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John____Any reason after installing ubuntu gnome and updating it always locks up at the intial gnome loading screen?03:42
John____Trying to move away from windows with a minor background in Linux - Primarily web development servers and it's been a difficult experience so far :(03:43
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mgedminum... printing stopped working after I upgraded to ubuntu gnome 13.1012:08
mgedminapparently my local CUPS specifies the wrong Host: header when it tries to talk to the remote CUPS12:09
mgedminjudging from /var/log/cups/error_log on the remote end12:09
mgedmin(local end just says "[Job 24] Unable to get printer status."12:09
mgedmindoes anyone know where GNOME 3.8 keeps printer settings?12:09
mgedminSystem Preferences won't let me see or edit the ipp:// URL12:10
mgedminI suppose I should use the cups admin interface at http://localhost:631/ ...12:12
mgedminok, solved by adding a ServerAlias line in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf on the server12:19
mgedminno idea why printing used to work before the upgrade and stopped after12:19
mgedminso: upgrade was irrelevant, the breakage was due to server-side cups configuration12:40
roastedmgedmin: I noticed the same thing when I bumped to 3.10. I was on the verge of staying with ubuntu gnome vs going elsewhere so for the time being I chose the latter.13:09
roastedCouldn't tell you why or how, but all I know is going to 3.10 wiped my ability to print. Sort of a big deal if you ask me.13:10
mgedminprinters never work13:10
mgedmindid you notice the bit where my problem was on the server side?  because the admin (me) hand-edited /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, incorrectly? ;)13:10
roastedmine worked in 3.8, but then everything failed to add in 3.1013:10
roastedmgedmin: I'm speaking from my experience.13:11
mgedminmerely saying it's not the same thing as mine ;)13:11
roastedmgedmin: ubuntu gnome 13.10 + the default gnome 3.8, printers were fine. Upgraded to gnome 3.10, could not install *any* printer of *any* make or model.13:11
mgedminthat's probably why 3.10 is not in the main ppa :(13:11
roastedI'm simply ADDING to the conversation here, indicating that I also had problems with printing.13:11
roastedmy printers work fine in gnome 3.10 on opensuse13:12
roastedI'd bet my house it's not a gnome 3.10 issue at all, but something with 3.10 + ubuntu base.13:12
mgedminmakes sense for it to be integration issue13:12
roastedespecially given the amount of hoops the ubu devs must jump through to make gnome work13:12
roastedgotta run - farewell.13:13
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isiah_Apparently my previous issue of gnome-settings-daemon continuously crashing on startup on Saucy 64-bit is completely resolved by simply installing only gnome-settings-daemon from the gnome3-team/gnome3-next PPA.21:29
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darkxstisiah_, thanks for testing21:48
darkxstI will get the fix backported to Saucy21:50
rZrjust asking , would it be possible to install gnome-control-center 3.8 on ubunu-gnome ?22:42
rZrand why do u-g still use the 3.6 one from ubuntu base ?22:43
darkxstrZr, its in the gnome3 PPA23:06
darkxstwe share gnome-control-center with ubuntu, but we couldnt get it updated in time last cycle23:07

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