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dholbachhey hey15:04
karnihey guys15:04
karniI can hear you, waiting for the video15:04
dholbachwho wants to join in?15:05
dpmhi all!15:05
skellatdholbach: I'm available15:05
dholbachskellat, karni: want to join in? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjt7f417s88a1r34uiqoni415:05
dholbachwe take notes here: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1311-appdev-1311-app-dev-schools-materials15:07
dholbachand please speak up if you want to get involved or have questions15:07
karni+1 on what dpm said15:14
* skellat is running low on tea15:19
skellatHello YoBoY15:21
YoBoYhi skellat15:21
YoBoY(hi everyone :))15:21
dholbachYoBoY, want to join in on the hangout?15:22
YoBoYnop, just login for later ^^" sorry15:22
dholbachah ok :)15:22
VipindevHai, Even though there is topic difference, I have doubt, if I am just starting being a C++ programmer, how it be from Ubuntu, No documentation so far I got, help me.15:54
karniVipindev: Regarding your question, c++ is a good start. We utilize that for Unity scopes and QML plugins. QML is fairly easy to learn, it's JavaScript'ish15:57
karniVipindev: Although you won't be able to write an Ubuntu phone app from scratch in C++, I believe.15:57
karniWe use QMl for the UI15:58
karnithe front end. C++ for fleshing out the more interesting bits.15:58
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dpmhi Vipindev, I think the easiest thing to start writing apps for Ubuntu is to use QML16:01
dpmVipindev, you can certainly use C++, but at this point we're still building the documentation for C++ and trying to make it easier to cross-compile16:01
dpmVipindev, so if you're just getting started, I'd recommend to look into QML first16:02
dpmVipindev, http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/16:02
dholbachstarting in 3m: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22033/appdev-1311-tutorial-videos/16:03
VipindevOK. Thank you for your kind information.16:03
dholbachdoes anyone want to join in?=16:05
dholbachpopey,  are you going to be in this session?16:07
popeyyes, trying to join16:07
popeyrunning another session16:07
ali1234yes we can hear you :)16:08
dholbachpopey, gotcha16:08
dholbachprevious session: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1311-appdev-1311-app-dev-schools-materials16:09
ali1234+1 you'll get more downtime hosting the videos yourself16:15
winaelHi talking about the subtitle module of youtube, it very difficult to use in public mode16:23
winaelit's more easly to export subtitles on po and use launchpad16:23
popeyyes, i think we'd use lp16:24
winaelfor What is Maas and What is Juju video I used LP and po2srt srt2po tools and it was just fantastic to use. Just the owner of the video must import subtitlles on youtube16:25
ali1234popey: use meld, not imagemagick16:31
ali1234melt sorry, not meld :)16:32
ali1234that's to be expected16:50
ali1234i'm always saying how writing the app is the easiest part...16:50
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* skellat is out to lunch17:01
j_f-fthanks @all17:02
* NikTh is away: I'll be back.. later. 17:04
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dpmFor anyone wanting to join the session starting in ~3 mins, here's the link to the hangout! -> https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjlftuq26uskpdleqdr5cpo18:02
cprofittthanks dpm18:02
dpmhey cprofitt, yw :)18:02
YoBoYI can't stay for this session :(18:06
skellatCatch us on the replay18:06
PaulW2Uloud and clear !18:06
YoBoYha ha :) thanks18:07
cprofittso, this is to produce a 'bucket' of projects that loco teams can be involved in? Perhaps different levels of 'technical difficulty' as well?18:16
skellat"Suggested/Possible Projects for October"18:16
skellatet cetera18:16
cprofittHaving been through several seasons of my loco there has been a varying level of technical ability in the members18:18
pleia2I'd like to see some kind of "packs" for live loco events too, when I did a QA jam I pretty much had to collect and design it myself (with the help of balloons), if I could download something that had tools and info about running such an event it would be great18:19
cprofittso having some 'different' types of events to point at or use that fit the level of the people that are currently active would help18:19
cprofittfor example: bug jams are a bit intimidating to non-technical users18:19
cprofitt+1 pleia218:19
chilicuiland collecting materials for those evens too, +1 to pleia2 idea18:20
dpmAh, here's the pad for everyone who wants to contribute: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1311-community-1311-loco-projects18:20
chilicuilI actually though it was going to be addressed by  jono community packs (I must admit I had not looked at what materials those packs have if it's that were created)18:20
pleia2chilicuil: I thought those were more ubuntu promo things (promoting ubuntu, not contributing)18:21
pleia2but honestly there wasn't much in the pack last I looked18:21
pleia2bah, disconnecty etherpad18:22
cprofittyeah... I lost it too18:23
cprofittnot reconnecting either18:23
dpmyeah, same here18:23
cprofittthat is an issue in all groups -- beginners, familiar, power users, advanced user18:24
* popey pings is18:24
cprofittyou have an issue with ensuring that you keep them all engaged18:24
skellatYes, we do18:24
skellatThis is an opening part to getting people more engaged18:24
cprofittI was once asked -- who is your audience:18:25
cprofittcurrent users or people not currently using Ubuntu18:25
cprofittthose are important differences18:25
pleia2for this session I'd say it's not brand new people, more about keeping current users engaged18:27
cprofittsome communities are more local or more on-line18:27
popeyIS are looking at etherpad18:28
pleia2thanks popey18:28
pleia2yay testing18:28
cprofittwe have the basics: Bug Jams, App Jams, etc18:28
cprofittISO testing, Alpha/Beta Testing, Language (translations)18:29
eps*cough* xpdf *cough*18:29
chilicuiltalking about translations, would be really cool to start by translating in community ubuntu.com =)18:30
pleia2https://help.ubuntu.com/community wiki cleanup/improvements18:31
cprofitt+1 pleia2 documentation jams18:31
cprofittthere are global jams, but loco teams can do local jams out of cycle18:31
chilicuilI think some of the most active groups already are doing local jams, are you suggesting to run multiple global jams? or to encourage more jams outside of the formal ones?18:32
popeypad is back18:33
cprofittno, not running more global jams... but the recipe for a jam should be relatively the same for global and local jams18:33
cprofittif we make a 'package' it does not have to be isolated to a global event18:34
pleia2some what of a side note, more notice for when global jams are happening would be good, last couple cycles we had only a month or so notice and that's not enough time to plan and schedule something18:34
pleia2need to find space, get materials and volunteers, announce and advertise event18:35
cprofittloco 'leaders' should not be the ONLY organizers18:35
cprofittthey are contacts18:35
toddcnbwe have several team leaders to share the load18:37
pleia2rickspencer3: you're in the right place18:37
rickspencer3thanks pleia218:37
cprofittno you are in the right place18:37
* rickspencer3 not sure if pleia2 means irc or Washington DC ;)18:37
pleia2California 4ever18:38
pleia2we've mostly been playing with phones+tablets just on wifi18:40
pleia2cool re: emulator18:40
cprofittis there a way for locos to be able to get 'demo' machines from vendors -- I did it myself by contacting System76, but not sure if there is a way to make it something pre-defined18:47
cprofittor perhaps just put up contacts for people to use to get demo devices18:47
cprofittother than the wiki -- should loco.ubuntu.com get a section for this?18:48
cprofittgotta run to a meeting folks... good session thanks18:49
dpmthanks cprofitt!18:50
pleia2later cprofitt18:50
toddcneed to keep arch users in loco's18:51
skellattoddc: We also need to give them a reason to stick around18:51
cprofitt+1 popey -- I think it is less issues and it is easier to use Linux18:51
toddcloco's should welcome all distro users18:51
cprofittin our LUG we have moved more to FOSS apps running on Linux over distro specific stuff18:52
cprofittnow I really need to go :)18:53
skellatBye cprofitt18:53
pleia2yeah, we have LUGs here for other distros, but I live in a tech-heavy place so we can easily sustain distro-specific groups18:53
toddcazloco works with lots of local LUG's as co-events so muti distro are supported18:54
pleia2toddc: yeah, we do too18:55
pleia2and lugs will email us when they need "what's new in ubuntu" speakers :)18:55
toddc90% are new linux users so people with skills are hard to retain and hard to do more than installfests that we currently not have manpower to keep the requests for events18:56
rickspencer3what was the announcement?18:58
high_fiverthanks guys19:00
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skellatThe upcoming summit, once LoCo Council announces it, will in fact take place on summit.ubuntu.com.  Consider my words as a leak as a formal announcement is yet to be made.19:00
* skellat disappears to prepare for LoCo Council's 2000 UTC meeting on #ubuntu-meeting19:01
jonoballock_, hey19:02
jonoare you running the enterprise roundtable?19:03
ballock_guess not, same story as last time19:03
jonoballock_, who is?19:03
jonoI can't set up the hangout, so I want whoever registered it to do it19:03
ballock_Not sure, Ove settled it with Daniel I guess.19:04
ballock_Can't see Ove either.19:04
jonoballock_, I don' think he did, Daniel can't set it up19:04
jonoI tried msging him19:04
jonook, well if he shows, I will set the link in summit so it is visible19:04
jonoballock_, do you want to set up a hangout on air and get it started?19:04
ballock_Can't, my corporate gmail doesn't have google on air.19:05
ballock_Unless... IRC is good enough?19:05
stgrabercan I get the hangout URL? (not sure who's running that one)19:06
jonostgraber, we need someone to run it19:06
jonoI can't run it19:06
stgraberjono: ah, I guess I could, let me see if my Canonical account was setup for OnAir stuff yet19:06
jonothanks stgraber19:06
jonodpm, ^19:07
dpmjono, stgraber, ack19:07
stgraberdpm: I don't have edit rights for that meeting on summit so can't add the URL19:08
jonostgraber, what is the broadcast URL?19:08
jonostgraber, I will set it for you19:08
stgraberjono: http://youtu.be/jwhaQik222k19:08
jonostgraber, done19:09
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gQuigsThursday Active Directory: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22055/client-1311-activedirectory/19:13
pmatulisstgraber: is there anything to do regarding AD integration beyond authentication?  i.e. can a linux system be integrated more than that?19:27
geofftwhat sort of configurations do you guys do?19:30
geofftand is this the sort of thing that Ubuntu ought to patch packages for to add some hooks for, in a stable fashion?19:30
geofftif a lot of people are trying to configure the same thing?19:30
stgraberhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpilcc71kqmqk3ilink45toc if anyone else wants to join19:30
welbourneWhat was the XMPP client Stephane said Ubuntu prefers over Pidgin ?19:45
welbourneThanks geofft :-)19:47
* welbourne has poor hearing ...19:47
nanderssonHi, what is the future for IM in Ubuntu Touch/Ubuntu 14.04. Will "Friends" be the default IM-client?19:48
stgraberhey rickspencer319:50
rickspencer3hi stgraber19:50
pmatulisstgraber: thank you for your answer19:52
stgraberrickspencer3: do you know what the plan is wrt to IM in 14.04, will generic IM still be empathy or is that something Friends would take over?19:52
xnoxfriends is not for IM, but rather for facebook/twitter/g+19:53
xnoxempathy is default at the moment, and it can use protocols from pidgin via libpurple.19:54
xnoxstgraber: telephany can reuse _all_ protocols from pidgin via libpurple.19:55
xnox(needs UI et/al)19:56
xnoxstgraber: it may be more sense to add pidgin UI on ubuntu-touch.19:56
xnoxstgraber: friends is evolution of gwibber.19:58
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xnoxso it will not be rename / downgradable ? e.g. the way HWE are optional.20:01
xnoxstgraber: new libreoffice has often new dependencies.20:01
gQuigsxnox: LibreOffice?20:01
xnoxgQuigs: yeah.20:01
xnoxgQuigs: e.g. libreoffice-X.Y, etc.20:01
gQuigsxnox: that was the plan as I understood it; but again it hasn't been approved by the tech board20:01
xnoxgQuigs: similar to how we have boost1.53, and boost1.54 etc.20:02
stgraberxnox: yeah, I'm mostly waiting on a formal proposal to the TB so we can review this. TBH if I'm on the board at that point, I doubt I'd support much more than a regular MRE + backport for new major releases.20:02
xnoxgQuigs: in that case it's better, as users will be able to stay on previous one if they want to.20:02
gQuigsxnox: I'm not totally sure20:02
geofftstgraber, others: I'm kind of curious what sorts of things you customize in academic and other deployments20:02
xnoxstgraber: don't wave imaginary sticks =)20:02
geofftand preferably if your cfengine / bcfg2 repos are public :)20:03
xnoxwell if anyones existing templates "break", because a bug was "fixed" in libreoffice, it's a no-go.20:03
gQuigsxnox: then we would need to security updates for all the old versions...20:03
gQuigsxnox: the proposal was more like with Firefox20:03
stgrabergeofft: I have a public bcfg2 repository but it's not education targeted, it's my own personal network (which is still rather massive ;)). For education, the standard need is authentication, centralized storage and printing configurations, default user session parameters (firefox, dconf, ...), package lists and extra certificates20:04
stgraberI was mostly working with K12 with mostly two kind of customers, those that to one-to-one (one laptop per student) and those that did shared desktops20:05
gQuigswork items at the end: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1308-rolling-libreoffice20:05
stgraberthose doing one-to-one would typically not restrict the session very much and usually give admin rights to the users20:05
stgraberthe other case is the complete opposite, where rights are extremely limited and with requests going as far as locking the background and the icons on the desktop :)20:06
gQuigsxnox: LO new versions is stabilized through a full Regular Release;  it's then brought "Firefox style" to the LTS20:06
ballock_geofft: Tieto currently customizes authentication, firewall (with network detection), antivirus, SSL CA certificates, central HDD encryption storage, ntp, package repositories, printers,20:06
geofftauthentication is Kerberos+LDAP?20:07
ballock_SSSD against AD20:08
stgraberit'd vary, some districts were using AD, so I'd just use sssd, some were using the Apple directory (openldap) and some were using eDirectory or some other random LDAP solution20:08
stgraberin most cases, sssd was the best choice anyway as it supports all of those and is the only client that does proper creds caching in my experience20:08
stgrabergeofft: https://github.com/stgraber/bcfg2-memento is the public (no machine information and config) part of my repository20:09
stgrabergeofft: I then derive from that one for 3 deployments with some specific configs per deployment20:10
geofftI'm wondering what sorts of things it'd be most useful to add support in upstream packages. That stuff plus defaults for mail clients is most of what Debathena configures20:10
geofftIIRC our pain points on upgrades have been mostly things like Firefox config, branding changes over transitions like gdm -> gdm3, and custom printers20:11
geoffthttp://debathena.mit.edu/package-list/#component-debathena-config is basically a list of what we configure20:11
geofftsource is all at https://github.com/mit-athena/20:11
stgrabergeofft: I've seen the proliferation of .d directories as something extremely benefitial, the least files I have to fully override the better20:12
stgrabergeofft: I suspect a lot of software support includes in their config but the Debian package just doesn't ship with a .d + include rule by default20:12
stgrabertrying to generalize that would make people's life much easier20:12
ballock_stgraber: totally agree20:12
geofftyeah, .d rules would help us a ton20:12
geofft/etc/services.d is something I'd really want but Debian's netbase maintainer doesn't want it :(20:13
geofft... which reminds me, I think a guy I know at CMU wrote a separate NSS module for that. maybe that's worth packaging.20:13
ballock_fyi: there's a launchpad group and mailing list for the interested ones:20:16
geofftright! I was going to join that, thanks20:16
ballock_There's a number people representing enterprise deployments.20:17
ballock_It doesn't seem to have a coordinator, though20:18
ballock_so it is mostly active around UDSes20:18
pmatulisanyone can promote an unofficial ubuntu enterprise task force or make more specific ubuntu enterprise blueprints20:28
ballock_pmatulis: I vote for. The question is who/how?20:29
ballock_With my limited engineer capabilities I guess I did the best I could20:30
ballock_by joining a couple of UDSes, making some roundtable-like discussions and blueprints20:30
ballock_For now I guess the launchpad group I mentioned is the best of those achievements20:31
pmatulisballock_: you don't need to be an engineer to do the things i mention.  obviously you would acquaint yourself as much as possible with the subject but you don't need to be a superhero20:31
ballock_Well, I actually meant I'm more an engineer than a manager or evangelist.20:32
pmatulisthe important thing is to galvanize the topic at hand20:32
ballock_(still I'm not a developer)20:32
ballock_I believe there's interest.20:32
ballock_There's people from a good number of companies,20:32
ballock_there's French gendarmerie, which I believe to be running the biggest Ubuntu deployment20:33
ballock_We do have a communication channel20:33
ballock_but I don't know if we totally share the same goals or can consent on the same goals20:34
ballock_I can't even say how much potential the groups has20:34
ballock_nor how to get more people interested in this20:34
ballock_I guess that to gain more attention we need to have "something" that we can offer to potential members20:34
ballock_but "advice" might not be good enough20:35
ballock_there's plenty of forums, google and stuff20:35
ballock_they are answering more specific questions20:35
ballock_pmatulis: What's your vision on this?20:36
geofftI'm leaving for lunch now, but I'll definitely look through the list archive and the wiki pages. It looks like there are quite a few people there!20:36
ballock_geofft: yup, and I guess we will yet meet on the authentication session20:37
pmatulisyou can't force people or promise them anything.  idea: send to mailing list that you (!) are interested in forming a focus group consisting of people who are espcially motivated/interested and maybe having the occasional google hangout.  but creating a "web" of blueprints under the ubuntu-enterprise umbrella is a necessity.  otherwise things remain vague20:38
ballock_I guess last UDS Jono mentioned we could get somebody from... the Leadership board? to join20:39
jonoballock_, join what?20:39
ballock_oh, speaking of the devil :)20:40
ballock_I mean, can we have somebody that would "spark" the actions20:40
ballock_The group is there, the interest is there20:41
ballock_It's just the question of 'what do we do now'20:41
ballock_(and how)20:41
ballock_pmatulis: I like the blueprints idea20:42
* dm8tbr seconds20:43
ballock_but I didn't work with blueprints workflow20:43
ballock_ok, leaving for now, but I guess we'll keep in touch20:47
ballock_thanks for the nice chat and your thoughts on this20:48
ballock_talk to you later20:48
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