several03:39
raevolgrantbow: for some reason i thought you ran SCaLE hahaha03:39
grantbowno way03:39
grantbowI've not been able to be involved in scale much03:39
grantbowThere's Gareth and Ilan among others involved like Larry.03:40
raevolthat's who i have you mistaken for03:40
grantbowI'm not that tall, lol03:40
philipballewAlright, Im off to go get a California Burrito.03:40
raevolgareth, grant, basically the same thing...03:40
raevolphilipballew: JUST ATE ONE03:41
raevoli'm also off03:41
philipballewraevol, Lucky!03:41
raevolbother me about the booth literature, when i get time i'd be down to draft a few03:41
grantbowdinner time, cya03:43
bkerensapleia2: I would be happy to buy the LoCo drinks at Scale03:46
kdubhello raevol17:46
raevolsup kdub!17:46
kdubnothing much... the usual mir stuff, you?17:52

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