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Kwisher_wrkstarted getting a "all tuners busy" error last night after installing the latest updates from .27 fixes18:06
tgm4883Kwisher, do you somehow have 2 instances of mythbackend running?21:14
Kwishertgm4883: checking now21:17
Kwisherhow can that happen?21:17
tgm4883Kwisher, it shouldn't be able to21:17
tgm4883well, it could if something else started it21:18
tgm4883but using the upstart scripts, it shouldn't be able to happen21:18
Kwisherdid a service mythtv-backend stop and nothing myth related is running21:19
tgm4883Kwisher, do 'ps aux | grep mythbackend'21:19
Kwisherkevin     7147  0.0  0.0   9440   908 pts/1    S+   16:20   0:00 grep --color=auto mythbackend21:21
tgm4883that looks right21:21
tgm4883anything in the backend logs after you start it?21:21
Kwisherno errors that i see21:24
tgm4883Go into watch tv and see if you still get the error or if anything is in the backend log21:25
Kwisherproblem seems to have started after update yesterday21:26
Kwishermythweb is also having issues21:28
tgm4883Kwisher, so nothing gets printed in the backend log when you try to go to live tv?21:28
Kwisherjust tried to start livetv and it haung, all tuners busy shows, nothing in log21:30
Kwisherbrb, need a smoke, wife is stressing me out over this :(21:32
Kwisherrebooted the master be and now livetv starts21:45
Kwishermythweb is behaving correctly21:46
superm1so just transient fun it sounsd like21:46
Kwisherno fun when wife can't watch tv21:47
Kwishernow mythweb is sluggish21:55
Kwishermaybe it's a db issue??21:56
superm1mythweb code hasn't changed in a while. https://github.com/MythTV/mythweb/commits/fixes/0.27  if it's a regression, you can see what's changed here: https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commits/fixes/0.2721:59
superm1you can try to do a repair/optimize of your DB if you think it's a DB issue21:59
Kwisherlivetv just hung22:01
Kwisherlog shows: I HDHRStreamHandler tv_rec.cpp:3393 (RingBufferChanged) TVRec[1]: RingBufferChanged()22:02
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