OvenWerksI may have to wait for tomorrow anyway.00:17
OvenWerksknome: FYI Xubuntu's current ISO directory also has old saucy images in it. Am I the first one to download a trusty image?14:50
zequenceOvenWerks: Could be14:51
OvenWerksI left a message in -release14:51
OvenWerkszequence: Re: the bottom panel, I can set the bottom panel so that it only activates when the mouse hits the bottom of the screen in the area where the icons are rather than along the whole bottom of the screen.14:56
zequenceOvenWerks: Well, before making any changes to our source, let's first discuss the direction we want to go with the desktop14:56
zequenceNo one has said, let's create a custom Ubuntu Studio DE based on XFCE yet14:57
zequenceI mean, yes, it is kind of custom, but not in any big way14:57
OvenWerksThat way it is impossible to have a user trying to click on an app behind the invisble part of the pannel fail.14:57
zequenceAnd, before, we were aiming at doing no customization at all14:57
zequenceOvenWerks: You could propose these ideas to Xubuntu too, you know14:57
zequenceThat way, Ubuntu Studio could just import their setup as is.14:58
zequenceBut, if you feel they don't share your vision at all, let's talk about doing our own. And, we discuss before we make changes14:58

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