stgraberogra_: hey, you're on slashdot now ;)00:06
ogra_yep, just linked my blog there00:06
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mdeslaurogra_: dude, rainbows and unicorns from now on :)00:11
slangasekI personally don't want rainbows on my computer00:13
StevenKslangasek: But you don't object to unicorns?00:15
mdeslaurslangasek: that's ok, rainbows are level 5, so they don't get installed by default00:15
gaughenslangasek, I missed a rainbow and unicorn discussion? I'm so sneaking a rainbow onto your laptop next time I see you.01:20
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Mirvrsalveti: ok (for the qtbase patch)05:15
pittiGood morning06:02
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arun_Hello to the devs08:17
arun_and the lurks xD08:17
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sabgentonare the trusty builds usable at the moment (fun enough)08:30
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zygagood morning09:08
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pete-woodsdidrocks: good morning! If I want to land a new(ish) package (https://launchpad.net/unity-voice) are you still the go-to guy?09:58
didrockspete-woods: yeah, please get a landing ask added for tracking it (with a rationale ;))09:59
didrockspete-woods: and then, we'll take care of it09:59
pete-woodsdidrocks: is that in the spreadsheet thingy?10:00
didrockspete-woods: right!10:01
pete-woodsokay, thanks!10:01
didrocksyw ;)10:01
pete-woodshmm, no write permissions, manager get!10:03
didrockspete-woods: time to make them working! :)10:04
xnoxrsalveti: yes it does. At the moment apart from limited RAM, it also limits available heap which may need increasing. I didn't figure out how to "trigger" stuck or what is causing it.10:24
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tseliotpitti: hey, I've just uploaded nvidia-settings, as you requested, but it ended up in NEW11:05
sveinseIs there a one-line tool to install the build depends from the list in debian/control ?11:06
pittitseliot: ah, so it's possible to make them versionless?11:07
tseliotpitti: yep. If there are compatibility issues, I'll just patch the code. I did it in the past11:07
pittitseliot: nice! so this needs to C:/R:/P: the old versioned ones until after 14.0411:09
pittitseliot: ah, I guess we still need transitional packages as well, but fortunately we can drop them all in some 5 months11:10
tseliotpitti: yes, the transitional packages are there and the package also C:/R:/P: the nvidia-settings-binary virtual package11:10
pittitseliot: after that we'll remove nvidia-settings-* sources, right?11:23
tseliotpitti: that's the hope11:23
pittitseliot: so glad about dropping python-gtk2 :) (what does the UI use? is that C?)11:23
pittitseliot: would you mind fixing the package descriptions for the transitional packages?11:24
pittitseliot: +Package: nvidia-settings-319-updates11:24
tseliotpitti: nvidia-settings is C and GTK+ (2)11:24
pitti+Description: Transitional package for nvidia-settings-319-updates11:24
pittitseliot: it should be a transitional package for nvidia-settings, i. e. please specify the "target" package name, not the package's own name11:24
pitti(just a nitpick)11:24
pittitseliot: and we need one for -310 as well11:25
pitti(two, for -updates)11:25
pittitseliot: I guess you can probably drop the control.in magic then (not relevant for NEWing, just jumped my eye)11:25
tseliotpitti: and for nvidia-settings-313-updates, nvidia-settings-experimental-304 and nvidia-settings-updates too, I assume11:25
pittitseliot: ah, I don't see these in the trusty source lists, but they might be in precise or PPAs?11:26
tseliotpitti: definitely in precise. I can see them in trusty if I call apt-cache search nvidia-settings11:26
pittitseliot: looks good otherwise; shall I reject and you reupload with the transitional fixes?11:27
tseliotpitti: yes, please reject11:27
pittitseliot: done11:28
tseliotpitti: would something like this be ok (I'll drop the control.in in a later release)? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442329/11:32
pittitseliot: LGTM11:33
tseliotpitti: ok, let me reupload11:33
pittitseliot: these old versions all provide nvidia-settings-binary, right?11:33
tseliotpitti: I think so but let me check11:33
pittitseliot: e. g. nvidia-settings-experimental-304 doesn't11:34
tseliotpitti: it's a transitional package11:34
pittitseliot: so that needs an explicit C/R11:34
pittiindeed, to nvidia-settings-304-updates11:35
pittitseliot: ok, sorry for the noise11:35
tseliotpitti: all the nvidia-settings packages in trusty http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442345/11:35
tselioteverything seems ok11:36
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tseliotpitti: it's in new again12:04
pittitseliot: splendid, thanks! accepted12:06
tseliotpitti: thanks!12:10
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seb128Laney, mardy: I tried e-d-s 3.10 from https://launchpad.net/~laney/+archive/gnome-transition/ with uoa, that doesn't work nicely :/12:39
seb128Laney, mardy: the first thing that happens after adding a google account is a notification saying that the account has been desactivated and that you need to grant access again ... which seems to happen when you start evolution as well12:40
seb128Laney, mardy: I never managed to have my calendar working either, it's showing in evolution but stucked on "loading" and never loading any content, the indicator is empty as well12:40
mardyseb128: so, I think that the first issue is actually the correct behaviour: the first time you use EDS, you need to authorize it12:41
mardyseb128: because it's using its own application key for Oauth12:42
seb128mardy, the UI saying that your account has been desactived, when you just added it, feels weird12:42
seb128could we serialize ask for it before ending the account adding?12:42
mardyseb128: mmm... are you sure? It should just say that it needs to be authorized12:42
mardyseb128: that would be nice12:42
mardyseb128: yes, I think we could do that12:43
Laneyyeah the calendar doesn't work for me either12:44
Laneyemail does though, which is an improvement on before12:44
mardyseb128: can you please file a couple of bugs?12:44
seb128mardy, sure, on what component? uoa for the UI/workflow one? e-d-s upstream for the calendar?12:45
mardyseb128: gnome-control-center-signon for the UI, EDS for the calendar12:46
mardyseb128: BTW, is there something broken with autolanding? In the last few days I updated a few projects, got the new code to trunk, but I cannot find any new packages in the archives12:48
mardyseb128: like this one: https://code.launchpad.net/account-plugins12:48
mardy(it adds Windows Live support to e-d-s)12:49
Saviqslangasek, hey, just noticed one, potentially easy fix for cross-building, but I still can't wrap my head around what needs to be done there ;)12:50
seb128mardy, thanks12:50
Saviqslangasek, unity8 depends on qt5-default, which provides /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qtchooser/default.conf12:50
seb128mardy, the notification says that "the application no longer has access to..." (just checked the wording), which is weird when you just created the account12:51
Saviqslangasek, but for the cross-build to work, it should install qt5-default:amd64 instead, so that it provides12:51
seb128mardy, @landings: they stopped happening automatically, somebody needs to do a landing ask nowadays ... they did that to limit regressions because saucy and it's still the rule12:51
seb128mardy, you need an entry on https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au6idq7TkpUUdGNWb0tTVmJLVzFZd0doV3dVOGpWemc#gid=112:52
Saviqslangasek, but qt5-default:amd64 pulls in qtbase5-dev:amd64, which conflicts with otherwise-needed qtbase5-dev:armhf12:52
Saviqslangasek, so what do we do for qt5-default:amd64 to be pulled in, but for it not to be pulling in qt5base-dev:amd64?12:53
mardyseb128: mmm... will it be forever like this, or will landings return automatic soon?12:53
xnoxSaviq: i mangled local config files for qt to make it "work"  thus avoiding installing qt5-default package at all.12:56
xnox(well qmake et al)12:56
seb128mardy, they are redesign the system, it's not going back to full automatic but it should be light way to ask for landing12:56
Saviqxnox, well, sure, it's as easy as exporting QT_SELECT12:56
seb128mardy, they idea is to control better what is landing and when so they can keep touch images under control12:56
xnoxSaviq: and CMake needs fixes to find correct multi-arch paths, which I should really fix up and upload into archive.12:56
Saviqxnox, I recently sent a unity8-cross-build-recap to slangasek, let me fwd it to you12:57
mardyseb128: OK, thanks, I'll request access to the document then12:57
xnoxSaviq: i think you can get away with Build-Depends: qt5-defaults:any12:57
seb128mardy, thanks12:57
Saviqxnox, can I? that might pull in :amd64, sure, but then would pull qtbase5-dev:amd64 as well12:58
Saviqxnox, when we need :armhf for that12:58
xnoxSaviq: you cannot specify ":armhf", but you can specify "qtbase5-dev" as a build-dep.12:58
mardyseb128: actually, to whom should I request access to edit this document?12:58
xnoxSaviq: hm, maybe i got this wrong. let me look at the actual packages.12:59
Saviqxnox, sure, we do already, but how will that help with qt5-default:amd64 pulling qtbase5-dev:amd64?12:59
seb128mardy, the managers and techleads should have access ... so ask your manager, or just go ask on #ubuntu-ci-eng if you can get write rights (that's the channel for the CI work)13:01
xnoxSaviq: wait, can you not instead of qt5-default build-depend on: qtbase5-dev-tools:native, qtbase5-dev ?13:01
xnoxSaviq: with appropriate config, cause it's the qtbase5-dev-tools that provide the "moc" utility.13:01
Saviqxnox, you tell me ;)13:02
Saviqxnox, I need moc, qdbusxml2cpp at least13:02
xnoxSaviq: imho qt5-default package is evil, as it's not co-installable for cross-compilation, nor co-installable for qt4/qt5 compilations.13:02
Saviqxnox, qt5-default is just the easiest, 'cause then I don't need to hunt for the binary13:03
xnoxSaviq: =)13:03
xnoxSaviq: yeah, so qtbase5-dev-tools has syncqt, uic, moc, qdbusxml2cpp qdbuscpp2xml rcc qdoc13:03
Saviqxnox, seems to be coinstallable for cross-compilation at least13:03
xnoxSaviq: well at one point in time it had conflicts. E.g. sudo apt-get install qt5-qmake:amd64 qt5-qmake:armhf, conflict with each other.13:04
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Saviqxnox, the only thing that conflicted now for me was qtbase5-dev:armhf and :amd6413:07
Saviqxnox, biab, otp13:07
xnoxSaviq: for cross, one should build-depend on dpkg-cross and use the CMake toolchain file /etc/dpkg-cross/cmake/CMakeCross.txt13:08
xnoxSaviq: which actually finds the correct pkg-config =)13:08
xnoxSaviq: and corrects library search paths.13:08
Saviqxnox, that's new :)13:08
xnoxSaviq: that has been available from way before this new thing MultiArchCross.cmake13:08
xnoxSaviq: I guess the two should merge, and it would be nice for upstream to ship that file.13:09
xnoxSaviq: where are your sources which I can play around with? or is it pure unity8 src package as in the archive at the moment?13:09
Saviqxnox, lp:unity8 yeah13:09
Saviqxnox, everything else that was needed is in my email13:10
xnoxSaviq: gotcha.13:10
xnoxSaviq: here is my poor mans solution to cross-compile https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CrossCompile13:11
xnoxSaviq: if one is using chroot, one can avoid co-installing libapparmor1 for example.13:12
Saviqxnox, oh yeah I'm doing sbuild of course13:18
xnoxcool =)13:18
* xnox waiting for mk-sbuild --target=armhf trusty to complete13:19
Saviqxnox, I wonder, how can we make CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=/etc/dpkg-cross/cmake/CMakeCross.txt more automagic?13:19
geserogra_: I hope you know what you have started with your mail to the ubuntu-devel ML about Mint: http://www.golem.de/news/sicherheit-mit-linux-mint-wuerde-ich-kein-onlinebanking-machen-1311-102830.html13:19
ogra_geser, no,  i didnt notice that i'm standing in the middle of a shitstorm since two days :P13:21
xnoxSaviq: debhelper already does many magic stuff for cross-case, so dh can be taught to add that. As long as it works for many / most cmake packages.13:21
xnoxSaviq: but it needs an extra build-dep. Not sure if dpkg-cross is build-essential enough in cross-cases.13:21
ogra_geser, sadly golem refuses to also link my response to their article it seems http://ograblog.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/lots-of-canonical-in-my-mouth/13:21
ogra_geser, like omgubuntu, phronix or other news sites do ... http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-Developer-Says-Mint-Controversy-Might-Help-Them-Fix-the-Security-Updates-Problem-401422.shtml is the only one that picked it up ...13:25
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highvoltagethat whole issue is such a nontroversy. any rational person would always agree with ogra_ no matter what he says.13:28
ogra_thanks :)13:29
seb128ogra_, ignore the trolls, that one is not even a good troll ;-)13:33
ogra_seb128, well, what bothers me is that news sites i used trust suddenly seem to lose all objectivity and refuse the opportunity to to state my opinion even though they report about me ... (golem and heise are two i regulary read, heise hasnt picked up on it yet, but golems ignorance towards me is pretty disappointing)13:36
seb128ogra_, having a good troll probably bring them more readers :/13:39
ogra_i totally understand the intend and process ... but it would still be nicer if they could also show my POV13:39
highvoltageogra_: if they twist your words to mean something completely different to what you said then their intent was definiely not in good spirit13:41
ogra_no, indeed not, but pushing an update with "Canonicasl developer responded" would at least give them another few clicks ... and at least pretend some objectivity13:43
sladenogra_: s/maintained one for/maintained one of/13:49
xnoxogra_: I only read BBC News and New York Times. Neither of which are yet to miss-quote you =)13:50
ogra_xnox, damn ... so much about my career in the TV ad business ... still not enough popularity13:51
sladennow where's a link to those Canonical TV ads when you need one13:52
ogra_sladen, thanks, fixed..  btw13:52
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Saviqxnox, if you manage to reduce the steps needed to cross-build u8, please let me know :)13:54
rsalvetixnox: right, I'm trying to disable a few services to see what is causing it, at least to isolate it a bit more13:59
rsalvetiMirv: thanks13:59
rsalvetiMirv: I can sponsor the upload, but need to check with the landing team13:59
rsalvetiseems xnox just uploaded it, so cool14:00
rsalvetixnox: did you coordinate the landing with the landing team?14:00
rsalvetixnox: as I know they were working on landing mir and a few other big blocks yesterday14:00
Mirvrsalveti: yeah, it got uploaded already14:00
Mirvit probably flew past the landing chart as such14:01
slangasekxnox: hi, coming to http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22028/core-1311-dmraid2mdadm/ ?14:01
xnoxslangasek: yes. it looks like i'll have to setup the hangout?14:02
rsalvetiMirv: right, well, it's already in, so let's hope it'll not cause any issue :-)14:02
slangasekxnox: no, it's set up and waiting for you14:02
xnoxslangasek: one hour too early?14:02
* slangasek checks his clock14:02
slangasekoh hah, plenaries this hour14:03
seb128slangasek, you almost scared me for a minute there ;-)14:03
slangasekok, nevermind then :-)14:03
xnoxslangasek: yeah, i think summit should "pre-star" the plenaries.14:03
xnoxfor everyone.14:03
argescjwatson: hey. I know you spoke with jpds about this already. would you like me to handle the SRU for bug 901700? thanks14:22
ubottubug 901700 in netcfg (Ubuntu Precise) "netcfg segfauts when preseeding 12.04 LTS" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90170014:22
cjwatsonarges: Oh, if you like and if you can readily test it, I certainly wouldn't object to having it taken off my hands :-)14:22
argescjwatson: sure, I'll handle it then. : )14:23
cjwatsonBrilliant, thanks14:23
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seb128mardy, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center-signon/+bug/125275114:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 1252751 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "when adding an account, should register apps as well" [Undecided,New]14:50
seb128mardy, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=71268714:50
ubottuGnome bug 712687 in Calendar "Ubuntu online accounts support doesn't work with calendars" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:50
seb128Laney, ^14:50
mardyseb128: thanks!14:51
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Laneyseb128: maybe we should leave it off14:52
seb128Laney, yeah, but I still would like to see it fixed before the LTS...14:52
roaksoaxapw: ping14:52
roaksoaxapw: do you maintain avahi?14:53
seb128roaksoax, I don't think we have an official avahi maintainer, it's mostly in low maintainance mode/maintained in Debian, why?14:53
apwroaksoax, not especially, i have recently fixed it for kernel feature missmatches14:53
apwroaksoax, need something?14:53
roaksoaxapw: I'm about to sponsor this http://people.canonical.com/~serge/avahi-nproc.debdiff14:54
roaksoaxseb128: ^^14:54
roaksoaxjust wan't to make sure people is ok with us doing that14:54
apwnot an issue for me indeed14:54
roaksoaxsince we need it sru'd into saucy14:54
roaksoaxapw: thanks!14:54
Laneyisi t upstreamed?14:54
seb128roaksoax, ^ what Laney asked, we should have an upstream bug reference in the patch there14:56
Laneypatch headers ;-)14:56
roaksoaxhehe ok14:56
fishorany devs for sound subsystem here? (pulseaudio/alsa) ... i tried to find some one upstream, but no answers for a week. Now to the issue: internal mic in my laptop has too match boost, if i set on on maximum noise will go to the capture limits.  It make troubles for VoIP apps. I can blacklist it in alsa driver and provide patch for it... but before i do it i would like to know if there other options14:58
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bregmashould Trusty packages be using Standards-Version 3.9.5 now?15:22
mitya57bregma: Yes, but keep in mind that a Lintian version with 3.9.5 support is not yet released.15:31
bregmamitya57, upstream in Debian or here in Ubuntu?15:32
* bregma is used to lintian complaining about future Standards-Version in Ubuntu15:33
mitya57Lintian is mostly in sync now.15:33
mitya57So we'll quickly merge the new lintian when it's released.15:33
* mitya57 notices that the latest lintian FTBFS15:34
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evheads up: we're going to be discussing how the CI engine is going to be rearchitected, starting in 10 minutes. If you'd like a speaking slot in the hangout, let me know.15:51
cjwatsonoww, now I have to rebase grub2/debian/patches/install_signed.patch across to a rewrite of grub-install in C15:53
cjwatsonI guess it'll be neater on the other side :-)15:53
evhttp://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22092/core-1311-ci-airline/ being the URL for that15:56
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heroI get an error when trying to compile gtk3;17:35
hero could someone help ?17:35
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vermahimhi, i am using ubuntu 13.10, i am looking for a software(preferably small in terms of code) which is written(or majority of code) in C/C++, please help me out18:43
kenvandinexnox, ping18:54
xnoxkenvandine: hi!18:55
kenvandineboost1.54 is held in proposed because boost-mpi-source1.54 has depends binaries from boost1.5418:55
kenvandinespecific versions18:55
kenvandine libboost1.54-dev (= ${binary:Version}),18:55
kenvandinexnox, i assume a no change upload would fix it18:56
xnoxvermahim: well, upstart for C, and unity8/mir e.g. C++.18:56
kenvandinebut that seems fragile...18:56
kenvandinexnox, i see you recently touched it... so i pinged you :)18:56
xnoxkenvandine: we split boost packages into main and universe ones because of mpi. And it should alway be uploaded in a matching pair.18:56
kenvandineok, so that was expected :)18:56
xnoxkenvandine: if it's held up, then it was a mistake. sorry about that. Let me check.18:56
kenvandinethere was an upload yesterday18:56
kenvandinedoko did an upload18:57
xnoxkenvandine: and he should know better =)))))18:57
kenvandinehehe :)18:57
cjwatsonyeah, looks like doko forgot about the split-source thing here18:57
xnoxkenvandine: i'll fix it.18:57
kenvandinexnox, mind uploading a fix?18:57
kenvandinerobru, ^^18:57
kenvandinerobru, once that is gets rhough, we'll be able to build that stack18:57
xnoxkenvandine: after the sessions end. I'll fix it. so you will have it today.18:58
robruxnox, thanks for fixing boost18:58
robrukenvandine, alright18:58
vermahimxnox: please provide the link for unity8/mir18:59
xnoxvermahim: bzr branch lp:upstart; bzr branch lp:unity8; bzr branch lp:mir19:01
xnoxvermahim: or http://pad.lv/c/unity8 http://pad.lv/c/upstart http://pad.lv/c/mir19:01
slangasekScottK: hi, able to join us? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjem29pg1ifaht4etlvkqc019:07
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ScottKslangasek: I thought the meeting was in like 10 minutes from now.20:49
slangasekScottK: hmm, nope :/20:49
ScottKThe time says 2013-11-19 19:05..20:0020:50
slangasekScottK: so the one big question we couldn't answer... you've said that qt5 alignment is "not an issue" for 14.04, just to confirm, that means Kubuntu is not moving to Qt5 this cycle, right?20:50
ScottKIsn't that now?20:50
slangasekScottK: no, it's currently 20:50 UTC20:50
ScottKWe anticipate packaging some parts of KDE Frameworks 5 this cycle, but not doing any fundamental switching.20:51
ScottKI don't know what the upstream version requirement will be.20:52
ScottKThis is even less than we did for KDE 4 in Hardy.20:52
* slangasek nods20:52
infinityScottK: You actually remember hardy?20:53
* infinity barely remembers last month.20:53
ScottKinfinity: I have scars.20:53
lifelessthe halycon days20:53
ScottKslangasek: I'm told (reading my backscroll) that 5.2 is what's needed for KF5.20:55
ScottKSo we want 5.2, but we wouldn't fall over dead if we didn't get it.20:55
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slangasekScottK: ok - 5.2 is also what's targeted for the phone20:56
ScottKI'm listening to the session now.  I didnt' get annoyed yet.20:57
* xnox giggles.21:04
xnoxScottK: are you shipping Framework5 for 14.04?21:04
ScottKxnox: Possibly some of it.21:05
ScottKBeta versions.21:05
ScottKWe may just land them in backports to avoid having to be stuck with them.21:06
xnoxScottK: i see, but to do that you'd want 5.2 to be in.21:07
ScottKSo I think we agree on what version we want.21:10
* robru shakes fist at mterry!!!21:19
mterryrobru, :(  what did I do?21:20
robrumterry, your merge *just* landed on unity-system-compositor, which conflicted with my own.21:20
mterryrobru, hah!  I win21:20
robrumterry, jerk!21:20
mterryrobru, what are you doing in usc?   /me peeks21:20
robrumterry, bad boost deps. https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/unity-system-compositor/drop-libboost-all-dev/+merge/19586021:21
robrumterry, but then I also did wrap-and-sort and it made a big ugly diff that conflicted with your really badly21:21
mterryrobru, I see.  If what I'm looking at is right, please don't re-introduce xmir dep on u-s-c21:21
mterryrobru, I moved that to new tiny package ubuntu-desktop-mir21:22
robrumterry, pushed a new commit, can you check it's sane?21:24
mterryrobru, what's the beef with libboost-all-dev?  Just that it's lazy?21:25
mterryrobru, yeah looks fine, thanks!21:25
mterryrobru, I guess I'll approve then21:26
robrumterry, well it's explicitely forbidden from main, which means when we eventually converge this change will be a prerequisite of the MIR, however the reason it came up today is because there was a minor boost transition that caused this to fail, specifically because of the -all-dev21:26
jtaylorwere is the best place to ask about the vagrant cloud images?21:26
utlemmingjtaylor: here works...whats up?21:26
robrumterry, thanks for the approve.21:26
jtaylorusing virtualbox as provider the /vagrat folder blocks forever with the saucy images21:26
jtaylorprecise images work21:27
utlemmingjtaylor: I have seen that happen from time to time, but haven't had a chance to dig on that. Can you file a bug against it with supporting evidence? i.e. strace cat /vagrant/foobar?21:27
jtaylorutlemming: busy loop on getdents(...)21:28
jtayloragainst which package should I file it?21:29
utlemmingvirtualbox itself...that is a problem with the the vfs that they present21:29
jtayloractually cating a file works21:29
jtaylorbut ls blocks21:29
jtaylorutlemming: bug 125287221:36
ubottubug 1252872 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "saucy vagrant image shared folder 'ls' blocks" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125287221:36
utlemmingjtaylor: are you using our version of virtualbox or the one from upstream?21:37
jtaylorpackaged virtualbox21:37
utlemmingit would be interesting  to find out if you were to user the upstream what happens21:38
jtaylorI can try21:38
jtaylorhm vagrant in saucy does not support vbox 4.3 :/21:41
jtaylorbut that should be fixed upstream21:41
jtaylorutlemming: same with latest vbox 4.321:48
utlemmingjtaylor: ack21:49
jtaylorI'll use a raring image in the meantime then21:56
jtaylorutlemming: trusty images have the same issue22:02
xnoxrobru: i should have uploaded into archive, then mterry would conflict as well ;-)22:16
robruxnox, hahaha. well it's merged now and building in PPA, should hit archive soon22:16
xnoxmterry: libboost-all-dev is (a) in universe (b) non-multiarch:sam (thus no cross-compilation) (c) causes un-neccesory FTBFS if boost is not in sync with boost-mpi-source (d) makes the build longer (e) causes the package not suitable for main inclusion.22:17
mterryxnox, makes sense  :)22:18
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RAOFvUDS hangouts on air tell me of all sorts of things that I could usefully have contributed to if they weren't on at 3am last night?23:08
slangasekRAOF: that's ok, we gave you all the work items23:10
slangasekI can haz system compositor?23:10
RAOFThat's *exactly*  what I'm listening to.23:10
RAOFYes, the plan is indeed to be able to run a Mir compositor in the initrd :)23:11
RAOFGood, good. You've argued yourselves 'round to the correct solution.23:12
RAOFActually, we *do* have a partial Mir backend for plymouth.23:12
slangasekok, where is it?23:13
slangasekI don't have anything that I can include in the plymouth package23:13
slangasekI'd love to do that, but so far I've been told everything is proof of concept23:13
slangasekas for including Mir in the initrd, the final conclusion of the session is that we'd rather not do any of the graphics stuff from the initrd, and just boot to the rootfs as fast as possible23:13
* RAOF goes hunting for plymouth backend23:15
infinityslangasek: Does this mean we'll continue to have two different paths for encrypted root versus not?23:15
slangasekinfinity: for the nonce23:15
infinityslangasek: I hate that the plymouth-in-initrd codepath is so poorly tested in contrast to the default.23:16
slangasekno it's not23:16
RAOFslangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~rocket-scientists/plymouth/mir should work, I think.23:16
slangasekit's the only path I test before upload :-P23:16
infinityslangasek: Poorly exericed for corner cases that affect people who aren't Steve? :P23:16
slangasekRAOF: are you willing to turn that into an MP on the package?23:16
infinityexercised, too.23:16
RAOFslangasek: Sure, in the near future.23:16
slangasekRAOF: great :)23:17
slangasekanyway, plymouth-in-initrd becomes even hairier if we start using a mir backend... because while plymouth goes away and releases the framebuffer after boot, the system compositor would not23:17
slangasekat least, not by definition23:17
infinityI'm sure this was all covered in the session, but won't bringing up Mir take even longer than the already irritatingly long process of bringing up plymouth on a kms framebuffer?23:18
slangasekso then we either cope with never freeing the initramfs, which is a fair chunk of memory, or the system compositor needs to re-exec seamlessly23:18
RAOFYeah; we need to re-exec the system compositor.23:18
slangasekinfinity: "it depends"23:18
RAOFThat should fall out naturally from our other goals.23:19
slangasekinfinity: currently, waiting for the framebuffer device on Touch is probably slower23:19
slangasekRAOF: right; but it needs to be implemented before we can change plymouth's backend23:20
RAOFIndeed it does.23:20
slangasekand I'm very enthusiastic about getting to that point, since it means we no longer have to kill plymouth when lightdm starts23:20
slangasekand plymouth can continue to display/prompt as needed23:20
slangasekyay compositing :)23:20
RAOFAh, I love that bit of a UDS session. “So, I think we know what needs to be done… who's going to do it?”23:22
stgraberthat's usually the point at which we start throwing work items at everyone who should have been in the session and instead tried to escape it23:27
infinityI guess I should show up to more sessions.23:30
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sergiusensslangasek, hey, this is the wrong channel; but can you do a review for me or forward me to someone friendly? http://mentors.debian.net/package/golang-gocheck-dev23:46
slangasekI wonder if that's something doko would be comfortable reviewing?23:49
slangasekafaik we don't have very strong policy around go packages yet, so there are probably only a handful of people who would feel comfortable reviewing - doko is one, the golang package maintainer is another23:50
sergiusensslangasek, is that stapelberg?23:51
slangaseksergiusens: yes23:51
sergiusensmakes sense, I used his dh-golang and followed his wiki :-)23:51
sergiusensI'll see how I can reach out to him23:52
infinityIf running it doesn't then proceed to go and download the actual package from an S3 bucket, you're miles ahead on quality from other Go packages I can mention...23:53
slangaseksergiusens: his email address is in the Maintainer: field :)23:53

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