MapleyJust wondering, is there a way to adjust item spacing in Thunar?00:17
CountryfiedLinuxThere's no HDMI audio. Any suggestions?00:29
GridCubeCountryfiedLinux, in pavucontrol, choose the output device to hdmi for the particular sound stream you want to listen00:36
HaggardMapley: I haven't tried it but there's a thread on archlinux that might solve this for you. Check out: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1033063#p103306300:37
HaggardCountryfiedLinux: Also, older kernels didn't have it implemented if using radeon based graphics. There's a boot option you can add to grub, depending on kernel version.00:39
CountryfiedLinuxGridCube, audio still doesn't come out00:39
GridCube:/ i had to change cpus because my old one died on me, this one im using now had a working internal audio device, however after installing my vga card the system only recognizes the hdmi sound output and not the standard one00:39
MapleyHrm, I'll check it out.00:41
GridCubeno luck01:19
JDLafkhey can anyone help with choppy sound on a dell inpiron mini netbook, can anyone advise?02:17
pleia2JDLafk: does the choppiness change when you move the lid? (the wires live in the hinge, they tend to go, I had choppy, now no more sound on my dell mini)02:24
JDLafkoh lame I do have a busted hinge, but it never affected sound before I installed xubuntu this afternoon02:25
pleia2that's all I've got02:26
audreyhi, i'm having an issue on xubuntu 13.10. i rebooted and suddenly my resolution is 640x480 on a single display out of three and nvidia-settings says that i do not have their driver in use. nvidia-319 is the driver i installed and removing /etc/X11/xorg.conf and running nvidia-xconfig as root did not solve the issue.02:33
holsteinaudrey: i would probably start by booting an older kernel02:33
audreydon't have one02:33
audreyactually i might02:34
audreygonna try that02:34
audreyno luck02:37
audreyany other ideas guy i was just talking to?02:38
holsteinaudrey: i would reinstall the driver.. i would try other kernels.. i would test with a live CD.. i would test as a different user02:39
audreyreinstalling the driver did nothing02:39
holsteinaudrey: ok.. thats one02:40
holsteinaudrey: did you try *all* the kernels in your grub? does a live CD work? did you try as another user?02:40
holsteinaudrey: did you try setting the resolution?02:40
audreythe nvidia driver isn't in use02:40
audreyneed to figure that one out02:40
holsteinaudrey: got it.. the kernel you are using may not allow it to be loading02:41
audreyhow do i check?02:41
JDLafkpleia2, thank you anyway02:41
holsteinaudrey: i can tell you how i check.. i check a live CD to see that the hardware is functioning properly.. i check as another user to make sure the user config is not the issue.. i test with the vesa driver specified in xorg.conf or whatever02:42
audreyholstein: http://p.pomf.se/211302:44
holsteinaudrey: how is it with the live CD?02:45
audreyi'm out of ideas holstein02:59
holsteinaudrey: i know, these days, since it takes about 8 minutes to reinstall, i usually dont hesitate.. but, i feel you could probably sort this out03:00
audreyi updated my headers then purged nvidia-current then reinstalled them then ran nvidia-xconfig then grub-update and it fixed the issue after a reboot.03:09
holsteinaudrey: congrats03:10
audreyi is smart03:10
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xubuntu602Hi, can someone recommend an up to date guide for manually installing Xubuntu on a UEFI system with LVM?04:27
danielmattanyone had any luck using /etc/vnc/xstartup to start xfce4?04:27
xubuntu602I used to know how to do manual installs, but so much has changed now with UEFI, LVM, BtrFS.04:29
xubuntu602I've tried and failed to figure it out by looking at docs for the different components.04:30
danielmattBeyond me - sorry man04:31
xubuntu602No apologies :) Unless you work for the people who designed UEFI lol. I'm wondering if I should just forget about btrfs for now and let the auto installer do it's thing.04:36
Unit193xubuntu602: Guessing you can't, or don't want to, use legacy BIOS mode?04:40
xubuntu630I am using an AMD a6 apu based pc, using hdmi output to a t.v. for a monitor, and sound is not working. I am unable to choose HDMI as an audio output option. How can this be resolved?06:19
AndyNewbieHello im having trouble installing a network printer via the gui / have tried to install the driver from the epson website in the terminal but get dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of epson-inkjet-printer-201110w:  epson-inkjet-printer-201110w depends on lsb (>= 3.2); however:   Package lsb is not installed.08:31
AndyNewbietired to sudo apt-get install the lsb package but says this is not possible08:32
AndyNewbieany ideas ?08:32
ObrienDave!info | lsb08:32
ubottu'lsb' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable08:32
ObrienDavehmmm, hang on a sec08:32
cfhowlettlsb shows as available in the main repos.08:33
cfhowletton 12.0408:33
ObrienDaveand 13.1008:33
ObrienDavejust installed it ;)08:33
AndyNewbieumm maybe its my fat fingers on the keyboard !08:34
AndyNewbiepressing the wrong buttons08:34
cfhowlettApparently I don't need it for my HP printers ...08:34
AndyNewbieill try again should be a "sudo apt-get install ?"08:34
ObrienDavena, I use hplip08:34
cfhowlettAndyNewbie, try apt-cache search lsb first08:34
AndyNewbiesadly the HP printers so far dont do A3 scanning08:35
AndyNewbieumm shows lots of differing lsb's im assuming the one I need to install is the lsb-printing module08:36
ObrienDavewhat size is A3?08:36
cfhowlett11 x 16 inch I think08:37
AndyNewbieold money sizes !08:37
ObrienDaveI think HP makes one that large. not sure. USA "B" size08:37
AndyNewbiewell in home sized inkjet so far they dont (home office) in the big lasers they do08:38
AndyNewbieget the following when installing the lsb -printing package :-08:39
AndyNewbieandrew@andrew-ThinkPad-X61:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get install lsb-printing Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies.  epson-inkjet-printer-201110w : Depends: lsb (>= 3.2) but it is not going to be installed  lsb-printing : Depends: lsb-core (>= 4.1+Debian11ubuntu4) but08:39
cfhowlettAndyNewbie, there it is: sudo apt get -f install08:40
AndyNewbiewill do08:40
AndyNewbieumm does not like that either08:40
ObrienDavelike this one? staples.com/HP-Officejet-7110-Wide-Format-ePrinter/product_142140?cid=PS:GooglePLAs:142140&srccode=cii_17588969&cpncode=33-226352368-208:40
ObrienDavehere's an All-in-one: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2424813,00.asp08:43
AndyNewbieandrew@andrew-ThinkPad-X61:~/Downloads$ sudo apt-get -f install lsb-printing Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies.  epson-inkjet-printer-201110w : Depends: lsb (>= 3.2) but it is not going to be installed  lsb-printing : Depends: lsb-core (>= 4.1+Debian11ubuntu4) 08:43
AndyNewbiesadly I already have the epson - it was working perfectly until "upgraded" to the latest version of xbuntu ........08:44
AndyNewbiealso tried sudo apt-get -f install lsb-core this also did not work08:44
AndyNewbiesomwhat annoying as need to print some drawings for a meeting with an architect tomorrow grr ...... looks like somthings been changed08:47
AndyNewbiein the update08:47
AndyNewbieI think im going to have to roll back to the lts version of xbuntu08:54
AndyNewbieahh found this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/lsb/4.1+Debian11ubuntu408:55
AndyNewbiecant get the lsb package to install to allow me to use the previously working ok epson printer08:55
PiiiRKOAndyNewbie: its weird.. it should work on the newest versions too..08:56
AndyNewbieI guess so (my linux knowledge is somwhat limited !)08:57
AndyNewbieim just running out of time to mess around with the PC08:57
PiiiRKOAndyNewbie: and your epson printer doesnt have driver for linux?..08:58
AndyNewbieyes it does but will not install due to Lsb depednacy which I cant seem to satisfy08:58
PiiiRKOAndyNewbie: then.. youre right.. :(08:59
AndyNewbiesomthing has changed to this package from the previous version of xbuntu08:59
AndyNewbieandrew@andrew-ThinkPad-X61:~/Downloads$ sudo dpkg -i epson-inkjet-printer-201110w_1.0.0-1lsb3.2_i386.deb (Reading database ... 178354 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to replace epson-inkjet-printer-201110w 1.0.0-1lsb3.2 (using epson-inkjet-printer-201110w_1.0.0-1lsb3.2_i386.deb) ... Unpacking replacement epson-inkjet-printer-201110w ... cups stop/waiting cups start/running, process 4172 dpkg: dependency pr09:00
ObrienDaveyou get it working?09:09
AndyNewbiefound the lsb 4.1 package on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+source/lsb/4.1+Debian11ubuntu409:10
AndyNewbienot sure to install it thou !09:11
cfhowlettAndyNewbie, sudo dpkg -i packname.deb09:12
AndyNewbiepretty sure im not on the 64 bit version ..........09:12
AndyNewbieis there a quick command to find out which version im on at that could be it !09:13
ObrienDavedpkg --print-architecture09:14
ObrienDaveamd64 or i386?09:17
AndyNewbiebelieve im on i386 - how owuld I check (sorry for being a noob)09:18
ObrienDavedpkg --print-architecture09:18
AndyNewbiedoh yes i38609:18
AndyNewbie(red face)09:19
ObrienDaveno worries, we were ALL noobs at one time ;)09:19
AndyNewbietried to install the lsb package but downloads as a tar when opening lots of sub direcotries files not a single .deb09:19
ObrienDavebecause it's source code. not a .deb install09:20
AndyNewbiekeep promising to compelet the online course I paid for about linux but seem to spend my life working on windows (day job is suppling real windows to building sites ...)09:20
AndyNewbiedoh again ...09:21
AndyNewbieandrew@andrew-ThinkPad-X61:~$ apt-cache search lsb libpam-systemd - system and service manager - PAM module alien - Convert and install rpm and other packages insserv - boot sequence organizer using LSB init.d script dependency information lsb - Linux Standard Base 4.1 support package lsb-base - Linux Standard Base 4.1 init script functionality lsb-core - Linux Standard Base 4.1 core support package lsb-cxx - Linux Standard Bas09:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:23
AndyNewbieseems to be avliable09:23
PiiiRKOAndyNewbie: :D :D you dont need some course.. you know how to join this IRC, thats all :))09:23
AndyNewbiehehe thanks :)09:23
AndyNewbie(feel abit lazy thou .....)09:24
ObrienDavebut, WE don't offer refunds ;)09:24
PiiiRKOfor me its like.. really step forward.. I was a windows user for about 15 years.. and now couple weeks ago I switch on xubuntu on my netbook.. its really great.. :))09:26
ObrienDaveI started with Ubuntu 2-1/2 years ago. Found Xubuntu, never looked back LOL09:27
PiiiRKOObrienDave: Xubuntu is great for slow computers I think.. :)09:27
PiiiRKObut some things like.. hibernate mode etc. I must figure out..09:28
ObrienDaveeven better for FAST computer LOL09:28
PiiiRKOquick ask: its possible to instal microsoft silverlight on my xubuntu? :D09:28
ObrienDavethrough WINE, yes09:29
PiiiRKOI will try it09:29
ObrienDaveonly time I use WINE is when I want to watch NetFlix09:31
baizonPiiiRKO: there is a netflix app09:31
ObrienDaveyou need the compholio PPA for that09:32
baizonPiiiRKO: http://linuxg.net/how-to-use-netflix-on-ubuntu-13-04/09:33
baizonPiiiRKO: or you can use pipelight ( http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/pipelight-use-silverlight-in-your-linux.html )09:33
* cfhowlett "compholio" ? Really?09:33
ObrienDavewell, that's what I use for netflix ;P09:34
PiiiRKOI dont want it for netflix.. in my country.. its not supported..09:34
PiiiRKOI want it for some videos on website..09:34
PiiiRKOit offers me alternative.. some MONO program..09:35
baizonPiiiRKO: then use pipelight (second link i posted)09:35
PiiiRKOnever heard about it..09:35
PiiiRKObaizon: I will try it..09:35
cfhowlettPiiiRKO, firefox + Media Hint addon = Hulu09:36
PiiiRKOcfhowlett: yes.. I use it for pandora :))09:37
PiiiRKOthat pipelight is quite big.. 160 mb :D09:37
ObrienDavePiiiRKO, if you like Pandora, try Pithos. no ads ;))09:38
PiiiRKOObrienDave: I downloaded warez APK of pandora.. no skips.. no ads.. and I am using it with combination of orbot on my android phone :D09:40
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PiiiRKOnevermid.. it looks.. it doesnt work.. for this link http://ostatni.tvcom.cz/Zapas/28833-Kiki-Maki-Posezoni-tiskova-konference.htm09:40
=== Guest10102 is now known as mapito
PiiiRKOany ideas guys? :/09:45
PiiiRKOI am idiot.. it works!! :D09:47
PiiiRKOthanx baizon!09:47
PiiiRKOhow to lock our xubuntu pls?..10:14
cfhowlettPiiiRKO, lock screen10:15
ObrienDaveclick your user name, lock screen10:15
cubPiiiRKO, ctrl+alt+delete should also lock the screen10:27
PiiiRKOcub: thank you! :)10:28
AndyNewbieyay got the printer working ... no idea how ..... but still it works !10:30
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)10:30
mapitoanyone happen to have installed mariaDB from source? cant figure out what im doing wrong :)10:30
ObrienDavemapito, no, only from the repos10:30
mapitoah right thanks for the reply10:31
AndyNewbiereally must learn more about the terminal messages but checking the lsb package in the software centre seems to have done the trick as it offered to repair pre installing more software10:31
mapitoreally quite annoying...I've followed the docs on the official site and googled for installing from source..but still getting problems;(10:31
AndyNewbiethanks for the pointers thou chaps as feel the attempt at installing lsb had an effect10:31
ObrienDaveglad we could help10:32
AndyNewbieps I agree with you chaps ive an old thinkpad x61 and xbuntu runs a treat on it much faster than the works laptop (newer with windows vista urrgh and broken windows install ! )10:33
PiiiRKOAndyNewbie: for me it works like a charm.. i own Asus 1005PXD.. and for this poor atom its best solution :)10:34
mapitoive got xubuntu on an old dell dual core desktop:D10:34
PiiiRKOyou have at least DUAL core! :D10:35
AndyNewbieand 4gb of ram .....10:36
AndyNewbiestruggles abit with hd video editing thou lol10:36
AndyNewbieneed a new rig for that10:37
mapitoive got 2gig of ram on my old desktop i think10:37
mapitogahh seriously this is so freaking annoying..w10:38
mapitohate it when you just cant get things to work and cant find the help10:38
AndyNewbieany one used that new editor lightworks ?10:38
AndyNewbiehave edited hd on this with kdenlive but a bit of a pain lining up the seperate audio track when it stutters so !10:39
mapitoi guess its no surproise everything mentions using apt/yum10:39
mapitomust be a pain doing it from source.followed step by step and get errors which dont make sense :)10:40
ObrienDavemapito, why not install the mariaDB PPA? would save a BUNCH of hassle10:41
mapitoi just wanted to try it from source to be honest10:43
PiiiRKOanyways.. is there some idea how to run CS 1.6 in resolution 1024 600? :D10:43
mapitogetting used to compiling manually and that10:43
mapitoahh cs..not played cs for years10:43
ObrienDavealways good to learn new things, for sure10:44
PiiiRKOmapito: ye.. its great game.. but.. I play only OTTD and sometimes this..10:44
mapitoit is great10:44
PiiiRKOOpen Transport Tycoon Deluxe :D10:44
PiiiRKOI love this game.. :D10:44
mapitoi remember playting it at college during lunch on the network in the computing room10:44
PiiiRKOmapito: we play Starcraft in school.. :D10:45
PiiiRKOgreat times.. :D10:45
PiiiRKOObrienDave: yea.. CS.. but.. i dunno how to change resolution to 1024 600. now it runs 800 60010:45
ObrienDavewhat's CS?10:45
PiiiRKOObrienDave: seriously?..10:45
mapitoObrienDave could be real old10:46
ObrienDavehey, i'm an OLD fart. cut me some slack10:46
mapitoim surprised you know cs if you're still in school10:46
PiiiRKOObrienDave: same thoughts :DD10:46
ObrienDaveI had a FORTRAN class in 1971. most of you weren't even THOUGHT of yet LMAO10:47
mapitoheh correct10:47
mapitowe did delphi in my computing class..at colege10:47
mapitois delphi even around?10:47
mapitoever been to the night gym near Karlovy Zane PiiiRKO ?10:48
PiiiRKOmapito? Karlovy Lazne you mean? :D10:49
mapitoi forgot the name10:49
mapitonear the water10:49
koegsguys, there is #xubuntu-offtopic for general chatting :)10:49
PiiiRKOI was there.. but.. only for threatment..10:49
PiiiRKOnot for bodybuilding.. :D10:49
PiiiRKOmapito: how did you know I am from Czech republic? :O10:49
mapitojoin xubuntu-offtopic10:49
PiiiRKOok :D10:49
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YinonI cant upload my wallapaper12:13
ObrienDaveYinon, yes?12:13
Yinonhey, nice to meet you12:13
cfhowlettYinon, upload wallpaperto what?12:13
ObrienDaveyou too12:13
YinonI entered the link12:13
Yinonto the 14.0412:13
Yinonabout Xubuntu12:13
Yinonwhich ask the community to suggest wallpapers12:14
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:14
cfhowlettYinon, and the link is?12:14
Yinonwhat do you mean?12:14
Yinonfirst, I came to here: http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-14-04-default-wallpapers/12:15
cfhowlettWhere and how to submit12:15
cfhowlettYou can submit your wallpapers by uploading them to the Xubuntu Wiki. You’ll need an Ubuntu Single Sign-On account to be able to attach wallpapers.12:15
Yinonthen I pressed on the link down there of  submissions12:15
YinonI upload12:15
YinonBut, I can only see it in the uploading page12:16
Yinonnot in the main page, and also I cant add details to my wallapaer12:16
Yinononly change file name12:16
Yinondid one of you tried it?12:17
cfhowlettyinon: this channel is for fixing ubuntu. uploading is something to discuss with the xubuntu page managers12:17
YinonWhere should I go?12:17
cfhowlettYinon, look on the page for support options ...12:18
cfhowlettYinon, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HelpContents12:19
YinonI will try, but are you sure you dont have the answers for me?12:20
cfhowlettYinon, sounds like a wiki issue so see the wiki instructions ...12:21
YinonBut im not the manager of the site...12:21
cfhowlettYou DO have a login, right?12:21
YinonI dont wanna to create a web page, just submit a wallapaer12:21
YinonI have a login to the site12:22
cfhowlettYinon, you must have an ubuntuone login to upload to the page ...12:22
YinonI have, I logged in12:22
Yinonbut submitting right is just complexed12:23
Yinonit's just not simple as I expected12:23
cfhowlettYinon, and that's why they supply the help menus.  All those other photographers before you managed, so I'm confident you can do it as well.12:24
YinonAre you sure that I need to edit the page by my own? learn how to work with it while all I wanted is suggesting an image to xubuntu 14.04?12:25
YinonWhat happened to the "upload" button, give a title and have fun?12:25
cfhowlettYinon, it's a wiki. that's how they work.12:26
YinonIt's still very confusing for uploading an image, no one is showing how to suggest a picture, just saying they want12:27
cfhowlettYinon, your feelings are valid.  Nothing I can do, but the xubuntu team needs to know.  Send them a message.  (Of course, they won't change anything for THIS development cycle ...)12:28
YinonOK, but, where can I suggest them improving the way of wallpaper-suggestions ?12:29
cfhowlettYinon, I'd suggest you use some of the options on http://xubuntu.org/help/12:32
YinonThat how I came here... , oh wait, just changing the title of this IRC chat to "#xubuntu-offtopic" ?12:33
knomeYinon, please take the time to learn how to add an image to the wiki page12:36
knomeYinon, there are plenty of examples, you should be able to figure it out12:36
YinonI'm breaking my head now, didnt expect that at all12:37
cfhowlettYinon, no you have join the other channel.  /join #xubuntu-offtopic12:37
YinonHow do I move to off-topic??12:37
cfhowlettYinon, for the record, editing the wiki for your entry is about as difficult as editing a libreoffice writer document12:37
cfhowlettYinon, /join #xubuntu-offtopic12:38
Yinonno, maybe for a user who already did it once12:38
YinonIm there12:38
YinonThank you all, I made it ^^14:30
Yinonyes, and the guys in off-topic also helped editing it right14:32
Yinonhow is it now?14:32
YinonGlad you like it ^^14:34
YinonIm the pixel art. right? maybe you mean the octopus (:14:35
audreyxu bun tu14:37
YinonI had  a teacher with the name Audrey14:42
Yinonshe was french/canadian14:42
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!14:42
Yinonhey knome14:42
Yinonwell, no one is talking here anyway//14:42
knomewhatsoever, please take it to -offtopic14:43
audreyYinon: i live in arkansas14:43
Yinonoff topic! just kidding (: nice14:44
hannesenatorHello people, i have a problem with installing MATLAB on my xubuntu 13.10-laptop. It seems it doesnt support the Consistent Network Device Naming16:56
hannesenatorIs there any easy/safe way to disable this and return to the older standard of naming it?16:56
audreyi used to know how to disable it on gentoo16:58
audreyhannesenator: did you manually enable the new device naming? it's not enabled for me by default on 13.1016:58
hannesenatorI guess i rather want to disable the new naming stuff16:59
audreyhannesenator: you should be able to google how to disable it it's not hard17:02
hannesenatorI threw a few queries at google, wasnt sure on what i wanted to search for though17:03
audreyhannesenator: disabling new device naming scheme or whatever it wascalled17:05
hannesenatorWill do another round :)17:06
hannesenatorSolved it, wasnt even about the naming convention (it doesnt seem to be installed at all). Was just a rather silly case of renaming the network device17:18
jazzmehello, I recently installed xfce on top of a server os...after a long while the screen displays the log in and after logging in my running apps are all shutdown...it is like I rebooted...how can I disable this behavior?17:21
ObrienDavecould be power manager and/or screensaver settings17:27
jazzmehmmm....ok....It is not obvious when I look around...I have the same desktop on another pc and I don't get this behavior.17:28
xubuntu480I am running xubuntu 13.10 from a USB pen drive and would like to continue running that way.  Is there a way to disable the delayed startup process/display screen showing "Try xubuntu".  I always want to run it from pendrive not install to hard drive.  So I always need to select "Try xubuntu"18:01
ObrienDavexubuntu480, you are running a "live" system disc, you need to burn the ISO to a DVD and install it to the USB18:02
Poisoned_DragonWhy not use one usb to install onto anothere18:02
Poisoned_DragonWhat ObrienDave said18:02
Poisoned_DragonThat's how I installed LinuxMint on my netbook. Used a 4gb usb to install it on a 16gb micro stick.18:03
ObrienDaveyou should be able to do that. other users have had trouble going from USB to USB18:03
xubuntu480Thanks Dave.  What is the min pendrive.  I have a 16GB but would prefer to use smaller.18:04
ObrienDave4GB would be the minimum. but that would NOT give you "persistence"18:04
xubuntu480I need persistence so sounds like 8 GB min18:04
ObrienDaveyes, no smaller than 818:05
xubuntu480I can't run the ISO from HD and install to USB?  I wonder why18:05
Poisoned_Dragonthe 4gb was just for the live session. I wasn't going for persistence18:05
Poisoned_DragonThe 16gb has the full install18:06
ObrienDaveI use a few 16s for various pen drive installs18:06
xubuntu480I hardly ever use DVD anymore18:06
ObrienDaveyou should boot the LIVE from DVD to install to USB stick. easiest way I know of18:07
xubuntu480OK... I'll run with that.  My DVD recorder sits in a closet for only occassional use.  : )18:08
ObrienDaveI have a few DVD-RWs I use for installs ;)18:08
xubuntu480Thanks much...  I am new to linux/xubuntu.  Was hoping to get Plex going but not as easy as I hoped.18:09
ObrienDavelet us know how it went :))18:09
xubuntu480I have a linux based NAS (Synology) that is too underpowered to support a Plex module, so trying to access it from another computer running Plex.18:10
ObrienDavenot familiar with plex, sorry18:10
xubuntu480Thanks so much for the generous help!  cheers18:11
sergiobenrocha2Hello, I'm having a problem with ubuntu apport... It is not sending bugs to launchpad anymore... normally it open firefox at launchpad, but just 2 week it does not do it18:25
sergiobenrocha2Hello, I'm having a problem with ubuntu apport...18:26
ObrienDavemaybe no bugs to report?18:27
sergiobenrocha2apport pop-up, then I click to send information, but firefox is not opening...18:27
ObrienDaveahh, not sure if it bypasses firefox. mine never opened firefox18:28
sergiobenrocha2just now, I have an problem with xorg,18:28
sergiobenrocha2but normally, it open Firefox to you file a bug...18:28
ObrienDaveok, i'll take your word on that. not sure really18:29
sergiobenrocha2or, at least, do an "this bug is affecting me too"18:29
elfysergiobenrocha2: what version of Xubuntu?18:32
Poisoned_DragonI've been getting xorg crashes after login. But Apport seems to send the reports.18:32
elfyI assume not the dev version, afaik it is disabled on release18:33
sergiobenrocha2xubuntu 13.1018:33
elfyI know it is currently disabled in 14.04 - my crashdb.conf has 'problem_types': ['Bug', 'Package'], without the # and doesn't work either18:34
sergiobenrocha2humm, it's right, i tried in ubuntu 14.04 daily build and it not work too18:35
elfyand adding the # allows apport to work here with the #18:36
elfybut there is a reason that it's disabled - so read the wiki :)18:36
sergiobenrocha2humm, ok18:39
sergiobenrocha2but i don't care about "sensitive data"...18:41
sergiobenrocha2i want to help the ubuntu development, such others apps18:41
elfysergiobenrocha2: that's fine - I'm just saying - you do what you want with it :)18:41
sergiobenrocha2are there other problem?18:42
elfysergiobenrocha2: I'd guess that Number 2 in that section is what they are really driving at - it's entirely possible that even though you send the bug report nothing will be done with it18:43
sergiobenrocha2humm... so report bug in a stable release is no usefull? But, bug report could be usefull for a next release of ubuntu, like 14.04... or not?18:46
sergiobenrocha2for example, xubuntu 14.04 will use xfce 4.10 probably, and I'm using xubuntu, and I saw many bugs and inconsistent things in GUI...18:48
sergiobenrocha2sorry for my english...18:48
elfyyour english is fine :)18:51
sergiobenrocha2but so... is usefull report but here at least for thigs go fix in the next release? such xubuntu 14.04?18:53
elfyif you want to help with 14.04 testing that's great - but it'd be better to do it from 14.04, maybe a vm or something18:54
sergiobenrocha2but the is trusty's daily build [now] really 14.04? I say that because it seems it is 13.10 with "proposed" repository enabled...18:56
sergiobenrocha2*but is the [...]18:56
bazhang14.04 is #ubuntu+118:56
sergiobenrocha2is this a irc channel?18:57
bazhangfor 13.10 and below18:57
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for all 14.0418:58
elfybazhang: he has 13.10 - I'm dragging it offtopic a bit ;)18:58
bazhangelfy, my apologies18:58
elfythat's ok :)18:58
elfybazhang: I get so few people talking about testing I forget where I am :)19:00
audreyxu bun tu19:16
knomeaudrey, do you have a support question?19:16
nikolamdunno why cursor sometimes tun int a fist/hand I can not click anymore. 32bit 12.04.3 LTS Xubuntu20:10
knomenikolam, if you drag it around, does it drag the window around?20:11
nikolamknome, nope20:11
knomeif you click the mouse, does the cursor return to normal?20:11
nikolamit is not new to my 12.04 install, but I am just reporting it now, used to be more often before20:12
nikolamno. it stays like hand and can not click20:12
nikolami solve it by stopping and starting lightdm, thta restart everything20:12
knomenikolam, i've no idea, it doesn't sound like a known/usual bug. try searching LP for a similar one, and if you can't find one, report one20:13
nikolamthanks knome20:13
xubuntu399hi / ciao a tutti20:49
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:51
xubuntu399:D im now in live user , installing is very low20:52
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infamyHi. I'm trying to hook up my laptop via HDMI to my flatscreen to be able to display Netflix on the TV. When I hook up the HDMI cable, it says No Input still, as if nothing was plugged up at all. It works in Windows, so I'm assuming I don't have something set correctly. Is there anyone available that could please assist?22:31
TheSheepinfamy: sure, can you open a terminal, type `xrandr` in it (without the `) and pastebin the output at http://paste.ubuntu.com ?22:32
infamySure, sec.22:32
TheSheephmm, it doesn't seem to see your HDMI output at all22:34
TheSheepthat's with the cable connected?22:34
infamyNo, it's not currently. Connected. Let me connect it quickly, sec.22:35
infamy^ connected22:36
GridCubeinfamy, whats your need?22:37
infamyI need to hookup HDMI from laptop to tv to view Netflix.22:38
GridCubemmhm, and you cant?22:38
infamyNo. When I plug it up, it's not sending anything to the tv under uxbuntu.22:39
infamyOn Windows it will though22:39
GridCubeinfamy, your computer has a fn key to cycle between different setups, doesnt it?22:40
TheSheepinfamy: can you check what graphics card you have with `lspci | grep VGA` ?22:40
infamyGridCube: yes22:40
infamyTheSheep: sure22:41
GridCubehave you tried them?22:41
infamyGridCube: When I press it, only laptop shows up. No otther options.22:41
TheSheepinfamy: also, what GridCube is saying :)22:41
infamy01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Thames [Radeon HD 7550M/7570M/7650M]22:42
GridCubealright, infamy open a terminal and type >>arandr<<22:42
infamycurrently not installed. install it?22:43
infamyIt's been installed and I typed it again and it's open22:43
GridCubeok, but i see that xrandr did not saw the monitor so maybe its irrelevant22:45
GridCubei would suggest you to reboot whit the external monitor plugged. i know its not the optimal solution but it might work22:45
infamyOK, let me try that.22:47
tzhuangHello, how can I change the default web browser in Xubuntu 13.10? I have already modified the Preferred Application but most other programs (thunderbird, abiword) seem to recognize FireFox as the default browser (links opened there).22:48
TheSheeptzhuang: I had a lot of trouble with that, finally I just renamed the menu entry for firefox in /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop to something else22:54
tzhuangTheSheep: lol damn. seems a little inelegant but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. thanks23:01
Unit193grep for firefox in ~/.local/* -R23:02

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