cwayne_sergiusens, thanks for the comments, pushed  a fix, which also addresses dpm's concerns (at least a little bit)00:22
sergiusenscwayne_, ack, although I'm not sure you can solve dpm's concerns, can you?00:22
cwayne_sergiusens, not fully, but we can at least check that the given locale is installed00:23
cwayne_instead of checking on the host, as it was (incorrectly) done before00:23
sergiusenscwayne_, oh, it was checking on the host :-P didn't notice that :-)00:25
cwayne_heh yep, that was a problem :)00:25
cwayne_sergiusens, but that's another thing we could (in the future) do as an arg for phablet-config locale (maybe have like phablet-config locale --install zh_CN or something)00:26
cwayne_but not necessary yet i'd say00:26
sergiusenscwayne_, /usr/share/locale would need to be writable though, right?00:27
cwayne_sergiusens, yeah, or there'd have to be a remount (less good)00:27
cwayne_but either way, that's more of a future problem imho00:28
sergiusenscwayne_, ack, I'll check out what you pushed00:29
sergiusenscwayne_, by the way, which locale should work ootb?00:29
cwayne_sergiusens, zh_CN, fr, es00:30
sergiusensyeah, not sure I did not try spanish first :-)00:31
cwayne_spanish has pretty good translation coverage in the image too (i just need to check out click apps once the upstart-app-launch fix lands)00:32
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Aarsh_mediatek chipset guide plz03:32
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Aarsh_i want to flash ubuntu for android on my andrid phone03:39
Aarsh_here's specs chart ->http://www.xolo.in/A500L03:40
Aarsh_any one on google+ ?03:41
Aarsh_any one on google+?03:51
darwinIs there any work on making this variant work for newer Archos tablets? (it works for slightly older ones)03:54
darwinI just bought one, and could maybe do a little, but maybe not writing drivers... even though I got a CS degree, I almost got a math one, and was working on an art one, and I am a bit more math & geometry, and philosophy-focused at this point than on programming... but I would have no problem installing something that could let me try booting an install media, then trying to set up an entire OS, and seeing if it works03:56
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didrocksbzoltan1: ogra_: hey, once you are here, ubuntu-ui-toolkit doesn't pass its AP test with latest trunk it seems. See bug #125241607:12
ubot5bug 1252416 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "7 test failures in latest ubuntuuitoolkit AP tests." [Critical,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125241607:12
didrocksbut it seems flacky07:12
tvoss_Saviq, ping07:12
bzoltan1didrocks: I am checking it out07:12
didrocksMirv: hey, around? from the results on the spreadhseet, it seems we can publish ubuntu-ui-toolkit then, doing it?07:12
bzoltan1didrocks: that output just does not make any sense07:15
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Mirvdidrocks: yeah, it looked like that, I was wanting to someone take a look at cu2d and tell what's up on that side - how did it build in PPA (it did, though) while the build job states it was last ran 10 days ago07:15
didrocksbzoltan1: yeah, see, it's hard to know if something just crashed on his phone and it created a circle of doom07:16
didrocksMirv: urgh? really? is it in the ppa at least?07:16
bzoltan1didrocks:  we are crosschecking the latest tabbar related changes to be sure07:16
Mirvdidrocks: yes, it's in PPA just fine so robru and cyphermox have tested the correct version, I'm just wondering how it got there07:16
didrocksMirv: let me look at jenkins, one sec07:17
didrocksMirv: latest failure: 7h5707:17
didrocksMirv: so, sounds good, right?07:17
didrocksah, the build job didn't start because of cu2d-sdk-head-1.1prepare-qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu failing07:18
didrocksnot sure why ken, robru didn't work with the CI team/even didn't email on that :/07:18
Mirvdidrocks: yeah, but if build job didn't start how did the ui-toolkit build get in the PPA?07:18
Mirvor was it prepare that already does that07:18
didrocksMirv: prepare dput to the ppa07:19
didrocksthe build just monitor07:19
Mirvright, then it all makes sense, and no problem07:19
Mirv(other than the qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu error)07:19
didrocksMirv: ah I know07:19
didrocksMirv: it's because ken launched a partial build07:20
didrocksand qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu was added in between07:20
didrocksMirv: if you launch a qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu build only build, that will work07:20
didrocksMirv: at least, we'll have desktop AP run, you're tracking/doing all that?07:20
Mirvdidrocks: ok, I'll do that later07:20
didrocksok :)07:21
bzoltan1didrocks, Mirv: the logs from that UITK failure seem to be bogus. At the line 257 in the file:///usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Components/Themes/Ambiance/TabBarStyle.qml:257: TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined07:21
didrocksbzoltan1: someting changed in the theme? it's weird the robru told that it worked after a third try07:21
bzoltan1didrocks, Mirv: In the trunk there is no such property as "length" there is a function selectButton()07:21
didrocksbzoltan1: doesn't seem timing/grey testing ;)07:21
didrocksit should be more like black and white :p07:22
Mirvhmm or maybe now, since it seems I can't get the packaging changes out either without getting the prepare job successful07:22
didrocksbzoltan1: can you try to run the AP tests with the latest sdk, just to confirm everything is fine on your phone?07:22
didrocksMirv: yeah, so build the plugin maybe…07:22
bzoltan1didrocks:  Sure07:22
didrocksMirv: we'll have desktop AP job at least running ;)07:22
Mirvyeah, nice to see that too07:23
Mirvq-p-u was missing my changelog commit merger had halted earlier but approved later07:31
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mardySaviq: ping08:26
darwincan you install Ubuntu Touch in Android, to run on top or using the Android Linux kernel?08:43
wilee-nileedarwin, It is its own OS.08:45
darwinI know. You can install Debian on top of Android, or to use its kernel, though, and on #replicant they said ask about this if I want to try Ubuntu Touch instead of the Debian on F-Droid08:45
darwinI would rather try an Ubuntu than Replicant, because I think Ubuntu has more tools, and is more oriented towards computer science, at least a bit (like Debian), than something started originally just to run phones or tablets08:47
darwinand I have heard the interface is good... I do not really like Android so far, so maybe Replicant is similar08:48
darwinbut I am not sure when I will root my tablet, because that would void the warranty (and I have a warranty for dropping it)08:48
wilee-nileenot sure on top of is the correct syntax is all08:49
darwinthat is just what someone in #replicant said... i.e. emulation, or something like WINE, which is not emulation08:53
darwinactually they did not say that, but implied... I was going to edit that part out but was looking at another channel08:53
wilee-nileedarwin, People multiboot android devices, I am known to run several androids with images saved.08:55
wilee-nileenot really a true multiboot08:55
darwinI know, but my tablet's manufacturer says installing something (presumably other than an official Android upgrade) will void the warranty08:56
darwinthat should not have all been in parentheses, or whatever08:56
darwini.e. that was about installing another OS in the firmware... I am getting a bit tired I guess08:57
wilee-nileedarwin, I have a nexus 7 so no problem with that, but it lacks some hardware to really smoke.08:58
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darwinI am not familiar with that expression08:58
wilee-nileedarwin, just a general abstract meaning run fast and furious.08:59
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om26eron trusty-proposed my sim card is not working. It only works when I am connected to a wifi network.10:37
om26erusing mako10:37
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oSoMoNom26er, hey, how do I ensure unity8 is introspectable when I run tests on my device?11:35
om26eroSoMoN, there is get_proxy_object_for_existing_process() in autopilot you can use it with unity8 pid as argument. it won't return an exception if unity8 is running with testability11:37
oSoMoNom26er, ok, but I want to know how to run unity8 with testability11:40
mardygreyback: hi! Got a minute?11:40
greybackmardy: sure11:40
om26eroSoMoN, from unity8 import process_helpers and process_helpers.restart_unity_with_testability()11:41
oSoMoNom26er, doesn’t phablet-test-run have a magic switch to do that?11:41
mardygreyback: yesterday night I was trying my map application on the Nexus 4, and I noticed that many times when I was touching Ui elements near the edges of the screen, the taps were not recorded11:41
om26eroSoMoN, I have branch for that, its not merged yet.11:41
oSoMoNom26er, ok11:42
mardygreyback: it might just be a problem with my fingers, but I think it happened too many times to be just random11:42
mardygreyback: is it possible that something in the stack is eating up touch events which occur near the screen edges?11:42
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greybackmardy: yep, it's something we're aware of. The edges of the screen have areas to recognise gestures. They're stealing the events from your application. We plan for shell to re-send those events to the app, if the gesture is not recognised11:44
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mardygreyback: nice. Is there a bug for this?11:47
mardygreyback: or a blueprint item?11:47
greybackmardy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/123629011:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1236290 in Unity 8 "[gesture recognition] Implement improved edge gesture detection to reduce false positives and pass non-edge gestures through to the focused app" [Critical,Confirmed]11:48
mardygreyback: thanks!11:48
greybackmardy: welcome11:50
oSoMoNom26er, I commented on https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/gallery-app/camera-integration-test/+merge/18968511:51
om26eroSoMoN, thanks. will fix11:52
oSoMoNom26er, there’s something fishy with this test, I really don’t understand how it can possibly pass11:53
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timppaHi, When I updated from r22 to r23 my GSM stopped working, I need to enable wireless and join a network to gain GSM coverage. Has anyone else seen this problem?12:32
timppaI just updated to r24 and problem still exists12:32
ogra_timppa, om26er reported it above in the backlo12:32
timppaogra_: great!12:33
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rottinrobmorning y'all12:48
cwayne_kalikiana_, woo! translated click apps :D12:56
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timppaogra_: is there a bug open on this issue? I can open one if needed13:09
ogra_timppa, i guess taht would be good ... popey do you know if there is a bug ?13:10
popeypass, not seen one13:10
popeyom26er: did you file one?13:10
ogra_timppa, then please do13:10
timppaogra_: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-touch-preview is this the correct place?13:11
ogra_(see channel topic)13:12
timppaogra_: thanks13:12
jdstrandcwayne_: you asked if you can ask me questions about apparmor. sure, that's fine (though others from the security team should be able to help too)13:17
jdstrandcwayne_: what's up?13:17
cwayne_jdstrand, ah, i think it was about the templates in an app's appararmor hook13:18
cwayne_like for example for a webapp how necessary is template: 'ubuntu-webapp'13:18
jdstrandcwayne_: it is completely necessary for that example13:21
jdstrandcwayne_: the template is not specified, it defaults to ubuntu-sdk13:22
jdstrands/the template/if the template/13:22
jdstrandcwayne_: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Specifications/ApplicationConfinement/Manifest#Click for details13:23
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timppaogra_: that does not help very much on reporting bugs on touch13:24
cwayne_jdstrand, great, thanks!13:25
cwayne_bzoltan1, hey, so it seems for my template we would need that template line included..13:25
ogra_timppa, ?13:26
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ogra_timppa, anything special about touch ?13:26
cwayne_plars, ping13:26
timppaogra_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug redirects me to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs and ubuntu touch is not mentioned there13:27
ogra_timppa, it is either a network-manager or ofnono bug ...13:27
om26erpopey, no, I did not. yet.13:27
ogra_timppa, ugh ... arent you an ubuntu member/dev ? it shouldnt redirect you ...13:27
timppaogra_: no :)13:28
timppaogra_: I've just done some apps to it that's all13:28
cwayne_just run ubuntu-bug packagename13:28
ogra_timppa, try this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect13:28
ogra_or what cwayne_ said13:29
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bzoltan1cwayne_:  makes sense. Thanks for sorting it out13:51
cwayne_bzoltan1, happy to help.  so what's our next step? making the plugin able to pass which template to use?13:52
cwayne_i know you're -1 on me passing that file through my template (perfectly understandable btw :) )13:52
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plarsplars: hi13:57
plarscwayne_: hi13:58
cwayne_plars, heya, it seems that the touch test suite has been running a bunch of times without touch_custom (it looks like touch_custom was last run nov 7th?) any way to look into this?14:00
cwayne_dpm, ping14:00
bzoltan1cwayne_:  the  MR (https://code.launchpad.net/~cwayne18/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/webapp-template/+merge/195274) is approved. Thanks a lot14:00
plarscwayne_: I'll check it out14:00
cwayne_bzoltan1, hey, thanks!  let me know when it's in and I can write a quick blog post about it :)14:01
plarscwayne_: actually it ran again on the 15th (after the infrastructure came back up)14:01
plarscwayne_: because it looks like the latest image was from the 10th - now new images since then14:02
bzoltan1cwayne_:  let's make first that file created by the template ... next you file a bug that the security manifest should pre fill the template according to the project type.14:02
cwayne_plars, there's a new touch_custom image whenever there's a new touch image though14:03
dpmhi cwayne_14:03
plarscwayne_: are we looking in the wrong place then?14:03
cwayne_plars, hm, maybe not..14:04
cwayne_bzoltan1, great, thanks!  i'll log the bug :)14:05
cwayne_dpm, hey, click apps are now translated :D14:05
cwayne_stgraber, hey, trusty-proposed-customized is built whenever there's a new sevilerow AND/OR whenever there's a new trusty-proposed, right?14:06
stgrabercwayne_: correct14:06
stgraberso long as all sources are reachable14:06
stgraberso you won't be getting new images until we get access to Jenkins again14:07
cwayne_stgraber, is something off then?  it seems the last trusty-proposed-customized has an ubuntu image from 2013110714:07
dpmcwayne_, oh, I thought with the latest fixes you mentioned those which had translations appeared translated?14:07
cwayne_dpm, yeah, i mean that those fixes finally made it into the image14:07
cwayne_so a fresh image needs no modifications to have click apps work14:07
cwayne_stgraber, so those firewall rules haven't been fixed then?14:08
dpmcwayne_, ah, sorry, I read *now* as *not*. It's all clear now, thanks for the heads up! :-)14:08
cwayne_dpm, so next i will compile a list of missing strings int he click apps, then I'll ping you about the community-call-for-help again :)14:09
dpmawesome, thanks cwayne_!14:09
stgrabercwayne_: correct14:12
stgrabercwayne_: the config is up to date on the server side, so in theory within 5min of the firewall change, you'll have a new image14:13
stgrabercwayne_: did you end up setting up sevillerow-saucy and sevillerow-trusty? The config still refers to a single tarball for both at the moment14:14
cwayne_ev, any eta on that firewall fix?14:14
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cwayne_stgraber, i did, i left sevilerow-watch as saucy and made a trusty one14:14
cwayne_let me get you the url14:14
evcwayne_: it went through not long ago14:14
evstill having issues?14:14
cwayne_stgraber, http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/sevilerow-trusty/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/14:15
cwayne_ev, hm, still haven't seen a new image yet, how long ago?14:15
evcwayne_: an hour14:15
cwayne_stgraber, ^14:15
ogra_timppa, can you point cyphermox to your bug ? he should be able to judge if thats an network-manager issue14:21
cwayne_stgraber, also any chance for an android rebuild today? :)14:26
stgrabercwayne_: yeah, I'll do that in a bit14:26
cwayne_stgraber, awesome, thanks for all the help today, let me know if there's anything you need from me :)14:39
stgrabercwayne_: uploaded14:39
cwayne_stgraber, the android rebuild?14:39
cwayne_awesome, thanks!14:40
cwayne_stgraber, any idea why there hasn't been a new proposed-customized build if the firewall rules were fixed?14:40
stgrabercwayne_: because ev is lying14:41
stgrabernusakan still can't talk to s-jenkins14:41
stgrabermaybe there's some other firewall along the way that also needs updating, it's always taken a while to get extra access added to nusakan14:42
cwayne_hmm, crap14:42
cwayne_ev, ^14:44
MacSlownic-doffay, mumble/mic issues again?14:45
MaoKueHi folks, anyone can help me to install ubuntu touch on my samsung 10.1 tablet14:46
nic-doffayMacSlow, yeah apparently14:46
MacSlownic-doffay, np... just fill in your items in the minutes document for today14:46
nic-doffayMacSlow, will do14:47
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MacSlownic-doffay, thanks14:47
MaoKueanyone ??14:47
rickspencer3hi MaoKue so, it's vUDS right now, probably most folks attention is there14:51
rickspencer3MaoKue, http://summit.ubuntu.com/14:51
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cwayne_where's this 'join hangout' button?14:59
dakercwayne_: on the session page but the person in charge should past the link first15:00
smon I was talking with a developer Canonical and I asked him where was the support of phone and 3G.15:07
smonHe told me that it was ready for the Nexus and that forother device it's in the hands of the community.15:08
smonSo I was wondering if the development had already begun for other devices, I am thinking in particular of Samsung Galaxy Note 2.15:09
anders3408mhall119: is onair :)15:09
smonDo you have some news about it ?15:09
robruMirv, I built ubuntu-ui-toolkit yesterday. no idea why it would say the build job didn't run, because I ran it myself.15:10
robruMirv, didrocks: also ken couldn't reproduce the 7 failures I saw, and then after a reboot it was fine. that's why we published it.15:10
didrocksrobru: you didn't publish it, we did publish it this morning15:10
didrocksrobru: but yeah, confirmed with bzoltan115:11
robrudidrocks, hmm, i hit publish. must not have gone through.15:11
didrocksrobru: you should check the ui ;)15:11
didrocksrobru: one of the component was failing to prepare15:11
robrudidrocks, yeah, I meant to. got distracted testing other things.15:11
didrocksso nothing was going to monitor build, run AP tests15:11
robrudidrocks, yeah, saw that failed prepare, wasn't sure how to fix it15:11
bzoltan1didrocks: what, who where??? me? why?15:18
* bzoltan1 is reading logs15:18
smonTiens didrocks, le monde est petit :P15:26
didrockssmon: salut! en effet ;)15:26
smonje crois que je me suis un peu perdu en cherchant des infos sur xda :D15:27
ogra_dholbach, do we have any session for "improving porting guide" or "make porting easier" ?15:31
dholbachI don't know15:31
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cwayne_ev, any idea why nasuka can't get to s-jenkins still?15:42
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cwayne_stgraber, hey, cjohnston is looking for some context re: whats wrong with our firewall rules15:48
WebGenhello guys does anyone want to give me any idea how to root kindle fire hdx so I can become contributing member for ubuntu? thanks in advance!15:49
popeyWebGen: not seen any discussion of that device here15:49
popeyWebGen: might be better looking at xda-developers?15:49
WebGenyep I know I assume so, but there has to be a general pattern on how to root android, I m looking for that pattern so I can apply specifics to my device? ;p15:51
WebGenPopeye I already looked but the specific root for my device doesn't exist yet, maybe I want15:51
ogra_there isnt really a general pattern ... sadly ...15:51
WebGento contribute in rooting15:51
ogra_it depends how and where the vendor actually locked down the device15:52
stgrabercwayne_: nusakan can't talk to s-jenkins, I don't have any more detail than that15:52
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cwayne_stgraber, fair enough, thanks15:52
WebGendamn I was afraid to hear that ogra_15:52
didrocks16:51:33          ev | heads up: we're going to be discussing how the CI engine is going to be rearchitected, starting in 1015:53
didrocks                     | minutes. If you'd like a speaking slot in the hangout, let me know.15:53
didrocksif some people here are not in #ubuntu-devel ^15:53
WebGenwell, thanks guys I'll come back here after I root device in couple months, I guess :/15:53
evthanks didrocks15:58
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cwayne_Saviq, would the next unity8 session after lunch be a good place to talk about convergence + shell background?16:38
Saviqcwayne_, we probably need a more design-oriented session16:42
Saviqcwayne_, I'm running that one, and I don't have answers, can provide more questions, though!16:43
Saviqcwayne_, I'm not sure this topic is explored enough to be a UDS session, really :/16:47
Saviqcwayne_, from design PoV I mean16:47
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cwayne_Saviq, fair enough17:11
Saviqcwayne_, we should definitely set up a chat with design folks, to see what they have in mind for this at all17:11
cwayne_Saviq, agreed.  I'm happy to join as well if/when that chat happens :)17:12
randomcppcan I use apt-get to easily update my phone?17:13
Saviqcwayne_, I thought you'd invite me ;)17:14
Saviqrandomcpp, not if you want to use over-the-air upgrades17:14
Saviqrandomcpp, and that's not supported, basically17:14
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
Saviqrandomcpp, what's !easy about using the system settings app for that?17:14
randomcppSaviq, I was used to apt-get everything :p17:15
cwayne_Saviq, hah, i'm happy to set it up then :)17:15
Saviqrandomcpp, apt-get isn't suitable for phone use, it's too fragile17:16
Saviqrandomcpp, we have a read-only rootfs to prevent breakage that you wouldn't be able to fix without connecting your phone to a laptop, just because your battery died17:17
Saviqrandomcpp, but that precludes the usage of apt, but isn't the only reason17:17
randomcppoh okok17:19
randomcppis it normal that it keeps telling me that my phone has been updated for the last time on 1970-07-30 ? :p17:20
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pacificfilsWhen will the data spreadsheet be updated?17:34
cwayne_bfiller, ping17:46
bfillercwayne_: pong17:48
pacificfilsWhen will the Status sheet be updated?17:48
cwayne_bfiller, hey, any idea when the next planned release of the keyboard is?17:49
bfillercwayne_: I need to request one, I can point you at a recent deb from jenks17:49
cwayne_bfiller, i'm more interested in getting it into the image :) from what i hear, pinyin works if you build from trunk, but not from what's in the image17:50
bfillercwayne_: ack, I'll request it17:51
cwayne_bfiller, thanks, maybe i should also test it out first and make sure it does actually work..17:51
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cwayne_stgraber, nasuka *should* be able to get to s-jenkins now18:32
stgrabercwayne_: nope, still doesn't work18:38
cwayne_stgraber, sigh ok, back to #is with me18:39
cwayne_stgraber, is it trying to reach s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080?18:40
stgrabercdimage@nusakan:/srv/system-image.ubuntu.com$ telnet s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci 808018:42
stgrabertelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out18:42
cwayne_stgraber, thanks18:43
sergiusenscwayne_, doing that for the first time last time took 2 weeks18:47
pramodbloganyone here?18:50
pramodblogneed a little help while installing ubuntu on my galaxy nexus18:50
pramodblogAll the things are done and now there is a msg saying ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. FIx? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE.18:51
pramodblogWhat should i choose18:51
pramodblogyes or no?18:51
pramodblogSHould i say yes or no in "ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. FIx? THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE."18:53
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cwayne_stgraber, ok, NOW it should be actually fixed20:04
stgrabercwayne_: looks like it does indeed20:08
cwayne_i was terrified for a sec that it was still broken :P20:09
stgrabercwayne_: and I see an image published 10min ago, so looks like everything started working again20:09
cwayne_stgraber, great! so will it pull from sevilerow-trusty now?20:10
cwayne_plars, so now i have images actually building again, should the smoketests just start picking up again?20:10
stgrabercwayne_: no, I didn't know -trusty and -saucy were actually setup now20:10
stgrabercwayne_: or is it just sevillerow and sevillerow-trusty?20:10
cwayne_stgraber, it's sevilerow-watch and sevilerow-trusty20:11
plarscwayne_: yes, as soon as they show up, jenkins should notice them and start the tests20:11
cwayne_stgraber, http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/sevilerow-trusty/20:12
cwayne_plars, thanks!20:12
KHendrikIs this the right place to ask qml questions?20:18
timppacyphermox: Hi, I filed a bug on GSM signal issues earlier today20:23
timppacyphermox: Do you need any additional info regarding the issue?20:24
cyphermoxtimppa: which bug?20:24
timppacyphermox: just a sec, I'll check it20:24
timppacyphermox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/125273720:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1252737 in ofono (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu touch cannot get GSM signal if not joined to a WLAN network " [Undecided,New]20:25
stgrabercwayne_: ok, will update the config in a minute20:26
cwayne_stgraber, sure thing20:26
cyphermoxit actually would surprise me a lot that it really needs to be connected to wifi to get a gsm signal level... it's more likely that connecting to the wifi triggers an indicator update20:26
cyphermoxtimppa: what happens if you hit the bug and run nmcli dev?20:27
timppacyphermox: I'll test it20:28
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timppacyphermox: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6444702/20:30
timppacyphermox: do you need anything else? I'm happy to help any way I can20:34
cyphermoxyeah, we'll need a bunch more things but I'll write it down in the bug20:35
timppacyphermox: ok20:36
stgrabercwayne_: config updated, doing a test run now20:43
cwayne_stgraber, thanks!20:43
cwayne_bfiller, hey, did you have a link for those keyboard debs?  i should probably validate that pinyin works before putting it on the landing pipeline..20:44
bfillercwayne_: one sec20:44
bfillercwayne_: this should be the latest http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-keyboard-trusty-armhf-ci/72/artifact/work/output/*zip*/output.zip20:45
bfillercwayne_: from this MR https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/ubuntu-keyboard/libpinyin4/+merge/19385920:45
cwayne_bfiller, thanks20:46
cwayne_sfeole, ^20:46
bfillercwayne_: np20:46
cwayne_bfiller, want me to add to the landing asks once we test?20:46
bfillercwayne_: sure20:47
cwayne_bfiller, cool, thanks20:47
cwayne_this will make demoing chinese much better20:47
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KHendrik I have a value of type date (YYYY-MM-DD) in a ListModel which I display in a ListView I want to add sections per month is this possible?20:49
sfeolethanks cwayne_ & bfiller20:56
cwayne_sfeole, let me know when you test it so ic an add it to the landing plan pls20:56
timppacyphermox: Did you update the bug? Do I need to answer to the questions on the bug?20:58
cyphermoxyes, please20:59
cyphermoxTony is going to look into it20:59
timppacyphermox: ok, do you need have the logs when the "bug" is on21:00
timppacyphermox: but I seriously doubt that that's only a indicator bug.21:00
stgrabercwayne_: done, can you confirm that the output is reasonable?21:01
cyphermoxtimppa: yeah, when the bug is "on" and after you connect to wifi21:02
cwayne_stgraber, sure21:02
timppacyphermox: coming right up21:02
timppacyphermox: /var/log/syslog contains insane amount of rows. Need everything?21:04
cyphermoxyes, this is particularly important21:04
cwayne_stgraber, the output of index.json is good, and it installs, so i'd say its working :) thanks for all the help :)21:11
stgrabercwayne_: good to hear! np21:17
timppacyphermox: I've updated the bug21:25
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randomcppdoes anyone know how to take screenshot?22:02
randomcppok solved22:06
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cwayne_xnox, ping22:38
xnoxcwayne_: hi.22:38
cwayne_xnox, hi, i'm trying to test out the latest ubuntu-keyboard, and i see there's now a dependency on libpinyin4, but i can't seem to find a package for it.. any idea?22:39
xnoxcwayne_: libpinyin4 is in trusty-proposed.22:40
xnoxcwayne_: the reason why it hasn't migrated to trusty yet, is because that would make ubuntu-keyboard uninstallable.22:40
xnoxcwayne_: hence i ported ubuntu-keyboard to libpinyin4 api.22:40
xnoxcwayne_: it has been extensively tested at merge proposal time with libpinyin4 installed (following a rather long google doc test procedure)22:41
cwayne_xnox, ah, ok22:41
cwayne_thanks for the clarification22:41
xnoxcwayne_: you can download libpinyin4 armhf deb from this URL https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpinyin/0.9.93+repack1-1/+build/5139915/+files/libpinyin4_0.9.93%2Brepack1-1_armhf.deb22:42
cwayne_xnox, thanks22:42
xnoxcwayne_: alternatively you can add "trusty-proposed" to apt sources, and just install missing dependencies with $ sudo apt-get install -f22:43
xnoxafter dpkg -i *.deb says that there are broken dependencies.22:43
xnoxcwayne_: good night! =)22:44
cwayne_what does system-settings use to set the locale?23:00
kdubis there a quick way to expand the size root partition?23:22

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