stokachuhas there been any discussion on porting launchpadlib to python3?00:27
wgrantstokachu: It's mostly awkward because the lazr.restfulclient tests depend on bits of Zope that aren't yet quite ported.00:31
stokachuah ok00:32
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mgedminquestion about linking launchpad bugs with upstream bugs:07:12
mgedminwhy must I specify a "project" (what even is a project)?  why can't I just paste the URL to the upstream bug and have Launchpad figure out everything else automatically?07:12
mgedmine.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/postgrey/+bug/98178907:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 981789 in postgrey (Ubuntu) "Postgrey does not stop" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:13
mgedminI gave up trying to link things because it asked me for a project, and 'postgrey' is apparently not a project07:13
mgedminalso 'debian' doesn't appear to be a project either07:13
wgrantDebian's a distribution07:13
wgrantYou'd need to register a placeholder project for postgrey in order to create a second task referencing the upstream bug.07:14
mgedminthat's actually a good point07:14
wgrantIf you mention the upstream bug URL in a comment, Launchpad will link to it and track its status in the sidebar, but it's not possible to add another row to the task table without having the project or distribution registered in Launchpad.07:14
mgedminoh, cool!07:16
wgrantThe Debian task has synced now, I see.07:16
mgedminlinking/status tracking is the important part; I just didn't know Launchpad could do that without displaying a row in the task table07:16
mgedminI added the Debian task when you told me it was a distro and not a project :)07:17
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facundobatistahi all!14:19
dobeyhi facundobatista14:27
facundobatistahola dobey :)14:31
dobeyque paso? :)14:32
facundobatistadobey, I'm sending mails to a LP private mail list, nobody is receiving it and I'm not seeing it in the list archive... however I still not sure if this is the proper place to ask :)14:34
dobeyfacundobatista: is it a new list?14:35
dobeyi don't know if anyone is around that could help with that. it might be best to ping a webops person14:36
facundobatistadobey, thanks14:37
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linuxtechThe DPL talked about a how-can-i-help package at http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2013/11/msg00000.html and it uses a Debian bug tag gift, and stores the data in a little json file, to ask for help with particular packages.  Does Ubuntu and Launchpad have an appropriate tag that could be used for something similar in Ubuntu?  Does something like it already exist in Ubuntu?23:22

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