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zulcan someone take notes as well14:57
jamespagezul, can do - call me note and irc monitor14:58
jamespagegaughen, all set to start the hangout?14:58
ttxplease relay any question you have for me here, as I'm multiplexing multiple meetings14:59
gaughenjamespage, I am, I am!14:59
gaughenttx I'll try.. or jamespage will try. one of us will.14:59
ttxgaughen: welcome to the madhouse.14:59
med_ttx is the voice of experience.15:00
med_And when he left the madhouse, he joined the caffeine fueled loony-bin of OpenStack15:00
med_"OpenStack next steps"  #1, fix UDS experience15:01
jamespagettx, will do15:01
med_video is now standing by15:01
gaughenokay the url is posted15:01
med_(better than the static ubuntu page)15:01
jamespagegaughen, whats the hangout URL?15:02
jrwrenin the topic I thought.15:03
med_you will need to reload to get the live15:06
med_gaughen, is speaking15:06
med_chuck zul i son15:07
med_smoser rocks the Movember beard!!!15:07
jamespagettx: heat is a core project now right?15:07
med_pretty sure it is15:07
ttxit's an "integrated" project, which means it's released as part of openstack15:08
jamespagettx, ack15:08
ttx"core" means so many different things I won't try to answer your question literally15:08
med_^ that is the "official"-ish list afaik15:08
ttxit's definitely official and out of incubation :)15:08
ttx(and was part of Havana release)15:08
gaughenhey adam_g!15:09
med_and hey, iwasn't even at HK!15:09
adam_gdo we want to refactor our nova-compute-* packages to avoid it being libvirt-centric?15:12
jamespageadam_g, got it15:15
adam_gthe tests that run in gate or tempest are generic and should pass for any hypervisor or compute flavor15:16
adam_gjamespage, ^15:16
adam_ginterested downstreams could run those against their references and ensure the same functionality15:17
adam_gAIUI, at least15:17
jamespageadam_g, yep15:17
med_do you want to ping ttx about that release schedule discussion?15:18
med_+1 on upstream contributions15:19
med_manuals are painful15:20
med_and easy commits15:20
med_although sometimes they reject cleanup without a full re-write.15:20
med_(They'd rather leave it wrong than update it partially.)15:20
med_both havana and icehouse15:20
AzendaleTo be honest, as someone who's tried to deploy openstack using Juju, it's hard to know what to follow. The manuals I have seen are for manually configuring openstack, and so I didn't follow them because I was using juju15:22
cariboujamespage: I've deployed the last few released using the official document, maybe I can help somehow15:22
adam_gare we planning on only offering a trunk testing PPA for Trusy and not Precise? (maybe better discussed in cloud archive session)15:22
adam_gjamespage, +1 +1 +1! or at least get it managed via stackforge15:23
caribouthere could be an alternative section in the ubuntu specific doc about deploying with juju15:24
jrwrenNext Steps15:25
jamespagesorry - I dropped again15:28
jamespageadam_g, was that +1 for Juju/OpenStack docs into stackforge?15:28
jamespageor something else?15:29
adam_gjamespage, to some sort of upstreaming of the juju deployment guide15:29
jamespageadam_g, good15:29
adam_gsmoser, i had assumed there was an FOSS backend driver available in the same way there are for cinder, neutron, etc15:30
med_thanks all15:30
zuladam_g:  i see us doing the trunk testing ppa again, precise is a bit more difficult i think with the dependencies15:31
jamespageno precise15:31
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gaughenhere's the hangout for the new session - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpijfhke7v3k0iqtp31262no?authuser=0&hl=en16:03
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hallyn_rbasak: i think i'm actually more interested in testdrive supporting lxc, short-term :)16:09
hallyn_smoser: I depend on eatmydata for btrfs containers16:11
=== jamespag` is now known as jamespage
rharperrbasak: uvtool --meta-data patches =P16:21
rbasakrharper: ah. Yes.16:21
smoseruvtool could use cloud-init-manual16:21
rharpersmoser: send rbasak some patches to specify a metadata file as well as userdata16:22
smoserci-tool: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/ci-tool/view/head:/ci-tool16:22
smoseri'm not sure how i'd like to have that operate on disk images "directly"16:23
smoserand wheteher or not it should asupport seeding (ie, deprecating /replacing/using the cloud-localds , but ... some overlap).16:23
rharperis there a reason to clean images with uvtool?  it already does a cow laer over the base, it could easily use --snapshot to make it completely throwaway16:24
smoserrharper, clean isn't relevant there, no.l16:25
smoser but if ci-tool is fronting cloud-localds, it might be useful.16:26
gaughentime to get ready for the next session16:57
gaugheng+ hangout for the openstack qa session - https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpjgo94vuqe47cki5nge9nfs?authuser=0&hl=en17:00
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gaughenwhoops, I'm a little early... next session in an hour.17:07
gaughenopenstack qa. I'll leave the hangout up though so the url I pasted earlier is still the right one.17:07
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gaughenokay the openstack QA session is in 1 minute18:04
gaughensame hangout from earlier18:04
rharperwhere's the pad link ?18:12
rharperjamespage: thanks, where would I normally find that?18:13
contexti always get access not granted for pads today :-/18:14
contextmaybe im not suppose to be in there though18:14
smosercontext, you have to join ubuntu-etherpad18:15
med_Is the upgrade story precise/havana to trusty/icehouse?18:26
* med_ missed some of the hangout18:26
med_^ jamespage ^gaughern18:26
med_^ jamespage ^gaughen18:26
med_so both upgrade paths tested/QAd18:28
med_stepwise upgrades gaughen18:28
marruslis testing against precise/trusty-backport-kernel possible?18:29
med_do-release-upgrade from P/O to T/O isn't going to work18:30
med_and there would be a lot of work to make that happen18:30
med_is that a tttx/s0ren question18:30
med_(erm, the do-release-upgrade, I'm lagging due to video lag)18:31
med_a meta package that uniinstalls Essex18:31
gaughenmed_, thanks, gotta get my terms down.18:32
med_the path E-F-G-H->I is going to make a huge fanout in the available services.18:33
med_Can you run I with just the services that were in E?18:33
med_"work item" E-F-G-H->I path testing18:34
zulno one in their right mind should be running essex18:43
gaugheng+ hangout for the next session (Curtin) https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpj87ikgibh7u0jr5hjmpcb4?authuser=0&hl=en18:59
gaughenstarts in 6 minutes18:59
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smosergoing live...19:06
bjfsearching with google and wiki.ubuntu.com turns up no documentation links for curtin19:16
smosermake doc19:19
stokachu_vudsonly issue i ran into was user preseeds via curtin19:24
Azendaleit's off by default in saucy, but you can mark a node to use it19:25
bjfnew kernels every 3 weeks19:26
rbasakrharper: each sync creates a blocking barrier for a very linear dpkg19:31
stokachu_vudsdi supports user preseeds {arch}_{subarch}_{nodeblabla}19:34
stokachu_vudsis basically configuring different installs per node19:35
stokachu_vudsyea im still on the fence about this19:36
stokachu_vudsbetter documentation of the states (early_commands, network_commands, etc)19:38
stokachu_vudsmay be best to wait until the code is in a stable release19:39
smoserstokachu_vuds, fwiw, 13.10 is a "stable" release19:45
stokachu_vudsah, was just basing it on version19:45
smoseris that what i named it?19:46
smoserusually i start with 0.3 :)19:46
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