StevenKwgrant: So we have this thing, utilities/massage-bug-import-xml, which hardcodes python2.6. It is untested, and only mentioned by our bug import docs. Shall I just move it to lp-dev-utils, or fix it to not hardcode?04:10
wgrantStevenK: I'd just fix it tno hardcode for now.04:57
lifelesswgrant:  / StevenK: so the bug about python tracker imports06:22
lifelessI don't understand why we'd treat a terminal state in the upstream tracker as non-terminal in Launchpad06:23
wgrantlifeless: I thought we had agreement that it should be Fix Released06:23
lifelesswgrant: yes, but I thought I saw barry commenting something against that06:24
lifelessso cool06:24
StevenKYeah, I asked barry06:24
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