snafu_hello hello15:24
snafu_yo yo yo15:41
lirakishey all17:43
lirakisjust found out about this group when looking at a new system76 laptop17:43
lirakisdidnt know system76 was in CO17:43
FunnyLookinHatlirakis, yup  :D20:16
FunnyLookinHatWhat model you looking at?20:16
lirakisFunnyLookinHat,  https://www.system76.com/laptops/model/daru420:17
FunnyLookinHatAh - good choice.  :)20:18
* FunnyLookinHat works at System76.20:18
FunnyLookinHatThe darter has a really great feel to it - and it gets somewhere in the realm of 5h battery life depending on how you use it.20:18
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, im up in Fort Collins :)20:20
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, happy to support CO business20:20
FunnyLookinHatlirakis, Ah nice  :)20:20
FunnyLookinHatWhat do you do up there?20:20
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, im a software engineer for a VoIP company ( OnSIP )20:20
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, any info on the keyboard on the darter?  I looked around in a couple forums and saw a few people saying maybe they were missing some keypresses20:21
FunnyLookinHatOh wow - that looks way cool.  I do software dev too - so anything with a slick API ( including WebRTC support ) is a winner for me  :)20:22
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, funny you should ask ... we are (hush hush) working on a developer type product with webRTC20:22
FunnyLookinHatlirakis, well I saw a public note about WebRTC support on onsip.com/developers :D20:23
FunnyLookinHatI've had nothing but good luck with the Darter keyboard - I suspect that those few users might have faulty keyboard.20:23
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, we just launched our first webrtc offering, which rides ontop of our distributed SIP network.  Now we are looking to build it out further20:23
FunnyLookinHatAh ok20:23
FunnyLookinHatVery cool!20:23
FunnyLookinHatI know we're a bit out of the way for you - but if you're ever in Denver you could swing by the office to try the keyboard out yourself.20:23
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, GetOnSIP  is our initial webrtc launch thing20:23
FunnyLookinHatcool cool20:23
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, ill probably end up getting the darter with a 3yr support/warranty20:24
FunnyLookinHatYeah we offer a 30 day return in case you don't like it - full refund except for shipping as long as it's not damaged... we understand laptops are the sort of thing you have to feel out20:25
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, yeah - this will be my firs 76 machine.  Previously ive just researched chipsets and rolled the dice20:25
lirakisha ha20:25
lirakisso im sure it will be a better experience than that20:25
FunnyLookinHatYeah most definitely!20:26
FunnyLookinHatHmm - talk to me about your API ( OnSIP )20:26
FunnyLookinHatXMPP events , would that allow me to easily build in a dashboard that could show who is on calls and whatnot ?20:26
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, yes20:26
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, we actually have built that out as part of our offering for HostedPBX.20:26
lirakiswe built a portal called my.onsip20:27
lirakiswhich is built on our own api's and allows for chat, presence and calling from the browser20:27
lirakiswe have 2 API sets, a rest api and an xmpp api20:27
lirakisthe xmpp is largely for events20:27
FunnyLookinHatlirakis, mind a pm ?20:27
lirakisthe restapi is more for provisioning and administration of users and features20:28
lirakisFunnyLookinHat, sure20:28
snafu_what are yall up to today21:48
lirakistrying to figure out what system76 laptop to buy21:48
lirakisha ha21:48
snafu_nice nice there a bit much don't you think21:49
lirakissnafu_, not really.  i mean if you look at the new xps 13 sputnik that was announced, the darter is MUCH more reasonably priced21:49
snafu_ya idk the gazelle is a nice price and the bonobo is bad a$$ i have see that thing just to much for a laptop21:52
lirakissnafu_, yah - i have a 17.3 now ... and i think im done with BEAST laptops21:53
lirakissnafu_,  for me .. since they all have the same resolution - the screen size is less important21:58
snafu_for my i don't get the best laptop ill get the cheaper one and fork more money in to my desktop22:00
snafu_for me*22:00
lirakisyeah - i have a nice desktop at home, this is for work22:00
lirakisoh well things to pour over for another time22:01
lirakisim off!22:01
snafu_see ya22:01

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