ali1234i did all my computer graphics labs on my housemate's sgi indy00:00
ali1234in 1999 or whatever00:00
penguin4299 would be too early for an Indy00:02
penguin42oh, sorry00:02
penguin42I was a decade out :-)00:02
penguin42we got the Indy when it was new in 9300:02
ali1234yeah, it was really out of date by then00:02
* penguin42 has one behind him00:03
ali1234but still roughly equal to what PCs could do, with opengl00:03
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MooDoomorning all06:55
Myrttioh man, dsample and I shouldn't have spent so much time considering should we participate in the doorbell crowdfunding or not07:15
Myrttithe end result was I woke up the first time at five thinking I had heard a doorbell07:15
Myrttiincidentally the fundraising is up for another hour if someone is interested http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mybells-the-smart-bells/x/542408407:16
MooDoodon't think it's going to meet it's goal if there is an hour left.07:17
Myrttiflexible funding07:17
Myrttithey promise to send you one even if they fail07:17
MooDooah sorry missed that bit :)07:17
Myrttimight end up not getting it but it seems like a sweet deal and certainly competetive pricing if it does07:18
Myrtti(that is, if it's not a hoax)07:19
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diploMorning all08:45
MooDoomorning diplio08:46
MooDoomorning diplo even08:46
dwatkinsallo allo08:49
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directhexwife's hudl is dead.09:14
DJonesThat doesn't sound like a good recommendation given how new they are09:15
MyrttiI'm sorry for being inflammatory, but sparked by discussion on another channel, I MADE DIS http://imgur.com/g/memes/KGQqPAh09:16
SuperMattmorning all09:19
DJonesMyrtti: Its not cold, cool yes, but not cold, although the frozen water on my car may have disagreed with that09:20
MyrttiI'm way too pedantic for my own health09:20
Myrttievery time someone complains it's freezing cold and there's still liquid water on the ground, I just go "But but but"09:20
Myrtti"three stages of matter!"09:20
Myrtti"you are wrong"09:21
directhexlooks like wife did the same with the hudl receipt as with all other tesco receipts, i.e. bin09:34
Myrttidid you use vouchers / clubcard?09:37
Myrttithey might be able to verify your purchase with that information09:37
mungbeanis it broken?09:37
mungbeanscrolls up...yes09:38
Myrttiand even if they won't, it shouldn't be a problem as it's clearly bought from Tesco and didn't work as expected, so it's faulty.09:38
mungbeani've used credit card bills sucessfully as proof of purchase before09:38
mungbeanso.. this discourse.ubuntu.com : where does it fit itn with ubuntu forums, ideastorm and askubuntu?09:39
mungbeanand how will the lines be segregated09:39
popeyideastorm doesn't exist09:39
popeyaskubuntu = support09:39
popeydiscourse = discussion09:39
directhexMyrtti, they can. 2 days to generate new proof of purchase from clubcard records, though09:40
mungbeanforums are unrelated?09:40
SuperMattforums = ?09:40
mungbeanor is it a forum for people who don't like forums?09:40
SuperMattI do think discourse is a much better tech09:40
popeyforums still exist09:40
popeyfor people who like forums09:40
Myrttiwasn't vbulletin just cracked themselves09:40
Myrttior do I remember rumours wrong09:40
popeythe ubuntuforums were broken into recently, yeah09:41
popeyunrelated to discourse tho09:41
popeymorning btw09:41
SuperMattmorning popey09:41
mungbeani've seen support-ish stuff on discourse already09:42
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:42
MooDoomorning brobostigon09:42
Myrttipopey: no I mean http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/11/18/vbulletin_hacked/09:42
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:42
Myrttidunno how valid that is, the forums seem a bit mum about it http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-announcements/vbulletin-announcements_aa/4007719-regarding-claims-of-new-0-day-exploits-in-vbulletin09:43
popeyoh, dunno about that09:44
popeythere's also the G+ community and other places too09:44
popeythe G+ community has 120K people or so09:44
mungbeanoopening discourse just crashed X09:44
mungbeanfirst time openiing a webpage ever did that09:44
jpdsmungbean: You better disclose that 0-second vulnerability.09:45
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Have a Bad Day Day! :-/09:47
MooDooJamesTait: isn't it toilet day to day as well?09:48
LaneyI thought it was International Men's Day or something also09:48
JamesTaitMooDoo, oh, I don't know, is it?09:48
SuperMattBad Day Day and Men's Day are more or less the same, aren't they?09:49
MooDooJamesTait: http://www.wateraid.org/uk/get%20involved/world%20toilet%20day09:49
MooDooworld toilet day09:49
JamesTaitLaney, *every* day is Mens Day. ;)09:49
mungbeanthere's a thing that says don't just update your test env to prod.09:49
mungbeanbecause your discourse site will be full of links like test.ubuntu-discourse.org09:50
DJonesMooDoo: World toilet day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPYO2nw4inM09:50
mungbeantest is test and prod comes from a different root09:50
DJonesAh, its linked on the website you posted09:50
JamesTaitDJones, thank you for that. :)09:52
JamesTaitAnd MooDoo too.09:53
DJonesYou're welcome09:53
mungbean"my facebook avatar couldn't be displayed, but it got fixed when i upgraded my kernel" :-|09:54
popeyanyone know a good online clock to have running in a browser?09:56
popeyhttp://onlineclock.net/ is okayish09:56
popeybut meh09:56
MartijnVdSpopey: what do you want from it?09:56
brobostigonmaybe a chromium binary clock plugin,? :)09:56
popeydisplay time09:57
popeyno frippery, just clearly display the time09:57
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/browser-clock/lgmfkoamldgcapaoidgjaadfcpnnmpld?hl=en ?09:57
popeyand must be html/js, no flash, no extensions09:57
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:57
bigcalmWhat do people around here use for socket monitoring?09:57
MartijnVdSpopey: that could be an *offline* HTML file with a tiny bit of JS and CSS09:57
MartijnVdSbigcalm: netstat?09:58
popeydoesnt have to be, but i'd like to just go to a url09:58
mungbeanmake your own clock.popey.com with a little script09:58
popeynot a bad idea09:58
MartijnVdSworldclock.popey.com, with a dropdown timezone list (ask AlanBell about time zones in JS)09:59
brobostigonMartijnVdS: wow, nice.09:59
popeynah, i only want my own time for now09:59
MartijnVdSpopey: and galactic standard time09:59
MartijnVdSVERY important to have that09:59
bigcalmMartijnVdS: need a little bit more than just a display of what the current state is. I need to act upon a socket no longer connected or having gone away entirely09:59
mungbeani think that w3schools page is the winner then09:59
brobostigonand stardates, :)10:00
MartijnVdSbigcalm: isn't that the connecting app's responsibility?10:00
bigcalmMartijnVdS: not in this case. I have a service that ends up with stale connections but doesn't know it10:00
bigcalmMartijnVdS: the service needs re-writing, but for now I just want to monitor the current one10:01
MartijnVdSbigcalm: should be possible to monitor that with netstat, it can tell you if a connection is "half-closed" from the other side10:01
popeyneeds styling of course10:01
MartijnVdSpopey: that's quick! ;)10:01
bigcalmproliant ~ $ netstat -l | grep 1196010:02
bigcalmtcp        0      0 localhost:11960         *:*                     LISTEN10:02
bigcalmMartijnVdS: how do I read that?10:03
SuperMattpopey: gawds, I need to make myself something like that, but specifically that reminds me what the current time is, what the time is in bst, gmt and utc10:03
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it means there's a socket in state "LISTEN" on port 11960 on (TCP)10:03
SuperMattbecause I can never remember10:03
bigcalmMartijnVdS: but nothing has connected to it?10:03
MartijnVdSbigcalm: might have, might not have10:04
MartijnVdSbigcalm: connected sockets are further down10:04
MartijnVdSbigcalm: try: netstat -natup (n = no DNS lookups, a = listening and non-listening sockets, t = tcp, u = udp, p = show program name + PID of process handling stuff)10:05
MartijnVdSbigcalm: | less10:05
bigcalmI just connected a client on my dev system and grepped for 11960 again. It only showed the line I pasted above :S10:06
MartijnVdSbigcalm: you need the -a then10:06
bigcalmYes :)10:06
bigcalm-la shows listening and established, ta :)10:07
MartijnVdSbigcalm: "ss" (socket stat) will also be useful10:07
MartijnVdSbigcalm: it's the New and Shiny replacement for netstat, apparently, like "ip" has features that encompass "ifconfig", "route" and a few other tools10:07
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://www.cyberciti.biz/files/ss.html10:08
popeytrying to get my desk setup ready for hangouts today for vUDS10:09
popeyso i have a clock on screen10:09
mungbeananyone got a minix neo x5 mini ARM device?10:09
bigcalmMartijnVdS: ta10:09
mungbeanpopey: why not xclock?10:09
MartijnVdSmungbean: mir :P10:10
popeydecided to go with ipad because it's a bigger screen so more visible10:10
MartijnVdSpopey: isn't there a £5 clock app? :P10:12
popeythere is10:12
popeyI am using the free one10:12
bigcalmMaybe add GMT after the clock?10:16
bigcalmpopey: use your joggler :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKgglMgroVI10:17
MartijnVdSbigcalm: Galactic Mean Time?10:17
* popey has no jogglers10:17
bigcalmMartijnVdS: that's about right :D10:17
bigcalmI'm quite pleased with that video and the app I wrote10:18
popeystarted that video then alt-tabbed away10:18
popeywas "alarmed" when it shouted "WAKE UP!" at me10:18
popeythought I'd left a hangout running10:19
MartijnVdSChrome tabs now have sound indicators on them10:19
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bigcalmShame the CSS is a little off in Chromium and FireFox on my workstation for the alarm clock10:20
popeythat'll do10:20
bigcalmpopey: I'd be interested to know how well it works on iPad10:20
bigcalmYou've tided!10:21
MartijnVdSpopey: something floating over your head10:22
popeythe cone of clean10:27
SuperMattdoh, I've started typing "sudu juju" instead of "sudo juju"10:38
SuperMattstupid fingers10:38
SuperMattalways pretending they know best10:38
MooDoomy mailbox is full, what do I do?   sign10:38
SuperMattdelete emails?10:39
SuperMattrun your own mail server10:39
MartijnVdSuse gmail?10:39
SuperMattor is this a work thing?10:39
MooDooSuperMatt: MartijnVdS customer queries :S10:39
MartijnVdSMooDoo: Thunderbird has this "Archive" feature, which can archive mail locally instead of on the server10:40
SuperMattexport them somewhere that is backed up10:40
MartijnVdSmake sure you make backups though ;)10:40
MartijnVdS^5 SuperMatt10:40
MooDooSuperMatt: MartijnVdS just keep getting these questions from customers10:40
MartijnVdSMooDoo: isn't your mailbox several GB in size then?10:41
MartijnVdSMooDoo: how big are these customer questions?10:41
funkyHatSuperMatt: alias sudu=sudo ⢁)10:41
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: alias f-ing=sudo10:41
funkyHatMartijnVdS: haha10:42
MooDooMartijnVdS: I just need to write a script, if customer raises silly question then support reach down phone and slap = 1;10:42
MartijnVdSMooDoo: so THAT is what slapd is for!10:42
funkyHatThere is no such thing as a silly question ⢁P10:42
funkyHatMartijnVdS: no, slapd can only store a record of who needs to be slapped ⢁(10:43
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: it's not the daemon that does the slapping?10:43
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: your eyes seem out of whack10:43
MartijnVdSout of alignment, even10:43
MooDooMartijnVdS: google whack?10:43
MartijnVdSMooDoo: wiggity wiggity whack10:44
MartijnVdS(jump! jump!)10:44
MooDoogiggerty giggerty10:45
NET||abusehi guys, hav ea friend whos got an old box, Pentium4 2.6Ghz, 1GB Ram and Geforce FX5200, can he run 13.10 on that?11:41
NET||abusewould unity work?11:41
NET||abuseit's mostly for him to learn a bi of linux, he's a graphic designer whos spend the last 4 years doing some PHP on a light level.11:42
NET||abuseso he's all Windows at the moment,11:42
penguin42hmm, will that hardware do PAE?11:43
NET||abuseonly knows linux through a little hosting packages, but mostly just used filezilla sftp11:43
penguin42NET||abuse: I think it'll work, Unity hmm might11:43
NET||abusebut he wants to have a local server to host development copies of his work.11:43
NET||abusewell, well see11:44
DJonesNET||abuse: I think the answer to that may be no, I've got a similar machine with 2Gb ram, but same graphics card which is running 12.04, when I've looked at upgrading it warns me about graphics not being supported, possibly thats because I'm using NVida, but certainly 12.04 works with Unity11:44
MartijnVdSDJones: it's probably not supported by nvidia's non-free driver, but the nouveau driver is fine these days11:44
SuperMattlast night, as I was walking home, I saw an old VHS casette in the road with metres, upon metres of tape blowing in the wind11:44
SuperMattit occured to me in that moment that it was a sight I haven't seen for a decade and a half11:44
MartijnVdSthat used to be quite common11:44
MooDooSuperMatt: someone asked me the other week if I could get data off a floppy disk....:S11:45
DJonesMartijnVdS: At some point when I'm bored I may try a live cd with 13.10 to see how well it copes11:45
DJonesMooDoo: Thats wierd, I dug a laptop case out of the loft for a relative, while I was cleaning it, I found a handful of floppy disks in it with handwritten dates on them going back 10-15 years11:47
SuperMattMooDoo: up until last year I was using floppies quite regularly for bios updates11:47
MooDooDJones: awesome. i was going to see if I could find an old disk drive until I realised they were amiga floppies :D11:48
TwistedLucidityMooDoo: up until recently I had a USB floppy drive. Didn't work with GNU/Linux. :-(11:48
MooDoowow amigaos is still going11:48
ali1234i can do amiga disks11:50
ali1234there's probably less than 50% chance they still work though11:50
Azelphurali1234: I own original Amiga Disks11:50
MooDoowow just looking at amigakit.co.uk, still seems to be going strong11:51
ali1234i've got about 6 original copies of workbench11:51
Azelphurprobably long since demagnetised though11:51
neuroali1234: you can "do" amiga disks? do you have a 3.5" drive slot somewhere on your person? :)11:51
ali1234amigakit is super expensive11:52
DJonesSomewhere at my parents, I've got some 5 1/4" floppy disks with backups of some Chemical plant processing software I wrote about 25 years ago to run on ICL DRS-50's11:55
NET||abuseDJones: thanks for that, were gonna try 13.10 and see if it works, even with nouvou11:56
DJonesNET||abuse: Let me know how you get on, something I'm interested in11:56
NET||abusecool, will do11:56
bashrcI don't remember the last time I used a floppy disk, but it must have been at least 5 years ago11:59
bashrcprobably more11:59
penguin42hmm yes, even for me I think it's been a long time12:00
MartijnVdSbashrc: was it really floppy? or was it actually rigid? ;)12:00
penguin42MartijnVdS: By real I assume you mean 8"12:00
MartijnVdSpenguin42: I have one of those, a few boxes of 5.25" and some more boxes of 3.5" at home12:00
MartijnVdSnothing to read any of it with though12:00
bashrcThe 5.25" disks were quite floppy12:01
penguin42MartijnVdS: I gave the machine with 8" to a museum a few years ago12:01
bashrc8" was before my time12:01
* gordonjcp uses 3.5" floppies quite a lot, in musical equipment12:01
penguin42bashrc: Mine mostly as well, but I got hold of a 1982 Unix machine that had an 8" floppy12:01
gordonjcpI had a PDP11 that I donated to a museum with 8" floppies, 5.25" hard disks and 14" removable disk packs12:01
bashrcthere is famously an 8" floppy drive in the movie "war games"12:02
penguin42gordonjcp: Heck that can't have been small12:02
gordonjcppenguin42: not massive12:02
gordonjcppenguin42: small fridge-freezer size12:03
bashrchow much capacity did the 8" disks have.  The 5.25" ones were something like 360K12:03
gordonjcp19" rack about 30U high12:03
gordonjcpdepends on the format12:03
gordonjcpthe RX02s I had were 500K12:03
penguin42bashrc: I think they were of the same type of size - few hundred K12:03
MartijnVdSbashrc: 5.25" went up to 1.2MB (double side, high-density)12:04
gordonjcpthe RL02 disk packs were 10MB each12:04
bashrcyes, although I remember the original single sided ones which I used on a BBC micro were about 360K12:04
gordonjcpyou basically could treat them like giant Zip disks12:04
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penguin42bashrc: I think Beeb single density 40track was 100K, so 200k for 80 track, and I think 400k for double12:06
bashrcI was probably thinking of the 400K12:06
bashrcbarely anything by today's standards, but large by the standards of the time12:08
DJonesbashrc: The DRS50 is was using was just a dumb terminal to an ICL Mainframe/Mini, I remember that having having 8" floppy drives and hard disks like these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DysanRemovableDiskPack.agr.jpg12:25
penguin42DJones: Not this one then; https://plus.google.com/photos/+DavidAlanGilbert/albums/5492401778142755041/5492407402178145906?pid=5492407402178145906&oid=11825146882244026166312:26
DJonespenguin42: That might have been a bit before my time12:27
DJonesFitted in something similar to this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/96/Fotothek_df_n-10_0000117.jpg ... Have to love the 1970's fashion from the workers12:28
penguin42DJones: Because you just had to wood panel your machine room12:34
penguin42sigh, scottish power's site is broken12:35
DJonespenguin42: Thinking back, the room was wood panelled to waist height & the glass to the ceiling with stupid amounts of air conditioning12:35
penguin42DJones: Well you had to put the wood where it would be able to catch if the computers smoked, mind you I hate to think what the aircon did to the wood - must have dried it out a lot12:36
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TheOpenSourcererThorium powered car :-D http://www.industrytap.com/thorium-fueled-automobile-engine-needs-refueling-once-a-century/15649 << Want13:12
DJonesNo doubt LPS will be bought out by one of the oil producers & the project "shelved"13:14
ali1234a car powered by a nuclear reactor... what can possibly go wrong13:15
MartijnVdSnext on Top Gear13:17
mungbeani seem to have bought a multipack of french fries crisps13:17
MartijnVdSmungbean: fries or crisps?13:17
mungbeanwalkers crisps called french fries13:17
MartijnVdSVery confusing13:20
penguin42ali1234: I assume they'll argue that since it's only 1g or so in each car then what could possibly go wrong....13:21
ali1234if they could make a viable reactor fit in and power a car, it would make much more sense to use it to power your house13:22
mungbeani can't believe there's a variant of ubuntu called...well have a look http://ubuntu.g8.net/13:22
penguin42mungbean: Capitalisation is important13:24
mungbeanso it seems13:24
penguin42ali1234: I'm sure they'll just fit it under the drivers seat13:24
mungbeanso is hardware acceleration, which most of these rk* stuff doesn't have13:24
penguin42mungbean: You mean graphics? Most of them have tone of the standard ARM gpus13:25
mungbeanspecifically for the minix neo x513:25
AlanBellmungbean: the build for the Pi will *not* be called that13:26
penguin42mungbean: If it's that rk then it's got a Mali 400 and a video unit on13:26
penguin42mungbean: Whether they have it working in the non-android image is probably the bigger issue13:27
mungbeanyep, more interested in true linux on it13:27
Guest29883does anyone know of a fix for the issue with compiz?13:28
ali1234which issue with compiz? there are hundreds13:28
lubotu3Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:28
Guest29883when clicking the search bar, search bar comes up for about 3 seconds then screen resets. version 13.10.13:29
Guest29883and then states there is an error and then goes back to original screen but unable to do much else so have to log into terminal and restart lightdm everytime13:30
AlanBellby search bar do you mean the dash?13:31
Guest29883yes thats the one13:31
AlanBellso you click the logo top left, at the top of the launcher and the dash pops up then resets13:31
Guest29883yes thats right13:31
mungbeanresets to the login screen?13:32
ali1234i bet something in "recently used" is corrupted or something13:32
ali1234try making a new user profile and see if it still happens13:32
AlanBelljust log in as guest to test it13:32
Guest29883i've installed compizconfig-settings-manager and disabled the annimation but this doesn't do much. This is a fresh install (two fresh installs) both are the same13:32
ali1234what video card do you have?13:33
AlanBellcould be related to the graphics card,13:33
AlanBellor a particularly unusual screen resolution?13:33
Guest29883have been the same and i'm not entirely sure i'll have a look. (does this mean i'm not in luck if it's nvidea?)13:33
Guest29883doesn't look like there is an external video card13:34
AlanBelllspci in a terminal should list the card13:35
ali1234could be that you are running nouveau - it is incredibly unstable on some cards13:35
ali1234launchpad is down :/13:36
ali1234https://launchpad.net/bugs/1251431 -> blank page13:36
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1251431 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "user background gets painted over background specified in config file" [Undecided,New]13:36
MartijnVdSworks for the bot ;)13:36
mungbeanand me13:36
MartijnVdSalso, wfm13:36
ali1234yeah it's working again now13:37
Guest29883think its this one: VGA compatible controller : intel corporation E7221 integrated graphics controller (rev 04)13:38
popeyAlanBell: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-etherpad will see some people joining I expect this week13:40
daftykinsE7221 is Pentium 4 era 0o13:44
daftykinsGuest29883: did it do this in liveCD mode as well as the installed version?13:45
Guest29883daftkins: not tried the live as i need this installed on my work desktop13:45
AlanBellpopey: ok, I will watch for them13:46
daftykinsGuest29883: so when you booted media you just went straight to install?13:46
daftykinsi think your system is too old to work right13:46
Guest29883daftykins: yes thats right i have it installed on a laptop from 2000 which works fine but this desktop just won't work13:47
daftykinsGuest29883: i would boot into a live session just to confirm it does the same thing, then confirm that your installed version is fully updated13:49
daftykinsbeyond that i have no idea, seems very old hardware13:49
Guest29883daftykins: probably is i saw the pc laying around so decided to use that. Maybe a bad idea. I think i'm just going to go with centos instead see if i get any luck with that13:50
daftykinscor it's cold today :S13:52
mungbeanis youtube gonna ask me every time which user i will be using youtube as?13:52
daftykinsi've been having that :( where it tries to put your real name on your account?13:53
MartijnVdSmungbean: what do you mean? it asks?13:53
mungbeanuse as "mungbean" or mr.mungbean@gmail.com13:53
MartijnVdSso pick one13:54
mungbeanthe display name13:54
MartijnVdSor link the accounts13:54
mungbeanit asks every time13:54
mungbeanafter i login13:54
MartijnVdSdon't delete your cookies?13:54
mungbeani've logged from different devices a few times13:54
mungbeani also wish i could remove GB feed from my home page permanetly13:54
MartijnVdSmungbean: you can, just use http://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions instead of youtube.com's default main page13:55
MartijnVdSmungbean: MUCH (c)leaner, shows just videos of people you've subscribed to13:55
popeyi use youtube feather interface13:56
popeyso i see no comments at all on youtube13:56
popeyvideos start faster too13:56
MartijnVdSpopey: since G+, they only start loading comments once you scroll down13:56
popeyi dont care about comments tho13:56
popeyso happy to never see them13:56
MartijnVdSThere are actually good ones on the videos I watch13:56
daftykinsgood comments!? that's unpossible!13:57
mungbeani saw one once13:57
MartijnVdSdaftykins: subscribe to better channels :)13:57
popeyi used to like watching Bug13:57
MartijnVdSThe "DFTBA" (John & Hank Green) media empire (if you can call it that) has quite good comments usually13:57
daftykinsonly subscription i have is to the feed of the guy that posted the HP Touchpad Android videos ^_^13:58
MartijnVdSmungbean: vlogbrothers, scishow, crashcourse13:58
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEgCrw9j2eQ#t=6m51s for example13:58
mungbeanthe russian guy left to join the meerkat adverts13:58
daftykinsmungbean: yep!13:59
mungbeani subscribe to LAs but i haven't listened to them for couple of years14:00
mungbeanlinux action show14:00
mungbeandon't even know if its still going14:00
popeyit is14:01
popeythey also have an "unplugged" show where people hang out and chat on mumble14:01
popeywhich is somewhat better in some ways14:01
mungbeanit turned into a moan-fest14:04
mungbeanbrian would rant about feodra every week14:04
daftykinsthey did have a bit of a rant it seemed14:05
mungbeani used to listen every week14:05
popeybryan isnt on it anymore14:05
mungbeanyeah i stopped listening when that other dude came on14:05
popeyhasnt been for a while14:05
mungbeanbut i realised i hadn't been enjoying it before then anyway14:06
popeyi rarely watch the whole thing14:06
mungbeanit also coincided with the linux world becoming less exciting14:07
MooDoowow that time already?14:07
daftykinsi'm getting concerned at how often these years are flying by now14:08
MooDoojoined ubuntu-uds-plenary14:08
popeyit happens as you get older14:08
MartijnVdSalso, vUDS is more often14:08
daftykinshah yeah i got that bit popey ;)14:08
mungbeani'm willing them to go fater so my baby can grow up14:08
MooDooI'm not old cough cough14:08
daftykinsmungbean: stop that! :P14:09
mungbeangot 5 hrs sleep instead of 9 last night14:09
mungbeancannot function like this14:09
MooDoo5 hours is the norm for me14:09
MooDoowell 5.514:09
mungbeanwho are you, maggie thatcher?14:09
MooDoolol no I always go to bed about midnight and up at 5:30 it's all i need14:09
MooDooi have two young kids so i'm used to it now14:10
mungbeanimagine how much more i could get done14:10
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mungbeanis everyone listeining to the UDS thing? is there a TLDW version?15:06
* NET||abuse is listening to Deadmau515:09
NET||abuseI'll read the cliff notes on google+15:09
bashrcis anything interesting being said?15:10
MartijnVdSbashrc: no15:11
MartijnVdSbashrc: never!15:11
bashrcI htought as much15:11
directhexdeadmau5. the choice of llamas everywhere.15:12
arsen4<-- llama15:13
MartijnVdSI prefer real musicians.15:13
mungbeanchas 'n' dave?15:14
arsenmusic is music, i don't care what tools were used to make it.15:14
MartijnVdSarsen: I'm not complaining about the tools of his trade15:14
MartijnVdSarsen: more about the tool behind those tools ;)15:15
dwatkinsI prefer surreal musicians.15:16
MartijnVdSdwatkins: so, psychedelic rock? :)15:17
dwatkinsOzric Tentacles are a good example.15:17
MartijnVdSjudging by my own music collection, I seem to have a thing for female singer-songwriters15:18
mungbeanMartijnVdS: stina nordenstam?15:20
MartijnVdSmungbean: have heard the name, don't remember if I've heard the music15:21
MartijnVdSmungbean: I'm going to see Nerina Pallot in December though -- second time this year (last time was in Minack Theatre in Cornwall last May)15:21
directhexarsen, no, really! http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00ytqg5/Nuzzle_and_Scratch_Frock_and_Roll_Robots/15:25
MartijnVdSdirecthex: I can't even.15:29
directhexlike i said. <directhex> deadmau5. the choice of llamas everywhere.15:30
arsenUDS has me thinking about getting a ubuntu phone :o15:32
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dwatkinsI don't mind Deadmou5, but I prefer Pendulum.15:49
dwatkins...and then there's Lindsey Stirling15:53
awilkinsI quite like Ms Stirling16:06
mungbeani like £ sterling16:06
daftykinsfinally updated my ubuntu flash drive to 12.04.3 from 10.04.4 - things actually boot now!16:07
awilkinsI don't think she'd do her career a favour inserting that as a middle name .. Lindsey "Pounds" Sterling16:07
mungbeani don't know who these people are16:08
awilkinsViolin playing pixie person.16:08
arsenbig fan of 'Pretty Lights' recently.16:23
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arsenniche, awilkins.16:26
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popeyAlanBell: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/21972/ubuntu-enterprise-desktop-roundtable/  may be of interest18:57
popeycoming in 5 mins18:57
DJonesWhere has the clock gone in 13.10? Last update has removed it18:58
popeyi have it disappear when indicator-datetime goes awol or unity-panel-service crashes18:58
DJoneskillall unity-panel-service has brought it back18:59
DJonesLooks like bug 122836019:01
lubotu3bug 1228360 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "No clock in menu bar and can't edit Clock settings" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122836019:01
DJonesAlthough thats from September19:01
ali1234DJones: there's a fix in -proposed19:15
ali1234DJones: restarting the panel nearly always fixes it too19:15
DJonesDoes the bug follow through after a restart19:17
AlanBellpopey: listening along now19:29
ali1234DJones: afaik it's a race condition on the first startup of the panel after a system reboot19:34
ali1234ie the dbus services don't start fast enough19:34
ali1234when you restart the panel, the services don't get restarted19:35
NET||abusewoah, annoying problem, chrome, flash 11,2,202,327 , probably the pepper pot version.. every time i change tabs back and forward, youtube video turns into a black square. the audio is still going, but no picture :(20:09
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: are you running other video apps?20:13
DJonesAlanBell: Another pi kickstarter project (from ruskin147's twitter feed) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alexklein/kano-a-computer-anyone-can-make20:37
AlanBellnice packaging for it20:39
DJonesIt is, it looks quite a neat project20:40
AlanBellyeah, it is just an accessory kit, but it does look well thought out20:41
AlanBellsort of thing they probably should have shipped with on day 1 :)20:41
ali1234except that it would quadruple the price20:41
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* popey is playing gtetrinet20:48
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popeyits rather fun20:48
MartijnVdSwow, tetrinet. Blast from the past!20:48
* brobostigon is playing prince of persia.20:52
mungbeandisappointed you can't buy gift vouchers for people with gift vouchers on amazon20:56
brobostigonmicroshaft must have lost it entirly now, spending £4.5bn on nokias mobile business, which is going wildly downhill already, and worsoned since nokia started to use WP*.20:59
mungbeancheaper than it woulda been21:01
mungbeanshareholders sometimes like to see this kind of thing21:01
brobostigoni think i can make a fair bet, their market share is going to get even worse, and i think i can bet, that microshaft probably payed nokia's shareholders of fairly well, and i can bet, that those people that objected to the sale, also were those that objected to nokia using WP-OS.21:03
MartijnVdSWordPerfect-OS? 8-)21:06
brobostigonwindows phone operating system21:06
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corel_Linux ;)21:07
mungbeani don';t think they paid off the shareholders enough based on the share price a few years ago21:09
mungbeananother company could have revived fortunes , or at least tried to21:09
brobostigonMartijnVdS: yes, i am familier with, :)21:09
popeyi predict nokia will revive21:09
brobostigonusing something else than WP, it has been a disaster since they started using windows.21:10
popeynot really21:10
brobostigonit seems so,21:11
popeysymbian wasn't a fabulous smartphone once ios and android arrived21:11
popeythey were already going downhill21:11
brobostigonyes, as i have already said.21:11
penguin42brobostigon: Nokia's hardware is nice, and it gives MS a foot in to get WP sales21:19
brobostigonpenguin42: on the former, i agree, nokias hw has always been good. but why MS sees a future in something that from most outsiders seems a dead end for MS, i dont know.21:21
penguin42brobostigon: I think they might actually be able to get enough to make it worth it for them - remember they don't have to make it huge, just large enough21:22
GentileBenChrist, Ronaldo just scored an unbelievable goal.21:23
GentileBenIf he doesn't win the Ballon D'or this year...just wow.21:23
GentileBenHe's got a hat-trick against Sweden but the last goal was incredible. He was running away from goal, runs past the goalie and...wow.21:23
brobostigonpenguin42: well, i think compared to what they have now, a single figure market, just doubling that, would be some achievement for them.21:24
mungbeanGentileBen: which goal?21:27
mungbeanronaldo and zlatan are both jerks,shame one has to make it through21:29
* MartijnVdS tags the OP as being "Probably popey"21:38
MartijnVdSisn't that a show on CeeBeebies?21:41
MartijnVdSor however you spell that21:41
penguin42hmm, Sony advertising 4k HD TV21:48
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: jeebus, lost track of time, I got called, then missus "made" me have dinner :)21:57
NET||abuseregarding the flash bug from,,, some time ago.. no, no other video app running21:57
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