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* popey gets tea and biscuits13:43
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* Ursinha waves13:57
winaelHi everyone13:58
balloonshowdy howdy13:58
jonohey all13:58
manornkhey all13:59
Saviqjono, it's working :)14:01
zygajono: live14:01
xnox23s rolling.14:01
Ursinhait's on14:01
rickspencer3o/ jono14:01
ogra_hey jono14:01
tvoss_jono o/14:01
slavoyes, yes14:01
bittini can see you Jono =)14:01
AzendaleI can hear you, now I just have to find the right tab14:01
NuSueyit's working :)14:01
alecuI can hear you fine14:01
winaelHello Jono14:01
cheerockiehello Jono, hello Mark14:01
MaoKueI can see u :)14:01
manornkYeah, we see you14:01
Lord_AnkalusI see14:01
NuSueyhello mark & jono:)14:01
netcurlihello jono14:02
xstorohello jeno its live14:02
coen22I can see you14:02
zyga\o/ :)14:02
winaelIs someone is in charge of the minute of the plenary ?14:03
VipindevI am who I am...14:04
TRedaHello everybody !14:04
VipindevI cannot enter into pad14:06
VipindevSomeone help me to enter into pad14:06
karniVipindev: I suspect it is disabled for the keynote. I might be wrong, though.14:06
VipindevAnyway, no need right now..14:06
ravii`ve a question?14:06
zygakarni: I can open the pad with the dedicated link14:06
UrsinhaVipindev, http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1311-intro-by-jono-bacon-keynote-by-mark-shuttleworth14:06
karnizyga: aha, thanks Ursinha14:07
zygathough pad seems to work for me now on other pages14:07
zygaso try that14:07
Ursinhano problem :) sometimes you need to click in the external notes window so it can log you in14:07
Ursinhaand then it works14:07
ravihow to install devc6 lib in ubuntu???14:07
zygais it just me or is that the old ubuntu logo in the icon?14:08
zygathe page icon that is14:08
mhall119ravi: this isn't a time for support14:08
mhall119ravi: try #ubuntu14:08
ogra_ravi, this kind of question should be better asked in #ubuntu14:08
WebbyITwow, what fantastic numbers!14:09
ogra_hippie goat !14:10
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NikThWho is speaking now ? Mark or Jono ? Voices are too identical .. :-P14:10
cwayne_NikTh, jono14:10
zygaNikTh: jono14:10
zygaogra_: hey, long time :)14:11
bipulHello :d14:11
ogra_this slide kind of looked like a variation of the ballemr song14:12
manornkjono: Can you answer me just one question. I am CEO at NGO, and want to promote Ubuntu, and tech through it. Is there any way to be licenced, by Ubuntu?14:12
xnoxmanornk: what do you want to do? in practice no license is required to use or promote ubuntu.14:13
popeymanornk: this isn't really a Q&A session.14:13
xnoxmanornk: have you contacted your local Ubuntu LoCo team?14:13
manornkxnox: I want to promote, and kind of make goverment to change their OS. I need independent work, I need some CDs, some marketing materials, so we can work productivly14:14
MooDoomanornk: sounds like you need to contact your nearest loco team :)14:15
xnoxmanornk: get in touch with Ubuntu Community Council and chat to them. They can provide/approve CDs marketing materials, etc.14:15
xnoxmanornk: if your local LoCo team is approved, they may already have the CDs marketing materials, etc.14:16
ogra_manornk, http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/14:16
NikThxnox: veriffied, not approved :-P14:16
* Ursinha is waiting for the vegetables presentation14:17
ubuntulovingplanwhat is this about?14:17
ubuntulovingplanall about google hangouts?14:17
popeyUrsinha: Tomatoes are not vegetables!14:17
Ursinhapopey, lol14:17
karniubuntulovingplan: The meetings are held on Google Hangouts14:17
mhall119they're virtually vegetables14:17
popeyBet he puts that picture of Tomatoes up again just to taunt me!14:17
mhall119and this is virtual UDS14:17
MooDooubuntulovingplan: http://uds.ubuntu.com/14:17
ubuntulovingplanah thanks14:17
manornkI don't see button for hangout14:20
popeyyou will when the sessions start14:20
med_The plenary is closed14:20
popeybut not for this plenary one14:20
med_(not open to joining)14:20
bipulwhen it will start?14:21
Ursinhabipul, intro keynote is on14:21
nik90bipul: check the schedule at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/2013-11-19/14:21
nik90bipul: the next session starts at 15:05 UTC14:21
sabdfljono is mapping out the week, and the tools and the process, now14:21
Ursinhabipul, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4kHQeu4SJk14:21
bipulThank you.14:21
sabdfli'll be on shortly14:21
sabdflwe'll have some Q&A, pls address questions to dholbach14:21
dholbachhello hello :)14:22
mhall119dholbach: standard "QUESTION: " prefix applies?14:22
* ogra_ waves to \sh14:22
faganWhat a glorious beard14:22
\shHey Ogra :)14:23
dholbachmhall119, sure, or highlight me - both works for me :)14:23
carakasWow that beard, didn't see that one comming14:23
NuSueyepic beard14:23
dobey-udsthe painting behind, is very fitting with the beard14:23
NikThwoW.. What's with the beard ?14:23
karniI'm sure Mark appreciates the focus, guys..14:23
med_sabdfl has been in open source long enough that he's officially a gray beard now.14:23
carakasow forgot about that :p14:23
dholbachany questions for Mark? ping me and I'll relay the question14:25
zygavideo is off?14:26
dholbachzyga, not for me14:26
Ursinhazyga, only for a short moment but is back14:26
sergiusensUrsinha, your latency is better it seems :-)14:26
mardydholbach: If I join the Hangout on Air and make some silly face, do I get fired? ;-)14:26
Ursinhasergiusens, what a miracle :P14:26
zygayeah, it's back now14:26
dholbachmardy, I wouldn't try ;-)14:27
mhall119mardy: you're fired already just for thinking it14:27
manornkdholbach: Can you give me link, to connect to hangout14:27
mardymhall119: lol (I hope)14:27
med_mardy, some of us just have  naturally funny faces, we can't help it.14:27
dholbachmanornk, no, this is a "talk"14:27
dholbachmanornk, please just let me know your question and I'll pass it on14:28
sergiusensmanornk, or do you want the stream? -> http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22027/intro-by-jono-bacon-keynote-by-mark-shuttleworth/14:28
faganI really want a phone to play with :-/14:28
manornkThanks, I'm good :D14:28
karnifagan: Buy one, just like the mac ;)14:29
fagankarni: hahah yeah but my nexus is just 1 version too low14:29
JoshStroblHello all!14:29
faganIt seem like such a waste14:30
rajawhen is the Ubuntu phone release?14:30
mhall119raja: it was 13.1014:30
JoshStrobl@raja: There already was one.14:30
nik90ooh core apps on the unity 7 :D14:30
JoshStrobl@raja Ubuntu Touch 1.0 was released with Ubuntu 13.10.14:30
popeynik90: ☻14:31
rajaofficial phone14:31
carakasAre there plans for dualboot with android and still be able to update Ubuntu touch, because that doesn't work with MultiRom Tassadar14:31
rajai was asking14:31
ogra_raja, next will be in april ... but the quality is so good that you can also use the rolling devel release14:31
mhall119raja: if you're asking about actual hardware, there isn't any yet14:31
VipindevGoogle+ Hangout why blocking?14:31
dholbachVipindev, this is a talk14:31
mhall119Vipindev: this isn't a group session, it's a keynote14:31
ogra_Vipindev, it is a talk, not a hangout14:31
dholbachVipindev, I'll pass on questions, which are asked here on IRC14:31
faganVipindev: well this is just a keynote14:31
rajai am waiting for Ubuntu edge14:31
ogra_Vipindev, ask your questions to dholbach and he will forward14:32
cragdorHas UbuntuTV been canned and will the phone follow. I have tried to checkout the code to work on a MultiSeat scenario to find that it only works with 12.04, and there is no build for newer desktops14:32
faganraja: the edge failed the indiegogo14:32
JoshStrobl@raja There won't be one...at least not for a long while.14:32
dobey-udsdholbach: why does everyone want to get into the hangout with mark?14:32
mhall119raja: unfortunately that wasn't funded, so it isn't being built14:32
sergiusensraja, don't hold your breath14:32
VipindevOk. Got it.14:32
rajathen how will i get one14:32
mhall119raja: you'll have to wait for a traditional OEM to build one14:32
ogra_raja, get a nexus 4 or 5 ...14:32
faganraja: well there will be other hardware partners making phones14:32
ogra_raja, or wait14:32
rajai want official phone hardware for me and my family14:32
JoshStrobl@cragdor I imagine Ubuntu TV will be worked on after 15.x. First Unity 8 on phones (already exists), then tablets, then desktops, then TVs.14:32
JoshStroblSeems like a logical step.14:33
dholbachdobey-uds, good one :)14:33
JoshStrobl@raja Well then you're S.O.L. for now.14:33
JoshStroblsh** outta luck14:33
mhall119raja: he means you'll have to wait14:33
dobey-udsraja: the best supported device right now is the nexus 414:33
cragdor@JoshStrobl : Just seems a shame since there has been considerable work on it for it to be shelved and left in the dark14:33
dobey-udsraja: so buy them and flash them with ubuntu if you want something now14:34
rajai can wait for even 1 year for ubuntu hardware14:34
JoshStrobl@cragdor Agreed. But Canonical needs focus. I don't think the t.v. would've been a good first step, particularly for Unity 8. Scaling down from up, rather than the other way around, doesn't work well.14:34
dholbachany more questions for Mark?14:34
SuperMattyes! Is Mark taking part in Movember/No shave November right now?14:35
rajais ubuntu touch 64 bit?14:35
Personater2i hope they will add support for Galaxy S Series... i really want ubuntu touch :/14:35
cjwatsonraja: Not as yet14:36
mhall119raja: not yet14:36
cragdor@JoshStrobl : Well the good thing is theres always XMBC with ubuntu. Is there plan to improve MultiSeat scenarios with Ubuntu and Unity14:36
JoshStroblTo Mark: Can we get some sort of commitment from Canonical that they'll push more code upstream, particularly to communities like Debian.14:36
JoshStrobl@cragdor I have no idea.14:36
jonoany questions, folks?14:36
mhall119JoshStrobl: name-drop dholbach in your questions, he's collecting them for mark14:36
cjwatsonThe work to make it 64-bit is probably fairly minimal (most packages are built, it'd just be a matter of removing a few hardcoded assumptions), though14:36
jonoenter them with QUESTION14:36
JoshStroblQUESTION: Can we get some sort of commitment from Canonical that they'll push more code upstream, particularly to communities like Debian.14:37
dholbachSuperMatt, JoshStrobl: noted14:37
rbasakJoshStrobl: we already do. Are you aware of http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_usertag.cgi for example? Can you quantify exactly what improvement you want?14:37
SuperMattthanks :D14:37
JoshStrobl@dholbach Thanks =)14:37
cragdorSorry @JoshStrobl i thought you were answer questions from the Canonical  side14:37
ogra_cjwatson, and a matter of getting HW to actually run 64bit touch on ;)14:37
cjwatsonJoshStrobl: It's interesting you specifically mention Debian there, since in fact we push a very large amount of work to Debian ...14:37
rajais ubuntu touch available for nexus 514:37
JoshStrobl@cragdor Nope, not answering questions on anyones part besides my own. Don't take my word as official.14:37
cjwatsonogra_: Right :-)14:37
NikThQUESTION: The goals for Ubuntu 14.04 desktop edition. It will start with Unity 7 and Xorg, but will eventually switch to Mir and Unity 8 in a future point release ?14:38
ogra_raja, it will likely be soon ... we need to port the codebase to android 4.4 first14:38
dholbachNikTh, noted14:38
cjwatson(In fact, I'd say that the amount of work we push elsewhere is often underestimated because a lot of it goes via Debian as our immediate upstream)14:38
JoshStrobl@NikTh: Yes, it will eventually switch to Unity 8 and Mir. I believe they are aiming for a 15.X release.14:38
xnoxNikTh: subsequent releases will, but 14.04.x point release will most lickely stay similar to 14.04.0 release.14:39
ogra_LXC is also a core part of the phone OS ;)14:39
JoshStroblQUESTION: There hasn't been much improvement to Ubuntu One, in fact plugins for software like Nautilus have practically been dropped. Given how crucial cloud storage and cloud integration is to mobile, as well as improving convergence (cloud storage enables access to files on a multitude of devices), do you see some focus being spent on Ubuntu One in the near future?14:40
JoshStrobl^^ Sorry my question was a bit long @dholbach14:40
dholbachJoshStrobl, noted14:40
rajawhich manufacture will release the Ubuntu touch hardware first?14:41
cragdorQUESTION: Is there plans for implementing a HomeServer version of the OS, to support the growing adoption of smaller light weight appliances.14:41
JoshStrobl@raja: Most likely no announcements at this moment in time.14:41
NikThxnox: I'm not sure. The new HWE stack is very promising. Maybe they have plans for a complete switch to Mir in a future point release.. (e.g. 14.04.2 or .3 ..etc)14:41
dholbachcragdor, noted14:41
xnoxNikTh: there is a session about HEW stacks for 14.04, join there to discuss what will / will not go into HWE stacks.14:41
NikThxnox: I know. I'm not sure if I can make it.. :-(14:43
dholbachkeep your questions coming14:43
dholbachjust ping me14:44
xnoxNikTh: it will be recorded and you can watch it & discuss it on mailing lists after the fact.14:44
dholbachor use QUESTION: so I can spot it better :)14:44
MaoKueguys, I want to install ubuntu touch on my samsung note 10.114:44
MaoKueanyone can help ?14:44
JoshStrobl@MaoKue: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:44
faganI really want to try out unity8 on the desktop too :)14:44
ogra_MaoKue, the people in #ubuntu-touch can point you to the right docs14:44
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MaoKue@ogra thanks :)14:45
chilicuilMaoKue: or #ubuntu-touch14:45
VipindevAnother doubt : Is there any way to get Ubuntu phone in Symbian OS that has stopped by the Nokia14:45
NikThxnox:  I didn't know about mailing lists and this "after the fact convesation".. thanks you pointed out.14:45
ogra_oh my14:46
rajadoes Ubuntu touch support android applications?14:46
cjwatsonFYI there's likely to be a version of grub in trusty soonish that works on armhf, at least if the u-boot api is enabled; perhaps that will help with the dual-boot story14:46
mhall119somebody quote that and post it everywhere14:46
tvoss_ lol14:46
VipindevSymbian Phone support in Ubuntu?14:46
tvoss_mhall119, +1 :)14:46
med_Teen Wolf FTW.14:47
jonoso I moisturize, deal with it.14:47
cjwatsonbah, my connection dropped just as apparently Mark said something entertaining14:47
faganVipindev: there has been ports of some apps from symbian im pretty sure14:47
med_cjwatson, yes you did!14:47
rajaquestion: does Ubuntu touch support android applications?14:47
med_catch the youtube at 47 minutes in14:47
mhall119raja: no14:47
dholbachraja, noted14:47
ogra_cjwatson, he promised android/ubuntu dual boot14:48
cjwatsonmed_: ta, will go back later :)14:48
med_maybe 45min.s14:48
JoshStroblQUESTION: Is Mark going for a Richard Stallman look?14:48
jcastrosabdfl: http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_usertag.cgi14:49
jcastrothey're tracked, but they don't tell the whole story14:49
dholbachmaybe we can get some more serious questions? :)14:49
dobey-udswho is continually joining and dropping out of the hangout?14:49
JackYudholbach, a short question, is there no physical uds anymore?14:49
cjwatsonin particular they don't tell the story of Ubuntu developers who (co-)maintain packages in Debian and commit to Debian-hosted version control directly or upload packages directly there14:50
dobey-udsVipindev: is that you?14:50
cjwatsonwhich accounts for a lot14:50
xnoxjcastro: that's only a fraction of patches. A lot of them are not tagged to appear there.14:50
dholbachJackYu, not right now14:50
cprofittQUESTION: does Ubuntu track upstream submissions that are not accepted by the upstream?14:50
JoshStrobl@dholbach I wasn't actually thinking you'd include that question.14:50
VipindevWhy don't Ubuntu get support for those old symbian phones, recently Nokia Pure 808 , so recycling won't happent fast?14:50
cjwatsoncprofitt: I'm not aware that we do14:50
phiphiQUESTION: Will the touch (Ubuntu SDK) apps become available on the desktop in 14.04?14:50
xnoxVipindev: that would be near to imposible.14:50
jcastroxnox, yes, it's not accurate, I was just pointing out that we did try to measure that at some point.14:51
ogra_Vipindev, because these phones dont even remotely match the minimal HW spec14:51
dholbachphiphi, there's going to be a session about it this UDS14:51
ogra_Vipindev, it is also a lot of work to port to a new phone14:51
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jcastrobut I gave a talk at the debconf in NYC on why that wasn't working out, and the best thing for us to do is to just make working with Debian part of our ingrained culture.14:51
cjwatsonjcastro: it's not a terrible measurement, I've found it useful in various contexts - we just need to advertise (as you did) that it's not complete14:51
nik90phiphi: this was addressed by mark at the begining14:51
fagandholbach: social features are pretty important to the phone experience is there anything specific going on there that we can look forward to?14:51
nik90phiphi: but short answer 'yes'14:51
cjwatsonI'd say short answer "to some extent"14:51
dholbachfagan, noted14:52
cjwatsonthere are difficulties around confinement14:52
jcastrocjwatson, it's a good response to "you don't do anything at all", but it's hard to explain a complex relationship in a tweet-like snippet14:52
cjwatsonjcastro: Yeah14:52
jonoChirs, hey! :-)14:52
SuperMatthmmm... homeserver does sound like a good idea14:52
MainARTAQUESTION: Is it going to be possibility to use Android app in Ubuntu One?14:54
JoshStroblin ubuntu One?14:54
zygaMainARTA: in ubuntu?14:54
dholbachMainARTA, that question was already asked - I'll give it to Mark in a sec14:54
zygaMainARTA: ubuntu one is already on android today14:54
JoshStroblDo you mean on Ubuntu Touch?14:54
nik90or ubuntu touch14:54
pritzQUESTION: 1) Any new Core Apps planned for this cycle other than what was developed for 13.10 cycle?  Such as native Facebook, Twitter apps? 2)Any updates about Ubuntu mobile OEM?14:54
MainARTAsorry, ubuntu touch14:54
rajaquestion: does Ubuntu touch support penetration testing?14:54
sajjadlegally, will you abide by sanctions against Iran?14:55
dholbachpritz, noted14:55
JoshStrobl@sajjad They are required to abide by sanctions, regulations, laws. So yes, most likely.14:56
mhall119pritz: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22069/appdev-1311-reminders-app-planning/14:56
KaleoFthere is a session about that: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22038/responsive-design/14:56
cprofittthanks sabdfl14:56
karnithank you14:56
Azendalesajjad: How would that apply to ubuntu? What would abiding by sanctions against Iran look like?14:57
sabdflmy pleasure cprofitt!14:57
JoshStroblthanks Mark and Jono!14:57
ogra_thanks sabdfl and jono !14:57
shengyaosabdfl: thanks14:57
sabdflyou're all welcome.  have a great uds!14:57
chilicuilmy lag must be incredible long, I still can hear Mark answering questions xD14:57
nik90thnx for sabdfl and jono for the plenary..lokking forward to the app dev session14:57
JoshStrobl@chilicuil Yep, it's already done bud :D14:57
dobey-udsAzendale: the laws are obviously different in different countries14:58
dobey-udsAzendale: if you want to know exactly, you'd need to ask lawyers14:58
chilicuilok, now it's done, thanks for the plenary!14:59
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justyntworking great15:16
alannm37ubuntu is too complicated (commands) and very incompatible (games), people don't want that and want ease of access. Main reasons why I wouldn't use ubuntu. Also dedicated graphics15:17
justyntlets talk about the elephant in the room, mir ;)15:18
justyntwe need an environment, as well as a platform15:22
* keshav slaps keshav around a bit with a large trout15:46
* keshav slaps mickeypash around a bit with a large trout15:46
* keshav slaps zhangchao_UK around a bit with a large trout15:46
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* eeref slaps ZacharyIgielman around a bit with a large trout18:36
jonoOveRisberg, you there?18:50
pureCenoryep you are on19:06
pureCenoryep you are on19:06
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