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adam_gbkerensa, thanks for birthday wishes. just saw it. offline in japan for the last week15:15
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blkperlslangasek: kees_: a wild tamarack appears16:41
kees_tamarack: hi!17:24
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slangasekblkperl: a... Trusty Tamarack?22:09
c_smith_awayslangasek, do you know who was from Linbit in the LoCo? trying to get back to him to let him ask the question he had23:00
slangasekI don't remember now who was at Linbit23:03
c_smith_awayslangasek, guess I'll have to look in the info IRC provides23:22
c_smith_awayslangasek, just found it, in case you're wondering, it's Brian_H23:22
slangasekah :)23:23
* c_smith_away watches a funny vid about how the latest release of Pear OS fails utterly at being decent.23:24
c_smith_awayfunny as heck.23:24
slangasek... Pear OS?23:28
c_smith_awaya crappy imitation of Mac OSes23:33
c_smith_awayit's based on Ubuntu and Elementary, but still pretty crappy.23:33
c_smith_awaythe latest release is especially bug ridden.23:33

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