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Kilosmorning all05:26
Kilosyo Squirm 06:11
bduk1more almal06:26
nlsthznGoeie more, Suid Afrika06:36
Kiloshi bduk1  neelsi!06:36
Kilosneelsie too06:36
Kilosnlsthzn, i found out that dragonballz thing is or was a seriel on the idiot box here06:38
Kiloslol i never watch animated stuff06:39
Kilosthats why im doof06:39
nlsthznI try to only watch animated stuff that is why I am doff :p06:40
mazalMorning everyone06:47
Kiloshi mazal 06:48
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:06
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:06
Squirmsomeone was clever enough to download a wonderful android application that spoofs your phone's MAC address07:09
Squirmso every time I blackhole his address he just changes it07:10
Squirmand carries on torrenting07:10
inetprogood mornings08:17
Kilosmorning inetpro 08:28
Kilossorry was outside getting feet fulla thorns08:28
Kiloshaha but ive sprayed all dubbeltjies i hope08:31
Kilossome second time and new ones first time08:31
Kilosmaybe i need to invest in shoes08:31
Kilosbut i like being the vervlenderde kaalvoet klonkie08:32
Kilosmorning superfly 08:37
Kiloshi tumbleweed hows things by you?08:38
Kilosare you and maia at the same place08:38
tumbleweedKilos: hi. in london , on may way to SF for a month09:46
Kilosaha ok ty enjoy it 09:46
Kiloshi psyatw 10:12
psyatwhi Kilos10:13
nlsthznkbmonkey, happy bday dude10:17
psyatwhi nlsthzn10:30
psyatwhi kbmonkey, happy birthday10:31
Kiloshes away10:40
Kilosmail him to wake him up10:40
psyatwa bucket full of cold water would help him realise what kind of day it is today!11:05
* trender slaps Kilos around a bit with a large trout12:52
nlsthznom nom nom13:05
Kiloshaha what you eating nlsthzn ?13:06
nlsthznsome chilly bites :)13:08
nlsthznand I just installed Cinnamon 2 on my Xubuntu install... very awesome13:08
Kilosanything is better than x13:08
Kiloseven mate13:08
nlsthznI had sfce looking really spiffy... actually this cinnamon looks almost identical :p13:12
Kiloseven unity is better13:13
nlsthznbetter is a subjective term...13:13
Kilosbut then i mean only with 12.04 so far13:13
nlsthznunity in 12.04 is slow and buggy13:13
Kilosslowish ya but then so is kde in 12.0413:14
Kilosbut seems stable here now13:14
Kilos13.10 kubuntu is lekker fast13:14
Kiloshavent tried unity in 13.1013:15
nlsthznto many little issues for me with unity... and the focus wasn't on desktop but on the phone...13:15
nlsthznand now the focus is on tablets >.<13:15
Kiloseish they painful things13:17
Kilosmight be better with ubuntu on13:19
Kilosandroid is really hard to work with imo13:19
nlsthznandroid is awesome :p13:22
Kiloswhew i battle with then tablets13:22
* nlsthzn restarts xchat...13:26
Kilosxchat rocks13:28
nlsthzngrrr... xchat messing with my themeing karma... cant get it to be monochromatic in the panel :/ 13:30
Kilosdont you like coloured nicks13:30
nlsthznnot that...13:45
nlsthznthe icon in the panel is orange when all the others are monochrime13:45
Kiloslol orange is the right colour for xchat14:54
kbmonkeyah thanks nlsthzn and Kilos for the wishes15:30
kbmonkeytoo kind15:31
Kiloshappy birthday to youuuuuuu15:31
Kilosmaybe you have many more happy ones monkey15:31
Kilosand everything you wish yourself15:31
kbmonkeyI look like a monkey and act like one too15:33
Kiloschomp your bananas15:33
theblazehenHey all16:40
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:02
Kiloshi gerritfromsa 17:17
Kiloswhew your connect is sick17:17
gerritfromsaYes Im battling17:19
Kilosi forget how you connect?17:20
Kilosoh my17:20
Kiloswhat isp you use?17:20
Kiloslets see if we can rev them17:20
gerritfromsa3G ....17:21
Kiloswhich provider17:21
Kilosand what signal strength you get?17:22
Kilosemail or get their ceo on twitter and complain17:25
Kilosthey sort things out quick if the world sees you are unhappy17:25
gerriefromsaThis is killing me17:28
Kilosis it the 3g?17:29
gerriefromsaUsually its great17:29
Kilosyeah you dont normally battle17:30
gerriefromsaNot sure whats happening right now17:30
Kilosfone them and say there is a prob with the tower17:30
Kilosthey can see on their pcs if its cutting or weak17:31
gerriefromsaTrying to find open wifi network...17:31
gerriefromsaSome neighbor is running a hotspot so I`ll have to wait for them to log in to get the username/password17:32
theblazehengerriefromsa: Which security?17:33
gerriefromsaIt looks like the hotspot is using base64 encoding so wireshark automatically decodes it17:34
theblazehengerriefromsa: open access, but user + pass?17:35
gerriefromsaThats the thing with a hotspot it puts you on the network without authentication17:35
gerriefromsaNow its a matter of waiting ...17:36
theblazehenDo you have a virtual server?17:36
Kilosbut your 3g is getting better17:36
theblazehenTry and set up sshd on port 53, then use a socks proxy17:37
gerriefromsaSeems so17:37
gerriefromsaBlazehen , not following?17:38
theblazehengerriefromsa: if you connect to the hotspot. connecting to remote servers on port 53 should work17:39
theblazehen53 is DNS port17:39
theblazehenWorks with many of those "AlwaysOn" hotspots too17:39
magespawngood evening18:39
magespawnMaaz coffee please18:40
Maazmagespawn: There isn't a pot on18:40
magespawnMaaz coffee on18:40
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:40
magespawnMaaz coffee for all18:40
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:40
MaazCoffee's ready for magespawn!18:44
magespawnMaaz botsnack18:45
MaazThank you thank you, munch munch chomp chomp18:45
magespawnKilos ping18:45
Kilosmagespawn, pong18:47
magespawngood evening18:48
Kiloshow you18:48
magespawngood and you?18:48
Kiloshate the internet18:49
Kilosotherwise good ty18:49
Kilosi been trying to make a site18:49
Kilosgoogle sites suck18:49
magespawnwhy now?18:49
Kiloswix seems better but too mucy to sort18:49
magespawnyes they are very limited18:49
Kiloswix seems good but there so much to sort out18:50
magespawnyou can do most simple things on a google site, but they restrict script and such18:50
Kilosall i want is like a shop with a book for sale and maybe more later18:51
magespawnthat is actually quite a lot18:51
superflyhey magespawn, how have you been?18:52
Kilosohi superfly 18:52
magespawnhow are you going to sell the book? electronic or printed?18:52
magespawnhi superfly good and you?18:52
Kiloselectronic i think in pdf18:52
magespawnwith or wtihout DRM?18:52
Kilosi dunno bout that stuff18:53
superflyI'm OK18:54
Kilosit will mosy likely sell one then 50 more places will have them a week later18:54
magespawnwell DRM is digital rights management, basically trys to stop people from making alterations or selling copies18:55
magespawnwhat windows does with their software18:55
Kilossuperfly, you cross me??18:55
superflyKilos: no, why?18:55
Kiloswhere do you get that from magespawn 18:55
Kilosi greeted you twice today18:55
magespawnnot too sure, but most of it can be broken anyway18:56
Kiloslol was expecting an "I'm not blind I'm ignoring you"18:57
magespawnit might be better to go with a creative commons license of some sort18:57
Kilosyeah magespawn nothing is private or safe on the net, that why i want the stick bit with it18:57
Kilosi have no idea how all that stuff works magespawn 18:58
magespawnthe stick bit?18:58
Kilostheyll laugh at me with a 10 page booklet18:58
magespawndo you want to make money from the book?18:59
Kilosi need to do something18:59
magespawnmight be better to run a site where you can have advertising to make money19:00
Kilosi read somewhere that no one ever gets anything from adverts19:01
Kilosi want to supply ordinary peeps with the tools and knowlegde to fix their own pcs19:02
magespawni think you can, but you need to put a bit of planning into it19:02
Kilosas in you know the cost of data recovery19:02
magespawndo you have spare data at the moment?19:02
Kilosnot much ive wasted tons googling19:03
Kilosdown to 50m a day till month end19:03
Kilosgoogle sites eats data19:03
magespawnwell when have maybe take a look at what i did with my google site at www.gandcnet.com19:04
magespawnthe only thing i pay for os the domain name19:04
Kilosok i go see19:05
magespawnaffiliate marketing is one of the ways to mamke money19:05
superflyKilos: I have hardly been at a computer all day today19:07
Kilosjust teasing superfly 19:07
Kilosi know you busy19:07
magespawnout galivanting superfly?19:08
superflyheh. if only19:08
Kilosinetpro, waar is die water man19:22
Kilosmaak oop die kraan19:22
magespawni have been wondering what the point of byobu is? can you run it locally and on the a server?19:37
magespawnhas anybody used it?19:39
Kilosok ill check19:40
Kilostext based window manager19:40
Kiloswhy would you need it other than on a server19:41
magespawnmaybe you like to use something like vim a lot19:42
Kilosi dont even use gedit anymore19:43
Kilosi like nano19:44
Kilosold age maybe19:44
Kilosyo spinza 19:44
magespawnwell stick with what you know, espcially if it does the job19:48
Kilosi used to use gedit but nano be lekker19:50
Kilos12.04 has to run a script to get 3g to aotu connect and i turn off bot splash19:51
Kilosboot splash19:51
Kilosthats how i saw the error with zram19:51
Kilosand eventually found it only pops up after you install remastersys19:52
Kilosi go crash now, night all. sleep tight19:59
magespawngood night all20:48

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