Roeyhi all00:18
RoeyI'm having trouble fetching mail from Yahoo with fetchmail; I keep getting "connection refused".00:18
RoeyIMAP, port 993, SSL on00:19
mtenenanyone having trouble with screensavers in kubuntu 13.10?00:29
valorieI am, a bit00:29
MangaKaDenzamtenen, what do you mean? what kind of trouble?00:29
valoriewhat's up, mtenen?00:29
valoriemy trouble is that asquiaquarium loads up four copies of itself every time I reboot00:30
mtenenwhen i resume from sleep mode, there are sometimes 3 small windows of my screensaver running on the desktop00:30
valorieI don't do it often, so it isn't a big deal00:30
valoriebut weird00:30
valorieah, so same thing happening00:30
valorieI haven't filed a bug about it though00:31
valoriehave you, mtenen?00:31
mtenenno, because i think (we) can fix it00:31
mtenenand why is it asciaquarium for us both?00:32
valorieah, you use it too00:33
valorie<3 asquiaquarium00:33
mtenenyeah, i don't know if any of the other screensavers do that.00:33
valorieI know it happened after upgrade to 13.1000:33
valoriebut not sure if right then, or a later update00:34
MangaKaDenzamaybe... try the raring version?00:34
valorieI rarely reboot00:34
mtenenyou don't have to reboot, it happens when you wake up from sleep mode too.00:34
valorieit would be more logical if one of us tried a different screensaver00:34
mteneni am trying clock right now00:34
valorieI don't put it to sleep00:34
MangaKaDenzatry apt-get purge screensaver* and then apt-get -f install apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get install screensaver* --install-suggests00:35
mteneni will try that MangaKaDenza, thanks.00:38
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yottabitthe patch should already be in the .deb files, right?01:39
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Duel-Travismsg NickServ identify <f8tbikeco01:51
Duel-Travishow do Login with my registered name?01:51
Duel-Travis /msg NickServ identify f8tbikeco01:52
Duel-Travisgenii, Hey :)01:54
* genii makes more coffee01:54
Duel-Travishow did u do that01:54
* MangaKaDenza makes a genii 01:56
geniiWell, I ground up the beans, then I brought the waqter to just under boiling point. Then I put the grounds in the french press, added the water, let it ssoak for about 60 seconds, then pressed the plunger down carefully.01:57
geniiDuel-Travis: To answer your previous question .. I ground up the beans, then I brought the water to just under boiling point. Then I put the grounds in the french press, added the water, let it ssoak for about 60 seconds, then pressed the plunger down carefully.01:59
Duel-Travisgenii, mmmm02:00
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DuelBootgenii, New name02:00
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James0rkde keeps defaulting to hdmi audio output. it keeps my analog stereo duplex selection but the 'sound device' returns to HDMI on reboot03:40
James0ri'm trying to either permanently disable HDMI audio out or at least get kmix to give it last priority. I'm using Kubuntu 13.10, any ideas?05:06
valorieJames0r: in systemsettings05:13
valoriesystemsettings: Hardware > Multimedia05:13
James0rvalorie: phonon?05:13
crowellJames0r: pavucontrol05:14
James0rvalorie: yeah i found the options to change devices and what not, problem is it keeps prefering HDMI on reboot05:14
valoriedid you click the save button?05:14
valoriewell, Apply and then OK05:14
valoriepavucontrol is great, but afair it doesn't have you set the default05:15
James0rvalorie: yeah. but i think it's making HDMI preferred because it recognizes it after, maybe also something about changing irq or something? anyway i just change the /etc/pulse/default.pa not to switch on HDMI connect so i'll restart and check it05:16
valorieit seems to me that there is a general problem with getting systemsettings to properly save state05:17
valoriefor hardware, at least05:17
valorieI keep hearing complaints both here and in #kde05:17
wafflejockvalorie: I don't think I've really had problems except for this bug where I get a CRTC error if I have both my HDMI and my VGA hooked up when I boot cause the LCD is on too and for some reason the three monitors causes the problem05:19
meoblast001does anyone know how to set the pairing passkey? my phone found my machine but i have no way to know what the passkey is05:20
meoblast001i'm using standard KDE bluetooth utils05:20
James0rnice that did the trick!05:20
James0rnow just gotta figure out why kubuntu hangs on logout/restart05:23
wafflejockJames0r: dmesg may help06:16
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James0rcan someone help me with using dmesg to figure out a hanging issue after logout07:29
lordievaderGood morning.07:30
wafflejocklordievader: good evening07:35
wafflejockJames0r: you should probably post your dmesg output to pastebin and indicate what you believe to be the problem07:36
James0rwafflejock: actually using dmesg is where i'm stuck. how can i use it to log what's going on when i attempt to logout and log back in?07:37
lordievaderHey wafflejock, how are you?07:37
wafflejocklordievader: good getting a bit tired, but good thx07:37
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wafflejockJames0r: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9533708/how-to-read-ring-buffer-within-linux-kernel-space not sure exactly this infor may help though07:43
wafflejockJames0r: /var/log/syslog07:46
James0rwafflejock: thx i'll check it07:49
wafflejockJames0r: np07:51
James0rwafflejock: there a way to see where i last logged out?07:51
James0rwafflejock: http://pastebin.com/CTVBvXkf07:58
James0ri'm not seeing anything that jumps out07:59
wafflejockJames0r: not sure like you said nothing really standing out... also not sure about any extra options to see exactly when it is you logged out aside from trying to match up timestamps08:03
James0rwafflejock: yeah maybe i should logout again and mark the time08:20
nafg__Hello, I am going through nightmares trying to customize the ubuntu installer08:34
lordievaderHey nafg__, What is it that you want to customize?08:36
nafg__Hi lordievader08:38
nafg__The issue i'm stuck on at the moment is the post install script. It's a ubiquity based ISO (testing it in VirtualBox atm), and it's not running it08:38
lordievadernafg__: A modified iso? Does the normal iso run correctly?08:39
nafg__In the preseed i have08:39
nafg__ubiquityubiquity/success_command string /cdrom/postinstall.sh08:39
nafg__It's not very modified. It runs "correctly," except for this modification for instance08:40
lordievadernafg__: But does the normal (unmodified) iso install correctly?08:41
nafg__Where would I see output from it? Is it logged somewhere08:41
nafg__Yes, it does, I just said that.08:41
nafg__it installs even modified.08:41
nafg__it just doesn't get my customization08:41
lordievadernafg__: Ah, I'm starting to understand. You want an install that is modified to your taste from the first boot?08:43
nafg__wdym by 'first boot'?08:43
nafg__I want a script to run after it's installed08:44
lordievadernafg__: The first time you boot your freshly installed os. Or am I on the wrong track?08:44
nafg__lordievader: that would be fine, i guess that 's the ultimate goal08:44
nafg__but it's not what I'm saying08:44
nafg__Are you familiar with presseeding?08:45
lordievadernafg__: No, I'm not. Sorry.08:45
nafg__do you have some suggestion in mind?08:45
lordievadernafg__: I'd make a customization script. Install the os like normal. Copy the script, run it and reboot.08:46
nafg__lordievader: the problem is we need this to happen on a large number of machines, so that would total a lot of work08:47
nafg__Also the machine would ideally not have an ordinary log in08:47
nafg__ideally not need ...08:48
lordievaderWas afraid you would say that.08:48
lordievadernafg__: Have you read this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization#Modify_installer_behaviour_using_a_Preseed_file08:48
nafg__although they describe the alternate installer, and there don't seem to be any alternate desktop downloads for saucy atm08:50
lordievadernafg__: Well you could go and ask around in #ubuntu, perhaps the folk there knows.08:50
nafg__i did08:50
James0ri found a line in my system log that looks to be the culprit. not sure what to do with it though. it's : Nov 19 15:21:13 james-X45C kernel: [ 2219.886699] tty_ldisc_hangup_halt: waiting (Xorg) for tty7 took too long, but we keep waiting...09:18
nafg__OKAY lordievader thank G-d it's working! I had to change the line to bash scriptname rather than just scriptname (perhaps due to lack of +x mode)09:22
lordievadernafg__: Good to hear that you succeeded :)09:24
excognachi all anybody knows a good dvd designer? (not cover, the disc itself)09:42
ovidiu-florinhello world10:20
ovidiu-florinhow do I search for a specific font? I want a few specific fonts, how do I find the package that has them?10:20
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Apt-file?10:21
ovidiu-florinI've tried aptitude search10:22
neo__wake up...10:22
lordievaderovidiu-florin: With apt-file you can search for files, it will tell you from what package they come.10:28
ovidiu-florinthank you10:28
ovidiu-florinI think I've found it10:28
ovidiu-florinI can't find th e font Linux Libertine Mono10:38
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BluesKajHey all12:26
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ovidiu-florinakonadi keeps messing up and I get this error: http://pastebin.kde.org/phcyl1tug#line-8 how can I resolve this?13:13
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lordievaderGood afternoon.13:19
lordievaderHey James0r, how are you?13:20
James0rend of the day, put the kid to bed and have a beer in my hand, so pretty good.13:21
James0rhow bout you?13:21
lordievaderJames0r: Doing pretty good :)13:22
James0ranyone have issues with the muon update manager? either takes forever to find updates or never finishes looking13:22
BluesKajsuggests using apt-get in the terminal, James0r , it's more stable , thsy both use the dpkg system anyway , but without the muon GUI it's a direct command13:25
James0rBluesKaj: does apt-get update do the same thing? i always thought apt-get update just updated the list of packages available on the repos13:25
BluesKajyes , it does the same thing , sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade , or you can separate those 2 commands to see what is about to be installed/upgraded , James0r13:27
lordievaderBetter to use "sudo apt-get update&&sudo apt-get upgrade" that way the apt-get upgrade command will only be run when apt-get update has succesfully completed.13:30
BluesKajlordievader. never had a problem with the command i posted13:32
James0rlordievader: yeah i knew about && but hadn't seen the semi-colon before, BluesKaj , interesting to know that there is another way to concatenate  (if that's the word) the commands together13:33
James0rso the semi-colon will run them symultaneously ?13:34
lordievaderJames0r: No, that says run this command next. Doesn't matter if the first completed succesfully or not.13:34
James0rlordievader: by that you mean the semi-colon?13:35
James0ryou guys have any idea what this is referring too? tty_ldisc_hangup_halt: waiting (Xorg) for tty7 took too long, but we keep waiting...13:36
James0rit's in my system log where i get a hang up on logout.13:36
lordievaderJames0r: Yes. The semicolon doesn't care about the previous command && does.13:36
James0rannoying the crap out of me that i can use the logout feature without hanging on a black screen13:36
James0rlordievader: gotcha.13:36
lordievaderJames0r: Display driver that is not responding?13:37
BluesKajok lordievader , good to know about the ; not waiting for the update to complete , however i've never run into a problem withit , altho i have to admit i don't use the 2 commands in a string very often13:38
James0ryeah? i have integrated intel adapter. never had issues before yesterday. been using Linux Mint KDE and others without issues.13:39
James0rlordievader: there way to check if i have the best driver for my adapter?13:39
lordievaderBluesKaj: It waits for it to complete, but if there are errors apt-get upgrade will still be executed. With && apt-get upgrade will not be executed if apt-get update errors.13:39
BluesKajwith intel graphics it's pretty cut and dried , James0r , there aren't many driver options13:40
lordievaderJames0r: pastebin the output of: lspci -k |grep -A 2 VGA13:40
BluesKajok lordievader , thanks13:41
James0rlordievader: http://pastebin.kde.org/patf5s1hs13:42
James0rBluesKaj: yeah that's what i've heard13:43
lordievaderUsually Intel things work fine, but I've seen cases where the driver didn't load for some reason.13:43
lordievaderJames0r: But in your case the correct driver seems to be loaded.13:44
James0rlordievader: okay. thats one thing to check off13:44
James0rthe day before this hangup happened i installed the package to get size and orientation to manipulate my dual monitors13:45
James0rsorta doubting that had much to do with this though13:45
James0rcan't think of anything else i did graphics/monitors wise13:45
BluesKajJames0r. seems I saw a similar complaint yesterday , does,  sudo halt , in the trerminal work ?13:47
James0rBluesKaj: it seemed to suspend and then leave me with the Kubuntu boot up screen13:51
James0ri imagine that command should completely shut you down?13:51
BluesKajyes , halt= shutdown13:53
lordievaderDon't forget the -p flag.13:54
James0ri'm getting a lot of "Nov 19 20:51:16 james-X45C NetworkManager[998]: <warn> nl_recvmsgs() error: (-33) Dump inconsistency detected, interrupted"13:55
James0rin my system log13:55
James0rgonna try to logout again and check the log13:56
BluesKajok bbl , gotta check my backup OS and reboot due to new kernel install13:56
James0ryeah this looks to be defintely the culprit Nov 19 20:56:37 james-X45C kernel: [  418.370768] tty_ldisc_hangup_halt: waiting (Xorg) for tty7 took too long, but we keep waiting...14:02
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lordievaderHey Izan15:42
Izansome help for level01 ?15:42
lordievaderIzan: Level01? Could you describe your problem in a bit more detail?15:42
geniiIzan: Best to just say your issue to the channel and then someone may be able to assist15:43
lordievaderAlso usefull to remain in channel...15:46
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit15:53
* genii jiggles the internets15:55
* mastermentor grins16:10
jtheuerhi, I try to install kubuntu from usb stick to a small partition. It says "X has at least 5.8 gb"… and the "Continue" button is disabled. How can I install kubuntu on a small disk? I only need a few packages (basic kde)16:24
BluesKajjtheuer. you probly need at least 15G for proper installl, , that will leave about 8-9G for other data , an you'll have to run autoremove and auto clean every week or so if you update/upgrade weekly16:27
ubottudebootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information16:27
geniijtheuer: Even for an absolute minimal install of Kubuntu you're looking at around 4 to 6G partition size16:29
jtheuerBluesKaj, The live system only needs 680GB I'm sure I don't need more….16:29
BluesKajjtheuer. live system yes , but a permanent install is different16:30
BluesKajto the hdd or ssd media16:30
geniiActually the live system is more like 1G16:31
[Raiden]BluesKaj: try to find miniiso and install without gui ( see f-keys on boot menu).  Then install kde...16:35
gasshohow do you take a picture with a built in camera16:35
geniigassho: Use something like cheese or vlc16:36
BluesKaj[Raiden]. it's not me that wants the minimal install , it's jtheuer16:37
jtheuerthanks, I'll try16:38
[Raiden]ok )16:38
TaduroWhat I'm doing → http://susepaste.org/91071708 What the computer is doing → http://susepaste.org/5919401116:56
TaduroCan you tell me, please, what I have to do to understand why is that happening?16:56
PiciTaduro: You may want to look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/16:58
TaduroPici: thanks for that hyperlink but... My computer is working slow, really. That's why I checked the ram.17:02
TaduroPici: http://paste.kde.org/pd87bda5017:03
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tsimpsonit's showing you have 720MB available for use17:12
Taduro__tsimpson: I have 2GB17:23
tsimpsonTaduro__: yes, I mean available, as in ready, for use by applications. ie free17:24
Taduro__tsimpson: But look what I'm doing → http://susepaste.org/9107170817:25
Taduro__2GB and I can only use 700MB(?)17:25
Taduro__Memòria means memory17:25
Taduro__(pretty the same)17:26
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TaduroSoo.. :/17:47
lordievaderTaduro: This laptop has 2Gb as well, currently 105Mb is free and 774Mb is free but used for cache/buffer.17:50
Taduro___i'm back18:01
Taduro___I missed something?18:01
lordievaderTaduro___: Have you seen my message?18:01
Taduro___lordievader: No :/18:04
lordievaderTaduro: This laptop has 2Gb as well, currently 105Mb is free and 774Mb is free but used for cache/buffer.18:07
Taduro_lordievader: It's a litle harder to accept that but... well..18:14
lordievaderTaduro_: Just to show that your figure is not unlikely. KDE is quite resource hungry.18:15
Taduro__lordievader: And is there a way to get KDE eating less machine?18:32
lordievaderTaduro__: Not sure if the low-fat package still exists: http://shaforostoff.blogspot.nl/2012/04/making-kubuntu-use-less-memory.html18:38
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jtheuerso, I now have a minimal kde (netinstall + kdm + kwin) what package do I need to login and have "a window manager and K menu"? (I only have failsafe right now and a "default" session that is just black)19:00
dougljtheuer, why didn't you just do the standard install from the live cd?19:15
Cawahi guys, i have problem instaling the php5-gd19:20
Cawaphp5-gd requier php5-common (= 5.5.3+dfsg-1ubuntu2) but 5.5.4+dfsg-1+debphp.org~raring+1 was installed19:21
lordievader!info php5-common raring19:22
ubottuphp5-common (source: php5): Common files for packages built from the php5 source. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.9-4ubuntu2.3 (raring), package size 419 kB, installed size 951 kB19:22
lordievaderCawa: Did you install a ppa for php?19:23
lordievader!info php5-gd raring19:23
ubottuphp5-gd (source: php5): GD module for php5. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.9-4ubuntu2.3 (raring), package size 33 kB, installed size 132 kB19:23
Cawalordievader: yes19:26
Cawalordievader: # deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ondrej/php5/ubuntu raring main19:28
lordievaderCawa: There you go, your ppa is conflicting with the ubuntu repos. Apts solution: not to install.19:28
Cawaso i can't install GD?19:29
MangaKaDenzaoh dear19:29
MangaKaDenzaI installed Ubuntustudio out of curiosity... and now...19:29
MangaKaDenzamy system fonts are screwed up19:29
MangaKaDenzaso, what do I do?19:30
Cawatheres a pakage php5-gd -5.5.4+dfsg-1+debphp.org~precise+119:30
MangaKaDenzalemme try something19:32
lordievaderCawa: You can, but you have to revert back to the repo.19:32
Cawathe php repo?19:32
lordievaderCawa: Sorry, you have to revert back to the default Ubuntu repos.19:33
Cawaohh i see19:34
MangaKaDenzathese fonts are still here19:35
MangaKaDenzaand I checked system settings19:35
MangaKaDenzaall of the fonts save monospace, are set to Segoe UI19:35
MangaKaDenzacan anybody help?19:37
MangaKaDenzacuz I don't want to reinstall... again19:37
WiGustHow to fix the black text on brown background in gtk apps? http://itmag.es/4it0119:38
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jarkkowhy keyboard doesnt save itsself?19:55
jarkkoi h19:55
jarkkoi have to type setxkbmap fi19:55
crowelljarkko: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration19:56
jarkkothanks will try that a bit later19:57
jarkkois it known issue or just me?19:57
jarkkokubuntu 13.1019:57
crowellthe keymap that you choose on install should stay19:58
jarkkoi have had that issue before too on kubuntu19:58
jarkkodont know why19:58
jarkkoi made the reconfigure19:58
jarkkoit asks quite much questions19:58
crowellI don't know, I just use a qwerty usa layout19:58
jarkkoit doesnt ask so much on install19:59
jarkkoi used defaults19:59
jarkkohow did you remember that setting?19:59
crowellI am not sure, I only use qwerty20:03
rodniceFirst time I turned on my laptop in 2 weeks.  Audio does not seem to be working now.  Is there a way to reinstall something to have it work again?20:29
JohnDoe_DKGood Evening!20:29
rodniceNot sure if it died after I did the Kubuntu upgrade20:29
rodniceSolved: unbelievable... "pulseaudio -k" seemed to have worked, although I'm not sure why yet20:33
JohnDoe_DKAnyone who can tell me how to speed up boot time on Kubuntu?21:08
crowellJohnDoe_DK: do you have multicore cpu?21:09
JohnDoe_DKyup crowell21:10
crowellwhoops, what I was remembering is apparently obsolete :|21:10
JohnDoe_DKOk. No hard feelings ;)21:10
crowelle4rat might be what you're looking for though21:11
geniiJohnDoe_DK: You can add one-time option of: profile    ...to the boot line and it will optimize any old sysvinit scripts and some other small tweaks.21:11
genii( for subsequent boots)21:11
JohnDoe_DKgenii: come again??21:13
JohnDoe_DKcrowell: is it in the repo's?21:14
geniiJohnDoe_DK: When grub menu comes up, just before booting. You edit the line which loads the operating system, adding to the end the word: profile      and then boot with that option one time. It optimizes as I said , the old startup scripts in /etc/init.d directory, plus some other small stuff.21:14
geniiGenerally see 7-10% boot time decrease21:15
JohnDoe_DKgenii: Okay, just the word "profile" and then boot?21:15
crowellgenii: I don't think it is in the repos21:15
crowellJohnDoe_DK: ^^21:15
crowellit also is only useful if you have an HDD, _NOT_ as SSD21:16
geniiJohnDoe_DK: Just the word "profile" yes.21:16
JohnDoe_DKgenii: Ill try that. crowell: I dont have SSD. Its an eee pc21:17
crowellgenii: then you can check it here http://rafalcieslak.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/e4rat-decreasing-bootup-time-on-hdd-drives/21:17
crowellthe arch wiki gives better information21:17
crowellbut much of that is not relevant to a ubuntu install21:18
kmtanyone here21:21
JohnDoe_DKOkay. I'll try e4rat.21:21
kmtplease provide me information about installing amd/intel hybird graphic driver in ubuntu 12.4.3 lts?21:24
JohnDoe_DKJust one more question: Would it be a good thing to boot up with the profile option before using e4rat?21:24
crowellprobably a good idea to see bootgraph or whatever it is called21:25
crowellthat's it21:25
JohnDoe_DKwhat is bootchart?21:29
JohnDoe_DKsorry for being noobish :O21:29
ubottubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot21:30
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Roeythis class of organism is defined by having a cell nucleus bounded by a membrane..22:46
ss_hazewazzup kubunties22:46

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