cmaloneyI <3 Kickstarter rewards00:10
* cmaloney is listening to Cryogen's latest00:10
gamerchick02you supported a band? that's cool00:40
cmaloneyYeah, I try to support as much music as I can01:27
cmaloneyGood morning14:15
smoserjrwren, you can join #ubuntu-uds-servercloud-215:10
jrwreni did.15:11
jrwreni mean, already was in tehre :)15:11
smoserbah. me learns to read15:11
jrwreni thought this IS the openstack QA session15:12
cmaloneyI swear the only size of a drive that matters is "90% full"17:02
cmaloneyno matter which drive I have, it seems to get to 90% full17:02
rick_h_heads up https://twitter.com/mattjay/status/40286159347136102418:55
rick_h_woot, "Software update downloading" on the MotoX18:59
rick_h_yea, supposed to be according to the news19:01
rick_h_and it's a big one, taking many minutes to download19:01
rick_h_installing, funny to get it on my motox before I get it on my n1019:02
brouschI saw instructions for side loading it for N719:04
rick_h_yea, it's a bit nuts that the N10 doens't have it yet19:05
brouschGreat news from UDS. I can stay with Ubuntu until at least 2016 http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTUxOTQ19:31
cmaloneyrick_h_: http://beagleboard.org/blog/2013-11-19-project-spotlight-opensprinkler/?hootPostID=1f9979a835b8acf27ad0970498e5cc4220:21
cmaloneyI know the one thing in your life that has bugged you is "my sprinker controls aren't open source"20:21
rick_h_ummm, I don't see the screen and dial where I set the zones, times, and set on/off.20:25
rick_h_clearly, it's a weaponized device they're trying to sneak into my home20:25
cmaloneyIt can use Google Calendar20:25
cmaloneyOr since it's a BeagleBone driving it: SSH. ;)20:26
cmaloney"make it_rain"20:26
cmaloneyOK, now I want a sprinkler system so I can type that. ;)20:27
cmaloneyalso: make it_stop20:27
rick_h_widox: greg-g woot! in FF nightly the bookie extension is moved to the top UI vs the bottom bar22:07
rick_h_nice! makes it one step closer to usable22:08
widoxrick_h_: nice. they did away with the extension toolbar then?22:40
rick_h_widox: looks like it22:42
rick_h_I need to get a screenshot after dinner and post it up22:43
widoxcool. I'm not running nightly on here -- currently at v25.022:46
rick_h_widox: yea, it's on 28 so will be a bit22:48
greg-giceweasel is on 24.1 :)22:48

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