dufluRAOF: After my comment yesterday, I arrived to find a dead spider on the desk today :)01:15
RAOFduflu_: Ominous!02:09
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RAOFHm. How do you tell QtCreator to run a parallel make?04:41
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Mirvduflu: did you see me and cyphermo_x's comments at bug #1252144? the test still seems to fail in the build environment of the daily-build PPA, plus it was spotted that after the patch it's a segfault, not a test fail06:34
ubot5bug 1252144 in Mir "A test failing on builders with mir 0.1.1: PublishedSocketConnector.drm_auth_magic_is_processed_by_the_server" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125214406:34
* duflu looks06:34
dufluMirv: OK, thanks. The logs yesterday were hinting it wasn't a timeout anyway06:36
dufluI did run it against helgrind, but we've lagged behind in our helgrind testing and there's much noise06:37
Mirvwhat is strange to me in terms of reproducing is that I thought both PPA:s had similar kind of non-virtualized builders, but apparently not06:38
RAOFHm. I wonder how often acceptance-tests.ServerDisconect.* hangs...06:53
dufluNo idea. It's not in the list (?) ... https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bugs?field.tag=testsfail07:02
* duflu was worried for a moment... 07:23
duflu[==========] 666 tests from 123 test cases ran. (7692 ms total)07:23
tvoss_duflu, :)07:24
dufluThat's fun. Our tests run faster if pinned to a single CPU core (taskset)07:26
tvoss_duflu, under valgrind? might well be07:29
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dufluMirv: OK I now have a good explanation of why just that test is failing, and have synthesized a similar failure + segfault. Another MP coming08:17
alf_duflu: \o/08:21
didrocksawesome! :)08:22
alf_duflu: didrocks: FWIW, I tried to reproduce the issue by ssh-ing and building the package in a devirtualized builder yesterday, but couldn't get the error...08:24
dufluWhy valgrind can't see that uninitialized value, I don't know. But the C++11 docs seem to say it should and will be uninitialized. And it's surrounded by variables that are explicitly initialized08:24
didrocksalf_: argh, let's see duflu's explanation once he will get the MP up then… That was the only common sense diff between the 2 ppas I could have come up with08:25
didrocksit's interesting that it only happen in one ppa, and reliably there…08:30
dufludidrocks: Yes, something different about the default memory layout/contents. Possibly due to a different library or kernel08:30
dufluI notice the logs say it's failing on kernel 3.208:31
didrocksoh, devirtualized should use a precise kernel08:32
didrocksjuts weird that alf_ didn't reproduce08:32
alf_didrocks: hmm, the devirtualized builder I used has 2.6.32 (10.04)08:37
didrocksoh, maybe different ones ;)08:38
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alf_greyback: Hi! Any luck with the EGL issues?10:36
greybackalf_: hey. No, I didn't get much further (sorry, forgot to send you mail). Setting EGL_PLATFORM manually helped a bit10:38
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tsdgeosyou guys that know much more *gl than me11:25
tsdgeosis EGL+regularOpenGL something that works on the desktop?11:25
mlankhorstno idea11:32
xnoxtsdgeos: the question is weather hardware/drivers expose EGL, e.g. AMD drivers on the desktop do expose EGL, but no others.11:48
xnoxhttp://www.g-truc.net/post-0457.html is a good read.11:49
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alf_greyback: Can I just install qtubuntu etc on the desktop? It brings in hybris which usually messes up desktop EGL13:30
greybackalf_: the hybris dependency is actually build-time13:33
alf_greyback: however the qtubuntu-android binary package depends on hybris13:34
greybackalf_: but I don't think the package dependencies reflect that13:34
greybackeasiest would be to check out lp:qtubuntu, install libhybris-dev, run "qmake CONFIG+=mirserver CONFIG+=mirclient CONFIG+=debug", make && make install13:35
greybackthen remove libhybris13:36
alf_greyback: ok13:36
kgunnread scrollback, that's kinda scary that there are so many different kernels we're using on validation systems (...on desktop)13:45
kgunnisn't there supposed to be 1 kernel ver/cfg to be used (period)13:45
alf_greyback: reproduced problem, looking into it...13:52
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greybackalf_: cool. Let me know if you need anything.13:53
alf_greyback: FYI, using "sudo update-alternatives --config x86_64-linux-gnu_egl_conf" and then "sudo ldconfig" allows us to select mesa even in the presence of libhybris13:59
greybackalf_: nice, thanks14:00
greybackinfo like this should really be in a wiki page somewhere14:00
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kgunndidrocks: Mirv we all good with mir update now ?14:21
didrockskgunn: there is a patch from duflu14:21
didrockskgunn: but it seems the CI system doesn't want from it14:21
kgunndidrocks: crap...will go check14:21
didrockskgunn: I asked kenvandine to start where Mirv left, but it's about pushing the CI guys to look/act on it14:21
alan_gkgunn: looks like fginther is on it14:22
kgunnthanks guys....if fginther is on it...i'll rest easy :)14:22
Mirvyeah francis now hopefully found the cause14:22
* alan_g wishes for a C++11 aware mocking framework14:42
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ollikdub, congrats for making it onto phoronix ;)15:09
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rsalvetiwould be nice if we could have someone from the mir team also joining http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22107/core-1311-early-boot-animation/15:59
rsalvetias that might bring back the discussion of having some part of mir already running in the initrd itself15:59
kgunnmterry: ^ could you join that one ?16:04
mterrykgunn, I'm in the encrypted home dir one16:04
kgunnmterry: np16:04
kgunnalan_g: ^ could you ?16:05
alan_gkgunn: I could - but have no idea what's happening16:05
kgunnalan_g: no prob...i think they just want some mir representation16:06
alan_gkgunn: what do I do? Just follow that link?16:06
kgunnalan_g: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22107/core-1311-early-boot-animation/16:06
kdubthanks olli16:07
* alan_g tries to register...16:08
alan_g..."wait a few minutes and reload this page."16:10
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kgunnalf_: thanks for merging trunk back in....was just going to do that16:40
alf_kgunn: ? I didn't do anything, but I can do it if you like :)16:41
kgunnalf_: no you did.... 4 hrs ago :)16:42
kgunnoh wait...misread it...it was duflu i think16:43
alf_kgunn: yes, although it was not exactly a merge back, it was the same commit retargeted at devel16:45
kgunnjust didn't want it to not make it back to dev branch...all good16:45
DieMumieehm i had no audio on the hangout video, do I need to register/login to hear the voices16:47
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mterryjono, how would one edit http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/using_mir_on_pc.html ?20:57
mterryOr point me maybe at who would know  :)20:57
robotfuelmterry: I that's part of the doc's in the source code.20:58
mterryrobotfuel, interesting20:58
jonomterry, yep, it is in the source, and synced to unity.u.c20:59
mterryjono, robotfuel; thanks!20:59
kgunnmterry: right, you mod the doc in the src tree and then it automagically updates on the web21:38
kgunnnvmd i see jono now said that :P21:39
DieMumieei have issues setting up the build environment for mir. cmake/FindGtest.cmake declares that gtest.a is in <builddir>/gmock/libs/gtest/libgtest.a22:07
DieMumieebut it is never created there nor do I find a clue which cmake project creates it there22:07
kdubDieMumiee, not sure why... maybe you don't have gtest or gmock installed?22:09
RAOFI presume you've run ‘apt-get build-dep mir’?22:10
DieMumieeah thats an issue of ninja it works with makefiles22:13
racarrSubmitted a first step of refactoring that I think gets across my idea with msh:: :) going to wait for some discussion on the rest22:15
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kgunnmterry: so...curious...how's the greeter split going now that mir-on-mir AP test is solved? i know you were going to mp a lightdm to keep sf enabled...but outside of that, any other issues?22:34
mterrykgunn, so today the last piece of the puzzle got filed, I believe.  everything is in appropriate trunks except for the lightdm branches and the top-level config changes which will be last22:36
mterrykgunn, this is for nested mode switch22:36
mterrykgunn, not split greeter22:36
mterrykgunn, this is step 1 to split greete22:36
mterrykgunn, after this, will be actually splitting greeter out22:36
mterrykgunn, then enabling locking22:36
mterrykgunn, but for the actual splitting out, there will likely be more yaks to shave around receiving calls and such in the greeter.  I'm going to dive into some of those issues now that nested mode is mostly solved22:37
mterryalso visual look of the greeter on top of session22:38
kgunnmterry: ok...this is kind of sounding daunting...do you need a hand from anyone?22:39
kgunnmterry: you can pick who you want as this is a key item we need to nail22:39
mterrykgunn, for next step of splitting greeter, I have to catalog remaining issues.  Then I'd know who to get help from.  I suspect if we want to avoid a regression in unlocking animation, I might need some help from a low-level graphical point of view...22:40
kgunnRAOF: racarr kdub ...any of you mind if i move the meeting out 30 minutes? i gotta personal commit tonight and i just know it'll run over23:36
RAOFFine by me.23:36
kgunnoh wow...that'd be nice if i had put repeat on the invite23:36

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