hatchis there a juju dev mailing list?00:07
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bacmorning frankban.  i've gotten one review on my quickstart branch but thought you might be interested: https://codereview.appspot.com/28520044/12:09
frankbanbac: morning, already reviewed12:12
bacfrankban: oh, thanks.  i didn't see the email12:12
bacfrankban: thanks for the QA and tips on how to streamline quickstart commands.  landing now.12:23
bacfrankban: i didn't know you could launch an environment without deploying a bundle.12:24
frankbanbac: yeah the bundle parameter is optional12:25
rick_h_jujugui battling a migraine this morning. Taking meds and going into blackout mode. Will check in later. 12:26
bacrick_h_: oh, sorry.  i didn't know you suffered from those.  i luckily don't but i know how tough they are.12:26
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gary_postersorry rick_h_.  feel better.13:10
gary_posterthanks for great review frankban.  following up on both suggestions and then will land.13:10
frankbangary_poster: cool thanks13:13
benjibac: this looks like something you might be able to tell me more about: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442849/13:50
bacbenji: is that failing in trunk too?13:51
benjibac: I'm checking now.  I don't see how my branches changes could make it fail, so I though I'd ask if it was a known issue.13:52
bacbenji: i'm running against trunk.  haven't seen it before13:52
benjihrm, might be me then13:52
hatchmorning all14:01
bacbenji: i don't see any failures in trunk14:02
benjibac: I just got the failure in trunk14:02
bacbenji: if you run that test in isolation does it fail every time?14:05
benjibac: running the test file failes every time, I'll try just the test14:06
frankbanguihelp: in the last GUI trunk, trying to deploy a bundle dragging a file gives me: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'sendToDeployer' 14:06
benjibac: yep, the test run by itself fails14:07
bacbenji: dunno.  works here.  worked in CI.  not sure how to help.14:07
benjibac: I'll see if I can run it down.14:07
hatchfrankban: that sounds like rick_h_ may have missed a method name when he refactored that bundle import code14:08
frankbanhatch: yeah, sendToDeployer does not appear elsewhere in the code14:10
hatchfrankban: see if you rename that method call to be 'deployBundleFiles'14:10
hatchto match what I believe is the new method name in app/assets/javascripts/bundle-import-helpers.js14:10
frankbanhatch: the signature is the same, trying14:11
frankbanhatch: it worked14:18
hatchgreat, now we gota figure out how to test that :)14:18
hatchor pass it off to rick :P14:19
frankbangary_poster: I am investigating the guiserver problems reported by rick: 1) error without messages: the dpeloyer can exit with "raise ErrorExit()". quick fix: we can check if the message exists and return something like "no further details can be provided". 2) subsequent deployments fail with no error messages: see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-deployers/juju-deployer/trunk/view/head:/deployer/env/go.py#L213 i.e. if a unit is in an error state, th14:30
frankbane deployer refuses to proceed. No quick fixes for this one :-/14:30
gary_posterfrankban, ack on #1.  #2, thinking.14:32
hatchwhen a relation fails in juju-core it returns a relation-id which is simply a single digit and a 'remote-unit' which is -always- the other services unit/0 .14:33
hatch1) should we be keeping a mapping of these core->gui relation id's?14:33
gary_posterfrankban, #2 is for *any* units, right?  Our code could certainly do the same check, yeah?14:33
hatch2) is cores representation of the 'remote-unit' incorrect? and should instead mention remote-service?14:34
gary_posterhatch, I don't have confident answers on those.  #1: it sounds like a nice to have at the moment, since it currently doesn't give us any new information, right?  But eventually I suspect this will not always be unit/0.  Did you check the juju core code that it is always unit/0?  even in less usual cases like, say peer relations?  It sounds like something for a GUI bug but not immediate action.  #2: I bet that eventu14:38
gary_posterally being able to specify a unit will come in handy, even if it does not now.  We can certainly trivially deduce the service from the unit.  You probably will need to ask core about it, like maybe Wm, because I doubt any of us know.14:38
frankbangary_poster: it surely can, and I was also thinking about adding a step in the validate method. on the other hand it seems more a deployer bug. it's not transactional, it starts deploying the service and the eventually exit, e.g. before adding relations etc...14:39
gary_posterbrb sorry14:40
frankbangary_poster: and I am not sure about the reason to avoid deploying a bundle if a pre-existing unit is in an error state...14:40
hatchgary_poster: ok sounds good - I am just finishing up the simulator upgrades to match the real-world error messages and these are two issues which show themselves when there is a relation error between two services. I'll ask around in core land14:41
hatchseriously why the heck does core use so many single character variables with no documentation14:44
* hatch rages14:44
gary_posterhatch, yeah, Tim Penhey has raged, and required book reviews etc.14:55
hatchyay :)14:58
hatchand yay it's snowing!14:58
hazmatit seems a community stylism..14:58
gary_posterhey frankban, there's hazmat!  ask him about http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-deployers/juju-deployer/trunk/view/head:/deployer/env/go.py#L213 !14:59
hatchhazmat: yeah I've noticed that, and it's horrible14:59
hazmatsorry outbound to a meeting..14:59
gary_posteroh ok14:59
hazmatgary_poster, which i was wondering if you might interested in.. as it might touch the gui14:59
gary_posterfrankban, topic?  bundles -> stacks?14:59
gary_postersorry, hazmat14:59
hazmatfrankban, re wait_for_units?15:01
hazmatfrankban, needs a test?15:01
gary_posterhazmat, no we wonder why UnitErrors should cause an abort.  If it does, we need better messaging through system.15:02
gary_posterbut ISTU that, for instance, we might as well go ahead and make relations after unit errors15:03
gary_posterhumans can go and address unit errors, but deployer did its thing15:03
gary_posterhey frankban I need to make this unit test change in order to get the rsync /test thing to pass tests.  OK?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6443185/15:05
frankbangary_poster: seems good15:07
gary_posterk thx15:07
hatchjujugui FYI if you see a warning in Chrome from YUI -> https://github.com/yui/yui3/issues/141715:19
hatchjujugui could I get a quick review/qa on https://codereview.appspot.com/29070043/ thanks15:45
bachatch: sure15:45
hatchjujugui call in 915:51
hatchman I just CAN NOT figure out how to create a project on launchpad15:57
hatchI must be missing something obvious15:57
hatchfound it@15:57
hatchlol wow that was difficult15:57
gary_posterjujugui call in 115:58
luca__gary_poster: what design bits have we launched in the last month/16:18
gary_posterluca__, everything to do with bundles is biggie16:19
luca__gary_poster: yeah, was trying to get other stuff too16:19
gary_posterok 1 sec16:20
gary_posterthen need to go to another call16:20
gary_poster* The inspector tries to get out of your way when you are making a relation.16:20
gary_poster* The masthead’s UX is improved, notably giving a bit more room for the rest of the application.16:20
benjiaparently this disables hangout's typing mute for OSX folks: http://www.craigkerstiens.com/2013/09/12/disabling-muting-while-typing-in-hangouts/16:21
gary_poster* Relations now display the names of both endpoints in the environment. (maybe design?)16:21
gary_poster* Add the ability to deploy straight from quicksearch results.16:21
hatchbac: hey hows that review coming? :) I'm trying to decide if I should merge it in to my current branch or wait for trunk16:21
gary_poster* Remove footer from the UI and improve the header design providing more room for the environment.16:21
gary_posterluca__, see five above additional to bundles.  taken from charm notes16:22
bachatch: it is going16:22
luca__gary_poster: brilliant, thanks :)16:23
hatchbac: oh I figured out why it said we were still in a hangout, because I closed the window with (x) instead of pressing 'hangup' ...odd16:23
bachatch: in your QA instructions you mention "launchpad states".  what does that mean?16:30
hatchthere are purple ones which come up along with the pending and starting16:30
hatchoh...I meant landscape16:30
hatchsorry :)16:30
hatchbac: the % that they appear is pretty low, so that's why 100 units was requested...you may want to try more if it's taking too long16:33
bacoh, that makes more sense16:33
baci have a mix of red, yellow, green, and two purples, hatch.16:33
hatchthat's what we need16:34
hatchequal opportunity unit statuses16:34
bachatch: i requested 100 but got 10216:36
hatchthat's fine16:36
hatchthe simulator also creates and destroys units16:36
bacthe R/G/Y add up to 102 and the purple are both 50ish16:36
bacok, if that's what you expect16:37
rick_h_bac: thanks, had them since I was a kid. Normally not an issue but every once in a while ugh. 16:37
rick_h_hatch: doh, missed one? Damn I thought I had gotten all those deployer paths and qa'd forever16:37
hatchoh man now I'm confused16:38
rick_h_frankban: do you have that in your branch then? card or anything?16:38
bachatch: confused?16:38
frankbanrick_h_: some context? :-)16:39
hatchbac: sorry I thought rick_h_ was gary_poster because they are the same colour so his comment didn't make any sense :)16:39
hatchfrankban: the miscalled method from earlier16:39
bacin that case /me -> lunch16:39
rick_h_frankban: sorry, catching up on back scroll for today. The deploy method name change?16:39
frankbanrick_h_: created a card in urgent16:39
rick_h_hatch: heh, gary and arosales were chatting and they were the same color and I thought gary was talking to himself for a minute16:40
rick_h_frankban: k, thanks16:40
frankbanrick_h_: np, are you feeling better?16:40
rick_h_frankban: bit, I can see light now :) Not sure how long computer screen will last but wanted to check in. Of course I'm gone and I broke things :P16:41
rick_h_never fails16:41
hatchhaha - rick_h_ I'm just wondering how we didn't catch that in qa or testing16:42
hatchkind of an important piece to have broken and not noticed haha16:42
rick_h_hatch: yea, no freaking idea. Was qa'ing it for 3 days straight16:42
hatchand I also qa'd :)16:42
hatchguess we need some kind of integration test16:43
rick_h_good, you can take the fall for me :)16:43
* arosales guesses rick_h_ may have not been referring to me.16:47
rick_h_arosales: sorry, only in a drive by way. 16:48
arosalesrick_h_, ah. I must need more coffee :-)16:49
benjibac: this change fixes the test for me; is it a sane thing to do? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6443708/16:52
frankbanguihelp: anyone available for a quick review of a charm branch? https://codereview.appspot.com/27560044 thank you16:55
rick_h_hatch: care to peek at https://codereview.appspot.com/29120043/ ? short/sweet17:05
rick_h_frankban: looking, will take my time with it atm and if someone else wants it they can feel free17:07
frankbanrick_h_: thanks17:07
hatchrick_h_: done - qa failed, see review for stacktrace17:11
rick_h_hatch: bah, rgr. 17:12
rick_h_hatch: oh, that's my current branch. 17:12
rick_h_hatch: so will have to get them up together 17:12
rick_h_hatch: qa in a live env and it should work17:13
hatchok give me 3017:13
rick_h_hatch: lxc should be ok17:14
hatchyeah the gui takes forever to pull down from lp though I've found17:15
hatchit's running now17:15
hatchwill report back17:15
gary_posterjujugui...will report tomorrow on call.  Summary: it's *even bigger* and we didn't have a chance to even begin talking about planning and resourcing.17:35
* hatch cheers17:37
MakyoAlso, everyone but hatch is being moved off to other teams.  Good luck, hatch.17:37
hatchby default that makes me team lead17:37
* hatch sets up a mirror so he has someone to talk to on his new team of two17:39
hatchnew employee may need to be canned, he is duplicating ALL the work I do :/17:40
MakyoStart all your own hangouts and make sure you go around at the end :)17:40
hatchrick_h_:  qa ok on real env17:41
rick_h_hatch: rgr, thanks. 17:44
hatchgary_poster: do we have any direction as to where we may want to put the StatusData information on the unit view? Right now the StatusInfo is in the header with the IP, Status, etc but the StatusData could be a few lines worth...17:50
hatchI can come up with something17:50
hatchbut I can't find anything on any mockups17:50
gary_posterhatch, we had tabs on the unit view17:50
gary_posterI'd make a tab17:50
gary_posterIf that makes sense for this kind of data?17:50
hatchwell this data is only valuable on an error17:51
hatchelse it's pretty much empty17:51
hatchso I was thinking that it would just show in that case17:51
hatchso there would be a few extra lines17:51
hatchthat could possibly be a first-cut as well17:51
gary_posteryeah, put it in header when it exists, and if that doesn't look good enough we can worry about it later. 17:51
hatchyep sounds like a plan17:52
* gary_poster lunches17:52
benjibac: if you get a chance can you review my branch: https://codereview.appspot.com/29210043  It includes a fix for the test failure I'm getting on trunk.18:08
bacbenji: sure18:08
bacbenji: did you find out why it wasn't seen elsewhere?18:10
benjibac: no idea18:10
bacbenji: does justOne=True do what i'd expect?  if so, is that what you want since you're removing all revisions?18:13
bacremove.py line 6518:13
* benji looks18:14
bacer, remove_charm.py18:14
benjibac: I know why that's there (it is flotsom from an earlier version) but I don't know why it still removes them all.  I'll take that argument out, nonetheless18:18
bacbenji: did you add ~ to BAD_CHARS to fix the odd test failure or did it cause it?18:26
benjibac: yep18:26
benjibac: heh, I added it to fix it18:26
benjibac: if I add this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6443708/ to trunk it fixes the failure on trunk for me18:26
bacgah, it seems to me it would break the test18:26
baci'm really confused18:27
bacthe ~ will now be stripped from the search 'fo~o' so it should return results18:27
bacmaking the test fail18:27
benjiI have no idea.18:35
benjibac: oh, it replaces the tilda with a space, making the search string "fo o"18:37
baci think i went to school with a girl named tilda18:38
bacbenji: do i need to qa this or have you beaten it up well?18:39
benjibac: a QA from a dispassionate observer would be appreciated18:39
benjibac: but just the search bit, the deleting bit is solid18:40
bachuh my mongo process has gone all wonky.  rebooting vm.18:41
bachey benji what port is mongo running on your machine? ps will tell you18:45
benjibac: ps no tell me, netstat say 28017 and 2701718:46
bacbenji: odd, mine is on 37017 and i get failures b/c pymongo looks for it on 2701718:47
bacnot sure how this has happened18:47
bacbenji: i cannot get mongodb to launch on my system.  you may want to get someone else to do your qa19:05
benjirick_h_: do you have time to QA a branch real quick; specifically to make sure I haven't broken searching with this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~benji/charmworld/remove-charm/+merge/19583919:06
rick_h_benji: Sure thing, I'll take a look. Give me a couple of min. 19:08
benjirick_h_: thanks, I'll grab a bite while you do that19:11
bacbenji:  ping me when you return19:34
benjibac: I have returned19:34
bacbenji: would you have time for a quick chat to help me diagnose wth happened to my mongo?19:36
benjibac: sure19:36
benjiyour hangout or mine?19:36
rick_h_benji: qa notes? a basic search works I guess. Am I to qa removing a charm then? make sure it doesn't come back?19:45
benjirick_h_: just search itself, i.e., search works just as in production, in particular I'm concerned with this change from that branch http://paste.ubuntu.com/6443708/19:47
rick_h_so ~ is a bad char so I should test a ~XXX search then19:48
rick_h_benji: so ~charmers search gets me a "Search string not parseable" error19:48
rick_h_benji: charmers works fine19:49
rick_h_oh wait, heh this is trunk still, was resetting the db and such in there19:49
rick_h_sec 19:49
rick_h_benji: ok, so ~charmers search does work vs the old error message19:50
rick_h_benji: it's just the same as charmers then, same count/etc19:50
benjirick_h_: ok, sounds like it's at least not worse19:51
rick_h_benji: rgr, just ignores the ~19:52
benjirick_h_: thanks for the QA19:53
rick_h_benji: so qa'ing the removal then?19:53
benjirick_h_: you can if you feel froggy, but I feel good about that bit19:53
rick_h_benji: k, how do we not re-ingest it next time?19:54
rick_h_benji:  should this be storing a blacklist then to mark on ingest?19:55
rick_h_or is that follow up/etc19:55
benjirick_h_: I think the follow-up will be making a script for the charm store that does the same thing19:56
rick_h_benji: and do we re-run setup.py to pick up the new entry point on a production upgrade? Would be the other ? as far as making this work ootb for IS19:56
rick_h_benji: rgr, so then it needs to track the backlist, or document the order "Remove the LP branch, remove the juju core store record, remove the charmworld record"19:57
rick_h_benji: wonder if we can get that removal script in the core store to be an api callable that this script can hit at the same time 19:57
rick_h_benji: anyway, qa ok'd the search issues. 20:01
benjirick_h_: thanks!20:01
bacbenji:  do you have both /etc/init/mongodb and /etc/init.d/mongodb?20:07
benjibac: only /etc/init.d/mongodb, not the other20:08
baci shall remove it and reboot20:08
rick_h_no upstart script?20:08
benjibac: ooh, I wonder if there is some sort of "shadowing" going on there20:08
bacyeah.  the one in /etc/init.d is owned by mongo-server.  the other has no package owner20:09
rick_h_I've only got /etc/init/mongodb.conf20:09
rick_h_and then init.d/mongodb is mongodb -> /lib/init/upstart-job20:09
bacrick_h_: saucy?20:10
bac(such an odd question out of context)20:11
rick_h_bac: no, this is my lxc, probably precise. /me dbl checks20:11
rick_h_bac: oh raring in my lxc 20:11
hatchMakyo: ever since you told me why the Ubuntu font is so hard to read, I notice that 'line' everywhere20:15
hatchI'm starting to think ignorance is bliss20:15
MakyoNever, ever, ever live with a graphic designer.20:16
MakyoIgnorance is bliss in SO MANY THINGS.20:16
MakyoThere's a font, Papyrus, that used to bug me just because it was overused until my roommate explained the exact ways in which it was problematic, and now it infuriates me.20:17
hatchweeee http://fromanegg.com/post/67488243238/a-juju-charm-designed-to-fail20:25
hatchthe GUI is so awesome I just include pictures of it now to make the blog posts look better20:25
hatchgary_poster: blog posts made and email sent for the fail charm just fyi20:38
hatchI guess I wasn't a member when I sent the message though so it's awaiting approval20:40
hatchfwereade: still here around?20:41
bacbenji, rick_h_: i uninstalled mongodb-server, removed the init files by hand that it left around, reinstalled the mongodb metapackage.  upon boot it wasn't running but now i can start it with '/etc/init.d/mongodb start' and it'll run.  very weird.20:42
* bac walk20:42
gary_posterawesome thank you hatch!  Looks very good20:48
gary_posterhatch: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/failtester-a-juju-charm-designed-to-fail-test-tool/122320:59
hatch:) thanks I forgot about this one20:59
gary_poster:-) it's a novelty atm20:59
hatchI'm pretty sure unit.handlebars is not used anywhere, can anyone else verify?21:40
hatchI'd like someone else's confirmation before I go deleting it :)21:40
arosalesgary_poster, did the gui drop showing testing status for charms?21:44
gary_posterarosales, not intentionally.  looking21:44
rick_h_arosales: no, it's on https://jujucharms.com/fullscreen/search/precise/jenkins-8/?text=jenkins on the left side21:45
rick_h_under providers, but it's been talked about a lot21:45
rick_h_arosales: maybe looking at a non-promulgated charm?21:45
arosalesI wasn't finding it for mysql21:45
rick_h_I think only the promulgated ones load test data? /me doesn't recall specifics off the top of his head21:45
gary_posterarosales, I confirm what rick_h_ says21:46
arosalesI see jenkins, but it was missing for mysql21:46
* arosales reloading . . .21:46
rick_h_arosales: hmm, check with testing upstream? If we don't have the data we don't show it21:46
gary_posterarosales, agreed, not there for mysql21:46
rick_h_arosales: moved to cloud-dev21:48
arosalesrick_h_, I am pinging marco in #juju21:50
arosalesrick_h_, gary_poster thanks. Seems this is a result of charm testing not giving you the correct info21:51
arosaleswe'll investigate21:51
gary_posterthanks arosales 21:51
rick_h_arosales: rgr, I'm out for now, but will keep an eye out ofr updates. Please file a bug on charmworld if we need to adjust things21:51
arosalesrick_h_, ok I think it is with our charm testing atm21:51

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