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TLoT|phoneIt's probably just because I haven't had my coffee yet but I'd like to get a little bit of help here, I've got a bug filed against nginx asking for versions with spdy support.  It's in saucy and trusty (1.4.x) but not in earlier versions, and I'm pretty certain there isn't gonna be a version bump there...14:22
TLoT|phonewhat's the status end up as for this, then?14:22
TLoT|phone(not my bug, just was on my "priority triage" radar this morning)14:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 1252698 in nginx (Ubuntu) "Add support to spdy in any flavour of nginx" [Wishlist,New]14:23
hggdhTLoT|phone: what do you mean by "pretty certain there is not going be a version bump"? precise runs the same version?14:23
hggdhTLoT|phone: or is it that you can backport the "fix" to precise's nginx's version?14:24
TLoT|phonehggdh: there is no "fix" it's a whole nginx version bump from whatever is in other releases to 1.4.1 or newer14:25
TLoT|phonethe support wasn't added until 1.4.x, pre saucy doesn't have that14:25
hggdhTLoT|phone: then it is a backport...14:25
TLoT|phoneI could probably get 1.4.3 back ported but that doesn't fix the bug report14:26
hggdhlet me read the thing14:26
TLoT|phoneand the nginx team PPA already has 1.4.3 in the interim14:26
TLoT|phonehggdh: I'm just stuck on where its status goes from here14:26
TLoT|phonefor saucy or trusty it's already fix released14:26
hggdhand -extras *does* have the module, I guess14:27
TLoT|phoneit does14:27
TLoT|phoneconfirmed it myself14:27
TLoT|phonethere is a Debian bug about the -extras description not having it listed14:27
hggdhthen it is going to be a backport proposal -- bringing 1.4.? to the precise backports repository14:27
TLoT|phoneor at least there was...14:28
TLoT|phonehggdh: then we have a problem14:28
TLoT|phonehggdh: until they fix the backports can't build dep on backports thing...14:28
TLoT|phone1.4.3 will FTBFS with a dele air14:28
TLoT|phonedep-wait *14:28
TLoT|phone(autocorrect needs to die)14:28
hggdhthere is a dependency that needs to be release-bumped?14:29
TLoT|phonea dependency that doesn't exist in p, q, or r14:29
hggdhthen it would also have to be backported :-)14:29
TLoT|phonehggdh: did you miss the backports can't build-dep on backports thing?14:30
hggdhthis is one of the problems with backporting, it may end up needing other dependencies, which will have to be built first14:31
TLoT|phonebecause that's been a bug for a while14:31
hggdhTLoT|phone: yes, I missed it14:31
TLoT|phoneknown bug even14:31
hggdhthen this is dead, until somebody comes up with a solution/bypass. infinity might know14:31
hggdhTLoT|phone: a good place to ask is #ubuntu-release14:32
mitya57that's bug 88866514:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 888665 in Launchpad itself "Backports can't build-depend on other backports" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88866514:32
TLoT|phonehggdh: ok, the issue is that there's a known issue where backports can't build-dep on backports14:33
TLoT|phoneand we'd need a dependency pulled from saucy into p, q, and r14:33
TLoT|phonebefore we can build the thing.14:33
* TLoT|phone ran into this for the PPAs, but that is easy to fix in PPAs14:33
hggdhTLoT|phone: yes, and it *is* assigned to infinity14:33
TLoT|phonenot so much for the actual repos though14:33
TLoT|phonehggdh: back to the bug, where does its status move to now, though?14:33
hggdhTLoT|phone: you could set it to triaged. You know what needs to be done; also, add a comment stating you are stuck on 88866514:34
hggdhit is *still* triaged, but unable to move forward14:34
hggdhTLoT|phone: and ping infinity14:34
TLoT|phonehggdh: I'll ping him after my morning coffee14:34
TLoT|phoneand when I'm not on my phone for IRC14:35
TLoT|phonei'll set it to triaged for now14:35
hggdhTLoT|phone: yeah, reading the bug, I would say the need increases.14:36
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