SJudgeFor any experienced Ubuntu-ie members watching the LoCo projects UDS session, what do think of this idea they are discussing, suggested local projects?18:22
zmoylan-lennot watching the uds but what type of local projects are they discussing?18:24
SJudgeNothing specific, various projects matching with Local teams experience level18:25
SJudgethey are promoting various local teams working together18:26
SJudgeOne problem being discussed is there is little or no promotional material or resource packs to help run loco team events18:26
zmoylan-lennot a bad idea.  might make local teams which are quite small more active18:27
SJudgeseems the lack of resources is a point of frustration for loco team organises18:28
SJudgethey are going to discuss more concrete topics and projects18:28
zmoylan-lenit's definitely got promise18:28
SJudgeProject: Package testing, a common project done by loco's18:29
SJudgeProject: Translation jams and sprints18:30
SJudgeProject: Involve local teams more in app development, based around an App School idea from another stream18:32
SJudgepoint of note, the needs to be a train-the-trainner thing because the Ubuntu SDK is different from what is familiar18:33
SJudgeProject: Documentation improvements, specifically wiki clean up18:34
SJudgeThe general idea is to have a pool of projects/events for loco teams to pick from, so that loco leaders are not left to be to one coming up with loco even ideas and organisation18:37
zmoylan-lenso it's about creating more online teams than local teams.  just hope they organise/communicate well.  social media will always exclude some who don't use what ever social media is chosen.  but email lists can be... inefficent18:42
SJudgeProject: Getting loco's more involved in development for the phone and tablet. The focus should be around demoing and introducing emulator and again teaching the SDK. The expect this will improve when the start working more on the tablet which is the focus this cycle18:43
SJudgeIt's not necassarily about creating more teams whether online or local. It is more that they want to create a pool of projects that local teams can pick from and organise events and activities around18:44
SJudgeI think the end result is there will be more activities to do at the local level that has more direct benefit to the Ubuntu projects18:45
SJudgeThe stream Etherpad is back up with their ideas is back up now http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1311-community-1311-loco-projects and they will put specific projects on the wiki, as yet to be setup18:50
SJudgeThe session is finishing up now, the YouTube playback of the session should be available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e99_s2rWJbk&html5=118:51
* zmoylan-len makes note of link to watch later18:54
SJudgeThey are expressing there is a continuous problem to communicate to all the loco's around the world. The loco council is doing some verification process that should improve this.18:59
SJudgeSession Ended.19:02

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