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BluesKajso there's no #kubuntu-ca .maybe we should apply for one15:35
geniiHeh, maybe15:37
BluesKajseeing that canonical is going in a different direction now15:37
BluesKajor maybe #kde-ca , who knows what will work15:38
geniiBluesKaj: Well, if we have only 27 in this channel, I'm not sure how populated any other one might get.15:40
BluesKajyeah genii , unfortunately15:41
geniiBluesKaj: On a related note, I'm wearing my new Kubuntu shirt today :)15:41
BluesKajshow us :)15:44
geniiBluesKaj: OK, give me a minute :)15:45
geniiBluesKaj: http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=27787915:49
BluesKajgenii. looks cool , probly not available in my size tho :/15:50
BluesKaj<---tall and kinda heavy in the belly :)15:51
geniiBluesKaj: I think next jussi will have some hoodies (hopefully)15:52
BluesKajaltho I'm down to 300 from 32015:53
geniiBluesKaj: Yeah they are sold out now of the polo shirts, just checked at https://holvi.com/shop/Kubuntu15:53
geniiBluesKaj: You should get some exercise soon shovelling when the snow finally hits! ;)15:54
BluesKajgenii. I'm going to start walking again now that my back is so much better15:55
BluesKajbeen lazy this last yr or so15:56
geniiYeah walking is about the best overall, maybe aside from swimming15:56
BluesKajwe have pool facilities available for the townsppl at the sports complex here  , but it's such pita to go thru the rigmarole15:59
geniiNow that I'm not doing physical labour every day I'm starting to notice how out of shape I am and gaining a bit of weight. Since I was always between 125-130 ( for like 30 years ) it feels weird. Not much but I notice it now.. I'm up to 137 atm16:00
BluesKajolder one gets the more difficult to get rid of the excess16:01
geniiGuess I'll have to sign up at the Y for swimming16:02
BluesKajnot fond of chlorinated pools ...swam at the Y for 4 yrs as a kid ... had skin probs for a yr afterwards16:03
geniiI remember my doctor trying to help me put on weight, I was consuming 20,000 to 25,000 calories every day but only went up 3 pounds after a couple months of this.16:04
geniiNow it's just creeping up on me16:04
BluesKajwow , you must mean2000-2500 ?16:04
BluesKajthat's alotta cals16:05
geniiNo, 20 thousand to 25 thousand :) Turns out I have a thyroid situation which makes it almost impossible to gain weight normally16:06
BluesKaj2200 is std requirement for most ppl16:06
BluesKajare you on thyroid meds ?16:06
BluesKajmust be hyper-thyroidism16:07
geniiI was drinking about 15-20 cans of Ensure every day, plus usually a box of cereal in the morning, 2-3 subs at lunch, couple large pizza at dinner, 2 litre containers of ice cream, etc16:07
geniiBluesKaj: Not on meds (currently). My sister has same situation but after she had her kids needed to go on meds for it.16:08
BluesKajthat's alot of processed food , odd that you didn't gain water weight just from the sodium content16:09
geniiI guess hormone changes etc16:09
BluesKajwife is hypo , takes levothyroxin16:09
geniiMy current doctor is more worried about my cholesterol and hypertension16:11
BluesKajyeah , that's probly more important16:12
geniiHeh. I remember when he saw the results of my cholesterol testing, he thought the lab messed up and sent me back for a re-do. And then the second time it was even higher. And then he told me it's the highest bad cholesterol he'd ever seen from someone that wasn't obese.16:15
geniiSo now it's the diet thing, trying not to eat so much garbage, etc16:15
BluesKajIve 'be been on the edge of diabetes for a few yrs now, and my ulcer incident put me over the edge so now I'm looking at watching my diet and blood sugar levels , the fun is over til I get stabliized16:18
BluesKajhavent had a beer in over a month ...wife is convinced it's the beer that's to blame, not my food diet16:19
BluesKaj12beer /wk isn't a ridiculous amount16:20
geniiBeer in moderation isn't bad. A dozen a week is totally fine16:20
geniiA dozen a day, that's another matter....16:20
BluesKajgenii. lots greens and veggies and protein and a few natural carbs is the way to go16:21
geniiMy main problem is I like to eat pork chops :)16:21
BluesKajhehe, a dozen a day, gawd ...don't think I could handle that physically or mentally16:22
BluesKajchops is good , red meat for hemoglobin / iron is important16:23
BluesKajand protein of course16:24
BluesKajcut away the fat , that's all16:24
geniiI have a pretty regular routine of after work on Mon, Wed, Fri to go have 2-3 Guinness around the corner, then home for dinner ( usually something like salmon with spinach and a salad on the side)16:25
geniiIn my 20s the roofing crew I was on, we used to drink insanely every night, so this is a major reduction in alcohol for me!16:26
* BluesKaj nods16:33
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* genii makes another pot of coffee20:51
geniiBobJonkman1: Should it be posted to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ca/ ?20:55
BobJonkman1genii: Yes, I'm just creating an Agenda page now.20:56
geniiOK, cool20:56
BobJonkman1Conveniently, I created a template some time ago. But I'm having a bit of trouble logging in.  The Ubuntu OpenID server isn't responding20:58
BobJonkman1Never mind, I'm in now20:58
geniiOdd, I just logged in without issue.20:58

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