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jammwhudson: poke about your recent patches07:21
rvbagmb: I'm done with the commissioning tests; where are you at with the enlistment test?  We should probably briefly talk about that because I suspect those tests are almost identical.07:50
rvbaRe: "allenap | 17:58:18> rvba: What's the direct_network setting for in maas-test?"07:51
rvbaallenap: that's the definition of the node's network, the one MAAS' DHCP manages.  If you leave it blank '' will be used, but you might want to use a specific network for some reason, hence the presence of the (optional) parameter.07:52
rvbagmb: commissioning *test*07:57
bigjoolsrvba: can gmb give you his tests migration task? I want him to sort out a caching proxy.08:01
rvbabigjools: no problem08:01
bigjoolsrvba: you are great08:01
gmbrvba: I haven't gotten much further than the code you passed me yesterday — it was close to my EoD and the MTTF on this has been killing me.08:02
bigjoolsnow, I need to know why allenap put "str=None" in the templates for our code08:02
gmbbigjools: To force us to use unicode and byte strings?08:02
bigjoolssince I think I need it to convert a byte to a char08:02
bigjoolsmore to the point, I have a bytes buffer from a DHCP server08:03
bigjoolsand 4 of those bytes are an IP address I want to get out of it08:03
bigjoolsstr(byte) works perfectly.08:03
rvbagmb: all right, no worries.  Like I said, the enlistment test is very similar to the commissioning test.  I'm counting on you for the review though ;)08:03
gmbrvba: Deal.08:03
gmbrvba: bigjools and I have agreed that I'm about to engage in anger-driven development to make maas-test faster — or at least more informative.08:04
* gmb *cracks knuckles*08:04
rvbaSounds like a very good idea.08:04
* bigjools winces08:04
bigjoolsrvba: yeah it sounds like you are hacking around slowness at the moment08:05
bigjoolshence me wanting gmb to do this proxy08:05
bigjoolssince I believe that's what everyone said was best ;)08:05
rvbaI agree :).08:06
allenapbigjools: bytes is a synonym for str in Python 2.09:22
bigjoolsallenap: I can't do a straight replacement though, my code fails09:25
bigjoolsgood morning BTW09:25
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allenapbigjools: Morning! Want to share you code and I'll take a look?09:25
bigjoolsallenap: in Python3 I can do:09:26
bigjoolsbuffer = b'\x10\x00\x00\xaa'09:26
bigjoolsand then something like09:27
bigjools'.'.join(str(byte) for byte in buffer)09:27
bigjoolset voila I get an IP09:27
mwhudsonjam: oops, bed time09:35
jammwhudson: np. I think I've queued all your stuff to land09:35
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bigjoolsallenap: gah only python3 has an ipaddress module10:05
rvbabigjools: just use netaddr then.10:05
rvba(If that suits your needs)10:05
bigjoolsrvba: where?10:06
rvbaWhat do you mean "where?"?10:06
bigjoolswhere is netaddr?10:06
bigjoolshmm maybe socket.inet_ntoa10:07
rvbaWe use it in MAAS already.10:07
bigjools>>> socket.inet_ntoa(buffer[245:249])10:08
bigjoolsallenap: FYI ^10:09
allenapbigjools: Yay!10:09
bigjoolsallenap: is it worth me taking the time to make a class look like a byte buffer or should I just stick with a property on the class to get the buffer out ...?10:11
bigjoolsallenap: also this worked: '.'.join('%d' % ord(char) for char in buffer[245:249])10:20
* bigjools EODs10:20
allenapbigjools: Stick a property on.10:22
gmbrvba: mass-test took 34m41.123s from start to test_dummy() on Canonistack lcy01. Haven't got timings for individual components yet but packages + PXE files definitely took the longest, anecdotally.10:57
gmbThat was with trunk, btw.10:57
rvbagmb: it took 40m5.924s to running locally (and I don't have the same bandwidth canonistack has *including* the enlistment and the commissioning tests.11:30
rvbagmb: care to have a look btw? https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas-test/real-tests/+merge/19574811:30
gmbrvba: Interesting. And it looks like uvt-kvm create tends to get stuck in a read() for long periods of time; can't figure out why yet.11:47
gmbrvba: Anyway, I'll look at your branch now.11:47
* gmb -> lunch and errands12:04
HumpyDumpyI just installed ubuntu MAAS, logged in for the first time to the web gui, and it says I have no boot images13:35
HumpyDumpyhow do I get them, do i do it from the gui or from command line?13:36
HumpyDumpycos I don't want to break my srv13:36
HumpyDumpylook at that and help humpy13:41
HumpyDumpyit's ok, false alarm... i googled it13:43
matsubaraHumpyDumpy, yes, you can trigger that with the command line or from the gui. (through the cli, run as root maas-import-pxe-files or click the Import boot images in the web ui)13:54
HumpyDumpyyay, someone woke up13:54
HumpyDumpywhat PXE settings do I need in my windows dhcp to make MAAS work?13:55
HumpyDumpyOMG how many boot files are there13:57
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HumpyDumpyi got my first srv up and running, trying to add a node to it, the node is accepted and ready to do it's thing, but i can't PXE boot it, it's timing out.16:28
HumpyDumpythey talk about avahiboot but i can't find anything on it16:29
HumpyDumpyi added in my dhcp the boot ip for the maas srv and filename16:29
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HumpyDumpyi had to restart the pserv16:57
HumpyDumpyi got a node installed now16:58
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bigjoolsHumpyDumpy: looking at backscroll, I suggest you read http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs21:57
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