blognewbwilee-nilee, so can a livecd read and write to an sd card?00:00
reisioblognewb: probably, depends on if that's in the kernel, which it probably is00:00
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, Easiest is sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and remove the # in front of saucy partners. Genrally I would say gksudo her to open it but that is the crux.00:01
blognewbreisio, what does kernel mean here? im so dumb about hardware and interfaces im sorry00:01
zykotick9!gksudo | wilee-nilee00:01
ubottuwilee-nilee: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:01
mojtabareisio: it is already mounted and I can see it via GUI. But how can I have access to it via cmd?00:01
reisiomojtaba: should say where it is at the top of the file manager00:02
reisiomojtaba: or you can right-click on a directory and open a terminal00:02
allstarsnorks2_okay done00:02
wilee-nileezykotick9, The user has no gksudo and can't install gksu, I'm assuming it is in the partners repo, I would suggest a cli edit but this is a fresh user, you are welcome to show them how. ;)00:02
reisioblognewb: it's a fundamental part of an OS, in the case of GNU/Linux it holds most of the drivers, like for card readers00:02
mojtabareisio: mtp://[usb:002,077]/Phone/DCIM/Camera00:03
reisioblognewb: most live OS images will have large kernels built to support a lot of hardware automatically00:03
reisiomojtaba: ah, mtp is something else00:03
allstarsnorks2_wilee-nilee: removed the 2 # that contains ubuntu partners00:03
zykotick9wilee-nilee: i'd suggest "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list" from terminal then...00:03
reisiomojtaba: if it doesn't show up in the output of the 'mount' command, you'd probably have to copy it from the file manager, graphically00:03
wilee-nileezykotick9, Which can be a problem if the person does not know how to save, as I said feel free to instruct. a single sudo on the sources list is hardly a problem, it is long term not using that is.00:04
blognewbreisio, i see so the kernel is not a hardware right?00:04
zykotick9wilee-nilee: fyi gksu is in "main" whatever ubuntu calls that...00:04
mojtabareisio: You mean there is no way to reach it via cmd?!00:04
zykotick9!info gksu00:04
ubottugksu (source: gksu): graphical frontend to su. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-6ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 26 kB, installed size 172 kB00:04
mojtabareisio: Actually I have copied lots of files and I would like to see if they are identical or not via cmd.00:04
reisiomojtaba: no there are probably lots of ways00:05
reisiobut I don't know mtp, so I don't know what tools there are for it00:05
wilee-nileezykotick9, I had them run cat /etc/apt/sources.list and pastbin it that repo is open and gave them the install command yet no gksu.00:05
zykotick9wilee-nilee: i have to assume the origional poster is NOT running ubuntu00:05
reisiomojtaba: other than if it shows up in 'mount' output00:05
reisioblognewb: right, software00:05
mojtabareisio: no00:05
Imaginati0nHello i installed ubuntu and i have one question. Is it normal for the update manager to auto-open when it has new updates?00:05
mehworki have a 5 year old eeepc (netbook). Will the latest version of ubuntu work on it? I want something fast00:05
zykotick9wilee-nilee: oh right, i saw you do that - and thought it was clever.  so they are running ubuntu?00:06
wilee-nileezykotick9, here is their cat. http://pastebin.com/cRqRkPtP00:06
zykotick9wilee-nilee: sorry, i don't visit pastebin.com00:06
wilee-nileezykotick9, Probably a bad install command00:06
reisiomehwork: what processor? how much ram?00:06
wilee-nileezykotick9, yeah it's ubuntu00:06
reisiomehwork: what graphics?00:07
zykotick9wilee-nilee: that's messed then...  best of luck, to you and the OP00:07
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, Have you run a sudo apt-get update00:07
mehworkreisio: 1gb ram. itel atom cpu00:07
mehwork10.1" ultra-mobility display00:07
wilee-nileezykotick9, It's a mystery I tell yah. ;)00:07
zykotick9mehwork: consider xubuntu/lubuntu if you are looking for speed...00:08
reisiomehwork: and I'm guessing only intel graphics?00:08
allstarsnorks2_wilee-nilee: running it now and will update you00:08
Sam__omg_scout  Thanks for all the good information. I have not bought the Lenovo model T yet so I am hoping that the installer can lead me through repartitioning the drive. Thanks for the help again.00:08
mehworkreisio: probably00:08
reisiomehwork: yeah, basically what zykotick9 said00:08
mehworkreisio: i dont even care about graphics. i'd be happy for just a cli version of ubuntu if it's possible00:08
reisioyou can get more if you go with even less still, too00:08
Imaginati0nIs it normal for the update manager to auto-open in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?00:08
mehworki just want it to run fast. It has an ubuntu on it right now and it's super slow00:08
mehworkbut i havent reinstalled in years00:08
reisiomehwork: what do you want to do with it?00:08
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, Always run that first when you install.00:09
mehworkreisio: just command-line stuff00:09
reisiomehwork: you could just disable X then00:09
mehworkand python00:09
mehworkhow do you disable x?00:09
reisiobut if you want to install a new version anyways, use the minimalcd, I think it might let you opt out of desktop environment00:09
mehworki want it to be permenant so it doesnt load it slowly everytime i reboot00:10
Guest24204is it possible to mount /home enrypted by ubuntu in another OS? How does Ubuntu Encrypt?00:10
allstarsnorks2_how many files will it update?00:10
reisiomehwork: what version of Ubuntu has it got?00:11
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, None till you run sudo apt-get upgrade00:11
reisioGuest24204: yes, but you need to know the answer to that question00:11
blognewbhey guys i know my bios version but how do i find out if it can boot from SD so i can boot the ubuntu from there please :(( help me oh00:11
reisioGuest24204: it can vary, but it's probably with ecryptfs00:11
mehworkreisio: 10.1000:11
allstarsnorks2_wilee-nilee: Huh, well then00:11
zykotick9wilee-nilee: did "apt-get update" fix the missing gksu?00:11
reisiomehwork: so it's using GNOME?00:11
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, Running the update is key to seeting up the communication between the computer and the repos on a install.00:11
wilee-nileezykotick9, Still waiting for the answer.00:12
allstarsnorks2_wilee-nilee: okay then I'll update you. for now it's just running.00:12
reisiomehwork: probably be sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove00:12
nismoSVKsudo apt-get upgrade00:12
reisiomehwork: or s/gdm/lightdm00:12
Guest24204reisio: does LMDE have encryptfs?00:12
reisioGuest24204: 'ecryptfs', is available to any distro00:12
reisioas is basically any software00:12
Guest24204reisio: right, but I can't boot my new OS to install it..00:13
allstarsnorks2_well, it detected "gksu" alright. @wilee-nilee00:13
Guest24204reisio: at least I have something to google now. Thanks00:13
wilee-nileezykotick9, I did neglect to check which repo it was in and assumed the partners, having it not part of the stock install, hehe the bot would have told me. We have lift off now. ;)00:14
reisioGuest24204: hrmm?00:14
Guest24204reisio: I guess I can try re-intsalling ubuntu..00:14
zykotick9wilee-nilee: nice!  good job.  <that is why i sent the "!info gksu" to you>00:14
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, Cool, so you understand that intial ujpdate run to sync the repos with the computer and update and upgrade are standard commands.00:15
reisioGuest24204: to accomplish what?00:15
* wilee-nilee bows to zykotick9 00:15
wilee-nileein thanks00:15
zykotick9wilee-nilee: ;)00:15
Guest24204reisio: A system I can access my files in..00:16
mehworkreisio: i ran that command and it just said it was removing gdm startuplinks but when i rebooted it went rigght back into gnome00:16
allstarsnorks2_GREAT! Now I can start installing relinux. Thanks guys.00:16
reisioGuest24204: what's this got to do with ecryptfs?00:16
mehworkreisio: sorry actuall i'm running Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS precise00:16
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zykotick9mehwork: you are aware that 10.10 is EOL right?00:17
reisiomehwork: okay, that's probably lightdm, then, not gdm00:17
Teal`coh fuck u, who registere'd Teal`c00:17
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reisioprobably you did00:17
Guest24204reisio: my guess is ubuntu includes it in live cd/installer. Looks like Mint doesn't http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2011/01/01/how-to-install-linux-mint-debian-edition-on-an-encrypted-lvm-file-system/00:18
reisioI'd guess they both do, but don't care :)00:18
zykotick9mehwork: sorry, checking above my post would have been good ;)00:18
wilee-nileeKajunfiend, try to not swear please. ;)00:18
unicornjedihelllllo, I am new to apache2. I was wondering how can I add an alias to my website? Right now, my website name is just my public IP address. I want it to be like... swagdogs.awesome.net or something00:19
reisiounicornjedi: without actually acquiring a sub/domain?00:19
reisiounicornjedi: you could use /etc/hosts00:19
zykotick9unicornjedi: do you own the DNS for awesome.net?00:19
unicornjedizykotick9,  no I do not :/00:20
zykotick9unicornjedi: without a proper DNS ownership, IP is all you can use.00:20
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Danatois there a way to change the volume control appearance on kde?00:20
allstarsnorks2_can you guys tell me some good programs to make a custom made Ubuntu install?00:20
reisioallstarsnorks2_: clockywock00:21
wilee-nileereisio, mmmm analog00:22
Danatonvm found it :)00:22
unicornjedizykotick9, hmm.. is there a way to get a free domain name?00:22
allstarsnorks2_it's sad that remastersys was canceled00:22
reisiounicornjedi: not really, but you can get a free subdomain pretty easily00:23
zykotick9unicornjedi: i doubt it...00:23
unicornjedireisio, ooh do tell00:23
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, Congratulations your the one millionth new user that wants to make a custom distro.00:23
reisiounicornjedi: there are lots of services, let me find a list00:23
zykotick9unicornjedi: i use to use no-ip, but i don't anymore.00:23
reisiounicornjedi: something like http://freedns.afraid.org/00:24
allstarsnorks2_wilee-nilee: uh,. thanks?00:24
allstarsnorks2_VirtualBox servers are down GREAT00:24
CountryfiedLinuxHDMI audio doesn't work. Any suggestions?00:25
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2_, It was a joke, we just see this on a daily basis is all, so many linux distros and hardly a difference between them really.00:25
allstarsnorks2_WTF now my internet connection is screwed00:26
yottabiti don't get the point of installing Refind00:26
allstarsnorks2_brb guys00:26
reisioyottabit: the end00:26
yottabitreisio: eh?00:26
unicornjedireisio, okay so how do I use subdomains??00:26
reisiounicornjedi: read their instructions00:27
dvb-nouveauhas anyone managed to install klear on ubuntu 12.04?00:27
geniidvb-nouveau: Seeing as it's abandonware by it's authors in 2006 I don't think I'd want to try.00:29
Andenso.. i installed a package with dpkg -i that has a dependency i don't meet but my program works fine anyway. how can i make apt-get stop nagging me about it without uninstalling the whole program?00:29
yellowfishayone good at setting cron jobs?00:31
yellowfishthe full path is confusing me00:31
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto00:31
reisioyellowfish: confusing you how00:31
wilee-nileeyellowfish, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^00:31
Andeni actually ran dpkg with --ignore-depends=the package i didn't have but apt-get nags me anyway00:32
wilee-nilee!info klear00:32
ubottuPackage klear does not exist in saucy00:32
CountryfiedLinuxHDMI audio doesn't work. Any suggestions?00:32
wilee-nilee!find klear00:32
ubottuFound: python-sklearn, python-sklearn-doc, python-sklearn-lib00:32
yellowfishfrom what directory does cron run?00:32
yellowfishI'm using aws ec200:32
yellowfishif I'm running a cronjob using python, I can't just use python path/to/file?00:34
yellowfishI've to do /usr/bin/python?00:34
MrHacksHas anyone had any success using MTP on 10.13?  I've been trying for over a month now to get this thing to wrok but there is always some error -32 or error -71 and the USB hub won't enumerate the device00:35
MrHacks"usb 2-1.5: device not accepting address 20, error -71"00:35
MrHacks"hub 2-1:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 5"00:36
zykotick9MrHacks: 10.13?00:36
MrHacksSaucy Salamander00:36
zykotick9MrHacks: that is not 10.13.  perhaps 13.10.00:36
MrHacksStupid Smarch weather we had that year00:37
* MrHacks reads a note "Do not touch, Willie." Good advice.00:37
wilee-nileeMrHacks, What is the media?00:37
MrHacksAmazon Kindle Fire HD 7"  (let's call it KFHD7 for short)00:38
pngl_Just installed Gnome 3 under Ubuntu 13.10, the bottom of menu items gets cut off and I have some graphical glitches in the dock on the left of the screen. If that's important: I'm using the 3.12 kernel.00:39
* MrHacks is tempted to stick a KMFDM sticker on the back of his KFHD700:39
wilee-nileepngl_, The shell, gnome 3 underlies several of the desktops already.00:39
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pngl_wilee-nilee: I don't understand00:40
Ari-Yangpngl_: doubt it doesn't matter whether you're using mainline kernel or not~00:40
wilee-nileepngl_, the gnome shell is the gnome 3 desktop.00:40
sprungHi, When I right-click on a file, my options are to Move To, or Copy To, only two options: Home or Desktop. I want to add an SMB share.00:41
wilee-nileepngl_, gnome 3 is under the unity desktop which is s plugin in compiz. Installing gnome is the confusion.00:41
sprungHow can I add a Samba share in the file context menu?00:42
pngl_Ari-Yang: I was running 14.04 daily earlier and I had none of those glitches so I thought it could be some kind of drivers issues00:42
sprungJust to post all in one message: Hi, When I right-click on a file, my options are to Move To, or Copy To, only two options: Home or Desktop. I want to add an SMB share. How can I add a Samba share in the file context menu?00:42
pngl_wilee-nilee: Sorry, I don't understand. Ubuntu comes with Unity, and gnome-shell is what I installed00:42
Ari-Yangpngl_: what graphics card do you have?00:43
grahamsavage__Hi, i've been using ubuntu unity on 12.04 about 6 months now full time and i find the windowing management infurating.   The main issue being having multiple windows in a single application open.  For example imagine having 8 windows in an IDE open and 12 terminal windows open.  In both windows and OSX if i want to open a particular tab i click on the icon in the dock or the start menu, all the windows for that application come to focus and i can00:43
grahamsavage__easily select any of the current windows.  In unity, i have to click wait for it for it to fade out the windows and then select each window indvidually.  This is a huge inefficiency every day and i've not been able to find any work around even though i know most of the ubuntu shortcuts.  Is there anyway to work around this?00:43
AnuhakHello, can someone recommend a theme with a text cursor that is highly visible?  (wider than the standard blinking  i-beam, maybe also colorful)00:43
pngl_Ari-Yang: integrated intel graphics 440000:43
reisioAnuhak: could make your own00:43
sam113101where can I download ubuntu 14.04?00:44
Ari-Yangpngl: you're using the open source intel driver, right?00:44
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info.00:44
pngl_Ari-Yang: I didn't choose anything so if that's the default, yes.00:45
wilee-nileepngl_, Good, that is much clearer, I was just point out that unity is a plugin in compiz running on top if gnome 3, just trying to confrim what installing gnome meant.00:45
sprunggrahamsavage_, you need CompizConfig Manager.00:45
sprunggrahamsavage_, You'll want to disable the window effects using that tool.00:45
Ari-Yangpngl_: alright, maybe you should use latest intel driver then seeing how you're using kernel 3.12... before you try that, I suggest booting into a previous kernel (ubuntu's kernel) and see if you have any glitches00:45
sprunggrahamsavage_, you may have to download it via the Ubuntu Software Center.00:46
dvb-nouveauhas anyone managed to install klear on ubuntu 12.04?00:46
grahamsavage__sprung: it's not the effects thats the issue, it's that the windows don't all come to focus00:46
sprunggrahamsavage_, oh. Well, i hate to break it to you but that's still an effect.00:46
kostkon!info klear00:47
ubottuPackage klear does not exist in saucy00:47
sprunggrahamsavage_, it's disabled in the tool i mentioned00:47
wilee-nileepngl_, Running a kernel beyond the release is also technically not supported, is the shell from a ppa perchance as well?00:47
pnglAri-Yang: ok, I'll try to reboot (pngl is on another computer). How can I install the latest drivers?00:47
pnglwilee-nilee: yes it is :( gnome3-team/something00:47
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sprungdvb-nouveau, the way you are forming the question is very bad. We're assuming you already googled for an answer, and you didn't find anything, which you can form a hypothesis using induction that not many people have used this tool, in general, let alone in this channel.00:48
Andeni'll try a different take on my question: can i uninstall a package without removing the files? so that it just disappears from apt-get but leaves the files it installed on my drive00:48
wilee-nileepngl, None of that is technically supported the kernal or the ppa, just a heads up is all.00:48
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Ari-Yangpngl: when I say latest, I mean like version from git00:49
pnglwilee-nilee: since I need 3.12 to correctly run Ubuntu on my laptop, I guess that mans I'm in trouble00:49
Ari-Yangpngl: you can either compile from git http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-intel/ which I don't recommend00:49
Ari-Yangpngl: or add this ppa from here https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/graphics-drivers/ and run apt-get dist-upgrade00:49
Ari-Yangwhich I recommend00:49
Ari-Yangpngl: that ppa only supports 13.04 and 13.10 btw00:49
dvb-nouveaua guy who i lost touch with managed to install klear on ubuntu 11.10 (NO goole info on that) but i want to install klear on ubuntu 12.04?00:49
sprungdvb-nouveau, using deductive reasoning formed from the hypothesis through induction, the conclusion is you shouldn't ask whether anyone has used klear, you should instead provide error logs and links to what klear is, also what ubuntu version you are using would be helpful00:49
wilee-nileepngl, Not necessarily, you just have some limitations possibly, and I would be sure that is really the case. I doubt it is.00:50
wilee-nileedvb-nouveau, Is it in the 12.04 repos?00:50
grahamsavage__sprung: ok.. i've installed it.. and it's disabled the animation.. it still doesn't bring the windows to the front00:50
pnglwilee-nilee, Ari-Yang, using kernel 3.11, same issues00:50
jubaleI asked this 4-5 hrs ago, but I've been having trouble playing DVD movies. I've tried using VLC, MPlayer CLI, KMplayer, SMPlayer, and Totem. MPlayer CLI plays first title using GL Video (laggy); without GL first track plays decent, however, no sound.00:50
Ari-Yangpngl: and that's ubuntu's 3.11 right?00:50
pnglAri-Yang: If you mean 13.10, yes00:51
sprunggrahamsavage_, you mean you want certain windows to be Always On Top?00:51
pnglwilee-nilee: you mean you doubt I'll have limitations or you doubt I need the 3.12 kernel?00:51
Ari-Yangpngl: hmmm... I don't know then... pngl I guess you could try latest drivers00:51
Ari-Yangjubale: what's the problem?00:51
dvb-nouveausprung: i said very clearly thta i use 12.04. http://www.klear.org/ and no klear is not in the 12.04 repos00:51
MrHacksAnyone come up with an idea to get MTP to work? Just about every MTP/FUSE software I can think of (especially libmtp, mtpfs, and gmtp) is installed, and I can't even connect my cellphone to my computer in MTP mode.00:51
pnglAri-Yang: doing that now00:51
wilee-nileepngl, the kernel00:51
sprungdvb-nouveau, check this out it was written by the guy who wrote the tcp stack http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html00:51
jubaleI have a paste of "Messages" given by VLC, which tries and instantly fails to load video.00:52
grahamsavage__sprung: no, i want the windows to be brought to the front when i click on the icon on the left.. imagine 10 terminal windows.. some underlying other applications etc.  When i click on the terminal icon, i'd like them all to be visible00:52
Ari-Yangpngl: after you add the ppa, run apt-get dist-upgrade, log out and log back in (because you updated the driver)00:52
dvb-nouveausprung, you mean Eric S. Raymond???00:52
pnglwilee-nilee: you're right -- actually I just need two patches. But I just tried with 3.11 and got the same issues.00:52
wilee-nileepngl, Some here just wont help unless it is stock from the repos for good reasons, unless there is no other option.00:52
sprunggrahamsavage_, i don't know man i think you should probably just install windows 8 and give up00:52
Ari-Yangpngl: if you want to revert changes run ppa-purge ppa-here-00:53
grahamsavage__at the moment it only brings the most recently selected window to the front00:53
* MrHacks wishes there was some device on eBay he can buy to bridge MTP devices with USB making the USB side on the computer was a regular media device and the device side thinking it was some MTP compatible computer.00:53
sprunggrahamsavage_, you could try developing for Unity maybe that will fix it00:53
grahamsavage__sprung: i find it hard to believe that everyone would just put up with it :/00:53
jubaleAnd, I would fix the problem if I knew what it actually is.00:53
grahamsavage__do developers usually use unity or do they use gnome or something else?00:54
ki4roIs there a way to change the default email app from Evolution to say gmail?00:54
pete-478I'm trying to exchange files between 2 Ubuntu desktops across the Internet through VPN. The transfer rates are much slower than the capacity of both locations. I've also tried exchanging files using ssh but that was also slower than capacity. Are there settings in Ubuntu or programs that throttle file exchange rates?00:54
jubaleHrm. I'll be back in a bit.00:54
sprunggrahamsavage_, well, that thing that you're talking about, we still don't know what your issue is, something about your windows not all coming up00:54
wilee-nileeMrHacks, There is a mtp ppa that was suggested for 12.04 you might look.00:55
Ari-Yangpngl: make sure you run apt-get update after adding the ppa before running apt-get dist-upgrade00:55
grahamsavage__sprung: http://i.imgur.com/NtvWkjH.png00:56
wilee-nileeMrHacks, up to raring https://launchpad.net/~langdalepl/+archive/gvfs-mtp00:56
sprungthats an awesome fail00:56
grahamsavage__sprung: ok.. i have clicked on the terminal icon on the left hand side.. i would expect that all 3 terminal windows would be on the top layer00:56
pnglwilee-nilee: more precisely there's no wireless drivers and no cpu scaling feature for my laptop on 3.11, so I need to do *something*00:56
pete-478I'm using OpenVPN for VPN and also noticed that remote shell is laggy when tranfering files, so the slow speed has something to do with VPN. Does OpenVPN throttle bandwidth or is it somehow inherently slow?00:56
pnglAri-Yang: yep :)00:56
sprunggrahamsavage_, yep i have no idea what caused that but now you have a faster way of explaining it at least00:57
wilee-nileepngl, Have you proclaimed the wifi hardware as of yet here now or ever?00:57
grahamsavage__sprung: oh thats not normal behaviour?00:57
pnglwilee-nilee: Not sure I understood your question. Here's where I'm coming from: https://spicious.com/sony-vaio-pro-11-with-ubuntu.html00:57
MrHackswilee-nilee: tried that and it didn't work for KFHD7. connections are flakey with gvfs-mtp with my rooted Cyanogenmod'd HP Touchpad00:58
sprunggrahamsavage_, what happens what you left click the terminal icon and a group of windows comes up to select to go to the foreground and you select one that is not in the current foreground?00:58
grahamsavage__yes, that works00:58
BuntuFuntuMrHacks, do they still  sell Touchpads?00:59
wilee-nileepngl, That link comes up at untrusted on FF here, can you run lspci if the wifi is internal and lsusb if external and post the actual hardware, the cpu scaling I would have no clue of.00:59
sprunggrahamsavage_, is your xchat set to always on top?00:59
MrHacksNo. I snagged my when HP decided to sell them for $99 because WebOS sucked00:59
grahamsavage__sprung: ok think of it this way... imagine i have 100 terminal windows how do i bring them all to focus .. do i have to go   1. click menu 2. click window A  2. click menu 3. click menu B ... repeat ?01:00
yeyemanhow do I change the permissions of a directory and all files and directories in it?01:00
grahamsavage__sorry bring them to the foreground01:00
wilee-nileeMrHacks, Ah, how old is the OS is it 4.2 or above?01:00
ianorlinyou can use another DE if you want01:00
grahamsavage__yeyemen: chmod -R 777 dirname01:01
daftykinsMrHacks: just in case you weren't aware, there's a #cyanogenmod-touchpad01:01
sam113101where can I download ubuntu 14.04?01:01
dvb-nouveausprung, you mean Eric S. Raymond???01:01
daftykinssam113101: come back in April01:01
sprunggrahamsavage_, this is actually i problem i have had too but to fix it i just have started it in a new desktop (often i open 20 cssh terminals at once)01:01
BuntuFuntuSam113101: Not released yet I don't think.01:01
wilee-nileesam113101, google 14.04 daily and the correct channel for it is #ubuntu+101:01
BuntuFuntuI'mma go google that :D01:02
sprunggrahamsavage_, ctrl+alt+right01:02
MrHackswilee-nilee: On the KFHD7? FireOS 7.4.6_user_4620220 which is some Android 2.4 something01:02
yeyemanis it possible to always use ubuntu as root?01:02
grahamsavage__sprung: you mean a different desktop UI ?01:02
grahamsavage__sprung: which one do you use?01:02
yeyemanlike administrator in windows01:02
wilee-nileeMrHacks, That old an android wont work is all01:03
yeyemanI'm tired of my OS protecting itself from me01:03
zykotick9yeyeman: horrible idea!01:03
badgerhello, is this the right place for help with ubuntu?01:03
wilee-nileebadger, yep01:03
BuntuFuntuBadger: Yes.01:03
yeyemanzykotick9, WHY01:03
MrHackswilee-nilee: If I can connect my KFHD7 to my computer, I can upgrade to Cyanogenmod 10.1 which is Android 4.0 something01:03
zykotick9yeyeman: i'm not going to waste my time answering that.  best of luck.01:03
badgeryeyeman you shouldnt always be root01:03
MrHackswilee-nilee: The KFHD7 was released last year01:04
wilee-nileeMrHacks, I would go 4.2 or 4.3 if you can01:04
kostkon!root | yeyeman01:04
ubottuyeyeman: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:04
zykotick9badger: s/always/never/01:04
grahamsavage__spung: ctrl-alt-right switches desktop spaces for me01:04
MrHackswilee-nilee: That's would require Cyanogenmod 10.2 which is still in alpha01:04
badgerwhy would you want that?01:04
wilee-nileeMrHacks, I belive 10.1 is 4.2 I have Nexus 7 and run those rooted01:04
allstarsnorks2hi again01:04
MrHackswilee-nilee: But right now, I just want to get the damn thing to CONNECT to my computer so I can perform the upgrade01:04
zykotick9badger: sorry, read that as "you should always be root" my bad.01:05
tapFizzleHello, having probably a pretty common issue with network config, running ubuntu 12.04.2, terminal only… when i start and stop the networking service, eth0 doesn't change status… it will only change if I run ip link dev set eth0 down|up01:05
badgerzykotick9, TRUE DAT01:05
badgerits what its there for01:05
MrHacksFricking MTP01:05
=== c_smith_away is now known as c_smith
wilee-nileeMrHacks, You have a windows OS handy?01:05
allstarsnorks2ubuntu randomly disconnects me from the Internet. dk y01:05
yeyemancan someone give me a reason why I should not be able to do whatever I want in ubuntu without typing in the password all the time?01:06
wilee-nileeMrHacks, You can side load android as well.01:06
yeyemanI mean I'm already able to do it, the password is just a formality01:06
badgeranyone got any time to spare helping me sort out a driver issue?01:06
badgerits the bcom 4311 thing im sure its pretty common ive dont it before but done a fresh install and having issues01:06
MrHacksThe only computer that has Windows in my house has Vista, which I tried connecting it on that and much like XP, microsoft has no support for Vista any more01:06
yottabiti need to try the latest drm-intel-nightly01:06
pnglAri-Yang: 1 out of 2 ! Menu items are not cut off anymore, but the glitches are still there :)01:06
MrHacksWindows Media Player 11 is not supported on Vista apparently01:06
BuntuFuntuMrHacks: I thought Vista was on extended support?01:06
yottabitit has a fix for the latest macbook pros display01:06
yottabittips on getting it?01:06
wilee-nileeyeyeman, Thats the way it is for safety you need permission for admin is all.01:06
Andencan i uninstall a package without removing the files? so that it just disappears from apt-get but leaves the files it installed on my drive01:07
yottabiti'm currently typing in a borked mac display :|01:07
xanguaMrHacks: maybe this helps http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html01:07
=== siva is now known as Guest61842
badgerBuntuFuntu, thanks any pointers for me?01:07
xanguaMrHacks: what ubuntu version are you running¿01:07
badgerzykotick9, ??01:07
MrHacksxangua: gvfs doesn't work on all MTP devices01:07
Ari-Yangpngl: ah that's good01:07
MrHacksxangua: 13.1001:08
MrHacksI had this problem on 13.04 as well, xangua01:08
yottabiti need the current one of these: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-nightly/01:08
yottabithow would you add that ppa?01:08
wilee-nileeyeyeman, There are other distro's that run in admin and or are more setup to run with it set at on, maybe that would be more your style.01:08
badgerlooks like you people also use android with reference to cyanogenmod above?01:08
BuntuFuntuBadger: For yor driver issue?01:08
xanguaMrHacks: ok then the link won't work for you, last time I installed 13.04 it mounted my device with android 4.0 and up01:08
xangualast time i installes 13.10*01:09
allstarsnorks2any idea when Mozilla will release Firefox 25?01:09
yeyemanwilee-nilee, ok I will look in to it01:09
wilee-nileexangua, he has an android 2.4 hehe, hyou might know that already. ;)01:09
MrHacksxangua: as I tried to explain several times already, the KFHD7 does not use android 4.0, it uses some crappy android 2.3 called FireOS01:09
allstarsnorks2Firefox 25 for Ubuntu that is.01:10
xanguaI rea firefoxOS :P01:10
xangua!info firefox | allstarsnorks201:10
ubottuallstarsnorks2: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 25.0+build3-0ubuntu0.13.10.1 (saucy), package size 27917 kB, installed size 57522 kB01:10
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, its in the repos01:10
MrHacksFireOS is NOT related to FireFoxOS01:10
dedbodiezhey hey01:10
BuntuFuntuAllstarsnorks2: I have 25 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS01:10
badgerBuntuFuntu, yes if you know how to get broadcom driver working there are so many guides online i forget which ones work for me and which ones dont01:10
allstarsnorks2i still have 24.0 LOL01:10
BuntuFuntuAllstarsnorks2: WHen was the last time you ran an update?01:11
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, Have you run that upgrade yet?01:11
MrHacksFireOS is Amazon's way of keeping their sheeple customers in line.01:11
badgerim using 12.04 ubuntu and i know i can  get wifi working i just  cant get it to work right now01:11
wilee-nileeMrHacks, baaah01:11
MrHacksFireOS is basically a rip off of Android01:11
yeyemanin some PDF files I have the letter spacing seems a bit messed up, sometimes there is a space where it should not be, anyone know if it's possible to fix it somehow?01:12
allstarsnorks2wilee-nilee: if ubuntu gets my internet working. it just decided to randomly cut my internet connection.01:12
badgerfireOS? new on me is this like firefox for phones or something else01:12
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, wireless?01:12
BuntuFuntuBadger: Hmm.. Idk. I'm not a driver kind of person. I've only been using linux for like 8-10 months :P01:12
allstarsnorks2wilee-nilee: yes, wireless01:12
pnglFor anyone interested, here is what the glitches look like (left side of the screen) http://imgur.com/D1AbCsR01:12
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, sounds like it is having the problem, just a guess.01:13
badgeryeah ive been using it a while kinda new myself and from what i understand broadcom wireless is a PITA.01:13
Ari-Yangyottabit: I'm not sure how you would add that ppa... I just download the .deb files I need myself01:13
* MrHacks would like admin privliges so he can bann every idiot who doesn't scroll back on the IRC queue and read the part where I said Amazon FireOS is NOT related to Mozilla FireFox01:13
badgerproprietary drivers on opensources wtf, just make the driver opensource, why not they already bought the damn hardware01:14
Ari-Yangpngl: oh you're using unity3D... maybe it's unity/compiz related issue?01:14
wilee-nileebadger, Please don't swear, or use their acronyms. ;)01:14
MrHacks*FUN FACT*: pressing PAGE UP and PAGE down in IRSSI allows you to SCROLL back and read more of the messages.01:14
Ari-Yangwilee-nilee: ttfn01:14
badgeru the what the or the dman?01:15
pnglAri-Yang: am I using unity3D? sorry, I'm not well-versed in how this works. I thought I was using gdm+gnome3 and that it was either unity or gnome301:15
allstarsnorks2got disconnected01:15
=== eliasps is now known as eliasps_away
grahamsavage__https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/959339 :( wtf are these UI designers thinking01:15
wilee-nileebadger, It is a channel rule, just a heads up from me. ;)01:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 959339 in Unity "Launcher, Alt-Tab - clicking on launcher item or selecting a app in Alt-Tab raises all app windows, not just most recently focused" [Critical,Fix released]01:15
allstarsnorks2i'm getting pissed at Relinux01:15
badgerok cool but which bit classed as a swear?01:15
MrHacksAnd can someone *PLEASE* nuke all these bots that are constantly flooding the queue with their joins and parts?01:15
wilee-nileebadger, any words or acronyms.01:16
badgerahh ok01:16
Ari-Yangpngl: that looks like unity3d for me... if you mean desk top environment/flavor GNOME, you can change over to it by logging out, and in the login box there should be an ubuntu icon or something, click it and from there you can select what to use01:16
allstarsnorks2!info VirtualBox01:16
ubottuPackage VirtualBox does not exist in saucy01:16
badgerwhat the friday...01:16
kostkonAri-Yang, its gnome shell....01:16
MrHacksshut the frontdoor!01:16
pnglAri-Yang: yes, that's what I'm using. It's the unity background, maybe that's throwing you off?01:16
Ari-Yangkostkon: oh...01:16
wilee-nileebadger, I'm with you though in real life I am known to do that. ;)01:16
lazersMrHacks: 1700 users in a single room. Overcrowded. Your client can turn off joins/parts/quits.01:16
Ari-Yangpngl: haha yeah01:17
unicornjediheyy, is it possible for me to use my machine name (ie. unicornjedi-MS-7683) as my website name?01:17
pnglAri-Yang: anyway thanks a lot for your help :)01:17
MrHackslazers: yeah, I could ignore them, but then I wouldn't know if the people who aren't bots are still in the room01:17
badgerunicornjedi, yeah if you buy a url01:17
Ari-Yangpngl: you're welcome... mind opening up a terminal and run glxinfo | grep Open and pastebin the output?01:17
badgerunicornjedi, godaddy.com will sell you one01:18
badgerbut why would u want that?01:18
MrHacksbadger Dreamhost FTW01:18
lazersMrHacks: And it's not bots. The world is huge. People pop in and out all times. Some clients are smarter than others. Use tab completion too. ;-)01:18
* reisio prefers realityhost01:18
unicornjediokay dokey01:19
MrHacksbadger Dreamhost > goDeletey01:19
badgerMrHacks, maybe so never had a domain never needed one01:19
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, Just add the password and your in for a whole lotta fun.01:19
allstarsnorks2why do i keep getting disconnected ugh01:19
badgeri accept your wisdom01:19
pnglAri-Yang: no problem, pastebin.com/w0qR8P3v01:19
unicornjediwilee-nilee, what kind of fun? :/01:19
Ari-Yangpngl: nice, notice the version on opengl core profile, 3.3~01:20
pnglAri-Yang: (also, could it help to enable saucy-proposed in the software updates?)01:20
pnglAri-Yang: ah so that's good01:20
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, run lspci in the terminal and tell us the wifi hardware. I this your wifi connection and is the signal strong?01:20
allstarsnorks2!info LibreOffice01:20
ubottuPackage LibreOffice does not exist in saucy01:20
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, guess01:20
Ari-Yangpngl: what do you mean by 'saucy-proposed'? what is that?01:20
badgerMrHacks, can't the cia just host everything since they spy on it anyway?01:21
wilee-nileeheh my 13.10 has libreoffice01:21
pnglAri-Yang: in the Software&Updates settings, I can check Install updates from : "Pre-released updates (saucy-proposed)"01:21
Ari-Yangpngl: I don't think that would help with graphical glitches...01:21
pnglAri-Yang: alright :)01:21
pnglAri-Yang: Thanks again for helping me out... I got no response on #gnome01:22
allstarsnorks210 minutes and stuck on SquashFS.01:22
badgerallstarsnorks2, what u trying to do?01:23
MrHacksbadger: They could, but then they would outsource the service to some Canadian company where they only hire Southern/Southeastern Asian people whoul only speak French because Quebec sucks.01:23
ki4roTo anyone who may have answered my question about making gmail my default, I had a computer issue and had to reboot01:23
wilee-nileeki4ro, In?01:23
ki4rowilee-nilee, 13.0401:24
MrHacksbadger: It worked so well for Healthcare.gov and I'm a registered Democrat who works at a computer everyday01:24
badgerMrHacks,  true, and then blame korea/china/iran for insecurities01:24
ki4rowilee-nilee, Did some of my own research and got it working01:24
badgerki4ro, fwiw gmail as default use PGP01:25
MrHacksbadger: I'm surprised it hasn't been infected with the Stuxnext virus yet like the International Space Station recently has for some reason. But I direse this conversation as it is not a poltical channel.01:25
wilee-nileeki4ro, Not sure I understand, evolution is a mail caller, gmail is an email account.01:25
badgerki4ro, pretty good privacy, google is your friend with this one my friend01:26
BrianHHey guys, anyone using unity-tweak-tool?  I'm having a problem setting the top panel transparency because there's no toggle switch to enable it, but in screenshots there shows that one is supposed to be there.01:26
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
wilee-nileeki4ro, got it workin cool.01:26
MrHacksHow good is Pretty Good Privacy? Pretty Good or Pretty Good?01:26
ki4rowilee-nilee, When I click provide feedback on a web page, for example, I want gmail to be pulled up not evolution01:26
reisioMrHacks: good enough01:26
wilee-nileeki4ro, Ah, you have it fixed though right?01:27
badgerMrHacks, stuxnet wasnt a cia plot to prevent irans nuclear program? or also to take control or international space station, which seems a contradiction in terms international space station, its in space not a nation01:28
BrianHScreenshot for reference: http://imgur.com/z1bZLVV.jpg01:28
ki4rowilee-nilee, Yes... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213020301:28
MrHacksbadger: American plot. WRITTEN BY ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE01:28
BrianHAnd here's documentation showing the toggle switch: http://askubuntu.com/questions/70910/how-can-i-adjust-the-transparency-of-the-status-bar-top-panel01:28
MrHacksThe IDF is run by paranoid Jews.  Any normal jewish person would be like "Meh."01:29
badgerMrHacks,  im sure they colluded their interests are aligned01:29
ki4rowilee-nilee, The one thing they forgot to mention is that you have to go into system info and select gnome gmail as your default mail app01:29
FiremanEdbadger, Mr. Hacks: Please take your off-topic discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic  :)01:30
badgerfiremanEd, oops sorry01:30
MrHacksGood point, FiremanEd01:30
MrHacksI'd just like to get this stinking MTP software to work!01:30
badgerprolly was written in gmacs tho01:31
BrianHAdjusting the transparency levels doesn't seem to affect anything either.01:33
badgerjust got fired...01:35
yottabityou shouldn't have to apply the patch here, right?01:36
reisiobadger: all uphill from here01:36
badgerreisio, what u mean?01:37
yottabitthe patch should already be in the .deb files?01:37
=== g0th is now known as Guest89509
BrianHNevermind, fixed.01:38
dreamx87hmm for all the people here today it sure is quiet :301:38
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
wilee-nileeki4ro, Who forgot to mention? That is a personal choice, I use thunderbird it opens when ever I click as you suggested that is fine for me, it's my choice.01:39
badgerwilee-nilee, +1 for thunderbird01:40
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
sprungdreamx87, most of the people awake right now are in the western hemisphere, and most of linux users in the western hemisphere are in the united states. The west coast is currently driving home from work, and the east coast on a monday night has better things to do than be in this channel right now. I'd wait for later01:40
badgersprung, hemispheres depend on your map dont they?01:41
VLanXanyone experiencing graphic artifacts on 12.10 ?01:41
badgervlanx like what?01:41
sprungVLanX, ati? nvidia?01:42
badgersprung; you just cant get good help these days01:43
badgeri wish there was a call centre i could call to get support, you know like microsoft and that01:44
VLanXbadger, sprung: HD4000, integrated GPU in sandy bridge01:44
wilee-nileelinux is a help yourself environment, always has been. You can pay canonical for help though.01:45
VLanXbut probably just RAM issue. My system last day got frozen, and i couldnt even hard reset via hardware button01:45
badgerVLanX, pics? or id didnt happen01:45
VLanXbadger: just a sec01:45
badgerwilee-nilee, sarcasm oops01:46
daftykinsVLanX: have you run memtest?01:46
wilee-nileebadger, ah01:46
wilee-nileeyou get what you pay for with open source01:47
badgeryou dont get what you pay for with proprietary01:47
badgerbut you still pay01:47
badgerim still annoyed that sony took linux support off ps301:48
VLanXdaftykins: not yet. which version u suggest me with sandy bridge cpu?01:48
badgerwilee-nilee, who do you trust with your software someone that wont tell you why it works, or someone one that does and just makes it work. seems kinda simple to me01:49
daftykinsVLanX: any if you have an ubuntu CD/DVD/USB around you can run memtest from that01:50
badgercan usually run mtest from grub01:50
wilee-nileebadger, sure, if cognitive you process with dichotomies. ;)01:50
badgerwilee-nilee, lost me? dichotomies? splits?01:51
VLanXdaftykins: i can also download last 4.20 of memtest and get it into USB drive w/ unetbootin i guess01:52
wilee-nileebadger, and or the other, good or bad. every situation has variables and many choices.01:53
badgerwilee-nilee, yeah true. greyscale not B&W01:53
daftykinsVLanX: as long as it's memtest86+ yep01:54
wilee-nileeDuel-Travis, howdee partner.01:54
badgerwilee-nilee, every living being knows right from wrong01:55
Duel-Traviswilee-nilee, Hawdee01:55
Nuclear_muffinMy friend when using the software center to open a deb for dolphin gets this:  "dependency is not satisfiable: libavcodec53 (>=6:0.8.3-1~) | libavcodec-extra-53 (>=6:0.8.9)01:55
Duel-Travisbad sources im guessing.,01:55
wilee-nileebadger, Within in their own reality to some extent yes, affected by cultural, ethnic, and social norms, however your right may be a wrong to another its a big complex world.01:56
badgeri had some bad sauces once... made me sick01:56
=== travis_ is now known as Duel-Travis
Nuclear_muffinNever mind he added a repo and installed it in the terminal, its all good, thanks.01:57
badgerwilee-nilee,  were gonna get kicked for going off topic but yeah i agree01:57
Duel-Traviswhats the channel for of tpoc?>01:57
peyamSalam its me uncle Peyam01:58
wilee-nileeDuel-Travis, offtopic?01:58
Duel-Traviswhen I try an join one nothing happends01:58
wilee-nileeDuel-Travis, #ubuntu-offtopic01:58
wilee-nileehome of the erudite discourse, heh NOT01:59
=== peyam is now known as Peyam
=== Duel-Travis is now known as DuelBoot
Peyamwilee-nilee, did you check my  blog02:00
badgersleep or gt5? im f'd02:01
bvmsis there any way i can use rpms?02:01
wilee-nileePeyam, er no, not a clue what your talking about, I suspect it is a gpt bits issue though.02:02
wilee-nileePeyam, link02:02
badgeryeah mmmhmm02:02
Peyamwilee-nilee, http://kurdan.se02:02
wilee-nileePeyam, Cool, I would include more on it being a gpt thing is all. We used to see this on occasion when I was a UF member and helping dualbooters.02:04
wilee-nileePeyam, I would give a rods link as well.02:05
Peyamwilee-nilee, actually my  blog is my notes for later use. if my computer brokes.02:05
xanguabvms: or you could just tell us what do you want to install02:05
Peyamwilee-nilee, Yes. I noticed that the link there goes to my pastebin.02:05
wilee-nileePeyam, Cool it's on nthe web though, you never know who might come across it you want people to as Andy Rooney said " the rest of the story"02:06
FloodBot1alumno__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest46579
bvmsi want to install a firewall02:07
wilee-nileePeyam, That guy rod is a pretty smart cookie he has a PH.D in psychology and published research in that area.02:07
wafflejockTablet!firewall | bvms02:07
ubottubvms: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo02:07
wilee-nileebesides being a unix and linux expert and published there02:07
duoiwilee-nilee, a PhD in Psychology is like being a professional house of card maker.02:08
Guest46579I'm trying to fsck an NTFS partition with GParted's GUI. gpartedbin has been running for over 22 hours now at 100% CPU usage for presumably the whole time. Am I hosed?02:08
Peyamwilee-nilee, I see. I updated the topic there02:08
wilee-nileeduoi, Heh, that is your opinion, but a lot of work to get, and not all answers to life agreed.02:08
bvmsnorton firewall is windows only right?02:09
wafflejockTabletbvms: yes believe so clamav is a virus scanner option if u want that02:09
wilee-nileeduoi, Any real Doctorate is a academic pursuit.02:10
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:10
bvmsthought linux does not have viruses?02:11
bvmsthats why i installed it02:11
wafflejockTabletbvms: can find windows viruses all systems can have programs that do malicious thingas02:11
wafflejockTabletPeople tend to get less problems on linux since we don't run as root and many distros with low desktop user base makes it not a popular target02:12
reisiolots of reasons, mmm02:13
reisiobut definitely a reality02:14
wafflejockTabletIf u arbitrarily install stuff from the internet with no regard for the source then your likely to get something malicious eventually02:14
DuelBootis it easy to use windows programs on here?02:15
wafflejockTabletVirtual box or wine02:16
duoiDuelBoot, install Wine. Most programs should work.02:16
xanguais easier to use them in windows DuelBoot02:16
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:16
DuelBootokay guys, GOing to boot onto windows and try and fix my sd card02:17
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CountryfiedLinuxI'm not getting sound with HDMI output. I get picture, but no sound. Any suggestions?02:23
reisioCountryfiedLinux: make sure hdmi cable does sound, not all do02:24
reisiomake sure it's plugged in properly02:24
reisiomake sure alsamixer options are exhausted (tab, up/dn arrow)02:24
CountryfiedLinuxreisio, It has picture, so it must be plugged in properly. Maybe a hardware issue? My other laptop used to work fine with HDMI sound output months ago.02:27
wilee-nileeCountryfiedLinux, I had to use a hdmi device, my computer does not have that port, and a mini server to get it to work completely.02:27
MrHacksSooooooo, what'd I miss. Anything important I need to read that requires me to hit the PAGE UP  button a few dozen times?02:28
=== peter is now known as Guest71559
wilee-nileeCountryfiedLinux, Can't you just access netflix through the TV?02:28
tomivsHi. Someone can help me?02:28
tomivsI need to make ssh tunnel from server to my home-localhost02:29
CountryfiedLinuxwilee-nilee, no02:29
bvmsi need help too.. i got the firewall installed but it keeps asking for a password02:29
tomivsssh -N -D user@server -p 921 >> this work on my home-localhost02:30
wilee-nileebvms, have you tried your user password?02:31
judgepgwhat firewall02:32
tomivsBye, thx for all02:32
wilee-nileebvms, That's doh. ;)02:33
bvmsthat worked lol02:33
judgepgwhy choose debian over ubuntu?02:33
wilee-nileejudgepg, ask here #debian02:33
zykotick9judgepg: if you value "stability" over version numbers...02:34
bvmsi updated when i installed the firewall. now i get debian conflicts02:34
reisiojudgepg: I like to ask that question the other way 'round02:34
bvmssomething  about gedit dependency02:34
zykotick9reisio: if you value "version numbers" over stability ;)02:35
wilee-nileebvms, what does lsb_release -a show?02:35
judgepgwouldnt one prefer to update the distro less often?02:35
reisiozykotick9: mind -> blown :p02:35
reisiojudgepg: nobody forces you to update any distro02:36
wilee-nileejudgepg, That is a personal choice, eh.02:36
zykotick9reisio: ;)02:36
reisiothis is unheard of, and impossible to enforce02:36
reisiowhich is why it's unheard of02:36
reisioeven Microsoft can only incentivize updating02:36
wilee-nileela la la I can't hear you02:36
reisioby releasing newer versions of software that's incompatible with older versions, on purpose02:36
judgepgwhat about support?  how long for each ubuntu release02:37
user23948ucan't run firefox, please help: (process:31176): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed02:37
wilee-nileejudgepg, on the web, this is support, do you have an actual support issue?02:37
reisiojudgepg: I think the LTS are at... 5 years?02:38
reisioit doesn't really matter02:38
reisioif you're waiting five years to update, you're doing it wrong02:38
reisioand as previously stated02:38
reisioyou can wait as long as you want to update02:38
reisioon any distro02:38
reisioon any version02:38
FloodBot1reisio: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:38
reisioit's entirely your own silly choice :)02:38
judgepgI dont have a specific aupport issue.  Trying to decide on ubuntu vs debian02:38
duoiI waited 3 years to update my iPhone from 5.x to 7.x. Worst mistake ever.02:38
wilee-nileeheh spanked by the bot02:38
phillyjcan I ssh into another PC which is on the same router?02:39
reisiojudgepg: Ubuntu is mostly Debian02:39
duoi(I should have never done it lol)02:39
reisiolike >80%02:39
reisiophillyj: usually, yup02:39
reisioduoi: if it makes you feel better, Android isn't much better :p02:40
reisionot that it isn't still going to crush iOS02:40
phillyjreisio: i'm trying but i get connection refused02:40
reisiophillyj: sure the IP is right?02:40
phillyjreisio: i guess so, i pinged it and that works02:40
phillyjreisio: is it supposed to ssh thru port 22?02:42
reisioyeah 22 is default02:42
abaddonjudgepg: Both are good. But ubuntu is just easyer imho. Though if you're paranoid about your info in Canonicals hands go for Debian02:42
phillyjreisio: i read something about needing keys; can that be the problem?02:43
reisiophillyj: I s'pose it's possible02:43
esdeonly if it matters to you02:43
reisio'fraid I'm not familiar with any eccentricities of Ubuntu vis-a-vis ssh02:44
texlaUbuntu-12.04.3..I have 2 hard drives wdc-250gb and seagate-80 gb..I have a chatting at time..ran smartmontools and both passed...How can I find out which drive is the culprit02:45
reisiotexla: you hear a "chatting" sound?02:45
abaddonjudgepg: But if you're concerned about your info in Canonicals hands just build your distro from the ground up using Ubuntu-builder.02:45
texlareisio, Yes intermittantly02:46
abaddonjudgepg: Thataway you know exactly what is in your sys more or less02:46
reisiotexla: unplug a drive, observe sounds02:46
reisiorepeat as necessary02:46
texlareisio, Okay thanks02:47
zykotick9judgepg: try both, decide for yourself!  fyi, non lts ubuntu releases are supported for 9 months (i believe)02:48
xxlena petition to get spotflux to develop a sick vpn client for Ubunut02:48
wilee-nilee!spam | xxlen02:48
wilee-nileexxlen, thats spam here02:49
geniixxlen: This is tech support channel.02:49
xxlenhow do I get ubuntu community  to see that?02:49
geniixxlen: Post it on the forums02:50
xxlengenii, cool02:50
wilee-nileespotflux does not even have a linux version02:52
duoiwilee-nilee, i think the intention is to make a version for linux (or, at least, debian/ubuntu)02:52
nazis there a play on linux/wine channel?02:53
wilee-nileeduoi, It would help if they were even willing. https://spotflux.zendesk.com/entries/22963596-Can-you-support-Linux-02:53
bazhang#winehq naz02:54
duoiwilee-nilee, it seems like they are, for specific distros. It explains why the request was tailored towards Ubuntu.02:54
wilee-nileeduoi, what is said on a support site and what is done are hardly correlations, I wont hold my breath, lol.02:56
duoihere is a question: how far away is Ubuntu from Debian? that is, would packages that are developed Ubuntu work for Debian out-of-the-box?02:56
wilee-nileeoh boy more polls02:57
zykotick9duoi: no.02:57
duoizykotick9, how about the other way (Deb -> Ubuntu)?02:58
zykotick9duoi: no.02:58
zykotick9duoi: ubuntu is "based on" debian, but they are VERY different.02:58
wilee-nileethe OS's are hardly different the rhetoric is03:01
zykotick9wilee-nilee: that's NOT true...03:01
wilee-nileejust my opinion, quite subjective.03:01
xanguathere is certain commintment if you are refering about that...software center is incluided in debian repositories http://packages.debian.org/wheezy/software-center duoi03:02
abaddonzykotick9: I'm interested in hearing why not? I've seen deb pkgs work fine in ubu and vise versa.03:02
reisiovice :)03:03
reisiopronounced 'weekay'03:03
reisioweekay worseuh03:03
abaddonresure: grammer natzi XD03:03
reisiolike a pyrate03:03
abaddonresure: SPEKLLING* natzi XD03:03
abaddonreisio: .... T.T03:04
zykotick9abaddon: ya, that's true.  sometime they can work, but usually not so much.  ubuntu is based off debian sid/testing - packages for sid/testing will typically NOT work in debian's real release = stable.  so packages for ubuntu are expected VERY different versions from debian stable...03:04
reisioDebian stable isn't something you'd want if your friends are going to be constantly saying "hey look at this stupid Flash thing or hey let's talk on skyp"03:04
reisiowhich is how it is for most people03:05
abaddonzykotick9: Thank you for the explanation. I wondered why they sometimes worked fine03:05
reisiohence testing03:05
zykotick9abaddon: "sometime" it'll work fine, but that is NOT the rule!03:05
abaddonzykotick9: True XD03:05
abaddonreisio: bwahahahahahahahaha Very true03:06
researcher123is it possible to install file with extension tar.xz03:07
* wilee-nilee proclaims linux is linux, and runs to hide03:07
zykotick9wilee-nilee: s/linux/gnu-linux/ :p03:07
reisioresearcher123: yeah, but not necessarily sensible03:07
abaddonwilee-nilee: It's ok budd, I'm in the same boat03:07
xanguazykotick9: s/linux/"gnu/linux"03:07
CADBOTHi all somewhere I saw a guide for installing windows on top of ubuntu (I know in advance that's not the preferred way), any point in the right direction?03:07
wilee-nileegnu-linux is rhetoric though03:07
CADBOTI know I have to do something to fix the bootloader after I do it03:08
researcher123reisio: where can I get these details?03:08
zykotick9wilee-nilee: do you think android is teh same as ubuntu?03:08
CADBOTAnd I think I might have to make some partitions03:08
abaddonzykotick9: same base, though the pkgs need some work03:08
wilee-nileezykotick9, Android is part linux?, not sure to be honest, I use it biut have not torn it apart03:09
reisioresearcher123: what's it for?03:09
zykotick9abaddon: android is linux but NOT gnu/linux... don't expect apps from one to run on the other.03:09
reisiomost people are familiar with gnu/linux and consider "linux" to be gnu/linux03:09
reisioit's a HUGE difference03:09
reisioGNU is by far the more relevant part of the OS03:09
zykotick9reisio: +103:09
wilee-nileeit's difference is a rhetoric though, a belief03:09
linuxlite1983im using linux for almost half a year03:09
reisiowilee-nilee: what? :p03:10
reisioit used to be rhetoric03:10
abaddonzykotick9: Which is why I said it'd need work. Though, you can run a light version of linux using an emu.... Mind, that's a diff matter03:10
reisiobut since Android is a Linux distro and not a GNU/Linux distro03:10
wilee-nileereisio, there is open and closed source linux.03:10
linuxlite1983and when i turn my computer it takes 3-4 mins is it normal03:10
reisioand since Android is quite prevalent now03:10
reisioit actually matters more than ever03:10
zykotick9reisio: :) +1 (again!)03:11
researcher123reisio: its for project planning planner-0.14.6.tar.xz03:11
linuxlite1983it takes 3-4 before my linuxlite loads03:11
abaddonreisio: Gnu is not the more relevent part. You need BOTH to work.03:11
linuxlite1983back when i installed it 6 mons ago. it only takes 10-20 seconds03:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:11
reisioresearcher123: that's probably in the Ubuntu repos03:11
reisioresearcher123: check03:11
reisioabaddon: not really, GNU has its own kernel03:12
researcher123reisio: I want to install it on web server03:12
wafflejockTabletCADBOT: !grub03:12
wheatthinlinuxlite1983, you might wanna check to see how big your logs are03:12
reisioabaddon: Linux needed GNU a lot more03:12
reisioresearcher123: an Ubuntu web server?03:12
wafflejockTablet!grub | CADBOT03:12
ubottuCADBOT: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:12
linuxlite1983how?can u tell me how?03:12
researcher123reisio: yes03:12
reisioresearcher123: sudo apt-get install planner03:12
FoxhoundzWhere does Ubuntu store php.ini03:13
reisioresearcher123: or do you mean you're trying to avoid GUI stuff?03:13
researcher123reisio: ok.thanks03:13
reisioFoxhoundz: dpkg -L php | grep -i ini, or ask apt-file03:13
abaddonreisio: Which was more or less a failure which is why Linux is used. No one wants just a kernal and just haveing the progs without the kernal is pointless. So nether is more relevent.03:13
wheatthinlinuxlite1983, by opening a terminal, and going into /var/log and typing ls -l03:13
duoiAll hail Richard Stallman, down with Linus03:13
reisioabaddon: nah, it just didn't exist when Linux did03:13
reisioyes, GNU is about 80 bajillion times more software than Linux03:13
abaddonreisio: They had like...70% done by the time Linux came in the pic03:14
Foxhoundzreisio: root@stage:~# dpkg -L php03:14
FoxhoundzPackage `php' is not installed.03:14
reisioGNU is the reason your OS is pretty great, and Android constantly explodes03:14
Duel-Traviswhat is the command in the chat to login?03:14
wilee-nileehmm, my android had never exploded03:14
reisioDuel-Travis: /msg nickserv help identify03:14
reisioFoxhoundz: might have a number in its name, dpkg -l | grep -i php03:15
reisiowilee-nilee: then how do you explain Venus?!03:15
duoiit should be called "GNU!!!!! (plus linux..)"03:15
wafflejockTabletFoxhoundz: usually /etc/php5/03:15
reisioeh, I call it Unix until it matters03:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:15
reisiowhich is almost never03:15
Foxhoundzfound it thanks03:15
wilee-nileereisio, Never used it, not sure the reference.03:15
reisiowilee-nilee: it's a planet03:15
wilee-nileehehe never been there with a chemical boost03:16
zykotick9duoi: while "I" might agree with you, i don't think #ubuntu is the right forum to bring up these points (mainly falls on deaf ears).  :)03:16
linuxlite1983this is what i got alternatives.log03:16
FloodBot1linuxlite1983: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:16
abaddonreisio: GNU IS great, but it's not the most relevent. I prefer to think them both relevent as neher would be useful without the other03:17
yeyemanhow do I make my own command that I can run from anywhere? Like ls or python or whatever?03:17
wafflejockTabletlinuxlite1983: cat boot.log | less03:17
wheatthinlinuxlite1983, forgive me, but I'm not accepting any files from irc :)03:17
reisioabaddon: they're both relevant, but they're not both 50.00000% relevant, one is more relevant :p and now I will let xangua have his way03:17
reisioyeyeman: echo $PATH03:18
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reisioyeyeman: you can put a script into any of those directories, or modify PATH, or give your shell a function ('help function')03:18
reisioor eben an alias ('help alias')03:18
yeyemanreisio, interesting03:19
abaddonreisio: Meh, just my preference.03:19
wafflejockTabletyeyeman > !path03:19
zykotick9reisio: ~/bin should be suggested for most personal scripts...03:19
reisio~/bin/ works03:19
abaddonreisio: Btw xangua?? What have his way?03:19
wafflejockTablet!path | yeyeman03:20
ubottuyeyeman: path is The $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables03:20
reisioabaddon: exactly03:20
linuxlite1983can u check it?03:20
kaksddkfhow to change default drivers of ubuntu, i want to use  paragon ntfs drivers as default instead of ntfs-3g03:21
wheatthinlinuxlite1983, I don't want to see them, I want to see how large they are ;).. then we'll see then which ones we want to look at.03:23
wheatthinlinuxlite1983, make sense?03:23
CountryfiedLinuxWhich part of this is my sound card?03:23
CountryfiedLinuxrobert@robert-HP-Pavilion-g7-Notebook-PC:~$ lspci | grep "Audio" #03:24
CountryfiedLinux00:01.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Trinity HDMI Audio Controller03:24
CountryfiedLinux00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] FCH Azalia Controller (rev 01)03:24
FloodBot1CountryfiedLinux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:24
CountryfiedLinuxFloodBot1, 3 lines of text03:24
kaksddkfparagon NTFS are performing more than twice as compared with ntfs-3g03:24
researcher123reisio: on my server how do i get the command line to run sudo apt-get install planner? any other way?03:24
wheatthinCountryfiedLinux, Azalia Controller03:24
CountryfiedLinuxwheatthin, Thanks. FloodBot1 is a nazi haha. I could understand several lines, but 3?03:24
wafflejockTabletlinuxlite1983: u prob want to run dmesg and look through that as well there are also some syslog guis03:25
kaksddkfso, i want to make them as default and i don't know the way to make them default03:25
zykotick9researcher123: what's wrong with "sudo apt-get install planner"?03:25
zykotick9researcher123: "sudo aptitude install planner"?03:26
wilee-nileereisio, For the record if you question of venus I could give you the physics explanation, however it is a hypothesis. ;)03:26
wilee-nileeof your*03:26
researcher123zykotick9: want to install it on linux web server. No CLI seen here03:26
zykotick9researcher123: a web server with a gui-only install?03:27
wafflejockTabletresearcher123: u need ssh access03:27
researcher123zykotick9: seems03:27
zykotick9researcher123: good luck with that...03:27
abaddon.Hey, got a question. When can we expect to be able to use Watland on Ubuntu? I know Canonical is going with Meir rather than Wayland but it should work fine on ubu, right?03:28
* reisio prefers calmotheses03:29
kaksddkfwafflejock: will you help me regarding some driver issue?03:29
zykotick9abaddon: i wouldn't hold my breath for wayland (or mir) on ubuntu if i was you...03:29
linuxlite1991im back im linuxlite198303:29
abaddonzykotick9: Why?03:29
wilee-nileeah, just garbage, oh well.03:30
wafflejockTabletkaksddkf: sorry don't know much about it except basics of modprobe03:30
zykotick9abaddon: maybe, you could hold your breath for mir.  wayland... that's a big question mark.03:30
abaddonzykotick9: ???03:30
wafflejockTabletNope nothin03:30
zykotick9abaddon: i believe mir should be in the next release of ubuntu... but maybe no?!?!03:30
diamonds^ my "done" callback isn't running ever03:31
wafflejockTabletlinuxlite1991: time travel nice trick03:31
kaksddkfwafflejockTablet: thanks03:31
abaddonzykotick9: Why is that?03:31
abaddonzykotick9: I'm excited for something "new".03:31
zykotick9abaddon: based on history, mir was suppose to be in the last release - but wasn't ready.  why would ubuntu use wayland... when they are developing their own version or an xorg replacement?03:32
linuxlite1991my problem is still dsame03:32
diamondsoops wrong chan methings03:32
abaddonzykotick9: Yeah, but wayland should still work on Ubu without Canon backing it?03:32
zykotick9abaddon: wrong! it'll ONLY work in ubuntu/canonical decide to support it.03:33
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abaddonzykotick9: That's like saying xchat wont work unless Canon supports it?03:33
zykotick9abaddon: which is true...03:34
abaddonzykotick9: They can't stop compatability can they?03:34
zykotick9abaddon: they do all the time?!?!03:34
abaddonzykotick9: Like what?03:34
zykotick9abaddon: they don't package it = not supported.03:35
abaddonzykotick9: You're saying I can't make a base and port it to Ubu 'cause of Canon?03:35
sprungor like how the Amazon search spyware Canonical put in Ubuntu wont work unless Canon supports it?03:35
zykotick9abaddon: supported and possible are not the samething.03:35
abaddonzykotick9: Right, I get that, so my question is when will Wayland be up and running assuming they complete it?03:36
zykotick9abaddon: i doubt wayland will be packaged in ubuntu... but maybe.  ask mark.03:36
sprungplease make sure you install unity-lens-shopping03:37
sprungso canonical can make money03:37
abaddonzykotick9: Sooo...what is it being supported on? And who is mark?03:37
zykotick9abaddon: Mark is the dictator (for life) of ubuntu.03:37
abaddonzykotick9: Doy me. XD03:38
sprungeven Red Hat doesn't steal your private information and sell it to Amazon03:38
sprungshame on you Canonical03:38
zykotick9ops can someone deal with sprung?03:39
abaddonzykotick9: But I don't get it. If I develope a program, how is Canon going to stop compatability? It's open software?03:39
wafflejockabaddon: he's saying they don't offer support for it03:39
wafflejocknot that they can stop you from making it work03:39
zykotick9wafflejock: +103:39
wafflejockonizu: hello03:40
abaddonwafflejock: zykotick9 OHHHHH, I thought...nvm.... X.X I thought he was implying it wouldn't work 'cause of that. I just wanted to know when Wayland will be functional enough to use. I'm assuming they'll have a Ubu version ready.03:41
onizucan someone help me install my onboard graphic accelerator : nvidia geforce gt 540m ?03:41
zykotick9abaddon: again, i wouldn't hold your breath for a wayland implementation on ubuntu.03:41
abaddonzykotick9: They not making a version for Ubu?03:42
onizui had trouble with nouveau and to to install using nomodeset . now after installing, i tried installing bumblebee but it didn't seem to work. my guess it several drivers were clashing with each other.03:42
zykotick9abaddon: that's up to mark.03:42
wafflejockabaddon: yeah really if they're going with a major overhaul in one direction it's not likely they will build support for another big part, it doesn't mean you can't use other distros03:42
linuxlite1991i love windows!!!!03:42
abaddonzykotick9: wafflejock Ahhh...well...I kinda like Ubu...even with its major faults03:43
linuxlite1991windows is shit!!! bill gates is SHIT!!!! say ah if u agree03:43
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:44
abaddon!ot linuxlite199103:44
abaddon!OT linuxlite199103:44
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wafflejockabaddon: yeah I'm in between at this point... have used kubuntu for a bit but just saying if you want to try other stuff it's out there03:44
zykotick9!ot | abaddon03:44
ubottuabaddon: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:44
abaddon!ot | linuxlite199103:45
ubottulinuxlite1991: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:45
abaddonzykotick9: Thx03:45
linuxlite1991fuck bill gates. kill that madafucker hahahaha! why buy crappy shit if you have linux bitch!!!03:45
abaddonwafflejock: I know, but I built ubu from ground up so was excited to hear about Wayland coming up...maybe coming up. Who knows, I might get it to work. =P Alright, I'm done with the pestering. Lets get back to helping people03:46
onizusomeone help me03:47
onizuwith installing my nvidia graphics03:47
abaddononizu: Sup?03:47
onizuabaddon: see my messages above03:47
abaddononizu: XD I did , sorry03:48
abaddononizu: Anyway, what have you tried?03:48
onizutried installing bumblebee03:48
onizudidn't work. so i uninstalled all nvidia that came with it03:48
CorvetteHey can someone help me? Suddenly my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS says 'Wired Connection ; Disconnected' in the WiFi menu and doesn't display any WiFi03:48
abaddononizu: Errr... is bumblebee the driver version?03:49
reisioCorvette: find the hardware wireless disable switch, and toggle it03:49
abaddononizu: Uh huh, and you've got no gui?03:49
Corvettereisio did that03:49
Corvettereisio several times03:49
abaddonno0p: Correct?03:49
onizuabaddon: i have03:49
onizuthis is what i have: http://ubuntuone.com/2v622ZnWZM8QJGe9WodPbT03:50
reisioCorvette: make sure it's turned on, then reboot03:50
abaddononizu: Ahh, ok...so did you try through terminal to install bumblebee or through Nvidia's site?03:50
onizuabaddon: terminal03:50
zykotick9Corvette: if you dual-boot with windows, boot that other OS and see if it's enabled there.03:51
abaddononizu: Why not try through their site and dl their deb file?03:51
onizuabaddon: i downloaded a .run file03:51
onizubut can't seem to run it really03:51
lostlambgreetings, I'm trying to install potent poinsettia (or something of that ilk) to my alienware laptop, but keep receiving an error about not having the graphics card drivers.  This wouldn't be an issue, but after telling it to run in low settings, it crashes.  Is there a work around, or something I'm missing?03:51
onizui booted into recovery mode and did : sh NVIDIA.whatever.run03:52
abaddononizu: Did you type sudo ./Blahh as your command?03:52
zykotick9onizu: IMO if you have a .run file - you're using the WRONG strategy!03:52
onizuit gave some error: can't wrote to /tmp , iirc03:52
Corvettereisio none of that works03:52
Corvettezykotick9 I don't dual boot03:52
onizuabaddon: i was already root03:52
onizuabaddon: i mean , the prompt was # instead of $03:52
zykotick9Corvette: best of luck (i don't have any other suggestions for you)03:53
onizuzykotick9: why is that?03:53
reisioCorvette: wireless router on?03:53
abaddononizu: Ok, but what about trying ./blah.run as your command instead of bash blah.run03:53
Corvettereisio yes and I can normally pick up neighbors03:53
onizuabaddon: i'll have to try that - need to kill x03:53
abaddononizu: Sounds good03:53
reisioCorvette: run an update recently?03:54
zykotick9onizu: this is debian's dpkg bot's factoid for "why nvidia installer sucks": nvidia-installer works fine for you today, granted.  Let's say tomorrow Xorg is updated -- the nvidia driver will break.  If you try to uninstall nvidia (nvidia-installer --uninstall), then you break Xorg badly.03:54
Corvettereisio yes today03:54
zykotick9 nvidia-installer overwrites files at random, ad has NO CONCEPT of package management.  We recommend against using it based on extensive experience.  USE THE DEBIAN PACKAGES.  Ask me abo.ut <nvidia>.03:54
Corvettereisio and it did say stuff about wireless security03:54
abaddonI've not heard of that b4 but better to listen to zykotick9 on this one onizu03:55
reisioCorvette: well, that's probably the culprit, then03:55
Corvettereisio how do I downgrade03:55
reisioask the channel03:56
zykotick9abaddon: onizu left :|03:56
CorvetteHow do I undo an apt update I did today03:56
abaddonzykotick9: XD I hope my method works mat least03:56
CorvetteIt seems to have killed my wifi capability03:56
abaddonzykotick9: Does ati have the same prob as nvidia?03:57
BuntuFuntuHmm, havent had to update since yesterday. Usually for me theres updates available in the morning ;o03:57
zykotick9abaddon: i avoid ATI (enemy of free software) so i wouldn't know.03:57
lostlambpardon, I don't mean to intrude again, but I'm still not certain how to get past the low graphics option when installing ubuntu on my alienware laptop.  After it doesn't find the graphics drivers,it sort of just hangs after attempting to go to low graphics until it's powere.03:58
abaddonzykotick9: I ask because I'm using ATI's drivers rather than the open ones. Really? ATI??? T.T And I like them so much....03:58
zykotick9abaddon: fyi, with amd/ati, you can't use "free" 3d drivers = fail IMO03:59
abaddonzykotick9: Hince why I'm useing the propriatary ones. XD04:00
zykotick9abaddon: nvidia has supported both gnu/linux and BSD for YEARS.  amd/ati was LATE in that game (i'm talking about non-free here).04:00
zykotick9abaddon: fyi, my first 3d support under gnu/linux WAS on an ATI card... that was a long time ago.04:01
onizuabaddon: it didn't work04:01
abaddonzykotick9: But 'ol Linus is famous for saying "Fuck you Nvidia"?? I kinda got the impression they were not the most helpful04:01
Duel-Traviscan I  set like auto join channels?04:01
zykotick9!doesntwork | onizu04:01
ubottuonizu: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:01
zykotick9abaddon: ya, and Linux is NOT a friend to free software!04:02
onizuzykotick9: i had been in conversation with abaddon a moment ago. he knows what i'm talking about04:02
abaddononizu: What happened? And, zykotick9 , can you repeat what you said up top please04:02
zykotick9abaddon: sorry typo s/linux/linus/04:02
wafflejockTabletDuel-Travis: depends on the irc client04:02
Duel-Travisx chat04:02
onizuabaddon: i took a pic, hold on04:02
Duel-TraviswafflejockTablet, Yea x-chat04:02
wafflejockTabletI use quassel in KDE so not sure04:03
wafflejockTabletIt does automatically04:03
zykotick9onizu: abaddon ? best of luck to both of you!04:03
Duel-Travisis there a x-chat irc client?04:03
zykotick9Duel-Travis: xchat04:04
abaddonzykotick9: Don't leave me, I need you04:04
zykotick9abaddon: ;) not going anywhere04:04
abaddononizu: Alright, tell me when it's up04:04
abaddonzykotick9: Oh, thought you were going. nvm04:05
zykotick9lostlamb: what's "lspci -v | grep -i vga"?04:05
abaddononizu: May I ask you why you don't wish to use then open drivers?04:06
VLanXbadger, sprung: it was indeed bad RAM04:06
VLanX37K errors at 25% so far04:06
lostlambI don't recall it posting anything like that during the installation process.  it seems to get hung up on after checking the power status or something like that.04:06
onizuabaddon: my phone's not uploading :/04:07
onizui gotta go to work, ttyl04:07
lostlambstays like that until you hit the power button then it releases packages and shuts down.04:07
wafflejockDuel-Travis: http://quassel-irc.org/ <== that one saves your server connections and channels on close and rejoins04:08
lostlambwould having two monitors interfere with the installation process?04:08
abaddonI get saved by the bell...woohoo.04:08
wafflejocklostlamb: could04:08
wafflejocklostlamb: I've only had problems with 3 monitors hooked up get some CRTC error or something...04:08
sandman13is there a way to access .mozilla04:08
wafflejocksandman13: if it's in your home folder you can use Ctrl+H in nautilus to show hidden files04:09
zykotick9sandman13: try "cd ~/.mozilla"04:09
wafflejockor ls -al at the command line04:09
wafflejockor Ctrl+. in dolphin04:09
wafflejocker alt rather dang04:09
lostlambhmm, well it's only one outside of the laptop screen, so I wouldn't think it'd effect anything.04:09
sandman13wafflejock: ctrl+h show hidden files or...04:10
lostlambif both are up and running though, the code stops on the laptop, and the mouse freezes on the monitor.04:10
wafflejocksandman13: ls -al04:10
wafflejocksandman13: at the command line to list all files including hidden and long format including permissinos04:11
=== Guest41357 is now known as wheaties466
wafflejocksandman13: so if you do, cd ~04:11
wafflejocksandman13: ls-al04:11
azio_m41,168,737,955 bytes on ubuntu… 41,218,778,228 bytes on mac after copying. does that mean the copy wasn't 100% precise?04:11
wafflejockls -al04:11
sandman13wafflejock: done thanks04:11
wafflejocksandman13: k04:11
wafflejockazio_m: not necessarily04:12
wafflejockazio_m: check with md5sum04:12
abaddonwafflejock: quick tip. You don't need to type cd ~ to get to home. cd will do the job as well04:12
wafflejockabaddon: ah right just never think about that did stumble on it at some point though04:12
abaddonwafflejock: XD Also, l -al would be nicer if he just wants to see the files rather than all the info.04:13
abaddonwafflejock: Just my two cents04:13
zykotick9abaddon: actually "l -al" won't show anything :p04:14
zykotick9abaddon: ;)04:14
abaddon zykotick9 ummm....>.> it works for me....04:14
abaddonzykotick9: sorry, wrong person04:14
abaddonwafflejock: ummm....>.> it works for me....04:15
zykotick9abaddon: really? i get "Unknown option -al"04:15
abaddonzykotick9: ??????????? I SWEAR IT WORKS????04:15
wafflejockabaddon: actually I didn't say it didn't work... and it does work for me but does the same as ls -al04:15
zykotick9abaddon: i'd say you have an alias i don't have ;)04:16
abaddonwafflejock: un momento por favor04:16
dreamx87so I installed ubuntu on a toshiba Satelite C655, but it's not picking up the network card driver at all, it won't recognize (mount) external devices (usb/cd) while in ubuntu, any clues how to get the drivers there via alternative means?04:16
zykotick9abaddon: that' might be "expected", we are on different distros ;)04:16
abaddonzykotick9: wafflejock T.T I'm sorry, I'm wrong.04:16
wafflejockabaddon: no worries04:17
wafflejockdreamx87: sounds like disparate problems04:17
wafflejockdreamx87: you should approach each issue separately04:17
wafflejockdreamx87: generally speaking you want to use lspci or lsusb to get info about your devices (mainly the device id to lookup)04:18
abaddonwafflejock: It's l -a Derp. I'ma hush now04:18
abaddoncries in corner04:18
abaddonwafflejock: will blkid work too for giving device ids?04:20
wheatthinabaddon, only UUI's of hd's04:21
zykotick9wheatthin: sidenote, i find LABELS a lot easier to work with then UUIDs.  YMMV.04:22
abaddonwheatthin: Is not the UUID the device id? Or is it HW:0,9, etc?04:22
wafflejockabaddon: no slightly different04:22
wheatthinit'll say devid :P04:22
=== jono is now known as ubuntu-goldfish
abaddonwafflejock: Ahhh....04:23
wafflejock!uuid | abaddon04:23
ubottuabaddon: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:23
abaddonwafflejock: May I ask then what the Id would be?04:25
wafflejockabaddon: you mean the device id I referred to up there?04:25
abaddonwafflejock: Yes please04:26
abaddon!id | abaddon04:26
ubottuabaddon, please see my private message04:26
hamiltontDoes anyone know a rapid-setup web server for serving a directory?04:27
hamiltontI'm auto-creating some documentation and I'd like to serve it up04:27
unicornjedihelloo, I created a subdomain with freeDNS. How can I use it so that it points to my IP address?04:27
wafflejockabaddon: the first 7 characters from lspci or after the ID word in the lsusb output are numbers that correspond to the hardware04:27
wafflejockabaddon: they both also give human readable names of the devices04:28
wafflejockunicornjedi: where are you stuck? do you know your IP?04:28
wheatthinit'll be in a ration sequence04:28
sandman13i downloaded xdm accidently is there a way to remove it04:28
unicornjediwafflejock, I know my IP.  I have my apache2 server set up as well.04:28
Ben64unicornjedi: thats really not an ubuntu issue, check with freedns or maybe ##networking or something04:28
abaddonwafflejock: Hmmm, ok.04:28
unicornjediwafflejock, if I type in my subdomain in firefox (swagdogs.mooo.com) I can see the webpage but noone else can04:30
wheatthinunicornjedi, although that's a networking issue, You'll use your external IP address while creating a subdomain with your dns provider. Then you go configure apache to use that dns04:30
adam_where can I find the SSL module for apache2? I'd like to apt-get it04:30
adam_ie, what ppa do I need to add04:31
hamiltontwafflejock: just to be sure, you want to check that your IP address a public IP address. Easy way is to open a terminal and do this: "curl ifconfig.me"04:31
wafflejockadam_: believe you need openssl not to add a ppa04:31
=== steveb_ is now known as Guest35057
Ben64unicornjedi: you really should be asking in ##networking04:31
adam_oh. I'll google for that04:31
hamiltontoops, meant to ping unicornjedi , sorry!04:31
wafflejockhamiltont: np just confused04:31
hamiltontYea my bad ;-)04:31
unicornjediokay ill head over to networking. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE04:31
hamiltontunicornjedi: So it's pretty simple over all, but the "normal" home setup can be one of the hardest to get right04:32
hamiltontYour home router needs to know how to allow incoming port 80 traffic to be "port forwarded" to your computer04:33
wheatthinnah, you just have to setup the alias to use that subdomain.. not too hard04:33
hamiltont(if you're not on a home network e.g. you're using a server, then it's even easier)04:33
Ben64take it to ##networking04:33
joossee_I keep having GUI programs crash in ubuntu 12.04. Things like firefox, transmission, and mupen64plus.. all seem to be around and ewrror "... crashed with SIGSEGV in XQuesryExtension()" can someone help me out?04:33
unicornjedihamiltont, haha, that's right. whenever I am on my website, I tie up my local area network04:34
sandman13i downloaded xdm accidently is there a way to remove it04:34
hamiltontFair enough. Ben's right though, drop this into the other channel and we can resume there04:34
wafflejocksandman13: anything you install with apt-get install you can remove with apt-get remove or apt-get purge04:34
Ben64joossee_: give more details. how you installed ubuntu, what the computer is, any ppas you might have04:35
wafflejocksandman13: purge gets rid of binaries and config, remove just the binaries but leaves config04:35
abaddonDoes anyone know how to switch to a pm on weechat?04:35
sandman13thanks wafflejock apt-get remove did the work04:35
wafflejocksandman13: np04:36
wheatthinabaddon, read the documentation or manpage.04:36
abaddonwheatthin: Did that, man page is well...not helpful04:36
wheatthinthen google.04:36
abaddonwheatthin: righteo04:37
sandman13wafflejock: is there any alternative to internet download manager in ubuntu04:38
DRiceTechhey guys, I'm having a problem with Server 13.10 - anytime I do a restart or reboot, the computer shuts down - i have to manually restart the server04:38
wafflejocksandman13: there are some alternatives like synaptic but I generally prefer just dropping to the command line personally04:38
wafflejocksandman13: I only use the package managers if I want to selectively update or something like that in most cases... or I just want to browse occasionally04:38
wafflejocksandman13: I'm on KDE now so the default is Muon... it's fine I suppose, feel indifferent about it04:39
gartralwhere is ia32-libs for 13.10? I really need that package04:39
sandman13wafflejock: more like capturing audio and video files from the web pages like youtube04:39
xsi_How to install PHP PDO?04:40
wilee-nileeabaddon, it is on this page, hehe thae bind of using a cli client, good luck. http://www.weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_user.en.html04:40
xsi_apt-get pdo?04:40
wafflejocksandman13: ah that kind of download... eh well there's sites that will do it for you and sent you the file... but not really something that can be supported here04:40
gartralhey all, I need a working solution for combining jack and pulse..04:40
allstarsnorks2Does this support custom distros that look and act like Ubuntu 13.10?04:40
sandman13wafflejock: i have heard of xtreme download manager but need someone to verify it04:41
wafflejockxsi_: it's in there by default04:41
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2 This channel?04:41
allstarsnorks2Like using Relinux and such04:41
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, Canonical ubuntu only.04:41
wilee-nileeor Canonical releases04:41
abaddonwilee-nilee: Thank you04:41
wilee-nileeabaddon, no prob.04:41
allstarsnorks2So Ubuntu distros that are custom made are not considered Canonical Ubuntu?04:41
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, No they are derivatives.04:42
wafflejockxsi_: you just need to enable the appropraite modules between your php.ini and your apache config04:42
allstarsnorks2Was about to ask the install error but okay then04:42
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, there is a ##linux channel and some for derivatives.04:42
wafflejockxsi_: if you're looking for mysql support search the php.ini for mysql to see where the modules need to be uncommented if they are commented out currently04:43
xsi_wafflejock I'm confused with windows's .dll files in php.ini (on my Gentoo) and 100% sure it's on a friend's Ubuntu04:43
wafflejockxsi_: the config files have some generic stuff that is preconfigured based on windows installs you need to correct sometimes04:44
wafflejockxsi_: not many places but there are a few04:44
wafflejockxsi_: mostly when it comes to paths and the like04:44
wafflejockxsi_: believe all of that stuff is commented out by default though so it all still works fine04:45
Nuclear_muffinI was installing a game in wine through steam, and when it was installing .netframework or whatever, it told me it requires 2097 Mb's but only 0 is available.04:46
allstarsnorks2By the way, how do I make XFCE my default desktop emvironment?04:46
xsi_wafflejock ok )04:47
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, choose it at the login window and login it will default there then.04:47
xsi_Who uses here Openbox I have very old bug04:47
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, Have you install XFCE?04:47
allstarsnorks2It's that easy? Wow.04:47
allstarsnorks2I haven't, on my phone now.04:48
greyhatpythonIs this True? Pros And Cons Of Ubuntu : http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=12156204:48
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, gotta install it first.04:48
allstarsnorks2I know04:48
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2,unless it is part of the xubunutu install which I believe it is, look at the dropdown at the login.04:49
allstarsnorks2sudo apt-get update. After that, sudo apt-get install xfce4 right?04:49
maxklimhi all!04:49
allstarsnorks2wilee-nilee I'm using Ubuntu 13.1004:49
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, correct, sudo apt-get install xfce404:50
abaddongreyhatpython: Mmmm...yup04:50
abaddongreyhatpython: Welll...you can use a diffrent Desktop enviro04:51
abaddongreyhatpython: so you can remove the spyware easily04:51
wafflejockgreyhatpython: yeah it's a lot of hype04:52
greyhatpythonSo the default is spyware?04:52
abaddongreyhatpython: ...imho...yeah, I bet it is04:52
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt04:53
abaddongreyhatpython: wilee-nilee Ok ok ok, sorry04:53
allstarsnorks2But will installing xfce4 on Ubuntu give me Xubuntu's look or just stock xfce?04:53
greyhatpythonIt is still a spyware even after i disable the online search results?04:53
wafflejockgreyhatpython: the lens does lookups on Amazon and it does log what you're typing in there just like Google logs stuff from your e-mail to tell you when your flight is and YouTube keeps track of what you watch to suggest Ads04:53
abaddongreyhatpython: Just read up on their polacies and the complaints.04:53
wafflejockgreyhatpython: you can use XUbuntu Kubuntu or some other flavor if you really want to avoid unity otherwise you can remove/disable the functionality04:54
abaddongreyhatpython: It's a really good os. It just has problems like all other os's out there04:54
wilee-nileegreyhatpython, No more spyware then the rest you are attached to when you hit the web, not really any more than a colloquial term and inaccurate at best.04:54
wafflejockgreyhatpython: I used Ubuntu for quite a while, was sort of off put when Unity came around (we fear change) but then it sort of grew on me... after checking out KDE though I decided I liked the control/customization more04:55
abaddongreyhatpython: After disabling the stuff you're more or less good.04:56
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
greyhatpythonok if it logs just like you said like youtube that means no harm to my privacy04:56
abaddonThough, you may not like the package called popularity-contest. It sends info about what pkgs you use the most so that Canon can get a beter sense nof what users use04:57
greyhatpythonok then i don't feel this is a critical issue.04:58
abaddongreyhatpython: cool, welcome to Ubu04:58
wafflejockgreyhatpython: yeah it's not like they're digging up your credit card numbers or watching you through your webcam, that said I personally am a bit paranoid and if I was trying to build a real secure system would start with gentoo or arch or something with less going on but I don't feel it's a huge issue04:58
wheatthinehh, invasion of privacy.. lol04:58
greyhatpythonlet them know  what package i use because i use open source package itself04:58
wilee-nileegreyhatpython, wave to the nsa as you go about the web. ;)04:58
abaddonwafflejock: ghas a point greyhatpython04:58
wafflejockwilee-nilee: better leave them donuts :) Into the Wires from Kevin Mitnick was good04:59
greyhatpythonabaddon welcome to ubuntu? I have been using ubuntu from 8.04!04:59
wilee-nileehehe and coffee04:59
abaddongreyhatpython: XD My mistake, sorry04:59
greyhatpythonabaddon it's ok!05:00
* wilee-nilee thinks privacy is an illusion and has been for a long time.05:00
greyhatpythonOne more question? Why TOR is not working in my Ubuntu 13.10?05:00
greyhatpythonI used PPA05:01
wafflejockgreyhatpython: does it just not install?05:01
abaddonPrivacy may be an illusion but I want a darn good one if I gotta put up with it. It's not happening so far though05:01
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
wafflejockgreyhatpython: might not have a package for your distro/proc05:01
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
allstarsnorks2Alright. XFCE4 installed on Ubuntu 13.10. Now, I want it to look like Xubuntu.05:01
greyhatpythonIt will install and says connected tor network but says out of date and doesn't launch firefox05:02
wilee-nileegreyhatpython, You want to use the tor browser from there site05:02
wilee-nileeallstarsnorks2, Then install xubuntu05:02
greyhatpythonThe tor browser bundle is out of date and doesn't launch firefox05:02
wilee-nileegreyhatpython, It launches there ff build05:03
wafflejockallstarsnorks2: you probably want xubuntu-desktop05:03
allstarsnorks2sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop?05:03
xanguagreyhatpython: tor site recomends the bundle they provide05:03
wafflejockallstarsnorks2: should work05:03
wafflejockmy apt-cache search sees it05:03
wafflejocksounds right05:04
wafflejocklll: hi05:04
greyhatpythonbut the tor bundle says out of date by itself05:04
allstarsnorks2wafflejock: thanks05:04
abaddonlll: yoo05:04
wafflejockallstarsnorks2: np05:04
wheatthinuse torsocks05:05
lllI want some soft start with the system ,how?05:06
wilee-nileelll, Soft start?05:07
lllguake terminal05:07
llla soft05:07
wilee-nileeI don't have the energy to even look that up, be clear.05:08
wheatthinlll, and please don't use enter as punctuation05:08
abaddonwilee-nilee: I can try an take this?05:08
wilee-nileeyou don;t have to ask me go for it05:09
lllI want a software to start with the beginning of system05:09
wafflejocklll: you can use either the startup section in your system settings or you can use your .profile or .bash_rc script05:09
wafflejocklll: alternatively you might want to include a startup script in init or init.d but I haven't done that personally05:09
lllThank you05:10
wafflejock!upstart | lll05:10
ubottulll: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:10
wafflejocklll: np05:10
abaddonwilee-nilee: Nvm, wafflejock got him05:10
abaddonwilee-nilee: Do you do this as a job?05:11
sandman13wafflejock: can you suggest me the download manager that captures audio and video files automatically05:11
xangua!volunteer | abaddon05:11
xanguammm :/05:12
abaddonxangua: -.- Funny05:12
wilee-nileeabaddon, Hehe not really just a hobby, I'm in grad school on a totally unrelated study.05:13
lotuspsychjemorning to all05:14
wafflejocklotuspsychje: morning05:14
lotuspsychjewafflejock: hello mate05:14
abaddonwilee-nilee: Ahhh, gotcha.05:14
wilee-nileeabaddon, more of an obsession tough. ;)05:14
wafflejockyeah this is my chill out after work thing to do lately05:15
wafflejocktrying to help and learning05:15
lotuspsychjewafflejock: good idea05:15
abaddonwilee-nilee: I try and help to learn more. XD At the expince of others...he...he...he....05:15
wafflejockabaddon: that happens sometimes but it can be unfortunate, always need to be cautious when giving out advice05:16
lotuspsychjebest way of learning is solving problems05:16
abaddonwafflejock: Trust me, I really work on not giving out useless info. I just mess up at times. =/05:16
wafflejockdefinitely when you have to explain something you really need to know it so it forces you to get an understanding05:17
wafflejockabaddon: yeah I hear ya stuff happens (keeping it PG)05:17
abaddonwafflejock: Heh heh, pg05:17
lotuspsychjeim looking for an alternative to the package 'prey' an anti-theft program for laptops, any sugestions?05:18
lotuspsychje!info prey05:18
ubottuprey (source: prey): utility for tracking stolen computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3-7.1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 527 kB, installed size 1101 kB05:18
lotuspsychjeor a script maybe that can email the laptops location every ubuntu boot, would do the trick05:18
lotuspsychjeprey uses online administration and i dont like that very much05:19
=== woodchuck_ is now known as broketech
lotuspsychjeif someone hacks their online database, they can access all laptops location in the world...that not really the meaning of anti-theft right05:20
wafflejocklotuspsychje: if you configure sendmail to work you can just use mail to send a message I believe05:22
lotuspsychjewafflejock: but what information would it email?05:22
wheatthinlotuspsychje, use your imagination.05:22
wafflejocklotuspsychje: good question...05:22
lotuspsychjewheatthin: im trying to brainstorm about this, but prey is the only thing i found05:23
wafflejocklotuspsychje: perhaps route trace or something not sure about geo ip lookup easily from the command line though05:23
wheatthinlotuspsychje, that's more of an offtopic subject no?05:23
lotuspsychjewheatthin: no because im looking an ubuntu anti-theft package05:23
lotuspsychjei need an alternative ubuntu package05:24
wheatthinlol so go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:24
lotuspsychjethis is ontopic05:24
wheatthinIs your system stranded or unuseable?05:24
joossee_I keep having GUI programs crash in ubuntu 12.04. Things like firefox, transmission, and mupen64plus.. all seem to be around and ewrror "... crashed with SIGSEGV in XQuesryExtension()" can someone help me out?05:25
lotuspsychjewheatthin: users come here for sugestions of software also, not only broken things05:25
wheatthinlol Support not suggestions.05:26
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
wilee-nileejoossee_, Have you booted a live cd/usb to see if it happens there?05:26
techkid6Is there a way to disable middle mouse in Ubuntu, especially the paste deal? I keep pasting accidentally copied things into my IRC shell (irssi)05:26
lotuspsychjewheatthin: support on information of existing packages05:26
abaddonwheatthin: mmmm offering alternatives is support.05:26
joossee_wilee-nilee, no. what is SIGSEGV ?05:27
abaddonjoossee_: look up on google?05:27
wafflejockjoossee_: https://www.google.com/search?q=SIGSEGV+in+XQuesryExtension&oq=SIGSEGV+in+XQuesryExtension&aqs=chrome..69i57.310j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=what+is+SIGSEGV&spell=105:27
wilee-nileejoossee_, Not sure, I would make sure this is not a a hardware problem with a live cd.05:27
abaddonlotuspsychje: I don't recall the name but there is another tracker.05:28
lotuspsychjeabaddon: nice, hope you refind in your memory :p05:28
abaddonlotuspsychje: something like patriot or eagle05:29
lotuspsychjeabaddon: lemme lookup tnx05:29
joossee_wafflejock, wilee-nilee i suspect there is a problem with my video card? would that be rational? I have error correcting server ram condfiured with 4GB's as backup on 32Gb ram server..05:29
abaddonlotuspsychje: I'll look through my bookmarks05:29
wheatthinjoossee_, is this 32bit or 64bit?05:29
joossee_wheatthin, 6405:29
joossee_i mean.. CLI stuff will run for days zero errors... but anything with a GUI seems suceptible?05:30
wilee-nileejoossee_, Dude, clinically it has been proven that the answer to any problem is gotten to fastest by starting at the simplest problems first.05:31
abaddonlotuspsychje: I think it actually was prey.... They just changed their web page05:32
abaddonlotuspsychje: =/05:32
joossee_wilee-nilee, dont disagree but running a boot CD..  does that even come with firefox? transmission? mupen64?05:32
lotuspsychjeabaddon: tnx for looking anyway mate05:32
abaddonjoossee_: it'll come with ff and transmission05:32
ianorlinunless it is mini05:32
wilee-nileejoossee_, FF yes Transmission I believe so, but is any of that even working for you now?05:33
lotuspsychjeabaddon: prey got a hidden package install, but i dont like its administration online05:33
wheatthinjoossee_, a livedvd will come with it, yes05:33
abaddonlotuspsychje: Yeah, sorry about that05:33
joossee_wilee-nilee, ya when it says firefox crashes, nothing actually happens. ff stays open works fine. transmission crashed and mupen crashed a day after i opened it...05:33
abaddonlotuspsychje: So I'm not sure whyn that's an issue? What is the likelyhood of them getting hacked?05:33
wilee-nileejoossee_ I suspect you have just messes up your install as a new user, could this be the case?05:33
joossee_can i get a live cd of server 64?05:33
joossee_wilee-nilee, i had to replace fglrx a bunch of times to make my cvard work... bad repos where to blame05:34
wafflejockjoossee_: doing a bit of googling I'm seeing a lot of it surrounding ATI05:34
lotuspsychjeabaddon: its just me, i dont trust online stuff, clouds..i prefer my own secure system05:34
wheatthinjoossee_, no, usually server installs are cli05:34
wafflejockjoossee_: yeah server install won't have the GUI05:34
irreverantwhats a good to share a screen online from ubuntu to windows05:34
wafflejockjoossee_: that's basically the point of the server install disk05:34
joossee_wheatthin, yes, but i installed ubuntu desktop ontop of server... this machine is a beast so overhead not a problem05:35
abaddonlotuspsychje: XD Gotta given an take bro. Maybe fork prey and improve upon it05:35
wilee-nileejoossee_, You have an upgrade right that had a bunch of not supported ppa's right?05:35
wheatthinjoossee_, but you can't install that ontop of a livecd05:35
abaddonlotuspsychje: Assuming it really is open05:35
joossee_wilee-nilee, yes the xorg/ender repo i think05:35
irreverantjoin.me doesnt work on ubuntu and screenleap seems to want to install java for linux, it uses rpm and then just offers linux05:35
irreverantbut im not sure if that means apt package installation05:35
joossee_wilee-nilee, now i only use the real ppas05:35
lotuspsychjeabaddon: maybe there's an ssh trick, once you boot laptop you could access it remote, but i need a warning method also05:36
irreverantany help?05:36
irreverantteam viewer a good one?05:36
wafflejockirreverant: likely a tar.gz which they will have a README for doing installation05:36
wafflejockirreverant: I've used Team viewer but not on linux it was fine05:36
wafflejockirreverant: if you just need remoting but not while viewing VNC will work (may be able to view as well can't recall)05:36
wilee-nileejoossee_, Heh, if it were me I would reinstall and document or remember/understand what I did and was doing. and clone at some point.05:36
joossee_wilee-nilee, i have a pretty good handle on what i did and did not do. not sure how thats helpful?05:37
abaddonlotuspsychje: hmmm, maybe write a bash script to ping tom a given network and if not on the network send an email?05:37
abaddonlotuspsychje: Then just use an application to get it's location05:37
lotuspsychjeabaddon: yes that might work05:37
lotuspsychjeabaddon: would be cool to get emails every ubuntu boot, if the thief is not too smart he will at least boot the latop once right05:38
abaddonlotuspsychje: If you're good with C or C++ maybe make us a newprog. ;P05:38
wilee-nileejoossee_, perfectly helpful, theoretically any open source OS is fixable, from your comments I doubt that last statement with a slight snicker. ;)05:38
joossee_i cant just go about rebooting my server to boot another OS. these errors arent super frequent.. just enuff to be annoying05:38
abaddonlotuspsychje: that'd do.05:39
wafflejocklotuspsychje: install mail-utils install sendmail install http://iharder.sourceforge.net/current/macosx/locateme/05:39
wilee-nileeI laugh in your general direction, not directly at you. ;)05:39
lotuspsychjewafflejock: tnx mate lemme look that up05:39
abaddonlotuspsychje: you could get his/her network info and tell the police to trace it05:39
joossee_w/e man its all good. i appreciate the help anyways05:40
wafflejockabaddon: police take forever... took them days to find me and I wasn't even hiding :)05:40
lotuspsychjeabaddon: an ip will do the trick :p05:40
irreverantyeah it was a tar.gz with a readme05:40
irreveranti just installed teamviewer installed05:40
wafflejockI also am not a big truster in the cloud services... looked at last pass for like 5 minutes and then got too paranoid and found KeePass05:41
wafflejockirreverant: let me know how it goes05:41
abaddonwafflejock: do I want to know...? >.>05:41
joossee_heres more details on the specific issue I get as a "SegvReason Reading unknown VMA" SegvReason: writing unknown VMA would mean that something was attempting to write to the destination of a pointer aimed outside of allocated memory. (This is sometimes a security issue.)05:42
wafflejockabaddon: you don't...05:42
abaddonwafflejock: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA05:42
wilee-nileewafflejock, I suppose so chicago is a big area oakpark is a bit smaller05:42
joossee_any idea what my security issue might be...?05:42
abaddonwafflejock: lotuspsychje btw, it's mailutils not mail-utils05:43
lotuspsychje!info mailutils05:43
ubottumailutils (source: mailutils): GNU mailutils utilities for handling mail. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.99.98-1 (saucy), package size 432 kB, installed size 1484 kB05:43
lotuspsychjehow about a keylogger to email? that exist?05:46
sandman13is there a way to clear last typed commands in terminal?05:48
lotuspsychjesandman13: man history05:49
zykotick9sandman13: fyi if you start commands with a <space> they won't be saved by history.05:49
lotuspsychje!info logkeys05:50
ubottulogkeys (source: logkeys): keylogger for GNU/Linux systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.1a-3 (saucy), package size 34 kB, installed size 111 kB05:50
lotuspsychjelemme install that05:50
superjoeI'm trying to build a package with dpkg-buildpackage. It works when I compile without dpkg-buildpackage, but with dpkg-buildpackage I get "relocation blah against symbol blah can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC05:53
wilee-nileesandman13, ~/ bash_history05:54
sandman13lotuspsychje: a bit complicated05:55
sgerbinoHello all, I am having issues with my tty1-6 when using nvidia-current drivers. With nouveau they are working fine. When I install nvidia-current they characters show but they shaky... anyone know a solution for this?05:55
wilee-nileesandman13, ~/ .bash_history actually left out the period it is hidden.05:55
abaddonAlright guys, I'm off tonight05:56
sandman13wilee-nilee: not working for me05:57
wilee-nileesandman13, whats not working?05:57
sandman13wilee-nilee the command05:57
wilee-nileesandman13, what command, I gave you not a command but where it's at/05:58
sandman13wilee-nilee sorry my bad :)05:58
wilee-nileesandman13, Heh, easy mistake. ;)05:58
sandman13wilee-nilee: from home folder or from /06:00
superjoeI narrowed it down to the fact that dpkg-buildpackage is somehow adding -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions  to the linker args which breaks the build06:00
superjoehow can I disable this?06:00
wilee-nileesandman13, ~/  is home06:00
sandman13wilee-nilee: nothing like that06:01
wilee-nileesandman13, hit ctrl-h its hidden06:01
sandman13wilee-nilee done that06:01
wilee-nileesandman13, no .bash_history you say06:02
sandman13wilee-nilee: found it i was looking for folder :D06:02
wilee-nileeIn home'06:02
wilee-nileesandman13, I will save the snarky remark as I am trying to be kinder ans nicer. ;)06:03
sandman13wilee-nilee: cleared history thanks06:05
wilee-nileesandman13, No problem.06:05
sandman13wilee-nilee: seen your message box06:07
wilee-nileesandman13, message box?06:07
sandman13wilee-nilee: yes place where we send PM06:08
wilee-nileesandman13, I have PM off, no meesage from me.06:08
sandman13wilee-nilee: oh btw can you suggest me a good download manager like internet download manager?06:09
lotuspsychjesandman13: firefox got default download list06:09
wilee-nileesandman13, for downloading what, with ubuntu you have apt-get the softwrae center or synaptic.06:10
sandman13wilee-nilee: for downloading flv videos from websites06:10
aslanHi, I got a scenario that my custom OS is read only filesystem which doesn't have the terminal access, where I got few directories  with read permission.. I would like to know how can I play around with scripts in this06:10
wilee-nileesome will use aptitude not sure why anymore06:10
wilee-nileesandman13, Ah can't really say as some are really against site rules or the law, so......06:11
wafflejockaslan: what kinds of scripts?06:12
wilee-nileeaslan, what does   lsb_release -a say06:12
sandman13wilee-nilee: pm me then06:12
wilee-nileesandman13, i DON;T PM.06:12
wilee-nileesorry hit the caps06:12
sandman13wilee-nilee:okay no problem06:12
aslanwafflejock, I kept a script in /tmp and I want to run it as root06:13
aslanwilee-nilee, The lsb_release is ubuntu 11.006:13
wilee-nileeaslan, That is end of life06:13
wilee-nileewhatever it is, the answer is not waht you get anyway.06:14
Gnarhow come you guys use an inferior os?06:16
wilee-nileeGnar, To get your comments06:16
sandman13wilee-nilee: how to uninstall the applications installed in this way?http://ubuntuportal.com/2013/04/xtreme-download-manager-alternative-internet-download-manager-for-linux.html06:17
wafflejockaslan: without terminal access you can't do a whole lot06:22
Pinkamen1_DI had google chrome with a bunch of tabe up and I just hit the alt key and something by accident and it just vanished. I have a memory moniter so I know it is not closed, but the window does not appear in any desktop06:23
sandman13how to uninstall a program that is installed with java?06:24
wafflejocksandman13: java itself doesn't install programs06:24
wafflejocksandman13: or rather it's not typically used to install programs06:24
wafflejocksandman13: you can download a program with a java program then install it06:25
wafflejocksandman13: if it's a .sh file you'll have to see if it takes a --uninstall flag or has some other option for uninstalling06:25
wafflejocksandman13: if it's a .deb file you can use dpkg purge or dpkg deinstall if it's apt-get you use remove or purge06:26
sandman13wafflejock: in .sh file it is written java -jar filename.jar and nothing else06:26
wafflejockjava -jar just executes a java file06:26
wafflejockjar is a java archive06:26
wafflejock-jar just tells java runtime you're going to give it a jar file which is like a zip with a Manifest file in it that tells it which class to execute06:26
wafflejockthe class is a compiled java file06:27
wafflejockit could potentially do anything06:27
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sandman13wafflejock: that means i can simply remove it to "uninstall"06:27
wafflejocksandman13: generally speaking yes the jar file might write configuration files elsewhere but it's typical for a jar to have everything in it to run06:27
sandman13wafflejock: does the program leaves traces06:28
wafflejocksandman13: if you install stuff outside of apt-get though you need to follow the advice from the site where you obtained the installation about how to properly remove06:28
cyphaseanyone know what file to delete to re-enable the first time sudo message?06:29
wafflejocksandman13: this is one of the nice things about using dpkg/apt-get the packages have descriptors of what is installed where so it can be easily removed06:29
wilee-nileecyphase, first time sudo message?06:29
wafflejocksandman13: with a jar file it's up to whoever writes it to decide what conventions to follow when it comes to configuration files and the like06:29
cfhowlettcyphase, first time what?06:29
sandman13wafflejock: i followed the steps to get the programs like in this website: http://ubuntuportal.com/2013/04/xtreme-download-manager-alternative-internet-download-manager-for-linux.html06:31
cyphasewilee-nilee, sorry, it's late. that message that shows up the first time you use sudo; with great power comes great responsibility, etc06:31
meet_praveenhow can i set java home environment variable06:31
wilee-nileecyphase,  Poat the out out of running   lsb_release -a06:32
wafflejocksandman13: you probably want to get rid of the jar file and go into your browser settings and remove any extensions it installed... beyond that I have no idea really..06:32
sandman13wafflejock: okay let's see06:33
wafflejocksandman13: if you want to try to be a bit more sure you can use something like this: http://linux.die.net/man/1/inotifywatch to watch what files get changed06:35
wafflejocksandman13: I haven't used that one in particular but have used similar tools in windows to see what exactly an installer is doing06:35
sandman13wafflejock: normally where do these program get installed?06:36
eminorsandman13: you can use dpkg -L <name> to see what files are in a software package06:37
wafflejocksandman13: like I said with jar it can be anywhere really... well really any package can install anywhere06:37
wafflejockeminor: he's dealing with a jar he executed06:37
wafflejockeminor: it installs some junk in your browser06:37
eminordon't use java :>06:38
wafflejocksandman13: usually your programs installed through apt-get will just be setup in /usr/bin or have symbolic links there06:39
wafflejockeminor: nothing wrong with Java it's used in huge deployments on WebSphere servers running clusters of machines, client side java isn't anything great but on the server it's fine06:39
sandman13wafflejock: threw it out from firefox06:40
sandman13wafflejock: it used proxy to automate downloads in case of chrome06:41
sandman13wafflejock: changed proxy from automatic to none06:41
xboxdetcc xbox?06:42
wafflejockpackage{public class DoStuff {public static void main(String args[]){System.out.printl("does limited stuff");}}}//harmless see :)06:42
wafflejockawe syntax error println*06:42
xboxdealguem tcc pt???06:42
impradeepyhi guys06:42
cfhowlettxboxde, wrong channel I think06:43
cfhowlettimpradeepy, greetings06:43
wafflejock!br | xboxde06:43
ubottuxboxde: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.06:43
impradeepyssup frns?06:43
xboxdei am tryng my xbox ubutum06:43
somsip!english | impradeepy06:43
ubottuimpradeepy: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:43
impradeepywas using shortcuts06:44
impradeepywhatsup all?06:44
wafflejockimpradeepy: lets stick with english enough acronyms to go around :)06:44
cfhowlettimpradeepy, what is your ubuntu question.06:44
impradeepyi am searching a gui for fan controller06:45
impradeepyand temperature monitor for cpu06:46
wafflejockimpradeepy: there's psensor, I'm using KDE now there's some nice plasmoids/plasma widgets for showing the stats on everything... not sure about fan control06:46
impradeepywill try now06:47
impradeepypsensors are not available for 13.04 :(06:49
impradeepywafflejock any alternatives??06:50
wafflejockimpradeepy: sorry not sure on Unity, like I said in KDE lots of plasmoids for displaying the system stuff06:52
Ben64!info psensor raring | impradeepy06:52
ubottuimpradeepy: psensor (source: psensor): display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 56 kB, installed size 392 kB06:52
impradeepyits ok06:52
impradeepyubottu not available in software centre06:53
ubottuimpradeepy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:53
Ben64impradeepy: yes it is, ubottu gets that info from the same location06:53
wafflejockimpradeepy: psensor no s06:54
wafflejockimpradeepy: it is sorta basic and not super nice looking compared to the KDE options but it's functional06:55
impradeepygot it06:55
pogiako1can someone give me examples on how to use globs?06:56
pogiako1i mean grep06:57
wafflejockimpradeepy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1888606 <- some interesting stuff on using PWM pulse width modulation to control the average voltage supplied to the fan06:57
wafflejockimpradeepy: obviously use at your own risk :)06:57
wafflejockpogiako1: Google http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/sect_04_02.html06:58
impradeepywafflejock wait m following d given instructions06:58
gartralwhere is ia32-libs for 13.10? I really need that package06:59
wafflejockgartral: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107230/what-happened-to-the-ia32-libs-package07:00
wafflejockgartral: alternatively have you considered compiling whatever it is that depends on ia32 that you are trying to install from the repos?07:01
gartralwafflejock: no, recompalation isn't an option07:03
wafflejockgartral: what are you trying to install07:04
gartralwafflejock: nothing it's a self-contained 32-bit app07:04
wafflejockI don't understand why it can't just be recompiled then? is it not open source?07:05
maekjust because I have an /etc/init.d script that does not mean its actually using upstart right?07:05
wafflejock!upstart | maek07:06
ubottumaek: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:06
reisiomaek: running, you mean?07:06
maekor upstart features?07:06
maekwafflejock: thanks.07:06
wafflejockSystemV uses /etc/init.d upstart uses /etc/init07:06
gartralwafflejock: it *IS* tecnically opensource, but the code has 32-bit binblobs, and also many functions that are explicit hardcodes07:06
impradeepywafflejock please see this ouptut http://paste.ubuntu.com/6441430/ after line 15707:06
Ben64gartral: the solution is to use multiarch and get whichever libraries you need07:06
maekreisio: im new to ubuntu and I have elasticsearch installing what looks like a traditional sysV init script but its not working. im trying to debug it following upstart docs but I dont see the config file for the job, etc07:06
reisiohow's it not working?07:07
maekwafflejock: oh. so I guess its using sysV07:07
wafflejockimpradeepy: seems it's not possible then07:07
wafflejockmaek: yeah there's a mix right now I believe for backwards compatibility07:07
maekreisio: cant tell. no output. it just says 'started' but then no process and no ouput07:07
reisiomaek: that's not necessarily abnormal07:07
wafflejockmaek: with the plan to move everything to upstart eventually I believe07:07
maekok so its just sysV thne07:07
reisiomaek: mmmm, or it's running and you don't realize it :)07:08
reisiomaek: can you pastebin the init script?07:08
wafflejockmaek: basically SystemV was more linear in it's startup system upstart is based on dependencies and start things in parallel as soon as possible07:08
impradeepywafflejock  no way to install pwm-capable sensor modules?07:08
maekreisio: id be surprised. no port bound, no process etc07:08
reisioI think he cares less about sysv vs upstart and more about his service working07:08
wafflejockimpradeepy: yeah looks like a lack of hardware support for the PWM, it did seem a bit strange07:08
maekreisio: its the output of this https://github.com/elasticsearch/cookbook-elasticsearch/blob/master/templates/default/elasticsearch.init.erb07:09
impradeepywafflejock hp dm4 suckz07:09
wafflejockreisio: yeah just explaining cause I just read up on it and figure it's worth it to know07:09
maekI was expecting like an upstart job like runsvdir07:09
impradeepywafflejock thankuvey much07:09
reisiomaek: so pgrep -l elasticsearch, nothing?07:09
wafflejockimpradeepy: np07:10
maekreisio: correct.07:10
maekno port 9200 either07:10
reisiomaek: and the PIDFILE is not present?07:10
maeklet me check. i think its making the pid but nothing else07:10
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reisioif the pidfile is there it won't ever start07:11
maekthe start-stop-daemon command is tricky never seen anything like     ES_INCLUDE=$ES_INCLUDE start-stop-daemon --background --start --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE --chuid <%= node[:elasticsearch][:user] %> --exec /usr/local/bin/elasticsearch -- -p $PIDFILE07:11
gpledhaving trouble formating a usb jump drive07:11
maekreisio: oh yeah, I delete it and it re creates07:11
reisiomaek: that said: https://gist.github.com/rbscott/105201507:11
reisioetc.: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22elasticsearch%22%20%22upstart%2207:11
maekreisio: ty will look.07:12
reisioyeah some of that is meant to be preprocessed07:12
reisiothe rest is normal looking for an init script07:12
maekyeah the erb stuff is clear but07:12
maek    ES_INCLUDE=$ES_INCLUDE start-stop-daemon --background --start --quiet --pidfile $PIDFILE --chuid <%= node[:elasticsearch][:user] %> --exec /usr/local/bin/elasticsearch -- -p $PIDFILE07:13
maekthat is basically the line that gets ran07:13
reisioit just says run the executable, and track it with a file07:13
maekand I have no idea how you run start-stop-daemon as an arg to a var setting. thats just blowing my mind trying to figure out what its doing.07:13
reisioit's not an arg to a var setting07:13
ripthejackerIs it recommended to use Ubuntu 13.10 server edition on a production server and then upgrade to 14.04 when it releases, or should I stick to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?07:13
reisioFOO=bar command just means run command with FOO=bar07:13
reisioinstead of, potentially, FOO being equal to what the environment ordinarily has07:14
maekah ok07:14
cfhowlettripthejacker, as I understand it, LTS is recommended for server stability so 12.04 to 14.0407:14
maekpath=foo command07:14
Ben64ripthejacker: either at this point, since both are one upgrade from 14.0407:14
reisioso if you have two X's running, for example, :0 and :1, you can say DISPLAY=:1 gedit to run gedit on the second one07:14
reisiomaek: yeah07:14
maekreisio: ok ty.07:14
reisioit's a one-off environmental variable reset07:14
reisioor a one-off variable07:14
cfhowlettripthejacker, consider: 13.10 has a 9 month lifespan.  Do you REALLY want to install/config a server every 9 months?  especially a production server?07:14
dancatHow can I add a process to start at boot and stop at shutdown by a specific user07:15
ripthejackercfhowlett, Ben64: What are the factors that I have to keep in mind while upgrading, such that the upgradation does not break my existing setup?07:15
gartralBen64: I tried that07:15
eyfourripthejacker: If you can afford downtime and troubleshooting (if necessary) during the upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04, and you need the newest features/versions badly, go ahead with 13.10. Otherwise, go 12.04 LTS.07:15
cfhowlettripthejacker, I'm not a server admin and I don't speak that language.  sorry ... see ben64 and eyfour 's comments or ask in #ubuntu-server07:16
Ben64ripthejacker: config files mostly07:16
gartralBen64: http://pastebin.com/LCwjth7U <- list of libs I need http://pastebin.com/7zp67aQX <- what happens when I try to install them07:16
Ben64gartral: ok, so thats not the correct name07:18
gartralripthejacker: your main concern will be your init level changes, make sure to read the changelogs for the version upgrade and pre-patch accordingly07:18
ripthejackerBen64, eyfour: what is the version I setup if I am definitely going to upgrade to 14.04?07:19
gartralripthejacker: 12.04 LTS07:19
cfhowlettripthejacker, you can directly upgrade 12.04 to 14.0407:19
eyfourripthejacker: 12.04 LTS07:19
Ben64yeah, 12.04 gives you much longer to engineer the upgrade07:20
ripthejackerthank you guys :)07:20
ripthejackerhave a nice day07:20
cfhowlettripthejacker, best of luck07:20
Ben64april 2017 vs july 201407:20
gartralripthejacker: you too07:21
ripthejackercfhowlett: :D07:21
eyfourripthejacker: good luck :)07:21
* gartral hugs his server07:21
ubuntu870hi. I installed empathy-skype but there is no skype on online accounts07:31
ubuntu870hi. I installed empathy-skype but there is no skype on online accounts07:35
reisioubuntu870: I think it might actually require skype to be running07:38
reisiooffering only the convenience of directly using only empathy, etc.07:38
Myrttiubuntu870: even if it would work with Skype running in the background, from what I've heard Microsoft is going to deprecate the API allowing you to use the empathy-skype thing in the near future07:39
reisiowell of course they are07:40
reisiobut that is always the case, with all things microsoft07:40
reisiopeople waste time supporting it anyways07:40
reisioSkype ironically relies on GNU/Linux servers :p07:41
pogiako1how's 13.10 guys?07:46
Tlacaelelhombre blanco! que te estas creendo?  nueva orden mundial. creencia falsa solamente!07:46
pogiako1am still on raring coz i believe saucy's still buggy07:47
ubottuTlacaelel,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:47
Tlacaelelya basta!07:47
Tlacaelelall your timebank are belong to u$07:47
ubuntu870ok thanks reisio and Myrtti07:47
pogiako1how's 13.10 guys?07:48
ubottupogiako1,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:48
wafflejock12.04 here07:48
pogiako1wafflejock: same! ;)07:48
Ari-YangAkaigo-Arc 3.12.0-031200-generic x86_64 Description: Ubuntu 12.10 Codename: quantal07:48
Ben64pogiako1: raring is not 12.0407:48
pogiako1oh sorry07:49
pogiako1haha i thhought he said raring07:49
Ari-Yangpogiako1: 13.10 is most likely better, but may still have some bugs07:49
djangonoobI have problems with my new notebook. It has amd 8750m and intel 4400 and I tried to install graphic driver but I did something wrong or I used wrong driver or something. Now I can't even shutdown (it restarts automatically)07:49
Ari-Yangpogiako1: tbh I have half a mind to upgrade myself07:49
pogiako1Ari-Yang: yah thought so07:49
wafflejockpogiako1: yeah tried to go up to 13.10 when I was having some minor issues in 13.04 but dropped back to 12.04 cause of video card issues I didn't want to deal with07:49
Ben64pogiako1: you'll need to upgrade before january or you lose support07:50
pogiako1then where do you go from there?07:50
Ari-Yangpogiako1: tbh if you're on 13.04, you might as well upgrade to 13.1007:50
pogiako1should i fresh install 12.04?07:50
cfhowlettpogiako1, LTS only.07:50
Ari-Yangpogiako1: if you want lts, sure07:50
wafflejockcan just say make sure you back up your stuff.... I had everything backed up but wish I had just cloned with clonezilla/dd since restoration was still a bit of a pain07:50
Ari-Yang(lts = long term support)07:50
Ari-Yangpogiako1: though, 12.04 is most likely packaged with old and stale software, hop on to 13.10 for latest stuff07:51
pogiako1what's the usual problem with it?07:51
pogiako1and what's the ideal way to hop on to it?07:51
difoIs running ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine on a mac a lost cause?07:51
pogiako1difo: what do u mean?07:52
difoit's so slow, especially on virtual box07:52
pogiako1what are ur pc specs?07:52
ak5hi, what method of mirror creation should I employ if I ONLY want to mirror the precise64 packages?07:52
difobrand new macbook pro07:52
djangonoobstandby is also not possible. I will see the login screen after about 2 sec black screen07:52
pogiako1well, that shouldnt be a problem07:52
difoi didn't think it would..07:53
pogiako1did u get the mac ver. of VB?>07:53
pogiako1what do you mean by slow?07:53
difoi tinkered with the settings for a couple hours..07:53
difomostly the mouse lags07:53
MonkeyDusthere too, ubuntu is slow in virtualbox07:54
difook, i've read that ubuntu is generally slow in vb07:54
pogiako1might be07:54
pogiako1go look up on google, or stack exchange07:54
pogiako1stack overflow*07:54
reisiodifo: the default 'Ubuntu' desktop environment uses what is meant to be a hardware accelerated window manager07:55
difoyeah, that seems to be the consensus.. asking you guys was my last resort07:55
reisioso it could give that appearance, under many circumstances07:55
Ben64easy solution is to not use unity07:55
reisiouse another DE or window manager and it'll appear normal speed07:55
reisioyes indeed07:55
difoalright, thanks07:56
ak5any ideas for the local precise 64 repository>?07:56
reisioor if you want the authentic _appearance_ without the lag, try unity-2d07:56
pogiako1from 13.04, 13.10 fresh install or 13.10 upgrade?07:56
difolooking it up now, thanks again, reisio07:56
reisiopogiako1: if you can't upgrade, you either need to learn more so that you can, or you're using the wrong distro07:58
reisioreinstalls are for other OSes07:58
reisio(and change of architecture :p)07:58
=== ncsaba is now known as NCsaba
reisio(and any time you've broken the system to the point where reinstallation will take less time to fix it :p)07:58
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ak5reisio: are ubuntu upgrades safe now? I remember way back when it wasn't08:02
reisiomy guess is they're getting worse over time, but people could also just be complaining more08:02
Ari-Yangpogiako1: if you're going to do a fresh install anyway and want latest software packaged already, might as well go for 13.10... tinker with it, if you realize that it is too buggy, do a fresh install of 12.0408:03
djangonoobcan someone help me installing right graphics driver for my new notebook. I botched something and now I have problems like restarting instead of shutdown/standby08:03
* reisio headdesks08:03
pogiako1i'd go with something new and stable so which will it be?08:04
reisiowhy would you install an older version of something you know has a future of bugginess08:04
reisiomakes no sense08:04
=== parduse is now known as Guest39754
reisiothe only reason to avoid the latest version of a GNU/Linux distro is if you should avoid every version of it08:04
wilee-nileepogiako1, That would be your definition not ours, install what you want.08:05
ubottudjangonoob,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:05
pogiako1will 13.10 be that 'new and stable'?08:05
pogiako1i wouldn't mind a little bug08:05
auronandacepogiako1: 13.10 has been stable for me08:05
pogiako1but as long as i wont have problems fixing it, like looking up google etc.08:06
cfhowlettpogiako1, you're using subjective terms that we can't possibly answer for you.08:06
wilee-nileepogiako1, It is the latest release, stable is your definition of, every users experience is different08:06
pogiako1yeah i know, i might get help out of your opinions ;)08:07
djangonoobI have a new hp 840 g1 with amd radeon 8750m + intel hd 4400, running ubuntu 12.04 64bit... I tried to install graphic drivers but didnt really know which one and mby I got the wrong one. now I can't shutdown ubuntu because it restarts automatically08:07
wilee-nileepogiako1, Not without a whole lotta assumption and confirmation bias.08:07
djangonooband there are other graphic problems too08:08
auronandacepogiako1: sticking to what is in the repos ubuntu has always been stable for me08:08
debasishello friends...what is sudo command and why its used?08:08
reisiodebasis: 'su' + do08:08
debasisI am new in linux...so i nedd help08:08
auronandace!sudo | debasis08:08
ubottudebasis: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:08
reisioit's meant to give root access to specific users for specific things08:08
reisioUbuntu uses it to give root access to specific users for anything08:09
pogiako1i have burned the first release of 13.10, are the features still the same up to now?08:09
debasisok ,...i see08:09
auronandacepogiako1: same as what?08:09
sev1nkIf you want to execute a command as root08:09
reisiopogiako1: features?08:09
pogiako1it wouldnt be a problem anyways, i'll just run software update ;)08:09
eyfourdebasis: sudo is the most dangerous command/prefix you can run in a default/vanilla Ubuntu installation. If you don't know why you need it, don't use it.08:09
debasisin sudo apt, what is apt then?08:09
eyfourdebasis: etc, as above.08:09
reisiodebasis: the package manager, essentially08:09
wilee-nileepogiako1, this is support, all your questions so far have been self relevant, figure it out to you happiness in the end.08:10
auronandace!apt | debasis08:10
ubottudebasis: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)08:10
debasisok..i see08:10
wilee-nileepogiako1, WE are here for the problems you actually have.08:11
debasisDo any one have installed Oracle in Ur ubuntu?....i cant install it...i have installed it in windoes08:11
wilee-nileedebasis, oracle what java?08:11
reisiodebasis: it's installable, but I wouldn't recommend it, for philosophical reasons08:12
debasisno no...Oracle Data base08:12
wafflejockTabletDebasis which installer08:12
debasisreisio, i need to install it, bcoz i m learning Oracle Data Base08:12
wafflejockTabletdebasis: oracle owns mysql08:12
reisiodebasis: ew :p08:13
debasishahaha...yes..its owned My SQL08:13
reisiodebasis: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Oracle08:13
debasisreisio, whats it?08:13
reisiodebasis: what you asked for08:14
debasislet me see the community08:14
debasisGuys...Ubuntu is very tough :)08:19
auronandacedebasis: feel free to practise in a vm08:19
debasisyes...i am doing that08:19
wafflejockTabletdebasis: anything is tough when u first learn eventually many things are easier08:20
debasisActually i am a normal user of windows...so feeling uncomfortable in Ubuntu08:20
cfhowlettdebasis, pretty sure you were not BORN knowing windows....08:20
wafflejockTabletdebasis: installing with apt get is amazingly efficient08:20
cfhowlettdebasis, you learned windows.  you can learn ubunt08:20
wafflejockTabletDo a wamp install vs lamp install08:21
cfhowlettdebasis, as in all things, we choose what's important and invest our time and effort.  You've come here, so you're clearly serious.08:21
debasissure sure...i m serious08:21
meet_praveenhow can i set java home environment variable ?08:22
meet_praveenin ubuntu08:22
debasisbcoz i am besically a java developer, and my all work will be on linux08:22
Webster255Question, will a 64 bit i3 boot a live cd with a 32 bit ISO? I hve no DVD burner for the larger 64 bit ISO.....08:22
wafflejockTabletOr try node or grunt or ruby or python on windows08:22
auronandaceWebster255: of course it can08:22
wafflejockTabletdebasis: yeah for dev it's much better08:22
impradeepyyes webmaster08:22
debasishow u r writting to me only, can i write to u only also?08:23
cfhowlettWebster255, yes you can boot 32 bit ubuntu on  a 64 machine08:23
cfhowlettdebasis, tab complete ...08:23
auronandacedebasis: type the nick08:23
wafflejockTablet!tab| debasis08:23
ubottudebasis: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:23
wafflejockTabletI gotta sleep night all08:24
Webster255terrific, thans so much08:24
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:25
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=== hook is now known as boryang
sabgentonanybody using the daily builds for trusty?08:31
ubottusabgenton,: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info.08:32
sabgentonyeah but has anyone given the dailys a go08:32
wilee-nileesabgenton, #ubuntu+108:33
sabgentonah cheers sorry08:33
Ben64hmm, the factoid should be updated for 14.0408:33
nafg_Hello, I am going through nightmares trying to customize the ubuntu installer08:35
Ben64!14.04 is Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295  - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:35
cfhowlettBen64, indeedc08:35
=== tor is now known as Guest76856
cfhowlettnvs, greetings08:40
nvsim using ubuntu 13.10 and im looking for a weather app or something08:41
nvsis there anything to display the weather in my desktop?08:41
nvsi had no luck in the soft center08:41
cfhowlettnvs,  see the software center08:43
nvsnothing works there despite a china weather. since im not living in china i had no luck08:45
wilee-nileenvs, The weather addon has had problems with the call link is all.08:46
nvsso its not working at all?08:46
wilee-nileeweather app whatever its called in unity08:46
wilee-nileenvs, I believe it works if you set the config right.08:47
nvsi see an aweather and the second most popular is reported to be non functional at all08:47
nvsanyone has the city lens in 13.10?08:47
wilee-nileethe weather extension works great in the shell08:48
davidcallenvs, not compatible with 13.10, sorry about that, but you have the weather scope, that works out of the box (try typing "weather" in the dash)08:49
davidcallenvs (or weather:something) for weather in a different location.08:49
nvsi see no weather scope08:50
nvsi type weather08:50
davidcallenvs, do you have online search activated?08:50
nafg_Help, I am going through nightmares trying to customize the ubuntu installer08:51
wilee-nilee!details | nafg_08:51
ubottunafg_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:51
nafg_hi wilee-nilee08:51
davidcallenvs, that's it then :) You can disable scopes individually in the Apps lens, this way you can turn off things you don't want.08:51
nafg_:) okay let me try08:52
wilee-nileenafg_, Tell the Chanel is all I doubt I know08:52
nafg_i mean i've been having tons of issues, but the one i'm stuck now is this:08:52
nafg_ubiquityubiquity/success_command string /cdrom/postinstall.sh08:52
nafg_It doesn't seem to be working08:52
lordcrusader_hi good afternoon08:54
nafg_so neat, i can modify the iso and restore virtualbox snapshot08:56
nafg_in middle of install08:56
lordcrusader_using tasksel to install lamp-server in ubuntu or installing seperately everything one by one apache2 mysql php phpmyadmin ?08:56
nafg_wilee-nilee: thanks for the help08:57
wilee-nileenafg_, sure, good luck.08:58
ubottuWeasley: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:13
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GoldenPocketsIm running ubuntu on vmware, and i cant get network to work (i cant ping www.google.com or but somehow apt-get can install things. How can network do some things and not others?09:23
ak5GoldenPockets: curl ifconfig.me <--- does that work09:25
cousteauI typed `gvim` and got a message saying "The «gvim» program can be found on the following packages:  * vim  *vim-gnome [...]"09:25
djangonoobthere should be a possibility to change the nic type from vm09:25
cousteauso I installed vim, typed gvim, and got the same message09:25
djangonoobbridging, etc09:25
cousteauis this a bug?09:25
cousteau(i.e. the vim package shouldn't be in that list)09:25
djangonoobI think you have to change the setting09:25
djangonoobfrom nic09:25
GoldenPocketsak5: it gave me an ip09:26
GoldenPocketsok so firefox is working and curl but i cant ping google09:27
UrielVigilanti switeched off my b43 wireless anthena on the hadware switch button, then ubuntu 13.10 wasn´t able to switch on this anthen anymore nether in hardware nether in software even trying restart and reboot . The only solution was  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6441869/ . This is normal ?09:31
ak5GoldenPockets: that's your external ip09:31
UrielVigilantcorrection: i switeched off my b43 wireless anthena on the hadware switch button, then Lubuntu 13.10 wasn´t able to switch on this anthen anymore nether in hardware nether in software even trying restart and reboot . The only solution was http://paste.ubuntu.com/6441869/ . This is normal ?09:31
UrielVigilantCould this be a bug ?09:34
djangonoobI have a new notebook "hp 840 g1" and it runs ubuntu 12.04 64bit, the hardware button to enable/disable wifi activates keyboard backlit but not disable wifi09:35
Rorydjangonoob: Is this the same one you couldn't get the wifi working on yesterday? What did you do to fix that?09:37
=== ripthejacker is now known as akhil_
djangonoobI wrote a link... I have to look09:39
djangonoobthis was the solution: http://askubuntu.com/questions/331667/no-wireless-for-intel-corporation-7260-version-6309:40
djangonoobwifi is working now but not the hardware button09:41
djangonoobthe fn+dim hotkeys still not working too09:41
djangonoobit shows the dim panel but the display does not change09:42
=== Guest10102 is now known as mapito
UrielVigilantanother this i did was put # before lin refering b43 on blacklist.com in diretory modprobe.d09:44
djangonoobthe following issue is not that bad but mby I can change this: the hardware mute button is working but it is has always orange color, if not muted it should be white or something09:44
UrielVigilantfrom now on i will sitwch off the wireless hardware from software and not from hardware, maybe this should avoid this problem doesn it ?09:46
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, you'll like this: After almost 4 years of owning a dual booting win7/ubuntu equipped DELL, I accidentally hit Alt F7 instead of Fn F7.  Wifi came on instantly.  try the ctrl/alt/fn/super key alternatives before your reboot to windows or rfkill09:49
djangonoobI don't know how it is implemented but if you have an software problem and the hardware button invokes the same function as if you switch with software...09:49
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: i only have Lubuntu 13.10 on my laptop. This is jobcomputer, no Linux here . In my Laptop i only have Lubuntu not dual  booting .Do you think it will work anyway ?09:50
UrielVigilantdjangonoob: that incidence happens after a hibernate session and the turning on laptop.09:52
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, dual boot doesn't matter other than the fact that the Windows 7 wifi keypress was F7.  I've no idea what the default keypress is on your computer, but try the alternatives I suggested.09:53
fahadashDoes ubuntu have a good C++ IDE in their software center ?09:54
cfhowlettfahadash, open the software center and see for yourself...09:54
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: do you think its better to reinstall Lubuntu from new ?09:54
=== El_Quedro_ is now known as El_Quedro
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, I haven't been following your thread.  If I understand, some of your media keys don't work?  Could be you need to install the linux firmware09:55
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, reinstall is the LAST resort, of course.09:56
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, try this: open a terminal.  type apt-cache policy linux-firmware and verify that it's installed or not09:57
cowbaconcfhowlett: proper partition schemes and a reinstall wont break anything :)09:57
UrielVigilantafter i did : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6441869/  it cmoe works again . But now i ´m thinking why this wireless card stop working sudently when using hardware switc button to turn off ?09:57
cfhowlettcowbacon, true, true.  I've a personal bias.  Too many people scream !reinstall just like they scream !bug whenever anything little thing takes more than 15 seconds of googling to repair09:57
cowbaconcfhowlett: completly true. if users learn how to fix problems themself the community as a whole would benefit greatly. however, many aren't interested in tinkering with their system and just want something that works, and a reinstall is the easiest path then09:59
cfhowlettcowbacon, agreed10:00
djangonoobhow can I google a hardware button?10:00
tachyonsRTFM answers are not good in irc :)10:00
ObrienDaveRTFM ;)10:00
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: what does the button do?10:02
djangonoob"hp 840 g1" wifi button just activates keyboard backlit but nothing else10:03
djangonoobubuntu 12.04 64 bit10:04
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: what wifi chip are you using?10:04
djangonoobac 726010:04
=== root____ is now known as kdr
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: run:   sudo lshw -C network    what wifi CHIP is it, not the adapter10:05
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: it may take a while to run10:07
adam_Anyone got cloud print to work with the ubuntu machine hooked up as the server to a legacy printer like an HP LaserJet?10:07
djangonoobActionParsnip, yes... because I run irc on second laptop ^^10:08
djangonoobActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442003/10:09
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: driver=iwlwifi driverversion=3.8.0-33-generic firmware= ip=
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: can you ping ?10:09
djangonoobyes, internet is working10:09
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: so where is the issue?10:10
djangonoobthe hardware button is not working10:10
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: but the wifi is working. WHy do you need the button?10:10
Rorydjangonoob: With how long it took you just to get it working, I'd just do without the button. You can disable wifi in ubuntu using network manager anyway10:10
arcsky_are there any way to install ubuntu via console  or ssh ?10:11
ObrienDaveRTFM ;)10:11
djangonoobIt is not really necessary to get the button working but it would be nice10:11
jpdsarcsky_: Yeah, netboot with PXE/DHCP/preseed is an option.10:12
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: if you run:   xev    and press the button, does it make an event?10:12
djangonoobwifi is working, i can switch and disable with the manager10:12
djangonoobActionParsnip, no10:13
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: then that's why10:13
cfhowlettarcsky_, PXE is one option10:13
djangonoobActionParsnip, do I need firmware or something, or is it not possible10:13
Rorydjangonoob: Could you link again the instructions you followed to get your wifi working?10:14
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: sounds like there is someting in between not functioning, Wifi adapters use about 2W of power, so why people disable them is beyond me10:14
ActionParsnipdjangonoob: are there any bugs reported?10:14
djangonoobRory, http://askubuntu.com/questions/331667/no-wireless-for-intel-corporation-7260-version-6310:14
kmfknock knock10:15
djangonoobActionParsnip, it's more that I want that everything is working on my new notebook10:15
cfhowlettkmf, greetings10:16
shagelitohey #ubuntu, i'm facing some troubles with my grub configuration, can't boot my linux distrib without supergrub cd. Some help would be greatly appreciated.10:16
Rorydjangonoob: Did you follow the first answer? You may have some more luck with Ubuntu 13.10 rather than 12.04 as it includes a more recent kernel, but I can't guarantee that10:16
arcsky_jpds: cfhowlett : link ?10:16
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate10:17
ObrienDavekmf, no one is home10:17
Roryshagelito: Take a look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub10:17
cfhowlettarcsky_, see    http://www.google.com.hk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=ubuntu+pxe+install&source=web&cd=6&cad=rja&ved=0CEwQFjAF&url=%68%74%74%70%73%3a%2f%2f%68%65%6c%70%2e%75%62%75%6e%74%75%2e%63%6f%6d%2f%63%6f%6d%6d%75%6e%69%74%79%2f%44%69%73%6b%6c%65%73%73%55%62%75%6e%74%75%48%6f%77%74%6f&ei=pTqLUo3BIcjKlAW-woCoCw&usg=AFQjCNE8WOhoBg8My87nTMb1kgJRodf9qw10:17
Lerojwho's there?10:17
cfhowlettoops! not that10:17
Lerojdandruff whi?10:17
kmfdandruff that thun thun thun :))))))))))10:18
UrielVigilantwhen i installed Lubuntu and Ubuntu first time i wasn´t able to see my wifi working , so i have to typed: sudo apt-get remove --purge bcmwl-kernel-source  and then sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree and this was´t enought i also did : $ sudo modprobe b43 and also did $ sudo su and also typed : # echo "b43" >> /etc/modules10:18
djangonoobRory, yes the first answer10:18
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:18
Rorycfhowlett: Don't reveal your secrets! Who'd have thought that "ubuntu pxe install" would show you how to pxe boot ubuntu :P10:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:18
DJoneskmf: Leroj Please don't do that, this is a support channel10:18
cfhowlettRory, yeah, well ...10:18
djangonoobRory, I was thinking about 13.10, but I decided for LTS10:19
UrielVigilantI can´t wait for version 14.x LTS10:19
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, actually , you can.  But come April, I'll be as excited as everyone else since I only use LTS.10:20
shagelitoRory: thks rory, of course i already checked it before coming here. But im gonna take another, maybe i did miss something10:21
shagelitowoops, excuse my french10:21
arcsky_cfhowlett: thanks10:22
UrielVigilantI have 2 GB RAM Celeron M (440) 1.86GHz with 80 GB hardrive and an (Intel GMA 950) , i started with Ubuntu 13.10 but once i tryed Lubuntu 13.10, i decided that is almost 50 to 100 times faster10:22
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, lubuntu and xubuntu are both optimized for older and lower spec machines like yours.10:24
UrielVigilantAnd its better for GAming , in OnLIVE using PlayOnLinux, better graphics quality and faster too10:24
fahadashcfhowlett, I already spent 20 minutes. Downloaded and try 3 apps... Can you tell me already if you know one ?10:24
sandman13does size of virtual disk affect the size of virtualbox10:24
fahadashI am looking for a good development tool for c++10:24
UrielVigilantcfhowlett : do you think lubuntu could be faster then xubuntu ?10:24
cfhowlettfahadash, I'm not a developer but ... take a look at the ubuuntu Sputnik version (Dell).  You can add any of those packages to vanilla ubuntu10:25
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, they should be pretty similar.  to try it though: sudo apt-get install lxde.  Logout.  choose lxde session.  login.  You10:25
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, you'll get the lubuntu experience but not the apps  and integration.  If you like it, sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop10:26
RoryUrielVigilant: lxde uses fewer graphical resources than Unity so it is more responsive on older systems10:26
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: iam already with Lubuntu, what i need to typo to try Xubuntu ?10:26
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, sudo apt-get install xfce4.  then same as I described above10:27
UrielVigilantLogout. choose lxde session. login.10:28
fahadashcfhowlett, Thanks10:28
sandman13how much memory should i give to Windows 8 VM in virtualbox10:28
cfhowlettfahadash, see http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/os-applications/w/wiki/3687.software-dell-xps-13-laptop-developer-edition.aspx10:28
ak5sandman13: depends on what you are doing with it10:28
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: and then to back again to Lubuntu ?10:28
sandman13just running some apps and for testing purpose ak510:29
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, logout.  choose lxde sesssion.  login.   easy, right?10:29
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: sudo apt-get remove xfce4 ?10:29
UrielVigilantno need to remove xfce410:29
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, sudo apt-get purge xfce4 to remove all traces but you could just as easily keep it ... it takes very little room10:29
cfhowlett UrielVigilant stop10:30
cfhowlettyou can have more than one windows environment available.  no one will call the police10:30
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: its assure that will not make the system a litle slower ?10:30
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, you can only run one desktop environment at a time, so ... no.10:31
=== guest-qCFVlH is now known as hamster
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, have fun, be safe10:33
hamsterHi guys, having a bit of a painful problem here that was caused by my own sillyness10:33
Roryhamster: Go on10:33
cfhowletthamster, been there.  done that.10:33
ak5sandman13: depends on which apps10:34
hamsterBasically I have GNOME terminal and i went to prefrences and I selected title and command tab10:34
=== brandon is now known as Guest34176
hamsterI then checked "Run a custom command"10:34
hamsterand typed 'tmux' in the custom command box10:34
hamsterbut what i also did (this is where the sillyness begins): I checked the Run command as a login shell box10:35
sandman13ak5 browsers, download managers, simple office suite and some windows only compilers10:35
hamsternow everytime i log in to my uname I just fails  and returns back to the login screen10:35
hamsterI have searched google and I have not found anything that can help me. Can any of you guys help me with this please?10:36
cfhowletthamster, say it with me: 1 - 2 - 3    D'OH!10:36
cfhowletttine, greetings10:36
tinecfhowlett hi10:37
tinehow are you?10:37
UrielVigilantcfhowlett: sudo apt-get remove xfce4 , will remove this :  sudo apt-get install xfce4 and al will remove : sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop  ?10:37
Wizarcan i install ubuntu on ntfs with other file on it?10:37
OerHeksWizar, no.10:38
wilee-nileeWizar, In a vm if a os yes.10:39
wilee-nileeyou can have the vm image there10:41
=== bitnumus is now known as litnumus
hamstercfhowlett: :(10:42
UrielVigilanthow to install Lubuntu in an external usb hardrive ? can i use unebootin and make like i made an usb live persistent ?this is hardjobe for a newby like me =?10:42
cfhowlettUrielVigilant, sudo apt-get purge xfce4 will purge the windows environment.  if you also installed the xubuntu-desktop you got the default apps so sudo apt-get purge xubuntu-desktop will kill them as well10:42
ubottuTo have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence10:42
cfhowletthamster, eh?10:42
aslanI got a scenario that, the **customized ubuntu 11.0** Linux OS has read only filesystem which doesn't have the terminal access, my goal is to create a file with root access using normal users permission. I got few configuration directories which has 777 permission as normal user "**NOT AS SUDO**". I would like to know, is there any exploit or alternate way to setuID 0 to a file.10:46
reisioyza: look what you did10:49
Roryaslan: no that would be a massive security hole10:50
guest-PyUlAuAnybody know where the gnome terminal run command as login shell get written to?10:50
=== guest-PyUlAu is now known as hamster
aslanRory, I have seen few exploits which does that by changing  the setuid10:51
hamsterMaking the question clearer: Anybody know where the gnome terminal option "run command as login shell" get written to?10:52
geirhahamster: dconf or gconf would be my guess10:53
=== mandel` is now known as mandel_away
Roryaslan: i'm not going to help you find a local privilege escalation exploit10:54
aslanRory, I'm not trying to offend the system I need to find the loophole in all the perspective10:56
Ben64aslan: really not within the scope of this channel, and all 11.x versions of ubuntu are EOL anyway10:56
cfhowlettaslan, if you're concerned with security, install a supported, current version.  I suggest 12.0410:57
=== marco is now known as Guest34469
hamstergeirha: thanks10:58
hamstergeirha: I have selected that option mistakenly and put 'tmux' in the textbox and now I can not log in any more10:58
hamstergeirha: I am trying to erase that setting10:59
hamsterany idea?10:59
aslanBen64, I understand that. but my official system here runs in 11.0. and I need to do this . Im not allowed to upgrade for local package and kernel  issues10:59
cfhowlettaslan, then you're running an unsecured system.10:59
OerHeksaslan, exploits for that old version are no longer valid, so useless to investigate.11:00
aslancfhowlett, ya I got that but the problem is, we cant upgrade due to the mono version issue for our application11:01
Andenhamster: shouldn't you be able to run another terminal than gnome-terminal to fix it then?11:01
ufkhow can i update from precise to saucy ? do-release-upgrade doesn't show me of new versions of debian11:01
Andenhamster: i.e. press alt+f2 to get run promt and type xterm11:02
aslanOerHeks, could you suggest me some other privilege escalation in 12.0 or further release11:02
DJonesufk: Precise is LTS so by default only shows LTS->LTS updates, Saucy isn't LTS so there isn't a direct upgrade path to that11:02
Ben64ufk: firstly, new versions of debian would never show up, since ubuntu is not debian. secondly, you should wait for 14.04 and upgrade directly to that11:03
hamsterAnden: It does not even let me login to do that. Its broken. So now im in my guest user doing Alt+Ctrl+F2 and trying to kill anything that would store that setting11:03
Ben64aslan: still not within the scope of this channel. we're here to help people fix ubuntu problems, not help someone create more11:03
DJonesufk: You would need to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10, then 13.04 and then 13.10, or wait until 14.04 is released which will be LTS and you'll be able to upgrade directly11:03
Andenhamster: what if you su to your account without the login shell parameter?11:03
OerHeksaslan, no, i won't help you with exploits, as it is not the topic of this channel, try the backtrack channel or security related channels, thanks.11:03
ufki must have saucy, it's a local server that should be identical to a remote server on amazon. how do i upgrade to 12.10 ?11:04
cfhowlettufk, download the 12.10 torrent.  install.11:04
DJonesufk: Are you on a server or desktop version11:04
hamsterI can access my account from tty211:04
aslanOerHeks, okay I understand thank you for your suggestion11:04
Ben64ufk: saucy is not 12.1011:04
hamsterAnden: ^11:04
Andenoh ok11:04
ufkso in order to get to saucy i'll have to reinstall the all system? no way with updates ?11:05
hamsterAnden: But I can not actually log in to it from the gnome login interface if you know what i mean11:05
DJonesufk: Are you on a server or desktop version11:05
Ben64ufk: precise -> quantal -> raring -> saucy11:05
ufkas far as i know11:05
Ben64takes a long time and isn't always smooth11:05
Andenhamster: sorry, didn't read what you had to say from the start, i assumed your problem was acessing your user in any way11:05
Ben64ufk: you'd be much much better off waiting for trusty (14.04) to come out in ~5 months11:06
hamsterAnden: no, I can access my user from terminal but not from the login screen11:06
Andenhamster: but it's a good thing you can run commands from that user11:06
DJonesufk: So no graphical interface then, http://askubuntu.com/questions/310824/upgrade-ubuntu-12-04-to-13 2nd answer on that details how to change the upgrade policy from LTS -> LTS to LTS _> next version11:06
hamsterAnden: It is better than nothing I agree, at the moment I have logged into the guest account and im doing IRC :)11:07
ak5hey everyone, if I add deb-amd64 to sources list, does that means I only use 64bit packages and all architecture packages?\11:07
hamsterAnden: but I am at work and trying to fix this asap11:07
DJonesufk: In theory its 3 upgrades in a row and they should work, but theres always a risk so make usre you have a backup of anything important11:07
wilee-nileeak5, The sources.list has to have an actual call to a repo11:08
Andenhamster: ok. well i am not too familiar with gconf or whatever you were using when it broke11:08
ak5wilee-nilee: deb-amd64 mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt precise main restricted universe multiverse11:08
ak5wilee-nilee: that's what I mean11:08
starnixHello people. Is there any way around to lock screen on gnome 3.10, struggling from last day.11:09
wilee-nileeak5, the multiverse should already be there.11:09
ak5wilee-nilee: um... what?11:10
ak5wilee-nilee: I am asking about architectures11:10
wilee-nileeak5, If you have a 64 bit install all packeges that are 64 bit you will get anyway, however some are only 3s bit.11:10
hamsterAnden: fixed it11:10
ak5wilee-nilee: where is the arch specified?11:11
Andenhamster: great :D11:11
Ben64ak5: by what architecture you installed11:11
wilee-nileeak5, Its multiarch you get whats available.11:11
hamsterThanks for your help buddy11:11
ak5wilee-nilee: i specifically do not want multi-arch11:11
wilee-nileeak5, why?11:11
Ben64ak5: then do not install any 32 bit stuff, its not complicated11:12
ak5wilee-nilee: trying to save on bandwidth on apt-get update11:12
ak5wilee-nilee: live in china, don't care about 32bit bins11:12
wilee-nileeak5, Do you want say firefox?11:12
ActionParsnipwilee-nilee: your OS is multi-arch, you will just haul in a tonne of 32bit packages as edeps. This is  how you get Skype in 64bit Ubuntu11:13
wilee-nileeak5, only 32 bit in the repos.11:13
wilee-nileeActionParsnip, true, I am just wondering if the user has a dream or has any understanding is all.11:13
gordonjcpI wonder why people are so keen on Skype?11:14
Ben64wilee-nilee: firefox is 64 bit, don't know why you think its 32 only11:14
ak5my question is really only can I add deb-amd64 instead of deb as a prefix for those mirror lines11:14
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: possibly because its on everything etc, no idea otherwise11:14
wilee-nileeBen64, In the ubuntu repos?11:14
ak5and how will that effect my system11:14
Ben64ak5: you're trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist11:15
Ben64wilee-nilee: indeed11:15
gordonjcpActionParsnip: hm11:15
gordonjcpActionParsnip: I guess I don't really understand the use case11:15
wilee-nileeBen64, Not that I know of check that.11:15
ActionParsnipak5: if that works, you will pull in 32bit debs of the packages you install in 32bit. Could get large if you install many11:15
ak5Hit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise/main i386 Packages11:16
ActionParsnipgordonjcp: I think its the one that got big, like Ubuntu. Many distributions do what Ubuntu dos but Ubuntu is the one that seems more visible11:16
ak5I get very many i386 lines when I apt-get update11:16
Ben64ak5: and?11:16
ak5Ben64: this is what I am trying to solve. Problem exists11:17
Ben64thats not a problem11:17
ak5It is if you are in China and it is sucking up your already seriously shitty bandwidth and apt-get update takes 10 mins11:17
Ben64watch the language here11:18
ak5Sure, stop the assumptions too please11:18
ActionParsnipak5: apt-fast will download from multiple sources and can help speed things up11:18
ak5ActionParsnip: I'll check that out, but I am mainly using ansible for provisioning11:18
ikoniait will only speed things up if the problem is downstream from the source, not th ehost11:18
ak5ActionParsnip: is there a nice way to make a mirror only with precise64 packages?11:19
ordicollegemode passe11:19
Ben64about 2.5MB for apt-get update on 12.0411:19
gordonjcpak5: if you want 32-bit apps, install 32-bit Ubuntu11:19
ak5gordonjcp: learn english please, I never said anything like that11:19
sabgentonanyone recommend good  click on tree to merge/rebase   git gui for ubuntu?11:19
cfhowlettak5, have you configured your mirrors to use the China servers, not the default11:20
ak5cfhowlett: yes11:20
gordonjcpak5: you want to install Skype, right?  Which is a 32-bit app.11:20
ak5gordonjcp: no I do not11:20
ak5cfhowlett: the chinese mirrors are unreliable, and key errors are scaring me11:20
ak5so I am using HK mirror11:20
ActionParsnipak5: what are you wanting to install that is 32bit?11:20
gordonjcpak5: so what *are* you trying to install?11:21
ak5ActionParsnip: absolutely nothing. I want to get my system not to check 32bit repos11:21
ikoniaordicollege: why are you posting this ?11:21
ordicollegemode passe de https://www.facebook.com/marina.bella.5815?ref=ts&fref=ts11:21
gordonjcpak5: oh, just remove all the i386 stuff then11:21
ActionParsnipak5: the repos check is a few hundred kbs, if that....11:21
cfhowlettordicollege, wrong channel, wrong language.11:21
ak5ActionParsnip: hm, ok it looks like ~700kb from here, which is like 30 secs :D11:21
ordicollegedonné moi l'adresse de i38611:22
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:22
meet_praveenwhat is the command for showing all running local servers ?11:22
elixirand i audible?11:22
ikoniaelixir: we can see you typing11:22
cfhowlettelixir, no but you are visible11:23
ordicollegedonné moi le mode passe de https://www.facebook.com/marina.bella.5815?ref=ts&fref=ts11:23
ActionParsnipak5: gksudo gedit /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch11:23
elixirikonia, thanks!11:23
ActionParsnipak5: comment out the 'foreign-architecture i386' line, then retry11:23
ak5ActionParsnip: this works, thanks a bunch11:24
ak5ActionParsnip: what does ubuntu call packages that work on both/all archs11:25
ActionParsnipak5: to support 32bit-only apps (like skype)11:25
ActionParsnipak5: remember the taget audience of Ubuntu11:25
ak5ActionParsnip: yeah, but this is also on ubuntu-server11:26
InFlames1why is anyone speculating about satoshi? lol11:26
InFlames1isn't that kinda the whole point? he's a ghost11:26
Ben64InFlames1: seems like you're in the wrong channel11:26
DJonesInFlames1: Please see the channel topic, this is Ubuntu support11:26
kellojaba1sathoshi is dread pirate11:28
ubottukellojaba1,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:28
fromheten1Me too11:29
ObrienDavefull moon week? ;)11:33
slaw45HI. Can someon tell me what is safer, built-in encryption on ubuntu or truecrypt?11:33
gordonjcpslaw45: both are as bad as each other11:34
gordonjcpslaw45: if you want to make sure you get rid of all your data, dban11:35
ActionParsnipslaw45: just let the default installer do its job. Easys11:36
slaw45Thx Guys11:37
gordonjcpslaw45: when disk encryption loses your data there's still the theoretical possibility that someone might be able to recover fragments of it11:37
gordonjcpslaw45: better to just dban the drive, or if you really want to be sure, smash it flat with a big hammer11:37
cfhowlettslaw45, nuke it from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.11:37
gordonjcpslaw45: it depends what you're trying to do, of course11:39
=== brandon is now known as Guest6648
slaw45gordonjcp: thx11:41
sandman13how much ram should be given to Windows 8 Vm installed in Virtualbox11:42
ActionParsnipsandman13: I'd ask in ##windows11:43
OerHekssandman13, hard to say, as we don't support windows811:43
OerHeks2013 mb will do11:44
railsraiderhi i am trying to setup a custom prompt for all users , i put the PS1  in /etc/profile and it works if i source the file but not when i log out and back in11:45
railsraiderhow can i make it load on login11:45
sandman13OerHeks: ??11:46
=== dean|away is now known as dean
Rorysandman13: it depends what you want to do, you'd be better off asking ##windows because this is the Ubuntu support channel11:49
sandman13Rory: got it11:49
meet_praveencommand to display used ports of local host?11:55
Rorymeet_praveen: netstat -a | egrep 'Proto|LISTEN'11:58
ObrienDave HexChat: 2.9.6 ** OS: Linux 3.11.0-14-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Debian wheezy/sid ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU       M 430  @ 2.27GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.20GHz ** RAM: Physical: 7.5GB, 70.6% free ** Disk: Total: 152.8GB, 47.2% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID ** Ethernet: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Yukon Optim12:06
ObrienDavea 88E8059 [PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller with AVB] ** Uptime: 5h 34m 31s **12:06
ObrienDaveoops, sorry about that12:06
DJonesGODDOG: Please stop doing that, joining & quitting every minute12:06
=== zodiac is now known as Guest61456
ObrienDavethat's why I turn off join/part messages LOL12:07
=== abner__ is now known as abner
GODDOGDJones: sorry i first use tmux .sorry12:11
ActionParsnipObrienDave: not much cop mate12:11
Ben64GODDOG: if you're trying to test stuff out, make your own channel12:12
ObrienDaveActionParsnip, sorry, lost me on that one. getting late/early ;))12:12
ActionParsnipRory: if you use:  egrep -i   you dont need to be accurrate with the case12:12
GODDOGBen64: sorry12:12
ActionParsnipObrienDave: its not such a hot system, and why do you want that to output?12:13
ObrienDaveActionParsnip, LOL slip of the wrist ;))12:14
ctcbUbuntu 13.10 64-Bit | HP Pavilion G6 | Problem: Sometimes when I use my PC, it'll randonly display little short thin short black lines all across the screen with random spacing between them.12:16
ObrienDaveActionParsnip, you telling me I should be embarrassed advertising my laptop specs? hmm? LOL12:18
moppyctcb, that is drivers or gpu overheat12:18
ctcbmoppy, which is more likely? It happens as soon as I start the laptop.12:20
sabgentondoes x11 forwarding working with java apps  or apps that run on wine?12:21
kunalanyone knows how to join "android-root" channel . I am using ubuntu 13.10 ?12:21
moppyctcb, Unknown. Try different drivers IMO but that looks like a hardware issue or something very close to the hardware, like the driver.12:21
OerHekskunal, you might need to register, depends on the channel you want to join.12:22
moppyctcb, when you say "on power up", is that during the POST (bios/uefi?) or after the OS is up?12:23
meet_praveenRory: no, it dosen't showing the exact result12:23
kunalhow to register12:24
tilerenderingyo peeps12:24
theadminkunal: /msg nickserv help register12:24
NuSueyanyone got an idea why do I have no video output on my HDMI (I see the boot logo/splash logo) .. but the other two monitors are okay and working, I can even enable sound output to the HDMI .. and it works..but I can't detect the HDMI video :o any suggestions are welcome .. using 12.0412:24
tilerenderingcurrently having a service start as root everytime the system boots up. however, when I as a user stop and start the service, by issuing "service blaservice start" it will run under my user. How can I configure it to automatically run at root level no matter which user starts and stops it ?12:24
theadmintilerendering: A user should not be able to restart a service...12:25
theadmintilerendering: What kind of a service is it? Is it a sysv-init script, or an Upstart service?12:25
=== litnumus is now known as bitnumus
angsI want to add a binary on /opt/eagle-6.5.0/bin/eagle to PATH, how can I add it so that when I type eagle, the binary will be executed12:26
BluesKajHey all12:27
theadminangs: Add the following line to your .bashrc: export PATH=$PATH:/opt/eagle-6.5.0/bin/12:27
angstheadmin, which bashrc? on /etc/bash.bashrc or /home/usr/.bashrc ?12:28
tilerenderingtheadmin - an upstart service, it´s configured in /etc/init.d12:28
kunalREGISTER 123123123 kunalrock13@yahoo.in12:28
theadminangs: The second one. If you want it systemwide, use /etc/environment instead.12:29
tilerenderingtheadmin - it is not really a user starting and stopping it. it is a user acting on behalf of another service12:29
angstheadmin, thanks12:29
tilerenderingactually it´s the user of our build server12:29
ubottugiuringello: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:29
theadmintilerendering: init.d is sysvinit, /etc/init/ is for Upstart12:29
tilerenderingbut how will I configure it to always run at root level ?12:30
=== daniel is now known as Guest38018
theadmintilerendering: I'm not sure, actually. Upstart has setuid and stuffs, but sysv is not something I'm familiar with -- I was still a newbie back when Ubuntu used it12:30
tilerenderingsetuid - any example on how to user setuid ? say start = sh blascript.sh --> becomes setuid root sh blacscript.sh ?12:31
Guest38018is this a place to ask a questions about ubuntu?12:31
theadmintilerendering: "setuid root", it's a single stanza. Place it before your 'exec' line. But again, your service is not an Upstart service, it won't work for you12:32
=== hamid_ is now known as Guest46055
theadminGuest38018: Correct.12:32
theadmintilerendering: ...then again, with pure-upstart it's always root by default, this is redundant12:32
Romancebut if you cant read the channel topic, im afraid you cant even read the answers for your future questions as well12:32
angsthe admin I added " export PATH=$PATH:/opt/eagle-6.5.0/bin/" at the top of /etc/bash.bashrc but "eagle" cannot be found. do I need to restart my pc or do I needed to apply it differently?12:33
Guest38018is it ok for me to ask a question in the middle of your chat?12:34
theadminangs: As I said... add it to your user's .bashrc, not /etc/bash.bashrc. If you need it systemwide, alter /etc/environment instead.12:34
insertcoffee@angs type 'bash' to reload12:34
theadminGuest38018: Yes, of course, basically ask and whoever can answer will answer12:34
akhil_What are the advantages of having a unix socket instead of a tcp loopback socket?12:34
BluesKajGuest38018. ask away , this is support not a chat12:35
akhil_I am trying to proxy nginx to a wsgi server12:35
angsinsertcoffee, theadmin, now it works after bash, I added it into both files12:35
Guest38018ok, basically I want to use 2 monitors from 1 graphic card and set different monitor id for each of the monitor, is it possible?12:35
amageeI just upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10 from 13.04 (xubuntu) and it's mostly fine except that when I hit "log out" from the start menu thingy, the system just hangs instead of bringing up the shut down / reboot / standby / hibernate popup. One time I did this and came back about 30 minutes later and the popup had appeare and worked properly. Running commands like pm-suspend from the command line works fine. Any ideas?12:36
insertcoffee@akhil_ google it http://bhavin.directi.com/unix-domain-sockets-vs-tcp-sockets/12:36
Guest38018I want make 2 display, I read about xorg.conf but dont get it, I use Ubuntu 13.0412:36
philinuxamagee: does shutdown and restart work as they should12:37
amageeGuest38018: with any luck you won't have to worry about xorg.conf; what kind of graphics card do you have?12:37
amageephilinux: do you mean shutting down / restarting from the command line?12:37
philinuxamagee: not from the top right gear12:37
anonymous_guys .12:38
NuSueyso really nobody? weirdly.. HDMI video doesnt work and audio does :o how does that make any sense? :o12:38
anonymous_i meet a problem12:38
akhil_insertcoffee: thank you, I read that, but I wanted to gauge the performance improvement, I mean is it a noticable improvement?12:38
insertcoffeeat scale, yes12:39
amageephilinux: oh, i don't have a "top right gear" since i'm using xfce but i have something which is probably equivalent12:39
amageeif i hit "suspend" from that menu for example it works fine12:39
amageebut if i hit "log out...", which presumably is the same as the log out option on the start menu, the same hang happens12:39
philinuxamagee: I'm on unity so i'll let someone with xfce experience, good luck12:40
anonymous_i want to write a update.c12:40
amageei just realised if i try to open it, then hit ctrl+alt+f1 to go to the text console thingy, then ctrl+alt+f7 to go back, the menu has popped up12:40
Guest38018Hi Guys12:41
insertcoffee@akhil_ I'd recommend doing a quick benchmark yourself with your specific use-case, you will notice the difference. we tried these both on timeout.com, unix sockets were faster but tcp sockets were distributed, so won in the end.12:42
Guest38018Can someone tell me about the xorg?12:42
BluesKajGuest38018. amagee already asked you which graphics card12:42
akhil_insertcoffee: thank you, I'll look into it12:42
=== zenix` is now known as zenix`away
Guest38018Oh sorry, the graphic card is intelHD 200012:43
amageeGuest38018: have you tried fiddling with the display settings?12:43
Guest38018I can use extend for my monitor, but cannot assign ID to each monitor12:43
AnaxandridasHello, everyone. I have an old guy who asked me to write a DVD for him, of one of my movies. This isn't something I've ever done (because I'm not over 50 years old). Every time I try to write the movie directly onto the disc, it tells me there's not enough space (which is odd, there's 4 GB of space on the DVD). I've tried using Brasero to make an image file, but it gets to 2 MB and just stops, sits there for hours. Tried using12:43
Anaxandridas K3b, but it needs me to have TS Video and TS Audio folders, which I do not. Tried a couple others, which didn't work for varying reasons. Can someone please inform me of how to go about using this ancient technology known as DVD writing?12:43
Dean_Hello, I've installed ubuntu-desktop package on a server with the --without-recommends12:46
Dean_               flag in order to have a clean GUI. Apparently there are many things that i would like12:46
Dean_               to have missing, e.g logout button on bar, and other small applications. How can i find12:46
Guest38018How to assign id for each monitor, I want to display 2 browsers at the same time when I am booting12:46
amageeGuest38018: I'm not sure what you mean by "assign id for each monitor"12:47
impradeepybe more specific guest3801812:47
Pac-manhello fellas! ;d12:48
BluesKajis this a commercial ly abailable movie , Anaxandridas , if so it might be DRM protected , and you'll need libdvdcss2 from videolan,org to bypass the DRM12:48
Pac-manam I in the right corner for discussing ubuntu?12:48
zykotick9Anaxandridas: 1) dvd's are made to prevent easy copying 2) commercial DVDs are almost always larger in size then 4GB (which typically means you need to re-encode the video to make it fit)  3) i don't have an easy suggestion on how to copy it - but perhaps someone else does...  best of luck!12:48
Guest38018so, I want to start up 2 browsers in 2 different screens directly when I boot up12:48
AnaxandridasIt's not a DRM issue. It's an 'I've never had a reason in my life to do this, and I rather suck at it' issue.12:49
amageeGuest38018: that seems to be a different question from just setting up multiple screens.. have you got the multiple screens working how you want?12:49
amageeGuest38018: so your question is about starting apps on login?12:49
cfhowlettPac-man, greetings.12:49
usr13zykotick9:  You can use mplayer to convert a DVD to just a video file, (that's one way).12:49
AnaxandridasAllow me to specify though, because you both had the exact same response. I'm not burning a DVD. I'm writing one. If I were burning a DVD, that would take me three minutes, two and a half of which would be petting my cat as it walked across the keyboard.12:50
BluesKajAnaxandridas. check out the size of the movie to make sure it fits on the disk12:50
zykotick9usr13: while true, that doesn't get it back onto a dvd...12:50
Anaxandridas... If this were a matter of me being unable to tell whether something is 700 MB, or 7 GB, BluesKaj, the answer would probably be to shoot myself in the face.12:50
troulouliou_devhi how can i set a pinning during an "apt-get build-dep" command ? searching for something like apt-get -t LP-PPA-nathan-renniewaldock-xbmc-stable build-dep xbmc12:51
impradeepyguest38018 not possible12:51
usr13Well, you can always convert a video file to dvd.12:51
Guest38018What i want to do is, I want to start up firefox automatically when the user login and dispay it into 2 monitors automatically12:51
AnaxandridasRecommend a program please, usr13?12:51
philinuxAnaxandridas: try install and use k9copy12:51
AnaxandridasThank you philinux.12:51
philinuxAnaxandridas: see this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/RippingDVDs12:52
BluesKajAnaxandridas. oj , enough sarcasm , our suggestions are valid , pls describe the movie file extension , you may need to convert it or make an iso image out of it12:52
philinuxAnaxandridas: for personal use of course12:52
usr13zykotick9: mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dupfile foo.mpg   #Will convert a DVD to just a file.12:52
AnaxandridasBluesKaj, THEIR suggestions were valid, yes. And I already said that I tried imaging it, and Brasero just stops partway through and stares at me.12:53
BluesKajwhat's the file extension ?12:53
AnaxandridasPick one, I've tried it.12:53
amageeGuest38018: do you mean you want one firefox that spans both monitors or you want two firefoxes, one on each monitor12:53
AnaxandridasI'm working with any given one of a dozen movies. At first I was going for one in particular, but now I just want to figure out how to do it at ALL.12:54
impradeepyguest3801 try to install nautilus 3.412:54
AnaxandridasOnce I find one thing that works I can just convert everything else to match that.12:54
usr13zykotick9: And then, if you decide to convert back into DVD format, you can use dvdauthor.12:54
Dean_Hello, I've installed ubuntu-desktop package on a server with the --without-recommends flag. This installed a very basic GUI with no tools installed at all. Altough i can see for example that gnome-terminal is there. Why I cannot find this tool within the GUI ?12:54
zykotick9usr13: thanks, to bad I don't use DVDs anymore (because my silly governement said it's illegal to play on gnu/linux)12:55
impradeepyguest3801 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/experiments12:55
Guest38018I think two firefoxes(2 windows firefox), one on each monitor12:55
Pac-manI changed autostart file, put cairo-dock there, below xcompmgr with "-n^" option and it doesnt work, but when I do it manually, that is xcompmgr by console it works great and black border around cairo-dock is gone? Do I something wrong?12:55
impradeepysudo apt-get update12:55
impradeepysudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:55
impradeepykillall nautilus12:55
BluesKajzykotick9. what ?12:55
FloodBot1impradeepy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:55
Anaxandridasusr13, is DVDAuthor on the Software Center? I'm not seeing it, and as you may have guessed, I'm an idiot with Linux.12:56
usr13zykotick9: Oh, that is unfortunate.  I don't use DVDs that often but have converted a few to files so that I could view them on a machine that does not have CDROM12:56
zykotick9BluesKaj: because it's DRM protected (badly by css), it's against the law in canada to break that...12:56
usr13Anaxandridas: Yes, it's in the repositories12:56
AnaxandridasBluesKaj, Pick one, I've tried it.  I'm working with any given one of a dozen movies. At first I was going for one in particular, but now I just want to figure out how to do it at all.12:56
impradeepyinstall it ll work@guest380112:56
BluesKajzykotick9. don't think that law's been passed yet , it's still on the back burner afaik12:57
philinuxAnaxandridas: k9copy is not in later repos now but dvdrip is12:57
zykotick9BluesKaj: it passed a while ago... i believe.12:57
usr13Anaxandridas: apt-cache search will reveal "dvdauthor - create DVD-Video file system"12:57
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
amageeGuest38018: yeah i'm not really sure, you'd have to find a way tell firefox where to be via the command line, then put those commands in your startup scripts12:58
BluesKajAnaxandridas. why not just put it on a usb stick and let your friend copy it o the hdd and use vlc to play it back12:58
AnaxandridasWell, I just took a look at k9copy, it seems to need an image file to work with. Which is fine, but Brasero, the program I've been trying to use to make image files, has not worked. Can someone recommend a program to make an ISO/Cue?12:58
AnaxandridasBluesKaj, because the guy's in his 70s. He's one of those types who doesn't even own a computer :/12:59
BluesKajzykotick9.  Canada here too :)12:59
zykotick9BluesKaj: ;) ya i remember from #ubuntu-ca12:59
BluesKajheh , Anaxandridas I'm 70 :)12:59
BluesKajzykotick9. do you still chat there ?13:00
usr13Anaxandridas: But converting to file and then back into DVD format is a long way around to just make a duplicate DVD.  If the DVD manufacturer decides that you should not have a backup copy, you probably shouldn't do it, just protect the one you have.13:00
AnaxandridasBluesKaj, I tried explaining to him that doing this is kind of like taking a CD and putting it on an audiocassette. I don't think I've written to, or ripped from, a DVD in at least six years. And, like I said... He's a septuagenarian who doesn't even own a computer.13:00
BluesKajAnaxandridas. bummer13:01
Anaxandridasusr13, though I really appreciate the continued help, I have stated many times that I am not ripping from a DVD. I am trying to write TO one. I have no DVD, I'm trying to make one.13:01
BluesKajAnaxandridas. it still might be protected thjo13:01
AnaxandridasIn this case, none of the ones I am working with are.13:02
usr13Anaxandridas: Sorry, I didn't know. SO... you have a video file?  And you want to convert to DVD and burn to a DVD disk?13:02
usr13Anaxandridas: Is that it?13:02
Pac-mancfhowlett: hello there, sorry was lost in 80's ;]13:02
Pac-manI changed autostart file, put cairo-dock there, below xcompmgr with "-n^" option and it doesnt work, but when I do it manually, that is xcompmgr by console it works great and black border around cairo-dock is gone? Do I something wrong?13:03
Anaxandridasusr13, yes, in whatever manner I can. I have multiple different file options, avi, mp4, mkv, whatever works. I just need to figure out how to make a DVD from it. I haven't done this in many, many years. I've tried making an image, but Brasero isn't cooperating there. None of the others seem to functionally do it without an Image file.13:03
Anaxandridasusr13, I'm continuing to cycle through varying programs. For one reason or another, none of them have worked out for me, though I'm sure to a large extent that's because I'm new to Linux.13:04
zykotick9Anaxandridas: check out devede <- only way I've personally made a functional DVD from a video file13:04
AnaxandridasThanks zykotick9, I'll try that one.13:05
usr13Anaxandridas: I think there is an app for this, (GUI app), but don't know what it is, the name or what ever, but you can do it from the command line with dvdauthor.  Once you have right video format, it is doable with dvdauthor.  See:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442667/13:05
ultiwareAny idea why the libgnutls version shipping with Ubuntu is (very) outdated ?13:06
BluesKajAnaxandridas. if you don'y mind using the terminal , this might work for you , wodim -eject  -tao speed=0 dev=/dev/sg6 -v -data /my/directory/image.iso13:06
zykotick9!latest | ultiware13:06
ubottuultiware: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:06
amageeGuest38018: if I have a firefox open, I can run the command: xdotool search "Mozilla Firefox" windowsize 1920 1080 windowmove 0 013:07
amageeto make it take the left screen13:07
usr13Anaxandridas: ... so you adjust those commands to fit your needs ....13:07
amageeor replace with "windowmove 1920 0" to make it use the right screen13:07
amageehow to do it for two separate firefox windows i'll leave up to you because i don't know :P13:08
Guest38018What im doing now is setting different profile for firefox, is it possible?13:08
amageehmm possibly, i'm not sure if a profile will do what you want13:08
usr13Anaxandridas: (you skip line 6 unless the mkisofs command errors out)13:09
Guest38018how to use xdotool?13:09
amageeGuest38018: i have no experience with it, i just found it doing a search a few minutes ago and looked at the man page13:09
Guest38018can you send me the link?13:10
usr13Anaxandridas: And you can skip lines 6-9 and skip to line 10 to burn to DVD disk.13:10
amageethat may not be terribly useful to you.. to install it, just run: sudo apt-get install xdotool13:10
amageethen: man xdotool13:11
BluesKajAnaxandridas. also if you get a speed error use speed =1 or 213:11
Guest38018Ok i will look for it first13:11
usr13Anaxandridas: Otherwise, use k3b or what ever your favorite burning sofrware is.13:11
amageealso i really have no idea if it's the best way to do what you want, it's just something i found13:12
Pac-mandoes someone in here know console?13:14
amageePac-man: quite a lot of us probably13:14
Pac-manI changed autostart file, put cairo-dock there, below xcompmgr with "-n^" option and it doesnt work, but when I do it manually, that is xcompmgr by console it works great and black border around cairo-dock is gone? Do I something wrong?13:14
usr13Anaxandridas: And of course, the file names are hypothetical so you can better understand the process.  You can certainly use those file names though, (you'll end up deleting the files anyway, so...).13:15
amageePac-man: sorry I don't know anything about xcompmgr, hopefully someone else can help13:15
usr13Pac-man: I know console, I had coffee with him this morning.13:16
Pac-manamagee: its not about xcompmgr its about autostart file13:16
amageei don't know anything about that either :P13:16
usr13Pac-man: What do you need to do?13:16
goldstarmy ubuntu 13.10 takes about 10 min to connect to the network. In that time I cannot SSH into my router or anything. THe local IP address is however resolved. Does anyone know how I can diagnose this problem ?13:16
Pac-manusr13: launch cairo-dock and xcompmgr -n& after, I made it like this:13:17
Pac-man@setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp13:17
Pac-man@lxpanel --profile Mint-LXDE13:17
Pac-manexec xwinwrap -ni -o 1.0 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mplayer -wid WID -quiet -nosound  /home/atlantean/.v.a-desk/piltover.wmv -loop 0 &13:17
Pac-man@xscreensaver -no-splash13:17
FloodBot1Pac-man: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:17
Pac-man@pcmanfm --desktop13:17
usr13Pac-man: What window manager and/or desktop environment are you using?13:17
Pac-manI'm not sure what DE, but what I know, is that I have found autostart file and changed its contents, deleted all unnecessary files too, and the black border is still there, cause I dont like fake transparency for cairo13:19
Pac-manwhen I launch after logging and cairo-dock is loaded too -> xcompmgr -n& it works, but in autostart not anymore, thats weird I think13:20
zykotick9Pac-man: are you using Mint?13:21
usr13Pac-man: I don't know about the black border and I'm out of time anyway, but autostart files are particular to your window manager and/or desktop environment, so...13:21
usr13... and I've got to go now, so .... bye13:22
Pac-manI rebuild the os but I wouldnt say its mint or puppy13:22
=== thecimal is now known as Teleport
amageelike, there's a gnome autostart file, a kde autostart file, an xfce autostart file...13:22
TeleportHi, I'm trying to use OSC13:22
Teleportwhere I can find the instructions13:23
zykotick9Pac-man: i am hearing "not ubuntu" from your answer...13:23
Pac-manI edited all files, im no newbie; still, seems not to work13:23
BAMbandais this the correct format for adding an apt-line? deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bitcoin/bitcoin/ubuntu saucy main13:23
Pac-manzykotick9: not particularily13:24
zykotick9BAMbanda: i'd suggest using the add-apt-repository, it'll automatically add the correct keys (that are required)13:24
zykotick9Pac-man: i'd suggest you try asking in ##linux then13:24
Pac-manmost of code is ubuntu, but starting from console etc its new, still think about a name for it13:24
Pac-manI cant join linux cause erroneous nickname13:26
philinuxBAMbanda: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin13:27
Pac-manwhy everybody instead of trying to help, pushing away precious users?13:27
Pac-manthats why ppl are stop using linux13:27
BAMbandaPac-man, thanks13:27
Pac-manfor vwhat?13:27
gordonjcpPac-man: did you have an Ubuntu support question?13:28
Pac-mani asked already13:28
pirretppl are stop using linux because it is shit on desktop use :)13:28
BAMbandaPac-man, bitcoin repo help.13:28
zykotick9BAMbanda: it was philinux13:28
BAMbandaphilinux, dude thanks13:29
philinuxno worries13:29
Pac-manu kidding me? i wont pay u dudes for such help ...13:29
gordonjcp!ask | Pac-man13:29
ubottuPac-man: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:29
pirret!retarded | Pac-man13:29
zykotick9gordonjcp: Pac-man isn't using ubuntu, please don't encourage support here13:29
gordonjcpzykotick9: oh13:30
gordonjcpPac-man: if you're not using Ubuntu, you might be better asking in your distro's support channel13:30
Pac-manzykotick9: how can I get help on my own mixed alone system ! this is insane...13:31
RoryPac-man: What distro did you download and install?13:31
RoryPac-man: What is the output of the command: "cat /etc/issue" ?13:32
Pac-man2 years ago it was 11 I think13:32
Pac-manbut its not anymore like it13:32
RoryPac-man: See the /topic for the currently supported Ubuntu versions: on the desktop that is 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 and 13.1013:32
philinuxPac-man: thats the problem - help may be hard to come by on a custom install as no one else can replicate your system13:32
gordonjcpPac-man: can you clearly identify which bit is causing you problems?  Maybe you should ask in the IRC channel for that application?13:33
Pac-manso U admit you dont know how to use console, cause mostly you are windows users discouraging pingus, then if Im right You all those should be ashamed of yourself13:34
ObrienDaveoh geez, full moon week LOL13:34
pirretyes, now leave13:34
Pac-mangordonjcp: This part http://paste.ubuntu.com/6442705/13:34
philinuxPac-man: try a thread in here too http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=40113:34
pirretPac-man: bye bye13:34
gordonjcpPac-man: that doesn't really mean a lot to me13:35
amageebeing able to "use console" doesn't mean we know how to diagnose an arbitrary problem that arises between two applications and a configuration we don't know anything about13:35
Pac-manso I was right with my assumption like pirret said, so sad ;/13:35
pirretyes Pac-man now go13:35
gordonjcpPac-man: what's in your pastebin would probably work, without errors, assuming all those things are installed13:35
pirretPac-man: no one will help you here13:35
pirretbecause we are mostly windows users13:36
gordonjcpPac-man: what you've pasted there appears to be a bit off the end of .xinitrc but you still haven't said what you're actually having a problem with13:36
Pac-mangordonjcp: I hoped too, but for 1st time was wrong13:36
Dean_Is there a channel specific for ubuntu desktop questions?13:36
daftykinsDean_: you're in it13:36
gordonjcpDean_: this one13:37
Pac-mangordonjcp: the xcompmgr -n& enables transparency in console after cairo-dock is loaded, but when I try to make it start automatically, it wont13:37
Dean_OK, I've installed ubuntu-desktop on server 12.04 without the package recommends. I can manage to login on the desktop environment but can't find any application in the dash. Am i doing something wrong?13:38
gordonjcpPac-man: remove the "@" from the start of the line, see if that allows it to show you some errors13:39
zykotick9Pac-man: are you using startx?  if not .xinitrc probably isn't being run, try .xsessions i believe13:39
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Pac-manzykotick9: I saw its xsessions, so I dont see any reason I should log out now and check it again, its illogical it doesnt work, I think its kind of bug13:40
Pac-manwhere can I find a list of all system files loaded?13:40
RoryPac-man: What desktop environment / window manager are you using (eg Unity, XFCE)13:40
Pac-mannot the short one, the bigger one13:41
RoryPac-man: Can you please run the command "cat /etc/issue" and let me know the output?13:41
Pac-manand there is a switch too13:41
Pac-manI dont have it anymore, was redundant13:42
Pac-mando I need to adhere .desktop files and if then which one run first, those autostarted as .desktop or those without?13:43
Anaxandridaszykotick9, BluesKaj, thank you for the assistance. Zyko, DeVeDe APPEARS to be working, although it's taking longer than if I were to make the damned DVD myself, using a sharp rock and a piece of glass. So, I'm going to stick with that. If by chance usr13 logs back on, I thank him for all his help, too.13:43
RoryPac-man: Can you tell me the output of the command: "grep RELEASE /etc/lsb-release"13:43
AnaxandridasOf course, if it doesn't work, I'll come back here and whine some more.13:43
zykotick9Anaxandridas: ya, it has to encode the video - takes time.  best of luck.13:44
BluesKajAnaxandridas. yes devede has come along way since inception, it should work well for you13:44
philinuxAnaxandridas: more coffee and patience. They do take a time dependant on pc power13:45
BluesKajAnaxandridas. , but video encoding does take a while for sure13:45
Pac-manROry: just goes to > and I think its normal, when its still under construction13:46
RoryPac-man: Can you copy and paste the command: grep RELEASE /etc/lsb-release13:46
Anaxandridasphilinux, thank you too, I couldn't find your name again :D    And yes, although my computer is 'new', it's still slightly less powerful than a gigapet was...13:46
Pac-mangrep RELEASE /etc/lsb-release13:46
Pac-mandone ;p13:46
Rory!pm > videocall13:47
ubottuvideocall, please see my private message13:47
=== debarshi is now known as Guest42537
Pac-manDISTRIB RELEASE=1113:47
molgrumif i use unity instead of gnome shell, the system sounds are not playing. any idea why this is?13:47
pirretso Pac-man is not even using ubuntu13:48
Pac-mansorry, but I see I lost time in here, some guestions shouldn't be asked liek that and I'm not willingly to show you the look and fell of this os now, sorry, I will find it myself maybe13:48
Pac-manpirret: I said its not Ubuntu anymore, but neither is Puppy.13:48
Pac-manits hybrid13:48
Pac-manpirret: learn english better man13:49
pirretand videocall is spamming some link on pm13:49
pirretPac-man: so leave this channel, we cannot help you here13:49
DJonesPac-man: /whois videocall13:49
DJonesPac-man: Sorry13:49
pirrettry #linux maybe13:49
allstarsnorks2I think I kinda messed up my Ubuntu install a little13:49
Pac-manhave a nice life13:50
Rory!details | allstarsnorks213:50
ubottuallstarsnorks2: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:50
allstarsnorks2I tried removing xfce4 desktop environment with --purge command. After all that, my user bar went missing.13:51
allstarsnorks2Is that normal or13:52
cfhowlettallstarsnorks2, did you logout and choose a different windows environment?13:52
cfhowlettthen login?13:52
[Gentoo]allstarsnorks2: what user bar? the one in xfce?13:52
allstarsnorks2cfhowlett: nah, I reinstalled Ubuntu13:52
=== olli_ is now known as olli
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:52
Roryallstarsnorks2: Did you run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" is that what you mean by reinstall Ubuntu?13:53
cfhowlettallstarsnorks2, wait so you removed xfce and THEN you reinstalled?13:53
allstarsnorks2gentoo: the Ubuntu Unity userbae13:53
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels13:53
shadytvallstarsnorks2, if you reinstalled ubuntu why are you having problems with xfce?13:54
allstarsnorks2cfhowlett: removed xfce from Unity, userbar went missing. Then I reinstalled.13:54
allstarsnorks2Like from Live USB and stuff13:55
Roryallstarsnorks2: so, what problem are you currently having, I'm a little confused13:55
shadytv!spam | videocall13:55
cfhowlett!ops  videocall is spamming a whole bunch of us13:55
Guest38018I tried xdotools, but I cannot the window name of firefox, anybody know about xdotool?13:55
amageeGuest38018: i got it working earlier with "Mozilla Firefox"13:56
Roryallstarsnorks2: so, what problem are you currently having, I'm a little confused13:56
Guest38018could you give me some working example?13:56
amageeGuest38018: i did earlier :P13:57
Guest38018wait a minute13:57
Guest38018need to flashback :p13:57
allstarsnorks2Rory: Just asking. How do I do the --purge command without screwing up my install?13:58
Roryallstarsnorks2: sudo apt-get --purge remove packagename13:58
zykotick9Rory: fyi, you can use ".. apt-get purge foo" these days13:58
allstarsnorks2Oh. I see.13:58
Roryzykotick9: OK TIL, I thought that was just aptitude syntax13:58
Roryallstarsnorks2: I don't understand the issue you were having though; removing xfce4 will of course remove the xfce panel13:59
zykotick9Rory: use to be, but it was moved over13:59
allstarsnorks2Sorry guys, just switched from Windows.13:59
[Gentoo]Rory: he apt-get purge xfce then unity bar has gone13:59
[Gentoo]he said13:59
RoryThat's a little odd13:59
RoryBut that installation is gone now, so we'll never know14:00
[Gentoo]who cares then14:01
allstarsnorks2Kudos to the Ubuntu team. The operating system looks dope.14:01
RoryI just wondered if there was some sort of more fundamental misunderstanding going on, and an explanation could prevent future problems14:01
Rory!yay | allstarsnorks214:01
ubottuallstarsnorks2: Glad you made it! :-)14:01
MonkeyDustallstarsnorks2  then make it look more like you like it14:07
RoryMonkeyDust: ?14:07
MonkeyDustmust have misunderstood "looks dope", i guess14:08
Rorylooking dope is a good thing in this context14:08
ObrienDaveslang for "looks cool"14:08
[Gentoo]its the same as looks sick, sound wrong14:08
[Gentoo]but means good14:08
[Gentoo]or looks "bad"14:09
[Gentoo]can me good14:09
ObrienDave"bad" is the new "good"14:09
RoryObrienDave: ubuntu 14.04 slogan revealed!14:09
[Gentoo]badass badger14:09
RoryWe had a breezy badger14:09
ObrienDaveRory, LOL14:09
[Gentoo]dope donkey14:10
philinuxallstarsnorks2: http://imagebin.org/27786314:11
allstarsnorks2Actually, Ubuntu looks cooler with GNOME14:11
shadytv[Gentoo] lol I laughed harder than i should at that14:12
allstarsnorks2Is 25GB enough for Ubuntu?14:14
[Gentoo]i would hope so14:14
cfhowlettallstarsnorks2, unless you have massive amounts of data ... yes14:14
[Gentoo]for the core OS, if you have another disk i would always put videos, music etc on there14:15
Stanley00allstarsnorks2: would be enough, default ubuntu install take about 4GB or so14:15
allstarsnorks2Keep disconnecting14:16
allstarsnorks2Yep. My phone.14:17
zykotick9Stanley00: according to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements it's 5GB minimum (i guess your "or so" is still accurate)14:17
[Gentoo]the joys14:17
allstarsnorks2Anyways, I'm basing my Linux distro off Ubuntu.14:18
[Gentoo]i thought you were new to linux14:18
allstarsnorks2Well, I got some experience14:18
allstarsnorks2Because SuseStudio14:18
Stanley00zykotick9: ok, last time I install Ubuntu is about 9 months ago, so I can't remember the size exactly :D14:19
allstarsnorks2Can't wait for Ubuntu 14.04!14:19
[Gentoo]whats new in that14:20
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes14:20
allstarsnorks2Idk lol14:20
allstarsnorks2We'll have to wait for beta releases14:20
allstarsnorks2But is Ubuntu 14.04 already codenamed?14:21
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info.14:21
philinuxallstarsnorks2: 12gig big enough if you do kernel housekeeping - with a separate data partition for vids music etc etc14:22
deploymentanyone know an IRC channel for VBS or anyone know VBS. (i know asking here is wrong- sorry)14:25
allstarsnorks2I bet Ubuntu 14.10's codename will be 'Ultimate Ubuntu'14:25
allstarsnorks2Then 15.04 is Vested Vampire14:26
ObrienDave15.10 Wasted Wastrel?14:29
reisioObrienDave: willy wonka14:30
BluesKajwindows wannabe :)14:30
ObrienDaveI vote for Willie Wonka14:31
BluesKajof course :)14:31
[Gentoo]dont they have to be animal names?14:31
ObrienDave[Gentoo], buzz kill ;))14:31
BluesKajobscure animals at that14:31
[Gentoo]ObrienDave: sorry :)14:32
[Gentoo]Wasted Wombat14:33
ObrienDavethere ya go, that's the spirit LOL14:33
ObrienDave15.04 Vicious Viper14:34
=== jack is now known as Guest78984
dassaDoes anybody here manage a server professionally?  'cause I need to ask you some questions for a class project.14:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:36
Rorydassa: PM me14:36
ubottudassa,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server14:37
PiciCan we please keep this channel to support, not for animal husbandry14:37
RoryPici: No venereal vicunas?14:37
PiciRory: no.14:37
dassaYeah, oops.14:37
gimmicwhy is the most recent update trying to overwrite my preferences for browser14:37
gimmicthat.. is silly14:38
gimmicdefaults.list update14:38
=== fenre_ is now known as fenre
gimmican update provided via desktop-file-utils, trying to overwrite gnome's defaults.list to set firefox as default14:39
zykotick9gimmic: are you sure it is?  are your preferences in your home folder?14:39
gimmicI hope that's an error14:39
BluesKajanimal husbandry , who said anything about animal breeding , just suggesting a few names , Pici while there was a lull in the action14:39
h00kgimmic: if it's true, can you report it as a bug against that package?14:39
teh00k: Sure you can.  Just email the package maintainer(s).14:41
zykotick9!bug > te14:41
ubottute, please see my private message14:41
teh00k: But make sure it's really a bug first, and google about it.14:42
te!bug | h00k14:42
ubottuh00k: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:42
zykotick9te: it's gimmic with the "bug", not h00k14:42
zykotick9te: i sent YOU !bug 'cause maintainers don't want emails, it's bug-reports they need.14:43
h00kte: yeah. I know ;)14:44
e-dardHi, can someone explain why apt-get thinks it's installed latest version? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6443093/14:44
reisioe-dard: why wouldn't it14:44
e-dardreisio: because I instructed it to install 1.4.314:44
e-dardand it kept 1.4.114:44
h00kgimmic: feel free to check out the article that te had sent me, and you can report it on launchpad14:44
h00kte: but thank you :)14:45
zykotick9!info nginx14:45
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.1-3ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 5 kB, installed size 90 kB14:45
zykotick9e-dard: 1.4.1 is the saucy version14:45
e-dardzykotick9: we have another PPA14:45
reisio1.4.3 is available for 14.0414:46
Picie-dard: does  apt-cache policy nginx  agree that 1.4.3. is available?14:46
e-dardreisio: we have 1.4.3 available to us in 12.0414:46
DJonese-dard: Which ppa are you using?14:47
e-dardPici: nginx: Installed: 1.4.3-2~precise0 Candidate: 1.4.3-2~precise014:47
e-dardThis is not good :(14:47
e-dard$ nginx -v   -- > nginx version: nginx/1.4.114:47
e-dardDJones: ppa:nginx14:47
e-dardSo apt-cache says 1.4.3 is installed but it's not14:49
e-dardany ideas?14:49
Picie-dard: no, 1.4.3 is installed.  Sounds like there may be something wrong with your PPA package.14:49
e-dardPici: but why 1.4.1 coming up as the version?14:50
justpieHey all, I am getting  a weird error on shutdown. Filename too large. //etc/rc0.d/s90hault syntax error fi unexpected.14:50
justpieAny ideas?14:50
Picie-dard: I don't know. Sorry.14:53
e-dardso now apt-get  has screwed me :(14:54
jpdsWell, that's what happens when you use a PPA.14:55
zykotick9jpds: +114:55
jnhghyI have shift+deleted a folder, is there anything I can do at this point to get back my data? (about 3mb)14:57
zykotick9!undelete | jnhghy14:58
ubottujnhghy: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel14:58
anest_anyone know good channel about wifi/mesh/networks on irc?15:00
jnhghythanks zykotick9, they are not very important, just wanted to verify someting in an outdated txt file and hoped there were some easy to fallow(2 click ...) solutions.... thanks for the info anyway, I hope I won't need it from now on ...15:00
Picianest_: ##networking might be a good place to start15:00
anest_i need irc to ask some questions15:00
anest_about roof permissions, etc15:01
anest_1700 ppl and no one know? oh well...15:02
Picianest_: I told you to ask in ##networking, did you not see that?15:03
anest_i did'nt :| sry15:03
IceCrafti have a little problem. It looks like ubuntu blocks port 994. I can use ports like 6667 etc for my ircd but 944 won't work15:08
CapaHI have several servers behind a firewall, and I want to configure them to send emails through an internet facing server. Generally speaking, would I do this with Postfix, or what is the cleanest/most painless way to do this? Basically I want to configure one internet facing server to serve as the mail-server for a network of other servers which do not have internet connectivity.15:08
IceCraftalso checked with netstat. no program uses the port15:08
wsnipexwhy do you think the port is blocked?15:08
IceCraftThe error is: Can't bind to 994 Permission denied15:08
wsnipexports <1024 are priviledged ports15:09
RoryIceCraft: Ports below 1024 need root access to bind to15:09
wsnipexthey need root to bind to15:09
wsnipexunless you use some trickery15:09
IceCraftis there any way to bypass that?15:09
wsnipexstart as root15:09
RoryIceCraft: i'd recommend just using a port higher than 1024, if that is the easiest way for you15:09
wsnipexbeware, start as root doesn't mean RUN as root15:10
wsnipexyou should never do that15:10
IceCrafthow do you mean that?15:10
wsnipexa proper server software uses priviledge separation15:10
IceCraftthe server won't start as root15:11
wsnipexand will drop down to run as a user that has the minimum required rights15:11
=== misty_ is now known as themistymay
wsnipexthere is no good reason to run an ircd on priviledged ports15:12
teIceCraft: I don't know how one would "start as root"...?15:12
IceCraftsorry, sudor bla bla15:12
teIceCraft:  Not sure what you are talking about.  Start what server?15:12
IceCraftan ircd15:12
IceCraftalso doesn't iptables has a redirect function?15:13
IceCraftso forwarding one port to another? like 994->669715:13
wsnipexCapaH, thats a classic smtp server setup15:13
wsnipexIceCraft, why don't you run your ircq on 666x?15:14
teIceCraft: Sure15:15
teIceCraft: As to running ircd as root, pretty much all deamons run as root.15:15
IceCraftwouldn't be very secure or?15:16
Picite: not really.15:16
zykotick9te: s/deamons/daemons/15:16
wsnipexread what I told you about priviledge separation abaove15:16
Piciwsnipex: agreed.15:18
IceCraftokay, so removing the separation is one possibility15:18
wsnipexIceCraft, nope15:19
IceCraftwhy not15:19
wsnipex1. it would be inherently insecure15:20
wsnipex2. there is no need15:20
tePici: Well, not all, but most do.15:20
IceCraftokay, so the iptables redirect will do it. Thanks alot15:20
wsnipexand you didn't answer why you don't run your ircd on a port > 102415:20
tePici: ftpd httpd cups etc...15:21
wsnipex6000-8000 is the usual range15:21
Picite: apache httpd runs as www-root15:21
wsnipexte, none of those runs as root15:21
wsnipexwell maybe some old ftpd15:22
wsnipexagain, starting as root != run as root15:22
teThat is news to me.15:23
=== ClumsyFairyQueen is now known as cookie_zombie-v2
teI have always assumed that if it takes super user to start and stop a service, that it ran as root.15:24
te I realize that is not a valid assumption, but for all practicle purposes they are started and stoped with super user pivileges.15:25
wsnipexte, some reading: http://www.citi.umich.edu/u/provos/ssh/privsep.html15:26
teThe scripts that start them are run as root15:27
ubuntuNewbiehi, I have a problem with installing ubuntu on Parallels Desktop 615:29
ubuntuNewbieI tried to install ubuntu 12.04LTS 32bit15:29
ubuntuNewbieI got error message15:29
teI'm seeing httpd showing root as it's user, (root started it).15:31
daftykinsubuntuNewbie: how many guesses do i get on what this error is?15:31
=== cookie_zombie-v2 is now known as sandyd
teps aux15:31
sandman13does the software for 13.04 work on 13.1015:31
Rory!details | ubuntuNewbie15:32
ubuntuNewbie"ubuntu 12.04 bug : soft lockup cpu#0 stuck for 22s!"15:32
ubottuubuntuNewbie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:32
Rorysandman13: it's not recommended to mix repositories; what are you wanting to do?15:32
Roryubottu: Can you verify the integrity of the installation iso by selecting that option from the menu when you boot it?15:32
ubottuRory: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:32
teanyway thankd Pici and wsnipex, I'll look into the info you have given me.15:33
sandman13trying to install virtualbox for 13.10 but official page says only 13.04 available Rory15:33
RoryubuntuNewbie: see my message earlier15:33
Rorysandman13: "sudo apt-get install virtualbox"15:33
Rorysandman13: But in this specific case anyway, I know the provided package for ubuntu works on 13.10 because I'm using it right now to type this15:35
philinuxsandman13: says 13.10 on download page https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads15:35
auronandacesandman13: why don't you use virtualbox from the ubuntu repos?15:36
sandman13doing that thanks every one15:36
Touhou11Nothing wrong with downloading from the website though, the repos are often shipping ancient versions15:37
zykotick9Touhou11: bad advice15:37
philinuxauronandace: usb support for one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/Installation15:37
Touhou11I personally trust the original creators of software to provide decent binaries more than a random packager. Look at the Debian SSL fuckup15:38
zerowaitstateis there a tool for producing debian source packages for a python3 distutils-based package?15:38
zerowaitstatesorry wrong channel15:39
philinuxvirtualbox in repo cant do usb15:40
Rory1info virtualbox-nonfree15:40
sandman13auronandace the virtualbox from repos is outdated15:40
WebGenhi guys, I wonder, I know it's unlikely but still making sure, is it possible to put subunit on newly released kindle fire hdx? I'm not positive on how the general process of rooting goes but I assumed maybe some of the Linux gurus would know? I'm ready to contribute cause I am under bored with kindle os it's so limited. thanks in advance very much!15:41
auronandacesandman13: is there a feature you need in a newer one?15:41
RoryWebGen: what is subunit/15:41
sandman13yes and no auronandace15:41
auronandacesandman13: either you need it or you don't15:42
WebGenI meant ubuntu kindle fire doesn't even have word in its Swype, proof of how lame it is15:42
sandman13auronandace i need extension pack for the version15:42
philinuxsandman13: if you need to print via usb or other usb peripheral then the vbox website version is needed15:42
beanWebGen: you're probably looking for ubuntu touch15:43
bean!touch | WebGen15:43
ubottuWebGen: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:43
sandman13philinux the current version does not detect my usb drive15:43
WebGenbean , thanks I'll take a look hehe )15:44
philinuxsandman13: you mean version 4.3.215:45
sandman13nope 4.2.16 philinux15:45
philinuxsandman13: download 4.3.2 from vb website15:46
ObrienDaveand the guest additions ISO15:46
falcomhmmm how can i avoid typing term=xterm everytime i ssh into a ubuntu machine?15:46
sandman13will do philinux15:46
philinuxsandman13: get their user manual. shows how to set it all up15:47
CarlFKhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop  "Ubuntu 13.10 will be supported for 9 months..."  Has it always been 9 months?  I thought it was more like 2 years ?15:47
torkelatgenetCan i disconnect a sata drive if it's unmounted and in standby mode?15:47
ObrienDaveCarlFK, used to be 18 months15:47
sandman13okay philinux15:47
auronandaceCarlFK: 13.10 was the first to switch to the 9 month cycle, previously it was 18 months15:47
CarlFKtorkelatgenet: yep - its plug n play15:47
philinuxsandman13: shows how to set up guest additions properly15:47
ubuntuNewbieI have a problem with installing ubuntu12.04LTS 32bit. I'm trying to run ubuntu on Parallels Desktop 6(for osX). And I got error message like "ubuntu 12.04 bug : soft lockup cpu#0 stuck for 22s! [udevd:1160]" and lots of other messages (screenshot : http://mimosa.snucse.org/~hemi/errormessage.png). How can i fix this problem?15:48
CarlFKObrienDave: auronandace thanks - thought I was going batty :)15:48
ObrienDaveCarlFK, possibly ;)15:48
philinuxsandman13: thats a lot of reading http://www.virtualbox.org/manual/15:49
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DarthDepaHi guys :) In order to install Ubuntu 13.10 Server (with 2 partition) on the same HDD with Windows 8, how I have to procede?15:50
daftykinsDarthDepa: if you're setting up a server, it would generally be wiser to pick a Long Term Support (LTS) release as they're supported for longer15:50
DarthDepanono, no server :) I need server edition because I have to install a lot of package my own15:51
badgerHello, anyone able to help out with a broadcom driver issue?15:51
ObrienDaveDarthDepa, especially since the new LTS is due out in April15:51
beanDarthDepa: you dont need server edition to install your own packages.15:52
DarthDepaI need server edition... :)15:52
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beanDarthDepa: if its not a server why do you need server?15:53
mmiller13_Does anyone knows how to recover data after a format and a file system change. ubuntu installation formatted my hhd and changed the file system. Am not sure if anything could be recover; does anyone have a solution???15:53
zykotick9DarthDepa: do you plan on installing a GUI?15:53
DarthDepazykotick9: no :)15:53
=== LordOfTime is now known as TheLordOfTime
MonkeyDustDarthDepa  go for 12.04 LTS Server, is our advice15:53
zykotick9DarthDepa: ok, just checkin'15:53
=== jmgk_ is now known as jmgk
naturalplease help, i cant find 'brun' effect/ animation, i cant find animation add-on option in compiz, i have 'sudo apt-get installed compiz ...extras15:53
naturalusing 13.0415:53
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DarthDepazykotick9: I can follow the common procedure?15:54
Aaronnice net split15:54
xanguanatural: you won't...unless you compile it yourself15:54
mmiller13_Has anyone run into any problems installing 13.10 on a 64 bit system?15:54
xangua!anyone | mmiller13_15:54
ubottummiller13_: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:54
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fishduckzup.. woke up this morning without a clock on the top bar! Anyone experiencing the same thing?15:55
DarthDepazykotick9: insert the Ubuntu media and follow steps...15:55
zykotick9DarthDepa: honestly, if you have win8 i assume you have uefi - and i have NO idea how that works.  best of luck.15:55
xanguafishduck: using 13.10¿15:55
fishduckindeed I am xangua, very much so sire.15:55
naturalxangua, why?!?! why god why?!?! lol, i was guessing as much, burnawas the coolest an, and beam too.  i cant believe they took those two out, they arethe only animations i liked, lol, the irony. no other ideas how to get burn effect windows on 13.04? is it back in 13.10?15:55
MonkeyDust!uefi | DarthDepa did you read this15:56
ubottuDarthDepa did you read this: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:56
badgeranyone able to help with broadcom 4311 wifi issue?15:56
ActionParsnipbadger: ask away15:56
zykotick9!broadcom | badger did you already try/see this?15:56
xanguafishduck: everytime that happened i had to restart, I went back to 12.0415:56
ubottubadger did you already try/see this?: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:56
Shockwavehi! how  I can optimized my server ubuntu =??15:57
Shockwavesoftware for do a test15:57
ActionParsnipShockwave: set vm.swappiness to a low figure if you have lots of RAM15:57
ActionParsnipShockwave: swap on a different pysical disk15:58
ShockwaveActionParsnip: ok! thanks15:58
badgerActionParsnip, zykotick9  Yes i have read that but im having trouble as I have tried some one if and it didnt work can anyone make sure I do it right, i have had it working before but the same solution isnt working this time15:58
ActionParsnipbadger: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:58
mmiller13_Does anyone knows how to recover data after a format and a file system change. ubuntu installation formatted my hhd and changed the file system. Am not sure if anything could be recover; does anyone have a solution???15:59
ActionParsnipmmiller13_: use your backups15:59
badgerActionParsnip, cat /etc/issue15:59
ActionParsnipbadger: yes run it in a terminal, what is output?15:59
badgerActionParsnip, gives this. Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l15:59
zykotick9mmiller13_: you might want to try testdisk15:59
badgerits a clean install15:59
ActionParsnipmmiller13_: otherise you will need a partition of equal or greater size than your whole disk and use foremost15:59
Shockwavedo you do joomla or mysql=???16:00
badgerapt-get had broken so i just ran a fresh installation16:00
zoraelCan anyone recommend a visual patch tool? For times when I have a diff that *almost* applies, something that will pop the files up next to eachother and highlight mismatches16:00
ActionParsnipmmiller13_: you will lose name and location data but the files may be recoverable. If the area where data was stored before has been overwritten the data is LOST16:00
MonkeyDustmmiller13_  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery16:00
ActionParsnipmmiller13_: why do you not have a backup16:01
ActionParsnipmmiller13_: what if your drive IDE fails, or the motor does not spin, where is your data?16:01
mmiller13__It's not my fault16:01
MonkeyDustzorael  to patch what?16:01
ActionParsnipmmiller13_: educate people then :)16:01
zoraelMonkeyDust: any source16:02
MonkeyDustzorael  "any source" is a bit vague, what are you doing16:02
zoraelMonkeyDust: I'm just asking if someone knows a tool that helps when you have a patch that doesn't cleanly apply.16:03
zorael(they're kernel patches FWIW)16:03
Shockwavehow mount asterisk in my server=??16:03
Shockwavefor the practice16:03
MonkeyDustzorael  ok, so kernel patches, that's something16:03
zoraelMonkeyDust: But it's irrelevant.16:04
badgerActionParsnip, I have tried some of this already can you give some further advice?16:04
Shockwavethe channel of ubuntu server =??16:04
Shockwave the channel of ubuntu server =??16:04
Shockwave the channel of ubuntu server =??16:04
MonkeyDustShockwave  #ubuntu-server16:05
ShockwaveMonkeyDust: danke, thanks, gracias16:05
sandman13why so many people hate unity?16:09
compdocI like it16:09
zykotick9sandman13: a question for #ubuntu-offtopic16:10
sandman13zykotick9 okay16:10
compdocbut the new Ubuntu doesnt work well for vnc, etc. They screwed it up16:10
Rory!details | compdoc16:12
ubottucompdoc: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:12
zykotick9Rory: the reasons a 3D desktop doesn't work well across VNC should be obvious.  compdoc doesn't need to give details, i don't think that's the issue they're in here for.16:14
esdei've got nautilus launched with gksudo nautilus and am trying to modify permissions of a dir. However, when I change any setting on the permissions tab, the value immediately reverts. I know I can use the cli to achieve the same changes I want to do with the gui, but this has happened before too.16:15
esdeubuntu 12.04.316:15
zykotick9esde: is this a FAT or NTFS formatted partition?16:15
Roryzykotick9: I know, I'm just pointing out that one can't just say blanket statements like "[Ubuntu] screwed [their release] up" based on the fact that one is having VNC issues16:15
elixir_How to disable these notfications?16:15
elixir_ tarndt_ (~tarndt@ has joined #ubuntu16:16
elixir_How to disable these?16:16
Roryelixir_: Which IRc client are you using?16:16
zykotick9Rory: ahhh, sorry my bad.16:16
elixir_Received a CTCP VERSION from Rory16:16
Roryelixir_: it was quicker than asking ;)16:16
esdezykotick9, it says fuseblk16:17
Roryelixir_: Try /set irc_conf_mode 116:17
elixir_Rory, thanks!16:17
zykotick9esde: i'm not sure where you saw that.  but i'm guessing it is FAT/NTFS... and you CAN'T apply POSIX permissions to FAT/NTFS partitions.16:18
zykotick9esde: from a terminal does "mount" show the partition and the format?16:18
esdezykotick9, and it's impossible to convert the filesystem in place right? i have to move the data off, reformat, then replace the data?16:18
zykotick9esde: correct, you can't convert it.16:19
esdeit's not the system disk, just an extra drive16:19
esdecoool, thank you for the help :)16:19
zykotick9esde: keep in mind, if you want to use the drive with windows/mac fat/ntfs IS your best option!16:20
naturalwoops, i am at a loss, i had no idea what dange dave was, i thought it was a cartoon about rescue heros. crap guyys, what a bad deal.16:21
naturaloh, btw dangerdan is someone that falls in love over the internet? thats weird.16:22
Rory!yay | jmgk16:23
ubottujmgk: Glad you made it! :-)16:23
jmgki works16:23
jmgkWEbchat issues Rory16:24
dracan_linhi everyone16:24
Rorydracan_lin: hello16:25
WebGenh haha sorry I was gonna search your name you write to me earlier16:30
RoryWebGen: I'm pretty sure the only thing I've ever said to you is "what is subunit"16:31
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
WebGenoh ok, I just had the notification anyways cool :p16:32
jeffrashDo we have a fix for the 13.10 freezing on boot issue?16:33
zykotick9jeffrash: did you try nomodeset?16:34
BarackObama_313Hello World.16:37
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:37
BarackObama_313Linux Mint won't boot when installed with UNetbootin.16:38
zykotick9!mint | BarackObama_31316:38
ubottuBarackObama_313: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:38
ObrienDaveBarackObama_313, probably a bad DL. you check with MD5?16:39
BarackObama_313I did not. I don't know how.16:39
BarackObama_313Mayube I should learn.16:39
ObrienDavemaybe so16:39
zykotick9ObrienDave: please don't offer support for mint here16:39
BarackObama_313Ubuntu installed fine using Unetbootin but Mint could not. I tried 3 different installs.16:39
iyounihw ar yo16:39
MonkeyDustiyouni  vr gd ty16:40
iyouni<MonkeyDust> why16:40
jeffrashtesting now16:41
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BarackObama_313I don't care for the sidebar in Ubuntu.16:43
ActionParsnipBarackObama_313: you dont have to use it16:44
BarackObama_313Is there a way to disable it?16:44
jmgkhi abradley16:44
jmgkBarackObama_313:  I voited for you MR President16:44
BarackObama_313Yes we can.16:44
ObrienDavetry Xubuntu. no sidebar needed ;)16:44
ActionParsnipBarackObama_313: install gnome-panel   log off and log in to the new session16:44
* jmgk shakes hands with BarackObama_313 16:44
jeffrashThat seems to have worked but now I'm in standard graphics mode16:44
BarackObama_313I do like Xubuntu. All around good distro.16:45
jmgkthanks BarackObama_31316:46
BarackObama_313I'll try that from the Library ActionParsnip.16:46
BarackObama_313I'm on Windows right now.16:46
BarackObama_313I run Linix from the Public Library.16:46
BarackObama_313You're welcome jmgk.16:47
dracan_linhi Dante16:48
Screwbaheya all...I have a question16:48
BarackObama_313Yes Screwba?16:48
MonkeyDustScrewba  let's hear it, in one line16:48
=== Vegeta is now known as Guest51485
BarackObama_313140 charactors or less.16:48
daftykinswith punctuation16:48
BarackObama_313and Capitization.16:48
dracan_linand excellent pronounciation :-D16:49
sandman13have anyone tried installing windows 8 as vm in Vbox16:49
MonkeyDustand not typed to fast, i'm a slow reader16:49
daftykinssandman13: that doesn't count as ubuntu support i'm afraid. try finding a virtualbox channel16:49
Picisandman13: I'm sure people have.  #vbox should be able to help you if you are having problems.16:49
ScrewbaI created an Upstart script which waits for my interface to be up and running and then a script kicks off to rename and configure the machine, I use the host or dig command to pull SRV records from DNS but it appears that it is not getting any SRV records.  What is the DNS daemon or DNS utilities which need to load so I can use the host or dig command?16:49
sandman13got it16:49
BarackObama_313Very specialized question there Screwba.16:50
BarackObama_313I suggest a forum post.16:50
daftykinsScrewba: package 'dnsutils' ?16:50
ScrewbaBarackObama_313: mainly, I need to know 'what' service/daemon controls the DNS lookup functions16:51
RoryScrewba: When you run that part of your upstart script manually in a terminal, does it return the results you expect?16:51
BarackObama_313Do you have an ubuntu book? Refer to the index.16:51
ScrewbaI see that mDNS or something like that is started prior to my script running but seems like I can not do DNS queries using host or dig during boot up16:52
ScrewbaRory:  If I run the script after the machine boots up, yes, everything works perfectly and it completes fine16:52
Screwbadaftykins:  definately installed but is it dependent on a daemon or just that my interface be up and running?16:53
=== Jpmh_ is now known as Jpmh
Screwbadaftykins:  also that my resolv.conf is configured and has DNS servers listed of course16:54
geniiScrewba: The "dig" command is in the package dnsutils, the "host" command is in package bind9-host16:55
BarackObama_313The Ubuntu software repo app is wonderful.16:56
BarackObama_313I can find many cool different applications.16:57
daftykinsScrewba: are you running this script on a very barebones installation or something?16:57
hmamouchi_Salut à Tous16:58
hmamouchi_Yat-il un moyen de les faire comme ça http://www.securitronlinux.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/voyager-desktop.jpg terminal :)17:02
hmamouchi_os : Crunchbang17:03
Screwbagenii:  I have both packages installed17:04
OerHekshmamouchi_, crunchbang is not supported here in #ubuntu.17:04
Screwbadaftykins: Ubuntu 12.04 fully updated with Samba and Winbind installed...pretty basic but not as well17:04
daftykinsScrewba: insert some prints into your script and run it by hand to debug it i'd say17:05
daftykinsScrewba: perhaps consider virtualising this setup and packet sniffing between too to see what's 'on the wire'17:05
geniiScrewba: Maybe use full pathnames then in your scripts.17:05
Screwbadaftykins/genii: I use exec to pipe all script processing to a log file and even run just my host and/or dig commands just to see the output, it appears that there is no output during the running of my script17:07
ActionParsniphmamouchi_: ask in #crunchbang this is the channel your distribution is supported in17:08
Screwbadaftykins:  this is all running on a virtualized platform...   =)    I am actually building a provisioning mechanism for Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/Red Hat/Mint machines17:08
jazzmehello, question about xfce....when I'm away from the computer I come back and find the log in screen and all of the running apps are shutdown...it is as if I reboot....how can I turn this "feature" off?  Please.17:08
ActionParsnipjazzme: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue17:09
jazzmeActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l17:09
ActionParsnipjazzme: ok, let me search17:09
ActionParsnipjazzme: what is the output of:   ls /usr/bin | grep saver17:10
jazzmeActionParsnip: gnome-screensaver17:11
FloodBot1jazzme: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:11
=== jmgk1 is now known as jmgk
ActionParsnipjazzme: cool, run:   xscreensaver-demo    and you can set up the screensaver to not lock screen etc17:13
jazzmeActionParsnip: thanks, but where is the option to not lock screen?17:15
jazzmeActionParsnip:  I see a check box for lock screen, it is already off.17:15
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ixio2hey guys I need to create an SMTP server to sit out on the internet to act as a SMTP relay for several customers, thing like scanning machines, printers, monitoring devices. I will restrict it by source IP address rather than SMTP auth etc as some of the more rudimentary systems out there that need to send emails dont support TLS or SMTP auth. What's the simplest SMTP server to configure,17:17
ixio2perhaps even with a webui? I have an ubuntu server running in Azure I wish to use for this17:17
beanixio2: does it just need to /send/ email or does it actually need to relay?17:17
ixio2bean: relay17:17
ActionParsnipjazzme: ask in #xubuntu too. Ive not used XFCE in a while now17:18
beanI'd probably use exim. I don't think theres any packages out there that include a webui by default, ixio217:18
ActionParsnipixio2: could use phpmyadmin17:18
bean? for a web ui for mail?17:18
ixio2ActionParsnip isnt that for mysql ?17:18
ixio2by webui I mean something like webmin17:19
xananaxHey all. I was trying to install ubuntu, but only getting a black screen. I tried installing with "nomodeset", and it worked, and now it boots, but the resolution is very low, and it seems slow for effects (not using the graphical card). What should I do?17:19
ses1984just installed ubuntu 13.10 and when i boot i get a black screen with a mouse cursor, after lots of weird flashing and distorted stuff17:19
ActionParsnipixio2: we use it for exim4, we have a fat handed manager so we give him a clicky GUI17:19
xananaxI am currently installing bumblebee17:19
ActionParsnipses1984: what GPU(s) do you use?17:19
ses1984if i right-click, it looks like i can pull up a desktop context menu but the vga sync is way off17:19
ses1984amd radeon 3300 integrated17:19
ses1984im trying to troubleshoot but alt-sysreq-k and/or ctrl-alt-backspace dont seem to kill X like it used to?17:20
ActionParsnipses1984: get fully updated in TTY! (oress CTRL+ALT+F1 and log in there)17:20
ixio2ActionParsnip: I thought PHPmyadmin was a Mysql front end, are you saying it can configure Exim too?17:20
ses1984ok, upgrading packages now17:21
ActionParsnipixio2: we use exim to talk to a mysql instance to work out where email needs to go next17:21
ses1984is there still a hotkey combo to kill/restart x?17:21
MonkeyDustses1984  ctrl-alt-backspace, i guess17:21
zykotick9ActionParsnip: colour me disappointed.  a TTY is any terminal either console or xorg.  Those are consoles/linux consoles/virtual terminals(VTs)17:21
zykotick9MonkeyDust: ctrl-alt-backspace has been disabled by default (for a while now)17:22
OerHeksMonkeyDust, CTRL + ALT + PrintScreen + K17:22
zykotick9OerHeks: is teh ctrl required?17:23
OerHekszykotick9, as i remember it, yes, i am too lazy to try now :-D17:23
zykotick9OerHeks: ya, i'm not gonna "test" it either, but i think it's just alt+sysrq+k17:24
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its a text only console, will allow updates to rol and may fix things17:25
zykotick9ActionParsnip: i'm just asking that you don't use TTY incorrectly, they're consoles.  ;)17:25
ses1984i have had this problem with lots of systems using older integrated graphics, and i don't know what the root of the problem is:17:25
ses1984the problem is that video works fine off the live cd/installer, but after the system is installed, video is screwed17:26
ixio2so Exim keeps its config in MySQL? cos if thats the case then its easy to just write a PHP front end that manipulates the mysql database17:26
Mace268Can anyone suggest a good disaster recovery backup system that's reliable and fairly easy to use?17:26
ses1984like i just rebooted this system that i updated, and as soon as i enter 'sudo shutdown -r now' the video goes nuts and just shows a bunch of flashing distortion17:26
MonkeyDustMace268  rsync is fast17:26
moppyMace268, Ubuntu has a built in backup client. Just remember. If you dont test your restore, you don't have a backup17:27
Mace268i can't get the built-in to backup /var and /etc though17:27
MonkeyDustMace268  you can use rsync for that17:28
moppyMace268, There is bakula, and rsync. Bakula is automated and easy to configure17:28
moppyMace268,  rsync works but you need to manually do some work to manage incremental backups17:28
Mace268does rsync get all file attributes as well?17:28
P1roHi, im trying to find a way to install ubuntu using a old ipod as hard drive, im reading that syslinux can help me but i cant get syslinux working.17:29
moppyMace268, Yes rsync can do that17:29
MonkeyDustyes, rsync -a     <-- archive17:29
moppyMace268, are you needing rotating daily backups, or something?17:29
Mace268no i just want to backup my system so it's quick to restore in case of a hd failure17:30
moppyMace268, Is your data encrypted?17:30
moppyMace268, OK, rysync should be fine to just image your files every month or so.17:30
moppyMace268, But why are you backing up /var? Webserver?17:31
Mace268plex media server17:31
ses1984ActionParsnip: i updated everything, still getting the same video problems17:32
moppyMace268, good luck with it, just remember to test the restore.17:32
Mace268have you had any experience with FSArchiver? it seems to be in the repos too17:32
moppyMace268, not me. I've done rsync and backula.17:33
beananother option is Amanda.17:33
beanfor backups17:33
tmusjoin #gnome17:34
Mace268ok thanks for the info guys :)17:34
* tmus slaps himself17:34
FreezingColdSo I'm looking for a random project to practice learning QT with17:34
FreezingColdgive me a command line program you'd like a GUI for17:34
MonkeyDustFreezingCold  moment17:35
ActionParsnipses1984: try the boot option:    radeon.nomodeset=117:35
MonkeyDusti have a custom script in dropbox, let me search17:35
moppyFreezingCold, nethack17:35
moppyFreezingCold, actually i think rsync would be a good choice... make a gui backup program where you can click to select files17:36
zykotick9moppy: nethack already has a gui.17:36
OerHeksmoppy, already done > grsync17:36
moppyOerHeks, they've ALL been done. Linux is probably older than most of us. He's just wanting something to practice on i guess?17:37
MonkeyDustsudo apt-get install xscreensaver17:37
MonkeyDustFreezingCold  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4653463/systemupdate17:37
FreezingColdmoppy: well, something useful would be nice17:38
FreezingColdMonkeyDust: Er, how would a GUI help with that17:38
moppyFreezingCold, some of the newer tools like the cloud deployment stuff might not have a gui yet17:39
FreezingColdmoppy: yeah I'm trying to find something that i might use myself, but it's so damn hard lol17:39
MonkeyDustFreezingCold  don't know, it's your exercise :)17:39
FreezingColddamn you open source!17:39
moppyFreezingCold, wha are the last 10 commands you typed into terminal? If you're looking for something you've proven a lack of a gui for .. :-)17:40
BarackObama_313I hate when I lose my gui.17:41
FreezingColdmoppy: [20131119:124051~]$ history | tail -10 | sprunge17:41
ses1984ok, the key to bring up the grub menu is shift right? or am i taking crazy pills17:41
FreezingColdexcuse my poor taste in music17:41
FreezingColdMidy: not with that attitude17:42
moppyFreezingCold, so you did find twice with different setups? Seems maybe there is a place to start17:42
FreezingColdmoppy: but literally every file manager has searching17:42
MidyAny one have any success installing ubuntu 3.04 on MacBook Pro 5.1?17:43
FreezingColdMidy: I would assume so17:43
moppyFreezingCold, and literally you dont use any of them as you still typed find... so clearly the existing GUIs arent working for you17:43
moppyMidy, 3.04? is there a '1' missing?17:43
Midywell can anyone help me?17:43
FreezingColdmoppy: haha point taken. The thing is I don't really like most GUIs myself, so it's hard for me to tell what people actually like to use =/17:44
disparaissanthi there17:45
ActionParsnipMidy: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?17:46
ActionParsnipMidy: if you used a CD, did you burn teh CD as slowly as possible?17:46
tracker1just curious, via ufw, does anyone have an example of a hot change from forwarding a port to one address to another?17:46
tracker1want to be able to do this without dropping existing connections17:47
ses1984ActionParsnip: i'm not sure if radeon.nomodeset=1 did anything, i'm still having the same problem, but now, i'm unable to access the grub boot menu. i've tried holding shift, or pressing shift as rapidly as possible, and nothing happens17:47
P1roHi, im trying to find a way to install ubuntu using a old ipod as hard drive, im reading that syslinux can help me but i cant get syslinux working.17:47
ses1984all of the docs about this seem horribly outdated, i'm looking at something on ubuntu wiki telling how to manually set your graphics driver and the first thing it says is to back up your xorg.conf, which my system doesn'17:48
ActionParsnipses1984: you set the boot option in Grub, Grub will always show as it is text17:48
ses1984t seem to even have17:48
sidney2466how do I format a usb drive?17:48
sandman13what exactly is gnome system tools17:48
ActionParsnipsidney2466: usegparted17:48
ActionParsnipsidney2466: use gparted17:49
ses1984ActionParsnip: i'm saying i set the boot option in grub, booted, and it didn't help. i tried to reboot and get to grub menu again and i cant17:49
=== johnny is now known as Guest5169
OerHekssandman13, a set of tools to admin your system, like Users and groups, Date and time, Network configuration, Runlevels and more17:50
ActionParsnipses1984: hold SHIFT as soon as the system powers on17:51
sandman13OerHeks: does it replace unity if installed17:51
=== folivora_ is now known as folivora
OerHekssandman13, no, it has nothing to do with unity17:51
disparaissantim trying to install 12.04 alternative on a 12" powerbook (powerpc) from 2003. i've run into a HUGE problem with the nvidia graphics card on it. apparently, nouveau has trouble because something about the powerpc architecture doesn't support kernel mode setting. from everything i've found, i need to use the ancient nv drivers in order to get any form of 2d acceleration at all.17:52
sidney2466how do I format a usb drive using Gparted?17:52
sandman13OerHeks: was reading this, http://askubuntu.com/questions/25596/set-up-usb-for-virtualbox17:52
disparaissanti've tried to compile my own nv drivers to no avail (the source just isn't available anymore) and i found a .deb of drivers compiled on the same model i've got... but it throws up error messages when i try to dpkg -i it.17:52
OerHekssandman13, if you want " Users and Groups " you need gnome system tools, yes.17:53
disparaissantxserver-xorg-video-nv depends on xorg-video-abi-6.0; however:17:54
disparaissantpackage xorg-video-abi-6.0 is not installed17:54
disparaissantxserver-xorg-core (2:1.11.4-0ubuntu10.14) breaks xserver-xorg-video-6 and is installed.17:54
disparaissantxserver-xorg-video-nv (1:2.1.17-3) provides xserver-xorg-video-6.17:54
FloodBot1disparaissant: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:54
disparaissantsorry mr floodbot117:54
sandman13OerHeks is there a way around it17:54
sidney2466how do I format a usb flash drive using GParted?17:54
OerHekssandman13, depends on what you want to do?17:55
MonkeyDustsidney2466  up right, seklect the usb stick, delete partition17:55
sandman13well i ran into same problem as in the above article OerHeks17:56
dhanasekaranHi Guys, my one of the HDD not mounted Please guide me how to mount it,17:56
dhanasekaran[ 1105.228469] EXT3-fs (sda): error: unable to read superblock17:57
dhanasekaran[ 1105.238967] EXT4-fs (sda): unable to read superblock17:57
sidney2466I can't delete17:57
sidney2466it has a little key on its side does it mean something?17:57
wilee-nileesidney2466, Right click it and unmount if needed.17:57
ki4roAnyone know how to get rhythmbox to recognize my mp3 player in ubuntu 13.1017:59
dhanasekaran> file /dev/sd17:59
dhanasekaransda   sdb   sdb1  sdb2  sdb517:59
sidney2466it has also another partition called "unallocated" below18:02
sidney2466should I leave it there?18:02
jubaleI thought I'd come mention an interesting observation I made a month or two ago. I've a DELL 'inspiron 15' with Ubuntu 13, since installing built-in mouse is most often bouncy whenever finger is even grazing it. However, with portable mouse connected, 99.99999999999999~% of time, it works just fine.18:02
disparaissantcan anyone help a sister out? i gotta solve these crazy dependency issues otherwise i am stuck in single user purgatory 4evaaaa18:05
wilee-nileesidney2466, unallocated means no partition.18:06
wilee-nileesidney2466,  Or a broken one not readable.18:06
wilee-nileesidney2466, If you need definite answers screenshot gparted showing it imagebin it and use nicks here18:07
sandman13OerHeks, still confused does gnome-desktop-tools replace unity and install gnome18:08
OerHeks!nounity| sandman13, no, i think you want ubuntu-gnome-desktop18:09
ubottusandman13, no, i think you want ubuntu-gnome-desktop: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !18:09
sandman13OerHeks, no i don't want to install gnome right now18:10
ki4roAnyone know how to get rhythmbox to recognize my mp3 player in ubuntu 13.1018:11
wilee-nileeki4ro, Does the mp3 player show at all, and is it say an player made by like apple?18:18
Romanceadding a command /usr/bin/udisk --mount /dev/sda3 to startup application didnt mount the partition, why?18:19
Anuskai install ubuntu in virtualbox and i select ssh, but i connot connect on
ki4rowilee-nilee, Yes, it shows up on the left, no, it is not made by apple18:19
wilee-nileeRomance, you want it added to fstab with a different set of information.18:19
Romancewilee-nilee: i know about the fstab way, but why /usr/bin/udisk didnt work18:20
ki4rowilee-nilee, been looking for solutions for about an hour or more so thought I would come here18:20
ranjanHi all, any squid experts here?18:20
bazhangranjan, try #squid18:21
bgardnerAnuska: Did you make sure your network device connection type is Bridged Adapter?18:22
ranjanbazhang, i am already there18:22
sergiobenrocha2Hello, I'm having a problem with ubuntu apport... It is not sending bugs to launchpad anymore... normally it open firefox at launchpad, but just 2 week it does not do it18:22
ranjanbazhang, no response from #squid, so expected someone from #ubuntu so that i can pm without disturbing the channel :)18:22
cantu4Anyone play TF2? My game is crashing upon entering options18:23
wilee-nileeki4ro, I don't see a way to link mine with rhythmbox a player to player is a bit unusual maybe, its usually a file to a player.18:23
OerHekski4ro, did you enable the mtp plugin in rhythmbox ?18:24
=== swaagie[food] is now known as swaagie
Anuskathanks bgardner18:24
femian Hola como están. Consulta, tengo una brother dcp-j140w y no puedo hacer funcionar el scanner en ubuntu 10.04, alguien sabe como resolverlo? Gracias18:24
ObrienDave!es | femian18:25
ubottufemian: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:25
xanguafemian: 10.04 desktop is no longer supported18:25
femianen el canal de español nadie sabe como solucionarlo18:27
ki4roOerHeks, Don´t know what that is18:28
wilee-nileeki4ro, I linked the rhythmbox open to the mp3's music file on board it that works, I did do as OerHeks suggests beforehand and turned on the mtp, not sure if that made a difference I had not tried this path before.18:28
ki4rowilee-nilee, Is that an option in rhythmbox?18:29
wilee-nileeki4ro, edit-preferences-music-browse18:30
OerHekski4ro, it is an menu in rhythmbox preferences18:30
wilee-nileethe plugins are in edit as well ki4ro18:30
digitlmananybody using picuntu on a Rk3066 device?18:31
ObrienDaveki4ro, did you install MTP support as well?18:31
Danatofemian: aqui solo hablam ingles, yo hablo un poquito de portunol, pero no es mucho, intenta usar el google tradutor18:31
OerHekski4ro, you might need to restart rhythmbox after enabling mtp plugin18:31
disparaissantokay so i'm trying to use gdebi to install nv and it gives me the error "this package is uninstallable. dependency is not satisfiable: xorg-video-abi-6.0" any clue anyone?18:32
ki4roOerHeks, Do not see any reference to mtp18:32
femianHello how are. See, I have a brother dcp-J140W and I can not run the scanner in ubuntu 10.04, anyone know how to solve it? thanks18:32
wilee-nileedisparaissant, says your missing a package right?18:32
disparaissantyeah i can't find that package ~anywhere~18:32
disparaissanti could just be stupid tho18:32
wilee-nileedisparaissant, I generally look for a deb on the web to start with.18:33
sergiobenrocha2femian: 10.04 is no longer supported... in desktop18:33
MrHacksJust wehen I was about to log out of this shell that I left open overnight, ki4ro says the magic word and the duck comes out18:33
disparaissantwilee-nilee: it's part of xserver-xorg-core, but clearly part of a much older version since 12.04 doesn't have it...18:33
digitlmantrying to install RTL8188CUS drivers into picuntu ....the installer complains about module sissing18:34
* MrHacks has only a hour to hang out here.18:34
digitlmanwhats the best way to install wifidrivers on a system that has no network conenctions? lol18:34
wilee-nileedisparaissant, Yeah looked a bit like a challenge being xorg-care, hehe18:34
zzecoolHello there , can i build a .deb that will have multiarch support using checkinstall ?18:35
ki4roOerHeks, Found the mtp already turned on18:35
zzecooli cant find  any way it seems i can only build for my native arch18:35
=== timo is now known as Guest14022
zykotick9zzecool: sidenote/warning, checkinstall created DEBs aren't intended to be redistributed...18:36
zzecooli know it is for me18:37
disparaissantwell it's a new install so let's see how bad i can screw it up by uninstalling xorg-core and reinstalling an older version! should be fun.18:37
wilee-nileedisparaissant, I see it in debian as a download, I am not familiar with nv though, using straight debian is not generally advised, and you have addressed the age already.18:37
MrHacksSpeaking of Wifi, I've noticed they past couple of times that when I boot up Ubuntu posts a system error prompt. Something about /sbin/wpa_suplicant. dmesg says something about a SIGSEGV error.  Hopefully this isn't a serious problem considering I use WiFi18:37
zzecoolbut i want to have multiarch support because the re is a conflict with ia32libs18:37
wilee-nileedisparaissant, hehe you go tear it up. ;)18:38
wilee-nileedisparaissant, http://pkgs.org/download/xorg-video-abi-6.018:38
disparaissantwilee-nilee: thanks! i'll try that if this frankenstein hack job im doing now doesn't work18:39
disparaissantwilee-nilee: actually that won't work, i'm on a powerpc :S18:39
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wilee-nileedisparaissant, I'm not sure that is exactly a download.18:39
wilee-nileedisparaissant, People do, do forced installs, however a apt set up missing a package will be problematic with every command run in it.18:41
wilee-nileeor could be anyway18:41
disparaissantyeah trying to install that older version of xorg-core jsut blew up in my face haha18:42
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wilee-nileeAnuska, This 10.04 a server?18:46
MonkeyDustAnuska  rpm... sure you're asking in the right channel?18:46
compdocAnuska, does libc.so.6 exist on the drive?18:47
vermahimhi, i am using ubuntu 13.10, i am looking for a software(preferably small in terms of code) which is written(or majority of code) in C/C++, please help me out18:47
wilee-nileedisparaissant, That is always fun. ;)18:47
pabelangerWhat is up with http://packages.ubuntu.org/ ?18:47
Anuskai install libc618:48
reisiovermahim: wha?18:48
Picipabelanger: good question... /me enquires18:48
PiciAnuska: Why are you installing an RPM package on Ubuntu?18:48
pabelangerubuntu.org was the wrong domain18:48
wilee-nileeKajunfiend, You gots an issue?18:48
Picipabelanger: yeah, I just saw that.18:48
Anuskai try to test18:48
Anuskasome commands to learn rpm -commands18:49
PiciAnuska: Ubuntu does not use RPM, it uses dpkg and .debs18:49
pabelangerPici, thanks for the quick reply18:49
vermahimreisio: what?18:49
reisiovermahim: I asked first18:49
PiciAnuska: things will either not work with installing RPMs, or you will break your install.18:49
vermahimreisio: any software on ubuntu which is written in c/c++18:50
reisiovermahim: yes, tons of it18:50
Anuskaand how i will learn rpm commands if i have ubuntu installed?18:50
=== dean is now known as dean|away
Anuskai delete ubuntu and install other distribution how use rpm?18:50
reisioAnuska: or use a VM18:50
vermahimreisio: preferably, small in terms of code..so that i can understand and improve my skills18:51
MonkeyDustor chroot?18:51
reisiovermahim: mmm, okay18:51
reisiovermahim: http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/coreutils/18:51
reisiovermahim: ask #C for more18:51
Anuskaall rpm18:51
Anuskalooking for libc.so.618:51
Anuskai try to install pico rpm but faild18:52
=== away_eliasps is now known as eliasps
vermahimreisio: ok..18:52
MonkeyDustAnuska  what is your end goal?18:52
yash069Anuska: what u want to do ?18:52
MonkeyDustAnuska  why are rpm's so important to you?18:52
k1l_Anuska: you know that rpm stands for redhat package manager. this is the fedora/redhat system. ubuntu uses .deb which is comming from debian.18:53
yash069pico is old name for nano text editor18:53
P1roHi, im trying to find a way to install ubuntu using a old ipod as hard drive, im reading that syslinux can help me but i cant get syslinux working.18:53
Anuskayes but i try to install rpm18:53
k1l_Anuska: you should look out for .deb packages if you want to use them with ubuntu18:53
Anuskato learn rpm -ivh , rpm -V , etc18:53
yash069k1l_: RPM Package Manager !!18:53
k1l_Anuska: yes, but this is wrong.18:53
MonkeyDustAnuska  why? maybe there's a solution that's not alien to ubuntu18:53
Anuskai will install mandriva to learn rpm18:54
k1l_Anuska: ubuntu works with another packages system. its .deb based and not .rpm based like on that other distributions18:54
Anuskai know18:54
Anuskabut if i have a rpm i build a .deb pkg in ubuntu18:54
MonkeyDustAnuska  are you a troll?18:55
k1l_Anuska: best is to get a .deb package in the first way18:55
AnuskaMonkeyDust stai away!18:55
reisioP1ro: to GNU/Linux, a drive is a drive18:55
k1l_Anuska: you could use alien to transform a rpm package. but there is no guarantee that this will work out as expected. i would stronly suggest that you take a .deb package in the first place18:56
Anuskathanks, yap18:56
P1roreisio even with the usb mode on the ipod is not booting it, thats why im tryign to find help18:57
=== Rodge is now known as Rodge_
=== eliasps is now known as busy_eliasps
reisioP1ro: well, you can get a >16GB usb stick at local stores in the USA for $2018:59
dgarstang3Is there any way to make an upstart job start after all other jobs?19:00
yash069reisio: nice one :)19:00
karab44hello guys19:00
P1roreisio, i know that, but im not in US, also thats a ipod with broken sound, thats why i wanna get some use to it.19:00
yash069really why in this world someone will make ipod bootable19:00
P1royash069 lol? lick more19:00
yash069P1ro good reason though19:01
k1l_P1ro: i am not quite sure if the firmware on the ipod alows that at all19:01
karab44I have a question... how can I easily place, scale, move and remove different images on background of all ubuntu desktops?19:01
P1rok1l_ well im reading about syslinux but still cant get i working19:01
reisioP1ro: you can probably crack it open and have an ordinary hard disk19:02
ikoniaP1ro: http://limneoswizard.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/make-iphone-bootable-usb-disk-boot-your.html19:02
karab44by meaning of desktops I mean all virtual desktops on my system19:02
reisiokarab44: you'd have to figure out what's controlling those, historically in GNOME it was nautilus19:03
reisiokarab44: that'd still be my first guess with Unity19:03
reisiokarab44: as for the manipulation, use imagemagick's convert/mogrify commands19:03
ikoniadifferent wall paper per desktop is not supported19:03
ikoniaI think there was a gnome hack for it but it never got commited (I think)19:04
BluesKajkde supportd different wallpapers per desktop19:04
karab44I have something completely diffrent on my mind19:04
karab44let me show you19:04
airtonixkarab44: i'd like to show you something too.19:05
ikoniaBluesKaj: that's been around for a while in kde as I recall19:05
airtonixkarab44: http://www.etftrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/key_enter_1-opt.jpg19:05
karab44airtonix: ?? :D19:05
BluesKajikonia. yeah , i'm surprised ubuntu/unity/gnome doesn't19:05
karab44it's enter key19:05
ikoniaairtonix: just explain clearly rather than silly cryptic messages19:05
airtonixkarab44: personally i love the enter key, but my true love lies with the comma key.19:06
ikoniakarab44: he'd like you to stop usin "enter" as punctuation in your chat in this channel.19:06
yash069karab44: http://askubuntu.com/questions/75998/is-it-possible-to-have-a-different-background-for-each-workspace19:06
karab44I don't want to have different wallpapers for each desktop I told you. I think more like about active desktop19:07
ses1984is there something like an ubuntu enterprise flavor that doesn't come with amazon integration, hard coded bookmarks to photo, music and video files in nautilus, etc?19:07
yash069live wallpaper ?19:07
airtonixkarab44: you mean like having a web page as your background?19:07
karab44for example imagine that desktop is a desk where you want to place photos everywhere on it19:08
anternatis bash scripting C++? another language? what exactly is it?19:08
ikoniases1984: the desktop is enterprise ready, it's up to you to build an image specific ot your enterprise19:08
ApteryxHi everyone! Could anyone comment on the state of Moonlight? Is the project dead? What is the way to get the latest version running on Ubuntu 13.10?19:08
ses1984bash is a language19:08
ses1984ikonia: you have to recompile nautilus from source to remove the links to photo, music and video files19:08
karab44then you could easily move it and scale it and manage interactively through desktops.19:08
ses1984that's enterprise ready?19:08
anternatty ses198419:08
airtonixses1984: brotip: install gnome-shell and gdm, dpkg-reconfigure lightdm, choose gdm. never deal with amazon integration again :)19:08
ikoniases1984: no you don't,19:08
ikoniases1984: you build a pressed image,19:08
ses1984that's what a ton of sources have told me19:08
ikoniases1984: then I suggest getting a grip on things before coming in all "smart"19:09
ikoniases1984: pretty much every desktop on linux will have bookmarks etc in place by default19:09
ses1984yeah but in old versions of nautilus you could just right click remove, now remove is disabled19:09
ikoniases1984: remove what ?19:10
yash069karab44: one way is to have conky ... but it will be to much work to do ...19:10
karab44I just wanted to printscreen but it stopped woriking...19:10
P1roikonia thank you :D19:10
ses1984on the top left of nautilus, in the places section, there's a list of folders that are in home holder, like Desktop, Documents, Music, Photos, Video, etc19:10
airtonixses1984: have you looked into xdg-desktop spec?19:10
karab44yash069: could I using conkey throw pictures on the desktop?19:10
P1roikonia ill try that,19:10
ses1984airtonix: no, checking that now19:11
airtonixkarab44: yes, if you used a lua module.19:11
yash069not sure but i think so ...19:11
karab44well we have two different opinions. OK guys let me check that :)19:11
airtonixses1984: from memory, there's a file in your home folder that specifies where they point to by default. not sure if removing or setting blank variables removes them19:11
=== busy_eliasps is now known as eliasps
ikoniaairtonix: it's a shell varible isn't it, XDG_$SOMETHING19:12
airtonixkarab44: just be warned, using a lua module means writing your own lua code.19:12
Davidovhi to all19:12
karab44airtonix: Good, that's not a big problem actually19:12
Anuskais easy install with  aptitude install zvh19:12
airtonixikonia: yep, but i think it's loaded in from either .profile, .bashrc or a file that doesn't normally exist.19:12
Davidovthere are some solution to extract large (20BG) rar files without kill the system ??? (Ubuntu 12.04 64bit)19:13
ikoniaDavidov: it won't kill the system if you have resources needed available to it19:13
airtonixkarab44: you'll find plenty of examples on using opengl and image drawing19:13
yash069karab44: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=372819:13
geniiairtonix: I think ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs19:14
yash069not pretty much what u want but have a look19:14
airtonixses1984: ^ what genii said.19:14
Davidovikonia--> for resurces you intend swap space or space in the partition where I'm going do extract ?19:14
ikoniaDavidov: everything, cpu, ram, swap, disk space19:14
ses1984airtonix: thanks19:14
Davidovikonia--> mmmhhh ok I undestand :)19:15
yash069Anuska: to install just use apt-get install <package-name>19:15
karab44ikonia: airtonix yash069 Thank you guys19:15
ses1984i guess i should go through my history and try to leave comments on all of these sources that claimed removing those items from the places sections required a change of source and recompile19:15
ikoniases1984: no, as they are correct if you are asking the question you are asking19:15
ikoniases1984: if you want this by "default" then it is a compile option, if want this dynamic/changed from default compile options it's a configuration19:16
ses1984the questions asked were usually like this "how can i remove video from the places menu" and the answer "change source and recompile" ... that smells wrong to me19:17
ikoniases1984: it depends how you look at it, it's not technically wrong, but it is wrong for the question you asked, but the way you asked it was not also correct19:17
ses1984even if you want it 'default' it seems like it would be much easier to keep using the nautilus packages in the repos19:17
IEatTwixI can't turn wlan off, I get a "SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted".. Any idea what might cause it?19:18
ses1984sorry if i came in here with a less than friendly tone. i've had a bad morning. thanks for help everyone.19:19
airtonixses1984: personally i feel it would be great if the gnome team approached all functionality of their apps as addon/plugin architecutre and just dogfooded  their own efforts. this would make releasing the kind of tools you want more practical.19:19
Anuskadpkg: warning: there's no installed package matching libcroco3:i38619:22
hersheyIs Ubuntu 13.10 supported on macbooks? I just installed 13.10 with full disk encryption, and grub fails to boot "error: unknown filesystem"19:23
yash069Anuska: what are u trying to install ?19:23
auronandace!mac | hershey19:23
ubottuhershey: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages19:23
Anuskasudo apt-get install alien19:24
yash069Anuska: do 'apt-get install libcroco3'19:26
yash069and then sudo apt-get install alien19:26
Anuskaapt-get install libcroco319:27
AnuskaUnpacking libcroco3 (from .../libcroco3_0.6.5-1ubuntu0.1_i386.deb) ...19:27
Anuskadpkg: warning: there's no installed package matching libcroco3:i38619:27
Anuskanot good19:27
urielvigilantI bought a joystick to play OnLive on Lubuntu. What steps i need to make it work ?19:28
xanguaurielvigilant: plug it, done19:28
karab44guys this is what I want my desktop looks like. Actually all pictures are opened in some photoviewer. It would be cool to have them directly locked/unlocked on desktop. http://wstaw.org/m/2013/11/19/Screenshot_from_2013-11-19_200501.png19:29
urielvigilantxangua, i will try that19:29
karab44So using some scripting in conkey I can achieve that ?19:30
Anuskaubuntu is not good19:31
PiciAnuska: Is this the same system you were trying to install rpm packages on earlier?19:31
Anuskais ubuntu19:32
PiciAnuska: It wouldn't surprise me if doing that broke your install.19:32
PiciAnuska: Because rpms are not designed in mind with the way that Ubuntu organizes files.19:33
geniiYou should also probably use apt-get since aptitude is not graceful about packages mixed between 32 and 64 bit19:33
Anuskai try to install alien19:33
Anuskais a simple command19:33
Sh1G3rUcant you just use sudo apt-get install alien ??19:35
Anuskathe same eror19:35
ioI see warnings, not errors19:35
Anuskabut not install19:35
yash069what is the software u trying to install using .RPM ?19:36
Anuskai reboot the sys19:36
Anuskaand now work19:36
Anuskahuh strange19:36
urielvigilantxangua it dont work . it come with a rives cd for windows. where i can find drives or something for Lubunut ?19:36
Anuskai use alien to learn commands19:37
urielvigilantPlease someone help me, make a joystick work to play Onlive on PlayOnLinux  in Lubuntu 13.1019:37
xanguaurielvigilant: if it's not a weird joystick, it should be just plug and play; you may need to configure the keys for whatever you are tryingo to play19:37
yash069isn't alien used to make .deb packages out of rpms?19:37
yash069what commands ?19:38
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)19:38
urielvigilantXAngua config where ? I found somthing about joypad and drives on internet ?19:38
xanguato play online on playonlinux huh... urielvigilant you never mentioned that19:38
urielvigilantxangua, yes ...19:38
Sh1G3rUAnuska,  try first to apt-get update && apt-get upgrade first19:38
urielvigilantplay Onlive on PlayonLinux19:38
AtluxityI tried installing i3, then removed it, now when I do notify-send its not a cute buble as it used to, its a bland flat text field to the top left corner. How to debug this?19:39
xangua(13:28:32) urielvigilant: I bought a joystick to play OnLive on Lubuntu. What steps i need to make it work ? - don't see  it mention ther, otherwise you can try #winehq for wine related questions19:39
Sh1G3rUAnuska,  it worked just fine on my http://paste.ubuntu.com/6444483/19:40
yash069Anuska: u should have installed fedora or some other distro what use rpm as package manager, if wanted to play around with rpms only.19:40
trismAtluxity: looks like you replaced notify-osd with dunst19:40
urielvigilantxangua, you mean i should install the windows drives for this joystick ?19:40
AnuskaSh1G3rU, i restart linux and work19:41
xanguaurielvigilant: where do you read i mean that¿19:41
Anuskayash069, yes >) but i like ubuntu19:41
urielvigilantxangua, you talk about wine19:41
Sh1G3rUAnuska,  just do a update and upgrade and possibly a dis-upgrade apt-get19:41
Sh1G3rUit can fix alot of librari links etc19:41
Atluxitytrism: aha, thanks. After I remove it, do I reload unity?19:41
trismAtluxity: you could see if dunst is running, kill that, then notify-osd should autostart on the next notification19:42
trismAtluxity: but a log out/back in would do it too19:42
pnglI have a problem with Ubuntu (13.10) not switching to my secondary battery when the first one is down. The indicator correctly displays both battery and their charge status, but goes into sleep even though the 2nd battery is full. The computer is a Sony vaio pro 13.19:42
yash069Anuska, what about ubuntu, DE, name ..  ?19:43
urielvigilantMaybe its better to instal jstest to make koystick work doesn it ?19:44
rmobenchainI'm using ubuntu 13.10 and was wondering if i can undo some installs done recently.  thought they would help graphics and sound and it made it worse19:44
xanguaurielvigilant: jtest is just a configuration tool, you know you are using wine right¿19:45
Anuskayash069 what?19:45
yash069DE=Desktop Enviroment?19:46
urielvigilantxangua, should i install the joystick windows drives inside te same drive has  OnLIVE19:46
Anuskayash069 : text mode19:46
xanguaurielvigilant: you should ask in #winehq anc check the wine database19:46
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help19:46
Anuskafor testing & create app19:47
rmobenchainI'm using ubuntu 13.10 and was wondering if i can undo some installs done recently.  thought they would help graphics and sound and it made it worse19:47
wilee-nileermobenchain, These installs within 13.10 and do you remember what they were?19:48
rmobenchainwilee-niles:no, I cannot.  is there a way to see a list of recent installs?19:49
yash069rmobenchain: yes, look in software manager19:49
wilee-nileermobenchain, Where did you run them from, apt-get has a history if you type it and hit enter.19:49
rmobenchainwilee-niles:  used the terminal19:50
wilee-nileermobenchain, yes, type history and hit enter, some commands show some do n ot is all.19:50
wilee-nileeinstalls should show though19:51
rmobenchainok... got the history.  stupid question now.  how do i remove?19:51
wilee-nileermobenchain, That history is stored in ~/.bash_history thats in home and hidden19:52
wilee-nileermobenchain, Depends on what it is, I'm not real up on graphic issues, nor so I mess with sound, you might make a list of what your commands are and pastebin it to give a helper info19:53
wilee-nileermobenchain, Then use this with your description here of the details of the problems your having, include the graphic hardware info as well.19:55
rmobenchainwilee-niles:  quite honestly, it all started when i installed a vlc player.  can i just remove that and see what happens?19:56
wilee-nileermobenchain, sure, you can run purge to get it all or just remove, I'm surprised vlc is a problem though.19:57
rmobenchainwilee-niles:  I have my history up in the terminal, you want me to cut and paste line by line what i have?19:58
wilee-nileermobenchain, you would want to use a pastebin if more than one line, and link these installs with the problems basically, organized is the key word. Do you need the apt-get for removing vlc?19:59
rmobenchainwilee niles: please.  that would be great :)19:59
wilee-nileermobenchain, sudo apt-get purge vlc  that should remove all of it and the config if you used remove rather than purge the config would remian.20:00
rmobenchain(really wishes I remebered how to highlight a person's name when talking to them)20:00
wilee-nilee!tab | rmobenchain20:00
ubotturmobenchain: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:00
MoL0ToVi have a problem: sometimes i hear the audio, but if i insert the minijack of headphone i cannot hear sound in the headphone. howto fix?20:01
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: oh yeah, that's right!20:01
MoL0ToVi have a problem: sometimes i hear the audio, but if i insert the minijack of headphone i cannot hear sound in the headphone. howto fix? sometimes this happen when i before boot windows then linux20:01
wilee-nileermobenchain, Keep in mind my limitations though on graphic issues and some sound issues, I'm just trying to help you organize this situation. ;)20:01
cablese habla español?20:03
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: I appreciate it.  does that sudo apt purge work on something like: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade20:03
wilee-nileermobenchain, That is all apt-get those are for calling the repos (update) installing (upgrade) remove and purge are what the phonetically sound like.20:04
cableHello, I'm only speak in spanish very cafe con leche20:04
wilee-nilee!es | cable20:05
ubottucable: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:05
wilee-nileecable, ;)20:05
rmobenchain! wilee-nilee:  what about this?  sudo apt-get install upgrade flashplugin-installer20:05
ubotturmobenchain: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:05
rmobenchainhuh?  what?20:06
wilee-nileermobenchain, Not correct upgrade is used to install what update found, you would already have the latest flashplugin-installer, however some packages have newer versions per the release, flash is the same for all.20:07
rmobenchainwilee-niles: hmmm... this is just agitating now.  youtube is all sorts of choppy and i know i must have done something20:08
wilee-nileermobenchain, Flash is easiest installed with installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras which includes other codecs and the ms fonts if you want them.20:08
wilee-nileermobenchain, Are you trying to use the highest like 1080 resolution perchance on youtube?20:09
wilee-nileehigh definition in other words20:09
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: no.  am on 480p20:10
wilee-nileermobenchain, What is your chip IE cpu and the ram amount?20:11
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: uh, where would i find that?20:12
wilee-nileermobenchain, Not the clearest question, mainly I'm trying to see if the hardware is up for the high load of what your doing, and or in the end check if anything is using up resources that should not.20:13
wilee-nileermobenchain, What is the computer maker and model?20:13
rmobenchainHP Pavilion Slimline s3220n20:14
wilee-nileermobenchain, An okay computer about 5 years old 2 gig s ram and a dual core, Are you using any other resources when trying youtube, and is this 64 or 32 bit?20:16
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: am on a 32bit and only have facebook open in another tab20:17
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: am also using Chrome.20:17
wilee-nileermobenchain, Facebook is a very large code draw, try closing it the using youtube.20:17
wilee-nileethe browsers are a bit high users of the ram as well20:18
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: ok, trying now20:18
trismrmobenchain: you aren't using the chrome dev channel, are you? they recently enabled the aura, and it was terribly slow for me until I enabled Override software rendering list in chrome://flags20:19
Atluxityany of you use gnome shell and got any tips you want to share with me? extentions or simular20:19
wilee-nileermobenchain, You should install htop, and run htop from the terminal and it will tell you what is using what and how much such ans the cpu=chip and memory=ram. A conky would help to see this right on the desktop.20:19
rmobenchain!trism: not sure what you are talking about.  kinda of a newbie to ubuntu20:19
ubotturmobenchain: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:19
Picirmobenchain: please don't start your messages with !, it confuses our channel bot.20:20
trismrmobenchain: I was just wondering which version of chrome you were running, they have stable, beta and dev channels, but if you don't know you probably aren't running dev so you can ignore my comment20:20
rmobenchaintrism: I'm not sure what you're talking about20:21
rmobenchaintrism: Am using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.5720:21
trismrmobenchain: yeah that's not the version of the dev channel, it is chrome 3320:22
trismrmobenchain: so not the issue I mentioned, sorry20:22
wilee-nileermobenchain, Chrome also has its own built in flash, just a heads up.20:22
rmobenchainwilee-niles: how would I install the htop?20:22
wilee-nileermobenchain, sudo apt-get instal htop20:22
wilee-nileesudo apt-get install htop  sorry20:23
PossibleHi everyone20:23
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: when I look at chrome, I have IcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.4 (1.4-3ubuntu2)) - Version: 1.4, Adobe Flash Player (2 files) - Version: 11.9.900.152,20:24
wilee-nileermobenchain, yep20:24
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: that looks good to you?20:24
wilee-nileermobenchain, for anyone interested the graphic card is nVidia GeForce 6150SE20:24
wilee-nileeI'm an intel user never messed with nvidia20:25
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: graphics card is GeForce 6150SE nForce 430/integrated/SSE2/3DNOW!20:25
BluesKajrmobenchain. nvidia-current driver?20:26
PossibleI was wondering if anyone can help me with my problem. A few days ago, I installed a PPTP VPN server. Everything is working fine accept one thing: When I want to connect with my iPad the VPN is connected, but there is no data connection. When I am using my desktop, everything works fine. Does anyone know what the problem can be?20:26
wilee-nileermobenchain, Yeah you mentioned graphic problems, it seems though that this all revolves around the youtube issue, thanks for confirming that for any other users that may have needed info.20:27
[Gentoo]Possible: the ipad20:27
douglHello BluesKaj don't let me bug you just wanted to say Hi.20:27
BluesKajhi dougl , how goes it ?20:28
Possible@[Gentoo] I also tried to test it with my Nexus 4 Android device, same issue.20:28
rmobenchainBluesKaj: I believe my nvidia is current.  ran sudo apt-install nvidia-current after 13.10 upgrade20:28
douglBluesKaj, I am doing awesome... got my new notebook completely branded running kubuntu 13.04 and 13.10, hope you are doing well to.20:29
douglthere is not one splash screen anywhere that does not say asus republic of gamers.20:30
rmobenchainwilee-niles: you think it could just be youtube and not me then?20:30
Guest67404trying to write a file to a RW CD.  Using a stock Dell Dimension 8200, moving to a Lenovo IdeaPad 400 Touch.  When I try to write a file to the CD, it says :not enough space."  It's a blank CD and the file is only 24KB.  Any ideas???   Toivo20:31
wilee-nileermobenchain, I doubt it, it would most likely be the computer is being driven hard and trying to keep up, htop will tell you, if this is correct.20:32
BluesKajdougl. cool sounds like you've got it under control there20:32
wilee-nileermobenchain, Upgrades can have problems however, one never knows it is a bit of a knock out the variables really.20:33
douglBluesKaj, yep20:33
rmobenchainwilee-niles: well, i'm installing the htop now20:34
wilee-nileermobenchain, Try lower resolution numbers just for testing.20:34
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: I did that, and didn't help any20:34
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: ok, htop installed.  how do i run it and see the info?20:34
wilee-nileermobenchain, tyoe htop in the terminal.20:35
Guest67404I apologize group.  Didn't see the topic.  Will try another route.  Toivo20:35
rmobenchainwilee-niles: ok... wow.  not really sure what I'm looking at here.  lol20:36
wilee-nileermobenchain, Your mainly looking for the overall cpu and memory usage, and what any individual app is using.20:36
wilee-nileermobenchain, Hehe welcome to the matrix. ;)20:36
ubottuPaso89: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:37
* wilee-nilee wonders about the cultural schema that has all the file sharing hits being Italians it seems.20:38
rmobenchainwilee-niles:  149 tasks, 319 thr, 4 running20:39
ObrienDavewow Italian warez channel week?20:39
stunts513anyone have an idea how to setup ubuntu to reload my wifi modules whenever it doesnt detect internet without having to promt me for root privis?20:39
wilee-nileestunts513, Its not root its the user password.20:39
stunts513well yea but it needs elevated privis20:40
bekksstunts513: Yes.20:40
wilee-nileestunts513, Are you sure?20:40
stunts513well yes to run rmmod and modprobe you need to elevate your privis20:40
wilee-nileestunts513, Cool, well more details would probably help, IE the wifi hardware, and how you set it up.20:41
stunts513to put it plainly the b43 driver seems to be messing up randomly and the o nly way for it to connect or detect any wifi is to reload the b43 module20:42
wilee-nileeto the channel20:42
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as frenacho
rmobenchainwilee-nilee: how do i know if too much memory or anything is being eaten up?20:43
wilee-nileemmmmm frenacho20:43
frenachowilee-nilee: You *know* whose nick I'm parodying. :P20:44
geniiMmm Free nachos!20:44
wilee-nileermobenchain, There are lines right at the top, and you can look at the columns20:45
frenachogenii: Shut up you :P lol20:45
wilee-nileefrenacho, mayor ford, ;)20:45
bekksomnomnom :>20:45
rmobenchainwilee-niles: silly question.  is there a way i could just reinstall 13.10 and just start from scratch w/o using a CD?20:46
rmobenchainwilee-niles: or USB or anything like that20:46
skypce exist a way to remove completely mysql databases users paswords? my ubuntu 12.04 was hacked and i cant change the password20:46
frenachowilee-nilee: Hah20:47
=== frenacho is now known as SonikkuAmerica
bekksskypce: Reinstall the entire server. You dont know what exactly have been compromised.20:47
wilee-nileermobenchain, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot20:47
skypcebekks i try with lamp-server install from tasksel20:48
=== gordonjc1 is now known as gordonjcp
bekksskypce: That will not safe you from installed backdoors, etc.20:48
skypcebekks i try with it cant change the password20:48
bekksskypce: Reinstall the entire server.20:48
skypceno way i was tried20:48
skypcedo you know where is stored databases and users?20:48
skypcesome file20:48
skypcei was remove all mysql from etc20:49
skypcewhen i try to install again ,it doesnt change password20:49
bekksskypce: In the mysql database "mysql". And you can find a procedure to recover a lost mysql root user password on www.mysql.com20:49
bekksskypce: So as you can see: someone else has still access to your mysql and resets your password. Reinstall the server.20:50
tc0nn_On CentOS, if you build a box manually (non-automated) you get to keep a copy of the kickstart file. Does Ubuntu keep a copy of the recipe used so you can automate it later? Trying to get my custom partman config working...20:50
skypcesomebody block my root user20:50
bekksskypce: The attacker.20:50
skypcewhen i watch in phpmyadmin by user table20:50
skypceroot user doesnt appear20:50
skypceand i cant create root user20:51
bekksskypce: Then it was deleted.20:51
skypcei cant create it again beeks20:51
skypcei was trying to configure with20:51
bekksskypce: I know. Reinstall the entire server. No other chance.20:51
bekksskypce: You dont have to tell me the same thing five times.20:51
skypcei was formatted 2 times20:51
skypceand again and again20:51
skypcemy machine is hacked20:52
bekksskypce: Then reinstall it from a cd. Not just the mysql server. The entire machine.20:52
skypceonly way to run lamp is with xampp20:52
=== jdgaustx is now known as jeffgtx
TK-1942Trying to download files to a RE-CD on a Dell Dimension 8200 running ubuntu/Firefox.  Have a new Lenovo IdeaPad touchscreen that has been stripped of Windows 8 and running Ubuntu 12.  When I try to use CD/DVD Creator to download files, it tells me there's not enough space on the CD.  It's a new, empty TDK 700MD CD. I'm assuming CD/DVD Creator is using Brasero.  What am I doing wrong or what additional application do I need?20:52
skypcebekks formatting is not the solution20:53
bekksskypce: It is the only solution.20:53
skypcebekks i was formatted two times20:53
bekksskypce: A compromised box has to be reinstalled from scratch.20:53
skypceby this problem20:53
bekksskypce: And you got hacked two times. So think about your security measurements.20:53
skypcethank you bekks20:54
skypcei will try to find the problem20:54
bekksskypce: LAck of security is the problem.20:54
wilee-nileetc0nn_, Might be a question best asked if not answered here at #ubuntu-server20:54
jhutchins_wkTK-1942: What size is the image you're trying to write?20:55
tc0nn_I haven't seen any suggestions, let alone answers. So apologies for the cross-post.20:55
jhutchins_wktc0nn_: No, for a non-automated build it doesn't create a preseed file, but /msg dpkg apt-clone for a way to do that.20:56
TK-1942It's an Open Systems "Excel" file20:56
jhutchins_wktc0nn_: sorry, /msg ubottu - might not be on this bot.20:57
bgardnerTK-1942: Run CD/DVD creator from a command line and see if you get any output in the terminal that helps you.20:57
wilee-nileeTK-1942, Try downloading it and using brasero.20:57
TK-1942Okay, thanks.  I'll check it out.  Much appreciated.20:57
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
tc0nn_jhutchins_wk: thanks. I'll look it up. ubottu was clueless20:59
=== xd is now known as Guest55157
=== Spec[x] is now known as Spec
=== bitnumus is now known as Guest69245
wolfy1339does anyone have any fix for the marvell avastar 350n (88W8797) for ubuntu 13.10?21:15
smooke_wolfy1339, all fine??21:15
wolfy1339smooke_: what do you mean by all fine?21:16
smooke_wolfy1339, nothing21:17
OerHekswolfy1339, nope https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/116593821:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 1165938 in linux (Ubuntu) "1286:2044 [Microsoft Surface Pro] Marvell 88W8797 wifi does not work" [Medium,Expired]21:17
wolfy1339what's really intreging is that wifi works fine on a live usb(try ubuntu) but works for some days and stops working in ubuntu (installed)21:19
OerHekswolfy1339, oh great .. does the live mode set it to 54 mbit ? maybe trottle-down could help?21:20
wolfy1339OerHeks:i don't know21:20
krambiorixhi, i have this problem  http://pastebin.com/B1ZSwmWz21:24
Sh1G3rUis that dutch?? upgrade your system21:25
krambiorixSh1G3rU, yesit's dutch and i already did an apt-get upgrade21:26
Sh1G3rUdist-upgrade you have library incompatibilities this fixes them21:26
k1l_krambiorix: you got PPAs active?21:27
Sh1G3rUand try to disable PPAs21:27
k1l_that packages dont look like ubuntu packages at all21:27
quinten /msg NickServ identify quint199821:28
krambiorixthere are no PPAs21:28
OerHekssqueeze - debian21:28
Aaronquinten, change ur password dude21:28
topper4125ooh... someone's gonna need to change that password21:28
wolfy1339quinten:you just displayed your password21:28
k1l_that is no ubuntu package. krambiorix which ubuntu is that exact?21:28
7CBAAC300Hi! is it possible to make a macro to paste pre-defined text in Ubuntu?21:28
Sh1G3rUi got a password21:28
Sh1G3rUkrambiorix, can you paste somewhere uname -a21:29
reisio7CBAAC300: yup21:29
krambiorixow hell i'm in ubuntu21:29
7CBAAC300reisio: How? I would really have a need for an alias like that21:29
krambiorixi should be in debian21:29
reisio7CBAAC300: doing what, exactly?21:30
Sh1G3rUsame repositories a guess21:30
7CBAAC300reisio: Pasting a "proxy address" of my school to read articles. Really frustrated to write that over and over again21:30
reisio7CBAAC300: into a terminal, or?21:31
=== mint is now known as Guest44907
7CBAAC300reisio: Into address bar. Even better if it would paste it always to http://www.address.com#THIS_SPOT#/a/b/c/article.pdf21:32
7CBAAC300reisio: But even a script, which pastes it to the text field where the cursor blinks is a lifesaver.21:32
Sh1G3rUhi krambiorix have you fixed that??21:34
morrisciao si parla in italiano21:35
k1l_Sh1G3rU: i think the #debian boys will help him if its not solved :)21:35
krambiorixSh1G3rU, nope :D21:35
k1l_!it | morris21:35
ubottumorris: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:35
Sh1G3rUi know k1l_21:35
Sh1G3rUmorris,  no questo e un chananale dedicato alla lingua inglese21:36
Sh1G3rUomg my firefox just crashed21:37
jhutchins_wktc0nn_: There may be a script or something that will create a preseed script from a template box.  It would make sense.21:37
jhutchins_wkSh1G3rU: Like it never does that.21:37
tc0nn_That would be nice..21:38
wolfy1339how do i find how much ubuntu is throtling my wifif?21:38
tc0nn_You could run a speedtest from the Ubuntu box, then run the same speedtest from another box.21:39
Sh1G3rUjhutchins_wk,  actually it is the first time it crashes on me on xubuntu 13.1021:40
wolfy1339tc0nn_:no.. only my computer is running ubuntu21:40
zeropointninehi, I have a question about dependencies in apt-get. I've installed emacs from source, and would like to install a package that depends on emacs, but I'd rather not also install emacs23 or emacs-snapshot via apt-get. How can I make apt-get recognize the installed-via-source emacs?21:42
morrisscusate si parla in italiano21:43
wilee-nileewolfy1339, Ubuntu would not be actually throttling, that word implies intent.21:44
zykotick9zeropointnine: i put dpgk's equivs factoid on http://paste.ubuntu.com/6445007/ see if ubuntu has the same?21:45
Sh1G3rUzeropointnine,  you can use the apt-get --no-upgrade install package21:45
Ben64!it | morris21:45
ubottumorris: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:45
Sh1G3rUmorris,  devi andara al #ubuntu-it21:46
schultzawhat's the best and most secure install of truecrypt i can get for ubuntu?21:47
bekksschultza: the official one.21:47
bekks!truecrypt | schultza21:47
ubottuschultza: Truecrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume21:47
schultzais that the package tcplay ?21:47
Sh1G3rUthe official packas in the repositories is the safest21:47
bekks!info tcplay21:48
ubottutcplay (source: tcplay): Free and simple TrueCrypt Implementation based on dm-crypt. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11-1 (saucy), package size 28 kB, installed size 97 kB (Only available for linux-any)21:48
bekks!info truecrypt21:48
ubottuPackage truecrypt does not exist in saucy21:48
bekksschultza: Refer to this article please: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TrueCrypt21:48
7CBAAC300reisio: So do you have any tips?21:49
zykotick9bekks: also no gnu/linux distros includes truecrypt (it's kinda scary license wise).  schultza i'd strongly encourage you to check out alternatives!21:49
bekkszykotick9: yeah, indeed it is.21:50
schultzawhat is the good alternative to truecrypt?21:50
zykotick9bekks: s/also/almost/21:50
zykotick9schultza: check out dm-crypt21:50
zykotick9schultza: research cryptsetup as well, i believe (i think they're related somehow?)21:51
=== root is now known as Guest29449
RoryP0/msg ubottu ubottu21:51
Guest29449i updated my ubuntu, and now the X doesn't run and the home don't decrypt :(((21:51
Guest29449is there a massive problem since last update?21:51
k1l_!rootirc > Guest2944921:52
ubottuGuest29449, please see my private message21:52
Guest29449now i prefer to solve the problem21:52
zeropointnineSh1G3rU, is there a way to do the opposite, too? Situation: emacs23 and emacs-snapshot we're uninstalling, so I did a botched manual job and am getting errors when installing/uninstalling anything (including your command), so I'd like for apt-get to pretend they don't exist.21:52
Guest29449any clue?21:52
RoryGuest29449: You can set a nickname for chat by typing "/nick SomeName" in this window21:53
k1l_Guest29449: any error messages? out of the blue there is no problem known21:53
=== Guest29449 is now known as ring3
Sh1G3rUzeropointnine, can you paste the errorrs on the pastebin??21:53
Roryring3: When you first boot into the Grub menu, can you select an older kernel from the list and try booting from that?21:53
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:53
ring3Rory: older kernels also fail21:53
ring3is not a kernel problem21:54
Sh1G3rU!rootirc > Sh1G3rU21:54
ubottuSh1G3rU, please see my private message21:54
ring3i modified the init=/bin/sh on the grub and boot with last kernel21:54
ring3but x doesnt work and home doesnt decrypt21:54
Roryring3: You say x doesn't work; how does that show? Do you get an error message?21:54
ring3the screen is black21:55
ring3and cant go to shells21:55
ring3and cant go to terms21:55
ring3doesnt work21:55
FloodBot1ring3: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:55
ring3only magic sysrq21:55
wilee-nileecough backtrack21:55
Roryring3: What version of Ubuntu are you using?21:55
ring3how can i view the version?21:56
Roryring3: Boot to recovery mode from Grub21:56
ring33.11.0-13-generic 20-Ubuntu 64bits21:56
Roryring3: Then run the command: cat /etc/issue21:56
ring3ubuntu 13.1021:56
zeropointnineSh1G3ru http://paste.ubuntu.com/6445057/21:57
ring3with a all-in-one pc tactile screen 27''21:57
ring3radeon driver21:57
zeropointnineI'd rather not file an emacs bug report if I don't have to, especially because it's probably my own doing.21:57
Roryring3: By "radeon driver" do you mean the open-source or the AMD one?21:58
ring3dont know21:58
ring3xorg log  (EE) failed to initialize GLX  (compatible nvidia x driver not found)21:58
Ben64ring3: why did you init=/bin/sh21:58
ring3becouse can go to tty's21:58
ring3all the system is blocked21:59
Ben64just start normally and hit ctrl+alt+f1 ?21:59
ring3ecryptfs-mount-private --> Inserted auth tok ... -> open: no such file or directory21:59
k1l_ring3: nvidia? didnt you say you nee a radeon driver?21:59
ring3password ok but doesn't decrypt21:59
zeropointnineSh1G3rU, I'll be gone for about an hour.22:00
ring3k1l_: (II) RADEON(0) [XvMC] Associated with Radeon textured video22:00
Sh1G3rUzeropointnine,  you can try to see what packages have installed with dpkg --get-selections22:00
=== lolcat_ is now known as lolcat
Roryring3: What is the output of "lspci | grep VGA"22:01
Sh1G3rUand try to remove the emacs with dpkg --deinstall emac23 and the other thing22:01
=== david is now known as Guest59336
ring3Advanced micro device, inc [AMD/ATI] headthrow pro [Radeon HD 785M/8850M]22:01
ring3(VGA Compatible controller)22:01
k1l_ring3: how come that message? <ring3> xorg log  (EE) failed to initialize GLX  (compatible nvidia x driver not found)22:02
ring3why ecrypt-mount-private fails?22:02
ring3k1l_: dont know :)22:02
Roryring3: Can you now run "sudo apt-get purge fglrx fglrx-updates"22:02
k1l_ring3: so what did you do before that system doesnt boot up anymore?22:02
ring3k1l_: aptitude update22:03
ring3Rory:  fglrx is not installed22:03
Roryring3: That on its own doesn't update any of the packages on your system, it only downloads a list of new package versions22:03
schultzaso, other than the Licensing, is cryptsetup, dm-crypt, et al better than truecrypt?22:04
ring3sorry Rory aptitude upgrade22:04
Roryring3: In recovery mode, can you run "sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade"22:04
ring3ok Rory22:04
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw22:04
7CBAAC300Does anyone know how to make a macro to paste a pre-defined string into a textfield (at the cursor) ?22:05
ring3schultza: luks22:06
schultzabut is it better than tc (in other terms than licensing)?22:06
gordonjcpschultza: they're all equally likely to lose all your data, if that's what you mean22:06
gordonjcpschultza: they'll all slow your machine down to about 10% normal, too22:07
zykotick9schultza: other reading of possible interest to you re:TC http://istruecryptauditedyet.com/22:07
schultzaim not worrying about slowing down the system. I'm worried about protecting a few files from the wrong eyes.22:07
schultzaoh.. so it's not like gnupg, not publicly reviewed, ok. thanks.22:08
ring3Rory: the upgrade -> 0 packages upgraded22:08
zykotick9schultza: if it is just a couple of files, then gpg might be a good solution22:09
schultzawell, it's a few files in comparison to an operating system. :)22:09
schultzamostly personal identifiable information, financial, business, etc.22:09
Rory!nomodeset | ring3 Can you try this22:10
ubotturing3 Can you try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:10
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:10
ring3ubottu: i'm not sure, but i think i have setted the nomodeset22:10
ubotturing3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:10
Roryring3: I mean, can you please follow the instructions in that link on how to try setting the "nomodeset" kernel parameter22:11
ring3oks thnx22:11
ring3cya thnx 4 all22:13
gimmicanyone know what the system settings application is called?22:19
gimmicmy ubuntu is slightly hosed22:19
gimmicgonna try 'systemsettings'22:20
trismgimmic: gnome-control-center22:20
gimmictrying to fix a package this morning.. uninstalled a bunch of core components22:21
gimmicwell, not core.. but pretty core- nautilus was gone, gnome-control-center is apparently gone22:21
jubaleAnyone know the real reason for Linux Mint? I mean it appears to merely be a rebranded Ubuntu.22:21
gimmicI'm not very familiar with apt.. is there a way I can reinstall what ubuntu considers 'core'?22:21
gimmiclike yum groupinstall22:22
k1l_jubale: that is more a topic for the offtopic channel: #ubuntu-offtopic22:22
trismgimmic: you could try installing the ubuntu-desktop package22:22
Guest05418hi people how to know if my laptop "hp dv6 6090ee" is fully supported by ubuntu ?22:22
gimmictrism: is that going to thrash any lightdm customization I did?22:22
trismgimmic: probably not, but nothing you couldn't fix22:23
gimmicthe package that fubared me was desktop-file-utils22:23
smooresHow do I ensure that all files created and edited in a directory have read/write group permissions for a specific group? I want all users assigned to the developers group to be able to read/write /var/www files22:24
DX099Unity had the ability to directly open & play a song withing rythmbox library when selecting said song from the Music lens, but now, it only opens rhythmbox and does nothing else. I'm on Ubuntu 13.04. Does anyone have an idea about how to enable describle behaviour ?22:24
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geirhasmoores: setgid does two out of three22:25
gimmicsmoores: setguid?22:25
gimmicI always want to call it sticky22:26
geirhasmoores: chgrp thegroup /the/dir; chmod g+s /the/dir  # from now on, all files created in /the/dir have thegroup as group-owner.22:26
geirhasmoores: As for the read+write permissions, that can be solved by telling the developers to use 007 or 002 as umask; otherwise, you can enforce it by enabling acl on the filesystem, and setting the wanted default permission bits with setfacl22:27
Guest05418hi people how to know if my laptop "hp dv6 6090ee" is fully supported by ubuntu ?22:28
urielvigilantHow to remove a icone from Lubuntu 13.10 menu ? " ...iḿ newby on Linux! "    ; I installed a game called : " ..CriticallMass .."  using the "Lubuntu Software Center " , then i removed trought out the same way "...Lubuntu software Center..." , Why the Icone satyed on Lubuntu Menu for this game ? How to remove it ?22:28
urielvigilant*Where you read "...satyed" , you must read "..STAYED.." ;22:29
smooresthanks geirha22:29
wilee-nileeGuest05418, If a live cd runs it should be, In general I would be surprised if it does not, some installs are easier than others as far as a fully working setup however.22:29
pedepyuh i just upgraded to saucy and my kb is not working .. what am i supposed to do now?22:30
wilee-nileeGuest05418, maybe look through here. http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/HP/22:30
wilee-nileepedepy, kb?22:31
wilee-nileepedepy, Is it a plugin?22:31
geirhasmoores: Oh and new directories created in /the/dir will also inherit the setgid bit22:31
pedepyi had similar issue with the latest archlinux install cd22:31
pedepyso i installed 13.04 no problems even after full system update22:32
pedepybut now i ran the update to 13.10 and not working22:32
pedepywilie no laptop22:33
jhutchins_wkpedepy: No input at all?  Can you boot to rescue mode?  Do you get a keyboard in the console?22:33
pedepyconnects via ps2 inteeface internally afaik22:33
wilee-nileepedepy, Try a live cd of 13.10 maybe, it being a problem on another OS is kinda a red flag of some sort.22:33
pedepyim not familiar with ubuntu how u boot into that22:33
wilee-nilee!who | pedepy22:34
ubottupedepy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:34
pedepylivecd 13.10 did the same thats why i installed 13.0422:34
NewUserGuys ubuntu doesnt recognize my video card when I try to install it22:34
pedepyim using webchat on my iphone bare with me its not easy lol22:35
pedepyhow do u boot into console / rescue?22:35
wilee-nileepedepy, As far as the OS 13.04 and 13.10 are only sperated by a few newer versions of apps, maybe 13.04 or ever 12.04 which has 5 years support might be more realistic at least if this can't be fixed.22:36
Rorypedepy: From the Grub boot menu, select Recovery Mode22:36
NewUserpedepy:  wow mine is 5:1022:36
wilee-nileeNewUser, ubuntu 5.10?22:36
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RoryNewUser: Can you run the command: cat /etc/issue22:37
NewUserThey gave it to me to try it out22:37
wilee-nilee!who | NewUser22:37
ubottuNewUser: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:37
NewUserRory: I cant run anything, my video card is not on its short list of vodeo cards supported22:39
wilee-nileeNewUser, what doe lsb_release -a show22:40
NewUserok ubottu22:40
NewUserwilee-nilee: I cant run commands on it22:41
jhutchins_wk5.10 would be current RHEL/Centos/SL.22:41
pedepyok sorry i had to get out it was getting a little much for my iphone safari22:41
NewUserIll try again22:41
pedepyso i rebooted and got to the grub menu .... but instead of rescue mode i decided to try kernel 3.8 instead of what seems to be the default 3.11 and now its working22:42
pedepyso .. kernel bug or module bug or something .. i presume22:42
jhutchins_wkNewUser: For a standard ubuntu install the list of usable video cards is pretty extensive.22:42
pedepyu guys never heard about that before ?22:42
jhutchins_wkNewUser: Here's a list: http://www.x.org/wiki/Projects/Drivers/22:43
Rorypedepy: That was the first thing I asked you to try, and you told me that you tried it and it still didn't work22:43
pedepyrory like i said i was trying to chat using my iphone ... i said i went into the 13.10 livecd with the same problem22:44
RoryOh sorry pedepy I thought you were someone else22:44
wilee-nileeNewUser, Is this Centos?22:45
dgarstang3Anyone here on a mac managed to put their chef fu stack onto a virtual box vm, and have it fire off vagrant? Does that work ok? I dont want to pollute my mac22:45
dgarstang3oops wrong room22:45
RoryNewUser: Can you run the command: cat /etc/issue22:45
NewUserjhutchins_wk: it says: select the desired X server desired. And theres a list of 2822:45
pedepyim not too familiar with the new grub configuration file if i want that option to be the default can i just change set default "0" to set default "2" ?22:45
NewUserwilee-nilee: it says ubuntu 5.10 amd622:46
jhutchins_wkpedepy: You can edit /etc/default/grub and  change the DEFAULT=0 to whichever entry you want to boot instead, then run update-grub.22:47
wilee-nileeNewUser, Way beyond end of life get a 12.04 cd or above to 13.1022:47
ring3I mounted the crypted partition :))22:47
pedepyupdate-grub not grub2 ?22:47
ring3the problem was that my /var/run have dissapeared  o_O22:48
ring3and /dev/shm doesn't exist22:48
NewUserwilee-nilee: is it very different?22:48
wilee-nilee!eol | NewUser22:48
ubottuNewUser: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:48
ring3can you do a ls -l /var/run ?22:48
pedepyso does 13.10 come with the two kernels or is 3.8 a leftover from my 13.04 installation ?22:49
k1l_NewUser: there is no way you want a ubuntu 5.10 running. please install a supported ubuntu version22:49
jhutchins_wkpedepy: That would be breezy badger from 2005 if it's really 5.10.22:49
wilee-nileeNewUser, way different and not supported, you don;t even have access to the repos as is.22:49
pedepyjhutchins_wk: thats not me22:49
ring3k1l_: my /var/run dissapeared :/22:49
k1l_ring3: i am not familiar with encryption.22:50
ring3k1l_: is not a crypt problem22:50
* wilee-nilee slips jhutchins_wk some coffee for the caffeine22:50
StrumpaAnyone have any guides for making ubuntu 13,10 faster on my girlfriends laptop?22:50
Ari-YangStrumpa: perhaps using a different DE/"flavor"22:51
wilee-nileeStrumpa, generally faster means more up to date hardware.22:51
Ari-YangStrumpa: like lxde22:51
Ari-Yangthat could help22:51
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sidney2466How do I create a windows 8 .iso bootable usb flash drive in ubuntu 12.04? I have already tried winUSB and MultiSystem butdidn't work.22:51
StrumpaAri-Yang: would that mean installing another OS?22:51
Ari-Yang!lxde | Strumpa22:52
ubottuStrumpa: LXDE ( http://lxde.org/ ) is the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment used by !Lubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ». See http://lubuntu.net/ for more information, and join #lubuntu for support.22:52
StrumpaAri-Yang: so no then? =D22:52
Strumpayes, no22:53
sidney2466How do I create a windows 8 .iso bootable usb flash drive in ubuntu 12.04? I have already tried winUSB and MultiSystem butdidn't work.22:53
wilee-nileesidney2466, look at the winusb here, there are other easy ways if this does not work. http://askubuntu.com/questions/116885/can-i-use-ubuntu-to-write-a-windows-7-iso-to-usb-in-ubuntu22:53
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Sh1G3rUsidney2466, you have to format a USB in ntfs use gparted or something else then you have to make the usb bootable with unetbootin22:54
wilee-nileewilee-nilee, Ah I see you tried it already, a ntfs partition with a boot flag and extracted with the archive manager works a right click on the iso22:54
wilee-nileesidney2466, I would md5sum the iso winusb has worked everytime here.22:56
sanderHow do I get java in my browser?22:57
Sh1G3rUinstall extras22:57
Sh1G3rUfrom software center22:57
sanderSh1G3rU, what exact package name?22:58
Sh1G3rUsander ubuntu-restricted-extras22:59
sanderSh1G3rU, I already have that installed.22:59
zeropointnineSh1G3rU, I'm back, did you see the error message about uninstalling emacs?22:59
Sh1G3rUzeropointnine, yes23:00
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Sh1G3rUscroll up zeropointnine23:00
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Sh1G3rUsander, you have to add the java PPA23:01
Sh1G3rUthe oracle PPA23:01
Sh1G3rUsander_ sander you have to add the oracle PPA sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/javam && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer23:03
reisio7CBAAC300: you figure it out?23:03
sanderSh1G3rU, thanks :-) Yeah. What google also said about they're ppa :-D23:03
Sh1G3rUsander,  you are the best googler :P :P23:04
MarionHello all!  This is a desperate pled for help.  I'm having an issue with Ubuntu VM on virtual box crapping out on apt-get update.  I'm experienced software, but new into web development and LAMP configuration.23:04
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zeropointnineSh1G3rU: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6445320/23:05
Sh1G3rUzeropointnine,  try installing it from the begining23:05
OttOmanTRis here anyone good at linux?23:05
Sh1G3rUzeropointnine, fresh install23:06
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