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caodepalhahello everyone. something strange just happened. I've turned on my laptop and my ubuntustudio is all messed up. My workplaces dissapeared, firefox starts up at login and I can't cloe the window and all other windows are not working properly.11:13
cfhowlettcaodepalha, logout/login11:15
cfhowlettor reboot11:15
caodepalhaI've done that already. if i log into a diferent user on the gnome desktop everything is allright. it only happned in my ubuntustudio acount11:17
cfhowlettcaodepalha, hmm.  could be your xfce desktop environment is scrambled.11:18
zequencecaodepalha: Something in your user settings is screwed up. Might be you enabled remembering the session in the login/logout procedure11:18
zequencecaodepalha: The simple solution is to delete ~/.config and preferable also ~/.cache11:19
caodepalhai'm loggeg onto gnome right now can that be done from here?11:19
zequencejust make sure you aren't really wanting to keep some of your application settings, because most of them will be reset (not firefox)11:19
zequencecaodepalha: Yes, in a terminal, do: rm -r ~/.config ~/.cache11:20
caodepalhawhat type of applications settings can be lost'11:20
cfhowlettcaodepalha, nothing that can be reset...11:21
cfhowlettnothing that CAN'T be reset11:21
caodepalhaI don't lose any of the programs installed right? do i lose program settings?11:21
cfhowlettcaodepalha, programs stay, settings go11:21
caodepalhaardour settings and other stuff11:22
zequencemost of your application settings will be reset11:23
zequencenot firefox11:23
caodepalhahum ok and then the desktop goes back to the way it was before.  but with setting reset. i just run thr command rm -r ~/.confing ~/.cache from a terminal on gnome the log out and log in into ubuntustudio?11:24
caodepalhaback the way it was with setting reset11:24
zequenceyes, back to initial, default  settings11:25
caodepalhawill all the programs appear in the menu the way i left them set?11:26
cfhowlettcaodepalha, no. they'll appear as they did the very first time you logged in as a new user.11:27
caodepalhabut they'll be there still and i "just" have to add them in thr settings manager right?11:28
zequenceall applications will still be installed11:28
zequencejust their settings will be reset11:28
zequenceno system settings will be touched, only user settings in the user home folder11:29
caodepalhado they appear in the menu?11:29
cfhowlettcaodepalha, "they" ?  the PROGRAMS will be present.  the SETTINGS will be default until you change them11:29
caodepalhaok I was just trying to understand since i've spent a lot of time editing the user menu would the programs apear in the same spaces iv'e left them11:30
caodepalhai get a: no such file directory answer11:34
cfhowlettcaodepalha, guarantee that file is present11:35
caodepalhahow do i locate it?11:35
cfhowlettcaodepalha, *config* not *confing*11:35
caodepalhasudo rm -r ~/-config ~/.cache11:36
caodepalhai still get the same response11:37
cfhowlettcaodepalha, go to your file manager, display home, display .hidden folders11:39
cfhowlettcaodepalha, take your time and only nuke the 2 files specified11:40
caodepalhaok i ran the command. now i see the reset lol11:49
cfhowlettcaodepalha, make of note of it.  you might need it again someday.11:50
caodepalhai dont even know how it happened11:51
cfhowlettcaodepalha, but you know how to fix it :)11:51
caodepalhatrue! thanks11:52
Siyazequence: I can't seem to find any decent examples in puredata, where dB values are converted to a linear value. Any pointers maybe?14:23
zequenceSiya: There's dbtorms and rmstodb I think14:39
zequenceand other conversions objects too14:39
zequencecreate a dbtorms, then right-click for help14:40
zequenceyou'll see a bunch14:40
Siyazequence: the thing that trips me up is negative representation in dB14:47
zequenceSiya: I really recommend you to drop inteo #dataflow for specifics, also the pd mail list. The mail list is incredibly active.14:51
zequenceThere's also a forum, which is fairly active as well. I only use the mail list myself14:52
aloiecewhy is ubuntu studio using pulse audio and not jack by default? or am I mixing things up?19:30
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro19:31
zequencealoiece: ^19:31
zequenceUbuntu Studio is not an audio only distribution19:32
aloieceI see19:34
studio-user776what a fun-filled day!!21:53

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