loolasac: mind op-ing cjohnston?14:55
ogasawarahi everyone :)14:59
ogasawaraI'm leading the Core 1 track14:59
ogasawaraare people here who will be participating in this first session?14:59
ogasawaraie who needs the hangout url14:59
zygaogasawara: I think I will 15:00
ogasawarazyga: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi1qqh03a30ophnekcd2si4?authuser=0&hl=en15:00
brendandogasawara, didn't sabdfl say we can join by clicking a button on the summit page? thanks for the link anyway15:03
* sergiusens wants a hangout link15:03
ogasawarabrendand: hrm, not that I'm aware15:03
rsalvetisergiusens: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi1qqh03a30ophnekcd2si4?authuser=0&hl=en15:03
arasergiusens, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi1qqh03a30ophnekcd2si4?authuser=0&hl=en15:03
asaccjohnston: let me know iif its good15:04
brendandi'll try that and if i can't then i'll join by the link15:04
zygaara: are you joining?15:05
brendandonce the session starts there is a big 'Join Hngout on Air' link15:06
brendand(without the typo)15:06
arazyga, I am here, just not in the hangout :)15:06
asacChickenCutlass needs the HO url15:06
araclassic :)15:07
cwayne_holy echo batman15:07
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loolwhat happens when one switches between apps with side stage?15:11
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1ddNJTp7x9Jnra5akmpJkn-p7DBHp1S5APQ5ZiFM7zDY/edit#15:15
ChickenCutlassrsalveti: great15:15
ogra_that should really have been in the topic15:16
rsalvetiogra_: it's in the blueprint15:16
rsalvetithe specification link15:16
ogra_ah, k15:16
arasergiusens, let's add a work item for us to improve documentation on how to create new providers15:22
sergiusensara, sure15:22
spineausuch item already exists in the todo of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/checkbox/+spec/core-1311-checkbox-rebirth15:26
ogra_ChickenCutlass, we have adbd in the initrd15:32
ChickenCutlassogra_: right ok15:33
ogra_it starts automatically if it cant boot the rootfs15:33
ogra_what we really need is a better proting guide and porting tools15:33
janimoogra_, +1 porting docs really need to be in better shape15:34
ogra_janimo, i'd even say we should toolize as much as we can of the porting process15:35
janimoogra_, definitely15:35
ogra_"run tool a, then tool b, then add these kernel patches and try to boot"15:35
rsalveti+1 for both15:35
zygaok, godo session!15:50
sergiusenszyga, I'll be in touch (pun)15:50
zygasergiusens: so we should sync after UDS is done (or in some spot in between sessions)15:50
ogra_/whois godo15:50
sergiusensogra_, don't be a peek15:50
zygasergiusens: I'll show you how to get started and how to play with this15:50
sergiusenszyga, I guess I'll be more aware after the plainbox session :-)15:51
zygasergiusens: that will be more about packaging and transitions from checkbox-old15:51
zygasergiusens: setting things up and writing tests is _really_ easy and you won't be affected by that much15:51
zygasergiusens: (by the new packages that we push into ubuntu)15:52
sergiusenszyga, yeah, the test writing part is going to be easy ;-)15:52
slangasekogasawara: so for the next hour, I need to be in this session - trade off rooms? :)15:53
ogasawaraslangasek: sure, works for me15:53
zygasergiusens: well the tests are interesting and hard, integrating them with plainbox is easy in comparison15:54
sergiusenszyga, I have to agree :-)15:55
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slangaseknext session hangout: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpjg77gbecup6lie1l78lut416:01
cwayne_in this session are we going to talk about the possibility of customized bootsplashes as well?16:02
cwayne_i.e. for oem's16:02
zygasergiusens: join us in #checkbox though16:03
zygasergiusens: and get your test authors there too, we're going to help you all out16:03
zygaok, next session16:03
sergiusenszyga, ack16:06
cwayne_ogra_, i think it's an important piece of customization as well, OEM/Carriers might want to have their logo shown on boot...16:09
sergiusensrsalveti, bootanim you mean?16:13
sergiusensdon't we need a mir guy here?16:14
sergiusensrsalveti, I think alan_g was supposed to join16:15
slangasekisn't that who joined the hangout a few minutes ago?16:19
slangasekor do I have a phantom icon here?16:20
ogra_no, thats him :)16:20
sergiusensslangasek, that's him :-)16:23
sergiusensChickenCutlass, I didn't setup a session for that16:31
sergiusensit was discussed last cycle, but it's still a work item16:31
ChickenCutlasssergiusens: ok -- we can discuss it16:31
ogra_sergiusens, you can take over my battery checking session16:31
ogra_(on thu.)16:31
ogra_seems we covered that bit already here16:31
sergiusensogra_,if you don't have more to discuss later; let's just get it ironed out today :-)16:32
sergiusensrsalveti, yeah, would be good to have design here; just take the action to get me a name and I'll get the other stuff going16:33
cwayne_can we be sure to keep customization in mind when designing this? i.e. have it look in XDG_DATA_DIRS or something so that we can override the boot animation in /custom16:34
sergiusenscwayne_, the update part is in recovery though16:34
rsalvetisergiusens: sure16:35
cwayne_im saying just for the initial boot animation, not necessarily the update one16:35
sergiusenscwayne_, oh; yeah, that's better :-)16:35
cwayne_that's what i figured, i just wanted to make sure that it was part of the plan from the beginning :)16:36
cwayne_figured it won't be hard16:36
ogasawaraslangasek: switch back?  I figured you want to be in that Cgroup manager one16:57
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slangasekogasawara: yeah, happy to switch back17:12
ogasawaraslangasek: also, tomorrow at 19:05 is the "Planning the hardware enablement strategy for 14.04 LTS" which it looks like we both might want to attend.  do you have anyone else on your team who could lead the other "Ubuntu Touch for x86 emulator" session?17:13
xnoxhm, we have two emulator sessions, interesting (7pm on wednesday, 6pm on thursday)17:51
ogra_one is x86 only17:52
ogra_(or should be)17:52
ogra_also a lot more thna just emulator stuff17:53
xnoxogra_: yeah, i wonder if i'll be able to make the thursday session.17:54
xnoxogra_: i might be on 3G connection.17:54
ogra_should suffice for IRC at least17:54
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ogasawaralool et al:  you still have a few mins, but when you're ready -> https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpjik1c25tdpu9cn9di3e6f4?authuser=0&hl=en17:58
loologasawara: thanks18:01
looljdstrand: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpjik1c25tdpu9cn9di3e6f4?authuser=0&hl=en18:03
mdeslauram I needed in the fishbowl?18:03
slangasekogasawara: yeah, bdmurray should have the access to run the other session tomorrow18:03
ogasawaraslangasek: awesome, thanks18:03
* asac waits for stream18:04
ogasawararounding up the right people, give us all a sec18:05
* cwayne_ would like to add online accounts to the list of plugins we'd need in clicks18:05
tvoss_lool, o/18:06
pmcgowancwayne_, +118:06
kenvandineonline accounts plugins too18:08
robruds_lool: webapps!18:08
dbarthrobruds_: well, that's different i think18:09
cwayne_we'd need this fixed i think for online-accounts: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click/+bug/124582618:09
udsbotuLaunchpad bug 1245826 in click (Ubuntu) "Allow applying a hook to multiple files" [Wishlist,Triaged]18:09
dbarthie, webapps may reuse the the container18:09
robruds_dbarth: there will be some overlap between click webapps and click scopes/UOA accounts...18:10
robruds_dbarth: the webapps are essentially just a browser plugin.18:10
ssweeny-udsI'd like to see Friends plugins installable as click packages as well18:10
dbarthwhereas OA will need hooks18:10
loolrobruds_: these are already clickified!18:10
robruds_lool: not in the desktop they're not!!!18:10
cwayne_ssweeny-uds, what do you mean?18:10
robruds_ssweeny-uds: that's probably a good idea18:11
cwayne_what's a Friends plugin?18:11
ssweeny-udscwayne_: Friends (nee Gwibber). Only twitter and facebook plugins are installed on the phone18:11
dobeycwayne_: presumably the online-accounts bits, and the friends-service plug-ins to parse the feeds18:11
robruds_cwayne_: Friends plugins allow Friends to support new social media sites. They're basically just files within a python module18:11
cwayne_ssweeny-uds, isn't that the same as online-account plugins?18:11
ssweeny-udscwayne_: no18:11
robruds_cwayne_: highly correlated though18:11
cwayne_ah, alright18:12
ssweeny-udscwayne_: o-a is auth. friends actually reads/writes to the streams18:12
cwayne_i gotcha18:12
robruds_cwayne_: friends plugins depend on o-a plugins 1:1, but they're implemented in different projects in different languages.18:12
cwayne_robruds_, yeah, i understand now, thanks!18:13
cjwatsoncwayne_: Right, 1245826 is fairly straightforward and in my queue18:14
cjwatsonYou'll have it for trusty18:14
cwayne_wonderful, thank you18:14
cwayne_cjwatson, will that include being able to pass entire dirs as well?18:15
cwayne_a good example there is the qml-plugins dir for online-accounts18:15
cjwatsonI think you can do that right now18:17
cjwatsonYou'll just get a symlink to the directory18:17
cwayne_i tried and it complained that it was a directory..18:18
dbarthcwayne_: what are you trying to do specifically?18:18
cjwatsoncwayne_: bug please18:18
cjwatson(with details)18:18
cwayne_cjwatson, ack, thanks18:18
cjwatsonwe don't need to go into it here18:18
dbarthwe're discussing plans to have a hook to get new OA providers in click packages18:18
cwayne_dbarth, make click hooks for online-accounts (well that's what i was doing)18:19
dbarthbut then we feel that the plan is to use a special process, because we can't get that all automated for now18:19
tedglool, Location service will have to have a user space component to handle trust store anyway.18:20
tedglool, So there'll be user installed plugins as well.18:21
tvoss_tedg, why is that?18:21
tvoss_tedg, or do you refer to user space as in session?18:21
tedgtvoss_, Yes, in the session.18:21
tedgWrong term :-)18:21
tvoss_tedg, still: I don't see why a user would need to install a plugin to that specific location service18:21
tedgtvoss_, A provider wants to charge $2 for the plugin.18:22
tedgtvoss_, They want that to be per-user.18:22
tedgtvoss_, Or perhaps Google wants you to login with your Google account to get data.18:22
tvoss_tedg, hmmm ... google has got api keys to support that specific use-case for a reason I would think18:23
tvoss_tedg, however, I do agree with per-user plugin installation in general18:23
tedgtvoss_, Sure, theoretical example, not today.18:23
* tedg start using Foogle for theoretical services18:23
loolis pad down for everyone or just me?18:23
ogra_here too18:24
tedglool, Me aswell18:24
jdstranddown for me too18:24
* ogra_ could imagine things like camera filters etc 18:25
ogra_(as user plugins)18:25
tvoss_lool, likewise18:25
tvoss_lool, did you think about an app (say: foogle) wanting to install a complete, custom gstreamer pipeline18:26
tvoss_lool, as opposed to only certain sinks or sources?18:26
looltvoss_: what do you mean wiht a pipeline?18:26
loollike a plugin implementing a pipeline depending on elements?18:26
loola pipeline is usually a runtime object, not a plugin, but you can provide a factory object18:27
tvoss_lool, yup, say a streaming media service having specific requirements for buffering or such things18:27
tvoss_lool, yeah, that's what I'm referring to18:27
ogra_android does that too ... i.e. mplayer or vlc for android have separate optimized codec packages18:27
tvoss_lool, with that, apps can leverage existing service infrastructure in a more flexible way18:28
alecuQUESTION: Do we really want app devels to be using weird codecs with little or no support for hardware accelerated decoding?18:30
ogra_alecu, they can do that on other platforms18:30
alecuogra_: in other mobile platforms?18:31
ogra_and if you ship i.e. some media player that makes use fo HW acceleration of the HW you actually want codecs for the specific device18:31
ogra_yes, see what ii wrote above ... mplayer or vlc for android do that18:31
kenvandinei've seen it on android18:31
ogra_installing them will give you SW rendering by default18:31
ogra_and you can boost them by installing the right codecs for your device18:31
ogra_pad is back18:33
tvoss_alecu, ogra_ the one thing we need to make sure is that installed codecs are "confined" to the app that installed them, avoiding the situation where installing an app destroys the default media experience18:34
tvoss_lool, ^18:34
* ogra_ doesnt like that we solely talk about codecs18:34
ogra_there are surely other plugins that would like to work close to the HW18:35
ogra_i.e. imagine something that enhances the camera ...18:35
ogra_(or any device in the phone/tablet actually ... camera filters that make use of HW directly just came to my mind first)18:36
alecuogra_: I agree that we need other examples besides codecs. I really don't think we should provide plugins if the only use case is providing plugins for vlc or mplayer18:36
alecuogra_: and18:36
alecu sorry18:36
ogra_right ... i think there are a lot other opportunities ...18:37
ogra_anything that might enhance the HW or driver directly18:37
looltvoss_: sorry, didn't follow everything and we moved on from codecs18:37
looltvoss_: codecs confined to the apps installing them >> right, apparently that's hard and might not be required, so we'd just have trusted codecs18:37
alecuogra_: regarding filters, that sounds like something that can be done with gpu shaders, I don't think it makes sense to let confined code running closer to hw drivers18:38
ogra_alecu, well, i thought more about something like adding HDR support on the driver level etc18:39
alecuah, right18:40
alecuogra_: that18:40
dobeywell, Qt provides plenty of APIs for doing stuff to imagesd18:41
ogra_but camera only being an example here ... could be anything18:41
dobeyerr, images18:41
ogra_(equalizer talking directly to the audio driver ... )18:41
dobeythere's no reason someone couldn't write a "filter" for the camera app to add some weird effect, using qt18:41
ogra_dobey, i mean enhancing the HW capabilities ...18:42
ogra_or making use of specific ones we can not offer out of the box18:42
ogra_HDR is nothing you can do in post processing18:42
alex-abreulool, there is a separate session sur desktop webapps as click on thursday18:43
ogra_(or slow motion video (for which you need to raise the frame rate of the camera to get proper reults))18:43
dobeyogra_: i'm not sure that's a general case issue though. it does make sense for a vendor to ship special filters or whatever that take advantage of hardware18:44
dobeywhile other vendors might not ship it18:44
tedgmdeslaur, Run an image compressor under valgrind.  See if any errors happen :-)18:44
ogra_dobey, i dont care about vendors, my team is working on nexus images :)18:44
ogra_(tell that to achiang :) )18:45
dbarthlool: right18:45
dobeyogra_: then put it in the stock image :)18:45
mdeslaurtedg: yes, something like that18:45
ogra_dobey, not if it bloats the stock image for all platforms18:45
tedglool, They're on the roadmap currently18:46
tedglool, The idea is that apps can provide custom data, and the visualizations for that data.18:46
tedgbeuno, No more database, now flat files18:47
dobeyogra_: right, so it needs to be simple enough to add it. there's no reason an approved click package can't do something with hardware. it's just a matter of approval and writing the things that load plug-ins to do things right in the realm of ubuntu touch18:47
looltedg: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi1qqh03a30ophnekcd2si4?authuser=0&hl=en18:47
mdeslaurtedg: we'll need to look at the confinement story around that18:47
ssweeny-udsrobruds_: can a friends plugin access data for an account other than the one it is called with?18:47
looltedg: is there a security design for this?18:47
tedgmdeslaur, I'll forward you my proposal18:47
jdstrandlool: no, not yet18:47
* mdeslaur cancels his email account18:47
jdstrandtedg: can you send it to security@?18:48
ogra_dobey, right, is that "approved click package" already defined ?18:48
tedgjdstrand, Done18:49
dobeyogra_: i presume not since we're having the session to outline what we need, right now :)18:49
ogra_dobey, right :)18:50
loolany questions from IRC?18:50
loologasawara: sorry forgot to warn you to stop the recording18:50
ogasawaralool: no worries, I was following18:50
cwayne_thanks guys18:51
looltedg: Thanks for raising this visualization use case18:52
loolthis might actually be a real system wide plugin use case, since the greeter is for all users18:52
tedgThe visualizations are per-user.18:53
tedgSo I don't think it's system wide.18:53
cwayne_it is called 'usermetrics' :)18:53
tedgi.e. my fitbit data is just about me, and I might want it to look a particular way.18:53
ogasawaraogra_: you've got time, but when you're ready -> https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpimlsp5j5angdmi9mtqd06s?authuser=0&hl=en18:59
looltedg: I mean there's only one greeter running19:00
looltedg: on e.g. the desktop19:00
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ogasawarahrm, anyone else joining this next session?19:04
* ogra_ hopes so 19:04
ogra_sergiusens, ^^^ ?19:04
ogra_or rsalveti19:05
sergiusensogra_, sorry got distracted with racy tests :-)19:05
sarnoldI'll be listening / watching19:05
sergiusensogra_, give me a min to join19:05
ogra_seb wanted to send one settings app guy over too19:05
rsalvetiwill join the qt ubuntu x kubuntu one instead19:06
ogra_oh, indeed19:06
ogasawaraogra_: joining soon?19:07
ogra_ogasawara, if i get an url19:07
ogasawaraogra_: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpimlsp5j5angdmi9mtqd06s?authuser=0&hl=en19:08
seb128ogra_, I can IRC participate (knowing I'm not listening to that stream because I'm in another session)19:10
t1mpI think a single "developer mode" option that does all the magic would be fine :)19:13
t1mpQUESTION: would enabling developer mode switch on writable mode?19:13
t1mpenabling developer mode would have to install gcc and a bunch of stuff needed to compile apps right?19:14
doanac`QUESTION: do we want SSH over RNDIS?19:14
doanac`or just wifi19:14
ogra_doanac`, add it to the pad19:15
t1mpogra_: do you want to have the questions in the pad? Or we just ask them here? (prefixed with QUESTION:)19:15
t1mpadb only works when connected via a usb cable right? Or am I wrong? ssh can be used over wifi.19:17
sergiusenst1mp, i'll bring them up19:17
t1mpsergiusens: ok, thanks.19:17
ssweeny-udsthere are shell options you can pass to make adb shell behave more sanely, and it could be useful to wrap those up in a phablet shell command19:17
pbassQUESTION: is this bug relevant to the discussion? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-image/+bug/119257719:17
udsbotuLaunchpad bug 1192577 in Ubuntu system image "Support for switching to system builder mode ... and back!" [Wishlist,Triaged]19:17
cwayne_ssweeny-uds, imho a phablet-shell command should be ssh so that its got the right environment19:18
cwayne_like attached to upstart, etc19:18
ssweeny-udscwayne_: good point. ssh is probably the better option overall19:19
t1mpQUESTION: Did you consider supporting the possibility to have two ubuntu installations on one phone? One (stable) could be used for daily use, the other can be in developer mode with a writable image for testing new stuff19:21
t1mp^so, dual booting between two ubuntu installs19:21
ogra_t1mp, once we have dual boot (in 15.10 or so :P)19:21
ogra_dual boot is wanted, but not in focus this cycle19:22
sarnoldrunning out of space doesn't seem like a big problem to me -- someone who is prepared to hit a button that says "I know what I'm doing" doesn't necessarily need _that_ much hand-holding, right?19:22
ogra_sarnold, well, the system gety unusable at some point19:22
t1mpQUESTION: How do you install build tools to compile (for example) C++ without enabling writeable mode?19:24
ogra_you cant19:24
t1mpok. Just checking that I am not doing something stupid19:24
ogra_you dont ;)19:24
cjwatsoncompiling on device was only ever a stopgap19:25
doanac`the issue sergiusens mentioned makes CI work really hard19:25
sarnoldcjwatson: won't we want to offer compile-on-device as part of our converged story?19:26
cjwatsonsarnold: no, we want to offer cross-building19:26
sarnoldcjwatson: that might work for e.g. rovio and so forth, but kind of hard to sell to a village in pakistan or india or africa19:27
cjwatsoneh, surely for most cases we want to be presenting qml/etc.19:27
cjwatsonand are you really asserting that people in villages will be developing apps *entirely* on device, without even an editor on another computer?19:28
sarnoldsure, but if we're positioning a converged device as a realistic computing device rather than just a media consumption device, we ought not prematurely close doors like "compile on device"  :)19:29
sarnoldcjwatson: yes.19:29
cjwatsonif you have an editor somewhere else, you can do cross-building there too, and it will probably work better than compile-on-device19:29
cjwatsonwell, in that case it will need to be substantially more writeable than we have right now19:29
sarnoldcjwatson: thousands of awesome and incredible apps were developed entirely that way on e.g. hp48 calculators in 32KB RAM.19:29
cjwatsonor we need to build a chroot to do the building19:30
t1mpcjwatson: if the phone is supposed to be able to replace a PC eventually, then we want to develop 100% on a device (with keyboard and screen attached)19:30
t1mpcjwatson: yeah.. why not run the dev environment in a chroot?19:30
sarnoldpeople may want to upgrade from their netbooks ;) hehe19:31
cjwatsont1mp: sure, that's possible19:31
cjwatsonI no longer think of that as really "compile-on-device", because there isn't a separate device at that point, it's just your environment.  but meh, semantics19:32
t1mpQUESTION: could you provide a chroot image (that can be installed as a click package?) that has everything enabled that is needed for developing? would that work?19:32
sergiusenst1mp, there's a session for that I think19:32
sergiusenst1mp, but it doesn't go the path you propose19:33
t1mpsergiusens: which session?19:33
cjwatsonit makes a lot more sense IMO to build chroots on the fly19:34
cjwatsonshipping chroot images means shipping gobloads of data already mirrored etc. in other ways, which is futile19:34
sergiusenst1mp, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/21991/core-1311-cross-compilation/19:34
cjwatsonand a pain to keep up to date19:34
sarnoldyeah, <3 sbuild for keeping all that stuff transparent from me :)19:35
t1mpsergiusens: I think that is for compiling touch/arm stuff on desktop/i38619:35
cjwatsont1mp: it winds up looking much the same, or should19:35
sergiusenst1mp, that's why I said, not the path you want19:35
cjwatsonnative building is effectively a degenerate subcase of cross-building19:36
t1mpsergiusens, cjwatson probably my requirements for developer mode are not those of a "standard" app developer. I need more stuff to build and test the UI toolkit on device19:36
cjwatsonextra build-dependencies are boringly easy19:36
t1mpcjwatson: my "problem" is that every time after installing a new image, I need to enable write-mode and re-install all build-deps.19:37
t1mpcjwatson: nothing complicated, but I need to wait more before I can compile my stuff19:38
cjwatsont1mp: we need to fix things as necessary so you can cross-build19:38
cjwatsonthat is the path for (at least) 14.0419:38
cjwatson(as laid out in more detail at the client sprint, and in a session later this week)19:38
t1mpstill building on device is cool :)19:38
cjwatsoncross-building is cooler (once it works)19:39
t1mponce you have a phone that is faster than your laptop it is not cooler anymore ;)19:39
cjwatsonlet me know when you do19:39
t1mpunless you cross-compile for i386 from your phone :)19:39
t1mpcjwatson: okay :)19:39
ogra_ogasawara, i think you can stop recording19:42
ogasawaraogra_: thanks, will do19:42
sarnoldhow are you guys going to get an ssh authorized_Keys onto the device?19:43
ogra_sarnold, we didnt really cover ssh much, i guess by default we'll still go with passwords ... up to you to copy keys in place19:44
sarnoldogra_: eww. passwords. :)19:45
ogra_(the key negotiation in the notes was for adb)19:45
sarnoldogra_: I'd rather not have a few hundred thousand phones walking around with password-based authentication open to all..19:46
ogra_sarnold, why would they be open to all ?19:46
ogra_ssh wont start by default unless you enable the dev mode, adb neither19:46
sarnoldogra_: will turning on developer mode turn on sshd by default?19:47
ogra_i think we should have a separate switch for that19:48
sarnoldthat'd make me feel better; someone who turns on developer mode _and_ sshd is much more likely to configure keys than someone who just clicks a button "hey developer mode sounds fun"  :)19:48
doanac`could we have phablet-flash copy your .pub key over during provisioning?19:48
ogra_doanac`, sure19:49
sarnolddoanac`: keen19:49
ogra_can someone add that to the notes ? :)19:49
rsalvetiogra_: lxc-console -nandroid already works with phablet upstream19:49
ogra_so i dont forget about it19:49
rsalvetiogra_: will be part of my next upload19:49
* ogra_ hugs rsalveti 19:50
ogra_Ursinha, tell him he rocks !19:50
ogra_(and give him a kiss)19:50
sarnoldthanks ogra_ :)19:54
ogra_thanks for the valuable questions !19:54
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