Mirvdidrocks: ok desktop tests went fine (one flaky webbrowser on radeon, not on intel), and there are no packaging changes on ui-toolkit. before I publish, could you take a glance on the slightly worrying looking "duplicate" entries of other packages that I'm not going to publish: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/SDK/job/cu2d-sdk-head-3.0publish/07:48
didrocksMirv: ah, it seems just that the cleanup never happened, not important07:50
didrocksMirv: I suggest that after publishing the sdk, you quick a full stack build to "clean" this up07:51
didrocksMirv: I guess you'll track Mir, just in case there are news? (on your bug, duflu changed the status)07:51
didrocksMirv: do you have a slot available for doing upstart-app-launch?07:54
Mirvdidrocks: yeah, will do. and tracking, duflu is looking at it again after I pinged him.08:01
didrocksMirv: I think we'll kick an image build as soon as you confirm that ubuntu-ui-toolkit is in the release pocket08:01
Mirvdidrocks: ok, I can do the upstart-app-launch at some point today08:02
Mirvdidrocks: the sdk publish job just keeps on timeouting/stalling08:15
didrocksMirv: networking issue?08:15
Mirvdidrocks: maybe, it doesn't say directly http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/SDK/job/cu2d-sdk-head-3.0publish/297/console08:15
Mirvand it's still running after 15 mins08:16
didrocksMirv: not related but why did you list some services, like telephony-service, address-book-app, content-hub and not the rest of daily-release components?08:16
didrockscihelp: any idea? 09:15:05     Mirv | didrocks: the sdk publish job just keeps on timeouting/stalling08:16
didrockscihelp: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/SDK/job/cu2d-sdk-head-3.0publish/297/console08:16
Mirvdidrocks: so I started by listing components that have a QML plugin since I started with the idea of Qt related PPU, but then again most of those have. so in the end it does miss some of the current cu2d packages, and of course any that are added later.08:17
didrocksMirv: ok, let's do it in 2 rounds08:18
didrocksMirv: ok, I hope my comment for your ppu rights will suit you :)08:21
Mirvdidrocks: thanks a lot, it does :)08:22
didrocksgreat, you deserve it ;)08:22
didrocksMirv: oh, it's a token issue08:30
didrocksMirv: seems the launchpad cred was changed08:30
didrocksah, it was, of course, the machine changed08:30
viladidrocks, Mirv : sounds a lot like the slow network issue has reached q-jenkins. I'm waiting for feedback on that, it's high on the priority list AFAIK if not top08:31
didrockscihelp: we need someone having the creds for the ps-jenkins bot08:31
didrocksvila: well, this one is different08:31
didrocksas we changed the machine08:31
didrocksthe launchpad cred is invalidated08:31
didrocksso we need to register this machine for ps-jenkins account08:31
didrocksMirv: I'm killing the job btw, it will hang forever I guess08:32
didrocksMirv: can you relaunch a publication please?08:35
didrocksI'm logged in as ps-jenkins08:35
* didrocks tries to unblock production08:36
didrocksvila: something to add to the list for the migration: ensuring that the launchpad creds (like ps-jenkins) are refreshed08:36
viladidrocks: from the jenkins user ?08:37
didrocksvila: ps-jenkins in launchpad08:37
viladidrocks: lp side yes, but ci side ?08:38
didrocksvila: ci side is using launchpadlib08:38
didrocksunder jenkins@ on the host08:38
didrockswhen using launchpadlib, we need to use the credential of ps-jenkins08:38
didrocksfor being able to do merge proposal08:39
viladidrocks: understood08:39
vilaidcan't remember where those credentials are stored though08:39
didrocksvila: well, cu2d tweaks that08:40
didrocksbut default it's ~/.launchpadlib/08:40
didrockswe changed it to /var/lib/jenkins/cu2d/launchpad.cache08:40
didrocksin cu2d08:40
didrocks(well ~jenkins/cu2d/launchpad.cache)08:41
didrocksset as an env variable08:41
didrocksbut the issue there is that we changed the host08:41
didrocksso the cred is found, but doesn't match08:41
Mirvdidrocks: ok, doing08:42
didrocksok, there is the auth link08:43
didrocksand done!08:43
didrockscihelp: ok, I renewed the creds myself08:43
viladidrocks: how ?08:44
didrocksvila: logged in as ps-jenkins on launchpad08:44
didrocksthen following that job: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/SDK/job/cu2d-sdk-head-3.0publish/298/console08:44
didrocksthere was the authorization link (issued by bzr lp-proposed when using launchpadlib)08:44
Mirvright, now it went through08:44
didrocksclicked on it08:44
didrocksauthorized "until I disable it"08:44
didrocksand then, it went through08:45
MirvI also opened the last link, but hesitated on clicking08:45
didrocksMirv: yep ;)08:45
didrocksMirv: well, you need to be ps-jenkins on launchpad08:45
Mirvdidrocks: yeah, that's what I thought08:45
didrocksotherwise, the MP will fail :)08:45
viladidrocks: and who owns the ps-jenkins credentials on launchpad ?08:45
* didrocks thinks now about delogging as ps jenkins to not post some "good comments" on lauchpad08:45
didrockswhat I did a year ago :p08:45
didrocksvila: I guess it's now you. It was mostly francis and I before08:46
didrocks(you as CI team)08:46
* vila nods08:46
didrocksvila: IIRC, the creds are on the canonical wiki as well08:46
viladidrocks: will check with fginther08:46
didrocksvila: yeah, I have them stored in my browser creds if needed08:47
* didrocks back as "didrocks" in launchpad08:47
viladidrocks: I am not sure you want to give me access to your browser creds ;)08:48
didrocksvila: let me think about it… hum… NO ;)08:48
viladidrocks: as long as q-jenkins is unblocked, I can wait for fginther to sort this out08:49
didrocksright, I didn't want that we loose half a day because of this08:49
viladidrocks: what I don't get is why we didn't run into that earlier. First publication ?08:49
didrocksvila: yeah, first publication08:49
viladidrocks: are there any other... "operation" that hasn't been tried at least once ?08:50
didrocksvila: well, copying to distro (passing the 2 firewalls and so on)08:50
didrocksbut it just succeeded08:50
didrocksvila: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/trusty-changes/2013-November/002397.html08:51
didrocksvila: I think now that Mir is almost fixed and once Mirv finishes upstart-app-launch, we'll start rebuilding everything automatically every 8 hours as we used to08:52
didrocksthat will be the last job to enable08:52
viladidrocks: aka manualpublish=False ?08:53
didrocksvila: no, this only impacts publication08:53
didrocksnot building everything08:54
didrocksbuilding everything is the *build_all jobs08:54
didrockswhich starts building all the stacks in order08:54
viladidrocks: so still manual publishing. Disabling the *build_all was a q-jenkins only change, nothing to look for in any branch right ?08:57
didrocksvila: indeed08:58
viladidrocks: and what was the issue with autopilot-daily-release (sp?) not mentioning the right otto nodes ?08:58
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didrocksvila: not sure to understand, the email I forwarded you or something else?08:59
viladidrocks: almost, haven't seen this email before you mentioned it, topic.pushed09:00
viladidrocks: but same job09:00
didrocksvila: not sure, I didn't look at it. I'll leave it to you guys :)09:01
viladidrocks: yesterday it wasn't using the right nodes in the config matrix, couldn't understand why09:01
didrocksvila: not sure I was aware about that one09:02
didrocksseems the AP tests pass for the sdk here09:02
viladidrocks: we did look at it in https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/CI/NewRelease hence my question, something to add to the playbook when handling cu2d otto nodes no ?09:03
didrocksvila: nothing out the existing instructions as far as I know09:04
viladidrocks: well, I can of answered myself. I just want you to ack that one so I don't search for some script that is updating that job if there is none ;) (Always hard to find something that doesn't exist ;)09:05
didrocksvila: that job was setup initialy by Francis, but I guess he did it manually09:05
viladidrocks: ack, thanks09:06
viladidrocks: thanks for unblocking that ps-jenkins creds issue.09:08
viladidrocks: if we want to get away from such situations, we need to document them, we have enough in the discussion above to do so. That's my whole point: getting things documented so we don't require human intervention from people in other time zones.09:11
didrocksnot sure what that was about, but "ok"09:12
* didrocks told for that on purpose:09:13
didrocks09:36:34 didrocks | vila: something to add to the list for the migration: ensuring that the launchpad creds (like ps-jenkins) are09:13
didrocks                  | refreshed09:13
didrocksso that it was getting noted down09:13
viladidrocks: yup, we're in a violent agreement :)09:13
viladidrocks: I asked for clarifications as it wasn't clear to me what the implications were. Last time I ran into such an issue, I was blocked at not being able to access to the browser referred to in the message. I didn't think about launching the browser myself (and would have been blocked by the lack of ps-jenkins creds anyway)09:16
viladidrocks: so I thought there was another way to do that from a script (apparently not)09:17
didrocksvila: yeah, you would have been blocked by the lack of ps-jenkins creds, but yeah, you can either endure using a local lynx, or use another browser in another machine09:17
didrocksvila: well, it's creds to be acked by a human, I don't think launchpad will like if we screenscrap09:17
viladidrocks: yeah, I may have been tainted by how u1 do that, there is a way to get an oauth token for them09:18
viladidrocks: without using a browser at all, but that's sso not launchpad09:18
didrocksyeah, it's not oauth2, it's a special auth per machine/apps09:19
sil2100Damn, the pl archive mirror is slow as hell...09:30
sil2100Can't upgrade anything09:31
mardyhi! Can someone please modify this job, and remove the online-accounts-qt5-staging PPA from it? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/accounts-qml-module-trusty-amd64-autolanding/1/console09:38
psivaamardy: let me take a look09:45
seb128does anyone knows why CI is not running on https://code.launchpad.net/~agateau/libdbusmenu-qt/cmake-config/+merge/192895 ?10:03
seb128there was a landing failed and a commit to fix it then10:04
seb128but it didn't get retried since10:04
seb128is that part of the infra supposed to be back?10:04
psivaavila: would you mind reviewing the change, https://code.launchpad.net/~psivaa/cupstream2distro-config/remove-online-accounts-qt5-staging-ppa/+merge/195736 for mardy's request above please?10:04
psivaathis is the first time, so apologies if i made any mistakes :)10:05
mardypsivaa: however it goes, thanks a lot! :-)10:06
vilapsivaa: done10:09
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psivaavila: thank you10:10
didrocksMirv: ubuntu-ui-toolkit not there yet?10:16
seb128hello there?10:16
seb128is that the right channel to ask about CI?10:17
psivaaseb128: sorry just looking at your issue10:17
seb128psivaa, hey, thanks!10:18
Mirvdidrocks: autopkgtests still running10:22
didrocksok, let's cross fingers :)10:22
Mirvdidrocks: it seems I'm getting this glitch now both for ui-toolkit (which I approved already manually which worked) and now upstart-app-launch: https://code.launchpad.net/~ps-jenkins/upstart-app-launch/latestsnapshot-0.2+14.04.20131119-0ubuntu1/+merge/19573210:23
Mirvand then for cihelp: can you investigate why http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/SDK/job/cu2d-sdk-head-2.2check/394/console is marked as failure even though the tests were green? is that result file not existing a clue?10:24
didrocksMirv: yeah, check with the CI team I guess (for the glitch as well)10:26
didrocksev: can you add those 2 to the list? it's still blocking/slowing down a lot the deliveries ^10:28
didrocks(understanding the second one, the first one seems a regression since passing on the new infra, and we can't reapprove every failed MP)10:28
psivaaseb128: i've kicked off the job, http://s-jenkins:8080/job/libdbusmenu-qt-autolanding/11/console for more information10:28
seb128psivaa, thanks10:28
evpsivaa: ^ since you're in vanguard mode, would you mind grabbing that one?10:29
psivaaev: doing that10:29
Mirvdidrocks: psivaa: ok, thanks for adding.10:30
evthanks muchly10:32
psivaaMirv: the failure is due to the result file being unavailable, but i'm still looking into why that's unavailable10:40
psivaaMirv: it could be a temp issue, thinking of kicking off the master job again if you are ok with it10:42
Mirvpsivaa: ok, feel free to retry10:44
psivaaMirv: running again, http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/cu2d-sdk-head/443/console10:45
viladidrocks: back to ps-jenkins creds, the cred file is ~jenkins/.cupstream_cred but launchpad needed to be told that the access should be granted from a new host ? (The cred file itself has not been modified since last year)10:47
didrocksvila: ~jenkins/.cupstream_cred is the cu2d cred, not the launchpad cred, right?10:48
didrocksvila: not sure, I don't have access to that file10:48
didrocksvila: but I know that launchpad have creds per machines10:48
didrocksvila: and it seems bzr lp-propose needed that cred10:48
didrockscan only tell you that with the FHS access I have10:49
viladidrocks: well, not sure, but launchpadmanager.py refers to that file so I'd say that's the cu2d creds to access launchpad10:49
didrocksvila: again, it's not cu2d but bzr lp-propose10:49
didrocksat this stage10:49
viladidrocks: ha, then it may not care about the env var used by cu2d, resuming investigations10:50
didrockspsivaa: are you working on the second issue that Mirv discussed and sent to ev? I only see you discussing the -check one10:51
psivaadidrocks: ok, i thought that was the second issue10:52
didrocks11:23:04     Mirv | didrocks: it seems I'm getting this glitch now both for ui-toolkit (which I approved already manually which worked) and now upstart-app-launch:10:53
didrocks                  | https://code.launchpad.net/~ps-jenkins/upstart-app-launch/latestsnapshot-0.2+14.04.20131119-0ubuntu1/+merge/19573210:53
didrocksthat one ^10:53
psivaadidrocks: i'll take a look at that now10:53
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Mirvdidrocks: both ubuntu-ui-toolkit and upstart-app-launch now in release pocket11:05
didrocksMirv: \o/11:06
didrocksogra_: when you are around, mind kicking a build?11:06
ogra_=== Image r24 building ===11:07
didrocksthanks ogra_!11:11
psivaaseb128: just in case you haven't noticed, the jobs succeeded http://s-jenkins:8080/job/libdbusmenu-qt-autolanding/11/console11:20
seb128psivaa, I did notice, thanks!11:20
psivaaseb128: yw11:21
Mirvcihelp still getting "Unable to connect to naartjie:http:" https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-trusty-amd64-autolanding/13/console11:32
Mirvrepeatedly, https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/fix-1252144-v2.trunk/+merge/19571811:32
psivaaMirv: similar issue to what we saw yesterday11:32
psivaaMirv: i'll take a look at that11:32
Mirvthanks psivaa11:33
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retoadedMirv, the node that job was run on should be able to hit naartjie now. Had a static (and old) entry for naartjie in it's /etc/hosts11:46
Mirvthanks retoaded, trying again11:50
retoadedMirv, now as long as the VM doesn't "revert" the /etc/hosts entries right back into place.11:51
psivaaMirv: i already kicked one off11:51
Mirvpsivaa: ok11:51
psivaaand it failed for the same reason..11:51
psivaawhen fginther tried it yetsterday it worked. something flaky.. ill run it again11:52
retoadedpsivaa, did it run on the same host as the previous run?11:52
Mirvit never succeeded at https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/fix-1252144.trunk/+merge/195547 and I ended up merging it manually yesterday11:52
mardypsivaa: are you waiting for more reviews, or can you set https://code.launchpad.net/~psivaa/cupstream2distro-config/remove-online-accounts-qt5-staging-ppa/+merge/195736 as approved?11:54
psivaaMirv: it was an armhf run but failing to reach naartjie was the issue11:54
psivaaretoaded: the nodes were different11:54
psivaamardy: i think i can top approve it too, and merge it11:55
psivaaretoaded: the latest amd64 failure to reach naartjie is from ps-precise-server-amd64-smp-211:56
retoadedpsivaa, my guess would be that the problem is twofold: (1) most of the VMs have an incorrect (old) entry for naartjie in their /etc/hosts file and (2) the VMs that have snapshots will revert back to their original state so removing the entry from a running VM won't necessarily work for the next run11:56
retoadedpsivaa, that would prove point 2 since that was the VM I had just changed.11:57
psivaaretoaded: ohh, so the vms snapshots need to be changed11:58
retoadedpsivaa, for some of these.11:58
psivaaquite a job i suppose11:58
retoadedI'm in ps-precise-server-amd64-smp-2 now and it wasn't reverted and CAN connect to naartjie11:59
psivaamardy: i've merged the change, and kicked off another run http://s-jenkins:8080/job/accounts-qml-module-trusty-amd64-autolanding/2/console12:00
Mirvfeel free to try to get https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/fix-1252144-v2.trunk/+merge/195718 merged12:00
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psivaaretoaded: which host are these ps-precise-server-amd64-smp-2 like vms are on?12:09
mardypsivaa: thanks a lot12:09
ogra_=== Image r24 DONE ===12:14
mardypsivaa: mmm... it seems that the PPA is still there :-( https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Trusty/view/All/job/accounts-qml-module-trusty-amd64-autolanding/lastFailedBuild/console12:15
psivaamardy: yea, looking why the change dint take into effect12:15
psivaaMirv: you might have noticed that http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/cu2d-sdk-head-2.2check/396/console is still having the same issue,12:22
psivaawould need fginther again i'm afraid12:22
psivaamardy: http://s-jenkins:8080/job/accounts-qml-module-trusty-amd64-autolanding/4/console12:23
mardypsivaa: \o/ thanks!!12:24
Mirvpsivaa: yep, please keep that one too on the radar12:26
psivaaMirv: ack. that's on my list to discuss this afternoon.12:27
didrocksev: vila: Mirv: ogra_: coming?13:00
Mirvdidrocks: aha, the new time13:01
cwayne_Mirv, thanks for getting the upstart-app-launch landed :D13:02
Mirvcwayne_: you're welcome13:03
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Ursinhafginther, morning13:59
josephtgood morning13:59
fgintherMirv, psivaa, I found an old /etc/hosts entry that was breaking the mir-autolanding. Re-testing14:03
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sil2100fginther: hello!14:22
didrockscihelp: I can't start http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/All/job/cu2d-build_all-head/, seems the network is timing out14:22
sil2100fginther: do you know if the merger is enabled for unity-scopes-api?14:22
didrockscyphermox: FYI, we are blocked by that ^14:23
cjohnstondidrocks: you can try it again, but we are still having network issues14:23
didrockscjohnston: yeah, so it means we can't start cu2d due to that14:23
cjohnstonwhat's the url it is trying to open?14:23
didrockscjohnston: accessing launchpad it seems from the console14:24
didrockshum, no jenkins in fact?14:24
didrocks    response = self.jenkins_open(urllib2.Request(self.server + JOB_INFO%locals()))14:24
didrocksI bet self.server is refering an old ip14:24
didrockscjohnston: are you handling it or should I? ^14:25
cjohnstondidrocks: I'm looking into it, but don't really know what I'm looking at.. jenkins seems to have the correct address setup14:26
cjohnstonis it in one of the config branches?14:26
fgintherMirv, psivaa, lp:cupstream2distro needs update, it assumes jenkins jobs are archived under “/var/lib/jenkins”. The jenkins root was moved to “/iSCSI/jenkins”14:26
fgintherMirv, psivaa this is causing the cu2d-sdk-head-2.2check failures14:26
didrocksfginther: they are still archived in /var/lib/jenkins, right?14:27
vilafginther: which are both ~jenkins14:27
psivaafginther: ok, thanks14:27
vilafginther: or not ?14:27
didrockscjohnston: I guess it's in cu2d14:27
fginthersil2100, ahh, getting to it now14:27
didrockscjohnston: in the code referenced in the console14:28
didrocks        self.jenkins_url = "%s/job/%%s/buildWithParameters?token=%s" \14:28
didrocks                    % (self.jkcfg['url'], self.jkcfg['token'])14:28
sil2100fginther: thank youu! Could you also do the same for unity-scopes-shell if you have a moment?14:28
didrocksbuilt from JKCFG14:28
didrocks    JKCFG = load_jenkins_credentials(DEFAULT_CREDENTIALS)14:29
xnoxOTA updates should be renamed to "didrocks updates" =)14:29
sil2100fginther: it's not added to cu2d though yet...14:29
kenvandinexnox, indeed14:29
didrocksxnox: heh, seems so ;)14:29
didrocksdef load_jenkins_credentials(path):14:29
didrocks    cred = yaml.load(file(path, 'r'))14:29
didrocksDEFAULT_CREDENTIALS = os.path.expanduser('~/.cu2d.cred')14:29
didrocksok, so that's what need to be updated14:29
didrocksvila: cjohnston: so ~jenkins/.cu2d.cred14:29
didrocksI guess we need to change the url14:30
didrocksso match the new jenkins instance14:30
didrockscan one of you do that please? ^14:30
cjohnstonworkin on it14:32
didrockscjohnston: then, can you try relaunch the job? it should work then14:32
cjohnstonfginther: do you have sudo on q-jenkins?14:33
fginthercjohnston, nope14:33
cjohnstonretoaded: ^14:34
fginthersil2100, do you have an MP for unity-scopes-shell?14:34
retoadedcjohnston, on it14:35
retoadedcjohnston, done14:36
vilacjohnston: we need to document that, I left a req for fginther about lp credentials for ps-jenkins already but this seems to be a new file (and I'm already knee deep in dx-autopilot-nvidia re-provisioning)14:36
fgintherMirv, psivaa, filed a bug for the path update: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cupstream2distro/+bug/125275014:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1252750 in Canonical Upstream To Distro "atest_autopilot_results hardcodes a jenkins root directory" [Undecided,New]14:36
cjohnstonretoaded: while your in there could you please give me sudo?14:37
viladidrocks: how come we're talking about a different creds file  now ? I didn't mention that one this morning because IIRC jibel is mentioned in .cu2d.cred and I thought that was an obsolete file since you unblocked a different job14:37
didrocksvila: this is the "build all"14:37
didrocksvila: what we didn't run yet14:38
didrocksas told this morning14:38
didrocksvila: this is not a launchpad cred14:38
didrocksbut the cu2d creds14:38
retoadedcjohnston, done14:38
viladidrocks: and what about .cu2d.jenkins and .cupstream_cred ?14:38
didrocksvila: not having access to the file system in read mode, I can't tell you14:39
cjohnstondidrocks: running14:40
didrockscjohnston: \o/ let's cross figners14:40
didrocksok, everything triggered now14:41
didrockslet's see how the network will support that :)14:41
didrockscyphermox: FYI (as you are tracking indicators) ^14:41
didrockscyphermox: can you ask seb/add yourself a landing task for tracking this request?14:41
didrockscjohnston: thanks for making the change ;)14:45
cjohnstondidrocks: :-)  still need help sometimes, but best way to learn is to do14:45
cyphermoxwhich slot?14:46
didrockscyphermox: just add one14:46
didrocks(but pick a cool one! ;))14:46
cyphermoxbut I mean the landing slot or whatever14:47
cyphermoxcolumn two?14:47
didrockscyphermox: ah, next image (so 25)14:48
didrocksif possible14:48
didrockscyphermox: of course, needing dogfooding :)14:48
cyphermoxyeah yeah14:48
cyphermoxdogfooding is what I do :)14:48
Mirvhmm, who started mir stack build? the merge is not yet in.14:49
* didrocks waits for catfooding14:49
didrocksMirv: we restarted to build everything to test the infra14:49
* Mirv notices the queue14:49
didrocksMirv: I guess Mir will need to be rebuild once the merge is in14:49
Mirvalright :)14:49
cyphermoxspeaking of catfooding, I need to get breakfast14:50
seb128didrocks, cyphermox: do you know why those sort of things happen? https://code.launchpad.net/~ps-jenkins/ubuntu-system-settings/latestsnapshot-0.1+14.04.20131119-0ubuntu1/+merge/19578714:52
didrocksseb128: yeah, vila and fginther are looking at those14:53
seb128didrocks, should we retry the approval there?14:53
didrocksseb128: seems we lost a patch in the migration in bzr, fginther will do it in another way14:54
didrocksseb128: well, that will work, but that won't help them testing their change I guess14:54
seb128I'm just going to wait for them to fix it then14:54
didrocksI think that fginther and vila will relaunch the failing one then ^14:54
fgintherdidrocks, seb128, ack. Once we get it sorted we'll process the failed ones14:55
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evcwayne_: reposting here15:43
ev3:42 PM <cwayne_> ev, any idea why nasuka can't get to s-jenkins still?15:43
evnope, but I'm trying to coordinate a UDS session, so asking our vanguard, cjohnston15:43
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evcjohnston: I tried to fix this with https://code.launchpad.net/~ev/canonical-is-puppet/ci-fw-rules but there's apparently something I'm missing :)15:44
cjohnstoncwayne_: can I get more context please?15:46
cwayne_cjohnston, it needs to poll s-jenkins to get the customization tarball to build customized images15:48
cjohnstoncwayne_: is this a jenkins instance that does this or?15:48
cwayne_cjohnston, trying to loop in stephane as he knows more than i do15:49
cwayne_but my understanding is system-image polls s-jenkins to get the latest custom tarball then builds it15:49
cwayne_cjohnston, it being the image15:52
cwayne_cjohnston, <stgraber> cwayne_: nusakan can't talk to s-jenkins, I don't have any more detail than that15:52
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cjohnstoncwayne_: this appears to be an issue for IS16:01
cwayne_cjohnston, can you get me some information so that i know what to ask is?16:01
fginthersil2100, can you also review these 2:16:14
sil2100fginther: looking!16:14
sil2100fginther: do you know why the saucy support branch changed to /7.1 ?16:16
evheads up: we're discussing the new architecture for the CI system in http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22092/core-1311-ci-airline/16:16
evright now16:16
fginthersil2100, I think the unity team started using that w/o knowing lp:unity/saucy was there16:16
sil2100ah, ok16:17
sil2100fginther: I'll be approving the unity cu2d merge in a moment :)16:38
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Mirvkenvandine: robru: I updated the landing plan to reflect that the (another) mir fix was now finally merged so it should be possible to try building the chain (although cu2d is now a bit busy)17:05
kenvandineMirv, so what needs rebuilding now?17:06
Mirvkenvandine: first mir, and then platform-api, unity-mir and unity-system-compositor against it. then it should be ready to test.17:07
robrukenvandine, do you have that under control? I'm on my way out for lunch but I can help test when I get back.17:08
kenvandinerobru, i'm on my way out too17:09
kenvandinerobru, lets sync up after lunch17:09
evcjwatson, didrocks: I couldn't find a space you'd both fit in for the CI airline implementation UDS session, so I'll schedule it for after UDS17:09
cjwatsonOK, thanks17:09
didrocksev: yeah, my track is full, so after UDS sounds good17:09
viladidrocks, Mirv: https://code.launchpad.net/~vila/cupstream2distro-config/no-nvidia/+merge/19583817:44
vilaautopilit-nvidia is coming back17:44
didrocksvila: this time, you are handling the deployment of it right?17:44
didrocksvila: btw, on your MP, you changed raring17:45
didrocksthis is harmless but useless as well17:45
didrocksthose otto machines won't run raring changes, right?17:46
viladidrocks: deploying will require me to be part of desktop-team right ?17:47
didrocksvila: no, you can redeploy with -US17:48
viladidrocks: I strictly reverted my first proposal17:48
didrocksvila: you just need the cu2d creds17:48
didrocksvila: yeah, and I already wrote that on IRC in the first proposal17:48
didrocks(but it was already merged)17:48
didrocksvila: please don't deploy stacks that are running, remember the jenkins limitation around running jobs while deploying17:49
viladidrocks: ha, the ones fginther and I suspect are invalid and not used anymore because your team deploy from their desktop ? ~jenkins/.cu2d.jenkins ?17:49
viladidrocks: yeah, right, will sync with Mirv tomorrow morning then, safer and easier17:49
Mirvvila: yes, let's look at it in the morning17:49
didrocksvila: I only know about ~/.cu2d.cred17:49
didrocksnot .cu2d.jenkins17:50
om26erfginther, got a minute ?17:50
didrocks(and it's about running a stack as well, it's not only deploying)17:50
viladidrocks: ack, thanks, will take the opportunity to investigate a bit then, fginther thought ~jenkins/.cu2d.jenkins was exactly for that: updating jobs17:50
didrocksnot that I know of17:51
viladidrocks: ack17:51
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robrukenvandine, back yet? I'll be watching a UDS session but can kick a build if necessary17:59
kenvandinerobru, it's building17:59
kenvandinefinishing now :)17:59
robrukenvandine, so looks like mir built but unity-system-compositor failed, and platform-api is still in progress. just waiting for platform-api then? or do we need u-s-c?18:19
kenvandinerobru, humm... i hadn't built those yet18:19
kenvandinethey needed new mir18:19
* kenvandine starts it18:19
robrukenvandine, well it looked to me like somebody just kicked the whole mir stack, which includes u-s-c, but that failed18:20
kenvandineit failed 41m ago though18:20
kenvandinethe mir build wasn't published yet in the PPA18:20
robrukenvandine, says published 36 minutes ago for me.18:21
kenvandinethe failure was 41m ago18:21
kenvandine48 now18:22
robrukenvandine, wait, what? if the build failed 50m ago, then were did the upload in the PPA come from?18:22
kenvandinefrom prior to that18:22
kenvandinei did a run with just mir18:22
kenvandinenot the whole stack18:22
robrukenvandine, ugh: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/156925071/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.unity-system-compositor_0.0.1%2B14.04.20131119-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz boost!18:23
kenvandinerobru,  that was from an upload from 3 hours ago18:24
kenvandineignore that18:24
kenvandinenow the amd64 upload i just did failed :/18:25
kenvandinesame failure :(18:25
kenvandineboost1.54 is held in proposed18:27
fgintherom26er, pong18:29
om26erfginther, here: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-mako/3451/console it seems to not able to install unity8-autopilot. Can you think of a reason why it was not ?18:29
robrukenvandine, so what then? we have to wait for this boost transition to complete?18:32
fgintherom26er, looking18:32
kenvandinerobru, lets look at why it's held18:33
robrukenvandine, how?18:33
kenvandinelook at boost1.5418:33
kenvandinethose are the deps that need transitioning18:34
kenvandinelets narrow that down by seeing what's already been uploaded to proposed18:34
robrukenvandine, so what, those need no-change rebuild uploads?18:34
kenvandinesometimes they might need build deps changed18:34
kenvandinelike libboost1.53-dev to libboost1.54-dev18:35
kenvandinebut i hope not18:35
kenvandineboost is annoying18:35
robrukenvandine, yeah, I've had lots of bad experiences with boost in the past18:35
kenvandinethis is just an ubuntu rev18:35
kenvandinenot major version18:35
kenvandinei just enabled proposed on my laptop, to see what complains18:36
fgintherom26er, ah18:37
fgintherom26er, the unity8 armhf build failed in the PPA18:38
fgintherom26er, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+packages?batch=75&memo=225&start=22518:38
fgintherom26er, I'll try to rebuild it18:38
om26erfginther, thanks :)18:38
fgintherom26er, but I don't have permissions :-( let me find someone who can18:39
fginthersil2100, kenvandine, cyphermox can one of you look at the unity8 armhf build in the daily PPA? It failed to build, can it be retried?18:39
cyphermoxsure I'll look18:40
sil2100cyphermox: thanks!18:40
fginthercyphermox, looks like unity-mir armhf failed also18:41
cyphermoxand that's why unity8 failed18:41
cyphermoxI'm retrying unity-mir to see, but I think all of the unity stack needs to be rebuilt now that platform-api has changed / been uploaded to the PPA18:43
robrukenvandine, something is goofy with the timestamps here. your latest rebuild says mir built fine 30 mins ago, but ppa only has mir from 1hr ago18:51
kenvandineboost-mpi-source1.54 needs a rebuild18:52
kenvandinerobru, the PPA finished building before cu2d noticed it was built18:52
kenvandineit checks every 5 minutes18:52
kenvandineand it only notices after it has been published in the PPA18:52
kenvandineso a bit after the build finishes18:53
robrukenvandine, so checking every 5 minutes means that it finished in the PPA 30 minutes before jenkisn notices?18:53
kenvandinerobru, oh... that time is when the package was uploaded18:53
kenvandinesource that is18:53
kenvandinenot when the build finished18:53
robrukenvandine, it says "Published: 1 hour ago" https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+packages?field.name_filter=mir&field.status_filter=published18:53
kenvandinethis is annoying... the boost-mpi-source1.54 binaries depend on binariers from the boost1.54 package, but $Binary:Version18:54
kenvandinerobru, yeah, that is when the source was published18:54
robrukenvandine, oh, ok18:54
kenvandinenot when the binary was published18:54
robrukenvandine, so do you have to distropatch it to be $Source:Version?18:54
cjwatsonboost-mpi-source1.54 requires careful manual handling18:56
cjwatsonask xnox to help you18:56
kenvandinerobru, he's handling it18:58
cyphermoxfginther: right, unity-mir passed to I'll have unity8 and unity-mir rebuilt now19:04
fginthercyphermox, thanks!19:04
sergiusensdoanac`, hey, any insight why the clicks failed so badly? They worked fine on yesterday's latest proposed19:49
doanac`sergiusens: let me take a look. plars have you happened to investigate that already?19:49
plarsdoanac`: no hadn't looked yet19:50
doanac`i'll poke around19:51
sergiusensdoanac`, thanks19:53
doanac`sergiusens: here's one that looks like a legitimate regression to me: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/24:20131119:20131111.1/5037/ubuntu-weather-app-autopilot/521212/19:53
sergiusensdoanac`, fwiw, the weather app has more tests now ;-)19:54
sergiusensdoanac`, and the whole swipe to delete thing has caused many apps to be an inconsistent state19:54
doanac`sergiusens: you mean we should have run more tests for that today?19:55
sergiusensdoanac`, they pass merger I think because fginther has the proposed PPA for testing/building, but the image of course doesn't :-)19:55
sergiusensdoanac`, actually, weather is an improvement :-)19:56
sergiusensdoanac`, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/23:20131118:20131111.1/5018/ubuntu-weather-app-autopilot/ vs http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/24:20131119:20131111.1/5037/ubuntu-weather-app-autopilot/19:56
doanac`rss and filemanager seem to have regressed19:56
doanac`i'm seeing some "StateNotFoundError" for filemanager19:56
sergiusensdoanac`, filemanager has regressed for a while, the ap 1.4 thing never finished for it I think19:57
sergiusensdoanac`, I wrote that in the transition pad19:57
sergiusensdoanac`, this is the one that worries me: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/24:20131119:20131111.1/5037/notes-app-autopilot/19:57
sergiusensdoanac`, rssreader as well as it had only one fail on my device after multiple runs; and the one on the image had 2 atm19:58
doanac`sergiusens: ooh, that's no good. I've seen that locally where notes-app takes forever to run19:58
doanac`its timing out after 30 minutes19:58
sergiusenshey, I just noticed "Result History"19:59
* doanac` came up with that :)19:59
sergiusensdoanac`, kudos20:00
sergiusensdoanac`, so this all coincides with a uitoolkit version upgrade as well; might be that some tests need updating.20:02
doanac`sounds quite possible20:03
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robotfuelrfowler: ping20:50
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kenvandinerobru, i'll probably be gone when boost gets promoted21:30
kenvandinerobru, you don't need to run the stack to get it to build, just click rebuild for each of the failed builds in the PPA21:30
robrukenvandine, no worries. I'm here for hours yet. I'll kick builds soon21:30
robrukenvandine, or that ;-)21:31
kenvandineonce it's built in the PPA testing can start21:31
kenvandineand then you could do a stack run so it shows up in the publish job21:31
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