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NoskcajAmpelbein, Do you ever plan to upload the latest version of flatnuke? If not, i could try05:45
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RhondaLaney (or else), could you be convinced to do a wheezy-backport of ubuntu-dev-tools?12:57
LaneyRhonda: maybe bdrung or tumbleweed12:58
RhondaThe backport of devscripts breaks ubuntu-dev-scripts < 147~12:58
RhondaHmm, no mention for why in the manpage12:59
RhondaErm, changelog12:59
Laney * Move add-patch, edit-patch, suspicious-source, what-patch, and wrap-and-sort from ubuntu-dev-tools into devscripts (Closes: #568481).12:59
RhondaThat's too old13:00
RhondaThat was 2.11.0, and wheezy has 2.12.613:00
RhondaSo that can't be the reason for the breaks < 147~13:00
bdrunghm, how does it break?13:01
bdrungis there a breaks in control?13:01
RhondaSo devscripts from wheezy-backports currently would uninstall ubuntu-dev-tools13:01
bdrungah, now i get it.13:03
bdrung* Convert Python scripts to python3 (Closes: #680313).13:03
bdrungubuntu-dev-tools uses devscripts.logger and needs a Python 2 version of it13:03
bdrungso yes, we need to also backport ubuntu-dev-tools13:03
RhondaThat could have been more explicit in the changelog. :/13:11
bdrungRhonda: the changelog of ubuntu-dev-scripts 0.147 is an indicator13:15
bdrungbut you are right13:15
Laneybdrung: are you backporting it?14:20
bdrungLaney: i could, but feel free to do it15:28
Laneyrather not :P15:29
mfischdholbach: ping15:30
dholbachmfisch, in uds hangouts - how can I help?15:31
mfischdholbach: yeah sorry, I'll email you later15:31
dholbachno worries15:31
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jtaylormh sweet ext4 data=writeback,commit=3600,nobarrier turns cowbuilder on disk almost into cowbuilder on ramdisk :D19:09
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