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* nik90 waves to WebbyIT and iBelieve 14:59
mhall119hey guys, getting the hangout setup15:00
WebbyITI'll follow first 20-30 minutes, then I'll go to climb in gym :) nik9015:00
mhall119https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpj2uc96vkt3ohsetlufqpkc?authuser=1&hl=en if anybody wants to join the hangout15:01
nik90WebbyIT: ah okay15:03
nik90can you guys see the hangout vide?15:04
JoshStroblI can see you guys now15:04
netcurliI can see you, mhall11915:04
t1mpI see you15:04
nik90feel free to join in15:05
JoshStrobloh man there is lag :D15:05
lucaottawe see you15:05
t1mpmhall119: you look spooky (a bit dark and the light from one side)15:05
mhall119any questions from you guys here?15:14
dbarththere's also a qtcreator part adressed in the html5 session, to simplify the path to creating html5 apps15:15
mhall119dbarth: want to join the hangout?15:16
guest-8g62ffI realise that qml is the focus for the phone and for use in the converged os - are there any plans to allow (even if it's not the recommended way) for python + gtk apps on the phone and the converged os, or not really?15:17
* beuno answers and waits for the video to reach guest-8g62ff 15:19
mhall119nik90: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/21991/core-1311-cross-compilation/15:20
rickspencer3mhall119, aren't I supposed to be able to hop into the hangouts from a button?15:21
mhall119rickspencer3: supposed do, did you refresh the page?15:22
beunorickspencer3, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpj2uc96vkt3ohsetlufqpkc?authuser=1&hl=en15:22
rickspencer3mhall119, where is the button supposed to be?15:22
mhall119rickspencer3: above the video15:22
t1mprickspencer3: tracking for one month is not enough. You need to take different things into account (like the position of the moon ;))15:27
rickspencer3t1mp, yeah, well ...15:28
rickspencer3I wasn't going to go there, though15:28
asomethingthe review tools should just run when you build the package and issue warnings15:34
XlrTwoDmxHello there I am new to all this.  But a co-worker of mine told me about this. I am thinking about making a screen casting tool.  but am kinda lost.  Is there any command line tool that don't need X to screencast ?  thanks for your time .  (like ffmpeg or something like that)15:34
asomethinglike when you hook lintian to debuild15:35
mhall119XlrTwoDmx: are you talking about doing this as a desktop app or a mobile app?15:35
XlrTwoDmxmhall119: both using the sdk15:36
XlrTwoDmxmhall119: confused about the mir part.15:36
mhall119XlrTwoDmx: I'll answer in the video in one minute15:36
XlrTwoDmxthanks mhall11915:37
mhall119XlrTwoDmx: tvoss in #ubuntu-mir, as rickspencer3 suggested15:40
XlrTwoDmxso ffmpeg is out of the question ? thanks for the answers all15:40
beunoXlrTwoDmx, well, you can install ffmpeg manually15:41
mhall119XlrTwoDmx: I think so yes, but tvoss would know more15:41
beunowith sudo15:41
beunobut that'll be developer mode15:41
beunowhich may be fine for your use case15:41
XlrTwoDmxrickspencer3: who said I am a "He"15:42
mhall119XlrTwoDmx: it used to be proper English grammer to default to masculine pronouns when the actual gender of a person was unknown15:42
mhall119at least that's what I was taught15:42
mhall119but, like two-spaces after a period, that seems to be out of favor these days15:43
kyleNthis should have a short explanatory article on dev.u.com probably with example app(s)15:46
mhall119kyleN: the u1db stuff?15:46
kyleNyes, app local storage (not html localStorage)15:47
kyleN of course.15:48
kyleNmhall119, you know that I believe the IA needs to support add hoc articles in a domain scope15:48
kenvandinemhall119, 2 spaces after a period is a waste of white space :)15:48
kyleNthere are lots of such topics that deserve short articles15:48
mhall119kenvandine: I know we have a national shortage of white space15:49
nik90mhall119: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~uonedb-qt/u1db-qt/trunk/files/head:/examples/u1db-qt-example-1/15:49
kenvandinekyleN, something like the blog post from rickspencer3 yesterday, it would be great to have something like that on the site15:50
kenvandinemhall119, ^^15:51
mhall119kenvandine: that what we were talking about15:51
kyleNthe same issue exists in html. the api docs I wrote show the normative declarations for each type, but we also need discussions and exampels15:51
kenvandinenot just docs on how to use it, but showing the alternatives and which work best for which scenario15:51
kyleNkenvandine, can you give the link to that awesome blogpost? ;)15:51
kenvandinesorry, i jumped in late :)15:51
mhall119any final questions from the channel?15:53
mhall119thanks everyone15:54
XlrTwoDmxIs there any way to install the emulator that you are talking about before ?15:55
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mhall119will be a minute, helping someone with another session16:04
mhall119https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpij41os211f64am6rv0lf34?authuser=1&hl=en for anybody who wants to join the hangout16:04
mhall119asomething: joining this one?16:07
* sidnei waves to Chipaca over the interwebs16:07
Chipacablueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdev-1311-push-notifications16:07
asomethingmhall119, sure16:07
mhall119Chipaca: #ubuntu-uds-appdev-216:07
kyleNnice work so far!16:13
kyleNis there a defined set of tags so people know how to use them to get stuff into a cookbook?16:15
kyleNMaybe we need a community role of "cookbook moderator"16:16
kyleNIf there were a "cookbook moderator" for each major topic (html5 qml etc) and16:17
kyleNif we had a published list of tags taht cookbook moderators look at16:17
mhall119kyleN: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpij41os211f64am6rv0lf34?authuser=1&hl=en if you want to join16:17
dbarthkyleN: +1 feels like editing the content means both the static content on u.d.c but askubuntu is also a very important of it16:39
dbarthpart of it16:39
dbarthor maybe this is an email process to someone who has the rights to the scripts to get started16:40
dbarthinstead of coding that on the web server16:40
dbarthmhall119: ^^16:40
dbarthcause the number of "privileged editing on askubuntu" may not require a full blown tool like that16:41
dbarthmhall119: ok16:48
dbarthsounds good16:48
dbarth(measuring the lag)16:48
dbarthmhall119: it does yes, thanks16:48
dbarthoh i'm there sure, maybe we can do a quick recap in the html5 session later today16:49
dbarthas documentation (and so the cookbook) is one of the topics16:49
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mhall119if anybody wants to join the hangout for this session: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpikvngov5scpk9s1ofsuqbk?authuser=1&hl=en18:04
mhall119it's not live yet, but will be in a couple minutes18:04
mhall119kyleN: you want to join this one too?18:06
kyleNmhall119, sure18:06
cgoldbergmhall119, got hanggout link?18:06
mhall119going live now18:07
mhall119let me know when folks cna see us18:07
dakermhall119: you are muted18:10
kyleNHi daker18:10
dakerkyleN: hi18:11
dakermhall119: YOU ARE MUTED!18:11
dakerkyleN: nice!18:16
cgoldbergmhall119, this is what I have: http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/18:33
* dbarth waves ;)18:55
dakermhall119: sure18:55
mhall119thanks daker18:55
dbarthhey mhall119, can you hook us up for the next one?18:56
dbarthdaker: hey btw, you coming onto the hangout as well?18:59
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mhall119dbarth: sure19:01
alex-abreudbarth, daker told me that he was not able to attend ... only on irc19:02
mhall119dbarth: alex-abreu: kyleN: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpjqbpmh3t1omhiu0ugtuh0o?authuser=1&hl=en19:02
karnihi alex-abreu :) looking forward to this session!19:02
alex-abreukarni, hop in!19:02
mhall119hangout link is above ^^19:03
mhall119slides: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1Pq1q-vl0t-mcy-hFhl_c5GK-R_aV75kKA6OCW_AjDcA/edit#slide=id.p19:06
karnilet's get this echo sorted :)19:07
karnilet's not continue before its fixed :)19:07
karniyou have the session browser in the browser19:07
karniplease mute yourselves19:07
karniand make sure the session is closed19:07
karniin your browser19:07
karniThat was my fault, sorry19:08
karni*I* had it open. I apologize guys.19:08
robruds_dbarth: mhall119: the slides are just small, not taking the whole video19:08
karniSorry David :)19:09
mhall119robruds_: better?19:09
robruds_mhall119: perfect ;-)19:09
mhall119if anybody in the channel has questions or comments on these slides, go ahead and start asking19:16
pmcgowan+1 on that suggestion, single template19:41
popeysomeone is echoing.19:43
karniyes, minor echo19:43
pmcgowankyleN, need to mute19:43
popeydpm: mute kyleN ☻19:44
dpmpopey, thanks for the heads up, alex-abreu took care of it :)19:45
pmcgowanyes qtc work is not hard19:52
pmcgowandbarth, -1 on that, need to discuss19:56
pmcgowandbarth, I thought cordova was moving away from that?19:57
pmcgowanalex-abreu, ^^19:57
karnipmcgowan: +1, rased that in the notes19:57
dbarthpmcgowan: you feel we should keep 2.8 or ship 3.x in the next image?19:58
pmcgowandbarth, not sure, whichever most apps are based on?19:59
alex-abreupmcgowan, many apps are still 2.x19:59
pmcgowanI suspect yes19:59
alex-abreuand between 2.8 & 3.x the API level doesn't change much19:59
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karnialex-abreu: I don't fully understand the choice to bundle the cordova API. This is because 3.x point releases will be specific? Not compatible? I mean, this will increase the app side, right?20:00
karniI thought it was an advantage that our platform provided a single runtime20:00
dbarthpmcgowan: 2.8/9 i think20:01
alex-abreukarni, it is ...20:01
alex-abreukarni, the trick is that for 3.x ... and in oreder for ubuntu to be part of the upstream official platforms w/ the set of tools (and that20:01
alex-abreu's the bit that has changed significantly)20:01
alex-abreuwe have to match their flow20:02
karnialex-abreu: ah, so it's an upstream matter really20:02
karnialex-abreu: gotcha, thanks20:02
alex-abreue.g. the way that they handle plugins20:02
alex-abreuhas changed signiticantly20:02
alex-abreuin terms iof workflow20:02
alex-abreuthey are now independant20:02
alex-abreuand pulled from git repos20:02
karnialex-abreu: I see, thanks for the clarification!20:02
alex-abreuon demand20:02
* karni nod20:02
dakerdbarth: yep20:10
dbarthwell,that was a good session20:12
dakerthank you20:13
dbarthsee you all tomorrow20:14
karnithank you all20:14
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