jrwreni used to live next to or at Beacon Hill apts. near there.00:02
rick_h_phew, sure is windy. Adjusted stuff on the back deck. Hopefully everything stays put and the trees all stay upright02:18
jrwrenVERY windy.02:18
jrwrenOMG< you just made me scared that the cotton wood out back is going to fall on my house.02:19
gamerchick02it's insane windy02:31
gamerchick02i'm surprised the power hasn't gone out02:31
cmaloneyI'm grateful it hasn't gone out yet.03:04
cmaloneyOK, going to power off. Not taking any chances.03:19
gamerchick02so am i.03:20
wafpower on, forever. i like to live dangerously.05:23
rick_h_hah woot11:53
rick_h_everything here survived well enough. Grill cover in the neighbor's yard, and movd the car topper storage thing off the deck11:53
rick_h_but better than I thought. I was expecting some tree limb fall'age pretty bad11:54
cmaloneyYeah, we managed to not have a whole lot of crazy in the front yard.14:05
brouschApparently enough power is out that my son's school is closed14:16
ColonelPanic001the signal light at Woodward and the I-94 service drive is out14:31
ColonelPanic001nothing very unusual about that though, that's about a quarterly event14:31
brouschMostly we just had a lot of deep road puddles due to leaf-choked storm drains14:35
rick_h_yea, I've got to clear my drain out again after yesterday14:56
cmaloneyIf anyone is interested.15:27
jrwrengrill cover was off here too, but the ties on 1 side were still there.15:49
cmaloneyI <3 it when I whang my head on my cubicle16:52
cmaloneyseriously I have no idea how I did this16:52
cmaloneysitting down, hit my head on the shelf16:53
cmaloneymad ones at that16:55
brouschI'm not sure how I should read "whang my head"16:56
cmaloneyMake loud noise with my head upon the shelf of my cube.16:58
cmaloneyThe whang of chung. ;)16:59
cmaloneyWhich apparently mean s "Yellow Bell" in Mandarin Chinese and is the first note of the Chinese classical scale16:59
cmaloneyThank you, Wikipedia, the only Wiki I want to use.17:00
brouschToo bad it's PHP :(17:02
greg-gyou don't need to care about that17:02
brouschUnless I want my own wiki17:03
wafman, http://osrc.dfm.io is pretty cool17:33
wafthey've updated it since last time I looked, adding 'friend' relations17:33
wafit detected that i should be friends with cmaloney17:34
wafthen when i clicked on cmaloney's name, it said "It seems like Craig is—or should be—friends with Rick Harding. With this in mind, it's worth noting that Rick is more of a Python aficionado."17:34
rick_h_lol http://osrc.dfm.io/mitechie17:38
rick_h_"It seems like Rick is-or should be-friends with Craig Maloney"17:38
rick_h_that's awesome17:38
waf"Rick seems to be a pretty serious Python expert"17:38
cmaloneyOK, I think this thing is on crack17:39
wafreally? i think it's pretty accurate17:39
wafno magic going on, it's easy to figure out the algorithm17:39
wafbut still cool17:39
rick_h_lol at 9pm17:40
rick_h_boy goes to bed by 8 and now it's hacking time17:40
rick_h_top 45% of active python users? /me is a little reality checked17:41
cmaloneyDude you are a focusing machine17:41
cmaloneyYou shine with laser-like precision17:41
rick_h_If you had asked me I'd have figured I'd be top 25%17:41
cmaloneyI feel like disco-ball by comparison.17:41
rick_h_but then again, it's not picking up work stuff in launchpad/bzr, not that it should count as it's not a lot of more useful stuff17:42
cmaloneyWEll, and you've balanced a lot between Javascript and Python17:43
cmaloneyYou're not 100% Python, so it probably counts against that score.17:43
rick_h_it's all good :) just noting of the things in there that jumps out17:43
wafi bet if it ran a linter on the code it'd bump you up a bit17:43
cmaloneyI'll note that I don't have any percentage. ;)17:43
cmaloneyor pep8.17:44
rick_h_well it's active as well. It's counting LoC and such17:44
cmaloneyThere is also an obvious connection between Craig and Will Fuqua, allan bailey, Sean Vieira, and rhokk17:44
rick_h_heh, /me forces to close window and not look up everyone else mentioned as being similar to17:44
wafhaha, i already did that for myself. i've yet to follow them, though17:45
cmaloneyI think the noon-time comment on mine is related to the Bookie sprint. ;)17:46
* cmaloney wonders when he pushed to a Java repo17:47
rick_h_wow! http://r.bmark.us/u/c35b8efb1c119717:50
cmaloneyI hate my generation17:53
cmaloneySeriously, we're the biggest bunch of wankers when it comes to child-care.17:53
cmaloneyrick_h_: ^^17:56
rick_h_cmaloney: heh, saw that. kind of cool17:58
brouschheh, osrc is kind of fun18:14
brouschpretty accurate18:14
brouschKind of creepy too18:15
cmaloneyYou don't realize how many signals you generate.18:15
brouschAnd this just looks at github?18:16
cmaloneypossibly anything else you have connected to github18:16
brousch"Ben seems to be a pretty serious Python expert"18:17
brouschoh yeah18:17
brouschScheme wtf? I have no recollection of that18:17
cmaloneyI don't remember Java either18:22
cmaloneyalthough I don't think it mentioned Ruby in mine.18:22
cmaloneyI made a push to Tracks dammit. My geode must be acknowledged. ;)18:23
trevlar"epic objective-c coder" ha!18:26
cmaloneyNot for Python. Apparently we don't need it with Pep8. ;)18:30
rick_h_yea, I'm curious about that. I want to toss that at some of our JS sometime18:31
cmaloneyjrwren: When will Hacker News suck? When won't it suck?18:35
cmaloneyAnd Reddit has a little immunity to that with the voting system18:36
rick_h_areas of reddit already suck. It's the communities fault18:36
rick_h_good communities will stay good, sucky ones will suck18:36
rick_h_and reply with http://johnmurray.io/log/2013/11/17/Read-Less-HN.md18:37
rick_h_to the HN side18:37
cmaloneySaw that one float by18:37
cmaloneyAnd couldn't agree more on the good communities / bad communities18:37
greg-gfuck the grain requirement for kids lunches18:45
rick_h_greg-g: yea, that one would bug me a bit. I mean, I guess the parents know the rules/how it works and choose/put their kinds in there.18:46
greg-gbut what if you don't eat grains?18:46
rick_h_but man, I don't think it'd fly around here at all18:46
rick_h_ruh roh, /me is afraid to look18:47
cmaloneyWhat if your kid is allergic to gluten18:47
cmaloneyIt's SFW18:47
rick_h_well I mean I'm sure there are medical allowances and all that18:48
rick_h_I took issue in a more general sense18:48
rick_h_"sorry, we're having apple sauce with dinner, he's not getting a fruit at lunch today so shove off"18:48
cmaloneyI guess my other question is "why are they checking kids lunches?"18:49
rick_h_well it looked like it was a law18:50
cmaloneyAgain, why are they checking kids lunches18:50
cmaloneyThat should be between kids and parents18:50
cmaloneyif I want to send my kid to school with 20 hostess twinkies to trade for other kids food, I should have that right18:51
cmaloneyGod those fuckers were like cigarettes in prison.18:51
brouschWasn't that in Canada?19:12
brouschAnd I can't read HN. It is so poorly laid out like 5 year old made the website19:13
jrwrencmaloney: i said "it is a trap!"19:17
jrwrendigg and slashdot both had voting.19:17
jrwrenwell, not in story posts in slashdot case.19:17
jcastroI <3 HN19:19
jrwrenI wno't say I <3 it, but I am glad it is there.19:20
jrwrenjcastro: are you ready for this week!!!!19:20
jcastroI was like "I hope there's nothing else on this week, I have UDS, heh."19:21
cmaloneySlashdot tried some story voting thing with their tagging system19:40
cmaloneyit was garbage.19:40
rick_h_cmaloney: take sports and I'll look forward to the Dr Who ownership/trademark lawsuits shutting it down :P19:45
cmaloneyIt's the BBC. IT's immune to your logic19:45
rick_h_fine, something you enjoy must be able to be caught up in legal shennanigans19:45
cmaloneyShit, everything I love is caught in legal shenannigans19:46
cmaloneyMusic - RIAA19:46
cmaloneyVideo Games - Copyright19:46
cmaloneyBooks - Copyright / strange licenses19:46
cmaloneyThey're being silly, and they need to knock it off19:47
cmaloneybut I'm sure they'll double-down on idiocy.19:48
greg-git's not even noon on Monday and we've had an outage this week19:48
greg-ggod dammit19:48
greg-g(our search cluster)19:48
cmaloneyHonestly it's sabre-rattling. I'd be highlt surprised if they followed through19:48
cmaloneygreg-g: Solr?19:49
greg-gI am soooo going to enjoy my week off next week19:49
greg-gcmaloney: elastic19:49
rick_h_greg-g: search isn't important, it's like logging19:49
rick_h_who cares19:49
cmaloneyBut how will I find my CC-licensed pr0n?19:50
greg-gtrue, commons.wikimedia.org is the biggest Freely license porn collection there is19:51
brouschjust use google!19:51
greg-gyeah, they index us immediately pretty much19:51
cmaloneyI'm sure there's a bat-signal that gets sent out wherever something changes on Wikipedia19:52
greg-gso, according to our 2nd in command ops architect (well, not counting dir of ops), we've had 12 outages in as many days :( :( :( :(19:56
greg-g(outages including slowness issues)19:56
brouschI haven't noticed anything19:56
brouschYou're doing great work, greg-g!19:56
greg-gthey're mostly short19:56
greg-gbrousch: yeah, no shit19:56
brouschI was serious19:57
greg-gwell, maybe19:58
greg-gsite issues kinda fall on me, being release manager and all19:58
greg-gbut most of these weren't something I have control over19:58
greg-gthis morning's was, kinda, we tried to migrate to some new search boxes, which is fine, but it wasn't done the right way (order of operations and all)19:59
greg-gand it failed19:59
greg-gI wasn't on point, but I approved the migration19:59
greg-gcmaloney++ #ohwait20:34
cmaloneyYou receive one imaginary internet point20:36
jcastrohey cmaloney21:01
jcastrogot anything awesome to post on the michigan section of discourse?21:01
jcastropics from the last party or something?21:01
rick_h_cmaloney: you've inspired my personal blacklist of domains, thanks!21:01
rick_h_jcastro: I've got to say, discourse just looks like forums to me :/21:02
rick_h_jcastro: with more whitespace and flat buttons21:02
jcastrorick_h_, you'll have some vim keybinds soon sir21:02
jcastroI am being serious!21:03
jcastrocan you post an announcement to CHC in the michigan section though?21:03
rick_h_jcastro: sure thing21:03
jcastrorick_h_, also in the desktop section do a "check out my bookie project" or something21:04
* rick_h_ goes looking for the michigan subforum...i mean category21:04
jcastrofire up some discussion21:04
cmaloneyrick_h_: Which domain got the honor?21:21
cmaloneyjcastro: Um, we got verified. :)21:21
rick_h_omgubuntu and a related one :)21:21
cmaloneyAnd I took two photos of the last release party that didn't turn out great.21:21
cmaloneyrick_h_: Yeah, I re-subscribed again to planet.ubuntu.com. I think it's not going to last too long.21:22
brouschWe don't have Ubuntu Release Parties any more. All we have are remembrance parties. "Remember 8.04? That was a good release. Them good old days."21:23
cmaloneybrousch: Today we have regret parties.21:23
jcastroI don't remember any nice things about 8.0421:24
cmaloney10.04 was pretty solid21:24
cmaloney12.04 is proving solid.21:24
cmaloneyI'm looking forward to 14.0421:24
brouschLTS is the best!21:24
jcastro12.04 was amazing21:24
jcastroit'll be tough to beat21:25
cmaloneyOutside of a few NVidia glitches I'm pretty pleased21:25
brouschI haven't found anything to compel me to upgrade from 12.04 yet21:25
cmaloneyMe either21:25
brouschThough I still plan on trying Ubuntu Touch on my Transformer Infinity. Maybe that will convince me to use Unity21:26
cmaloneyalthough Crossover apparently did something strange with dpkg that made their latest debian packages 13.04 and higher21:26
cmaloneyso I had to do a root install with their installer.21:26
cmaloneyUnity reminds me of Windowmaker21:26
cmaloneyand I liked Windowmaker a lot21:26
jcastrowindowmaker with the dock on the left21:27
cmaloneyI had it on the right, but yeah.21:27
cmaloneyI don't have any of my old screenshots21:28
brouschAndroid and Windows 8 are better with touch than with a mouse. Maybe Unity will be a similar experience21:29
brouschSorry, Ubuntu Touch21:30
brouschYou really have been a Linux nerd forever21:31
jrwren12.10 beat 12.0422:04
jrwren13.04 beat those.22:04
jrwren13.10 beat those22:04
jrwrena modern uwsgi is a good reason to upgrade from 12.0422:05
cmaloneyjrwren: You know the difference between 12.04 and all the rest of those?22:05
jrwrencmaloney: i know a few, yes.22:05
cmaloneyYou know the biggest reason?22:05
jrwrenthat would be subjective.22:05
jrwrendepends on use case.22:05
cmaloney12.04 can upgrade to 14.04 without having to go through 12.10, 13.04, 13.1022:05
cmaloneyso 12.04 > *22:06
jrwrenthat is silly22:06
jrwrenalso, you confuse "can" with "supported"22:06
cmaloneySorry, can't hear you over my being right. ;)22:06
cmaloneypro-tip: Do not try to listen to Henry Rollins SPoken Word at work.22:15

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