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slickymastergood morning all09:50
slickymastermorning ochosi. Good to have you here because I noticed that there's a correction that has to be made to the formatting of http://docs.xfce.org/apps/parole/usage09:52
slickymasterochosi: right now the audio section isn't formatted as a title, it's in the continuation of the last paragraph of the DVD section09:53
ochosibrainwash: i know that currently the screen gets blanked twice, it even gets blanked twice on every display. kinda busy atm so i don't know when i'll really get to looking at the background-setting you mentioned ...09:53
ochosislickymaster: thanks, good catch! fixed09:55
slickymasterochosi: ^^^^09:55
slickymasterochosi: np09:55
slickymasterknome: ping09:55
ochosislickymaster: i just realised now, but we'll have to add a "playback" section to the keyboard shortcuts09:56
ochosi"Right arrow" > skip ahead 10secs09:57
slickymasterochosi: you mean another table named playback to that section?09:58
ochosiyeah, i'm currently working on it09:58
ochosithought i'd just quickly chuck it in, it's rather easy to do09:58
slickymasterochosi, if you feel like there's already plenty in your hands to deal with, I'll be glad to do it for you09:58
ochosislickymaster: actually, yeah, if you can/want... :)10:00
ochosii'll have to link you to the section of parole's code though that explains that10:01
slickymasterochosi: No worries, I'll do it10:01
slickymaster I would appreciate the link10:01
ochosithey start here: http://git.xfce.org/apps/parole/tree/src/parole-player.c#n244110:03
ochosiand: seek_short = 10, seek_medium = 60, seek_long = 60010:04
ochosias you can see there are more shortcuts that aren't in the docs right now10:04
ochosi(f for fullscreen)10:04
ochosi(p for playpause)10:04
slickymasterochosi: I'll add those to the already existing tables10:05
slickymasterochosi: I'll need just another thing though, the link to bluesabre's dokuwiki. I've lost it :(10:07
ochosihehe, no worries10:09
ochosislickymaster: http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=usage&#keyboard_shortcuts10:10
slickymasterochosi: thks10:11
brainwashochosi: mmh, simply move the first set_background call and use it as fallback if there is no user background set via accountsservice?11:30
brainwashochosi: well, currently I simply commented the first call :D11:31
brainwashbut you will have to fix this, because it does cause the strange unblank behavior on two different systems11:32
brainwashbug report required?11:33
brainwashlooks familiar -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218879011:40
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knomeslickymaster, pong11:55
slickymasterknome, good morning11:56
ochosibrainwash: ok, i'll try to check it a bit later today then ;)11:56
slickymasterso I've speak with balloons regarding https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/+bug/1251332 and his opinion is that he should go with 11:57
slickymastersudo -i to get to a root prompt and there launch whatever graphical application11:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 1251332 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Use of gksudo in Chapter 7. Printing and Scanning" [Undecided,New]11:57
slickymasterknome: so, if there's no objections from you I'll go ahead with that to re-write the documentation11:58
knomeslickymaster, ok11:58
slickymasterknome: I'll do it then and later on I'll propose a merge11:59
knomeslickymaster, ok, thanks12:04
slickymasterknome: np12:06
ochosibrainwash: wanna show me the patch that worked for you?12:57
brainwashochosi: there is none yet, I simply commented out the first set_background call13:24
ochosithat one was actually added to help with nouveau drivers when setting the background...13:24
brainwashthat's obviously not the best solution13:24
ochosiit's a bit of a tricky situation, not everything seems to work with all drivers13:25
brainwashI mean the part in the main function13:25
brainwashto set the background which is specified in the config file13:25
ochosiwhich is why i'm a bit hesitant to touch this stuff, i only have one laptop to test things on13:26
brainwashwell, create an extra branch :)13:27
brainwashI can test it13:27
ochosihmpf yeah, all rather time-consuming and much tapping in the dark13:28
ali1234what's this bug about backgrounds?13:34
ochosiali1234: well it's an issue in lightdm-gtk-greeter13:38
ali1234lightdm always faded nicely from the default background to the user specified one for me13:38
ali1234i thought it was supposed to do that13:38
ochosiwhat greeter are you using?13:38
ochosii guess unity-greeter, right?13:38
ochosi(lightdm-gtk-greeter doesn't fade)13:38
ali1234what's the difference?13:38
ali1234i thought unity used lightdm13:39
ochosilightdm is the display server13:41
ochosithe rest are greeters13:41
ali1234so the greeter is like a modular component?13:41
ali1234ok, got it13:41
ochosithe visual component13:41
ochosiso the lightdm-gtk-greeter was written by ligthdm's author as a reference greeter13:41
ali1234so who else uses the gtk one?13:41
ochosibluesabre and me picked it up and started improving it bit by bit13:42
ochosilubuntu i think13:42
ochosiand maybe even distros outside ubuntu13:42
ochosi(i think lunar linux, not sure anymore)13:42
ali1234any reason why we don't use unity-greeter?13:43
ali1234it's pretty nice...13:43
ochosiwell, firstly it depends on indicators13:43
ochosiwhich we couldn't use for ages now13:44
ochosibasically since they were ported to gtk313:44
knomei think -gtk-greeter fits better with our style anyway, at least now that we've worked with it13:44
ochosithe other thing is that the gtk-greeter is a component we control, so we can also introduce changes that make sense for xubuntu13:45
ochosie.g. introducing screen-blanking in case it's used as a lockscreen would be somewhat harder to get into unity-greeter13:45
ali1234random: if the greeter can read the user's background, can it also read their theme?13:45
ochosiit can read whatever accountsservice allows13:46
ali1234accountsservice documentation isn't online except in source form13:47
ochosiyeah, it's indeed not very well documented (it's been a while since i dealt with it)13:47
ali1234and the package doesn't include the built docs13:48
ochosioh, and the user-wallpaper isn't in accountsservice upstream13:48
ali1234so pretty much no chance then13:48
ochosithat's an ubuntu-specific patch that never made it upstream (for whatever reason13:48
ali1234so anyway... if we can't fix the double background bug, how about implementing the fade/transition instead?13:49
brainwashwhy can't we fix it? o.o13:50
ali1234well, it sounds like the code is a bit fragile with all different drivers13:50
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brainwashso we should disable the accountsservice part?13:55
ochosii'm not sure why we should disable the accountsservice part13:57
ochosiit's not fragile at all13:57
ali1234fix it then :)13:57
ochosiyeah, i said i'll try to do so once i have more time13:57
ochosiand testing resources are quite limited for me also13:57
ochosii already added a patch recently that should improve things, but it seems it doesn't work for everybody13:58
brainwashI can write a patch (the way I like it to be fixed)13:58
ochosisure, go ahead13:58
ochosiwe can do it in a branch and try to get some testing13:58
ochosii'm all for fixing things13:58
ochosiali1234: fwiw, transitions and fades tend to produce lots of code. be my guest if you wanna submit a patch ;) (you could even use parts of thunar-desktop i guess)13:59
ali1234is this thing really only 2000 lines of C code?14:01
ochosiwell personally i think if we wanna do fancy stuff like that, we should switch to the html engine14:02
ochosior even just fork unity-greeter and make it behave/look the way we want...14:03
ali1234so every time you change the user selection it changes the background too14:03
ali1234making it do a fade would probably add like 5 lines of code14:05
ochosii'm totally happy to test and merge patches ;)14:06
ali1234i am confused what this is supposed to achieve: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team/lightdm-gtk-greeter/trunk/view/head:/src/lightdm-gtk-greeter.c#L131014:08
ochosiwhat do you mean specifically?14:10
ali1234the if(!matched) part14:10
ochosi(just as a note in advance: as i mentioned before, we're not the authors of the greeter, we're just maintaining it as it was dropped by robert_ancell a longer while ago)14:10
ali1234if you type a wrong username, it uses the first user's background?14:10
ochosithe thing is: in xubuntu we use the user-list (in e.g. debian they don't they use the user-entry)14:11
ochosiwith the user-list, you could only type a wrong username when using "other"14:12
ochosias a few of the last patches by our debian maintainer have shown, we didn't really take care of the user-entry enough14:12
ali1234actually, i understand it14:12
ochosioh, ok14:12
ali1234it's the initially selected user14:12
ali1234what if there are no users though?14:14
ali1234something to test: install in a vm, usermod your UID to <1000, see if greeter crashes14:15
ali1234is there some kind of testing harness for this?14:19
ali1234"lightdm --test-mode --debug" apparently14:20
ali1234indeed, it shows the bug14:21
ali1234so where do you maintain it if upstream dropped it?14:25
ochosiin the same place, bzr14:25
ochosi(i meant launchpad)14:25
ali1234what do all the files in /etc/lightdm/*.conf do?14:31
ochosiyou can use them to select the greeter / configure lightdm / configure the greeter/s14:34
ali1234so how do i make it load ~/Source/lightdm-gtk-greeter/src/lightdm-gtk-greeter14:34
ochosiso e.g. in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf you can select the greeter14:34
ochosidid you install the greeter?14:35
ochosior what setting do you want to change specifically?14:35
ali1234i want to use the greeter i just built without installing it14:35
ali1234ah... it needs a .desktop file specially named14:36
ali1234hmm that's interesting14:38
ali1234it looks very different with default settings14:39
ochosiit does14:39
ochosilack of icon-theme, gtk-theme etc are the usual issues14:39
ochosii considered providing a good fallback gtk-theme14:40
ali1234it looks ok14:40
ochosiyeah, could be better though14:40
ali1234just different14:40
ochosiand also some fallback icons, to be sure14:40
ochosiotoh so far no-one has complained about it ;)14:40
ali1234to be honest i think i prefer the defaults to the way xubuntu configures it14:41
ochosifine by me14:45
ochosiwe considered letting greeter-themes even change the UI file14:45
ochosiin general, it wouldn't be hard to ship multiple configuration files and let the user choose14:46
ali1234so why does it look different even after make install?14:46
ochosibecause the xubuntu config file isn't in the bzr repo14:47
ali1234but it is still in my filesystem14:47
ochosinot sure i get it14:47
ochosiif you install the greeter, it overwrites the lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf file14:47
ochosias in: the one that was shipped with xubuntu-default-settings14:48
ali1234it didn't14:48
ochosithen you didn't add prefix=/usr maybe?14:48
ali1234/etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf is unchanged14:48
ochosimaybe wrong prefix, it should change that file14:48
ali1234oh i see14:49
ali1234so it's really reading the config from somewhere completely different because i built it with the wrong prefix14:49
ochosiyeah, i'd say so14:50
ali1234yeah, fixed14:50
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skellatI'm going to have to look at LP Bug 1252800 later today17:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1252800 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/xubuntu-docs/about/xubuntu-index.html packed in Trusty Daily still refers to Xubuntu 13.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125280017:11
knomeskellat, new doc package isn't uploaded to trusty yet.17:12
slickymasterknome: I'm not 100% sure, but apparently no17:18
ali1234ok, so what exactly is so terrible about simply not making the first call to draw the background?17:54
ali1234if it fixes some driver bug, what about if we draw a black background here instead17:55
ali1234and then draw the user or default background later17:55
ochositbh i think the call didn't really help with nouveau17:56
ochosiso i think we can also look into restructuring that17:56
ali1234i can't see a reason why just skipping that draw will hurt anything17:57
ali1234but drivers are weird so who knows17:57
ochosiyeah, they are...17:57
ochosiwell i'd suggest we work in a branch and then do testing with all drivers we can17:57
ochosiit's important though to keep in mind that the greeter shall not fail18:00
ochosiit's too important18:00
ali1234well the easiest way to guarantee that is to not functionally change it18:01
ali1234ie by drawing a black pixmap on that first call, and only the first call18:01
ochosiwhich is what bluesabre and me have done mostly18:01
ochosii can also imagine doing functional changes, as long as there's someone at work who feels confident with that (i don't)18:04
ali1234@2000 lines of code there's a limit to how many bugs there can possibly be18:09
meetingologyali1234: Error: "2000" is not a valid command.18:09
ochosidepending though on what kind of other stuff you involve18:10
ochosimany of our bugs have been lightdm bugs18:10
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elfyhi sergiobenrocha2 20:03
elfyknome: sergiobenrocha2 is looking to get more involved with us :) 20:03
knomehey sergiobenrocha2 20:03
elfyI've been moving him about freenode ... we've come here now 20:03
Unit193Welcome to another channel!20:04
elfyquick line from another channel - which sums it up 20:04
knomewhy didn't i get that tour?20:04
elfy<sergiobenrocha2> elfy: ok, is possible that I create an wishlist in launchpad, and appears in this page, if the feature is good?20:04
elfyknome: please join #ubuntu+120:04
elfythen when you've done that - can you come here :p20:05
sergiobenrocha2thanks everyone20:06
knome*that* was all of freenode?20:06
elfyno - just the bits I dragged sergiobenrocha2 around to 20:07
elfyhe started in #xubuntu 20:07
knomesergiobenrocha2, we basically just finished creating roadmap20:09
knomesergiobenrocha2, was there something specific you had in your mind for the wishlist?20:09
sergiobenrocha2humm, yes, a thing or 2... or more20:09
sergiobenrocha2to make xubuntu more friendly20:10
knomewould you like to share them with us here or want to keep secrets?20:10
sergiobenrocha21 - create launchers in panel would be more friendly in right-click, it is better to pop-up a configuration window that create a complete launcher, and not only an empty gray icon20:14
knomesergiobenrocha2, did you know you can drag-and-drop launchers from the menu to the panl?20:14
knome*panel too20:14
sergiobenrocha2sorry for english... portuguese is my language20:14
Unit193Translator standing there ^ ;)20:14
sergiobenrocha2knome: but it possible to drag-and-drop from whiskermenu? I'm using it20:15
* knome shrugs20:15
knomei don't use a menu at all, so i don't know20:15
knomemaybe somebody who uses whiskermenu knows20:16
knomemaybe you should try. :)20:16
sergiobenrocha2I can drag-and-drop only favorites apps from whiskermenu, like terminal and thunar. Others, in sub-categories, it not possible20:17
knomeyou should file a wishlist bug against whiskermenu for that20:17
knomebecause it works with the regular xfce menu20:17
sergiobenrocha2but whiskermenu is from ppa, how can ubuntu-bug will report that?20:18
knomei don't think it can... you have to report manually20:19
elfydo it manually - if you can 20:19
knomefile a new issue.20:19
sergiobenrocha2humm, ok20:20
knomeprobably tag it with "feature"20:20
ali1234ochosi: as usual, when i start looking closely at some code, i start to notice it's kinda funky20:24
ali1234i have a feeling this thing leaks a display-sized xlib surface every time it changes the background20:25
ali1234the set_background code also does a bunch of surface setup, before which things may not work properly20:25
sergiobenrocha2I created the issue20:32
sergiobenrocha2but I can not see, if i click in "Issues" tab20:33
sergiobenrocha2it's the number 3720:33
sergiobenrocha2oh, ok, not worry20:34
ali1234confirmed, lightdm-gtk-greeter leaks memory like crazy.20:40
brainwashali1234: surprise? :)20:43
ali1234never :(20:43
brainwashso you plan to fix the background part?20:43
ali1234i'm not sure i want to touch this code20:43
ali1234all this background stuff is related20:44
ali1234the only easy fix is to replace that first sat_background() with something like clear_background() which will just clear it to black but otherwise do the exact same as set_background20:44
ali1234ie all the memory leaking and stuff20:45
ali1234the alternative is to rewrite it so that allocation and drawing are separate20:45
ali1234this would fix both problems20:45
ali1234but it's a quite big refactoring20:45
brainwashallocation of the background image?20:46
ali1234and i'm not sure if i really care for something i see for 10 seconds twice a month20:46
ali1234so, when the greeter starts up it makes a pixmap which is the background20:46
ali1234actually, set_background() does this20:46
ali1234it creates a xlib pixmap, then draws the background into it with cairo20:47
ali1234but the problem is that the next time you call it, it makes another new pixmap and does not free the old one20:47
brainwashyes, but the greeter does it twice, if accountsservice provides an user background20:47
sergiobenrocha2I accidentally created a duplicate, but I changed it to an another issue, it is Issue #37. Can someone take the duplicate label?20:47
ali1234yes, it does it every time you select a different user from the list20:47
ali1234if you sit and click different users you can make it leak hundreds of mb if you are patient20:48
brainwashno one does that20:48
knomeali1234, we would be grateful if you fixed that20:48
ali1234brainwash: could be a security vuln, i dunno...20:49
ali1234who knows what happens if the display is locked and you crash lightdm...20:49
ali1234anyway the thing is, it has to allocate and leave allocated that pixmap20:49
ali1234it might even be necessary that the pixmap exists before you start doing gtk stuff20:49
brainwashthe background won't change if the screen is locked via greeter20:50
ali1234this might be the nouveau bug that was mentioned20:50
ali1234so this means you can't just defer drawing the background, because it also *creates* the background20:50
brainwashI simply want this bug to be fixed -> bug 125143120:51
ubottubug 1251431 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "user background gets painted over background specified in config file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125143120:51
brainwashthis also fixes the light-locker issue for me20:51
ali1234what does?20:51
brainwashochosi made a change, so that light-locker blanks the screen after locking it20:52
brainwashit only works for me, if the background is set only once20:52
ali1234right yeah, that makes sense20:53
ali1234you know what i said about those pixmaps getting leaked?20:53
brainwashuhm, it's bad20:53
ali1234well, i bet the patch he made expects there to be only one20:53
ali1234so it hides the top one20:53
ali1234but there's still a stack of leaked ones behind it20:53
ali1234so to fix *that*20:53
ali1234requires the "proper" (but harder) fix of refactoring this thing20:54
brainwashI mean this here "XForceScreenSaver(display,ScreenSaverActive);"20:54
brainwashcalled twice unblanks the screen20:55
brainwashat least for me20:56
brainwashon two different systems20:56
brainwashnot this particular line, but the code part20:56
ali1234no sure what you mean really20:56
brainwashthe communication with X20:56
ali1234the thing is that all those leaked background pixmaps persist after the greeter exits20:57
brainwashyes, but that's not related to the blanking issue :)20:57
ali1234well, why did you mention it then?20:57
brainwashit's related to bug 125143120:58
ubottubug 1251431 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "user background gets painted over background specified in config file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125143120:58
ali1234ok. i don't understand how it is related...20:58
brainwashso we really need to cleanup the code20:58
ali1234unless you mean it's related in a general sense of "this code sucks and has lots of problems"20:59
ali1234which is fair enough20:59
brainwashtake a look at the create_root_surface function20:59
brainwashthis function contains the line to blank the screen (after locking it)21:00
brainwashso it behaves like xscreensaver21:00
brainwashif you call set_background, you also call create_root_surface21:00
brainwashand this is bad, because my screen does not remain blanked21:02
ali1234ok, see that's where you lost me21:02
brainwashif I call set_background only once, it works21:02
brainwashscreen stays blanked21:02
ali1234ok, so on startup you mean21:02
ali1234startup after yu pressed "lock screen" that is21:03
brainwashthe normal screen lock does no allow user switching anyway21:03
ali1234yeah but that's irrelevant21:03
ali1234the problem is it sets the background to default, then creates a bunch of widgets, then sets background to the user one21:04
brainwashso... we can fix many problems with a code cleanup :D21:04
ali1234but it can't get the user background until after it did all that widget stuff21:04
brainwashcan't we set the background to default only as fallback option, if the user background is not available?21:05
ali1234but that means defering it21:05
ali1234until after the point where we usually load the user background21:05
brainwashyes, won't hurt or?21:05
ali1234well, it might do, because there's no root pixmap until after set_background21:06
brainwashcurrently I've simply commented the default background call out21:06
ali1234actually what you need to do is move the set_background to...21:06
ali1234    if (lightdm_greeter_get_hide_users_hint (greeter))21:07
ali1234which is much further down the functions21:07
ali1234around 189021:07
brainwashthe solution is quite easy21:08
ali1234go on...21:09
brainwashlooks like you are very interested in fixing this :D21:09
ali1234it's fairly simple to fix, just a lot of refactoring21:09
brainwashyou are more skilled, I would mess up and break the code :/21:10
ali1234that's the problem with refactoring things21:10
ali1234that's why nobody ever wants to do it21:11
brainwashusually you have some tests to verify the functionality21:11
brainwashbut I'll try to write a patch later (to at least provide a fix for my bug report)21:13
ali1234part of the problem is that it doesn't just use one pixmap21:13
ali1234it makes one per screen21:13
ali1234so then you have to have an array to keep track of them21:13
ali1234and you have to handle screens getting added and removed21:14
ali1234currently it does none of this, it just blasts all over whatvever exists "right now" and then leaks it21:14
brainwashwhat about the unity-greeter? is it more mature?21:15
ali1234dunno. it's vala, and huge21:15
brainwashit's written in vala 21:15
ali1234i'd rather fix this code i think21:15
ali1234i bet unity-greeter has just as many problems21:15
ali1234actually it's even worse than i thought, because it disconnects from the xserver after dumping the pixmap on it21:19
ali1234so if you keep a reference to it, it can go invalid without warning21:19
ali1234this is really hairy...21:20
knomeelfy, ping21:20
brainwashyou should ge a cup of coffee21:21
* genii readies the coffeepot21:21
ali1234i just realised this while i was brewing some tea21:21
elfys'up knome 21:21
knomeelfy, you worked with the community wiki i assume?21:21
knomeelfy, the community *help* wiki21:21
elfyonce or twice21:21
knomeelfy, aha, okay21:22
knomeelfy, i still might need your opinion..21:22
elfywell - that was a figure of speech :) quite a bit :)21:22
knomebut i'll get back to you later on that21:22
knomehaha, in that case21:22
knomei'll get to you now :)21:22
knomenoticed i took a work item on refreshing the frontpage?21:22
knomethat's a brief start21:23
knomei'm starting with trying to see what kind of stuff would be best grouped together21:23
elfyok 21:23
knomehow up-to-date is the NewDocs page?21:24
elfypretty much worked on constantly 21:25
knomeand why that name and not MostPopular or sth21:25
elfygod only knows 21:25
knomedo you think the alphabet-pages could have some kind of shared banner21:25
elfylast post in the thread a bunch of people working on newdocs was 4 days ago 21:25
knometo link back to the frontpage (NewDocs) and the rest of the alphabets21:25
knomegtg, brb21:26
elfytalk to slickymaster about that newdocs thingy - he'll have an idea21:26
elfyhe's done a lot of work with those doing that page21:42
elfybut what was it you wanted from me?21:42
knomewell, comments about my page21:45
knomeand if you had other ideas and insight what would be useful on the front page, and if there is something you think could be dropped21:45
elfyok 21:45
elfy<knome> do you think the alphabet-pages could have some kind of shared banner21:46
knomei'm definitely not forcing any layout or changes that people who are familiar with the wiki do not think are useful, and open to all suggestions21:46
elfywhat did that refer to? the newdocs thing?21:46
knomeall the pages could have a banner that said "Popular posts" and then list all the alphabets21:47
elfyI'd imagine the only reason it hasn't is that no-one has either not bothered yet - or can't 21:47
elfyI've bookmarked your new page - I'll look tomorrow afternoon when I get back 21:51
elfybut - the current page definitely needs a revamp :)21:52
ochosiali1234: there is another greeter based on lightdm-gtk-greeter21:54
ali1234elfy: on the subject of the wiki and specifically that triage page - i think the descriptions of what bug statuses mean should be removed from that page and merged into Bugs/Status (which is linked near the bottom)21:54
ochosiit might have some of those issues fixed21:54
knomeeewh, surge protection21:55
ali1234ochosi: oh? where is it?21:55
ochosiali1234: here https://www.google.at/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CDIQFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fkalgasnik%2Flightdm-another-gtk-greeter&ei=TN6LUo0WjNfsBoibgegI&usg=AFQjCNHD3XUgYZOkNz9mE_foxPUMSomhlg&sig2=L2mGPe5-4j1kK_ohW2SGaQ&bvm=bv.56643336,d.ZGU21:55
knomeochosi, well done21:55
ochosiyeah :(21:55
ochosiali1234: https://github.com/kalgasnik/lightdm-another-gtk-greeter21:55
ochosiali1234: i've also gotten in touch with the author, because the changes seemed quite vast and i'm not sure we'd want all of that21:56
ali1234hmm yes looks like it has some changes with how screen backgrounds work21:56
ochosihe replied he might help but he was busy and haven't heard back since21:56
ali1234well, i can try to port his fixes21:56
ali1234did you read all my ranting?21:57
ali1234do you happen to know what revision he forked from?21:58
ali1234typing in wrong window is bad...21:59
ali1234wait, is this even a fork?22:01
ochosiyeah, i read all your rants22:02
ali1234this code has no resemblance to lightdm-gtk-greeter at all22:02
ochosibut as i said, i'm not the author and didn't feel comfortable with fiddling with the bits and pieces too much22:02
ochosi(or at least with the larger bits and pieces)22:03
ali1234yeah i can't blame you for not wanting to change anything in this code22:03
ali1234*i* don't want to either22:03
ochosiit mostly worked so far22:03
knomeelfy, the wiki is impossible to edit!22:03
ali1234the way it works is a nasty brutal hack22:03
ali1234it works... no more, no less22:03
ochosiso we started ironing out some stuff22:03
ochosiand improved the looks22:03
ochosithat's pretty much where it is now22:03
elfyknome: why do you think I said once or twice22:03
elfyI hate the wiki :)22:04
knomeochosi, i'm talking about a different wiki!22:04
ochosii've started to consider making small previews of the background-submissions just to make the page-loading more bearable22:04
elfyand don't whatever you do logout of it - it takes a week of sundays to log back in ... 22:04
knomeochosi, i considered the same thing actually22:04
knomeochosi, and maybe we simply should do Incoming and Accepted22:05
ochosiwouldn't take very long to do it22:05
ochosiyeah, as i suggested once...22:05
knomeno, not really22:05
ochosiok, how then?22:05
knomeand i said go ahead if you think that's what we need22:05
knomeand then you were "meh"22:05
ochosiyeah, but i wanted to wait for pleia2 actually22:05
knome"wouldn't take very long to do it" -- "no, not really" 22:05
elfyknome: can you at some point soon - check the LTS pending blog, fiddle with it if necessary and get it published :)22:06
elfynot too worried about the other one22:06
ochosiknome: the good part of that distinction would be that the not-yet-accepted ones would be more visible22:06
knomeochosi, yes22:06
elfyright - I'm off now - back tomorrow22:06
ochosiali1234: fwiw, i never got around to really testing that other greeter, feature-full as it might be22:07
knomeochosi, and we could have a naming scheme for the files that makes it easier to handle them22:07
ochosiok, i'll start setting up an accepted-page22:07
ochosiknome: ok, so are there any submissions you wouldn't accept so far for some reason? (apart from the ones with license-issues)22:10
knomei don't think there is any reason to decline any other at this point22:10
ochosiyeah, i agree22:10
ochosiso, naming-scheme22:10
ochosieasiest is title. but title_author would also work22:11
knomecould even be author_title22:12
ochositrue, there are many that submitted more than one22:12
knometitles are just arbitrary... titles22:12
knomeochosi, i would also make a note to the accepted page that those wallpapers are accepted *submissions*, and that there is no promises of them getting into the release, and that people shouldn't edit that page directly22:17
ochosiknome: feel like doing a few thumbnails? ;)22:20
knomesend me all the files and i'll batch-convert them.22:21
ochosithat'll take ages with my connection22:21
ali1234ochosi: did you add all the "is_locked" stuff?22:22
ochosiali1234: yeah, in the last commit (or the one before that)22:22
knomeochosi, heh.22:22
ali1234is it's only purpose to trigger the XForceScreenSaver in create_root?22:22
knomeochosi, what do you want me to do then?22:23
ochosiali1234: yeah. the main issue was that i didn't want to write another function to cycle through all displays...22:23
ochosiknome: download the pics yourself, man! :)22:23
ali1234ochosi: well my concern is it can only ever be called on gdk_display_get_default() anyway22:24
ali1234which should always be the same thing22:24
ali1234so why not just call it once, from main()?22:24
ochosisounds quite plausible :)22:24
ali1234then every instance of is_locked can be removed22:24
knomeochosi, all of them?22:25
ochosiknome: all of the accepted ones22:25
knomewhat have you done so far?22:25
ochosiknome: i'm still in process of moving/renaming them22:25
knomeso do you want me to do that once you've moved?22:25
ochosias you wish, i mean basically you already know which ones i'm gonna move22:26
knomewell if the moving is fine for you, it's easiest for me to just grab * from one page22:26
ochosithat's also ok22:27
knomeok, good22:27
knomelet me know when you're done22:27
ochosibasically the renaming is the more annoying part22:27
ali1234ok does someone want to try lp:~a-j-buxton/lightdm-gtk-greeter/experimental22:31
ali1234i think this will fix the locking thing, but not the double drawing background22:31
ali1234i might be totally wrong though22:31
ochosisure, i'll do that as soon as i've finished the monkey job in the wiki...22:31
ali1234hmm... want a script for that?22:32
ochosihm, if you can include creating thumbnails, sure! :)22:33
ali1234not a problem. what exactly do you need to do? download all submitted images and thumbnail them?22:33
ochosithat's the one part, the more annoying part is moving some of the submissions to the accepted-page22:34
ochosiand rename them to author_title22:34
ochosiso that's hard to script22:34
knomeprobably best to suffer of it once22:35
knomeafter that it's one or two per time22:36
ochosiyeah, i mean the script for downloading images and creating thumbs might still be handy22:37
knomewell blah :)22:38
ochosii also hate the plaintext links22:38
ochosimight fix that later22:38
ali1234did you just delete a bunch of stuff from the page?22:49
pleia2ochosi is destroying my inbox22:49
ochosipleia2: sorry ;)22:51
ochosimaybe it's time to set up some filter-rules? 22:51
ali1234why is there an application_octet-stream attached to the page?22:51
ochosiali1234: yeah, not sure, it's just now getting easier to see all the attachments22:51
ochosiknome: i think i'm done22:51
knomeochosi, i'll get to that soon. i need to fix something else first ;)22:52
pleia2ochosi: normally I want to see :) I just keep getting notifications, whee22:52
ochosipleia2: sorry, but the cleanup was direly needed...22:52
pleia2I know, I kid anyway22:53
ochosiali1234: hehe, that octet stream looks like a debian wallpaper22:55
knomepleia2, i'm the next one to spam your inbox22:56
ali1234i like it22:56
ochosipity that there's no author etc22:58
knomepleia2, ready for another round of spam?23:00
knomepleia2, ready or not, here it comes23:00
ochosiali1234: ok, locking and blanking still works23:04
ochosiso far so good23:04
ochosiali1234: the fun thing is i wanted to implement it like that in the beginning, but then i somehow thought i have to force the screensaver for each display separately23:07
ali1234display/screen confusion23:08
ali1234easily done23:08
ochosiwell, thanks!23:08
ochosiif you could submit it as a merge-request, i can merge it in23:08
ali1234though i'm not sure why you get away with calling it multiple times for each screen, but calling the whole loop more than once breaks23:09
ali1234unless of course you never tested on multiscreen :)23:09
ali1234yeah i can mr it23:09
ochosii have a dualhead setup here23:09
ochosiso that might fix blanking for brainwash hopefully23:10
ochosiknome: ^23:10
knomethey are already uploaded23:11
ali1234this only downloads and thumbnails them anyway :)23:11
knomei'm just laying out the page23:11
ochosii think i'll keep the download-part of that script around, we could attach a tarball with all backgrounds for convenience23:12
bluesabregood ol BeautifulSoup23:13
ochosihey there bluesabre 23:13
ali1234it will probably crash if there's anything "not an image" attached to the page23:13
bluesabrewhen it works, it works well23:13
ali1234or if someone uploads an image named "do=view&.jpg"23:14
ali1234actually probably not since it would be escaped23:14
bluesabrethat would be only slightly evil23:14
ochosiin what package would i find that beautiful soup?23:14
ochosigah, i was looking in libpython23:15
ochosii'll start testing the wallpapers then23:15
ochosijust have to add a rm *_250.jpg23:16
ochosiali1234: you wouldn't know anything about using the X11 dpms extension?23:17
knomeochosi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Trusty/CommunityWallpapers/Accepted23:17
ochosiknome: fail: juergendonauer_walkingfishermaninthesunset.jpg_25023:18
knomefixed already you stupid23:18
ochosioh sure, pin it on me! :D23:18
* knome pins23:19
ali1234ochosi: i didn't know anything about any of these things before i started digging :)23:22
ochosiali1234: hehe, well same here ;) anyway, thing is that that would be the preferred blanking of the screen, the standby of the display23:23
ali1234so you want the screen to turn off when it does XForceScreenSaver?23:24
ochosicause the VT-switch cause the screen to switch off for a second23:24
ochosiso ideally it would stay that way23:24
ochosiinstead of "waking up" only to stay blank23:24
ochosiknome: set xfdesktop to change the wallpaper to one of the submissions ;)23:27
ochosiali1234: yeah, i'd try DPMSForceLevel(display, DPMSModeOff);23:27
knomeochosi, huh:P23:27
ochosibut from what i heard, there are multiple dpms extensions for X1123:27
ali1234i have no idea how to test this stuff - screensaver/locking is horribly broken here, i had to remove all of it23:27
ochosiso i started to be a bit doubtful of what would work, it also adds an extra dependency23:27
ochosiwhat are you using now?23:28
ali1234the monitor power switch23:28
ochosithe proposed solution for xubuntu is light-locker23:28
ochosithat one also wouldnt need the dpms patch i guess23:28
ali1234for some reason the display still goes blank after a time, but does not turn off23:29
ochosiwell those are different things afaik23:29
ochosiblanking and standby23:29
ochosiwith potentially different timeouts23:29
ochosicheck "xset q" for your local settings23:29
ali1234they're all disabled in the control panels23:29
ali1234  Standby: 0    Suspend: 0    Off: 023:30
ochosinot sure what those control panels you're referring to control23:30
ochosiand in the screensaver part?23:30
ali1234me either23:30
ali1234there is no screensaver part23:30
ali1234oh wait23:30
ali1234timeout: 60023:30
ochosithat's it23:30
ochosia bit short for my taste, but ok23:31
ochosiso if you enable standby, it'll shut off the backlight of the monitor23:31
ochosi(or was it suspend that did that, i'm always confused by those two namings...)23:31
ochosibluesabre: btw, i noticed that the parole-docs don't cover the "hidden" playback-shortcuts yet (arrow-keys etc), slickymaster agreed to add them23:34
bluesabreoh yeah23:34
ochosicause those are actually quite important in the docs, as they're not easily discoverable23:35
ochosiali1234: because you mentioned cross-fading would be only 5 lines, what method would you use exactly?23:53
ali1234set a timer, draw the background multiple times23:53
ali1234that was before i really looked at the code though23:53
ali1234doing this would be a terrible idea since each time you draw the background it leaks a pixmap23:53
ochosithat just means we have to make our default wallpapers lean ;)23:56
ali1234the pixmap is monitor sized23:56
ali1234contents don't matter, it's not compressed23:56
ali1234this is what create_root does23:56
ochositrue (i was kinda kidding there)23:57
ali1234specifically the pixmap it creates doesn't get freed - by design23:57
ali1234i'm reading all about RetainPermanent at the moment23:57
ochosiyeah, that might've been robert_ancell's idea then23:57
ali1234i can see why it's done23:57
ali1234if you only set the background once it makes perfect sense23:58
ochosiyeah, which originally was the case23:58
ali1234because it stays around after the greeter exits23:58
ochosithe background-switching was introduced by us (mr_pouit)23:58
ali1234but if you change the background, you're making a new one each time, and they all stay23:58
ochosimaybe best to check what unity-greeter does23:58
ochosias it also shows user-wallpapers23:59
ali1234change the background 100 times and you leak 1GB23:59
ali1234maybe it would be better to only do this RetainPermanent thing once when the greeter exits23:59

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