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locodir-useri want to purchase robotux08:53
locodir-userHi guys, How can I connect Ubuntu directly to create some agreement with them about Loco Teams14:21
czajkowskilocodir-user: what do you mean?14:21
locodir-userczajkowski: I want to be verified team, but through my NGO.14:22
locodir-userczajkowski: Do you understand?14:24
skellatlocodir-user: For the time being, LoCo Teams are co-terminous with a geographic jurisdiction14:25
locodir-userskellat: Yeah man, I want it  to be just in my country, but to be approved as NGO14:27
skellatlocodir-user: Which country?14:27
locodir-userskellat: Montenegro, however, we, in NGO, want to be approved, as NGO14:28
PabloRubianeslocodir-user: but verification is for LoCo Teams not for NGO14:28
skellatlocodir-user: Is your group registered on Launchpad yet?14:29
locodir-userskellat: No, We wanted first to see if it's possible to be approved14:29
PabloRubianeslocodir-user: why you want to use the NGO instead of start a LoCo Team?14:30
skellatlocodir-user: The three requirements are that you must have online resources set up including a Launchpad team, you must have a Point of Contact that has signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and you must show signs of activity14:31
locodir-userPabloRubianes: We want to add development of Linux, Ubuntu, OpenSource in our country as goals 14:32
locodir-userskellat: So it is possible, if we start, and later ask for verification14:33
PabloRubianeslocodir-user: I think want is best is to creat a LoCo team, if there are none in the country and the NGO could help the team14:33
PabloRubianesbut I don't think we can verify a NGO14:34
locodir-userPabloRubianes:  It isn't needed to approve a NGO, but NGO can be also a Loco Team.14:36
locodir-userJust one more thing, what do you think about this. 14:37
skellatlocodir-user: I do think it would be best if you would contact your in-country LoCo Team that already exists.  Their contact details can be found on Launchpad here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-me14:38
locodir-userskellat: So you don't think I sould create new LoCo team?14:39
PabloRubianeslocodir-user: no, is one team per country14:39
skellatlocodir-user: Montenegro already has one14:39
locodir-userOk guys, so be it. Thank you for your help :D14:40
PabloRubianeslocodir-user: no problem14:40
skellatlocodir-user: If you want to partner with Canonical in a manner akin to the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to create something like UbuntuKylin, that isn't a matter for this channel but needs to be handled directly with Canonical.14:41
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BobJonkman1Hi LoCoteam! At the LoCoCouncil meeting today I asked for some help improving participation at Ubuntu-ca events. http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2013/ubuntu-meeting.2013-11-19-20.07.html22:47
BobJonkman1I've scheduled an IRC meeting in #ubuntu-ca for next week, Thursday, 28 November 2013 at 19:00 EST (which turns out to  be 00:00 UTC on 29 November)22:48
BobJonkman1Ubuntu-ca  agenda for the IRC meeting posted at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2013/2013-11-28 LoCo Portal event at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ca/2646/detail/22:49
BobJonkman1I'd like to invite all LoCo Council members and anyone else to join us. Specifically, I'm hoping for a strategy to increase turnout at those IRC meetings, and how to drum up more interest for things like Release Parties.22:50
BobJonkman1I'll send a message to the LoCoTeams mailing list as well. If anyone know other places to spread the word, please do so (or let me know, and I can do it)22:51
joseBobJonkman1: if I wonder to be available at that time I'll see if I can pitch in, for sure :)22:53
BobJonkman1Thanx jose!22:54
BobJonkman100:00UTC translates to 16:00 on Canada's west coast to 20:30 on the east coast. It almost avoids people's working hours (west coast) without cutting into their sleeping hours (east coast). Sorry about the time for  LoCoCouncil members in Europe, Africa and Asia...22:56

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