willie_I am having no luck getting Skype (64 bit) installed on Studio 13.10. Anyone got a link to help?02:55
holsteinwillie_: did you get the one from the skype site?02:56
willie_I had read that one is sort of messed up for 13.10. Is the skype site the best place to get it then? And can I expect problems due to Pulse (that's what I think the site said)02:57
holsteinwillie_: there is not "best".. its not "supported", or open for us to support, so the best will be the one that works02:58
holsteini use the one from the site02:58
willie_haha. true.02:59
willie_I do have another general question though - I got Studio instead of vanilla Ubuntu because of the focus on creative endeavors. I am not great or even good, but I like trying to create good things03:00
willie_but whenever I try and find help for Ubuntu Studio, the search always seems to default to Ubuntu03:00
willie_This channel has become my go to site for info03:01
willie_that said, what site or sites would be most helpful for me to bookmark for U.S, help?03:01
holsteinubuntustudio *is* ubuntu03:02
holsteinit really depends on what you are searching for information on03:03
willie_It is Ubuntu, but the underlying system is diff (no dash, no gnome) and the help from one has not been helpful to me on the other sometimes03:04
holsteinwillie_: the underlying system is the same03:04
holsteinwillie_: main ubuntu has no gnome anymore03:05
holsteinwillie_: we have xfce like xubuntu... but, it really depends on what you are looking for information on03:05
willie_No gnome? Shows you how much attention I pay. Actually, I am a photographer and not a programmer. I wanted to go total open source as I like the philosophy.\03:06
holsteinwillie_: skype is not open03:07
willie_I know - but I am taking it as far as I can. No more Digital Photo Professional or Lightroom, using Darktable instead. Gimp instead of a PhotoShop option. Kdenlive instead of Vegas Pro.03:09
willie_Even using Ubuntu One to ship files instead of Dropbox (when Ubuntu One cooperates)03:09
holsteinif you need cmyk, you might run into a wall03:09
willie_I understand there are a couple of Skype like programs for open source, but haven't really run into them03:10
holsteinwillie_: if the other person uses the application, it works03:10
willie_Holstein - thanks for your help. Off to install now03:45
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SiyaI need some help with my .asoundrc file for 2* stereo loopback (snd-aloop) interfaces13:49
SiyaI seem to be doing it wrong13:49
Siyamy alsa-base.conf states pcm_substreams=2 yet I can do "-c 6" the issuing alsa_out13:51
SiyaWhen I try to issue the seconds alsa_out statement it complains about the rate13:52
zequenceSiya: Maybe someone in #opensourcemusicians knows. I've never been tweaking alsa configs myself like that14:14
zequenceor at #alsa14:15
hansfordI am new to Ubuntu Studio and need help on Qjackctl...never used this before, can someone help me how to "patch" my ardour to my calf plugins and the hydrogen.16:00
aloiecehow come I still haven't found a working fix for the mute button problem: when press the mute multimedia key, it would mute, but not unmute...21:49
MangaKaDenzaBlargh! I installed ubuntu studio via apt-get, and now, my fonts are messed up!23:02
MangaKaDenzaI checked every settings thing related to appearance/fonts, but nothing was resolved!23:02
MangaKaDenzaso... how do I fix this?23:05
MangaKaDenzaI mean its an interesting font and all... but I don't want it for hexchat/google chrome/etc :x23:05
GridCubeMangaKaDenza, go to >settings >Setting manager >Appareance >Fonts23:08
MangaKaDenzaso... there isn't a settings thing...23:14
MangaKaDenzabut a direct link to setting manager23:14
MangaKaDenzaits also set to my default Segoe UI23:15
MangaKaDenzaI tried purging ubuntustudio* earlier... but that didn't work... and I reinstalled hexchat23:15
MangaKaDenzaGridCube, and hexchat is also saying Segoe UI23:16
MangaKaDenzanope... still the same23:35
GridCubeMangaKaDenza, log off and log in using the guest session23:44
MangaKaDenzaand then?23:44
GridCubeif that looks alrihgt i suggest you to remove your ~/.config/xfce4 files23:45
GridCubeand let them respawn23:45
MangaKaDenzabtw... also using Kubuntu/KDE23:45
MangaKaDenzawould that cause any conflicts?23:45
MangaKaDenzahmm, how so?23:49
GridCubei have no idea  about kde settings23:49
GridCubeso it will cause the conflict of that i dont know how to support you23:49

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