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Unit193Tornados hit several places around where I am now.07:03
canthus13never blindly run apt-get autoremove.13:50
dzhonever blindly run any of the things14:39
thafreakbitcoin hit new high of $620 just now...15:20
dzhovolatility really just means no one has any idea what it's worth15:21
dzhodrastic changes in fundamentals can underpin drastic changes in price/exchange rate15:22
thafreakit hasn't been really volatile...just keeps going up15:40
thafreakwe were discussing how it was about to hit $500 just this past friday at lunch15:40
dzhono, it has been hella volatile15:40
thafreaka few months ago it was way up and way down15:41
thafreaklatelty, it's just going up15:41
dzhoyes, and currencies don't do that, usually15:41
thafreakthe last few weeks15:41
thafreakwhich is why i'm cashing in a little here and there, like 0.01 at a time15:41
thafreakconverting it to USD, but leaving the funds in mtgox, so when (hopefully) it crashes, I can buy back much cheaper15:42
dzhothe housing bubble took years to pop15:42
dzhoand there was an identifiable asset, there (usually)15:43
thafreakwell, this is like the housing market on pcp+meth+steroids+crack+a few pounds of coke15:43
thafreakand redbull15:43
dzhonot counting the whole derivatives thing, in which there was no "there" there15:43
thafreakso, if this market's time is like dog years compared to normal markets, how long before it bursts?15:44
thafreakPeople were talking about $1000/btc by sometime next year...but at this rate, it could hit that in a week or two15:44
thafreakbefore Christmas15:45
dzhotiming the burst is the real problem with bubbles21:30
dzhoif you have a mercenary mind, that is21:30
dzhoor, rather, if you're a bear, you'll get hit by the burst, and you want to get the hell out of the way.21:30
thafreakwhat'd i say the high was? :)21:32
thafreakit just hit $750 a few minutes ago21:32
thafreakafter the people in this congressional hearing kept saying that virtual currencies aren't necessarily illegal, as long as you don't use them for things like money laundering21:33
thafreakboom, jumped almost $10021:33
dzhooh, so good thing no one uses it for *that* then21:35
dzhobuttcoiners apparently struggle with the conditional21:35
thafreakthe guy testifying now says the problem with the internet, is that people are becoming more anonymous on the internet21:36
dzhowelcome to the late 20th century, dude21:38
dzhowho is this schmoe?21:38
thafreaksome guy involved with a child exploitation group21:40
thafreakwell, a group you know, against exploitation21:40
thafreakhis closing argument was basically, we shouldn't allow a completely anonymous internet21:40
dzhobecause that's how the world works:  you just ban everything that is scary, dangerous, or you don't understand.21:41
dzhoI mean, look at how well that worked out for drugs & alcohol!21:41
dzhowhat could possibly go wrong21:41
thafreakso...i just put 2 disks in an optical drive and was wondering  why it was making really bad sounds21:56
dzhothafreak: you mean, you put them in the retractable cup holder?22:28

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