DanChapmanHi is there any IIRC members about?13:32
xnoxit's better to say that DanChapman wants irc cloak =) ^^^13:51
DanChapmanxnox, i asked a while backbut seems it must have been missed so thought i would try actually catch one of them and badger them to do it :-D13:52
xnoxlet's see. AlanBell do you have powers to give out cloaks? ^13:53
* DanChapman waits in anticipation.......13:55
topylihi DanChapman14:03
hggdhDanChapman: give them your LP page, they will need to confirm you are a member14:04
topylistaff, could we have an ubuntu/member cloak for DanChapman?14:04
hggdhheh, done14:04
topylihggdh: i found it :)14:04
topyliubuntu/member/dpniel would really be "correct", as that's your launchpad id14:05
DanChapmantopyli, hi there, /ubuntu/member/dpniel is fine with me :-) do you need me to change my nick on lp first?14:06
Myrttido you want me to wait until you sort things out?14:07
DanChapmantopyli, i've changed my nick on lp to dpniel so we can go with that14:11
topyliDanChapman: as long as launchpad id and cloak match, we're happy14:11
topyli(for some old members they still don't. then we're less happy but still pretty ok)14:12
topyliMyrtti: please14:14
mhall119AlanBell: can we get the log bot into #ubuntu-uds-<room>?14:14
Myrttioh man, I might need to go for a nap14:14
mhall119looks like it's missing in some of the new rooms, -core-1, -core-2, etc14:14
mhall119-hallway and -design-1 too14:15
topylithanks Myrtti14:15
DanChapmanthanks topyli and Myrtti14:19
mhall119^^ anybody on the IRC council who can help me with the irc log bot?14:19
topylimhall119: sorry, i have no idea how things work :\14:26
tsimpsonmhall119: canonical run the logs bot, so #canonical-sysadmin or rt@ubutnu.com14:41
tsimpsonand for IRCC: please use your GC powaz to register -core-1, -core-214:42
tsimpson(still missing a logbot in -uds btw)14:52
tsimpsonjust one (v)UDS, it'd be nice if nothing changed </grumble>15:11
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