cjohnstonxnox: can you please op me14:53
xnoxcjohnston: i have no idea how or why I have ops here.14:54
cjohnstonyou were the first to join14:54
xnoxah =)14:54
* xnox wins14:54
xnoxcjohnston: =((((((((((((14:55
xnoxthanks =14:55
xnoxcjohnston: i have more op powers on a few other channels.14:58
xnoxcjohnston: core1 & core2, unless i'm in the wrong channels.14:59
AlanBellxnox: you are in the wrong channels, -uds-core-1 I believe14:59
cjohnstonI only see client-114:59
VipindevSo cute to have a work with design! Love designing..15:02
M3kHbut the Design Blog tread is already finish?15:03
christinahi everyone15:03
christinawelcome to the design track15:03
M3kHThanks christina15:05
christinacan u guys see the broadcast?15:06
christinawe might be having some problem getting connection15:06
mhooseywhat broadcast?15:07
mhooseyand what connection problem?15:07
christinathe youtbue video?15:07
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mhoosey"Please stand by    starting soon..."15:08
mhooseyAnd the problem?15:08
mhooseyits live says the youtube15:09
M3kHI don't ear really clearly but I can keep almost everything.15:14
M3kHyes a bit better!15:15
VipindevWhat's going on? Is the link to Hangout or to the same video?15:17
M3kHwhat is the license of the articles and his pictures?15:19
M3kHcan I go outside of topic a bit? How I can collaborate with bunt blog?15:23
yaili_M3kH: you mean with the design blog?15:24
M3kHyes sorry yaili_15:24
yaili_M3kH: like guest writing?15:25
M3kHlike gust or a member.15:26
yaili_M3kH: if you've been working on an ubuntu design project and would like to share something about that work, we could talk about it15:27
M3kHI would like to help so why not.15:28
yaili_M3kH: have you been working on a specific design project?15:28
M3kHmhhh… yes but not for Ubuntu, almost is web.15:29
slavoI miss orange ubuntu mug in the shop..15:29
M3kHyes one question, what about did you do Interview outside of the Ubuntu comunity15:30
M3kHlike design inspiration etc...?15:30
M3kHok thanks!15:31
M3kHI goo away sorry.15:32
Lord_AnkalusQUESTION: Are you planning point out place for button "settings" for applications?15:34
VipindevSomething made this way out reaching ?15:34
CheeseBurgThese time differences kill me. I already missed two talks.15:51
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christinahi everyone16:03
christinawe are starting soon16:03
christinapls feel free to join us16:03
CheeseBurgNot sure who else is in here with me16:04
christinahi CheeseBurg thanks for joining us16:05
M3kHI'm here too!16:05
CheeseBurgchristina: Been waiting for this talk for a while16:05
christinaM3kH, welcome ...again :)16:06
CheeseBurgOne of you need to close your browsers16:07
christinaCheeseBurg, yep we worked it out now. thanks...we always forget!16:07
Saviq-udsone of you guys need to mute16:11
M3kHI ear you clear :)16:14
t1mpjounih is not here?16:15
t1mpKaleoF2: we see you instead of the slides now16:15
t1mpok now it is good16:15
christinat1mp, all ok now?16:16
t1mpchristina: yes, thanks16:16
christinat1mp, great- we'll get the hang of this ;)16:16
Saviq-udschristina: please focus the slides again, we're seeing KaleoF216:19
Saviq-udsgood now :)16:20
christinaSaviq-uds, sometimes they pick up who speaks...16:20
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will Unity 8 Desktop session be touch screen friendly with its UI. A lot of new laptops come with touchscreens like mine.16:20
Saviq-udsCheeseBurg: there's a better session for that question later (unity8-shell-discussion)16:21
Saviq-udsCheeseBurg: but yes16:21
CheeseBurgSaviq-uds: O didn't know that16:21
CheeseBurgYea that's it16:22
CheeseBurgfor now16:22
t1mpQUESTION to Florian: how is the weather there?16:23
christinat1mp, ;)16:24
t1mpto follow up on the breakfast :)16:24
mzanettiI'm curious how the tabs will work out16:24
t1mpQUESTION: Do you have ideas how to decide whether you are on a desktop or on phone?16:24
ahayzenmusic app \o/16:25
t1mpvideo just froze for me. is it just me?16:25
mzanettit1mp: I'm afraid yes16:25
t1mpok video is back for me16:25
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will apps be able to save its session when changing formats. Ex: If I am typing a message in the phone then docking the phone to a desktop, will I still be on the message screen and same message?16:25
t1mpmzanetti: what do you mean how the tabs will work out?16:25
mzanettit1mp: from a design/usability POV. they are really cumbersome to use with the mouse right16:26
t1mpah, how to do it on desktop.16:26
t1mpmzanetti: I don't really have problems with them. But perhaps the tab bar should stay active on desktop16:26
christinaCheeseBurg, ur question will be next :)16:26
CheeseBurgchristina:Thanks. If it is confusing, I can reword it.16:27
greybackKaleoF2: how about a stylus?16:27
mzanettigreyback: that's so 80s :P16:28
greybackmzanetti: see recent galaxy note :)16:28
greybackwelcome :)16:29
christinakeep the questions coming guys :)16:29
Saviq-udschristina: FYI, the "Join the Hangout on Air" link just points to youtube instead of being able to join the hangout16:29
christinamhall119, ^16:29
christinaSaviq-uds, thanks- i will look into it for later sessions16:30
christinaSaviq-uds, did u want to join?16:30
mhall119christina: sounds like the wrong url was put in the Hangout Details form fields16:31
Saviq-udschristina: when you were talking about unity8, yes ;)16:32
christinaahh sorry Saviq-uds16:32
christinamhall119, i followed the instructions...16:32
greybackQUESTION: sorry I've missed part of the session, so feel free to ignore this question if it was addressed already: responsive web design is very popular with lots of guides. Are these guides useful for application developers too?16:32
christinagreyback, will ask the guys in a moment16:33
greybackchristina: thanks :)16:33
M3kHQUESTION: what about for display with more the 72dpi?16:34
mzanettiM3kH: how do you mean that? the nexus devices have around 200 dpi16:36
greybackchristina: question addressed, thank you16:36
christinagreyback, great. you're welcome16:36
M3kHyes, but what about for imaged displayed are they blurred?16:37
mzanettiM3kH: ah. we can ship multiple image files and it'll be picked according to the DPI16:37
mzanettiif you only ship one, better make it big :)16:37
M3kHcool :) thanks.16:37
Saviq-udsmzanetti: not DPI, GU ;)16:38
mzanettiSaviq-uds: usually you set the GU according to the DPI...16:39
KaleoF2mzanetti: not only16:39
KaleoF2mzanetti: we take into account the distance eye-screen16:39
mzanettiyeah. true16:39
christinaanymore questions for us?16:39
Saviq-udsQUESTION: when talking about "moving to SVG", are we saying we'll be rendering them directly from SVGs or have an intermediate step of generating bitmaps according to GU?16:39
CheeseBurgQUESTION: How will design handle multiple screens16:39
CheeseBurgI have seen some Android phones with 2 screens16:40
KaleoF2that's a question for Unity too ie. Saviq too16:40
mzanettiit's just like a desktop with 2 screens I'd say16:41
christinaCheeseBurg, mzanetti yep multi screen is coming up!16:41
KaleoF2yes, though in terms of app support we don't support that yet16:41
Saviq-udsQUESTION: can you ship multiple SVGs with different set of details?16:41
KaleoF2I'm not sure about Unity816:41
mzanettiotoh, on such devices you probably can't drag'n'drop an app from one to the other16:41
CheeseBurgchristina:Cool, What is the timeline then? When can I build desktop apps with the SDK?16:41
mzanettias the screens are not nex to each other but more frontside/backside?16:42
christinaKaleoF2, dont forget CheeseBurg's question :)16:43
M3kHQUESTION: There is some JS API for Unity? Like the Webkit embedded for IOS app?16:43
CheeseBurgQUESTION: When will the Desktop SDK been ready? What is the timeline?16:43
greybackWe should set a Work Item to investigate the Qt SVG renderer to determine if it is good enough or not, and if not, figure out what to do next16:44
Saviq-udsKaleoF2: no, no follow-up ;) just thinking that if we select the smallest higher @ svg, that would be a good way to have different detail level from SVGs16:44
KaleoF2Saviq: right that's what we do today16:44
M3kHyes I was meaning that.16:45
alex-abreuKaleoF2, M3kH we have JS API for unity (hud, ...) and will plan to expand on it durin 14.0416:45
alex-abreuKaleoF2, M3kH exposed to html5 apps (well ... to webviews basically)16:45
christinagreyback, do you have a related blueprint already?#16:46
M3kHQUESTION: can we design simple widget in Unity to embed in desktop? like Plasma fopr kde?16:46
greybackchristina: no actually16:47
M3kHok thanks.16:48
CheeseBurgThanks guys, I am out of questions.16:48
Saviq-udsM3kH: we don't even know if there's going to be a "desktop" on unity8 on your PC :)16:48
KaleoF2troll detected16:49
greybackKaleoF2: also, would we want Qt to support SVGZ (KDE has it I think)16:49
Saviq-udsnot really :)16:49
greybackSaviq-uds: what other Saviq is there?16:49
christinaSaviq-uds, no escape ;)16:49
Saviq-udsI just know it doesn't render our icons correctly16:49
greybackdesktop mode on a tablet?16:50
greybackchristina: sorry, what is "desktop mode on a tablet" exactly? Having mouse & keyboard paired to tablet?16:50
christinagreyback, ?16:51
greybackchristina: jouni said it16:51
M3kHSaviq-uds, ok but plasma is a style easy to convert from the pc view to the mobile/tablet right? should be easy to implement if you can embend HTML5 inside the Unity.16:52
micah2I think having desktop mode on tablets would be super useful16:52
Saviq-udsM3kH: it's not about it being easy or not, just whether our design caters for it16:52
micah2I'm a developer who carpools to work, I'd love to be able to load the Ubuntu SDK while on a tablet in the car.16:53
greybackchristina: hmm, ok, news to me. Thanks for having that answered16:53
Saviq-udsmicah2: while driving!?16:53
micah2while others are driving16:53
Saviq-udsM3kH: embedding arbitrary UIs is always tricky for different reasons16:53
Saviq-udsmicah2: ;)16:53
M3kHSaviq-uds:  ok :)16:53
greybackthanks guys!16:54
M3kHThanks all!16:54
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piterhi everyone22:30

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