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RoyKYeti_Sno: hi05:09
RoyKkåte damer05:13
RoyKsg Xiaoqian hi06:38
XiaoqianRoyK: Hi06:44
* RoyK just can't wait for the chess game tomorrow06:53
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thelamesthi, if i do strings /dev/vda1 | grep something, is that equivalent to the best software undelete i can do? context: lost precious zone configuration10:12
ikoniathelamest: this channel is for ubuntu support - not Centos 6.4 support, so please don't bring centos support here10:15
ikoniathelamest: can you please confirm what distro this is on10:16
xnoxblkperl: i thought it's needed to be on from precise onwards.10:25
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railsraiderhi i am trying to setup a custom prompt for all users , i put the PS1  in /etc/profile and it works if i source the file but not when i log out and back in11:47
ogra_railsraider, did you read the file ?11:49
ogra_    if [ -f /etc/bash.bashrc ]; then11:49
ogra_      . /etc/bash.bashrc11:49
ogra_    fi11:49
railsraideri need to set it for all users11:49
ogra_edit it there11:49
railsraidersomehow it gets override11:49
railsraideri tried11:49
railsraideronly if i delete the users bashrc file it works11:50
ogra_you said you edited /etc/profile11:50
railsraideri have 30 users and creating new users11:50
railsraideri tried that too11:50
railsraiderim not sure where i can set it for all users and for new users that will be created11:50
railsraideri think that the local bashrc is setting its own PS1 after .bash.bashrc is loaded11:51
ogra_well, ~/.bashrc gets copied from /etc/bash.bashrc on first login11:52
ogra_only when the user is new11:52
railsraiderso that solves a new user11:52
railsraiderwhat about existing11:52
ogra_for the existing ones you will likely have to script something to update their files11:53
railsraiderno other way around?11:53
railsraideri can do that with  chef11:53
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jdstrandjml: Ubuntu prefers to ship the ufw profiles in the package that provides the service. deluge in Ubuntu does not currently ship a ufw profile13:12
jmljdstrand: thanks. I guess this creates an opportunity for packagers to forget to include profiles.13:13
jdstrandit does13:15
jdstrandfyi, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/ufw/trunk/view/head:/profiles/ufw-bittorent if you need it13:15
jdstrandzul: hey, fyi, bug #125272213:19
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1252722 in apache2 "apache2 ships ufw profile in wrong location" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125272213:19
zuljdstrand:  doh!13:28
jamespagezul: your nova merge for icehouse - is that against master branch upstream?13:55
zuljamespage:  it is13:57
zuljamespage:  builds fine locally after you update sqlalchemy-migrate13:59
jamespagezul, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442884/14:01
zuljamespage:  erm14:02
zuljdstrand:  fixed14:02
jdstrandzul: thanks!14:02
NaGeLhello i seemt to got an issue with my mail server i configured like this told me https://www.exratione.com/2012/05/a-mailserver-on-ubuntu-1204-postfix-dovecot-mysql/ and seems like my mail server becomea spam server.14:06
NaGeLand my mysql connections are maxed out as welll14:06
zuljamespage:  http://bugs.python.org/issue1957014:07
NaGeLcan someone help me make my server  a nota sam servr and secure it against it?14:07
patdk-wknagel, use better instructions14:17
patdk-wkthose instructions tell you do to stuff that has never been recommended and is 10years out of date14:17
NaGeLugh.. than how should i set up my mail server?14:18
patdk-wkdunno, don't know what you hvae now, and if you followed those instructions, they are really killing a lot of your diagnostic tools14:18
NaGeLi folowed that so i have that14:19
NaGeLbut right now dovecot and postfix is turned of due to that  its spams andkills my mysql14:19
NaGeLand I'm new to this server stuff( i got a VPS) so i dont think i havea diagnostic tool on it.. i installed webmin and Awstats thought.14:20
patdk-wkit kills mysql?14:22
patdk-wkhow much ram do you have on that vps?14:22
NaGeLby killing i mean it fills up all the connection to the mysql.14:23
NaGeLand i increaded the max connections to 300 with mysql14:23
NaGeLand it it eat t up in a few minutes14:24
NaGeLwith sleeping connections14:24
RoyKstaniel25: hi14:38
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nerdcoreI've just installed cyrus-common2.4 and it does not have an init script, and neither does cyrus-imapd2.4. How do I *run* the cyrus IMAP server?14:51
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izanagisanhi all. I have an UbuntuServer IBM x3650 and one of its hard drives on RAID 5 failed15:44
izanagisanI have a spare which is brand new (not formatted)15:44
izanagisando you think I can just hot-swap the drives and the RAID controller will take care of everything?15:45
izanagisanmore importantly: will the operating system just keep working normally?15:45
Free99hi everyone, I am in the process of setting up a KVM system so that my CS students can experiment with linux for the first time without having to change their personal system. Because this is run on a school server, I need to limit what they can do with their VM on the network15:51
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Free99I was thinking of setting some iptables rules where traffic is allow to flow in to the VMs which are on the KVM's userspace net, but no traffic other than their current connection via SSH is allowed out15:52
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Free99trouble is, I cannot figure out the iptables rules. anyone have any pointers?15:53
xnoxizanagisan: depends if it is hardware, software or fake array, and if your server configured to have it hot-swappable. if it has already failed, pulling & plugging in new one should work.15:54
xnoxizanagisan: i don't know if it notice that it is "now fresh', it would probably need to be readded into the array.15:54
izanagisanxnox: just came from server room15:58
izanagisanit's hardware RAID15:58
izanagisanand it seems like it accepted the disk (it's the same size and brand as the others) and immediately started to synchronize it with the array15:59
izanagisan: )15:59
izanagisanoperative system didn't feel a thing. Webserver and other services are up15:59
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Shockwavehow mount in server asterisk for the practice =??16:06
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Shockwavehow mount in server asterisk for the practice =??16:08
Shockwavehow mount in server asterisk for the practice =??16:08
Shockwavehow mount in server asterisk for the practice =??16:08
RoryShockwave: Could you re-phrase that question, I don't think it makes sense16:13
RoryShockwave: Also, asking once would have been enough, no need to spam16:13
beanRory: he was spamming like that in #ubuntu too.16:14
ShockwaveRory: chupamelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa16:14
ShockwaveRory:  cueco,16:14
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ShockwaveRory: gay16:14
beanShockwave: this is an english language channel.16:14
Rorybean: I know he was16:14
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makaraapparently the tun kernal module is standard for 12.04, but I don't seem to have it. How to install/load it?17:47
rbasakmakara: it should get loaded automatically on first use. Are you sure you're using an official kernel, rather than a VPS provider's one? What does "uname -r" say?18:04
makararbasak, I'm using a VPS one18:04
makararbasak, what does that mean about it?18:05
makaraI'm worried now18:05
rbasakmakara: some VPS providers use their own kernel as a requirement on their virtualisation platform. Eg. I get the impression that providers using virtuozzo do this, though I'm not sure that it is a requirement.18:06
rbasakmakara: if they do, then provision of kernel modules is up to them.18:07
rbasakmakara: it might be worth you testing your situation on a local virtual machine or on AWS or something. If you can do it there, but not on your VPS, then you should raise the issue with your VPS provider.18:07
rbasakIf it does turn out to be a VPS provider issue, then the concept of that provider providing "Ubuntu" is also dubious IMHO.18:08
makararbasak, i thought modules could be loaded after startup18:08
makarais that not the case?18:08
sarnoldiirc, module loading can be blocked after boot..18:08
rbasakmakara: they can, but Ubuntu ships modules that are built to work with the kernel that they ship. If your VPS provider does something custom, then they need to ship you your modules.18:09
makarasarnold, how can I test?18:10
sarnoldmakara: hrm, the only idea I've got off the top of my head is to do something like install lttng and run 'sudo lttng list -k' to list kernel probe points...18:12
sarnoldmakara: though that's kind of ugly.18:12
makarawhere is the kernel config file kept?18:23
sarnoldmakara: normally /boot/config-`uname -r`18:25
sarnoldmakara: it can be compiled into the ernel in /proc/config.gz but that is less common18:25
makarai don't see it either place18:27
makaraboot is empty18:28
sarnoldyou might be in a container rather than a VM..18:30
makarai have access to SolusVM control panel18:34
makaraI've been alerted to the TUN/TAP checkbox on the panel18:34
makarawhich is enough for me18:34
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pmatulisenterprise desktop often interests server folks.  http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/21972/ubuntu-enterprise-desktop-roundtable/19:14
RoyKhadde vært moro å sett hva malin faktisk klarte å gjøre nå19:38
jcastrohey utlemming19:43
utlemmingjcastro: yo19:44
jcastrowhy not just reuse the "hwe" term for cloud init? Since that term is already understood I was thinking it might be something to think about19:44
jcastrothe behavior seems to be mirroring what hwe is19:44
utlemmingjcastro: cwe was choosen to differentiate that it not for hardware but cloud. We modeled it after HWE FWIW19:44
jcastroyeah I was just wondering why call it something else, it's basically hwe19:45
utlemmingmostly because we don't want to conflate cloudware with hardware19:45
jcastroI like the idea you've proposed, +119:45
jcastrofair enough19:45
tc0nn_On CentOS, if you build a box manually (non-automated) you get to keep a copy of the kickstart file. Does Ubuntu keep a copy of the recipe used so you can automate it later? Trying to get my custom partman config working...20:52
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* tonyyarusso is being super confused by Amanda21:15
tonyyarussoI don't understand the definitions for the tape changer stuff.21:15
RoyKtonyyarusso: hehe21:16
tonyyarussoRoyK: The docs are all like "yeah, tape tape tape!", and then the examples are vtapes on disk...21:17
Beatstreetwhat's the best way to empty dmesg and syslog ?21:36
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