pleia2Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 343 for the week November 11 - 17, 2013 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue34302:41
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silverlionhey there!12:52
silverlionakgraner & pleia2 would be great if you could ping me back whenever you could spare a moment of your time12:58
silverlionhey jono & dholbach14:11
dholbachhi silverlion14:12
silverliondholbach : greetings from harryLweber (twitter) ;)14:12
dholbachhey hey :)14:12
dholbachsilverlion, it's easier to just ping me on IRC than on twitter :)14:13
dholbachsilverlion, how can I help?14:13
silverliondholbach : well i'd like to introduce you to an opensource project I work for14:13
silverlionit's called open slides14:13
silverlionbut if my intel is correct you are able to speak german, right?14:14
dholbachsilverlion, yes, that's right14:14
dholbachit looks very nice14:14
dholbachjust found the website14:15
silverlionmind switching to our mothertongue in query?14:15
silverlionyou got one14:15

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