harlowjahmmm, i don't know of any reason that would happen swaT30 00:12
harlowjadepends on whats in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth000:13
harlowjaand also what came in on the ec2 metdata/configdrive00:13
swaT30harlowja: let me take a look at the scripts00:13
swaT30harlowja: eth0 config script is pretty standard dhcp.. and both instances are getting the same metadata/configdrive info00:14
harlowjahmmm, not sure then :-/00:15
harmwswaT30: an unrelated question, but do your centos instances get configured with static networking?09:03
smosernate`, lxc15:02
smoseror kvm15:03
nate`I'm forced into using RHEL because of contractual obligations.15:16
swaT30harmw: nope, all DHCP15:24
harmwoh ok15:47
smoserharmw, ping17:35
smoserharlowja, 17:35
smosercan you verify that bug  and fix ?17:35
smoseri'll yank that.17:35
smoserwanting to do 0.7.417:35
smoserand that looked reasonable if it "works and fixes" for you.17:35
harmwsup smoser 17:52
harmwdon't tell me you tabcompleted the wrong person :p17:53
smoseri did.17:53
smoseryeah, sorry.17:53
harmwnp :)17:53
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harlowjahey smoser , just got in, will verify that18:17
smoseri think the issue is just that 0.6.4 is listed there.18:18
smoserand there is no tag18:18
smoserie, i think this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6444094/18:18
smoseri can see the failure without it18:18
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harlowjalet me try that out18:22
smoserharlowja, i just pushed up a fix. just joined 0.6.4 into 0.7.0 (which is actually "correct")18:53
harlowjawas just about to try it out :)18:53
smoserand now 'make rpm' fails for me with command not found on 'rpmbuild'18:53
smoser(which is compltely reasonable)18:53
harlowjai'll double check, getting bugged to review some stuff18:54
harlowjai've been neglecting some internal reviews, haha18:58
smoserharlowja, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/125039819:03
smoservery tempted to drop boto requirement19:03
harlowjathat code still exists somewhere i think19:04
utlemmingsmoser: also, boto is now maintained by AWS19:04
harlowjaintersting it is utlemming 19:04
harlowjawas there a public announcement about that?19:05
utlemmingharlowja: I don't think so. Mitch went to work for AWS a while back. The new EC2 CLI python tool is based on Boto.19:07
harlowjaso by inference its supported by amazon then :)19:07
utlemmingwell, that last link is about as official as AWS can get on that19:08
harlowjabut that seems like they are replacing boto -> boto3?19:08
harlowjahttps://github.com/boto/boto3 19:08
utlemmingthat's news to me....19:08
harlowja"This is not a port of boto, but a ground-up rewrite." 19:08
utlemming(admittately I don't follow boto closely)19:09
harlowja*from readme.rst there19:09
harlowjagood to know anyway (i didn't know it either)19:09
utlemmingat least it is a MIT license....with AWS you never know what you'll get19:11
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harlowjasmoser on a RHEL 6.4 box, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6445336/, all seems ok23:11
harlowja*on a fresh VM/box23:11
harlowjaseems ok to me23:11

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