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AlanBello/ dholbach12:41
dholbachhey AlanBell12:41
AlanBelldunno if you saw my little raspberry pi cluster project?12:42
AlanBellwe are planning to rebuild all the ubuntu source packages for the arm6 hf architecture12:43
AlanBelldo you think I have to pick apart all the packages for trademark stuff?12:43
dholbachAlanBell, maybe it'd be worth bringing it up with infinity, doko and cjwatson?12:45
AlanBellok, will do, thanks12:46
cjohnstonmhall119: can you please work on bug #124327013:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1243270 in Summit "Cannot open summit due to different account" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124327013:43
jcastrohey we start in 15 minutes right?13:48
dholbachjcastro, we do13:51
jcastroI picked a heck of a time to run out of caffeine!13:52
dholbachjcastro, #ubuntu-uds-plenary is not quite like #ubuntu-release-party yet, but people start showing up13:52
chilicuilanyone has all the uds channels in one place (for copying and pasting)13:57
balloonschilicuil, all of them?14:32
balloonschilicuil, I use #ubuntu-uds-plenary, #ubuntu-uds-community-1, #ubuntu-uds-community-214:32
chilicuilballoons: cool, I think it will be enough =)14:33
cjohnstonouch.. calling jono out14:46
jcastrojono, schedule says 9 mintue btw14:57
jcastro5 after14:57
jonojcastro, ahhh ok14:57
jonojcastro, I am sure people can figure it out :-)14:57
jcastroafter the metrosexual comment I feel like the floodgates have been opened14:57
* popey gets tea14:58
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dholbachdpm, are you going to be in community-2 now?17:45
dholbachballoons, community-1?17:45
dholbachthen I'd do appdev-217:45
dpmdholbach, yea17:45
dholbachmhall119, appdev-1?17:46
* mhall119 figures he'd have appdev-1 all day17:46
dholbachyeah, I'm jumping around between sessions/rooms a little bit17:47
mhall119summit could use some feature work to add a "Host" field for virtual meetings, and then a "Hosting Schedule" page for us who are doing it17:48
iBelieveDoes anyone know if someone under 18 is allowed by Google to join the vUDS sessions? Nothing in the agreements I saw when clicking "I agree" said anything about it, but this post seems to say I can't: http://smartboyhwubuntu.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/google-please-let-me-join-vuds/18:30
popeyiBelieve: Hangouts On Air are not available to under 18's on their own G+ account.18:32
asomethingiBelieve, it looks like it is up to who starts the hangout https://support.google.com/plus/answer/1650353?hl=en18:32
popey"No, only users 18 years and over can participate in Hangouts On Air."18:33
asomethingWhen I start a hangout, i see a checkbox with "Restrict minors from joining this video call"18:33
asomethingpopey, got it. it's different for the on air ones18:34
iBelievepopey: so I'm not allowed to join? That's really disappointing.18:34
popeyyeah, bummer18:35
dholbachjono, can you run community-2 next?18:45
dholbachI'm going to be in appdev-2 and balloons will do community-118:45
jonodholbach, I wanted to hit the app dev session18:46
jonowho owns the roundtable session?18:46
jonoI can set the link up for them18:46
dholbachjono, launchpad.net/~ove-risberg18:46
popeydholbach: are you doing appdev-2 next?18:46
popeythe click package one?18:46
dholbachpopey, yep, at least be part of it18:47
dholbachI'm happy to run it18:47
popeyok, magic.18:47
jonodholbach, ok, I will see if I can set up the enterprise session18:47
jonodholbach, I can't get OveRisberg to respond18:52
dholbachurgh, hang on18:52
dholbachthere was another guy18:52
jonoI am going to join the appdev session and if anyone has an issue with the enterprise session we can try and fix it18:52
dholbachjono, I think 'ballock' (on IRC) also ran one of those sessions the last time18:56
jonodholbach, thanks18:56
dpmdholbach, jono, balloons, who's starting the Enterprise session on community-2 in the end? I'd like to join the app dev session, but I could start the enterprise one if noone else can19:05
jonodpm, can you?19:06
dpmok, on it, then19:06
jonoactually, you should bein the app dev sessions19:06
jonodpm, if no one volunteers to run the session, I guess it wont happen19:06
dpmjono, yeah, I'd prefer to be in appdev, but we can't leave the session not run19:07
jonodpm, I think you should join the HTML session19:09
jonoahh you are there :-)19:09
dholbachbah, and it was the last session of the day - I was just getting warmed up!19:42
dholbachjono, ^ 24h UDSes next!19:42
dholbachno complaints about timezones19:42
dholbacheverything squeezed in one day!19:43
elfyor having to work while you're all chatting ...19:43
dholbachall right, we wrapped up the store session a bit early19:43
dholbachhave a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow! hugs!19:44
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bkerensajcastro: http://noshavingindecember.org/21:51

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