RowdyGuywhy are the menus hidden in edubuntu?02:34
dazedandconfusedis there something wrong w/ securty updates for edubuntu?04:21
dazedandconfusedI keep getting waiting when I try to update security updates, but only those, everything else will update04:22
dazedandconfusedI have just downloaded 12.04 and put on an old aus eeepc that I am going to give to a friend of mine's kid04:23
dazedandconfusedIs there any way to just download these essentially as a blob and put it on a usb stick and update it from that?04:24
dazedandconfusedcorrection, it isn't the security updates it is the recommended but there are 431 of them04:26
highvoltageogra_: heh, I see you're slashdotted too now07:11
ogra_highvoltage, yeah ... all the fame :P09:52

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