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wilee-nileesabgenton, I do08:33
sabgentonhows it faring?08:33
wilee-nileesabgenton, Good so far, no real problems, I have a intel graphic set up though.08:34
sabgentonwilee-nilee: on a usability scale08:34
wilee-nileesabgenton, I use it daily, but it is one of 3 linux OS on the HD.08:35
sabgentonwilee-nilee: cool I'll wack it into a VM08:35
sabgentonwilee-nilee: what your other two?08:35
wilee-nileesabgenton, Probably the best place.08:35
sabgentonif it works well enough I'll use it as a vm webserver till it goes gold08:36
sabgentonwilee-nilee: what are your other two distros if i can ask?08:37
wilee-nileesabgenton, Install it and make a copy of the image, I use vbox and a vdi, then you have a backup.08:37
sabgentonwhy make a copy I will run it off the iso08:37
wilee-nileesabgenton, All ubuntu 12.04 and 13.10, I used to run the other distros but don't really bother now.08:38
wilee-nileesabgenton, I have it installed.08:38
wilee-nileeand reboot all daily08:38
wilee-nileeupdate/upgrades is all08:39
wilee-nileeI have w8.1 on there to, for word only really08:39
sabgentondoes apt-get upgrade work ok with  dailys?08:39
wilee-nileesabgenton, I would not on a iso08:40
wilee-nileeyou can but kernel upgrades are not really suggested is all08:40
sabgentonno sorry mean I would install of the iso08:40
sabgentonsorry said that wrong08:40
sabgentoninstall to vm08:40
wilee-nileesabgenton, I upgrade the installs every day, I have them all cloned, especially the development, I would rather reload that 10 min compared to a install and re-figure about 45 min.08:41
sabgentonwilee-nilee: I'm more asking can you just apt-get upgrade it rather than downloading another daily and another and so on08:41
wilee-nileesabgenton, Ah, oh yes.08:41
wilee-nileeall the way to release08:42
wilee-nileeThe general rhetoric on the development is don;t have it as you main install is all.08:42
sabgentonwilee-nilee: well thanks anyway the fact your runing it without the need to tell me it crashes every two minutes is good enough for my needs08:52
wilee-nileehehe, so good so far sabgenton08:53
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BluesKajHey all12:27
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lfaraoneDoes anybody have experience running VMWare Workstation on Trusty?18:29
wilee-nileelfaraone, This is a development only what maybe a month old I doubt it, in general you state the issue for help anyway18:43
wilee-nileeto the channel not me18:43
lfaraonewilee-nilee: "will it work?", basically.18:43
wilee-nileelfaraone, vbox should vmware, never used it myself18:44
wilee-nileeYOu may have to tell us ;)18:44
elfysergiobenrocha2: and you'll see me in here as well :)18:58
sergiobenrocha2ok, thanks!19:00
wilee-nileeyo ho ho elfy19:00
elfysergiobenrocha2: so basically - if you go to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds and drill down to Xubuntu - that WILL be 14.04 xubuntu19:01
elfyI've been using it for a couple of weeks now19:01
elfyhi wilee-nilee19:01
wilee-nileeelfy, Hi, never sen that site for de on the development, cool19:02
sergiobenrocha2elfy: great19:02
elfywilee-nilee: really? you seen the packages one? http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/306/builds19:03
wilee-nileeelfy, I have just grabbed the daily.19:03
wilee-nileeubuntu, but I use the shell in general19:03
wilee-nileemore than just de I see now19:04
elfysergiobenrocha2: and to hear what's going on and when I'm shouting for people to test things - join this mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-devel19:05
wilee-nileedran close button19:05
sergiobenrocha2elfy: i subscribed, thanks19:08
sergiobenrocha2I think xubuntu is great, mainly (for me) for games, but there is something that could be improved... if 13.10 get more polished, it could be a good LTS19:11
sergiobenrocha2like sound indicator plugin in top panel... it does not work, there is a workaround to this, but no update yet here...19:13
elfysergiobenrocha2: that 'might' get backported, but 14.04 should be getting gtk3 indicators19:39
sergiobenrocha2so 14.04 will use xfce 4.12? because it plans to use gtk3 things19:45
elfysergiobenrocha2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/19:46
sergiobenrocha2elfy: ok, is possible that I create an wishlist in launchpad, and appears in this page, if the feature is good?19:52
elfymmm - not sure what you mean19:52
geniisergiobenrocha2: If your feature request gets implemented, you'll know about it because launchpad emails you when a bug is added to or changed, or fixed, etcand noted in the report you originally made.19:56
sergiobenrocha2like create a new launcher in xfce panel, I right-click, then "Add new item" in context menu, then "Add new item" window appears, I click in Launcher, and then is created an empty launcher icon. But this could be more friendly if  "Properties" window opens after those things I did, for the user add an app launcher in the empty icon. I don't know if this is upstream20:00
elfydo you? I drag from the menu to the panel and say yes :)20:01
elfysergiobenrocha2: the best place to talk about these specific Xubuntu issues is actually in our channel #xubuntu-devel20:02
sergiobenrocha2oh, ok20:02
elfyand check out http://xubuntu.org/contribute/20:02
elfysergiobenrocha2: sorry - for moving you about channels - but as the chat moved on it become more apparent what you needed to be talking about20:03
sergiobenrocha2no problems, better for me20:03
sergiobenrocha2so this ubuntu+1 is for core packages, for example? things in common with all ubuntu derivates?20:04
knomehello elfy!20:06
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