ochosibrainwash: the screen-blanking happens only on the lock-event and was specifically added to provide screensaver-like functionality. we'll see whether we can do a dpms-off call instead of the blanking, that'd leave the monitor switched off (as happens during the VT switch), resulting in "lock > blank > dpms off" instead of the current "lock > blank > dpms off > blank"09:57
ochosipleia2, knome: we could work around the slow submission page in the wiki by moving the "accepted submissions" to a separate page, what do you think?10:27
knomeochosi, if you think that's needed10:27
ochosi(accepted submissions being those that 1) don't violate our guidelines and 2) have all the necessary information, incl. license)10:27
ochosinot sure, it's just a pain to use atm10:27
knomethe worst thing is seeing which attachments are not linked10:28
knome(that's relatively quick from the wiki's side)10:28
knomeotherwise i don't see a problem10:28
knome(except that maybe we would like to organize the photos differently when we are deciding about them)10:28
ochosiok, let's wait whether submissions stop flowing in10:35
knomeif they don't, well, then it's probably not too awful to submit stuff to the wiki :)10:36
ochosiyeah, but it also gets increasingly annoying to check the new submissions with a bad connection like mine...10:43
knomewell the "problem" is not actually in the wiki10:43
knomeit's because people upload 5MB images, then the wikimarkup jus stretches them to 250px wide images10:44
knomeif you want to help making the submissions page faster, we should simply tell people to upload a 250px wide preview-image10:44
knome(and possibly the original file, but not link that; or, upload the original file to another wikipage or service)10:44
slickymastergood morning all10:53
knomemorning slickymaster 10:53
ochosimorning slickymaster 10:53
ochosiknome: not sure, sounds quite elaborate10:54
slickymasterochosi, knome, morning10:54
slickymasterknome: not sure if we did saw this http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/11/15/%23xubuntu-devel.html#t14:5310:55
slickymasterif you ^ยช^10:55
knomei did10:56
slickymasterelfy, did you by any chance tried to install today's daily build? I got this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/125220510:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 1252205 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity crash on Xubuntu Desktop i386 install entire disk" [Undecided,New]10:56
slickymasterknome, any ideas?10:56
knomeslickymaster, sounds like a possible ubiquity problem10:59
knomeeg. not a xubuntu-specific one10:59
slickymasterknome: yeah, that I know, but I was asking regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/+bug/1251332,10:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 1251332 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Use of gksudo in Chapter 7. Printing and Scanning" [Undecided,New]10:59
knomeaha :)11:00
slickymasterknome: :)11:00
knomeask balloons what he thinks11:00
slickymasterokie dokie, I'll do it11:01
knomei'll follow up if needed11:01
slickymasterknome: I'll report you any away11:02
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
brainwashwill the xfce packages get updated/synced soon in trusty?14:06
brainwashthe 4.12 PPA does not offer packages for trusty yet14:07
ochosihi micahg_mobile :)14:30
micahg_mobileHi, i hope my crazy work schedule is done for the time being so i can get back to Xubuntu 14:32
brainwashochosi: so the blanking change does reduce the amount of flicker/screen backlight weirdness on your system?14:40
ochosimicahg_mobile: that sounds nice!14:41
ochosibrainwash: yeah, well it's as i described before > blank > dpms off > blank14:41
ochosiit's hard to imagine that a single X call would slow down the switching to the greeter noticeably14:42
brainwashdpms off ?14:43
ochosidpms is the power-management of the screen14:43
ochosimeans, not just blank, but switched off14:43
brainwashI know that14:44
brainwashbut why?14:44
ochosithe dpms off happens during the VT switch14:44
ochosiit's out of our hands14:44
ochosiok, so explaining again: screensaver-timeout > blank screen (3s or so) > dpms off (VT switch 1sec) > blank screen (until the user touches mouse or keyboard)14:45
brainwashso the screen should be blank after screen lock?14:48
ochosias with xscreensaver14:48
ochosior any screensaver14:48
brainwashnot here, I lock the screen manually and the greeter is visible14:49
ochosiare you using the latest revision of the greeter?14:49
ochosior the daily PPA14:49
brainwashInstalled: 1.6.1+146+97~ubuntu13.10.114:50
ochosishould work with that one14:51
ochosi(i'm still on 1.6.1+145, but the last commit was for the language menu)14:51
ochosiand you lcok with "light-locker-command -l"?14:52
ochosiwhat version of light-locker?14:52
brainwashInstalled: 1.0.0+2111+4~ubuntu13.10.114:52
ochosiok, you're testing on saucy though, not trusty right?14:53
ochosicause so far i've only tested saucy14:53
ochosistrange strange14:53
ochosishould work14:53
brainwashit's the intel based system14:53
ochosino wonder you didn't notice an improvement then...14:53
ochosiwell the code isn't very graphic card specific14:54
ochosiit's a general X call14:54
ochosior xlib to be exact14:54
brainwashso it most likely blanks the screen and unblanks it immediately 14:54
ochosiwhat does "xset q" tell you about the screen saver?14:55
ochosi(oh, and i assume you don't use any weird lightdm-version, right?)14:56
ochosicould you try this:14:56
ochosixset s 60014:57
ochosiand then lock the screen14:57
ochosii guess if blanking is completely disabled forcing the screensaver might not work14:58
brainwashnegative, the strange thing is that locking the screen blocks keyboard shortcuts in vt714:59
brainwashwhen I return back14:59
brainwashmight be related14:59
ochosiyeah, that seems fishy15:00
ochosibut i wouldn't know what it's related to tbh15:00
brainwashI'll test it on my trusty test system too, not sure if the screen blanks on this system or not15:01
brainwashmost likely it does not either15:01
brainwashthe pc is currently in use :/15:02
ochosidid you check again after doing xset s 600 with xset q to see whether blanking is now enabled?15:02
brainwashyes, no change15:02
ochosithat's weird15:02
ochosithen obviously the whole test didn't do anything15:02
brainwashwe need 1-2 more testers :)15:02
ochosias long as blanking is disabled, i wouldn't expect it to work15:03
ochosiwell we simply need to switch on blanking for you15:03
ochosithen it should work15:03
brainwashxset s 2 blanks the screen after 2 sec15:05
ochosithen light-locker should automatically take you to the lock-screen15:06
ochosiunless you edited the desktop file or the update didn't change it for some reason15:06
brainwashI mean it blanks the current x session after 2 sec, not the new one created by light-locker15:06
brainwashI'm still a bit confused, maybe I'll understand the problem after doing some more testing15:07
ochosiand xset q tells you that the blanking-value is changed too?15:08
brainwashtimeout:  600    cycle:  015:08
brainwashbut this does not affect vt8, right?15:09
ochosiah, hm, that's probably true15:10
ochosii guess we have to find out how to set this value so that it gets remembered15:10
ochosifor all x sessions15:10
ochosiprobably with sudo, but i'm not sure15:10
brainwashvia lightdm maybe?15:11
ochosino, lightdm respects the global default values for X afaik15:12
brainwashyes, I mean an interface to change them via lightdm15:12
ochosiah, hm, not sure15:15
ochosianyway, i'll have to investigate this later or tomorrow15:15
ochosimy first instinct would be to run xset with sudo and then restart and see whether the values stuck15:16
ochosi(normal xset isn't remembered)15:16
ochosiif you have a custom xorg.conf, check that for configuration15:16
brainwashochosi: same for my trusty/AMD system, the screen unblanks immediately and reveals the greeter15:34
slickymasterknome: ping15:35
brainwashochosi: ok, found the culprit16:51
brainwashochosi: the issue is related to bug 125143116:51
ubottubug 1251431 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "user background gets painted over background specified in config file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125143116:51
brainwashthe background gets set twice, and the screen is forced to blank twice also, maybe there is something wrong a hint or flag16:53
brainwashsetting the background another time might also reset the state16:54
brainwash(calling the root surface function)16:56
ochosibrainwash: tbh i don't think that's related20:41
brainwashochosi: works for me20:43
brainwashif only the background specified in the conf file gets displayed or the user one20:43
brainwashbut calling the root surface function twice unblanks the screen20:45
brainwashochosi: btw can you triage the linked lp report please?20:49
knomelderan, or, we should rather discuss that here :)21:06
lderansounds good to me21:06
knomelderan, aha, so basically: the vote results are shown newest-first in the wiki output21:07
knomewould make more sense if they were chronological top-down21:07
lderansounds easy enough to do21:07
knomejust a small thing i didn't notice until we had loads of votes in the last meeting :)21:07
knomehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive/Minutes/2013-11-14 for a real life example21:08
lderanokay, just need to reverse the items. shall do so now21:10
lderanshall also make a commit and poke the alan some more with the new changes21:11
lderanno problemo21:13

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