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seb128good morning desktopers09:01
Laneygreetings from my new markus ;-)09:04
didrocksLaney: \o/09:05
Laneydidrocks: thanks for the advice!09:05
didrocksyou like it? ;)09:05
didrocksI guess always better than the one which was broken during the week-end anyway :p09:06
Laneyyep, enjoying the lumbar support09:06
Laneyyesterday I was sitting on a garden chair ...09:06
didrocksglad to hear it!09:06
didrocksahah ;)09:06
seb128Laney, didrocks: you tall guys :p09:11
didrocksseb128: heh, sorry dude!09:11
seb128I've to admit the support is almost ok if I sit correctly09:11
LaneyI'm still a hunched over nerd though, so I probably won't make the best use of it09:11
seb128but I tend to be lazy and "slip down" a bit09:11
Laneyespecially the head bit09:12
Laneyoh hey, webkit built on ppc09:20
Laneyanother spontaneous reboot09:25
seb128is there any reason stated in your logs?09:28
Laneydon't see anything in old syslog or dmesg09:30
Laneyone of the drives took a while to mount when it rebooted09:34
seb128larsu, wdyt about https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/indicator-appmenu/stop-using-stock/+merge/194872? should we just do -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations? do you want me to mp that?09:34
Laneymaybe it's a hw problem09:34
seb128Laney, yeah, I was going to say that usually those are hw issues (if there is nothing sending a reboot signal/command, which would be weird)09:34
larsuseb128: we should just set the gtk max version, then we won't get the warnings09:37
larsuseb128: ah wait, this is 3.8 still. Ya, do no-error09:37
seb128larsu, ;-)09:37
seb128larsu, btw that makes https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/indicator-appmenu/insert-action-groups-on-menus/+merge/194901 not merge because it depends on the other branch, you are going to need to rebase09:38
larsuseb128: yep I'll do that. I'm planning on catching up with MRs now anyway (charles sent me a few as well)09:39
larsuseb128: if you do the no-error, can you let me know when the MR is up? (I can do it too if you want)09:39
seb128larsu, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/indicator-appmenu/dont-error-out-on-deprecations/+merge/19572809:48
seb128didrocks, want to help reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-system-settings/click-updates/+merge/195729 ?10:04
seb128 42 files changed, 2762 insertions(+), 369 deletions(-)10:05
didrocksseb128: I'm not sure I've time TBH, you are owning the system-settings more than ever I guess, so I'll let you in your capable hands :)10:05
didrocksespecially as my qml skills are not up to yours :p10:05
seb128didrocks, thanks :p10:05
didrocksseb128: yw! I hope that mpt reviewed the design btw10:05
seb128didrocks, I see what you are doing!10:05
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Laneyyeah that's quite some change!10:11
seb128didrocks, Laney: I did add a comment asking for a summary of the changes and some details on how to test (I hope they have mocks to simulate installs/updates)10:13
didrocksseb128: btw, I told them multiple times to ping you (a month ago) about this intrusive change, didn't they do it?10:14
seb128didrocks, they pînged me like friday to ask how they summit for review/who they should ping10:15
didrocksargh, yeah for coordination10:15
didrocksseb128: more than a month in fact from my logs10:15
larsuseb128: resubmitted: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/indicator-appmenu/insert-action-groups-on-menus/+merge/19574110:23
seb128telepathy-mission-control started sigabrt for me today (in the greeter apparently, get the report when I log in)10:23
seb128Laney, ^ did you see something like that? (I wonder if that could be the e-d-s transition, I updated to your ppa yesterday evening)10:24
Laneyseb128: nope10:25
Laneycan you get a trace?10:26
seb128Laney, looking to the bt there is nothing edsish in there, tmc doesn't even depends on that stack, likely a coincidence10:26
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Mirvjodh: I wonder if you're interested in glancing at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/967229 too at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-1311-boot-ui ? not sure if it fits the scope, but it's an OEM priority bug.11:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 967229 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "Text mode shown briefly with various "cryptic" texts when logging out or shutting down" [High,Triaged]11:17
Mirvit has already been looked at before, and the shutdown text mode issue is still there but no easy solution visible11:18
seb128mvo, hey, could you have a look to https://code.launchpad.net/~tjguthrie4600/ubuntu/trusty/apt/bug-1206047/+merge/195553 (should be a trivial one to review)11:26
seb128Laney, ok, so the new e-d-s seems fine to me ... should we upload to trusty? ;-)11:32
Laneywon't it get blocked behind webkit?11:32
seb128because the new evolution requires the new webkit?11:32
LaneyI'm thinking something might need webkit2 on arm6411:36
seb128Laney, 2.2 is in trusty ... do we have anything requiring 2.3? e.g why would it block the evo stack?11:36
* Laney checks11:36
seb128oh, right, 2.2 didn't build on arm64 either11:36
Laneydoesn't look like anything does though11:37
Laneyshould be fine then11:37
seb128well, then the transition is going to stay in proposed until we force things in or resolve the issue ... is that an issue?11:37
Laneymeans that you can't make other fixes11:38
seb128right, we should stay in a buggy situation11:38
Laneybut I don't see anything depending on that at least on my system11:38
Laneyso I think it should be ok11:38
seb128but it seems we should be fine, and if we are not we need to work our way out anyway...11:38
Laneyfeel free to start uploading11:39
Laneysomething should pull in e-d-s-uoa11:39
seb128do you have Vcs-es? or should we just take stuff from your ppa for the updates?11:39
seb128-uoa, I guess we should restore the e-d-s depends we had before saucy11:40
seb128ok, first lunch and then I look at that11:40
Laneyno vcs right now11:40
Laneywill push stuff as it's uploaded11:40
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seb128sil2100, reviewing zmqpp in NEW for you12:08
seb128License: GPL-312:08
seb128 Public License version 2 can be found in "/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2".12:08
seb128 12:08
seb128version mismatch there12:08
seb128(not a blocker but please fix for the next upload)12:08
sil2100seb128: ah, damn... ok, fixing that now12:09
sil2100seb128: thanks!12:09
seb128sil2100, it's usually fine to put the debian packaging under the same license as the upstream one btw12:10
sil2100seb128: as mentioned before, there's a dep-tweak waiting for release as well12:10
seb128no need to use GPL when upstream is using BSD12:10
sil2100Oh, ok12:10
sil2100Thought that by default we should license GPL-3 our packaging12:10
seb128I've no strong opinion on that, just saying12:11
seb128sil2100, ok, NEWed12:11
sil2100seb128: thank you! Pushing the fix to the packaging trunk in the meantime12:11
seb128Laney, do you know what's the situation of mono? do we want to follow Debian/go for the new version for the LTS?12:12
Laney both12:12
Laneydirecthex is going to handle it12:12
seb128sorry, that was not an "or" :p12:12
seb128it was "do we want the new version, which is what is in Debian" ;-)12:12
seb128ok, great12:13
LaneyI think he plans to upload once 3.2 is in unstable12:13
seb128larsu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442592/ ... does it seems like the same lock issue? (that's a bt from indicator-session-service with indicator missing in trusty)12:45
larsuseb128: yes, it's waiting in a cond in g_dbus_connection_get_type12:47
larsuseb128: do you know when desrt is planning on fixing this in glib? He said something about this cycle12:48
seb128larsu, need to ask him again, we didn't talk about it since Montréal12:49
seb128larsu, I wonder why that's still happening with the workaround :/12:49
larsuseb128: good question. Is that from a version after the fix landed?12:52
seb128larsu, it's trusty, let me check again, but I think yes12:52
larsuseb128: no, it seems earlier12:53
larsufrom your bt: indicator-session-12.10.5+14.04.2013102912:53
larsuand the commit is from November 5th12:53
larsuand didn't land in trusty yet?!12:54
seb128larsu, hum, another case where saucy is more uptodate than trusty12:54
* larsu suspects his checkout is borked12:54
larsuseb128: shouldn't that autoland?`12:54
seb128larsu, let's not start another argument on the landing ask table, we had one a few days ago here (one part of the issue atm is that CI has been moving to the datacenter and offline for > week and they didn't prepare the migration well so there are still fallouts)12:55
seb128larsu, there is no autolanding anymore :-( we are still under landing ask rules12:55
larsuseb128: sorry to hear. I won't start another discussion. I was just curious.12:56
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seb128didrocks, so we really need to land some indicators fixes to trusty (basically stuff that got SRUed in saucy but didn't made it to trusty yet due to CI migration etc) ... what do you recommend doing? do you think we should try to get an indicator stack landing or just do some selected uploads with merging back changelogs to trunk.13:06
didrocksseb128: if you can list on the landing ask the components to upload, I'll assign that to ken to selection for today's13:20
didrocks(and we'll used cu2d)13:20
didrocks(sorry, was in hangout for the landing btw ;))13:21
didrocksseb128: btw, I'm going to launch a general build. Maybe you want to publish system-settings before?13:21
seb128didrocks, yeah, let me have a look (I went for lunch while it was still building)13:27
seb128didrocks, @re indicator; the thing is that indicator trunks are migrated to use upstart management, which requires the indicator stack to land synchronize with e.g unity-greeter and other stuff I think13:28
seb128do we feel like we are ready to tackle this one?13:28
didrocksseb128: I think we are, just need to carefully have the list of everything needed :)13:28
didrocks(I think we'll have one image with only that, but it's fine)13:29
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didrocksseb128: can I run the global build?14:08
seb128didrocks, oh, sorry, got sidetracked ... give me one minute, thanks!14:08
didrocksseb128: keep me posted :)14:09
seb128didrocks, or rather give me a bit more, I just remember why I got sidetracked :p14:09
didrocksseb128: heh, ok ;)14:09
seb128didrocks, I wanted to check with kenvandine if he tested the current online account version14:09
seb128there are quite some changes in there14:09
seb128kenvandine, hey!14:09
didrocksah, ok!14:09
kenvandinei tested them in little chunks :)14:10
seb128kenvandine, I wanted to do a settings stack publication14:10
seb128kenvandine, how confident are you that the current trunk if working as it should? ;-)14:10
kenvandineseb128, for uss-oa?14:10
* kenvandine checks trunk14:11
seb128kenvandine, yes14:11
kenvandinevery confident14:11
kenvandinei tested that on the device before it merged, only change since then was the translation merge14:12
seb128kenvandine, thanks14:12
didrockskenvandine: hey! btw, you have Mir on your feet with robru (you should have all infos on the landing spreadsheet, we need to work with the CI guys to get one merge done before building Mir) ;)14:12
didrockskenvandine: so, just one thing to land (well 4 components), but that will be already a big win!14:12
kenvandine4 scary components ;)14:12
didrockskenvandine: communicate heavily with the CI guy to ensure that the MP is merged14:13
didrocksplease oh please ;)14:13
seb128cyphermox, hey, can we get the indicator stack published to trusty this week?14:13
seb128didrocks, hum, does that look fine?14:14
seb128$ ./cu2d-run -P settings14:14
seb1282013-11-19 15:12:35,678 INFO Triggering build: cu2d-settings-head14:14
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seb128didrocks, why "triggering build"?14:14
seb128http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/Settings/ doesn't seem to change14:15
didrocksseb128: just checked, generic message14:15
didrocksso, we're fine :)14:15
seb128the web view is not changing though14:15
seb128maybe taking a bit?14:15
didrocksnot changing?14:15
didrocksstarted 3 minutes ago14:16
cyphermoxnah it should be just about instant14:16
didrocksI guess it's your run?14:16
seb128didrocks, why is the publish still yellow then?14:16
didrocksseb128: did you force the publication?14:16
didrocksyou have packaging changes14:16
seb128I did14:16
seb128$ ./cu2d-run -P settings14:16
seb128which is what https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ has for "Forcing a stack publication"14:16
didrocksargh, this part isn't up to date14:17
didrocksit's been a long time you didn't publish :)14:17
* didrocks updates the wiki14:17
didrocksseb128: updated, thanks!14:17
seb128didrocks, still not correct :p14:18
cyphermoxseb128: didrocks: starting indicators nao14:18
didrocksseb128: urgh? how?14:18
didrocksseb128: do you have latest lp:cupstream2distro?14:18
seb128didrocks, it wants me to list the sources14:18
seb128didrocks, KeyError: 'projects'14:18
cyphermoxyeah, you need to specify which packages14:18
seb128    args = {'ON_PACKAGES': kwargs['projects'], # optionnally only publish those projects14:18
didrocks            logging.error("You can only specify partial projects to publish with the force parameter. Otherwise, use a normal publication.")14:18
didrocksah indeed :)14:18
didrocksseb128: I force that :p14:18
didrocksseb128: i'll have a look, please use the webui ;)14:19
seb128didrocks, oh, right, you told me that last time, I remember ;-)14:19
seb128didrocks, cyphermox, kenvandine: ok, it worked this time, thanks!14:19
didrockscyphermox: I'm rebuilding everything first14:20
didrockscyphermox: to stress the system a little bit :)14:20
cyphermoxah, ok14:20
cyphermoxI'll wait then... since you'll rebuild indicators for4 me14:20
didrocksyep ;)14:20
didrocksdoing it all 4 you!14:20
didrocksseb128: do we have the list of what needs to be released at the same time for indicators?14:23
seb128tedg, ^14:24
seb128tedg, hey, what needs to be lock-released for the indicators/upstart transition? indicators-*, unity-greeter ... what else?14:25
tedgseb128, didrocks, really as long as the greeter goes first, everything else can go anytime after.14:26
seb128tedg, the greeter can alone before indicators?14:26
seb128mterry, hey, can we get an unity-greeter upload with upstart support?14:26
tedgseb128, Yeah, it'll dbus-activate them as a fallback.14:26
mterryseb128, that landed in trunk, right?  You just want an upload to trusty?14:27
seb128mterry, tedg: ignore that, it's already in trusty, robert_ancell did an upload for the session dialogs14:28
seb128tedg, are untiy7/unity8 in trusty both ready as well?14:28
tedgseb128, Yeah, they were ready in saucy :-)14:28
seb128tedg, thanks14:28
seb128didrocks, cyphermox: ok, so seems like we are ready, we can lead indicators without anything else14:29
cyphermoxstay tuned for the surprises Mark was sad to not see in saucy :)14:30
* tedg is on it14:31
didrocksseb128: tedg: thanks!14:31
seb128Laney, kenvandine, tedg, charles, cyphermox: btw the touch settings vUDS session is in half an hour, would be nice if you could come ;-) (I'm not sure what to discuss, out of going over the plans for the cycle and ask if anyone has feedback)14:36
Laneymmm, ok14:37
seb128Laney, "mmm"? ;-) (yeah, same here, I'm not the one who put that session on the schedule :p)14:37
tedgseb128, K, I wasn't planning on doing the hangout, but I was going to watch :-)14:37
kenvandineseb128, i'll be there14:37
seb128tedg, please come, so we can get something going on14:38
* seb128 not sure how we can fill the hour14:38
* tedg works on his singing14:38
seb128kenvandine, tedg, Laney, charles: bonus point if some want to talk about the stuff on their todo for the cycle14:38
kenvandinekaraoke hour?14:40
seb128wfm if you guys want to sing14:40
* seb128 is not going to sing, enough rain this month14:40
didrocksseb128: tedg will be able to talk with no content for an hor, don't worry :)14:40
* tedg starts humming "I'm too sexy for this hangout, too sexy indeed!"14:42
seb128bah, firefox became a piece of crap since chrisccoulson stopped maintaining it :/14:45
seb128it keeps hanging for me for some weeks14:45
Laneyseb128: can you set up the hangout?14:45
seb128Laney, now?14:45
Laneymight take me a while to get in14:46
* Laney coughs14:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, try setting "ui.use_unity_menubar" to false in about:config14:46
seb128Laney, give me some minutes14:46
chrisccoulsonit massively speeds things up for me and jdstrand14:46
seb128chrisccoulson, lol, you are joking right? ;-)14:46
chrisccoulsonseb128, no, the hud keeps requesting menus14:46
seb128chrisccoulson, well, it's not slow, it's locking (e.g I had Mark's keynote in a tab and that stopped doing audio)14:47
seb128and I've no bookmark14:47
seb128or almost none, like 3014:47
Laneythat's a fun u-s-s landing14:54
seb128Laney, I hope "fun" doesn't mean buggy :p14:56
Laneya lot of it is mine, so definitly zero bugs there :-)14:56
seb128Laney, kenvandine, tedg, others: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpi5e1q127qe0elqtkkts9ls?authuser=014:59
kenvandineseb128, thx15:00
seb128shrug, pad not working?15:00
seb128"404 not found: /ep/pad/view/uds-1311-client-s-system-settings-panels/latest"15:00
kenvandineseb128, didn't jono say something about there being a button to join the hangout?15:00
* kenvandine looked all over for it... 15:00
seb128kenvandine, I need to add the hangout URL to summit first for that I guess15:00
kenvandineah... so it's your fault :)15:00
Laneydoesn't work15:00
Laneygoing to have to piss about15:01
jonoI mean, hey guys15:01
kenvandinehaha :)15:01
seb128jono, hey, do you know about the pad not working?15:01
tedgjono, You should really disable that hotkey15:01
jonoseb128, should work, ask mhall119 he takes care of summit15:01
jonotedg, lol15:01
jonoI have an XChat plugin that has a direct line to my brain15:02
jonohence, not much content on IRC15:02
mhall119seb128: go to pad.ubuntu.com and login with SSO15:02
mhall119SSO no longer supports the login redirect within an iframe15:02
tedgjono, Then for music you pipe it through autotune, for documents through autocorrect?  ;-)15:02
jonotedg, absolutely15:02
seb128mhall119, I'm logged in with sso15:02
Laneycan you hear me on the hangout?15:03
Laneyguessing not15:03
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seb128kenvandine, hum, I think we didn't take notes for the background since we rediscussed it with mpt later on (and nobody took notes then)15:44
seb128kenvandine, can you just add some to the blueprint?15:44
seb128kenvandine, in fact I had those notes in http://pad.ubuntu.com/settings-saucy15:45
seb128oh, ignore that, those are the testing items15:45
kenvandineseb128, i will15:46
seb128kenvandine, thanks15:50
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sil2100seb128: hello! :)16:11
seb128sil2100, hey16:11
sil2100seb128: could you take a look at a packaging-review merge I made and do a preNEW review for this package basing on this branch?16:11
sil2100seb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/unity-scopes-shell/packaging_review/+merge/195815 <- in preparation for daily-release16:11
seb128sil2100, the debian/rules change seems backward, but didrocks likes it this way, right?16:19
Laneyyeah I dislike that standard, it's weird16:21
Laneyit hides what the fail-missing is doing16:21
sil2100seb128: I guess so, I remember that we settled on this format of using --fail-missing, so it's something like a standard for us16:22
seb128sil2100, what's the motivation? just make the rules a bit shorter?16:22
sil2100seb128: yes16:24
sil2100seb128: it might be a bit non-optimal since it gets passed to every dh wrapper, but well...16:25
seb128sil2100, yeah, it seems wrong optimization, do the wrong thing to spare a line in rules16:27
sil2100seb128: I guess I can revert that back to the dh_install override, since we allowed that as well - just wanted to make it consistent with the last packages ;)16:28
seb128sil2100, let's wait for that session to finish and discuss it with didrocks16:28
sil2100But it's certainly not something I would block on, since I don't care about either approac ;)16:28
sil2100seb128: in the meantime! I think this package got already preNEWed by either you or didrocks, but could you just take a look if lp:ubuntu-settings-components is ok?16:37
seb128sil2100, sure16:37
sil2100seb128: thank you! ;)16:37
sil2100seb128: I think I did some packaging fixes some time ago, before trusty even16:38
seb128cyphermox_, could you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/1198315 to see if it's an nm or g-c-c issue?16:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 1198315 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "[network]: gnome-control-center crashed with SIGSEGV in append_escaped_text()" [Medium,Confirmed]16:38
seb128cyphermox_, ssid_text = 0x7f97df57dec0 <escaped.16720> "B\374ro"16:38
seb128the code does16:38
seb128        ssid = nm_setting_wireless_get_ssid (NM_SETTING_WIRELESS (setting));16:38
seb128        ssid_text = nm_utils_escape_ssid (ssid->data, ssid->len);16:38
seb128        title = g_markup_escape_text (ssid_text, -1);16:38
seb128cyphermox_, it looks like nm_setting_wireless_get_ssid() returns an non UTF8 string ... is that considered as nm bug?16:39
cyphermox_seb128: maybe not. you could have SSIDs with weird caracters16:51
seb128cyphermox_, https://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/developers/libnm-util/09/libnm-util-nm-utils.html#nm-utils-escape-ssid says16:52
seb128"simply replacing embedded NULLs and non-printable characters with the hexadecimal representation of that character. "16:52
seb128desrt, is g_markup_escape_text("B\374ro", -1) valid?16:53
seb128374 is ʹ16:54
seb128cyphermox_, is there a way to "emulate" a ssid?16:55
cyphermox_what do you mean?16:55
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seb128cyphermox: like to make nm believes I've a ssid "bugʹs ssid"16:55
cyphermoxnot really no16:55
cyphermoxcreate one with another system as a ad-hoc network?16:55
seb128I guess I need to change the config of one of my aps to test :p16:55
cyphermoxseb128: just to clarify, I should see a capital Y circumflex?16:57
seb128cyphermox, no16:57
seb128cyphermox, go in gucharmap and search for 37416:58
seb128U+0374 GREEK NUMERAL SIGN16:58
seb128it's a fancy "'"16:58
didrocksseb128: yeah, finished the session17:03
desrtseb128: yes?17:04
seb128desrt, does the bt there makes any sense to you?17:04
desrtseb128: nope :)17:05
seb128the code is17:05
seb128        ssid = nm_setting_wireless_get_ssid (NM_SETTING_WIRELESS (setting));17:05
seb128        ssid_text = nm_utils_escape_ssid (ssid->data, ssid->len);17:05
seb128        title = g_markup_escape_text (ssid_text, -1);17:05
seb128and somewhat it doesn't like what seems like nonutf ssid17:05
seb128well I assume that from the bts we have17:05
seb128ssid_text = 0x7f99a6e75ec0 <escaped.16667> "AgnetaBj\366rn"17:05
desrtoh.  interesting.17:06
desrt"B\374ro" is actually someone's ssid?17:06
seb128yes ;-)17:06
desrt okay17:06
desrtthat's definitely invalid, by the docs17:07
desrtg_markup_escape_text() says it only takes utf817:07
desrtthat said, i'm not sure what it would be doing internally that would make a difference17:07
desrt              (0x7f <= c && c <= 0x84) ||17:08
desrt              (0x86 <= c && c <= 0x9f))17:08
desrtreally gmarkup?  really?17:08
cyphermoxseb128: ... btw, I think you have the wrong chars17:08
seb128desrt, the bt has \374, I don't know if that means "\" "3" "7" "4" or the "\374"17:08
seb128cyphermox, could be17:09
cyphermoxthis is octal17:09
cyphermoxwhen you look it up in charmap you need to convert to hex17:09
cyphermoxnot that it would make much of a difference though17:09
cyphermoxbut it's valid utf8 AFAICT17:09
desrteither way, it has a high bit set and it's a single byte17:09
desrtain't no way that's utf817:09
desrtand the inner loop there does a lot of g_utf8_get_char()17:10
desrtwhich could easily crash on that byte17:10
cyphermoxuh, right17:10
desrti hate this loop17:10
desrtit's doing utf8 processing for excessively trivial reasons17:10
cyphermoxwe're looking at U+00FC and U+00F617:10
desrteither it should step up its game and do proper handling of unicode non-printables or it should just deal in ascii17:10
desrtcyphermox: you could just escape everything outside of 0x20..0x7f17:11
desrtie: ascii printable range17:11
cyphermoxdesrt: well, g_markup_escape does get escaped stuff17:12
desrtcyphermox: but the input to nm_utils_escape_ssid() can clearly be non-utf817:12
seb128I wonder if "\374" is one non utf symbol or if it's the marker expressed over 4 chars17:12
desrtand it doesn't do its escaping in a way that will convert non-utf8 into valid utf817:12
desrtseb128: that's an octal escape, for sure17:12
cyphermoxitś ü and ö17:13
cyphermoxnothing fancy17:13
seb128desrt, https://projects.gnome.org/NetworkManager/developers/libnm-util/09/libnm-util-nm-utils.html#nm-utils-escape-ssid says17:13
seb128" simply replacing embedded NULLs and non-printable characters with the hexadecimal representation of that character. "17:13
desrt....when in doubt17:14
desrtuse the source17:14
desrt        while (len--) {17:14
desrt                if (*s == '\0') {17:14
desrt                        *d++ = '\\';17:14
desrt                        *d++ = '0';17:14
desrt                        s++;17:14
desrt                } else {17:14
desrt                        *d++ = *s++;17:14
cyphermox* This function does a quick printable character conversion of the SSID, simply17:14
cyphermox * replacing embedded NULLs and non-printable characters with the hexadecimal17:14
cyphermox * representation of that character.  Intended for debugging only, should not17:14
desrt                }17:14
cyphermox * be used for display of SSIDs.17:14
desrtthis function does more or less nothing17:15
desrtother than "\0" -> "\\0"17:15
seb128I guess bugs in nm for not doing what the API says17:15
seb128and g-c-c for using it17:15
desrttitle = g_markup_escape_text (ssid_text, -1);17:15
desrtthis is g-c-c code?17:15
seb128desrt, yes17:16
desrtbug is _entirely_ in g-c-c17:16
desrtn-m is doing exactly what it says it will17:16
cyphermoxg-c-cjust shouldn't be using nm_utils_escape_ssid17:16
seb128well, nm_utils_escape_ssid () should return valid utf17:16
desrtseb128: says who?17:16
* desrt sees no docs to this effect17:16
seb128that would make sense :p17:16
desrtthe only docs i do see say "don't use this" :p17:16
seb128I'm going to GNOME upstream that17:17
seb128desrt, cyphermox: thanks17:17
desrtseb128: well... if you want to assume that it returns valid utf8 without having explicitly said it then you'd also assume that you must pass valid utf8 without it being explicitly stated, as well17:17
desrtand if you pass valid utf8, it would return valid utf8....17:17
seb128I got confused by the "simply replacing embedded NULLs and non-printable characters with the hexadecimal representation of that character."17:17
seb128but non printable != invalid utf8 and hexadecimal representation !⁼ valid utf817:18
desrt'printable' has no proper definition here17:18
cyphermoxbtw https://developer.gnome.org/libnm-util/unstable/libnm-util-nm-utils.html#nm-utils-ssid-to-utf817:19
desrtadmittedly, the docs are a mess as well17:19
desrtcyphermox wins17:19
desrtexcept jesus.... dude... GByteArray?  ouch.17:19
desrti guess GBytes didn't exist17:19
cyphermoxyou get used to it if you deal with NM :)17:19
desrt(GBytes = best API on earth, btw.  use it.)17:19
desrtit's exactly what you want in situations like this17:20
cyphermoxanyway, that's another debug-only function though17:20
desrtno.  it's not17:20
desrtit says:17:20
desrt Again, this function should be used for debugging and display purposes _only_.17:20
desrtnote "...and display purposes"17:20
desrtwhich i think is what they're going for here?17:20
cyphermoxah, indeed, EPARSE17:20
cyphermoxyeah, seems like it's what's needed, probably17:21
seb128cyphermox, do you want to make the patch/file the bug there?17:21
cyphermoxseb128: yeah17:21
seb128cyphermox, thanks17:21
cyphermoxis that for SRU as well?17:21
seb128cyphermox, let's get it fixed in trunk/trusty to start17:22
cyphermoxyes, I see17:22
seb128cyphermox, it doesn't seem ranked high enough on e.u.c to SRU it17:22
* cyphermox starts editing his wifi config17:22
seb128cyphermox, I mostly picked it up because an user filed a bug on launchpad about not being able to open the control center panel and has been active on the report17:22
desrtthe real source of this bug is ieee17:23
desrtfor failing to define a character set for use with 802.1117:23
desrtmacs and linux use utf817:24
desrtwindows uses whatever the system characterset is17:24
cyphermoxdesrt: my router with linksys firmware enforces ascii >.<17:24
desrtie: probably some iso-8859-n variant17:24
desrtcyphermox: that's a pretty reasonable solution :)17:24
Mirvsil2100: the QPA plugin is mentioned at the http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/21986/core-1311-qt5-versions-in-ubuntu/ session in 1.5h17:24
Mirv(the blueprint of it)17:24
cyphermoxwindows uses a weird-ass charset, at least it does in java17:24
seb128cyphermox, just hack the code to inject a fake ssid? :p17:24
seb128to test the patch17:25
cyphermoxseb128: I'll just grab another wireless router17:25
desrtcyphermox: i'm pretty sure it depends on what language you're using17:25
sil2100Mirv: awww... :<17:25
cyphermoxI have multiple17:25
desrtunless they just hardcode to latin117:25
cyphermoxdesrt: guess it could be the case17:25
sil2100Mirv: I thought it will be tomorrow or something...17:25
desrti know my ssid shows up as one of those weird Å© type things when i view it on a windows machine17:25
cyphermoxI recall it wasn't latin1 or iso*, something weird, because I would get java source files all garbled with french accents missing17:25
desrt(it has a é in it)17:25
cyphermoxand I'd headdesk everytime I'd be asked to write comments and code in french :/17:26
desrtcyphermox: but this is quebec, man!!17:26
desrtquébec, sorry17:26
Mirvsil2100: there's another session tomorrow, but this one is about the co-operation with eg. Kubuntu and upstream17:26
cyphermoxdesrt: yeah, but you have no idea how much of an effort it is when coding to think of using french variable names and commenting in french17:27
cyphermoxelectroshocks, like17:28
cyphermoxhmmm.. no router in sight17:28
sil2100Mirv: I might try being around in like 1.5h17:29
seb128didrocks, did you read the scrollback about debian/rules --fail-missing use?17:31
sil2100Mirv: will you be on the meeting as well? Since it has to be like, late-night at your place then17:31
didrocksseb128: yeah, seems like it's the preferred way for all the packages I encountered on debian, and it's less lines for simple packages, so seems to make more sense to me17:33
didrocksone line with all the rules instead of 317:34
didrocksI'm not too attached to it, but I prefer we follow the same rule if possible everywhere :)17:34
seb128didrocks, ok, I'm not going to argue over it, feels buggy though ;-)17:35
Laneyyou've seen that in debian?!17:35
didrockswhy? it's the way dh defines parameters like --parallel17:35
didrocksLaney: yeah, it's where I've seen it first, I will need to grep though17:35
Laneydon't bother17:36
LaneyI always thought it was odd though17:36
seb128didrocks, because --fail-missing is not a dh parameter, it's a dh_install one17:36
Laneyfail-missing is an argument to one particular script, not to dh in general which --parallel is17:36
didrocksseb128: valid argument, again, I don't care too much, I just don't want that we bring confusion to upstream, so do whatever you think is the best17:36
* Laney apt-get dist-upgrade → new u-s-s17:37
kenvandinenice to see updates rolling in :)17:37
Mirvsil2100: I have to I guess, but it'll be the very last thing before sleep17:37
didrockskenvandine: all spots on you for Mir! :)17:38
kenvandinedidrocks, it's building17:38
didrocksI hope "nicely building" :)17:38
kenvandinei hope... i couple hours ago it failed to build in the ppa17:38
kenvandinetest failure17:38
seb128Laney, so for eds and co, should I just get the source from your ppa, tweak the versions and "sponsor" the uploads? (e.g debsign&dput)17:58
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Laneyseb128: yeah, and do what you want with uoa17:59
LaneyI tried to make it so that most of the upload could be copied (not binaries) out of the PPA17:59
Laneybut some failed to build so I mangled the versions17:59
Laneyif you want I'll work on the uploads tomorrow though17:59
seb128Laney, you current build it as a separate package and don't pull it in if I'm correct? that seems what we should do until issues are resolved17:59
Laneya non-default option, seems ok to me18:00
seb128Laney, today/tomorrow ... your call18:00
seb128I guess we can wait tomorrow morning18:00
seb128to point starting a transition just before eod18:01
seb128if we start in the morning we might have it done by the end of the day18:01
Laneythat'd be smooth18:02
seb128yeah, let's see what happens :p18:02
Laneyalright on that note, got to go cook some steak18:03
Laney(ping jasoncwarner_ ;-)18:03
Laneysee you!18:03
seb128sil2100, ubuntu-settings-component has  GPLv3 sources that need to be listed in the debian/copyright or relicensed (mostly the tests), needs a COPYING.GPL as well if you keep the GPL sources18:33
sil2100seb128: ok, will fix that in a moment, thanks for the review!18:34
seb128sil2100, uw18:34
cyphermoxseb128: btw, many indicators ftbfs due to missing b-deps or failed tests, I'll look at them again shortly18:44
seb128cyphermox, do you have an example?18:44
seb128what sort of missing b-d?18:44
cyphermoxwell, I was unclear18:44
cyphermoxaccountsservice vala can't be found18:44
seb128shrug, that one is due to the new accountsservice18:45
cyphermoxI'll do the merges, just want to finish with g-c-c first to get that out of the way18:45
seb128cyphermox, attente: that's the issue there18:45
* cyphermox sigh18:46
seb128so I guess we should put a copy of that vapi in indicator-keyboard?18:46
attentesounds right18:46
seb128attente, can you do that?18:46
attentei'll add it18:46
seb128attente, thanks18:46
cyphermoxthis is bs... so much code duplication for no good reason18:46
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ogra_seb128, Laney, did one fo you want to join the developer mode session (including UI enablement etc)19:06
seb128ogra_, I can't, I'm hosting client 1 :/19:07
ogra_seb128, what about Laney then ?19:08
seb128ogra_, he was talking about going for dinner, not sure if he's still around/was planning to join that one...19:09
seb128Laney, ^?19:09
attentecyphermox, seems to fix it: https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/indicator-keyboard/add-accountsservice-vapi/+merge/19584719:15
* didrocks waves good evening and good night19:53
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